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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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877-225-8587. were going to be playing more of your calls tomorrow night. that's all the time i have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here monday. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the government has all been shut down for the better part of a year here in d.c. you should see it, total dysfunction. p all over allegations that i vladimir putin somehow hacked our democracy on behalf of donald trump. after all this time, the only actual crime that has surfaced during the course of the scandal appeared to have been committed not by the president, but by his opponents, who have leaked reams of classified material in order to hurt him. that's a felony. it's happened a lot. some leaks almost every day. the latest example comes from a national security agency, the nsa. a 25-year-old contractor with the name reality winner,
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supposedly her real name, is accused of leaking classified surveillance of russian hackers. the documents addressed an effort to penetrate u.s. election software, though, not to change vote totals. not that the details matter in this case. the whole thing sounds sinister. that was the point of the leak, to add to the that trump somehow is a foreign agent. reality winner seems like the kind of person who might want to make the point. take a look at her twitter account. it contains a constant stream of attacks for the president that she works for that until today. in february, she posted to drums -- the travel ban by declaring "the most dangerous entry into this country was the orange fascist we liked into the country." she retweeted kurt eichenwald, his tweet demanding a redo of the election and suggesting that trump had kkk sympathies, "why burn a flag, donald trump thinks crosses burn much better." this is an intemperate political
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activist. how did she get a security clearance? we could ask the same question about a lot of people working in government right now, especially in our vast and unelected intelligence bureaucracy, many t of them hate the president. that has happened before in other administrations, people disagree with the new guy. when it does happen, people wite integrity resign and speak their minds. that is how a healthy democracy operates and has for a long time. but no longer. cushy government gigs in the name of principal, they have taken a cowardly route, one that is destroying not just the administration, but making the government impossible to run. for the record, not all leaks are bad, even though it's that hurt politicians that you might support. the public doeses have a right to know a lot more than it does. trust us. but these specific leaks aren't designed to help and they are not helping. they are not an attempt by whistleblowers to alert the public to see secret crimes. they are not about transparency.
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they are propaganda. they are selectively released to serve a political agenda, specific one. the permanent political class in washington hates a democratically elected president, that with this is of -- about and it's making the country impossible to govern. even government officials need some level of privacy or they can do their jobs, they can't think clearly, speak honestly, trust that their plans will remain veiled for a time because they need to, everybody knows this. that is why normal people don'ta publish their emails online for everyone else to read.d. though at this rate, they may be published anyway, including yours. we are joined by brian dean wright, former cia officer, and krystal ball, a senior fellow at the new leaders council. brian, you worked over there and it seems like a lot of these leaks are coming from government employees in the intel community and they seem reckless. is that perception right?fr >> we have been warning about this, those of us who have served and are seeing these
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leaks over the past six months, increase in volume and severity. the challenge that we face in the intel community is this. people believe that they are the judge, jury, and execution of our political the vast majority of folks. they are not doing this, they are doing their good work. but it's these people and they need to be properly vetted. in this case, it just wasn't done. >> tucker: you think? at 25-year-old political activist who almost immediately gets security clearance, did anybody look at her social media accounts? like, how could that happen? >> it sure should in this case, clearly you didn't, i guarantee the security folks that are going back over, how in the heck she got through, and why they didn't vet her information. i can guarantee you that is happening tonight. >> tucker: i certainly hope so. easier in hindsight. krystal, i'm not against all i have benefited from many of them. i think the public has a right to know much more than it does. they hide too much from us and it's our country. but these leaks are not designed to inform the they are designed to topple the
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administration and they paint a picture that is not complete. it's selective. i think that it's misleading and inaccurate. what is the point of them, other than to hurt the guy in charge? >> i don't think that is a fair characterization at all. there has been a concern for a>> long time, especially up until t the point that bob mueller was appointed as special counsel. there was a concern that the investigation into russian hacking in our election will be done in a partisan way and we wouldn't get to the truth. if you look at this leak in particular, with reality winner, this document, the classified nsa document that was released, it doesn't have anything to do with donald trump. it has a lot to do with our election and whether our elections are being tainted by russians and if they are getting involved. what it shows, through october,i russians were still messing with our election infrastructure. there was as an election in virginia next week so i thinkct that it is reasonable for her to have made the judgment that it was in the public's best interest for this information to
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be out here. >> tucker: that's insane. that's not what it demonstrates, it means that they, like every powerful foreign government in the world, wants to have more influence than they do. it doesn't show that it affected the outcome at all.. if she was concerned, why wouldn't she bring it to the people in charge in government? this is purely political. >> there are election officials in every state and county in tht country and so, i think she should be prosecuted, i think that it's important that we have information that stays secret in the government. but i also think that if somebody feels that it is worth risking jail time to put something out there in the public eye, then, they have the right to do that.. >> tucker: would you say that about, i don't't know, an armed robbery? if it's worth risking getting shot during a liquor store holdup -- >> that's a very different situation, tucker, and you know it.
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i would equate it -- >> tucker: let's give this man a say. >> we are both democrats but i gotta tell you, i disagree. if you have a problem with a piece of information being withheld, you know what is being done and for wrong reasons, there are processes. she had one. the inspector general's office, go to the fbi, various departments that they have that you can go to. we are trained on that.ic you go to the oversight committees. you go to your memberyo of congress, there are systems in place that we are taught to and dialogue she chose not to. she chose to go to the media to leak something based on her ideology, her goal, or political goal. encouraging this, it's happenedg on both sides of the aisle, "washington post," "new york times" is encouraging it. they are encouraging these spies to do these kinds of things, to engage in their own version ofhi it's my america and i can do with these secrets what i want. that is wrong. i don't care if you're republican or democrat. >> tucker: krystal, i want to ask you a philosophical question.ou
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who is in charge of the country? voters, whether you like it or not, elected donald trump. that is how the system works. voters are in charge. a small group of unelected people is saying we want -- we don't agree with that result and we are trying to undo it. whick is more democratic, which is more fair? >> i find it very interesting that we are more concerned about the leaks, which i already said i think she should be prosecuted, if the leakers are found, they should be prosecuted as well. just as the obama administration did c. but we are more concerned with the leaks than we are with the fact that the russians attacked our democracy -- >> tucker: they didn't attack our democracy. >> they did! >> tucker: hold on. if you are interested in crimes and exposing them to sunlight, and i am, the only crimes that we know about so far are the leaks themselves. like, this is innuendo. if they can find evidence that trump was on the phone with putin trying to move votes in ohio, i will applaud the release
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of that information. that's not what this is. >> tucker, it should not be a partisan issue. >> tucker: it's not partisan! t >> whether the president or team had anything to do with that. so, federal employees are now in charge of that investigation on a freelance basis? don't we have an fbi? brian, isn't that the whole point? >> the director got fired for political reasons, tucker! that is what we are talking about! that is why there is no faith in this investigation because the president demanded a loyalty oath from jim comey and fired him when he wouldn't give it, asked him not to investigate michael flynn. >> tucker: this is destructive destructive. >> tucker, two things. one, this is not an either or. we have to do both. investigate the leaks, make sure the spies don't get into this regime. second, let the fbi do the investigation. we will get the results as an american public and we will decide then and there, do we
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take the results and punish president trump? or if he's not guilty, then we go back to the ballot box in 2018 and 2020, and democratsy, have to stand up and say this is what we want to do for the country, get over the stuff. >> tucker: you don't have to support trump to recognize what it looks like when the ruling class tries to enter the results of election. that's what's going on. krystal, brian, thanks for joining us. europe saw yet another terror attack as a man with a hammer attacked a cop near notre dame, the cathedral in paris. reportedly while screaming "this is for syria." >> i was right at the doorcr of the entrance. we heard people rushing throughh the door, trying to come in and the police behind them. police were just telling us move to the front, move to the front. i don't speak french, i don't know what they were saying. but i knew that they were serious. >> i didn't expect that this happened here, we went
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to the door -- >> tucker: the only casualty was the attacker himself, who was shot by an officer on the scene. president trump says that these attacks show the need for his travel ban. beside easy travel, what other factors have made europe such a common terror target? douglas murray, the author of "the strange death of europe," thanks a lot for coming on. one of the things you often hear americans say, i have said, assimilation is the problem. yet, you look around, and there are a number of groups in our society and yours who aren't assimilated. hasidic jewish people, the amish, they pose no threat athr all to the country they live in, they love the country. why is this group different? >> that's the key question, the one that people in europe, across my entire continent, are sitting, thinking about, mulling about at the moment. the political response is to tweak bits of antiterrorism legislation. the british prime minister
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tonight has announced that she will perhaps take britain out oh some of the human rights jurisdictions that we are under. this is the sort of thing that all the politicians do across europe. another terrorist attack occurred and they have tweaks, effectively. all the time, the public are wondering about these very deep problems underlying it, which include the one you just ask. what is it about people from these muslim communities across europe? on an average saturday night in london, down the road from where i am, three young men, of pakistani, moroccan, libyan origin, would end up stabbing repeatedly at young people while shouting, "this is for allah." the truth is, it is obvious. they are inspired by a version of islam, a very violent and the worst possible version of islam. our politicians, they are really stuck on this. they brought this problem
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into europe through immigration rules they have had for decades. they seem to be totally unable to admit that or do any of the things that would solve it because they gave us this >> tucker: against all evidence, they lie about the motive. if you want to know why someone is doing something, the first step is to ask why you are doing this. w i want to put up on the screen quotes from an islamist magazine, these were printed after the orlando nightclub attack here in the united states. they say really clearly. "we hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers." that is as clear as it could possibly be. then, "we hate you becausese you your secular liberal societies -- it has led you to tolerate and even support gay rights, alcohol, drugs, usury, widespread, you encourage people to mock who those sins and vices."
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they are saying this is a religious war. why don't we believe them? >> if it is true, we have all sorts of miseries ahead of us. i happen to think that we do. in the meantime, we are in this transition phase in europe. i just came from a public debate i was doing in westminster tonight. the people are still, although things are moving, they are still in that sphere, "what has our foreign policy done that might have caused this." if a guy comes from pakistan, as one of the attackers on saturday night did, i don't think much of our country's pakistani foreign policy could be blamed. people are almost reaching out to find any reason other than the one that is staring them in the face. as i say, this is an issue. it came up in manchester two weeks ago. people try to say, what are the foreign policy problems? nothing that means you would
8:15 pm
blow up at 22 people at an ariana grande concert in manchester arena. his parents came to this country from libya. they got asylum and then, their kid at the age of 22, blew up 22 people. one for each year of life that this country has given him. those are the questions that are politicians that are just totally incapable and capable. for the time being of addressing. >> tucker: i want to go quickly to something you just said because of that it was provocative. you said if the obvious is true, if what they say about their own motives turns out to be true, it spells a tough time ahead. what does that mean? >> let me give you a quick example. we all know that there is a tiny number of actually people from muslim communities who will carry out a terrorist attack. two polls last year, one in april last year, one in december, by very reputable organizations, showed that in one poll, a half, the other, two-thirds of british muslims,
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said they would not go to the police if somebody they knew was involved in isis-like groups. i the rest of us in britain would go at the drop of a hat of someone we knew of any faith background orientation was involved in extremism. that is what we are facing. it's this question of, if they wouldn't even try to stop an attack like saturday if they heard about it, where is the loyalty? what are they doing? the truth is, a lot of those people, they want to defend the faith and protect their faith as they see it more than they want to show the loyalty that should be demanded by a nation of its subjects. as i say, we are still at the point where people don't want to demand that. >> tucker: it's too scary. i am buying your book right after douglas, thank you for joining us. that was really interesting. jared kushner's latest target of leaks by unnamed sources hoping to bring down the trump administration. brit hume says the entire story is a joke.
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8:21 pm
>> jared kushner is going to b remain, keep his head down, as he this raises more questions aboun him that he doesn't know how ton answer. >> jared has become much more famous than me. [laughter] i'm a little bit upset about that. [laughter] >> tucker: it's just un-american. fox senior political analyst brit hume tells us this story actually, to borrow a phrase from hillary clinton, may be afo nothing burger. he joins us in the studio. there is less here than meets the eye? >> some months ago, around february 10th, to be exact, "the washington post" published a story about jared kushner and his diplomatic undertakings, in which they discussed particularly in regards to mexico, the channel to mexico, a back channel was discussed in the article. they talked about how helpful he was being to the trump administration, how he was known and trusted by a number of foreign leaders, that he was kind of the foreign policy guy.t the story, it was all v favorable to jared kushner. later on, we find out that yes, indeed, the activities extended,
8:22 pm
although they never made mention of the earlier favorable story, that he discussed with the russian ambassador, who is veryy much a man about town, has consultations and conversations with officials at many levels for the longest -- as long as i can remember. he has always been a well-known man about town that everybody saw. he wasn't considered -- he is what he is. he is a diplomat. he may be also feeding everything he can back to moscow, no one would doubt that for a moment. [laughs] but he's never been thought of as a major foreign agent because he's in the open. discussions with him would be regular business. there was a conversation about the need to establish some kind of a back channel, which never came to pass. basically, we are having a discussion with some -- a story, surprise, shock, about something that jared kushner had been doing with other leaders
8:23 pm
and which he didn't do with russia. the substance of it -- to say that is un-american seems to mee to be bizarre, back channels have been used diplomatically going back forever. go back to the days of henry kissinger, they are all kinds of back channel communications. it's not at all uncommon. it's not uncommon for white houses, which sometimes want to work around the diplomats in the state department. and who wouldn't mind that there were some channels that could be thought leakproof in this environment? >> tucker: that's the un-american part of it. apparently, jared kushner was so worried about our government's own intel agencies leaking thet content of his conversations, those intel agencies took that conversation, spied on them talking, and leaked the content. >> apparently so. >> tucker: what bothers me, it's all implication. if you leak something about somebody, tell us what the crime is. be explicit. you met with this person.
8:24 pm
it is mccarthyite. >> we discussed this. if you and i tried to design someone who would be absolutely detested by the nation's media, we could not do better than donald trump. he is everything news media don't like. he is rich, he is brash, he's unexperienced, he's pretty n conservative. he's all these things. i think that the stuff that he does and says, particularly the stuff he says, make him a target. if reporters want to resist thii man with honest reporting, they don't need to go into this kind of stuff, they just ought to report what he says and does.. >> tucker: it seems to me that the effects of a story in particular, which is why i'm so focused on it, are potentially much bigger than your average political story. russia is a real country with a lot of nuclear weapons and a major player in a lot of world events. so, to distort our foreign policy in the service of a political aim, that seems really reckless.,
8:25 pm
>> well, it's true that russia is a nation we need to do a lot of business with. no doubt about that. it would be nice is we could have a improved relationsee with russia. vladimir putin does make -- does not make that easy. the russians attempted to meddld in the election. i suspected they try to meddle in many an election before thise and will try again. it is what the russians do, whether it was decisive as an open question on the evidence is extremely thin, it seems to me. at the same time, you would not want that to be the case that we cooked up ahead of time a plan to go soft on russia. as if to say that we will have more flexibility after the election. wouldn't that have been a terrible thing to say? >> tucker: [laughs] >> can't imagine anybody about to take office saying a thing likeic that. >> tucker: on an open mic.c. thanks a million for that. a chapter of black lives mattert held a party for memorial day.
8:26 pm
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>> tucker: memorial day is a great holiday for bringing americans together, unless you decide to promote segregation while you do it. a black lives matter group in new york city threw a memorial day party and barred anyoneinino is not black from attending. this is what they said. "being intentional about being around black people is an active resistance. this is an exclusively blackti space, so if you do not identify
8:30 pm
as black and want to come because you love black people, please respect the space and do not come." lisa darden is a political commentator and a black lives matter supporter. thanks for coming on.. >> thank you. good to see you. you are doing well. >> tucker: i was confused. i thought the whole point of black lives matter, one of the points, would be to speaking out against people -- you can't control what the race is. yet, they seem to be doing that. explain that to me. >> what i say to that, boo hoo hoo.oo you white people are angry because he couldn't use your white privilege card to get invited to thehe black lives matter is all black memorial day celebration! wow. let me contextualize it for you. dmemorial day was created -- >> tucker: i don't want you to contextualize it. >> it was created by black poor slaves in 1865 to honor those
8:31 pm
individuals who were union soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms, so black lives matter, in that same vein, decided to get the other with black folks -- >> tucker: i'm not going to let you filibuster past my question. hold on. i don't want to shut this down but i will. i am not mad at that. i'm not mad at that.s i just have a really simple question for you. if you don't like people excluding others on the basis of their race, and as a society, we agree that's bad. we both agree that's bad. then why are you doing it? >> listen, white folks crack me up. all of a sudden, when we have one day for black folks to focus on ourselves, but you have been having white days forever. you don't say the words anymore because you know it's politically incorrect. but you have had an all-white oscars, all of these movies with all white actors -- >> tucker: why are you perpetuating it? >> tv shows with white casts over and over again, "the
8:32 pm
bachelorette," took 11 seasons for a black bachelorette! are you serious? >> tucker: i hope you are not speaking for anyone else -- >> i'm speaking for myself. >> tucker: i just hope there aren't people who are watching who agree with you. >> oh, they are watching. >> tucker: that is so hostile and separatist and crazy, such a basic violation of what i thought we all agreed on, which is what you don't attack people for things they can't control. c >> it's not an attack. i am stating the facts. people will give weddings where they exclude children. it doesn't mean they don't like children. they don't know if your kids are going to be monsters and those kids are going to be well behaved. in the same vein, black lives matter decided to have one day where they didn't want white folks who were going to be off the rails, they don't know if you are going to be the ones who are behaved, for them, against them. >> tucker: let me ask you a quick question. do you think it is racist to exclude people on the basis of their skin color? >> i think it is racist when you have been excluding people foras hundreds and hundreds and
8:33 pm
hundreds of years -- >> tucker: stop with your lectures. i am asking you a question. >> we come together collectively to celebrate ourselves because you guys won't. you are the largerr society. let's be real here. >> tucker: i am talking about what i thought we all believe. let me ask you this. do you think it would be fair if white people did come to a black lives matter celebration?i >> they do all the time! when you look at black lives matter marches and you see black lives matter coming together collectively for different issues, you see people of all races. we do accept them. this particular day, they said, stay out. we want to celebrate we don't want anyone going against us >> tucker: and you can't celebrate if someone who doesn't look like you is around? >> yes, you can. >> tucker: you are sick. what you are saying is disgusting. if you were a nazi, i woulduc sy the same thing to you. >> luckily i'm not a nazi. >> tucker: what you are saying is indistinguishable from what they are saying, i don't care about your opinions, views, life experiences, intentions, all i
8:34 pm
care about is the way you look. something you can't control. on that basis alone, i am judging you.ll i'm hostile to you. that is a case you are making and it's divisive and wrong. it's amazing. you say that out loud. i can't believe you're making this case. >> unfortunately, when you have a racist society like america, you force individuals to come together collectively to make sure that they have a voice. and that is unfortunate that the racism has caused people to come together collectively. >> tucker: let me ask you a question. is there a single white persono in america you would have let into this celebration? >> now, i am notme black lives matter. it's a movement. however, however, however, i can respect their decision. it doesn't mean it's a decision i would have made. maybe i would have. just like a wedding, i would say your kids can't bring themselves to the wedding. >> tucker: children are not an ethnic group. every person in your world
8:35 pm
-- it does matter. >> you are saying, don't bring your bad kids. >> tucker: would it be okay -- there are white adults and asian adults and hispanic adults and presumably, they are basically the same as black adults. a >> we have gay pride parades, we have puerto rican day parades, we have all kinds of parades and days that honor individuals. we have mother's day.e we have father's day. >> tucker: and fathers are allowed to participate in that. i'm not sure you are capable of having this conversation. i will end it now. >> aww, i'm sorry. >> tucker: let me ask you a question. do the people in your world, your parents, your siblings, your kids, your friends, do they agree with you on this? >> my family respects my right to free speech and they don't -- but they do agree with one thing, i have the right to free speech. >> tucker: whatever. no one is contesting that. >> i will see you next on your show.he you'll be inviting me again. oh, tucker. i will see you again in less than a month.
8:36 pm
ratings are going up! >> tucker: i don't know what you are talking about. thanks for coming out tonight, lisa. the u.s. senator has come up with a novel plan for building a border wall and punishing -- sanctuary cities at the same time.
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trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. supposit and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. >> tucker: luther strange is the newest member of the u.s. senate. he is from alabama. he took the seat from jeffr sessions and he has drafted new legislation on the short time he has been here that would fund a wall on the mexican border. it would pay for it by diverting any federal transportation dollars currently going to sanctuary cities. senator, thanks for coming on. >> i'm glad to be here. >> tucker: how does this work? >> it's all about the rule of law, building a welcome ofla -- the wall, the president's number one promise. also making our cities safer. how it works in a nutshell, we identify sanctuary cities, cities loosely defined they don't follow the law.
8:41 pm
they do not cooperate with police, don't turn people in. they also, it turns out, working with preventing their citizens from bidding on the wall, wall construction. if you want to bid on the wall, we have a law that says that we will build the wall, we are taking bids to build it. they say if you do that, youou will be banned from doing any work in the city of san francisco, for example. our simple solution is, you -- if you won't comply with the law, we will use that money to build the wall. you just won't get it. >> tucker: transportation funding for a state like california is an enormous funding. do you think that the senate would back something like that? >> the senators i have talked to i have support from my colleagues from georgia,ns wisconsin, building support, they can't believe that this is going on in the united states. we are a nation of laws, tucker, as you well we have cities saying that we don't agree with the laws so we are not going to express our first amendment rights, we will
8:42 pm
penalize citizens who are just trying to make a living. there are bids out to build a wall. i go in, i live in san francisco, i bid, my company bids, i'm going to be paid by the federal government, under the secure fence is law, a law that was passed in 2006, with the support of barack obama and hillary clinton, a common sense solution. we don't agree with that policy. we want to enforce the law. i don't think it makes sense for u.s. taxpayers to turn around and give those jurisdictions money when they are refusing to cooperate and going forward, punishing their own citizens for trying to make a living, frankly. also, build a wall, the american people wanted and needed. >> tucker: which they voted for. here is what i don't understand. we have two times in american history, mass resistance to't federal law. once wound up with the civil war. the other one was tanks in various cities around the south, the civil rights movement.t. you are seeing something similar brewing right now, where elected officials are ignoring federal
8:43 pm
law. where is this going? >> that is the crux of the matter. where does it end? we already know, immigration law, that is something we can agree on is a federal responsibility. the federal government decides whatever immigration policy, or naturalization policy. we don't have every city, town, village, state determining what the qualifications are to live here, what our borders will look like, that is a national debate that we are having. it really goes back to the rule of law. we will be a nation of laws are -- or not? it's not only a principled matter, it's a matter of public safety. the people that are crossing the border and people ignoring the wall, ignoring building it, are making their cities less safe. >> tucker: what about your colleagues in the senate or across the way in the house? they are elected officials. you think they would stand up for federal prerogatives on the rule of law and they are not. >> it is hard to believe.l part of it is a continuation of the war on trump. if i can use that term. he won, he'd has done somethingi
8:44 pm
extraordinary. he said that he will fulfill aer promise that he has made. there is an existing law, we will fund it, we will build a wall. we are not only going to do that, we are going to, thanks to the great work of jeff sessions, we are going to enforce our laws. what a simple solution to the immigration problem, to enforce existing laws on the book. they said they will do it. >> tucker: [laughs] >> you know what has happened? because they just said that and they are doing it. they have made it clear. that message just doesn't go to the border, go south of the border, all throughout central america. we will enforce the laws on the books of the united states, illegal border crossings are down almost 40% in this country just since president trump has taken office. >> tucker: it's not hard. we are already improving our city. thank you. kathy griffin still running around america, now, other much more talented hollywood figures appear to be coming to her defense. our panel will discuss what jerry seinfeld and others had to say about her. that is next. stay tuned. ♪
8:45 pm
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>> if you don't stand up, you get run over. what is happening to me has never happened, ever in the history of this great country. which is that a sitting president of the united statesic and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever. >> tucker: man, they are being mean to kathy griffin. that was her last week at a press conference talking about how the president has ruined her career by objecting to her mock beheading him by the sensitive man that he donald trump, jr., recent leases -- recently said griffin deserves everything bad that has comeat her way. >> everyone that is watching how
8:50 pm
it happened. they saw my father's response. they saw the first lady's response about her son and how it affected him. they saw myi response. i don't think we have ever been so measured, perhaps, on a relative basis. i don't think we did anything inappropriate. then, to run and claim victimhood. she deserves everything that is coming to her. >> tucker: now, comedian jerry seinfeld is coming to her he says the beheading was just a bad joke. "i don't understand the big deal." alec baldwin, meanwhile, does understand the politicall implications, tweeted his explicit support. "no one believes he meant to threaten trump. trump is such a senile idiot. all he has is twitter fights." ashley pratt, lisa boothe, happy to have them both. holyis smokes! lisa boothe, jerry seinfeld seems like kind of a moderate, sensible character. why is he coming to the defensee of a talentless person like kathy griffin?
8:51 pm
>> she has the audacity to claim that she is the victim, which is just utterly ridiculous. there is this thing called personal responsibility that people seem to be forgetting about. if you take a photo for the shock value purpose, don't be shocked that people are shocked by the photo, right? she is the one that created this mess by holding up the photo in the first place. i don't blame companies like cnn or these venues she was supposed to speak at. her squatty potty, probably the most news they have ever gotten, probably a good thing for them. don't be shocked that they want to disassociate their brand with you. >> tucker: of course not. i just don't understand -- in essence this has been my question from the beginning -- actually, why would you defend someone who is totally without talent in the first place? her only appeal is her activism. she has never said anything funny. >> i think the thing that is the craziest part of all of this is does anyone ever watch the
8:52 pm
new year's special that she does? it's just like her. >> tucker: have you seen it? >> i watch it when i am at a bar and can't process what's happening. >> tucker: how bad is that? >> it's real bad. i'm not surprised cnn cut ties. i'm sure the ratings were awful. that said, she made a very poor, poor, poor decision. she knew it would create a rise out of people. more than half the country is very upset about president trump being elected and then you have the other half who is happy about it.. that is the point. disagreement is okay but the way that she went about it, to create a rise out of people andt play off of emotions, was awful. i think both republicans and democrats can agree on that and they did. she gave the country a reason to unite! >> tucker: we have all made bad decisions. boo-hoo, poor me. >> she often said that she would have to go to mexico as a result of the photo shoot. she knew full well that it was not going to be received positively by the vast majority. >> tucker: we have a lena dunham story. she is still involved in politics. she once moved to canada or said
8:53 pm
she was going to have trump became president come of coursew she didn't. now, she's endorsing a candidate for new jersey governor. watch >> hi. i'm lena dunham. this is rico. while i may have been born and raised in new york, new jersey has been an incredibly important part of my life. i think that there is nothing better nothing better if we can do then support jim johnson for governor. t i hope that you'll vote in the primary, i hope you'll vote jim johnson, and we are sending lots of love. yes, we are in bed. >> tucker: it's just like a rorschach blot. who is it appealing to? also calling for her british fans who apparently exists, supposedly, to back the laboursh party, jeremy corbyn in the election thursday. holy smokes. is there someone- who says, lena dunham is for it, i am for it.
8:54 pm
>> she was probably a motivatino factor for trump supporters during the election because she said she would move to canada and then she failed to follow through. we should believe nothing that she says. it is all -- no celebrities are irrelevant in these elections. we thought hillary clinton had everyone from lebron james to jay z and that meant nothing. j. lo didn't bring ohio home. >> does she own any clothes that aren't pajamas? any time endorses something she is always in bed in pajamas. it's not a motivating factor fop millennials, she lost the election for hillary clinton. i don't know what anyone would want her. >> tucker: howard hughes, the later years. >> you can't knock her for the pjs. [laughter] >> tucker: i'm not getting involved. thank you both very much. we'll be back in just a second. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> tucker: this is an actual headline from "the new york times" last friday. colleges celebrate diversity with separate commencements. colleges celebrate l diversity with separate commencements.
8:59 pm
many schools including harvard and columbia are cutting them up into homogenous little blocks. black students, latino students, gay students get a lavender commencement. and so on. it all raises obvious questions. we reached out to the reporter who wrote the piece if the commencement were equal. she didn't seem to get the question. they don't teach brown versus board in college anymore. it is hard to imagine a time of 60 years ago to see topeka celebrates diversity with separate schools or alabama separates diversity by s separating people on the bus. liberals have changed, obviously. they use to consider segregation bad. that was a bed rock theme. it still is for us here. you may remember a decades long civil rights movement, specifically dedicated to stamping out segregation in schools in the military, restaurants, hotels, private clubs, everywhere. liberals led it to their credit. now they are back to
9:00 pm
cheerleading for separatee graduations, white person free space basis, i guess made that case. don't call it progressive because it's not progress. that's it for us tune in every night at 8:00. we will be back, "the five" is next. see you tomorrow. >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino. along with it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ we begin tonight with major developments on terrorism front from all over the world. in paris today, a man attacked a police officer with a hammer while reportedly shouting "this is for syria." before police shot and wounded him. and in australia, a man of smelly descent killed one and took a woman hostage before police shot him dead. but first, new details are emerging about mixed opportunities in saturday's attack in london.


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