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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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remember, i'm watters and th is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> no collusion, no obstruction. he's a leaker, but we want to get back to running our great country. jenna: former f.b.i. director jim comey is the leaker. president trump said he has no problem telling his side under oath. one of president trump's attorneys joins me live. reaction from donald trump, jr., and he's not holding back. >> the head of the f.b.i. is saying well if i was a stronger individual? give me a break. you are the head of the f.b.i.!
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>> domey, wikileaks, voter suppression, fake news. judge jeanine: hillary clinton in tonight's street justice. you won't want to miss a minute of this one. justice starts now. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions to appear on capitol hill this tuesday. attorney general jeff sessions agrees to go before the senate intelligence committee just one week after the blockbuster testimony of former f.b.i. director james comey. full analysis on that coming up. but first to my opening statement. with 9 country on the verge of a constitutional crisis and a
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level of hysteria not witnessed since watergate, the greatest political hoax since eve convinced adam to eat that apple is being spun by jim comey in a conspiracy worthy of a greek tragedy and there is no good ending. he arrives all indig nanlts before a senate intelligence committee calling the president of the united states a liar. saying he's the victim. he's been defamed. the president said the f.b.i. was poorly run. imagine. were your feeling hurt, jim? as if we didn't already know the f.b.i. was in disarray after your repeated debacles with hillary clinton in the runup to the presidential election. poor jim. you sounds like a 2-year-old. grow up. on second thought, don't. you are tall enough. but what do we know?
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jim comey doesn't much like donald trump. actually admitting he felt slightly nauseous that he might be responsible for trump's win. he's done something he has never done with other presidents, including barack obama. he decides donald trump might lie to him. so he calculates to document every alleged word of their encounter, take it with him. then leak it to the press. the only problem, the record is a federal record, and removing it a clear violation of the federal records act. some foresight though, huh? thinking the president will lie to him. comey's crystal ball pat work. so he gives it to a friend to give to the "new york times" in order to get a special counsel to investigate the president. while he was head of the f.b.i., trump was not under investigation.
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but once he's fired, humiliate within annex employee, comey decides trump needs to be investigated. you had the power to investigate trump and you didn't. now as annex employee you leak private conversations. why? you say you had no choice but to defend yourself after donald trump said there might be tapes of conversations. defend yourself? your crystal ball must have been on overdrive. what you leaked was published in the "new york times" before trump even tweeted. you were under oath, jim. are you sure you told the truth? so why not leak to the "new york times" yourself? >> i worried it would be like feeding seagulls at the beach if it was i who gave it to the
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media, sow i asked my friend to make sure it gets out. judge jeanine: weren't you worried some reporter might out you. i have a hard time believing this was your virgin attempt at leaking. who even thinks like that, especially someone who is supposed to be the paradigm of virtue. and your hogwash about that shining city on a hill. you are the director of the f.b.i. acting like j. edgar hoover leaking negative information about the president. doesn't that send a message to the f.b.i. that it's okay to leak? you allow a "new york times" article saying members of the trump campaign had contact with senior russian officials when you knew it wasn't true. you could have put truth to that lie but you refused, allowing the country some to suffer a
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trauma hyped to watergate proportions. why not leak to the "times" this was false? or was your agenda to proliferate anti-trump hate. one thing never leaked was that donald trump was never under investigation. why refuse to say the president is not under investigation. you say because maybe one day he will be? that's your response? maybe one day martians will take a seat on the united states supreme court. could it be jim? but being a team player is not in your dna. only center stage will do for you. and your pretty damn whilely when asked if an f.b.i. agent has a duty to report a crime. >> i'm not sure they have a legal duty but they have a cultural and ethical duty to
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report it. judge jeanine: now you are not sure about an issue central to your testimony, like when you and your pal special counsel mueller had a show described as the single most extraordinary moment of the bush years? obstruction of justice by the president. you and i both know if you know that and don't report it, you are guilty of a felony. >> it's not tore me to say whether the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct. i took it as a disturbing thing. judge jeanine: are you skits oh? are you the same guy who announced to the world that no reasonable prosecutor would indict hillary? by the way, mr. america, how is it you always seem to find yourself in the middle of a national crisis like the time you called the f.b.i. to rush
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into john ashcroft's hospital room to stop president bush and save the nation. you spend a lot of time talking about your emotions. >> it makes me mildly nauseous. >> it give me an uneasy feeling. >> i was stunned. i was honestly concerned. it caused a whole lot of personal pain for me. judge jeanine: was the job too much for you, jim? j why not say, are you ordering me toned an investigation? you might even have said this is wrong, i can't do this. like that time when loretta lynch asked to you lie to the country and not say hillary was under investigation and instead use the parallel language the clintons did? you did so and you were dishon yeast with the american people.
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even though you knew loretta lynch was violating justice department ethics by meeting the husband of the target of a longstanding investigation. you weren't along with calling it a matter and not an investigation. but quote it wasn't a hill dying on. man, are you dramatic. how many times were you pressures to do things during the obama administration that were not right? why not report this. why not leak? why nod ask for a special counsel for her. truth? you are a political operative, you always have been. one that's addicted to drama and center stage. but like the main character in all great tragedies your downfall is the consequence of a tragic fall, a major weakness. your hubris.
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that's my open. joining me now, kellyanne conway. >>y first impression is i'm pleased to be on your good side and hope to remain there. judge jeanine: the sad part of all this is once we find out what happened. we realize all the good tough that you have been trying to talk about the administration has been trying to talk about has been basically covered by this theory, the per, the president under investigation. ways your reaction? >> it's a tale of two white houses. i'm here to talk about the many measures the president is taking that has impact on people's lives. that's why he's there. and this is infrastructure week it was very successful. the president spent four of the five days working with governors, mayors, tribal leaders. he went to the department of transportation and made a huge
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announcement. he announced something everybody should be happy about. a way to modernize and bring into the 21st system our air traffic control system to accommodate 100,000 annually, we now have 1 billion passengers. this will make it safer and more able to deal with the demands. let's see if the democrats get on board with somebody as simple and non-partisan as improving air traffic control. your waits are less on the tarmac and hassle is less. and safety is the number one concern. veterans took a giant step forward. the government has struggled for decades to do something as simple as having seamless recordkeeping between the department of defense and the veterans administration. this week president trump and the secretary of the va
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announced veterans will be treated as one patient through the system. it's a great step forward having this seamless care. also another week, another major insurer pulling out of the obamacare he can changes. as vice president pence said sternly just today, obamacare is dead. the on people who won't admit that are the democrats who are in the way of better healthcare. judge jeanine: i know the president indicated he's willing to testify under oath, and jim comb question made all of these allegations about the president and the suggestion that the president has done something wrong. do you think that this puts an end to it or do you think jim comey, especially with his good friend bob mueller are not done yet? >> i can't comment on it.
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i reef you to the president's own comment and his lawyer marc kasowitz. people like you are out there expressing your opinions as well. but if you are work in the wait house you have no comment. president trump will be going to wisconsin to meet with governor walker and secretary of labor acosta to talk to a technical college and see what's going on there and get some best practices as ivanka has been doing with these round tables. this involvement in workforce development means if people want a vocational educational technical educational skill certificate, they should have access to that. not everybody is college material. not everybody has to graduate from college with a montana of debt. montana -- with a mountain of debt.
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i have seen governors like scott walker who worked on this initiative. if you are in a skilled certificate program, you can graduate and be employable. welders, miles per hour, hairdressers. we need to value that as a country. judge jeanine: i want to talk about jared kushner said he's willing to testify before the senate intel committee. the attorney general jeff sessions says i'm willing to testify. the president said i'm willing to testify. do you think there is a way to put an end to this or do you think the democrats will just keep going after the president until they are done? >> i long ago scopped predicting what the democrats will do. neil gorsuch whose credentials from beyond reproach getting just a handful of senate votes.
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i think none of them coming together on healthcare. we don't see them coming together on healthcare or infrastructure. the president always welcomes democratic support. but you see some of them calling for extreme measures already. donald trump the candidate was asked every single day, will he accept the elect results. the question is when will they? judge jeanine: does it ever get, when you have got so many good things to talk about, do you ever feel like, why am i doing this? >> i don't feel that way at all. i'm there because i have a unique opportunity as one little molecule in this administration to help impact people's lives and i hear from them constantly. i travel this country a couple days a week. and we hear from people, they will get on social media, they send letters and say please don't forget.
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we are praying for him. we want the country to succeed and there are hundreds of millions of americans out there. judge jeanine: you are more than a little molecule in the administration. give yourself more credit. are there tapes? >> the president said publicly he will let us know. everybody has to wait and see. and i convert that personally into no comment. judge jeanine: up next, president trump's attorney jay sekulow is standing by with reaction to all the comey news. my one-on-one interview with donald trump, jr. hillary is running out of people to blame, but that's not stopping her. tonight's "street justice," you don't want to miss it. don't go away. she blamed everybody. who hasn't she blamed?
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the headlines. jay sekulow, part of the president's legal team joins us. i want to talk about james comey's legal exposure. i want to talk about what i see as a former prosecutor real problems for james comey. let's talk about the federal records act, and james comey writing a report on an f.b.i. laptop, after meeting with the president, isn't that a federal record? >> you asked me if that's a violation of the federal records act. it's also a violation of u.s.c.641. look at what he did. the f.b.i. director gave his information to a third party to leak. i think james comey has serious
9:22 pm
legal exposure. the special counsel should be looking into his activity. the way he conducted himself with distribution of that memo on government property, basically a 302 report, it raises serious issues. judge jeanine: we have conversations with the president of the united states. is that classified or is that something that can willy-nilly be passed out when you leave. >> if you had a conversation with the president of the united states, it's covered by executive privilege. the nature of what was discussed. look at what was being supposedly discussed. you are talking about russian investigation, according to jim comey. i would think that would be classified information. james comey leaks it to a friend
9:23 pm
of his because he was afraid for his own personal reasons. is this the guy you want out there going after groups like isis and counter-intelligence snow wasn't strong enough. i felt intimidated by loretta lynch. the real exposure i think is serious for james comey. judge jeanine: i think the reputation damage is huge. the only problem is he's like this with bob mueller. bob mierl and special counsel -- bob mueller is in a position to have to decide who he is going to believe. mule or goes back to the 2004 days when comey thought he was going to save the nation at the hospital bed of john ashcroft. >> i think special counsel will have to be very careful. you now had an admission by the former fine director of the leak of the information. he said he cleared this
9:24 pm
testimony with the special counsel which races another issue. why is a special witness clearing his testimony with the special counsel. he became the leaker-in-chief. the three takeaways here. there is no case against the president of the united states. and james comey acknowledged that's multiple times. there has never been an investigation of the president. james comey collapsed his own reputation last week. it was the collapse of james comey. judge jeanine: why would he out and out admit he leaked that information to a friend specifically to leak to the "new york times" specifically to get a special counsel? was he going to be outed? >> he said, you are exactly correct, and i thought the lead
9:25 pm
counsel in this case said it right in his statement. look at at nature of the events that took place here? he did this he said to get a special counsel. what happens the next day after he leaks it? special counsel. so you tell me what's going on here. you have been a prosecutor, you have been a judge. i have been a government lawyer, i have been in private practice. you look at this evidence and you know what's going on here is inside the beltway situation. the special counsel has to, if he's going to do his job, he better be looking at his friends as well, period. judge jeanine: i have much worry about the so called objective investigations. with benghazi, hillary and the whole state department, they never spoke to hillary. mueller now pal of comey, don't like it. >> very quickly, there is a
9:26 pm
great legal team in place. these are serious issues that james comey put himself in the middle of. he hoisted this constitutional issue on himself. i'm convinced that at the end of the day it will be what we saw at that hearing, nothing, no case, case closed. judge jeanine: jay sekulow, thanks so much. up next, my one-on-one interview with donald trump, jr., and what he has to say about his father's tweeting. my all-star panel is on deck and ready to battle it out. phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. can we at least analyze customer can we push the offer online? legacy technology can handcuff any company.
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ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. marianne: earn investigation is under way into the dates of three u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. three armory rangers were killed in an insider attack.
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another u.s. soldier was also wounded. the taliban is blaming responsibility. a taliban loyalist joined the army to target u.s. forces. one of the biggest powerball jackpots in history and it's rising. there is just one winner and if he or she opts for the lump sum. the game is played in 44 states, washington, d.c. and puerto rico. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." now back to "justice with judge jeanine." ian * earlier i sat -- judge jeanine: earlier i sat down with the president's son donald trump, jr.
9:32 pm
how he feels about the left's endless attacks on his family and his dapsd tactics on fighting the war on terror. it's been an interesting couple of days. i have known you a long time. after the inauguration you said you were going to focus on the business, you weren't going to get involved in washington. now it seems things have changed. why? >> i don't think things have changed. i'm a politically minded guy. i was way before we got into politic. but when i see what's going on right now. when i see what went on for 10 months with the russia man sense and the smear. it's like give me a break. they spent 10 months chasing a rabbit down a hole with the sole purpose to take down my far it. we were vindicated. judge jeanine: why do you say you were vindicated.
9:33 pm
>> everything that went on in the comey testimony was basically ridiculous. he never asked me to stop the flynn investigation. you know my far it. when he tells you to do something, there is no ambiguity. there is no hoping. he told comey, you have got to do your job. if he felt so threatened but he didn't do anything. judge jeanine: especially when he found out, there is no collusion. of all the things that were leaked, the only thing that wasn't leaked was that trump was never under investigation because there is nothing there. how come that's not leaked. it's pretty scary when you think about it. the only thing totally vindicating trump from a 10-month witch hunt. that never makes it anywhere. this divisiveness, the way he
9:34 pm
handled things. everything that leads up to this that we have seen the last few months and how he handled the loretta lynch thing explains why he should totally be fired. judge jeanine: did he lie under oath? >> what i saw in the "new york times" based on his claim it was because of a tweet from my father the day after. it doesn't seep right to me. he's a very sophisticated political player and he's playing the game. but i think he even got caught up in his own nonsense. judge jeanine: with all the leaks coming from the administration, jim comey would consider leaking to the "new york times" and not doing it himself, does that jug sow maybe he was responsible for some of the leaks? >> he said he was a leaker. how many other times did they do it? i wish there were a follow-up for that. it's amazing there wasn't.
9:35 pm
if the head of the f.b.i. said, well, if i was a stronger individual. give me a break. you are the head of the f.b.i. you are not a baby -- does anyone believe this? if he is, he's not strong enough to say something that he believes is right? i can't manage anyone actually believing that that happened. ian * and calling your dad a liar. >> he has proven himself to be a liar. he has proven himself to be a dishonest man of bad character. judge jeanine: the mainstream media and the left and the democrats have done everything in their power for the last five months since he has been in office calling him word like saying he's a blank holster. stephen colbert. this is the kind of stuff that's so contrary. >> i have seen it and i have taken it personally. that's why i have been more
9:36 pm
vocal by the. the lines have been crossed so much. judge jeanine: they went after ivanka' business, eric's charity. they want jared in their sights. then barron with the bloody head. isn't this beyond what you thought would happen? >> i don't think we are naive. we knew of it would be bad. but when i think about how bad it is. when i think about the conversations i will likely have to have with my kids. of all the people that ran, he's the on person who didn't need this job. he's 70 years old. he could do whatever he wanted for the rest of his life. but he's in here fighting for the people who elected him. judge jeanine: terror. your father's approach to terror
9:37 pm
is different from the leaders in europe. do you think your father will have the ability to put an end to this? >> he has the approach, let's take these guy out. the others have no approach. their approach is to sit back and do nothing. their approach is to sit back and pretend there is not a problem. keep calm and carry on. what does that mean? there are people blowing themselves up, driving trucks through people and killing them. this is not going to manage he canally go away with hugs and kisses. you have people who talk about the only way to defeat terror is by not allowing yourself to be terrorized. tell that to to the victims. judge jeanine: you testified your father's tweeting. some say it steps on his own message. >> until the media chooses to cover him honestly in an unbiased fashion.
9:38 pm
he will play monkey in the middle. he will go over the top and to the people. it works, and that's why they are so furious. they are becoming more and more irrelevant every day. there is virtually no trust in the mainstream media. so people are going to alternative sources. if you go right to the source, you are going to get what he's actually thinking. judge jeanine: you have got your father's smart and you clearly can get very animated. are you going to run for office? >> no plans. judge jeanine: do you think you will some day? >> it affected him that way. he said if i can knock some head around because i'll take on things. maybe you have got to do it. but no time soon. judge jeanine: donald trump,
9:39 pm
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judge jeanine: type for the panel on this extremely busy night of news. joining me, doug schoen. i'm not going to ask you what you thought because we would waste too much time on it. did comey perjure himself? >> this has a long way to go. this is a he said/she said case. the real question is what are we going to learn from general flynn, paul min for the, carter page.
9:44 pm
tune in, we have a long way to go. >> in typical jim comey fashion, he raised more questions about himself and his motives. but the side show is over and it's time to get working on the american agenda. bernie sanders said it well, the current model of the democratic party is an absolute failure. judge jeanine: we know the president is not under investigation. >> wasn't under investigation. judge jeanine: a disgruntled employee says i'm going to maneuver and get my best friend bob mueller to be special counsel. the day after he got fired he said now i'm p. >p.o.'y.
9:45 pm
>> they don't even talk about the election any more. the talking points are not how this investigation started. they don't even talk about that any more. judge jeanine: why is it the president was not under investigation, comey wouldn't say it. why is it comey says what loretta lynch tells him to say which he knows is wrong. why is it jim comey says he doesn't know what a felony is or whether he should report what he thinks is a crime? >> there are real questions as you point out about comey, we did, what he said, what he thought. there are real questions about not what the impact on the election was, but was there collusion? we don't know.
9:46 pm
and there is a real larger issue jeanine of what the impact on the president's agenda will be. if there is a side show as david was saying before and this continues as i believe it will be, the net losers will be the republicans. democrats don't have an agenda. the on agenda is resist. >> republicans just this week and the house repealed dodd-frank. judge jeanine: there agenda is to destroy donald trump. >> the republicans will do things to make people economically and personally secure. this election is about that message, we have a big day in 2018. judge jeanine: if the democrats are so focused on russia. we now know there was no collusion with donald trump. >> we don't know that.
9:47 pm
this isn't about flynn. what do you say to the fact the president said i'll testify. >> you are a good lawyer. marc kasowitz is brilliant. i hope he does it. and as a lawyer i hope he doesn't do it. judge jeanine: doesn't it tell you something that he's willing to do it? the attorney general now. jim comey did a gut punch to jeff sessions and said wait a minute. >> the president vows he has his full confidence. judge jeanine: why is jeff sessions willing to testify tuesday under oath? >> because he has real issues to clear up about his meetings with the russians and i think he's trying to clear his name which he's under a real cloud. >> they have nothing to hide,
9:48 pm
they are willing to testify. we need to get back to the agenda of the american people which is keeping them economically and personally -- judge jeanine: doesn't it aggravate you that we wasted all this time. we allowed the "new york times" story to proliferate when comey knew it was a lie. that paradigm of honesty. >> it can be frustrating. but not as frustrating as seeing the americans suffer. that's why they need to get back to focusing on this. >> we have a long way to go and a lot more evidence to hear. judge jeanine: and i'm waiting for the martians to sit on the supreme court. doug schoen, thanks so much. you have wait for it all night. finally it's time.
9:49 pm
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judge jeanine: he's back and blaming everyone but you and me for losing the election to donald trump. what's with all the finger pointing with this woman? here is tonight's street justice. here number new york city trying to find out what other excuses
9:53 pm
people can come up with in the addition to the 98 hillary came up with for her losing the election. they said she lost because of comey weren't russians, the supreme court, the dnc, and the "new york times" covering her case more than pearl harbor. >> she shouldn't have excuses. she is an elitist and doesn't connect with the american people. >> she lost because her world view instead of america's view. trump was about america. judge jeanine: where are you from? >> arizona. >> i think she should relax and retire and take it easy. judge jeanine: she blamed everybody. who hasn't she blamed? >> she is better off putting her energy into something else. judge jeanine: she can't get over herself. >> i don't think so, definitely
9:54 pm
not. judge jeanine: he's starting the truck. she didn't if blame george bush. let me ask you this. james brown, hang on, she said the reason she lost is because of russia, jamescomby weren't f.b.i., wikileaks, the "new york times," the dnc, is there anyone she forgot to blame? >> i think we are focusing on the wrong issue. donald trump is killing our world. judge jeanine: what's your name? lucy. is there any reason hillary clinton keeps blaming people? did she blame you? is there anyone she left out? who did she leave out?
9:55 pm
can i have a piece of that? that looks delicious. thank you for letting me stands in your truck. she is blaming for her loss, wikileaks, the dnc, james comey weren't f.b.i., the supreme court. did she leave out anyone? >> she left out me. judge jeanine: why is she doing this? >> she is a sore loser. she didn't blame bill. she should have blamed bill. judge jeanine: should she blame anyone else? >> i think she is ridiculous. i'm not trump's biggest fan, but he's our president. i think she is forgetting that we have interviews of her saying that he needed to accept the results of the election, and i think she is doing everything she said he would do if he had lost. judge jeanine: this one is
9:56 pm
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>> i love hearing from all of you, so remember to friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter and on i'm sorry gram. that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. greg gutfeld is next. see you next week same time, same place, same me. [laughter] >> look at those hands up there. do you have this in romania? >> i got the microphone. if you allow me -- >> if i could only sell that. if i could only sell it. who would like to ask -- should i take one of the killer networks that treat me so badly as fake news? should i do that? huh? greg: he's back. [laughter] [cheers and applause] greg: what did the testimony of my homey, james comey, show me? [laughter] a pile of bologna. [laughter]


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