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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 11, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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it is a great story of entrepreneurship. thank you all. thank you to my panel.
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they seem to contradict his father. by saying this. when he tells you to do something
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they infiltrated the afghan army. with the last decade or so. there had been more than 90 of those with the afternoon troops. they turn them on the international investigation. the insider attacks had have a
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huge dent on international morale there. they rebuild the army in the country. in order to build the afghan military you need a lot of foreign troops there to train that they can't successfully train. and we have seen a real decrease in the capabilities of the military here in the last few years as a u.s. military pulled out of the international community and they had drawn out as well. this comes as a trump administration is looking at whether or not they should send more u.s. troops to afghanistan to help with the security situation that has been worsening in the last year or two. they had gained control of several key districts. they are looking whether or not to send 5,000 or more troops there. the question is what would they do there.
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with a be part of the training mission there. that has yet to be decided. and it is what a trump administration is looking at when you have the situation where three u.s. soldiers have been killed over the weekend it does put a dent in the idea that the u.s. can go in there with several thousand more troops. if they don't go there we will continue likely to see the deterioration of the situation there. they send more troops and run the risk of additional casualty there. and maybe the security situation decreases their even more. and maybe the security situation decreases their even more. a complex situation for sure. see mac some new information on the london bridge attack and they are saying three terrorist were fake suicide belts. they may have planned on
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taking hostages. we are live in london. the images of those fake bomb belts there it was released by london police in the wake of the london attack one week ago. they are not sophisticated at all. they are wrapped in duct tape and secure with that. when they used that in the attack. they were to maximize fear. there may have been intention to help with hostagetaking. yesterday police released images of cocktails that were left in the attackers the and. those were very real. it's not clear why they were not used in the attack. we are hearing from one of the
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first metropolitan metropolitan police officers who responded to the scene. they have a harrowing tale of them keeping them from the market. the gentleman had been stabbed in the stomach and he was taken downstairs to see the medic and at that point there were still shots ring out and in a string of people came out of the market running and screaming we literally just push them into the basement of the pub. it seemed like the safest place to put a large volume of people at that time. three days later there was an attack in france we have video of the humor wielding man. attacked him outside of the theater. there is no indication that the two attacks are linked. the 40-year-old student from algeria was a self radicalized
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and he have the profile of a neophyte. they roughly translated from law. in connection with the terrace enterprise and conspiracy. we are live in london. >> a day of cultural celebration shrouded in controversy as organizers of the annual puerto rican date parade here in new york city on her a convicted terrorist. all of this as puerto rico is holding a major referendum that could lead to statehood. we are live. >> he, located a scene here. oscar lopez rivera going down fifth avenue in a beautiful parade on a boat. a convicted terrorist. the mayor behind him even though there was a pressure for him to boycott this parade heated shop today as well. lopez rivera was one of the known leaders of a terrorist
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organization known as the armed forces of independence. it is a paramilitary group that is blamed for about 120 bombings across the nine states in the 70s and 80s. their goal was to gain independence for puerto rico as a socialist government. he was convicted of conspiracy against the u.s. government. the transportation of firearms and explosives. he was sentenced to 70 years in prison but he served 36 of that. he was never charged with any specific violent crime but as a leader he was accused of being a bomb maker. the deadliest bomb was the 1975 blast of the tavern in new york city which killed four people. including frank connor joe
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connor was absolutely outraged that new york city would allow this man to march down fifth avenue. let's listen. to think that oscar lopez would be considered a hero in the hero of freedom
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suddenly exploded destroying two would homes damaging a dozen more, firefighters say they think a gas leak is to blame that the houses appear to have been empty no injuries reported. >> 31-year-old pilot rescued after a small plane crashed in an national forest in southern california last night he suffered injured to his lower body. investigators still looking into why the plane went down, a 24th central look at this opens up in the middle of a busy shopping center parking lot, that was near orlando swallowed cars thankfully the car was empty, officials say rains to blame. >> i want to know is it true what comey said did you create an atmosphere that weem believed could you not fairly render judgment on president actions with kromy i want to hear from loretta lynch, did you say please call it a matter not an investigation? >> senator lindsey graham
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voicing concerns ahead of the next big hearing on capitol hill, attorney general jeff sessions geeing to go before the senate intelligence academy, just days after the blockbuster testimony of former fbi director jim comey as for other end of pennsylvania avenue senator graham saying president trump is not helping his cause take a look. >> here is what is so frustrating for republicans like me, we may be first person in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation, that if you just were quiet would clear you, it is frustrating or to me, to want to help a man who i think would do big things. >> at martin institute for policy research pulitzer prize winning author journalist fox news contributor judy good to have you. >> nice to be here. arthel: let's start with he attorney general sessions at first as you well known he was to appear before a senate appropriations committee to discuss the -- the department
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of justice budget, but he was concerned that democratic lawmakers would hijack the situation to probe mr. sessions about russia, so mr. sessions thought it best to testify under oath in a closed session before the senate intel committee, did mr. sessions make the right choice, and what will will he his goal judy? >> well i think that depends arthel whether or not the session turns out to be open or closed. the intelligence tee has not told us whether or not they are going to hear from the attorney general under those circumstances. what we do know is that senator pat leahy another member of the he appropriations committee who actually asked mr. sessions about his contacting with you russians are very angry, that they are not going to have a chance to go back at him, to ask him why he was not
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truthful or whether or not he forget meetings we know there were two, there may have even been a third we're not sure, so there is kind of bad will and ever growing bad will among senate democrats, because of attorney general sessions' determination to testify before a forum he thinks obviously going to be friendlier to him than the appropriations committee would be. arthel: is he right thinking that? >> well -- look. i think he is clearly going to do what is in his own interests, or what he perceives to be in his own interests because, as you know, attorney general sessions is really fighting for his political life. this is a man who gave up a safe senate seat to endorses donald trump then to accept a sr., position in his administration he was originally rumored to be under consideration for vice president, that didn't happen.
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he wound up with the attorney general post and then he had a huge altercation apparently with president trump once he recused of himself because of misstatements of fact about his meetings with the russians so he is really in a very difficult position. and really needs to pick the friendliliest forum he can find. >> i want to get to two more points before we close or i conversation here, regarding the hillary clinton e-mail server mr. comey testified then attorney general general lynch asked then fbi director to call it a matter not an investigation as a result you heard senator graham saying miss lynch should testify before senate judiciary committee. should she? has the attorney general's position become politically compromised? >> you know, i -- i think it would behoove the nation to have miss lynch a private citizen testify in public i
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think everybody and this point involved, in these kinds of charges needs to lay out the instead of relying on reporting he said she said allegations i think we need each major players in past two years of drama to kind of lay out facts tell us their side of the story so american people can make an independent judgment. now there is not as far as i know an open investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails therefore loretta lynch has no personal vulnerability or let me jeopardy by testifying unlike attorney general sessions may really have a problem if it is perceived that he lied to the senate about his contacts with you rurn you rurngs standards different let's just hear from players stop pussy footing around say what you have to say be open honorings with american people
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let people decide. arthel: senator graham is also saying thus far mr. comey's testimony is not damaging to the president yet the president own tweets get in the way of anything getting done in washington. can anything or anyone stop president trump from tweeting? >> well, apparently not, i mean he restrains himself was restrained, we don't know, during comey's testimony there was there are radio silence in the tweet department but we saw that only lasted a few days. president trump just had to weigh in, and say that in his view comey was not telling the truth that he was a coward, so leaking this information. i don't know. i mean short of just taking away the president's cell phone i know what you are going to do, to stop him undermining his administration getting in the way of miss
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administration's narrative. >> nice to talk to you thank you. >> take care. >> good to talk to you. gregg: comey in session hearings as senate republicans try to go about business implementing the president's agenda, lawmakers working on a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. conservative also pushing for tax and immigration reform, we have more from our washington bureau. reporter: -- congress trying to tackle at a significant legislative to-do list in time is not on their side, the list includes items like tax reform, the debt ceiling, immigration reform, and, of course, health care. vice president mike pence says democrats are quote blind by partisanship whether it comes to national care act. >> as your congressman will tell you they would be the lift a finger to help rescue american people from mess created. >> republicans say they want
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to vote on something soon on radio show senate majority whib promised a vote by end of july democrats way republicans need help. >> to do this in private without hearings, without -- amendments, it would be one of the most outrageous examples of legislative malpractice in decades. >> some say the president's agenda is simply taking too long built on "fox news sunday," chair cht rnc pushed back on the criticism. >> health care. capture form infrastructure huge issues don't happy overcast we are 5 1/2 months in house already passed a repeal and replace of object kay we are going to continue to work on that, but this just doesn't quickly happen, and republicans are doing it the right way we are going back into our districts we are talking to constituents, we are having a diverse discussion, we are making sure that when we do it we do it right. >> on wednesday the senate moved for with legislation to place sanctions on iran but
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the bill is not necessarily finalized, senators are also talking about adding in amendments to sanction russia. gregg. >> ellison thanks very much. arthel: u.s. military carrying out new air strikes in so will away targeting al mishapab militants how this could signal a shift. >> president trump's attorney general reportedly planning to take action against james comey, and file a complaint about his leaked memos does the president actually have legal grounds for this? . >> our legal panel is here to debate it. phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. call the number on your screen. - in ukraine, there's no support network. they don't have food carts or neighbors that come in to help. they're turning to us because they have nowhere else to turn. god promises to bless those who bless israel. may you be blessed as you bless his children. >> the u.s. military conducting
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an airstrike in somalia. they're targeting the al qaeda affiliate, al shabab. this appears to be the first strike under new white house policy, allowing the u.s. to target extremist in somalia. at least eight terrorists were killed. >> attorney general jeff sessions is getting ready to testify before the senate intelligence committee on tuesday. to answer questions whether russia interfered with the u.s. election. mr. sessions testimony follows former fbi director, james comey hearing last week. it comes as the house committee tries to figure out whether there are recordings of mr. comey's conversations with president trump. garrett is live from washington to explain. >> hello. you have to remember they're going to be questions about russia but jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation so he will be limited in what he can say, particularly that it's an ongoing investigation. the reason session wants to testify is to set the record
1:32 pm
straight with parts of james comey testimony that pretrade him out in a bad light. today, they shared some of what they plan to ask is sessions about on tuesday. >> the key things we have to get his side of the story related to jim comey. some of the conversations jim comey had with the president where jeff sessions was a participant there. comey's statement they're not wanting time alone with the president and those accusations fight around in conversations that he may have been out have met with the russians prior to the election. >> knows shortage of congressional committees wanted to hear from sessions. including the judicial committee. senator dianne feinstein sits on the judiciary intelligence committee. on state of the union she said that she had questions for both sessions and former attorney
1:33 pm
loretta lynch who told the fbi director to call the clinton e-mail investigation, a matter rather than an investigation. >> i would have a queasy feeling to and to be candid with you. i think we need to know more about that. there's only one way to know that is to have the judiciary committee take a look. >> for now, jeff sessions is set to appear before the senate intelligence committee, and today several senators indicated it's unclear whether not that hearing will be public on tuesday. >> arthel: will be waiting to find out. thank you. >> new reports the president trumps legal team is planning to file complaints about former fbi director, james comey leaked memos. president trumps private attorneys speaking out about the timing of the leaks and how it matches up with comey's testimony. >> although mr. comey testified that he only leaked the memos in
1:34 pm
response to which we, the public record reveals that the new york times quoting from those memos the day before the reference tweet. that belies mr. comey's excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory. >> it can also be perjury, lying to congress. joining me now is keisha, and misty. misty, comey testified that the memo he wrote about in the conversation with the president was his personal property to do with what he pleases. that is not true, is a? the federal records act and the records management regulations anything you do in the course of your employment is not yours, it is the governments. >> that is the issue comey is going to have, especially given his testimony. i think that's avenue trump attorneys are going to use because otherwise because it
1:35 pm
wasn't a confidential document, it was a classified information. they might not be able to bring these charges. but you make a great point. that was in his personal property. >> it's a crime to convert government property for your own use and then to quote, steal, sell, or convey to someone outside of the government without authorization. isn't that what comey did? isn't that a felony? >> i disagree. i feel that what he did was that he had no faith and the justice department handling of what he had. >> so you go to congress. >> but it was not confidential or it was not classified information. >> it was certainly confidential. >> it wasn't classified. >> we don't know that. >> in my opinion its constitutionally protected speech. it's a conversation about the presidents and i need you to be loyal or i hope this, i don't think it is going to stand up to say that he actually committed some type of federal offense.
1:36 pm
>> i'm not sure that comey is saying it is unclassified makes it unclassified. it seems to me have to get the other party, the white house permission and white house counsel to review it and say we will agree to unclassified are not. >> listen, this is a fishy situation. the fact that comey is taking this conversation, his account of the conversation or making a public for seemingly political gain. it's not positive about trump, it's negative. now, he is hiding behind the fact that it was 19 to classified document. like you said, whose determination is that? is it a unilateral decision? >> in 18641 it's leaking on classified document. >> but i still don't think that -- >> if you cannot commit to another person without authorization. >> that's not specific enough. it wasn't a document generated by his government. we have to give him credit.
1:37 pm
he has to be smart enough to realize that what he did. >> really? >> yes. >> hat again and again has he not mangled and contorted the law and the hillary clinton case. that's a perfect example, isn't it? >> his credibility is questionable. whether not you think he performed well on the stand is completely different whether or not his account of what happened is actually the truth. i think everybody is treating this as gospel, that's not true. it's one witness account of their perception of what happened during that conversation. >> but then they're supposed to be tapes of the conversations. >> let me ask you this. robert mueller is a special counsel. i looked up the law regarding the special counsel, you may not serve if you have a conflict of interest and identifies a conflict as, the close relationship to a key witness.
1:38 pm
isn't james comey a key witness here? my goodness, look at the relationship between mueller and comey. they were protége and mentor. >> yes, we know before comey's testimony they are closely coordinating. the issue is that mueller has to be, the person in that position has to be truly independent and without conflict. >> here's what we have. we have robert mueller deciding the credibility of his protége versus the man who fired his protége. the law also says not just a general conflict of interest but impartiality is disqualifying. >> we know as attorneys there is a process in place to select that special counsel. i'm sure all of that has been weighed and thought out. >> i don't pick it has. >> there is no way that anyone in a position of autho is going to do something to jeopardize the outcome. >> could mueller have disqualified himself and said, i
1:39 pm
am too close to james comey, agents of the fbi said they were joined at the hip. >> here's the thing, one of the issues is you want the public perception and people to have faith in the process. if you have someone with that type of relationship with the star, key witness, the only person other than trump knows about the conversations, if there's the slightest bit of impropriety you have to step down. >> the last question on obstruction. it says it must be a corrupt act. there are five things identified by the statute as a cropped act, lies, threats, bribes, destroying documents, and altering evidence. comey alleged that none of those things. under the statute how could it be obstruction? >> i will give you credit with that. i don't think his testimony is there to say there's a clear case of obstruction. it's ambiguous. >> is not even close is a? >> there's no way this is obstruction of justice. his testimony is clear.
1:40 pm
you're talking about trump's intent. you have to show that he intended -- >> so he is a constitutional right to hire or fire anyone for a reason and any reason at all. thank you very much. >> that was very interesting. when we come back, the taliban claiming responsibility for the deadly attack in afghanistan that killed three u.s. troops. how the terror group says it managed to pull off another green on blue insider attack. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go...
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attack. that means a friendly afghan soldier turned his weapon on our troops. another american soldier also injured. the taliban claims it was one of their own who infiltrated the afghan army and carried out the attack. let's bring in retired arm it lieutenant, and former counterterrorism advisor vice president cheney and also fox news contributor. it is great to see you. this was an inside job by the taliban. it is happened before, and marce injured, the same thing. how do we put a stop to this? canopy stop? >> i do not know that you are ever going to stop it completely. our main effort is to embed small groups of advisers with afghan security forces with the afghan army, the police, and the commandos to help bolster fighting and rain and the support element that we need.
1:46 pm
air support, medevac and other pieces. this tactic is one of the most effective things the taliban can do in terms of turning us against each other. the coalition advisors, american advisers and afghan army counterparts, shows distress, it drives wedges, we have to be careful that we do not overreact and play into the taliban's hand. the things we can do to increase vetting and increase understanding of when the tele- banas tried to infiltrate. we can't take it too far because getting after army -- >> gregg: there's a proposal existing on the table to put in 5000 more u.s. coalition troops. what you make of that? >> i think that is the right thing to do. the general on the ground has asked for it.
1:47 pm
these soldiers that would be going and are not soldiers, i want to be clear, they're not going to be kicking in doors and on the front line and pulling triggers. these are going to be more advisers and trainers. this is exactly what the afghans need. , we need to be honest, they're going to need us for quite some time. they need supporting efforts that only we can provide. but to put it in a broader strategic context, the trump administration is also wrestling with how do we deal with pakistan, the sanctuaries that the taliban enjoy over there, no counter insurgency in history has ever been effective when the enemy has a place to rest. we need to be honest with ourselves that we are going to be there for quite some time just like we're in columbia for 40 years, just like we're in south korea for over 70 years and are still there today. >> gregg: the american strategy in part has been to take out the taliban leadership. decapitating the leadership has not, it seems, force the taliban to the negotiating table.
1:48 pm
why is that, and will taking out their leadership ever work because they seem to be able to replace them with no problem? >> keep in mind, i think a lot of people question this, we have to keep the taliban on the back foot. that means keeping their leadership awake at night whether a bomb is going to be coming through their window at night. if the taliban take over afghanistan again, you can bet that al qaeda and isis will be in their wake. once i have control of territory in afghanistan there will be plotting against the united states. to the specific tactic of targeting their leadership, they enjoy sanctuary in the western parts of pakistan. that's one of the reasons we have not been able to get at them. we have to do that in the short term. in the longer term we need to get the afghan government to a better place so it's can support its populace. a broader strategy that counters
1:49 pm
of islamic extremism and reduces these groups ability to recruit. is somewhat like what we did with communist. why can't communist groups recruited more because their ideology lacks credibility. there is a short-term and long-term. >> gregg: michael waltzed, thank you very much. >> thank you, greg. >> arthel: lgbt supporters joining pride marchers in dozens of cities across the country today. what organizers are saying about the current political climate that has them worried for the lgbt community.ou a life report is ahead otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... with reduced redness,... thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla
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>> arthel: thousands of peoplemd dozens of other cities across the country in support of lgbt rights. activists are celebrating their gains and also protesting president trump on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the pulsed nightclub shooting. organizers say they aim to address the current political climate and voice concerns of the lgbt community. will is live from the los angeles borough with more. >> these marchers have become more political this year than i have been in the past. they are on twitter right now under the hash take, resistant
1:54 pm
march. 100,000 people showed up for a d ended up in west hollywood. with the current political climate it morphed into opportunity for gays and minorities to voice their disapproval of the trump administration. people can be seen wearing shirts with make america gay again. others showed up because they believe gays, blacks, women, and immigrants are under attack. the protest took time to remember the pulsed nightclub shooting victims that took place one year ago tomorrow. that attack in a gay nightclub in orlando. politician spoke today as long as representatives from planned parenthood, black lives matter, aclu. >> we must stay visible and fight back against administration and seeks to erase our hard fought progress and attack us at every, every turn.
1:55 pm
>> there are some members of the gay community questioning the injection of politics into a day they believe is meant to celebrate who they are and what they stand for. >> arthel: thank you. >> gregg: history in the making, did you watch today? 9:00 a.m. eastern as al shows he is simply the best clay-court player in tennis. his record-breaking victory in france today, that is up next ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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>> arthel: the king ofclay-cours throne. raffaella -- winning the french open, defeating switzerland in straight sets in paris. he missed the tournament last year because of an injured wrist. >> he was back in near perfect form and he was in near perfect -- he moves into second pac plae with a grand slam winner's list behind roger. i watch this morning, he just annihilated the sets.
2:00 pm
these two guys, fedor who won the australian opening and then the doll who open the french, they are 31, 35 years old. there's mostly old men. >> arthel: i like that these guys are ruling the court. will i back at 6:00 p.m. easte eastern. >> do you have this in romania a to?e >> i got the microphone. if you low me. >> if i could only sell that. who would like to ask? should i take one of the killer networks that treat me so badly is fake news. >> he's back. [applause][laugh


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