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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 7, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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using a marijuana reference to sell burritos. usual i when you roll something this good it's illegal. jackie: finally the ugly, the bird smashing 500 bucks worth of wine and champagne after wandering in the store. rob: we didn't have enough time, we will see you later. jackie: "fox & friends" starts now. >> what advice do you give him comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck, thank you, everybody. >> if he did, why would you continue to work? >> attack in paris outside of one of the famous churches in all of europe. >> police say a man with a hammer went after police near the minority dam cathedral. >> another day and aanother attack in europe. >> if the republicans want to get the president trump's agenda pass, they have to come together.
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>> we talked with president trump and vice president pence on moving forward on the agenda and that's what we campaigned on and we have to deliver. >> nsa worker charged with leaking top secrets and now parents speaking out. >> we want her to be treated fairly and to be safe. >> if she did this as allegations say and she's convicted, she should go to jail. >> pint-size patriot and his secret salute. >> one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: you are upstairs, we started the show and even though it is day three, this still has that new studio smell, right?
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of course, ainsley, this is familiar to you. ainsley: looked like it, right? this is my club dress. i do love this song. who sings this? doubtful. brian: kiss now loves us and now they didn't. ainsley: what? steve: they didn't understand the sense of humor. ainsley: got it. steve: thank you for joining us on on this very busy wednesday. we will start with fox news alert. two big stories breaking internationally. in ther strikes overnight country of syria. brian: in the uk we are learning disturbing new details about the three killers behind london bridge attack on saturday night. ainsley: benjamin is live covering it all for us. hey, benjamin.
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>> good morning, brian, steven and ainsley. it's going to raise tensions between syrian and iranian forces. proassad, prosyrian forces entered the deconfliction zone in the south of syria near a u.s. base where u.s. special forces and british special forces are based in special forces. they were attacked by isis fors at which point they sent reinforcement and aircraft weapons, et cetera, u.s. forces reached out by russian deconfliction channel and urged them to get back and they did not listen, the u.s. air strike took out the weapons, we do not know casualties but we will see serious issues coming out of that. part of the antiisis coalition, we know the success they've been having on the battlefield has been connected with attacks elsewhere much like in london past week and london really now
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trying to get back to normal and today certain parts in market reopen. that was where the knife attack itself happened but this attack being hot le -- hotly debated and how they were able to skip through the net. one of them was willingly filmed prayed with isis flag in a documentary called jihadi next door. he came in via island while usef had been caught going to syria and told authorities, i'm going to be a terrorist. the attacks led to one arrest but all except two of them have been released and authorities continue to try and find out who else was involved, how did they meet, was it at a mosque or online, that's the big question people are going to be asking and very lad are you we are hearing that another body has been pull out in the river,
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italian man who had been missing, so i have to tell you that that death toll has now risen to eight. big news breaking around the world in syria and london. brian: have you noticed any decrease in foot traffic in this area, do you expect decrease this weekend? >> in london, no, absolutely not. there are two sides to this. one is the political debate, have the politics done enough, should counterterrorism forces be hired and people are really asking questions of the politicians but the people on the ground resilient as ever, they are saying this won't affect us, we are getting back to business as normal. yes, the question is being asked. ainsley: i wonder if tourism has gone down, we would have to check. steve: tomorrow is james comey thursday. ainsley: 10:00 a.m. steve: we understand that the president will wind up with some good news and some questionable news. for instance, apparently
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associates have told reporters that james comey will not say that the president try today obstruct justice. that's good for the president, however, he is going to dispute the fact that the president in the letter that the president wrote to mr. comey firing him said that you told me i'm not under investigation three times. come write is going to dispute that to say it was not obstruction of justice. brian: right, this is interesting because the president went out of his way on the firing memo. she's going to have a chance to ask questions, listen, there's a huge difference between, hey, mike flynn just got fired, he's a good guy, no reason to go forward, that's reason from i'm your boss and you better do this or else, there's a my juror difference and specially with somebody that's been president for five minutes. ainsley: he didn't do that and he went onto have this message for comey, listen.
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>> what message do you have for james comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck, thank you, everybody. brian: my hope is for the president, i think he has a huge day scheduled in his own right. i think people made sure to do that because you know how intense the president is and he feels james comey is coming at him every instinct would be to go right back at james comey through tweeting. steve: they're saying the president may live tweet. brian: huge mistake. live tweet specially because you're in legal issues now. mr. president, focus on your agenda, there's nothing you can do about james comey and move forward. robert mueller is going to have the -- ainsley: you sound like a lot of people in cok but a lot of people in middle america -- brian: his legal team doesn't
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want him to live tweet. steve: you know donald trump got elected using twitter. brian: it's different running for office and when you're in this type of legal -- ainsley: send us your comments and let us know what you think. steve: lindsey graham has been watching all the other channels and he thinks what happens tomorrow might not be so big. listen. >> two new lines of inquiry, did you in fact, believe there was e-mail between the democratic national committee and department of justice that would obtain the department of justice's ability to oversee the clinton investigation. he should answer the question. is the president a target or subject to criminal investigation. i don't believe the president of the united states is a target to subject -- of an investigation regarding collusion between him and the russians and i think the
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fbi director owes an answer to that question to the country. brian: if the president put you in a corner and said i need you to do this and that why did you continue with the investigation, number two, if you have notes, detailed notes of the meeting, i would like to see the loretta lynch meetings and barack obama meetings and you have such a great memory and you go out of the way to write these things down. let's see it all and let's see what prompted you to make comments and press conference that dumbfound sod many -- dumbfounded so many. ainsley: send us your comments and let us know what you want to hear from james comey, if you want to hear from him at all. anthem, big insurance company, we have seen humana and aetna
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pull out. this is leaving 20 counties in ohio where people will not have coverage. steve: terrible. the republicans say this shows that the affordable care act is not working and you need to replace it meanwhile democrats say this is evidence that congress and the white house are trying to sabotage the insurance market, nonetheless, if they don't do something in congress ant what is known now as the affordable care act, they would like to change to american health care act, there's going to be a lot of people with no insurance. brian: i want to get your feedback on this. lindsey graham said last night, mr. president, it's not your problem, let it die and make democrats come over and fix what they gave us. he said and other people bret baier came back and said, they're going to blame republicans because you the the power. ainsley: aren't you glad that he's going to sit down with the victims and you need to hear exactly how they are affected. you need to find out how it's
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affecting your family and your family because we are all in different situation. brian: as opposed to the cbo says -- steve: we have julian with fox news alert. >> isis just claiming responsibility for a pair of deadly attacks on iran's parliament and iconic shrine, violent explosions kill two security guards and injuring 30 people this morning. the siege still underway. lawmakers still locked down. fist ever isis attack in iran. whether he keep you posted. russia scrambling a fighter jet to intercept a u.s. bomber flying along side its border, escorted b-52 after it flew over the baltic sea but u.s. military officials say the jet was conducting a routine mission in international air space and new this morning liberal government
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shut down. attorney general jeff sessions is putting an end to the so-called doj slush fund. the move stops the practice by the obama administration to allow settlements won in government lawsuits to be dished out in nongovernment groups unrelated to the case. critics say it allowed the obama white house to funnel money to liberal interest groups. now settlement money will go to the victims in the case. and we have double the good news out of hollywood this morning, george and amal clooney welcoming twins, ella and alexander, the first children for both mom and dad and according to reps mom and babies are healthy doing just fine but jokingly add that george is sedated and should recover in a few days. no pictures of the babies just yet. i bet they're going to be gorgeous. brian: we knew they were going to have twins? i feel bad for brad pitt, he's
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single and can hang out with him . [laughter] ainsley: he said in an interview, i really want kids that are already trained like house train like a dog. brian: exactly. that's called adopting. ainsley: congrats to them. steve: thank you very much. on this wednesday democrats still don't get what middle americans want but they have a plan, try to persuade, quote, low information folks to agree with them. low information folks. brian: do you think people that have food stamps should get a break on amazon, well, amazon does, the details straight ahead .
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a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. >> basically call the stupidity of american voter but basically that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass. >> he tweets and retweets. they're offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. now, some of those folks they're
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irredeemable but thankfully they are not america. steve: that's where the irredeemable t-shirts came right there. ever since big election loss democrats getting sound bites, you can't win votes by showing contempt for voters, right? but our next guest claims liberal disdain for middle america is baked in the idea of identity politics, here now to explain is wall street journal columnist and former steech writer for president w. bush, bill. >> good morning. >> in your column you talk about crazy things that liberal commentators have written about middle america is it's not good. >> no, i think what people miss, i was talking about the contempt toward trump voters or middle of america, there were five people, five people with impeccable liberal democratic credentials who said this is a problem for the party.
3:19 am
that's what i was writing. they all sort of appeared at the same time and it's amazing that some of the response sort of confirms the problem that they have. i'm sure they're getting beat up for it. steve: you write in your column that progressives have got to tone down the looking down. >> right. all some -- most of the columns had good advice. they describe the average american, middle american, they have republican spouses, they're patriotic and so far and it's a measure of where we are that they feel they have to inform their fellow progressives that this is what the people are like. steve: that's where the irredeemables came from. it has worked in certain circumstances for the democrats but going forward it's not going to get them votes?
3:20 am
>> if you take what these people are writing seriously, saying we have a problem in that we seem to be insulting to people whose votes we want and that's why we lost, what they didn't address is what i said, that's fueled by identity politics because in identity politics, if you disagree with me, you're not just my political opponent, you're my oppressor and that's the language. mrs. clinton was taking the language to the logical conclusion when she talked about deplorables and so forth. it's not something that she invented. steve: great columnist in wall street journal. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: coming up on this wednesday, people come to our country asylum, should they be returned back home, our guest says absolutely, no. black lives matter wants you to boycott the nfl because it's too
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11:59 p.m. tomorrow night, brian, you have a little bit of time. brian: good. president trump not mincing words over immigration policy and he tweeted this. you're seeing it. we need a travel ban for dangerous countries and not politically term. there's a bill in the house and could have stopped terrorists like the boston mar then, came and left back. always great to have you, congressman. i haven't seep you since the super bowl in person but when it comes to this, how can this help us? >> well, it would help us because it would take away what our commonly called loopholes but in fact, they are provisions within the law that allow people to ask for entry into the country based upon asylum and other methods that are presently available under the law. as you know, president trump has taken a great and strong stand
3:26 am
not only on behalf of the american people but really to defeat those who would come to this country to perpetrate terrorism, however, we must close all the loopholes, give secretary kelly the tools that he needs and to make sure that we protect this border by those who would come to this country under, i think, false pretenses. brian: i want to give everybody at home what's on the books and what's been proposed. back in 2015, this protection act, terminate the refugee or asylum status without compelling reason returns to country of nationality or case of alien have nationality return to country in which the alien resided and applied for such status because of persecution of well-founded fear persecution. for example, if you say you're persecuted and you come here on foot, if you say, quote, i have fear of persecution, you get to stay, but if not only going to
3:27 am
be tough but for the people that go back home again, you can come back because it shows that you made it up. >> well, every bit of that is certainly a circumstances but the bottom line is the law allows people who come here to be able to make these claims and to have automatic entry receive a lawyer, have a hearing and go through a process and perhaps that's important. what we want to do is take away the reasons why people are automatically allowed these provisions and you understand also they are provided a lawyer and i'm sure they're coached along the way. these are not just loopholes, they are actual circumstances when you look at the boston bombers. brian: chairman, they went back, they evidently got training and came back and the fbi talk today them and still let them stay and we know what they did at the marathon. what you're also seeing the people that got in line this is
3:28 am
respecting them and i appreciate you going through our process but in the big picture it seems like you guys are doing something that i thought was impossible. incrementally putting in immigration reform, both border, real progress, handle people who are coming here for fear of persecution and then swrow the dreamers that needs to be addressed and then soon pathway to citizenship while revamping the laws for people that we want to stay because they go to colleges, are you saying forget comprehensive, little by little, we are going to get this done? >> i'm not saying that at all. what i said is president trump made sure that american people were openly heard from and responded to. the president had to do catch and release and we had a bill yesterday in rules committee that would add some 2,000 new members of not only ice but the border patrol. we do not have enough officers at the border. we do not have enough people who
3:29 am
are prepared to intercept these people that come. we have over time from president obama seen the number of people dwindle and their responsibilities dwindle. so we have to build back our front line forces. president trump is on not only in line to do this but making sure congress is going to fund these people. we are getting our job done. brian: real quick, ten-second answer. what's holding it up? >> process. the process has to be more robust. what's holding up the bill, i'm sure the majority leader is going to schedule a vote on the bill. it's come out of committee. it's a matter of majority leader doing this and i'm sure we will do that. brian: so it's on track. great to see you. coming up straight ahead. black lives matter wants you to boycott the nfl because some of the owners support president trump. do you think people on food stamps should get a break on amazon? amazon does. we will give you the details next. first, happy birthday to vice
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3:34 am
networks run it. we'll have wall-to-wall coverage as well. founder of center for urban renewal and education joining us. good morning, star. when you come on we talk about all sorts of things. want to talk about what is going on in great state of alabama. they replaced work requirements on food stamps. in 13 counties in alabama, the number of people own food stamps went down 85%. why is that, do you think? >> because the red state laws work. this is difference between blue states and red states, you have people in leadership people can be responsible for their choices they make laws encourage them to be responsible. when the work requirement came in order for you to continue to get food stamps, if you are able-bodied person with no dependents you should go to work. they did. they changed the law to say you must.
3:35 am
steve: do you think a number of people were trying to scam the system? >> i don't know i call it scam, a number do do that. like anything if you could stay on vacation longer than you. if you want to stay on snap program you will stay as long as you can until the law says you can't stay there. why wouldn't you get a lot of free people. brian: 44 million people are receiving snap benefits at cost of $71 billion. it is significant. >> it is really large. it has broken significantly. that was about $18 billion in the year 2,000. if you put it in perspective this has grown tremendously. now 60% of americans bet more from government than they put in because government has been generous. that is one reason we have new leadership here in washington, d.c., so we can change policy for people to recover their lives. ainsley: star, we want your opinion because you're a expert. center for renewal and education. you try to fight solutions for poverty for your organization.
3:36 am
when amazon prime came out to offer a discount for people on food stamps, is that helpful or hurtful? >> i think amazon is trying to do take advantage of that marketplace that $71 billion. we ask ourselves whose money is it? it belongs to taxpayers. they're working hard to pay for amazon prime's program out of their own pocket. what we're looking forward to in the new administration, to drain the swamp and there are companies that don't smooch. corporate welfare has to step as well. ainsley: this gives them helping to buy groceries and will it encourage them to shop more and spend taxpayer dollars on things they don't evened into? >> first question, amazon is online. how they go on line, computer or way to go online. why are they on food stamps? brian: talk about what the nfl is doing. we know last year the single
3:37 am
most damaging thing according to the sports fan when colin kaepernick decided to take a knee. it spread like wildfire down to it pop warner. decided to take a knee during the national anthem because colin kaepernick says inequity in race in america and the way law enforcement disproportionately oppresses african-americans. when he did that, not only made him unattractive to other teams because he is such a huge distraction, it bottom attention of "black lives matter" this, league is pro-trump. because most of the owners are pro-trump, i'm going to boycott and i want you to boycott. in fact here is the quote. i won't be watching nfl this year. i can't in good conscious support the league with many pro-trump owners. against my friend colin kaepernick taking a silent stance against brutality and injustice in america. >> this is football. not a political debate.
3:38 am
they don't want the drama, picking best players that want to watch the nfl. the beautiful thing about a free society. you get to boycott. you don't have to travel wherever you don't want to travel. you don't have to buy probability. you're not forced to buy these things. a boycott hand be helpful. we can't reduce ourselves to mob rule. that is what black lives mat, sr. about, mob rule. we battle in the voting booth. donald trump won. the left has to get over it. we'll have north election comb soon. we'll not have a resistant summer to start burning things down and destroy the capitalist society because one person thinks we should. "black lives matter" get of the political stage go about their business lives around get out to the polls next time if they want democrats in control. brian: for the record kaepernick has not been banned. any owner can sign at any moment. >> that is exactly right. they want the best players.
3:39 am
they don't want political players. they don't want football players. brian: they don't like distraction. because tim tebow gets a lot of publicity he is worthy of our team, they don't want to distraction in the locker room so owners made decision. same thing with kaepernick. steve: they love stars. ainsley: mama name the her appropriately. thanks for being with us, star parker. brian: how does that make jillian feel? ainsley: your mom new you were a jillian. >> kaepernick is not the best player. ainsley: you were a sports reporter. you've been covering this a couple years. >> let's get to the news before you head out the door. mysterious yellow pills on the street blamed for outbreak of deadly overdozens in georgia. four people have been killed and dozens hospitalized over the span of 48 hours. some people thought they were taking prescription painkiller
3:40 am
percocet. health officials calling this is the largest cluster of opioid overdoses in history. not just republicans feeling heat at town hall. one democrat got a rude welcome at her own event. take a look. [shouting] trump supporters jeering kong woman nanette bergan at a town hall. a short time later she walked out. trump supporters were not allowed inside, chanting let us in while a security guard stood at the entrance. red sox announcer jerry recommend my stirring up controversy, saying non-english speaking baseball players shouldn't get translators on the field. >> i don't think that should be legal. seriously. learn baseball language. you know, pretty simple. i mean, break it down pretty
3:41 am
easy between pitching coach and pitcher. >> this all started when new york yankees pitcher tanaka, his translator came to the pitcher's mound during last night's game. no comment from the team. this is the second time in two days something similar has happened. this happened yesterday in philadelphia. former philly great mike schmidt, an analyst for the team, made a comment, had to apologize. he was asked if the team can build around herrera. his comment on radio, it is hard because of language barrier. brian: i don't speak japanese. i know what happens on the mound. he used to be really good, we pay you $155 million, why can't you get anybody out? that is the problem. boston beat the yankees 5-4. >> it is starting a conversation here with the language. brian: right in english. steve: thank you. new questions surrounding the nsa contractor arrested for leaking information tote press. her social media showed a
3:42 am
blatant bias against president trump big time. how was she able to get the job in the first place. we'll talk about that next. ainsley: plus a new movie tells the true story of a marine who fought to keep her k-9 comrade and bring the dog back to the u.s. ♪ >> good boy. brian: the real marine who inspired that story here live. ♪
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3:46 am
orange fascist we let into the white house. brian: you're hired! how was she able to get the job? here to weigh in former federal agency managing at attorney emily campano. welcome back. >> thank you. brian. her hate for trump, pro-sanders views, her like for iran, distaste for white people all in the social media, yet thee got the job. enup being a leaker facing 10 years in prison. how does this happen? >> it is shocking failure on the intelligence agency's party they didn't do their homework. the hatch act, while she is in a dod analog, doesn't prohibit your point much issues and then candidates. she is technically allowed to. it is highly inappropriate. in this case provides evidence for the case against her for her motive. steve: she was hired by this company in february. there were a couple of months of shocking her political point of view which you are certainly
3:47 am
entitled to. if pluribus had seen #not my president and other stuff we'll hire her to work for administration of this man she hates. that would seem if i'm an employer a kind of a risky hire. >> that is her boss. it mind seem circuitous, that is her boss, president of the united states. do we broad the hatch act and dod equivalent? do we prohibit contractors or employees stating viewpoints? or does it provide vital evidence that might help us rooting out who has the potential for leaking or after they leak -- ainsley: not only work for an administration, his administration, she is the commander-in-chief. she served our country in the military. she is writing he is a piece of blank on social media? will all this be used against her in court? >> it will. she is facing 10 years in prison. i think dod needs to make a strong statement, use her as example, based on deterrents.
3:48 am
number one we're seeing growing swell of support individuals taking matters into their own hands, you usurping their country and dedication to protecting classified inhe foe and doing something. second, think how many thousands of young people employed that have these high level of security clearances. they're watching this to see, what will happen to me if i do it? let's make a deterrent. brian: if you're watching at home, i hope you are, hold on to something, there are four million people, government many employees and contractors, hold security clearances and 1.3 million with top secret clearances. do you think she is only one with anti-trump or anti-president bias working there with another agenda? she retweeted two of edward snowden's tweets. that should not get you hired. pluribus is putting their own contract with the government in jeopardy. what are they thinking. >> exactly. impressionable cadre. there are millions of eyes watching what are the consequences of this behavior. this plays into a lot of things we talk about on the show.
3:49 am
consequences what you post and what you you say, it matters. time to hold the people to this accountability because this situation, it can be life-threatening. ainsley: will she get 10 years? >> i hope so. they should pursue maximum sentencing not offer a plea. steve: she will cop a deal because they don't want secrets out. brian: who knows. who will take care of her cats. thanks, emily. coming up straight ahead, the va still in critical condition. the agency taking steps to modernize. secretary david shulkin here with what is next to help vets an what he already has done this week. ainsley: a new movie tells a true story of a marine's fight to keep her hero k-9 companion. >> you got this. think faster. >> yeah, i got this. you think i'm afraid of you? lay down. ainsley: the real marine who inspired that store. one of the movie he's stars join us live. steve: how are you?
3:50 am
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3:53 am
♪ brian: new movie all about the bond between a marine and her dog. >> from new york? >> yeah. >> me too. first time in country. what about him? >> germany. >> germany? german shepherd i like that. you know what i heard? i heard the enemy likes to steal
3:54 am
dogs, right, to strap bombs on them, send them back to the owner. >> he can break someone's arm with his teeth. i'm not too worried. ainsley: oh, my gosh, they really do that? we'll talk to you about it. that film, "meagan leavey," the fight to adopt her four-legged partner after they were both injured in new york. steve: we have retired marine corporal meagan leavey and one of the film's lead actors. ramon rodriguez. ainsley: they will take the dogs to strap bombs toe them. >> there are specialized search dogs they go out further off leash. that has been known to happen. brian: tell me about your experience in iraq that was made for the movies and your bond with this dog. >> rex and i have done two deployments together. we've been through a lot together. i love the marine corps. i was happy. i knew i was going to be going
3:55 am
on deployments. i was prepared. all we can do is train and do our best out there. steve: tell what happened in that day in 2006. you and rex were on patrol and something horrible happened. >> we were, we were. i don't want to give too much away, in the film two dogs teams were originally requested. we had been out on a mission, me and -- steve: looking for ieds? >> yeah. that is our main mission in iraq, search for explosives and weapons, yes. brian: so they don't kill others. matt, you play matt morales in the film, ramon. tell me about matt. >> matt is loosely based on an actual real-life good friend of megan who was also a k-9 handler. we took a little be liberty in the film in terms of that relationship. >> there is no real romans. >> no real romans in real life. i got to meet him he is a pretty cool.
3:56 am
he is k-9 handler already in war when playing began gets there. shows her a little bit what to expect. he kind of, i think, some of the things he kind of sees early on, he can recognize, she is fish out of water. he jokes that they're kind of get engaged to make her feel comfortable. ainsley: megan you found out they are making a movie based on your life and kate mara playing you, what was your reaction. >> yes. i probably didn't think this was going to happen at first. now that it is here it is amazing. i'm so lucky. i'm grateful that it will bring attention to the working dog unit in the military and marine corps. steve: you were injured and separated. took years. i will give a little bit away from the movie. at the end you were reunited. >> yeah. we had great eight months together after i adopted him.
3:57 am
brian: honored at yankee stadium. >> honored at yankee stadium. brian: you're a big yankee fan. >> i work for the yankees. stadium has a special place in my heart. steve: check out the new movie, it opens friday. called, "meagan leavey." what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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4:00 am
>> comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck. thank you everybody. >> i expect he is not going to say the president obstructed justice. if he did, why would you continue to work? >> united states launching new airstrikes against pro-assad forces in the country of syria. >> reached out by russian deconfliction channel to get back. they did not listen. so u.s. strike took out weapons. ainsley: amazon prime came out will offer discount for people on food stamps. >> amazon is online. how do they bo online? they must have computer or way to go on line. why are they on food stamps?
4:01 am
ainsley: nsa worker charged with leaking top government secrets. win are's parent speaking out. >> i want her to be treated fairly. >> if she did this as allegations say, she should go to jail. ainsley: george and amal clooney welcomed twins. they added george is asked dated and will recover in a few days. george would say all his friends have kids boeing to college. ♪ ♪ ♪. ainsley: raise your hands, brian. steve: big and rich live from new york. 48th and 6th avenue, 47th and 6th avenue. we stretch between two blocks here in our gigantic studio.
4:02 am
brian: google us to try to find us. we'll put a pin down if you want to track us. steve: he look that way. here we are. ainsley: look for all the american flags outside. that is where we are, on each of the americas. meantime we'll hand it over to jillian with important headlines for us. >> welcome to you guys as well. fox news alert. brand new video of terror in the heart of paris. a man bashing a police officer in the head with a hammer outside the famed notre dame cathedral, knocking the officer to the ground as he scrambles to draw his gun. the frantic scene sends tourists running for their lives. [siren] the suspect claiming to be an isis soldier, shouting quote, this is for syria, before a police officer shot him in the chest. officials say he is student working on his doctoral thesis who had not been on the radar. he is recovering in the hospital. hundreds of tourists locked down
4:03 am
inside of the church. you can see right there, police telling them to put their hand in the air as they searched everyone inside, one by one. a priest trying to calm the group with prayer. also breaking right now, at least 12 people are dead, nearly three dozen injured after a pair of deadly isis attacks on iran's parliament and an iconic shrine. the siege ending moments ago. the several gunmen storming into the legislature sending lawmakers into lockdown. these are the first-ever isis attacks in iran. another alert, moments ago, british people finding the body of an 8th victim in the london terror attack. he is 45-year-old french man. the body was pulled from the thames river. we're learning more about the terrorist, one of them, khuram butt, had connection to the 2005 london bus bombers. in syria, u.s. launching a airstrike against pro-assad forces near a coalition training
4:04 am
camp. hawaii is the first state to adopt a law that aligns with the paris climate accord. the move comes less than a week after president trump pulled out of the deal claiming it imposed unfair environmental standards on the u.s. democratic governor david egat met with applause after signing new rules that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emission, improve soil health and diminish climate change. a lot happening, a lot breaking this morning guys. that is a look at headlines. we'll keep you updated. steve: jillian, thank you very much. brian: ramadan, this is attack a day from london to australia to paris. it is incredible. steve: james comey will sit down in front of the cameras to tell what he knows about the president and russia. we've already learned from some of those anonymous sources apparently mr. comey is going to say that the president did not obstruct justice when he had a conversation or two with mr. comey. however, he is going to dispute the president saying to
4:05 am
mr. comey in his, you're fired letter, that you essentially said he was not under investigation. apparently, according to some other news sources this morning, apparently mr. comey is going to say he had a much more nuanced conversation with mr. trump from which he concluded he was not under investigation. so, it is mr. comey's interpretation versus the president's interpretation. ainsley: some are saying if there was obstruction of justice why did you continue to work for president. others are saying we never know what james comey is going to say. no telling. that will be interesting. one minute he is for hillary. one minute he is not. we thought when he had press conference last summer we thought he would indict her at end of press conference of all reasons she did illegal things he didn't indict her. brian: there is not mystery to anything because he took meticulous notes. we'll find out about the conversation that did or didn't happen with loretta lynch that he felt he had to say to call the press conference what he
4:06 am
knew, but that he is not going forward with the investigation, let alone what he did in late october. i would like to add to this, attorney general sessions did say james comey came up to him, i'm not comfortable alone with being with the president. sessions said there is nothing i can do about that. he is going to ask you to see him one-on-one. there is reports, they will follow up today, dan coats the national intelligence director will be asked this directly, did the president ask you to get involved and tell james comey to back off. essentially he said he did pompeo and coats, he said, head of cia, sit back, lay back, i need to speak to you. at the time he expressed frustration with the russian investigation, fundamentally the president thinks nothing happened. why are we doing this? you're wasting your time. steve: if the stories are true. there are a whole bunch of anonymous sources telling different newspapers different things about what the president supposedly did or didn't do. we have the president on tape.
4:07 am
brian: follow up, while i'm thinking about it? >> steve: sure. brian: this is what director coats spokesperson said to the story. he never felt pressured by president or anyone else in the administration to influence any intelligence matters or ongoing investigations. steve: that is the story. ainsley: the president, he did not stop the investigation or what james comey is going to do tomorrow. he didn't seem to be worried what he will say tomorrow because listen to this. >> what message do you have to jim comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck. thank you, everybody. steve: so the big question is good luck, will the president be watching tomorrow? sean spicer said yesterday that the president has got a very busy schedule. however, there is a possibility and story is out there he could be live tweeting. when comey said something, he might have his smartphone and live tweeting a response in real time. stay tuned for that. brian: he has been remarkably disciplined when it comes to tweets last couple weeks and russia. he has been laying out on that topic.
4:08 am
he was urged by his legal counsel not to do it. there is no bad answer. do you want the president live tweeting? does that help or hurt? do you think it hps you? do you think it helps him? weigh in. steve: what does mike huckabee think of all of this? listen to this. >> every consumer has to become his or her own editor because in old days they would sit at editorial desk which stories are most important. importance was hearingly on greatest impact on people's lives. which ones were legitimately important. now it is which ones will make the president look bad. so they ignore his infrastructure proposal. they ignore his trip to the middle east. they ignore efforts to change the tax code and tax rate, grow the economy and fact that the stock market is responding. so they focus on what james comey is going to say on thursday? did russians somehow mess with elections and poor hillary. she was cheated out of the
4:09 am
election because she was really the popular vote winner. sean, this is why i say, it's not careless journalism. it is corrupt journalism. that is intentional on their part. steve: we ask you what you thought about what is going to happen tomorrow, whether you're going to watch? ed on twitter says, i want comey to tell america his true thoughts on honesty of the u.s. government, both sides. ainsley: richard says i want to know where all of comey's notes are stored. has all of his work product been turned over to the federal government? that is what you were talking about, brian. brian: robbie says, why was hillary clinton and her team allowed to destroy iphones, ipads, laptops that contained sensitive information? why didn't he do interview? why did she come on saturday with huge attitude, with huge attitude towards interrogators? that is day after 4th of july. a lot of people say that is july 5th. steve: see mr. comey live on fox news channel tomorrow. let's talk about from that
4:10 am
reality show to reality winner, she, 25-year-old augusta, georgia, nsa contractor who leaked top secret information to the intercept where they published it. it is interesting, she has been arrested. she faces, what, 10 years at least in prison. her parents down in augusta, georgia, talked to "daily mail".com. our daughter had a good record. she is in the military but suggested she is being used for, their daughter is being used for political purposes which is curious given the fact when you look at her social media profile, everything she has posted, she is very political. she does not like this president and in fact, on election night, she made it very clear. ainsley: this was her tweet on election night. well, i don't even want to say this word, i was taught not to say it. steve: hashtag election night. brian: people suck, #electionnight.
4:11 am
donald trump most dangerous into the country. was orange fascist we let into the white house. steve: sara winners reality winner. ainsley: her friends know her as sara? steve: that is believed to be her twitter account. brian: here is the most important thing. most of this stuff was out there in february when she got hired. nobody, something about the nsa hiring procedures, give us a job i feel is so important i feel you think so too because she had high clearance, you can't have agenda to this degree and a battle to get the job. i appreciate your service. very bright. knows a lot of languages but so what. if you're barack obama you don't want to hire somebody that has anti, president obama's president and you have to hire people, you don't hire somebody that says, i hate barack obama. i love george bush. listen, i don't need someone who is that dug in party politics. ainsley: when i heard the story originally. she is 25 years old. maybe she didn't know.
4:12 am
no, she did. she took the information. folded it up put it in envelope. it was intentional. she speak as lot of middle east languages. shoe he is very smart. she knew what she was doing. steve: very smart and very dumb. this is the thing about top secret clearance bought from the air force job. in some cases it is portable. >> air force john, she serves under the commander-in-chief. steve: i completely understand. so the clearance goes into next job at pluribus. pluribus hired here in february with two or three months worth of stuff she is talking this way about the commander-in-chief. which if i'm the nsa contractor pluribus, i'm hitting could she potentially be a risk leaking stuff out. the answer is yes. brian: losing government contract. how many more like that out there? 1.3 million in the country have the clearance. next on or run-down, this week the va secretary rolled out a new plan to help our veterans
4:13 am
and he says he is not done yet. what as next? stick around. va secretary dr. david shulkin is here live. steve: we showed you this video yesterday. one man's incredible water slide trick. we wondered if it was real deal. now we know. ♪ it's resourceful. elusive. shrewd. cancer. is. smart. it pushes us. we push back. we even push each other. to challenge conventional thinking. find smarter solutions. that's what makes us one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. forging ahead with technology that wasn't available to cancer patients just a short time ago. like advanced genomic testing. a diagnostic tool that lets us see cancer at the molecular level.
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4:17 am
♪ >> in recent years it has taken not just days or weeks but many months for the records to follow the veteran. we are finally taking steps to solve this situation once and for all. brian: president trump praising the va's plan to modernize medical records. he said that on monday this week. that move just announced by va secretary dr. david shulkin. secretary shulkin joins us right now. he had to answer press's questions earlier in the week. dr. shulkin you're not stopping there but you are saying there will be a change. when you lead the defense department, when you stop fighting for the country, there is no gap when you go to the va
4:18 am
system, correct? >> that is correct, brian. it just makes sense. when you leave the military until the time of your death you will have only one system. and there is no gaps for care. brian: i need this care. you are out. let me get the paperwork in. it is electronic and quick. it already started. you didn't stop there. what passed through the senate yesterday? >> yesterday fortunately the senate passed the accountability bill. now we'll see that returned to the house. i expect the house will quickly pass that again. they had passed it once before. we'll get it on to the president. so he can sign that and we can start making some changes. brian: president noticed, he tweeted this out. said the senate passed the va accountability act. house should get the bill to my desk as soon as possible. we can not tolerate substandard care for our vets. so what changes? i understand one of the key changes is going to allow you to hire and fire. people got to to, you can't get rid of. after this you can.
4:19 am
>> yes. this bill is very important. it will allow me to make sure that we have the right people leading the va. that means that the people that have lost their values are going to need to leave and we'll got people in faster to make sure we're fixing the system. brian: it's a union. will unions push back on this? >> i think the union always has concerns but we are committed to due process for people. but the union understands the va needs to change. that this has been long overdue. i think that they are going to understand and work to make sure that we are able to do what we need to do to get the system fixed. brian: dr. shulkin, you were asked something in the press conference, i don't know by whom, you have been with the va before. why is all this stuff being done now? what is the different tone in this administration as to the previous administration? >> i think is really the president's leadership saying that when it comes to doing the right thing for our veterans, this is a top priority and we have to treat this as different
4:20 am
than usual. these are years and years, maybe decades of issues that haven't been dealt with. we'll treat this like a business. we'll get the job done. i'm glad to be able to do that. brian: you could be the guy that brings health care to the vets in timely fast-paced first-class manner. that will be something everyone will never forget. dr. david shulkin, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: of course under the president's leadership. coming up straight ahead after a sniper murdered five of his officers, five of his officers the dallas police chief delivered unforgettable message to the country. >> all i know is that this, this must stop, this divisiveness. brian: cops are still under siege today. so what can we do? that man, chief david brown, here next. has a brand new book out. how is president trump going to pay for his wall? how about we use federal dollars going to sanctuary cities. we'll look at that how about building it out of solar panels?
4:21 am
we'll look at that. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. ♪ steve: he all right, it is 7:24 in the morning, quick headlines now from new york city. a woman facing attempted murder charges forgiving a two-year-old meth at a california playground. police say the woman approached the boy and put something in his mouth. she later told the cops it was meth. the boy is going to be okay. thomas undergoing a psych evaluation. mysterious little yellow pills sold on the streets blamed for an outbreak of deadly overdoses in georgia. up to four people have been killed, dozens more hospitalized
4:25 am
over the span of just two days. some patients thought they were taking prescription painkiller percocet. it wasn't. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, steve. well last summer a sniper opened fire on police in dallas leaving five officers dead, and at the center of the tragedy dallas police officer chief david brown, his tactics brought that siege to a quick end and his leadership brought the community together. his law enforcement career spanned more than 30 years, but his call to serve started when he was a young boy. his story being told in his new memoir, it is called, "called to rise." he had a calling and he followed it. joining me retired dallas police chief, david brown. chief, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: congratulations on your new book. thank you for serving our community. we love our police officers and men and women in blue. how did you get, your mom raised you. >> yes. ainsley: she raised a little bit
4:26 am
of money to send you to parochial school. >> got me great early childhooded hecation, parochial school, kindergarten, first grade. went to public school. got full academic ride to university of austin, hook 'em horns. my senior year, crack cocaine epidemic hit all the cities. where i grew up, all the kids became increasingly violent. i quit school my senior year to disappointment of my parents, put a application to the police department in my own neighborhood. then i became chief of police. ainsley: your experience changed you in what way? >> it was awful experience for 11-year-old, what all the race stuff was about, adults were in conflict over. young white kid invited me to dinner after school one day. changed my world view of race 11 years old. ainsley: what way? the. >> he was authentic in his friendship toward me. he developed a relationship when
4:27 am
he didn't have to. and, but for his extension, i felt like sidney potier in his house, he didn't tell his mom i was coming over. his mom comes out with dinner. we're still friend today. mike shoutout. ainsley: wonderful. you've been through a lot in your life. your partner was killed in '88. your brother as killed. your son had mental disorders at adult 28 years old. shot a police officer, so he was killed. five officers killed in the sniper shooting. how do you overcome that? >> my christian faith. i'm not ashamed of the gospel of christ and his grace, his unmerited favor, helped me take another breath, another step. and be able to use those experiences to console others during the crisis on july 7th. ainsley: your son, he was bipolar. >> yes. ainsley: 28 years old, how did you learn of the news he was gone.
4:28 am
>> i was in church on father's day. ainsley: on father's day. >> i was praying, i was praying, and goat the call. then at the end of the service, i don't answer the phone in church. at the end of service i answered the phone got the news. ainsley: wow, worst day of your life. he left behind a son, your grandson. >> yes. ainsley: so much like you. >> straight as, advanced placement. good lord can console us all. ainsley: amen. i know you have done so much to change the dallas community. you were under fire for a lot of decisions that you made. when the sniper attack happened, you were praised. >> yes. ainsley: why is that? >> well, i made tough decisions as a leader. i didn't make decisions to be politically correct or to save my job. i just made the decisions i thought on principle was the right thing to do to support food men and women who did the job the right way but i held accountable the one or 2% that didn't. i believe in community policing. when july 7th happens all that comes to fruition. i believe in serving public and
4:29 am
not serving myself after 33 years, longest dallas police chief in history of modern era i decided to go on to other things. ainsley: i never thought i would see a time in our country so much divisiveness, when it comes to just supporting our law enforcement. unfortunately we've come to the reality. we were reporting for con endings haves in philadelphia. i talked to one police officer. he takes his uniform off before leaves work because he is too scared going out in public to wear it. how did we get to that point and how do you encourage people to come police officers. >> millenials don't like the profession way it is covered. i don't ask people to do what i'm not willing to do. when i was a senior in college, instead of prohe testing what happened in my neighborhood, i put in application and became part of the solution. we have to put skin in the game when we want our government to perform better rather than just complain, we have every right with first amendment and freedom
4:30 am
of speech, but we also have to be engaged in the solution. our mothers taught us this, you want something done right, be willing to do it yourself. that is good same for all of us. ainsley: that is why you became chief. to become a good boss you can't ask employers you're not willing to do. >> that is exactly right. ainsley: what about protests are they working? >> go back history of country, protest never changed things. world war ii, we had to fight. our forefathers protested, had to fight. civil rights generation, they served and they fought. protests alone is never impetus for significant change in our country. i would encourage all those activist haves, name the group, get more involved in the local democracy, and be the change that you are seeking. be involved in our government in ways where you see it deficient. then you will see the most significant change. get involved. put an application in.
4:31 am
ainsley: why do you love this country and serving so much? >> the best democracy anywhere in the world. i'm proud of dallas and proud to be an american. ainsley: we're proud of you. god bless you chief. thanks for being with us. up next white house economic advisor gary cohn is here what is on deck for president trump's agenda and it could mean more money your pocket. that is good news. this in the country illegally, so how are they getting free legal advice on your dime? we'll tell you. ♪ it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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4:34 am
♪ >> being aware of global warming's biggest consequence, con, having to hear all gore talk again. [applause] >> water level at highest level they have been in years. [laughter]
4:35 am
water, when the water level -- [laughter] when i rise, the water levels are, what's happening is the water levels are rising. they're reaching high levels of water. [laughter] brian: how great was that? you can't realize you're al gore until recently, he has been in hiding for 10 years. he's back. steve: he go down to washington, d.c., right now, bring in gary cohn, the president's chief economic advisor. >> good morning. steve: later today after the president flies air force one in cincinnati, five minutes after he parks the plane, he will be speaking to victims of obamacare. what are the victims of obamacare? what does that mean? >> these are families losing their insurance or have had the insurance premium skyrocket being a part of obamacare. we're going into ohio today. i'm sure you saw the news
4:36 am
yesterday, that one of the major insure pull out of ohio. we'll have 18 counties with no insurance. they are the victims of obamacare. they want to buy insurance but they can't because there are no providers. brian: hire is the issue, gary, senator lindsey graham brought this up, hardly a right-wing firebrand. mr. president, this is not your problem, this is not your plan, not the republicans plan. let it die, democrats will come and works on something that will actually work because the cbo will trash anything that republican put forward. what about that? >> you know, i don't think it is the president's agenda to let it die and leave people that want to have good health insurance to be without health insurance. steve: sure. >> as we're looking around the country today, and we see americans working hard to take care of their families and be insured who want to buy insurance but have no availability of product because insurers pulled out of their
4:37 am
counties and pulled out of their states because they just can't provide insurance because the financial aspects of it don't work, because people can sign up for insurance the day they get sick. that is not the way insurance works. you buy insurance, you pay premiums, when you need it you get your costs covered. the way obamacare works, you don't buy insurance until you need it, then you pay for insurance. steve: that is the conundrum. ainsley: the president is slashing all red tape at historic levels we're being told, reducing regulations of a tiny fraction of burden imposed by previous administrations. what is he doing? we're told in order to even build a road you have to go through some regulations, by the time you get it approved, years have passed and companies have gone out of business that put in their bids? >> so one of our big agenda items on infrastructure, as you know this is infrastructure week, we started by announcing air traffic control reform on monday. we're going to ohio today to talk about inland waterways. tomorrow we have governors an
4:38 am
mayors, bipartisan governors an mayors here. on friday we go to the department of transportation to talk about roads, bridges, rails. one of the other objectives we have is the approval process. right now it takes 10 years to get any infrastructure project approved in the united states. we're going from 10 to two philosophy. we want to cut time frame from 10-year approval process to two years. we want agencies, government agencies to go through the process to work with each other and get approval processes timely as possible. if we can't approve something, let's turn it down and have the money and capital moved to something that can get done. the time delay really is costly in this whole process. steve: sure. >> american citizens deserve something better. steve: speaking of time delay, one of your main priorities is tax reform. that is what the president would like to see. we her we'll get health care done and biel get tax reform done. we'll do them early summer, late summer, fall, now people are talking about, you know what? there is possibility tax reform
4:39 am
is not going to happen this year. the president met with top republicans yesterday. are you guys all on the same page because it seems like the president and you want to go but seems like republicans in congress, eh, not so fast? >> yesterday was actually a very good day for us on tax reform. as you said the president had republican leadership into the white house. men later in the day secretary mnuchin and myself met with both house leadership, speaker an chairman brady and we met with senate leadership. we met with leader mcconnell and leader hatch. six of us met. we talked about a tax plan. we talked about the schedule. we agreed on a schedule. we agreed on our objectives and agreed on a time frame. steve: is it this year? >> we're all on board this year. universal consent to get it done this year. brian: took reagan go years. he already got a tax cut right away. new language is tax cut not tax reform should we look into that? >> i think you should use both
4:40 am
words, reform and cut. yesterday we talked about a very robust program where we're going to have reform and cuts. we need to simplify the tax system in the united states. we need to it be able to have american citizens to back to their kitchen table to do their taxes. it shouldn't be where you have to hire a tax planner or buy some software to do your taxes. should be able to do them at your kitchen table. take your income and tax rate, pay the government if you owe us any money. steve: we like the idea of making it simpler. gary cohn, thank you very much. you have to go to cincinnati to fix the waterways. get your hard-hat. >> thank you. ainsley: sinned it over to jillian for headlines. >> good morning to you guys, you at home as well. we'll get you caught up this hour. new york city will spend 2million taxpayer dollars to give illegal immigrants free lawyers. it will be offered to anyone facing deportation even convicted serious crimes. new york mayor de blasio does
4:41 am
not support the part of the plan and could veto it. he may be the newest u.s. senator but wasting no time to fund the southern border wall. make sanctuary cities pay. >> we're a nation based on rule of law, then we'll use that money to build the wall. he just won't get it. >> the senator's plan involves stripping transportation dollars and securing the u.s. border. brian, that epic water trick we showed you yesterday, turns out it is real. he is lifeguard. i tells "tmz," you get a big push at the top, sit up trait to perfect the glide. according to the lifeguard all coworkers can pull off the trick. took them two years to learn it. the lifeguard is a attraction there. are you tell skeptical. brian: no.
4:42 am
if you can do that you should be responsible to fight crime. that is something aquaman should learn to keep law and order in jamaica. >> cross your legs, big push, you're good to to. ainsley: crazy on the video. he is on his bottom, gets to the edge of the pool and jumps up. what if he doesn't jump up, hits the wall? >> took two years to figure it out. brian: great journalism, jillian, thank you very much. straight ahead, why are some conservatives still attacking president trump? our next guest has a message for them. please report to duty. he is dennis prager and on deck. ainsley: president trump to trying to plug the leaks, filmmaker michael moore has a plan to unplug them. brian: does he have a job? ♪ ♪ when it comes to heartburn...
4:43 am
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4:46 am
steve: he may have won their party's run for president but donald trump still facing attacks from republicans and conservatives and our next guest says they're making a big mistake. here to explain is syndicated radio talk show host and founder of prager, dennis prager joins us from l.a. dennis, what are you talking about? why are conservatives attacking trump but should not? >> i actually finally figured it out, i want to say so people understand where i'm coming from, i was totally anti-trump through the primaries. steve: right. >> i wrote column after column against him. he was my 17th choice, i want to make that clear. however from the first column i wrote, if he is the nominee i will vote for him. once he was the nominee payings natalie campaigned for him. and now i am still so to speak campaigning for him and there is a very simple reason. there is something considerably
4:47 am
worse than donald trump and that is the left. and what conservatives who are attacking president department seem to understand, is what depth of threat to america, the left, classical liberals are non-issue to me, i admire them, the left, which is the democratic party, on rat tiffly the left opposes the united states. i will give you one sentence here. when barack obama was running, he said, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. that's what the left wants to do, fundamentally transform this country. i don't. steve: all right. dennis, you write that people, particularly conservatives, need to realize we're in a civil war and he is the commander-in-chief. so if you believe all things conservative or republicannish, you need to get in the boat, even though you might have to,
4:48 am
may have held your nose to vote for donald trump. >> that is exactly right. you know, i get -- listen, the beauty about appearing with you, you know, i can rehearse all of these things. i have a three-hour show every day, so people call me up, come on dennis, lesser of two evils is still evil. they told me during the campaign. i said no, the lesser of evil is more good. people don't seem to appreciate that fact. i don't believe he is evil. i think it is wildly overstated. i can't stand most of his tweets. he doesn't speak like i do. it doesn't matter. he has achieved more conservative victories than both, than all of the republican presidents, that is the two bushes, since ronald reagan. steve: wow. >> if any of these conservatives who are anti-trump would have been told in one year you will have the most conservative cabinet in history, you will pull out of the paris accords,
4:49 am
you will have a supreme court justice who was conservative, they would have said, wow, cruz won? steve: right. great point. so, dennis, for the conservatives who may not be on the trump train right now, what is your message for them? >> that we are in a civil war and if you don't recognize it, then obviously it doesn't matter. you want someone who talks like you and you could be proud of and so on. as i wrote in my response to the criticisms of me, by the way they were all very respectful thank god, as is mine to them, most of these guys are my friends. most of them have made videos for prager university on the internet. this painful battle we're having here. but i want them to understand flawed people can do great good. that is the way it is. i'm a religious jew. i studied the bible. and so do religious christians. they know god uses flawed people like king david and rahab the
4:50 am
prostitute. so i guess maybe if you're more biblically oriented you can understand flawed people can do good things. steve: you say donald trump so far has done a lot of great stuff. >> yes, yes. steve: dennis prager, thank you very much for joining us from los angeles. we'll break away. we have a fox news alert right now. president trump announced his nomination to replace james comey as the fbi director. that coming up next. i love how usaa gives me the peace of mind and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family,
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4:53 am
brian: here you go with breaking news and donald trump has it of course because he did it. he named a new fbi director. says it like this. i will nominate christopher a.
4:54 am
wray, a man of impeccable credentials to be the new director of the fbi. details to follow. ainsley: he is served from 2003 to 2005 assistant attorney general in charge of the doj's criminal division. steve: also, interestingly enough, he was apparently chris christie's attorney in the "bridgegate" hull la ba legal over in new jersey. when you look at his website, it is quite, we're looking at the king and spalding website, he was also court appointed special master to help the court resolve discovery dispute between department of justice and major health care company and major false claims. compliant with a global settlement on leading technology companies. this is guy, very smart guy, the president's pick to run the fbi. ainsley: graduate of yale. brian: graduate of yale. man, this guy supposedly a brilliant litigator. that is what he is known for. they say he was also named as
4:55 am
somebody you can go to on toughest issues for legal counsel. now in the private sector. used to serve in the government. ainsley: what do you make of timing? james comey speaking tomorrow and giving his testimony? steve: absolutely. what is interesting, from this particular biography, he has never worked for fbi. worked for department of justice. there were a number of people after james comey was fired you have to get somebody who has been at the fbi. mr. wray, according to what we've seen, at king and spaulding on that website was not at fbi. ainsley: people will wondering if he would appoint someone with fbi experience not political. he was appointed, as i mentioned, assistant attorney general in charge of doj's criminal division that was appointed by president bush. brian: a lot of people interviewed for the job, acting director andrew mccabe, guy i know president trump likes, former fbi agent and congressman mike rogers. in the end wray who interviewed
4:56 am
this week on tuesday who ends up getting the job. they said yesterday no front-runner to get the position. they probably knew at time it was going to be wray. you have to offer to him. remember two weeks ago before the president left it was lieberman. joe lieberman was going to get it. president got political push back. go with the guy with a criminal attorney background, not a political figure, even if he is as well-liked for many people as joe lieberman. steve: clearly around washington, d.c. for very long time. he knows how it works. he is is the president's pick to run the fbi. once again his name is christopher a. wray. ainsley: up is an important, such big agency, good that position is being filled sooner rather than later. brian: walk into a job that is going to demand that he get ramped up quickly. steve: we'll look at his biography. judge napolitano is on speed dial will talk about the new fbh
4:57 am
director coming up. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. ♪ dynamic performance, so you can own the road. track-tuned handling, so you can conquer corners. aggressive-styling, so you can break away from everyone else. experience the exhilaration of the bold lexus is. experience amazing.
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steve: well, it's 8:00 in new york city. we brought in the judge because, judge, donald trump just tweeted moments ago said i will be nominating christopher a ray, a man of because he can i believe credentials. >> well, he's right about the impeccable credentials in the justice system and probably also the respected fbi agents will have for hip. he's on the young side. he spent a lot of time in the justice department. steve: not at the fbi per se. >> correct. but onto trying cases but supervising cases and in that capacity inevitably interacted with both field agencies. you know, agents that are actually out on the field investigating and supervisors, because he's been out of the job in the department for 12 years. many now holding senior positions.
5:01 am
there's a draw back here that i'm sure democrats will exploit, that is bridge gate because he was chris christie's lawyer during bridge great. and a lot of people felt he did a great job there. but that is going to open up. that in my view is irrelevant to his qualifications to be director of the fbi. but you can certainly expect it because the democrats -- brian: you keep politics in this. by the way, ray spent two years under james comey also. he has the real life background, he has the government background, and he seems to have the intellect for the legal community. >> this also indicates to me a little bit of a risk between the justice department and the white house because this is not somebody that was interviewed by jeff sessions or rod rosenstein. this person was interviewed by the president. meaning all the people that the attorney general and the deputy attorney general interviewed on a saturday and
5:02 am
a sunday at the president's instructions, he was not on that list, and he was last person the president -- that the president decided to make had decision on his own, irrespective of what his team at the justice department -- ainsley: judge, do you know him personally? and what's he like? >> i don't know him personally, and i know of him. i'm sure we met at some point because we had careers in new jersey at the same time. his reputation is excellent. one of the finest law firms in the country. if produced griffin bell who was jimmy carter's attorney general, a very commendable, neutral serious law enforcement. brian: what i wonder too, just on your one point on chris christie as a client. if chris christie cowls calls for a legal conclusion me up and says i need a good lawyer, i'm going to go to him and choose him. >> agreed. but tell that to the democrats in the senate.
5:03 am
they're salivating over the bridge gate stuff because they'll throw it at him. he'll deflect it, but it will be generated again. steve: when he was looking for the secretary of state, donald trump asked anybody. hey, got any ideas for secretary of state? and it was mr. gates who suggested rex tillerson, which was a kind of crazy choice. brian: unorthodox. steve: but it turned out to be fantastic. here's my question. do you think it was a possibility he was asking everybody including chris christie, who should be the fbi director and chris christie said i have a great guy for you. >> yes. and with my personal encounters with the president-elect and the president in both of his capacities, this is the way he is. he goes with his instinct. when he sees something that he wants and likes and knows it, he stops the search, he makes the decision, and he moves on. he had this interview. what's today? he had this interview yesterday, and he made the decision right there. brian: and that's when it was
5:04 am
pointed out that sean spicer said there was no leading contender for this position. >> sean probably didn't want to steal the president's thunder. brian: yeah, that would be problematic. you mentioned before could this underlying tensions between the attorney general and the president. >> i hope not. brian: but do you think they're real? >> yes. i do think they're real. i have great respect for jeff sessions. i now think it was a mistake to recuse himself. brian: you do? >> yes, i do i don't think that taking him out of the biggest investigation in the post watergate era was wandered because he forgot that he had one or two meetings with the russian ambassador. and you can undo a recusal, the attorney general could decide today i'm not going to recuse myself. but it's such a hot potato that i have to -- ainsley: reports show president trump was upset with him for using himself and according to the latest reports he said i'll step down and the president said no.
5:05 am
brian: before his last trip, he said do you want many tow resign? and the president said, no, i don't want you to resign. but yesterday sean spicer has not said he has full confidence in attorney general sessions. >> i was hoping his answer was erroneous. because it would be very, very bad for everything happening on capitol hill now if jeff sessions were to resign. ainsley: sean spicer said i haven't talk about it with the president. but then charles said last night the last time the president said that, it was about comey and he was fired two days later. >> we don't know which way it's going to go. brian: he was the first established lawmaker involved in the president's campaign, and i think it's the normal -- ainsley: loyalty. brian: tension between people under a lot of stress. steve: what do you make of the timing? today, the president announces he's got a new fbi nominee.
5:06 am
tomorrow the former fbi director who he fired is going to be testifying. >> i think the timing politically is brilliant. if it was timed intentionally. it may have been he just made up his mind yesterday whelmed when did he do that interview. we'll take a little bit of the wind out of the sales of what's going to happen later today when the intelligence heads and andrew mccabe, the acting director of the fbi testifies and tomorrow when former director james comey testifies. brian: are we going to see a different andrew mccabe knowing he's no longer in contention? >> probably. he probably learned he's no longer in contention the way we learned with the president's tweets. brian: and he's on saying there's nobody obstructing justice. >> guaranteed he'll be asked about that in two hours. brian: here are some republicans you were looking forward to hearing from tomorrow more than comey between cotton, rubio -- i don't know if i said rubio. who do you think is more prime
5:07 am
to ask the more penetrating questions or more interesting line of questions. >> i think senator cotton is a very serious lawyer. graduate of harvard law school as well as his career in the military. and i don't think it's going to hold back. but you're going to see a different jim comey. you're going to see a chastened fact-centered witness. not an fbi director lecturing the country and the committee on the laws. he's not going to make judgments. he's not going to make legal conclusions. he's going to say what he heard, what he said, what he saw, and what he thought. steve: what's interesting, though, is he's already put out words through his own personal -- >> yes, he has. steve: all the papers have. okay. so he's going to say the president didn't obstruct justice. but at the same time the letter that the president wrote firing comey was incorrect where it said mr. comey said there times mr. trump, mr. president, you're understand under investigation.
5:08 am
mr. comey's going to have a more nuanced approach to that. >> i expect that rubio and company want to see those memos. text and context. i was surprised that bob muller is letting comey testify because the last thing in the world a prosecutor wants from one of his witnesses is to have the witness testify in another forum where the prosecutor isn't even going to be present. that's what's going to happen tomorrow. muller isn't going to be there for jim to say don't answer that. ainsley: there's no evidence of collusion. last night on hannity show, there was a montage. >> right. ainsley: saying no evidence. no evidence. >> right. ainsley: then the other investigation is the leakers and there is proof of the leakers and then this 25-year-old reality winner is the first lyric. will she get the full ten years? >> you know, i have a different view of that leak. i applaud that leak because that leak shows that
5:09 am
barack obama was untruthful when he stated that the russians had no effort to interfere with the election. it shows that vladimir putin was untruthful, and it shows there was no connection between the trump campaign and the russians. i read that 20 page. brian: i'm so surprised you saying that because you're a man of the rule of law. she signed a confidential agreement. >> there's no question that she broke the law. absolutely no question. but she did it for a higher good, and i am glad that we now know what was in that report. steve: the higher good. brian: also know she loves cash. >> a unique individual between the cats and the bumper stickers and the awful things she says about the president. look at her. she looks like a cat woman. [laughter] ainsley: this is as close as i'll get to owning a cat. i like them but -- >> i can't forgot what you said about me on my birthday yesterday. ainsley: how was your birthday?
5:10 am
>> it was good. but i'm waiting years before i have another one. steve: we have the judge here, today. the president has nominated christopher a ray as his new fbi director. judge, real quickly. the process is what to get his confirmed? >> confirmation by the senate, which is the democrats have -- correct. republicans have majority. brian: just hand in your invoice. steve: thank you, harry reid. >> yes. so, no, filibuster on this. jillian, you ready? >> i'm ready. i was waiting for you to talk with me. good morning with ainsley. i'm with you. i don't have cats. but i have a lot of breaking news overnight. and we start with brand-new shocking video of the terror attack on police in paris. and i do want to warn you the video you're about to see is graphic. you can see the suspect bash the officer in the head. the cop knocked to the ground
5:11 am
scrambling to find his gun as tourists run for their lives. the suspect claiming to be an isis soldier shouting quote this is for syria before a police officer shot him in the chest. officials say he's a student working on his doctoral thesis who had not been on their radar. police telling them to put their hands in the air as they searched everyone inside one by one. also breaking this morning, at least 12 people are dead and 42 injured after a pair of deadly isis attacks on iran's parliament and iconic shrine. several gunmen stormed into the legislature. the siege is now over. this incredible picture right here showing a security guard helping a baby escape through a window. my goodness. that's just coming in. and another story happening right now. this is breaking.
5:12 am
a military plane with at least 100 passengers on board is missing at sea. the military says officials lost communication with the plane about 20 miles from the city. this was a domestic flight with 90 passengers onboard. most of them families of military personnel. 14 others, crew members. we will give you more details as they come in. and a little bit of uplifting news for you right now. take a look. a pint-sized patriot stopping to recite the pledge of allegiance and the best part, he did it all on his own when no one asked him to. and he did it when no one was watching. >> one nation under god with liberty and justice for all. >> or so he thought no one was watching. he was caught on a security camera in utah. steve: that's beautiful. god bless him. ainsley: good values. good parents.
5:13 am
steve: jillian, thank you. coming up, if people come to our country seeking asylum, should then allowed to go back home? hear from somebody who says absolutely not. ainsley: and while president trump plugs the leak, filmmaker michael moore just made a plan to unplug them. if you teach someone to fish, you might never see them again. this summer, join the movement and take someone fishing. and there's no better place to get someone started than the bass pro shops gone fishing event. learn more at
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5:17 am
steve: fox news alert. president trump announcing his pick for the fbi director tweeting i will be nominating christopher a ray, a man of impeccable credentials to be new director of the fbi. details to follow. some of the details that we have been able to put together, he did work at the department of justice for a number of years under george w. bush where he was assistant attorney general. he then went to private practice with in atlanta and washington where he specialized in white-collar crime. brian: also, he worked under james comey for two years at the department of justice.
5:18 am
lives in georgia, has two kids and a wife, he's going to be spending a lot of time in washington working for this nomination and likely getting the job. ainsley: he was also chris christie's personal attorney under bridge gate, and we have tom here to react to this. what's your reaction, tom? >> well, i think he may be a good pick. i think we need someone with the leadership and bravery necessary to take on the institution of the fbi. image hope he's that type of pick. because if he's just going to be the typical fbi director, it's going to be a loser both for president trump and the american people. now, the left is going to react and scream about grig gate, bridge gate, bridge gate. governor christie scandal up in new jersey. but he was the lawyer for governor christie, and he wasn't charged for anything doing wrong. so he's going to complain about his clients, he did represent a lot of corporate clients. but he did work in the justice department for a few years under president bush. and the senate is going to
5:19 am
examine his record, and he's going to be asked questions about his record, and that's the right thing to do. but i just hoped he's asked questions from the point of view of a reformer as opposed to from the point of view of the typical washington game that just wants an fbi director to do the same old, same old. brian: are you under the impression the fbi's broken? >> well, it has been abused under president obama. it's somewhat been oblivious to some of the threats caused by islamic terrorism. so i really think we need a reformer there. and the fbi is doing a lot and maybe too much, and it doesn't have the trust the american people because of the spying scandal against president trump and the politics with president obama. so we really need some reform there. the fbi gets a lot of freebies here in town because it's quote the fbi. it needs to be held to account like other agencies. steve: he left the department of justice 12 years ago.
5:20 am
so for the most part, he's an outsider. he did work in government it looks like for three years. do you think the outsider thing might have been appealing to the president? >> well, maybe, though, he's not really that much of an outsider. he's been a lawyer for, you know, high-powered corporate clients for years as a white-collar defense lawyer. he's a well-known lawyer, obviously with experience in fighting and battling the government on high level cases. so i'm hoping his private experience battling the government in various defense cases has them recognize that the government's not always right and needs some oversight internally from its director. ainsley: tom, thank you for joining us and giving us your perspective. brian: handling the breaking news instead of the news we were going to discuss because this is breaking news. we've been waiting on this i was your, meanwhile, presiden president trump's plans to stop terror. our next guest says it's exactly what we need to deal with the crisis. retired navy seal eric prince
5:21 am
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and the bill you need to pay? do it in seconds. because we should fit into your life, not the other way around. go to ainsley: here's quick headlines for you. a fight between a couple turns deadly when a father has to jump in. georgia police do not plan on charging floyd. rusk opening fire on the 22-year-old after he shot his daughter in the back. he's expected to be okay. and mysterious little yellow pills are responsible for a deadly outbreak in georgia. up to four people have been killed and dozens more hospitalized. some patients thought that they were taking the prescription painkiller percocet, but they were not.
5:25 am
brian: president trump announcing his pick for fbi director moments ago. he said i'll be nominating christopher a wray. details to follow. we've gone over that. here to analyze who would have a successful head, he could be, let's ask former navy seal, founder of blackwater. eric prince is with us right now. eric, welcome back. brian: whawhat does the fbi need as a leader? >> he needs to take on the political correctness of the fbi. there's a lot of political pressure there. how many of these terror attacks we had in america that were known wolves. not lone wolves but people who have been under surveillance before but the data never made it up the chain of command so that there was actually prosecution ahead of these attacks. brian: you know how that bureaucracy works. is it possible for a man to set the tone like that? >> absolutely. some key firings and some clear direction from the top.
5:26 am
leadership roles downhill, and he's got a big job to do. brian: everyone's focused on comey and what's going to happen tomorrow. the big picture, has one major decision on his guest, and he's wrestling with it. what to do in afghanistan. you have a five-point plan, and you point out that we've spent $828 billion, trillions in veterans care, 2,000 dead, 20,000 wounded. we've got to do it better. how do we do it better, eric? >> needs to put one guy in charge. if you go back to the macarthur model after world war ii, one person in charge that controls the money, the rules of engagement, and the deployments of any u.s. forces. if you do that, you reward good behavior and negative behavior. i would also put that person in charge of pakistan policies, since pakistan is tied to success. two, this one leader has to set the rules of engagement. three, you have to change the model of the 8,000 or so u.s. troops that are there.
5:27 am
leading of afghan troops, they're not able to do it. if you change back to what was used in the east india company in that area for 250 years, you had contracted forces, professionals that lived with, trained with, and fought side by side with their local counterparts. >> this is important. you say you put troops down there but for fighters, you want to use private contractors as fighters? >> it has been done there for hundreds of years. it works there for hundreds of years. yes, you can have a direct element there. but for supporting of the infrastructure of the afghan government, the limitations on u.s. troops that are there, they're so high bound that they can't be effective. less than 40% of the afghan aircraft are even functioning because they can't get the maintenance and they're not doing it. so they continue to lose. we spent $45 billion this year, and we're still losing. and remember, that's where the war on terror began. the biggest attack on american history started from afghanistan and unless you get it right, they can do it again.
5:28 am
brian: the problem is we've trained 330,000 afghan troops. but with it you don't like the relationships. you think it can be better between the troops and our people. in what way? >> yeah. maybe see them once or twice a week. it's almost drive by mentoring instead of making sure the afghans are paid at the right time. it's like we put someone on a ten speed bike without training wheels. we've had 17 commanders in 10 years. it seems to leave every few months. brian: abandon the population center theory of warfare. what does that mean? >> so the taliban makes money on drugs, gold, high value minerals. it's all about controlling terrain, ignoring the arteries of how people actually make money there. if you control the money flow in afghanistan, you control what happens on the ground.
5:29 am
brian: and mr. president, you say don't forget why we're there. al-qaeda, isis now, and the taliban. >> and 20 other terror organizations listed by the state department all reside in afghanistan. so, yes, the middle east is important, but it starts in afghanistan. it's still the center of all the bad people. and we're losing a few more troops. we had as many as 100,000 troops there. that didn't work. go to a different model that has worked for hundreds of years. brian: you would do it. >> absolutely. brian: so when called on, you would put professional fighters in there and have support with regular military. >> the most successful time america had success against afghanistan was the first 12 months when you had a few agency people, a few contractors, and a few soft guys. when it comes to more conventional. i've talked to many seals and they said we've hit them so hard in certain areas that the taliban would be coming in
5:30 am
surrendering for days after that. we don't do that anymore. this model would. brian: and this president would. thank you so much and thanks for your instant analysis for breaking news. coming up straight ahead in our final 30 minutes. if people come to our country seeking asylum, should then allowed to go back home? hear from someone who says absolutely not. and this week va secretary rolled out a new plan to help our vets. so what is that plan? peter reacts. i talked to the doctor a short time ago. he'll analyze
5:31 am
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steve: fox news alert for you
5:34 am
this wednesday morning. president trump tweeted out he was nominating christopher wray as the new fbi director. ainsley: so the question is what is he and what is his background? brian: and who knew this was coming. with the story inside washington. hey, griff. >> hey, brian, ainsley, and steve. the president calls him a man of impeccable credentials. you may not know his name but in the legal world, he has quite a résume. first assistant attorney general under george w. bush in charge of the criminal division from 2003 to 2005 leading the investigations in prosecutions of scores of white-collar crimes. but most notably, he played a significant role in the justice department's response to 9/11 and the war on terrorism. a position, by the way, that receives senate confirmation. so he's been through this before. he first joined the department of justice in 2001 as an assistant deputy attorney general. he was a u.s. attorney for the northern district of georgia. and before that, as successful prosecutor. a lot of people will know, though, that he was governor
5:35 am
chris christie's attorney in the recent bridge gate scandal. that certainly may be for democrats once confirmation process begins. but currently, he's a lawyer at one of the top law firms call the premier law firm of king and spalding where he chairs the special matters and government investigations group. he's defended literally about anybody who has had a scandal in washington. he's had experience also before that with the federal courts, and he's argued before the 11th circuit court and the supreme court. he was a law clerk as well for judge michael who was sitting on the u.s. appeals court for the 4th circuit. that of course is the court causing headaches for the president's travel ban. and finally, he's a yale man bolt undergrad and law degree from yale university. ainsley: so you're saying he's smart. steve: thank you, griff.
5:36 am
it does appear appear he was interviewed at the end of may. so if the president has been sitting on this nomination for a while, perfect timing because tomorrow mr. comey appears there in the senate. the new york times just wrote that christopher wray is a safe mainstream pick from a president who not too long ago was considering politicians for a job, which historically not had politicians at the top of job. brian: that's an interesting take. i saw that he interviewed him yesterday. steve: the white house said that he was interviewed in late may. ainsley: may 30th our says may 30th. steve: one other observation according to the new york times because he was a former assistant attorney general overseeing the criminal division that would lay any fbi worker's fears that he would try to weaken or politicize the fbi because he's been in the trenches when he was at the department of justice. ainsley: all right. well, we're talking about one ivy leaguer at yale. we have another ivy leaguer waiting in the wings.
5:37 am
come on over our own pete. princeton, you're an athlete, and served our country. did two tours. so you know a thing or two about the va. and the senate is passing the va accountability act. you were involved in this from the very beginning. what does this act say and how does it help the military? >> well, it allows the military to actually fire workers at the va who are not doing their job. it's controversial in washington, d.c. because the union has such a grip in that town. what it does is shorten the process and gives the difference to the secretary. so like these employees that are fired can't be resurrected. we always do these stories. a year later, they got their job back. they got their job back. brian: or they get their pay and their pension. >> or they get their pay and their pension. this bill stops that. plus it gives additional protection to whistle-blowers. and the union hates it because it could set a precedent across government. a government job is internal life. you have it forever. so if you're a government worker, you could be fired. my former organization concerned veterans for america
5:38 am
helped the beginning on this. the house affairs committee jeff miller. but president obama was never going to sign it. so we had to work it and work it and work it for years. now president trump supports this and it's going to go to the house. brian: here's david earlier today. >> this bill is very important. it will allow me to make sure that we have the right people leading the va. that means that the people that have lost their values are going to need to leave. the va needs to change that this has been long overdue. this is really the president's leadership saying that when it comes to doing the right thing for our veterans, this is the top priority. we're going to treat this like a business, and we're going to get the job done. steve: well, he said essentially the bad actors would need to leave. would they be forced to leave? >> well, they have to. that's how change a culture. president trump understands that. brian: he can just walk in there and say fired, fired, fired. >> there's no government job
5:39 am
you can walk in and say fired, fired, fired. there's still going to be a process. but it's going to be shortened and the secretary defer defer to him. so it's not perfect. everyone -- i would love a bill where it's like the private sector if you're not doing your job, you're gone. you're not going to get that in the government. but this is close as it is. like sharon, she can't get her job back. steve: you're so excited about this. >> because vets deserve it. how long have we been waiting to get good care to these vets? brian: what about monday's announcements to electronic records? >> fantastic. brian: so when you leave the day after, your records leave with you and appear at the va. so the minute you leave military, they're at the va. >> how much common sense is that? washington doesn't do common sense. they spent billions trying to get those records to talk to each other. president trump comes in and says do it. and it happens. and we know how long veterans are waiting at hospitals. it's not fixed. it still has problems.
5:40 am
brian: also chairman of the secretary of defense and best friends with that general. >> it's not fixed. it's going to take time. ainsley: step in the right direction. >> yeah. ainsley: all right. thank you. >> nice to see you guys. brian: thank you very much. steve: here's a place right here where we can have a curvy couch and do the chitchatting and chilling. and we have jillian doing news. >> good morning, guys. good morning, pete, how are you? good morning to you at home as well. should immigrants seek asylum on american soil and then return home? be band from reentering the united states? chairman on the house committee rules texas republican pete sessions joined us earlier to weigh in. >> we must close all the loopholes, give secretary kelly that tool that he needs and to make sure that we protect this border. by those that would come to this country under i think false pretenses.
5:41 am
>> right now, there's a bill stuck in the house that would terminate a refugee status if they go back home. a woman is changing her story after suing a police department claiming she was racially profiled when an officer questioned her citizenship at a traffic stop. >> it was that i got profiled and that he wrote down my social security and it seemed very serious because what are you doing with those numbers? that is my identity. >> the dash cam video, though, tells a different story. >> you said you have progressive service? what's a contact number for you? why don't you just keep looking for it and then if you find it in the car, and i'll be with you in another couple minutes okay? >> police officer pulled her over for not having a front license plate. the cop says he followed protocol when asking for her social security. police launched an investigation, she dropped the lawsuit.
5:42 am
announcer jerry is stirring up controversy saying non-english speaking baseball players shouldn't get translators on the field. >> i don't think that should be legal. seriously. learn baseball language you know? it's pretty simple. i mean, you break it down pretty easy between pitching coach and pitcher. >> those comments happening after new york yankees pitcher japanese translator came to the mound during last night's game. this, by the way, coming the same day after philadelphia phillies legend mike schmidt said he didn't think the center fielder was a player he could build around because of a language barrier. he has since apologized for that comment. michael moore launching a website called trumpy leaks. he's calling on whistle-blowers to send him information about president trump and his administration. 9/11 director cannot 100%
5:43 am
guarantee lyric information will remain anonymous. and that's a look at your headlines. steve: if you're going to be a lyric, you want to make sure it's secret. >> you would think. steve: you would. all right. jillian, thank you. ainsley: coming up on what we just about the terrorist in that london attack is going to make you sick. new charmin ultra soft! it's softer than ever. new charmin ultra soft is softer than ever so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird enjoy the go with charmin
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5:47 am
no one was hurt, and they're still in bermuda. and in a liquor store. look at this. the bird smashing $500 worth of wine and champagne after wandering into the store in los angeles. an animal control officer with a bit of a net had to catch and remove it. and a guy dressed as the tin man gets arrested for drunk driving in new york. stumbled on somebody's front yard. he was supposed to play as wizard of oz at a nearby party. ainsley: we have a fox news alert to tell you about the death toll in london and the terror attack there has now been risen to eight. steve: british police confirming the news just a short time ago after a body was found in the river. benjamin is live with the developments.
5:48 am
benjamin. >> hey, brian, steve, and ainsley. they've been scouring for who they believe was this 45-year-old missing frenchman. and as you say this takes the death toll from seven to eight. we're also learning about the terrorists themselves with people continuing to ask how they were able to flip through the net. we know thatted connections to the seven bombers in london and openly flaunted his connections. in the middle here with the iraqian or libyan dissent, he is the one unknown here. while on the right had been caught while trying to go to syria last year and told authorities i'm going to be a terrorist. the attackers also become a major issue as uk heads into general election tomorrow. prime minister teresa may declaring yesterday that she was now willing to rip up human rights laws and impose new restrictions on terror
5:49 am
suspects. if our human rights laws stop us from doing it, we'll change the laws so we can do it. >> see whether or not this incident on saturday impacts that election. we're also following another story for you. a strike out of syria yesterday. what we know so far is that u.s. air force hit some pro syrian pro assad forces backed by iran as they enter a deconfliction zone. now, as they entered this zone, they were, in fact, attacked by isis troops, and they brought in reinforcements including a tank, artillery, antiaircraft systems, as well as troops. the u.s. reached out to them and warned them to pull back, they were too close to u.s. forces and when they didn't, we know they destroyed those weapons. so it will be an interesting thing to see how that plans out out there. but it's a reminder how many groups operating in the area. and also the way that the u.s. warns them was through a russian deconfliction hotline.
5:50 am
so very confusing down there and a lot of connections people saying between the isis fight there and the rise and attacks in europe. brian: benjamin, if anybody knows things on the ground, it's you. you're actually on the ground and the first to see isis flourish in that area. years later, we're still trying to get them out. benjamin hall, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you, benjamin. steve: breaking news right now, president trump in the last hour revealing the name of the person he would like to replace james comey at the fbi. the very latest coming up next. brian: but first, let's go to bill who is now eliminated officially of being the next fbi director. the disappointment must be terrible. >> indeed it is. i'll be on radio with you later today. good morning to all three of you. another day, another terror hit. isis striking deep in the heart of iran. more of the breaking news of the possible fbi director that you just mentioned a moment ago. this as we wait of a significant hearing that begins in one hour. full analysis and how you should listen to this hearing today.
5:51 am
eric trump goes off on democrats and health care topic a among republicans at the white house. we'll see you in ten minutes top of the hour. busy day already. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable.
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5:54 am
steve: multiplier in the last hour, the president of the united states sent out this tweet. it reads. ainsley: i will be nominating christopher a wray, a man of impeccable credentials to be the new man of the fbi. details to follow. brian: and some of his details show he worked for two years under james comey as a department of justice. he was assistant attorney general and nominated in 2003 and then moved forward from there. and one time of key moments was what he did lately in front of everybody, and that was represent chris
5:55 am
contemporaries in bridge gate. steve: that's what lawyers do. sometimes they have clients that are involved inform controversial things. you can't hold that against him, obviously. brian: i don't think so. steve: although, the judge was here and said that the democrats will try to have some of that bridge gate stuff stick to him. there he is we worked at the department of justice. brian was talking to eric prince who is a navy seal and founder of blackwater usa a little while ago, and he made a great observation about if this guy is going to be confirmed as the fbi director, he better be ready to fix things there. watch. >> he needs to take on the political correctness in the fbi. there's a lot of capable people there. but they're high bound with a lot of rules and a lot of political pressure. how many of these are terror attacks that we had in america that were known wolves, not lone wolves of people that were known to the fbi that had been under surveillance before but the data never made it uphill -- up the chain of command so there was actually a prosecution ahead of these attacks. steve: the new york times says
5:56 am
he's a safe mainstream pick until not long ago considering a politician. and also because he was at the department of justice, he should allay any fears that the people inside the fbi would have that president trump would try to weaken or politicize the federal bureau of investigation. ainsley: when he was assistant ag, he was appointed by president bush. he did represent chris christie. people are wondering is he a republican? republicans would be very happy if he does lean conservative. brian: so is james comey. james comey is republican. ainsley: the timing of this is different because tomorrow james comey will be speaking so the president is stealing the headlines by announcing he has a new pointy. brian: and making our show even more exciting. more fox and friends in just a t i was out here smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden
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6:00 am
announcement by potus of christopher wray comes via twitter without official press release or bile. >> aren't you glad he tweeted? we got a news. >> bill: breaking news from the white house, president trump named the man he will nominate to be the next director of the f.b.i. this as we kick off a critical 48 hours on capitol hill concluding with testimony from the fired f.b.i. director james comey. hang on, here we go. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> shannon: i'm shannon bream. happy wednesday. president trump intends to nominate christopher wray to be the next f.b.i. director. the announcement comes one day before former f.b.i. director james comey testifies before congress. we're awaiting the senate hearing today featuring the heads of four intelligence agencies. we expect plenty of


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