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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  June 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it's just the beginning of the tourism season. all right. major terror attacks in london tonight. at least 20 people injured, no official word yet on fatalities. i'm judge janine, thanks for being with us. our coverage continues now with trace gallagher. >> i'm trace gallagher at the breaking news just in los angeles. we are continuing coverage of what place in the uk call 20 terror attacks in london. one of them on the london bridge and the other right next to the london bridge. the timeline is as follows. just after 10:00 p.m. a white van traveling around 50 miles. hour swerved up on the sidewalk and plowed into a group of pedestrians. there are reports saying that as many as 20 people may have been hit but most of the reporting
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has a number between four-seven. police have not yet confirmed that number but as you can see, the images they are there are people scrambling from the scene and police escorting and yelling to get out of the way. and of course blocking the way to the bridge which they closed in. they were trying to get them away from them area. witnesses later reported as seen suspects jump out of the van carried 12-inch nice. moments later police responded to a unknown number of stabbings at borough market. this is a series of bars and restaurants that runs right along the south side of the london bridge. this, as you might imagine, peak time on a warm london night so the local businesses were packed with people. london police have told a number of uk media outlets that the death toll currently stands at two. we have not yet confirmed that number and as we have learned in
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many of these incidences, the early information on casualties is likely to change. as for suspects, there are reports, one it may have been incapacitated by police but again, no confirmation and we believe the man hunt continues now into the early hours of sunday morning they are in london. the attacks coming less than two weeks after the bombing at the manchester arena which killed 22 people and left more than 100 others hurt. this attack in london marks the third time in three months. remember, back in march. [inaudible] killed four people when he drove a vehicle into a crowd on the westminster bridge. he then stabbed and killed a nearby police officer. we have just received a report from the london ambulance service that at least 20 people now have been taken to six hospitals across london for treatment following the attack on the london bridge. we told you earlier that death toll the uk reporters are is to. we do not yet know the severity
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of the other injuries, rather, were still awaiting a police briefing on the attacks in london and we will continue to keep an eye out for that with the prime minister, tresa mae, has said she will have a meeting with her quote cobra unit, national security team in the morning to go over these attacks. it's unclear if the threat level will once again be raised. remember, after the manchester attack the threat level was raised to critical and that is the highest point. it was subsequently brought down and now the question is will they bring it back up. us secretary of john kelly has been briefed on the incident in london and dhs has said that right now there is no specific
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and no credible threat to the united states at this time. we are continuing to watch that. president trump responding to the attacks on twitter tonight saying that we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. we need the court to give us back our rights, we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. he also added that whatever the united states can do to help out in london and the uk, we will be there, we are with you, god bless you. sky news right now has been covering this. they interviewed a witness earlier and let's listen. >> i was just outside borough market and i just saw loads of people run away from the market and there were people lying on the ground and a taxi driver with the window down shouting at people to run. we iran a hundred meters and there was intent on fire and i hid in a restaurant for about an hour and then we were pleased
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told us to get out and there was more gunfire outside. we've been down there for about another hour and they're now evacuating back what were the police telling you about what was happening? >> we didn't know. they didn't tell us anything. they said there had been an incident but no details. we can see on the tv that there were people outside the restaurant on the ground. >> these are people who have been injured? >> yeah, the police had said they were casualties. we didn't know the extent of their injuries. >> how did you feel? >> it was terrifying. i'm still in a state of shock to be honest. >> we just thought the police escorting people coming out from that area with their hands on your head, why was that? >> i don't know if anyone told us to that, to be honest, but everyone is doing it. i'm not sure why, sorry about
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that when the cabdriver initially was saying what he is saying, were using at the time. >> i just thought people on the floor and iran. the waves of people running away. are you able to say how long after you had seen that cabdriver, did you hear gunfire? >> five minutes. maybe a bit more or maybe less. within the margin. >> how many people were crowding in the basement? >> the people about the. >> and were people looking on their phones? >> people were looking on the phones but the protector, bring relatives and news websites until it came through. >> as you are coming out for you able to see we are standing
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about ten-15 minute walk from where you were correct what are you seeing perspective back lots of medical things. people were on the ground previously and apart from that lots of armed police and bands and. >> what exactly were the police saying to you to get you out of the area? >> they said they're looking for suspects across london and that we were potentially should move toward the safest area back i imagine there are plenty of people around you and yourself you describe yourself as in a state of shock. >> yeah, pretty much. family. >> was it busy? yes, lots of people. it's hard to tell when people are moving but yeah, it was certainly walking up to the station it was busy.
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>> at what point did you realize that you felt it was safe to leave the basement? >> the police had to tell us. >> they came into the restaura restaurant. >> yeah, yeah. they said it was not safe to be there anymore. trace: he was talking out hands up coming off the bridge and we showed you the video and i was earlier. standard operating procedure since columbine. everybody who is not considered a suspect or that kind of differentiating between those who might be suspect and the others, hands up walking off the bridge. they were people actually jumping off the bridge into the water and you had police votes on the side picking people up and fearing them to safety.
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again, this was the third terror attack in fremont. the us government official tells intel shows that the threat targeting europe have been among the worst they have seen in a decade. let's bring in garrett, he's live in dc for on this. reporter: trace, as reported they haven't reported two of these as terror incidences. one on the london bridge as a band plowing into a crowd of people and the other at borough market where people were stabbing people. at this point, it is important to note that there is not any claim of responsibility but over the last year we do know that isis has repeatedly called on his followers to carry out attacks using both vehicles and knifes. in fact, earlier today the isis monitoring group is reporting a poster sent out by semi official isis account calling on muslims to kill christians. the poster is written in english and arabic and it features a picture of a gun, knife and a large truck with this statement kill the civilians of the crusaders, run over them by
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vehicles, gain the benefit of ramadan. this image was circulated on dozens of pro- isis channels on the telegram messaging app and point out that the hotties in general regard ramadan as the month of islamic conquests. as you mentioned, a us government official has told us that they had been expecting to see a spike of violence during the month of ramadan that a classified intelligence has shown the threat targeting europe are among the worst they've seen in a decade. trace. trace: standby. just so we can clarify the homeland security saying there is no credible and specific threat toward the united states right now and the threat level in the uk was lowered last week from critical to severe so from the highest level to the next step down. for more on this let's bring in former michigan pete hoekstra.
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congressman, you kind of look at this and we talk about the third attack in three months. two attacks in two weeks in the uk. what you make of what's going on over there? >> i continue to work for an organization called investigative project on terrorism. we completed a study about 18 months ago that has been tracing the upswing of terrorist activity that in 2001 roughly 3000 people. year were losing their lives as a result of radical islamic terrorism. by 2015, that number had grown to 30000 people. year and we predicted sadly, that this increase in victims from radical islamic terrorism that the terrorism would move to the middle east to north africa and spread into asia, philippines, but the other targets that was right turn right for an increase in radical
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terrorism was europe. that's overseen today. five it's interesting because we talked about them lowering the threat level but when they raised it after the manchester by me, too critical and then five-six they lowered it to severe, when he rated critical there was intelligence saying there might be another attack and then they lowered it. what does that tell you about the uk intelligence? they're pretty good at this so why would they lower it so soon in your estimation perspective. >> number one, even when you're at a severe level means that your local law-enforcement, national law enforcement, intelligence committee, they're recognizing the threat is very significant. what they didn't have is the specific intelligence that said, hey, there will be an attack or there's an increased likelihood of attack in the next seven-ten days. they recognize the threat is severe but they lowered it from critical because they didn't have the information that says
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there's been an attack is imminent. you're absolutely right. they're very, very good in the uk. trace: congressman, if you can stand by we'd appreciate it. we have more questions for you on the other side of the break. we want to update our viewers. if you are just joining us for talking about police in london have now confirmed these are terror attacks. twenty terror attacks. one of them on the london bridge, one just off the london bridge in an area called borough market. this is an area with dozens of bars and restaurants that were packed tonight. we are still awaiting confirmation on the exact number of casualties. the injuries and severity of the injuries. and the death toll. continuing coverage on the second terror attack in two weeks in the uk. coming up next i never miss an early morning market.
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five coming out of the uk to terror attacks in london. one on the london bridge and one in a nearby marketplace. the first one was a van and a number of pedestrians and the second was reported stabbings at a bar or restaurant in borough market which is next to the london bridge. police are saying that many
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people were taken to six local hospitals in and around london. let's bring it back in former pete hoekstra from michigan. congressman, we were talking before the break and it's interesting that people are also trying to puzzle these things together and it is ramadan right now. we talked about the elections in the uk being next thursday and then you have this benefit concert being held for the victims of the manchester attack tomorrow night. a lot of people put a lot of relevance in these types of significant events that surround terror incidences. are we putting too much weight into that? >> there's something to be said to that. more importantly, in the uk, parts of europe and even in the united states, the environment for these kind of attacks has been created. it took decades to create this kind of environment. where you would have a pre-
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attacks in the uk since march. you've got a core group of sympathizers, individuals and organizations that are sympathetic to the theology of radical jihadists. they provide a safe haven for this kind of ideology and then you have the actual individuals that are planning these violent attacks. it takes a long time but it means when you get to all of these points coming together, ramadan, benefit concert, election, they're actually positioned and poised to act. trace: i wonder if you hear about these events coming and this benefit concert tomorrow and other celebrities, ariana grandes who was the entertainer at the concert two weeks ago that was hit by that bomb and she was doing hospital visits today with the people. what are the odds that they've arrested 17 people from the
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manchester attack and what are the odds there's a connection between manchester and london? >> 100%. the next is not a silly there's an organization that there is a central theme or central individual or group that saying hey, you check in manchester last week and now you hit london this week and be prepared to be something else. it's not centrally directed. these are different kinds of networks where there is a posting that goes up that says attack during ramadan and people in the uk respond to that but it's not a direct order attack tomorrow. trace: guzman, i have very little time but you have these attacks, one in paris, then you have the multiple terrorist attacks and then you have after san bernardino and paris and orlando, are you worried about this country? >> absolutely. the advertisers here in the united states.
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we have organizations and individuals that are poised and ready and willing to attack. of course, americans to worry. we are not in the same situation as the uk and europe but we are not immune. trace: former congressman, pete hoekstra, thank you. you can see the bottom of your screen, at least three people taken to six hospitals. were still awaiting a news conference from police in london giving us some updates about what they know. it's fascinating because if you go back to weeks go to the manchester attack the information came out very fast. it was very fast and fluid. especially, in the united states that angered uk authorities. in this case the information has
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trickled out much more slowly. they have clearly gotten a better grip on what they want to release. we are waiting for more information which we just got from the department of homeland security and we will give you more on that statement. coming up as breaking news see london at ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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trace: continuing coverage on the terror attacks of london. in catherine harris to send us a note from the department of homeland security statement from them. i waited to be the department of homeland security says it's closely monitoring the ongoing situation in the united kingdom and it says we are working with our interagency partners and foreign counterparts to gain further insight into reported
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attacks on civilians on london bridge and its surrounding area. us citizens in the area should heed the direction from local authorities and maintain security awareness. we encourage any effective us citizens who need assistance to contact the us embassy in london and follow department of state guidance. the secretary has been fully briefed on the incident and the ongoing response at this time we have no information to indicate a specific, credible threat in the united states. we've already talked about that. we are in contact and stand ready to assist our friends and allies in the united kingdom as they respond, investigate and recover and it ends by saying our thoughts and prayers are with those who are affected. we should note that we have no information at all that among the 20 people were taken to local hospitals in london, if any of them are us citizens, and
7:27 pm
remember uk police are telling various media sites that the death toll is that too. we do not know the nationalities of those people. we do note the london bridge is a huge risk destination as is borough market. we talk about two weeks ago the manchester attack and finger ariana grandes made a surprise visit to bands who are still in the hospital after the farmer attacked her concert in manchester. the popstar going from room to room talking to patients and posing and she's back for the one love manchester concert to benefit the victims. were told the proceeds will go to an emergency fund set up by manchester city and the british red cross. crews are working hard on final preparations and if you don't know, fans say they are ready for the celebration, listen to this. >> the police are doing an amazing job. >> the police presence and our safety will be a good thing. >> manchester is brilliant.
7:28 pm
we stand united. trace: justin bieber, coldplay, miley cyrus and others are scheduled to perform. last month, a bomber killed 22 people and injured many more expands were leaving the concert. the attacker died in the blast and 17 people have been arrested as part of the investigation that concert is set for the cricket field about 4 miles from where the arena was located. there is no word, although security will be ordinarily tight for that concert tomorrow, there is no word that the concert is being delayed or postponed in any fashion. up next, we will get information from a former fbi investigator because if you look at the puzzle, if you look at the pieces of this and what is going on, not just the concert but the fact that it's ramadan, the fact the elections in the uk are thursday, will look at what the investigators from the fbi would go to the scene, what are they
7:29 pm
looking for. remember, the manchester was the bomb fragments, shrapnel that hit the wounded. in this case when you have a band running into people and a knife attack, what are investigators looking for and what makes them know or believe that it's linked in any way to terrorism. coming up next. breaking news in london reaction...
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miracle-ear...hear a better day. trace: time for the top of the news. i'm tracy with at the breaking news desk in los angeles with continuing coverage of the two terror incidences that happened hours ago in london. investigators have yet to hold any sort of briefing on this at all. we of course will bring you that as soon as it begins. right now there are reports of multiple casualties and at least two deaths. the london ambulance service says that 20 people went hospitals across london for treatment following the attack on the london bridge as well as
7:34 pm
the market next to the london bridge. the severity of their injuries are unknown and it was after 10:00 p.m. local time that witnesses reported seeing a white van plowing into pestering. please reporting to the scene where people were running and, as you might imagine, screaming and the bridge has now been closed in both directions. in fact, the entire area surrounding the london bridge is now an active crime scene. witnesses also reported seeing the suspects jump up from the van carrying it nice. some say the knives were 12 inches long and shortly after police responded to a nearby borough market. that's along the south side of the london bridge where there were reports of number of stabbings. they filled these bars, of course, you see the people
7:35 pm
walking down, dozens of them in this marketplace and were filled to capacity because of the very warm, saturday night in london. heavy tourist destination. according to reports, we believe, the manhunt continues into the early hours of sunday morning in london for the suspects and terror incidences there are word that may be one of the suspects was down. you see that picture there carried some type of canisters that he may have been incapacitated but, again, no police breathing or confirmation. here in the united states homeland security john kelly has been briefed on the attacks and dhs has said there is no specific credible threat to the united states at this time. this marks the third attack in london in three months. the second in two weeks. just a week after the fatal bombing at an ariana grande concert that was in manchester that killed 22 people and injured more than 100 and of course, a few months before that in march of the incident on the westminster bridge where vehicle was driven, again, into a crowd and nearby police officer was stabbed and killed. i want to dip in to our cousin at work, sky news.
7:36 pm
they've been on this since the very beginning. let's dip in and listen to what they're covering. >> indeed, thanks very much. as we await that statement the metropolitan police will be providing one has to say given the efforts that the net has been involved in this morning, the amount of information they have been able to provide has been frankly, quite remarkable. our correspondent is in the studio. alastair, could we reflect on a moment on this scale of the effort we are seen on the streets of london this evening. indeed, the preparations that will have gone in to ensure that when/if an instance of this type of curse that there is a joined up thinking, that collegiate approach to tap into problems on
7:37 pm
our street that in years gone by when evan evident. >> one of our teams on the ground reported that they were there was about a mile and three quarters back from london bridge and that is a big of a cord and that i can remember. that's a very wide corded and and it's probably an indication of an number of things. indication of possibility that exposes were at the scene and that would match the skill and pattern where they capture the man's torso. it would also be an indication of the ongoing nature of this instant and again, that was cooperates the reports that were having at least one of the suspects is still at large and is being sought by the police.
7:38 pm
>> sorry, do continue. in terms of who will be on the ground this evening just what are we at the point of assuming that we been assumed and makes the papers a number of times that special forces have been on standby for an attack in and around the capital markets is the type of incidents that we would see them deployed. >> yes, we saw the deployed in manchester in the days after the attack helping catch to counterterrorism place with their operations. special forces always operate in secrecy. the department of that overseas them retains that secrecy. so, their whereabouts in the world is always unknown, at least officially. but as we saw last week in manchester, it was very clear that they were operating up there and they train with the major police units, both in
7:39 pm
manchester, birmingham, metropolitan streets of london and they train closely together. i can't say definitively, at the state, whether or not special forces are working with the police right now and i think it's safe to say that you would expect them to be doing so in the coming days if the remains an ongoing operation. there is a special forces unit based on standby in west london to react to events like this. what we do know is that armed police have been in numbers and around london bridge and around nine. we have video and would like to show our videos. bomb police inside the tube station. let's have a look. [inaudible conversations]
7:40 pm
just 20 seconds of pictures there but i wonder if i can ask our director to plato's again but with perhaps the volume down and will get our thoughts about what alastair says. we see these police officers -- in a single file heading down into the tube itself. it doesn't necessarily mean that they were concerned that there was they were aware of someone there that they were taking precaution as they approached the entrance. >> we didn't see anybody else, tourists, londoners, people who are trying to use the tube and i think this suggests it would
7:41 pm
suggest to me that they have a specific reason -- you can see some people behind and it would suggest to me they had a specific reason to be in the tube station and going in that direction, single file, the man in front, or now in second in line with the ballistic shield, they look as if they're going down the line, it's loud, it's aggressive and deliberate and they're not there to tiptoe softly between people and they have to make their points very loudly and clearly that no one is getting in their way and they had a semi automatic mp five, semi automatic rifles which is weapon that most of the armed police in london to carry as a standard up. >> i'm looking at another one of our screens at some video from a
7:42 pm
high position. i wonder if someone could tell me what this is. perhaps we can bring it to our viewers in a second. just a moment. in terms of what were likely to see over the next few hours of course, we know the prime minister will be looking at the cobra committee and it's likely to be a substantial police presence on the streets for quite some time. do we see this as having a lasting, permanent effect on the way in which the streets of the capital, streets of any major city in the united kingdom are being policed? >> london compared to many other capital cities is already very busy with tv. arms please are not quite as prevalent as other european
7:43 pm
cities so if you go to other cities and there are military patrolling around shopping centers and the eiffel tower, ditto in brussels, that is something we saw on the streets of london just off the attacks of but only temporary it's only in the british model to have the soldiers on the streets. the number of armed police on london streets have increased and this is goes back to the election where we had this argument ongoing about whether or not the concerted government while the labour party's says they had. conservatives say they have raised the number of armed policing. i think it's fair to say that for most people, now, the presence of armed police on the streets of london is commonplace. if you look at the armed vehicles, the one with round yellow stickers on them, that's
7:44 pm
how you can determine whether it's an armed police vehicle they are pretty commonplace, as well around london. of course, in the days after an event like this you are going to see a greater presence. trace: anyone who has been to the uk has noticed a resounding increase in security and police in and around the city. just to piggyback on a few more things that our sister network, sky news, is talking about. they talk about this massive president that is on the scene right now. the scale of the investigation and how big of the perimeter is an coming up i want to talk to an fbi agent about that. it's unusual to have that big of a perimeter. were talking blocks and blocks. if you go back to the manchester attack a couple weeks ago, the investigation in the early hours was focused almost exclusively on around the arena save it for
7:45 pm
a couple outpost. up next, we will talk to former fbi agent about the investigation. we are also waiting on some information in a briefing from scotland yard, that should be fascinating, as we continue breaking news coverage of the 20 terror attacks in london that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. it's the simple things in life that mean the most. boost® simply complete™. no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners,
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five breaking news and i want to get back to sky news. the first breeding we have seen it happening right now. >> within eight minutes of the first call, the suspects are wearing what look like explosive vests but these were later established to be hoaxes. the ongoing operation is led with british transport police, city of london police and analysts and fire services. at this stage, we believe, that sadly, six people have died in addition to the three attackers shot by police. there are at least 20 casualties take into six hospitals across london that numbers are still rising. i'd like to repeat our request for londoners to avoid the areas of london bridge and borough market to enable the emergent services to continue this operation. this investigation, as i said, is led by the command and we ask
7:50 pm
for help in the public in the following way: anybody has images or film for the taken by uploading it to www. uk police image .-dot uk and you'll find on various newsfeeds. of course, our thoughts are with those who are involved and concerned about love ones in the area. they should be contacted which is 080-96-1233. again, if you worried about someone in the area, 080-96-1233. were reviewing our plans and in the forthcoming days people can see police across the capital. finally, it is the public to be vigilant and contact police if they have concerns. >> is this incident completely over now? >> our current belief is that
7:51 pm
there were three attackers but early on so we have inquiries to work through have complete confidence. >> three attackers in the vehicle was. >> this is a protracted incident that starts on the bridge and finishes in borough market. we believe three people were involved but we still have a more inquiries to do to be a hundred% confident. >> can you tell us anything more about the attacks were the people were killed? >> you're asking for a lot of details that were still getting to the bottom of exactly what is going on. it's still quite a complex scene. were still dealing with the fact that we suspect and that's not been ruled out. let's question. >> can you tell us a little more about the people involved in the operation to bring down these terrorists mike. >> we are aware that we have strengthened our armed police swim or response of vehicles on hand and they're driving around
7:52 pm
london to check the public and they responded quickly, bravely confronted the three individuals, shot them and they are dead. thank you. trace: there you have it. the first breeding from london police and we have the headline is of course the death toll is now at nine, six civilians and three of the attackers. three of the attackers and keep in mind there are 20 people who are still injured, severity of their injuries have not been set. the london police went on to say they are looking for videos. anyone who has videos who might have been on the london bridge was maybe thinking southeast or video at the time or were her in borough market, they want those videos. there may be information taken clean from those videos.
7:53 pm
they also talked about the three attackers were inside the van. he called it a protracted attack. as we know now, it went from the london bridge, white van swerving, going up on the sidewalk hitting a number of people and then you had a three attackers with knives getting out of the van, going to nearby borough market and attacking people there. he did not state where the fatalities were, how many were on the bridge and how many were in borough market. i want to bring in, quickly, jeff who is a retired fbi agent. he has investigated matters involving terrorism before. when you listen to that news conference, jeff, it seems like it doesn't quite jive. you have this huge corridor and an this they're saying all the suspects are dead. >> it's very early right now in the investigation. they have limited information. they just don't know yet. they did give a good preview. they said what happened, is responsible, free people, we don't know the details of the people yet they gave you, as the media and world, what they know. we can expect because the
7:54 pm
investigation is so early. trace: it's interesting because he also said they found two different what appeared to be too explosive possible jackets. they were reporting for the past couple hours that they've heard different explosions and they didn't know if those were explosive devices or if they were just distractions for police getting closer to suspects. what do you make of those explosive devices respect they thought they were sometimes involved in some capacity, jeff. >> now they are saying they were hoaxes. if you go back over the past two-three oh events that have occurred in london and other places, early, in the few hours after, we always hear all this information. much of it turns out not to be true. we have to really wait and see what the investigators come up with. right now, we know we have three people who are dead who are responsible for the attacks. police want to know if more people were involved and if
7:55 pm
there's any more present danger. that's the key and first priority. second priority is to determine what happened and how it happened. taking that perimeter and widening it or making it smaller depending on what they learn. trace: jeff, we have a wealth of information out of that news briefing and there was a very tight lid from london police on the information of this attack, are you surprised they kept this so close to the vest after having so information leaked during the manchester attack two weeks ago? >> right, they've done a hundred of these. here's what we know, here's what we don't know when his or we can tell you. that's all they can do right now. i guarantee the next press conference will be different information and there'll be more information but some of it may contradict what we heard. this is very useful for a case like this five they mention the scale of the investigation and you know more about this than i do so give me your take on the police going down.
7:56 pm
they say three attackers but they don't know. they number 17 people arrested in the manchester attack. it's the early hours, they don't know if they have this thing contained, right now, do they? >> no they don't. and they don't know who is responsible and if there's any more attacks being planned. they do know they have the free people in the van that they killed were the main source of the attack. were there more people involved? they don't know that right now. it's so early. we'll learn more in the coming hours and this is very unusua unusual -- this is extremely breaking news and they just don't know right now. trace: great information for us, jeff. special agent involved in these types of incidences. good of you to join us. i want to get back, very quickly, for a minute or so back into the sky news to see what still living there.
7:57 pm
>> whether they were known to the police and security or whether everything was done that could possibly be done to prevent this attack. >> mark, we will see a significant increase police presidents on the streets of london for some time now? >> we already have seen a big uptick in the number of armed police officers on patrol around central london. they been increased in numbers over the last couple of years, really, since the attack on paris and a decision was made strategically that there needs to be a greater police capability, not just in london but in other centers of population around the united kingdom. of course, following the westminster attack it was decided to strengthen that armed
7:58 pm
police contingency even further and after the manchester arena attack, the army was brought in to help with the duties that are normally carried out by the likes of the palace of westminster or downing street or imported buildings. this frees up the armed police to patrol these buildings and to help in their sort of active patrols and operations going forward. it may be that we get something similar. what i can tell you at the moment is that there's one of the cordons just about 20-30 yards about is manned by plane closed army personnel and they say they've been brought in to help in the civilian clothes and showing the army identification to us. they've asked for identification for those members of the press that are trying to get into this press plan and they were asked
7:59 pm
to come and help, to man the cordons and help please deal with the big and unfolding incidences. >> thanks very much indeed. let's just remind you the information that we received in the past few minutes from directly from the metropolitan police. the terrible headline is that six people have lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attack that is once again struck the heart of london. we were told that police were called at eight minutes past 10:00 p.m. to report that a vehicle had collided with people on london bridge. that vehicle then continued on to borough market where the three male exited and began stabbing people. however, just eight minutes after the incident on london
8:00 pm
bridge the assistant commissioner told us that three male suspects were shot and killed and the best they were caring that appeared to be suicide vests were, in fact, a hoax. trace: brand-new information as we continue coverage of the two terror attacks in london. good evening, everyone. i'm trace gallagher at that looking at and breaking news desk in los angeles.


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