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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  June 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> five from los angeles tonight, the elite say america is full of employment, really? how come so many americans cannot find work. we will investigate. plus, election shock and britain. is at the end of populism? what will it mean for the u.s.? i will have the answers as we turn the table. later, the green lobby has me seeing red. you'll believe how dirty some clean groups really are. good evening, i am steve hilton. we'll talk about the weeks big news, the comey in washington. i want to tell you why we called this show, the next revolution. the brexit vote in the u.k., populism is growing around the world. we want to explain what is coming next.
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also, what should come next. i am not an impartial observer. i believe that for too long we have been ruled by a failed elitism that put the interest in interest of the rich ahead of the needs of working people. power was concentrated in the hands of big government and big business. we seem to collapse and economic security and opportunity, incomes went down and jobs went away. elitism also helped her part our social fabric. the ties of family and community. we all know that is true. today's populist movement is a response for decades of elitism failure. take a look at this chart. i think it explains the populist revolution better than anything else. it shows what happens to incomes over the last two presidents. after eight years of bush and
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eight years of obama, the rich get richer and half of the country got poorer. now, it is time to focus on the positive difference that populism commit. that is our agenda on the show. to be the home of positive populism. we will hold washington, congress, and the trump administration and account for the purpose revolution that you voted for. along the way we might upset a few ideologues on the left and the right. positive populism is not ideological. it is practical. that is why i was dismayed by what we saw in washington this week with the comey hearings. yes, of course it is true that we are attacked by russia. we do not need more investigation, we need retaliation. washington's obsession with scandal is truly decadent. and decadent d.c. they are doing
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fine so they assume everyone else's too. for so many americans that the reality is gloomy. it's a struggle to find work and if you have a job it is a struggle to live on what you are. that is what d.c. should be focused on, as we will be on the show. in ancient, the elite distracted the people with bread and circuses. in today's decadent d.c. presiding over economic failure, they cannot even get the bread part right. it is all just a circus. let's get into all of that. joining me tonight is our panel, former nevada assembly member and bernie sanders supporter, lucy -- political senior brightest a playbook, that's what you need to read every morning, jake sherman. and of course, we are so excited she has come all of the way across the country to be with us tonight, kimberly.
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jake, i want to start with you. i would never call you decadent, but you really know what is going on, what i would love you to try to explain is the back-and-forth of the coney comey hearings. what were generally interested in is when we see this going on the have these problems and they see this circus, why do you think they seem so obsessed in d.c., the politicians and the people around them with talking about scandals rather than getting on with things that affect people's lives. was behind that? >> my father told me when i was young and he was right that politician wants to keep our, increase power. he is right. this is a way bipartisan way for republicans and democrats to score points. deeper what we are seeing is the political class in the political system rebel against the person
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who is the president but acts like he is in private business. what he did and what he told the fbi director, james comey and what james comey has testified under oath is that he wanted him to back off of an investigation of one of his former advisers. in business when you are in a private company that you own, you can do things like that and it's acceptable. in washington, that is proven to be a big problem for donald trump and it is not going away. this is a chance for republicans and democrats to take some wax within the system that has not allow for this behavior in the past. >> steve: any think it is revenge for the election? >> i don't think it's revenge for the election, i do think politicians are now working within a certain set of political realities, and your seen them react in kind. donald trump is the president, people are getting used to that.
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this reaction what happened under any president. i just don't think what any president would do what he did to james comey. >> steve: kelly, we talk about this all the time but people are sick of hearing about this. we keep saying over and over, what are we going to get to tax reform and the real stuff. but, some of it -- jake is making some good points. some of it is self-inflicted. >> of course it is. it is a politics of destruction. but a big response to the election in the populism and the movement that donald trump forward in this country. i still think people can't get over the election results. this is the way to say, [inaudible] our watch. we'll put this word and hold you accountable. in fact, blocking the people from both sides independence, democrats, it is a mixed bag of people coalescing together to try and obstruct. to try to put roadblocks in the
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way so these policies and these principles are not put four. it's tear down politics. it's grossly distracting. it is a disservice to the country. it's not moving ford with the economy or jobs, were getting bogged down with this. and they can't get anything accomplished. you saw this with bill clinton and monica lewinsky. these he was doing wealthy economy and then the hearings came forward and we became obsessed with the process. if you're scratching was some ideas and innovation, who is trying to pull you back by your heels or your ankles, it's frustrating to me to watch. they want to have hearings about hearings. >> steve: i find an endless focus on the process. something i find interesting is the politics of this with the democrats. straight after the election there seem to be a debate going on with the democratic party
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after hillary clinton's defeat which is, should we focus on economic populism, the bernie sanders message or, should we focus on identity politics that many people said we spent too much time talking about. today, it's more should we be talking about the economic populism of those issues or russia. do you think -- it seems to me that is where a lot of the democratic party really enjoy talking about the scandal. >> ultimately it is a distraction. nobody wants to admit that they screwed up. that it was largely the democratic party and their candidates fault for losing against someone like donald trump. rather than admit that i talk about the things that went wrong, it is easier to focus on the bogeyman. whatever bogeyman form that might take.
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clearly, that has been russia and now it is comey. i think you do have a lot of people you saw contested election for the democratic chairmanship. half of that but went to -- the other half went to tom perez. so, you are seeing that there is more of i am on the unity commission for the dnc appointed by bernie sanders. you are seeing more of a focus on what i believe is the mandate for the american people which is, talk about us, do not talk about russia. i do see there's some movement there. you will always default back to what is the easiest. >> i think that's right. i think because it is easy. the last word to jake. is there an end to this? is this going to be the story for the next three and half years?
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>> i think congress responsibilities oversight and also legislated. the problems in getting trumps agenda through have nothing to do with the russia issue. has to do with the fundamental interparty. >> that's a good point and we will get into that in the show as we get into those issues. >> they can't let go of it. we have to take a break now but later this week's swap watch. the target on the green lobby, we expose the cronyism among people who put the environment first. that's head. next, is a populist movement take a big hit in the u.k. this week? what is it mean for the u.s. i have a surprising story for the panel. the next revolution is underway. stick around. new bike?
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>> you come on this show and you get promoted. give money to all of you. what is it all mean for brexit? for populism member politics in this country? now, some of you have seen over the past few days the person we normally get to talk about this is, me. interview myself would be a little weird. instead, we'll flip the panel and they get to ask the questions. so here we go. >> this is a question i've been given a lot this week. what is is all coming for brexit? >> steve: i'm glad you asked me that. i think it means potentially quite a lot.
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the election was not a mandate in any direction on brexit. tresa may wanted a mandate for her version of brexit was a clean break. what they decide as hard to brexit. they leave and you have control of your borders. others have been arguing for soft brexit which is a mild version. actually, no one comes out of this with a mandate with what she wants. she will be vulnerable. and people also say you don't get what you put for let's argue about it back to the drawing board. actually could mess up the whole process which is what she wanted to be headed in a strong, clear direction. it could delay the whole thing, water it down, it's a big deal. >> quite problematic. >> it sounds like a miscalculation. >> steve: one of the biggest you've ever seen a politics. >> was is a vote for her organs population? >> steve: i cmis edits it was a rejection against populatio popn
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populism. her opponent ran on a pipe list platform. i think this vote is yet again a rejection of establishment politics on the labour party side. you had the establishment labor people are laughing at jeremy corbin. they cannot wait to see his massive defeat so they could reassert the establishment left politics they thought he should follow. instead it was rejected. i think it was actually another version of population at this time from the left. >> bringing it back home what are the implications on american politics that is just the democrats first. i think there's a lesson here. you might agree that if you want to winner do well you should run as a populist candidate i felt like this election was really
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with the democratic primary we have an economic populist a bernie standers and then tresa may. unlike hillary clinton. so thinking about 2018 and 2020 the democrats need to think about that. that's also lesson for the republicans because what happened in the u.k. was one of the real reasons corbin did so well it's good news. you have a resurgence of the youth vote in young people turned out and that's a great thing. we want to see more people and hands fired young people. the republicans here need to watch out for that because with the election of donald trump that's a real warning. i think there are some lessons.
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>> i cannot agree more. it was interesting to watch social media and the reaction to the selection. the commentary on the outcome was followed by, bernie would have one. i think that's a real implication on what people are feeling and frankly the frustration that has led us here. we opened the show by talking about the economy and who has gained under two different parties leading this country. it has not been the everyday people. i believe there is something like 70 or 80% turnout of young people in this election. that's incredible. imagine if that was the turnout every single election in the united states. i think republicans would have a real problem. >> steve: owning that populist agenda, that's a big price.
9:21 pm
in the last election in the end was more trump and the republicans but they can't count on that. >> you cannot take it for granted. i think this put them on their heels. if you're watching this globally it's fascinating to see nobody has the populist message. it's not about republican or democrat. it's not belonging to one ideology in particular it's about positive populism and being able to garner that kind of support in the party that's able to bring in the youth in this bodes well for bernie sanders and his supporters by the people who were disappointed by the campaign of hillary clinton if you can speak to them and relate that's harm harnessing the tremendous amount of voting potential that could shift to either side depending on who speaks their language and connects with the.
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>> hold that thought for a bit later we have to go to break. when we come back there'll be a real revolutionary that you will meet tonight. the man who wants to change the face of education in america and he just may do it. but next, why isn't america talking about the real issues facing this country. can we at least analyze customer traffic? can we push the offer online? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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>> steve: welcome back to thene. i'm steve hilton. here's what decadent d.c. should be focused on, jobs, income, your life. the elite seem to think we have full employment in this country and pretty much everyone who wants a job can get one. is that true the what does the future hold? is everyone really going to be put out of work? to help us understand what is
9:27 pm
happening, i am pleased to be joined by the will top expert on employment and technology. that's not an exaggeration. an it professor and co-author of the brilliant book, eric. eric, there's so much to explore in this. i wanted to start with that specific point about full employment. the numbers came out recently very low employment rate, 4.3%. at the same time that we hear it's full employment we hear about communities in crisis and people not been able to find a job. how does that make sense? was behind that discrepancy. >> unemployment is lower for .3%. other indicators of the economy is doing great. we have more millionaires and billionaires than ever in history. but a lot of people who are not benefiting or sharon in that growth. if you look at states staff like labor force participation that is near a 30 year low around 62%.
9:28 pm
if fellas unemployment was going up. median income is stagnating and more than half of the people in the country have not seen their incomes grow. it is actually lower than it was in the late 1990s. seems like a puzzle with more growth than ever before but a lot of people are not participating in be left behind. it's becoming more and more unequal. >> steve: what's your diagnosis? in this debate of not having enough of, some people blame globalization, others blame technology and automation. you're one of the world's experts, what is your diagnosis #. >> i'm glad you brought it up. this is the biggest challenge for our society and economy today and over the next decade. how are we going to deal with the changes happening. most are being driven by technology, globalization plays a part.
9:29 pm
in the long run it is not even close. the big shifts are being caused by changes in the technology. not just robots but more broadly digitization of the economy. that is automating a lot of routine information processing work. a lot of work that people with high school education used to do. things like truck driving are going to be in the bull's-eye going forward. that will dislocate a lot of people. we need to create enough new job so those people can have new things to do and we're not doing that effectively right now. >> steve: has that happened before when we've had those waves of technological change? has it been the case thinking back to a century more go with lots of people were working in agriculture literally in the fields and big changes happened in the past have we managed to adjust and are there lessons from the? >> there are similarities and
9:30 pm
the reason we call it the second missemachine ages to go back toe first industrial revolution which happened in england were upwards of 90% of people in america, britain, and elsewhere were working in farms. now it's less than 2%. they did not just become unemployed we reemployed them. we invented mass public education to give them the skills to work in other areas. that spanned over a couple centuries and i were looking at a couple of decades. more rapid transition. more jobs being affected because it's affecting information processing work, not just manual labor. a much broader, faster, deeper transition. there are some good lessons that if we adapted as individuals, as organizations and in our government, i think we can make the transition and it could be and it should be good news for most everybody.
9:31 pm
>> steve: i have some thoughts to share at the end of the show of what we can do to bring that about. i want to see if our panel has thoughts or questions. >> washington is notoriously slow to adapt to any change in the economy and basically anything, i wonder if you can give us specifics about what washington could do to facilitate some of the changes in our economy and workforce. >> it starts with recognizing the issue. we are creating enormous amounts of wealth. there's more wealth in our country than ever before in history. thus a good news. the more capabilities we have to understand that there's fundamental changes going on in the big picture is to think about how we can embrace the future. we cannot hold back this change
9:32 pm
in this attitude of freezing and play some of the old jobs are old ways of doing things is a destructive mindset. a more appropriate mindset would be how do we rescale people for the new kinds of jobs and encourage entrepreneurship so new things get invented. how do we change her tax policy but ultimately it will be disruptive, wrenching and freezing in place existing system is never going to work. >> steve: kimberly sounded like he agreed with a lot of that. >> i do. i'm in the research on silicon valley talking about offsetting the progression with robots. we need that to come as well, you can't stop that, it's coming. what about guaranteed universal income and adopting an idea of socialism? for me i feel that dampens the capitalist free market spirit to encourage entrepreneurs to feed
9:33 pm
jobs of the future going forward. >> is not just a socialist idea. elton friedman advocated that i'm not a big fan of it right now because i see there's so much work that can only be done by people and so it's a little premature to say let's kick back and have robust are the work and we can have guaranteed income, maybe someday earn 50 years, right now there's so much work to be done in healthcare and education and helping people that only humans can do that robots can't two. i'm more of a fan that paul ryan and barack obama agreed on which is the earned income tax credit. hoping will see that in the tax reform. that's a policy that encourages people to work in caps off their income with additional support that way you're able to get and dampen the effects of income
9:34 pm
inequality that has been growing. but still encourage people to stay in the workforce. it encourages employers to hire more people. >> thank you so much. >> steve: we don't have time for your thoughts on this but i want to thank eric for joining us. i hope we can have you back. there's so much to talk about is central to everything. >> always a pleasure. i'm glad you're addressing it. >> steve: thank you eric, it's good to see you. swamp lunch, when we comes back takes aim at the epa green lobby. next i'll introduce you to a true education revolution or which is changing the way her children learn. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive.
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>> steve: this week'srevolutionn education revolution happening in this country. one of the people leaving it, you might recognize his own name as connie academy. it expanded into an interactive learning platform that's used by teachers and students across america. he did not stop there. he wants to change the way students are taught in the classroom. he founded a school in the heart of silicon valley that is reinventing education for the 21st century. i've seen it up) my my children are students there. i sat down with him to bring you this story. >> your background is in finance originally and then you're an entrepreneur and created the con academy. recently you chose to start real physicals cool one where
9:40 pm
respective children go to. why did you want to start a real school in the real world? >> secretly in the day when i was an engineer that let me one day start a school that i could be a great way to grow old. but as the academy got off the ground we're meeting tens of millions of students per month. as students are getting explanation of their own time and place, it liberates the classroom. now, students don't have to give a one page fits a lecture to everyone. you don't have to separate people by age, so all of these things start happening. but we realize, unless we create some proof points the world might not change over the next several years even though tools
9:41 pm
like khan academy exist. so the lab school that we developed is to be one of those. if you think about those who would send their children that most children experience in terms of education, it is pretty much one type of school system. good schools and bad schools but do you think there's something wrong with the whole system, something more fundamental. what is wrong with the way we think about education in america? >> what happened in traditional schools for the last 200 years including once we grew up in. you group people together around age and perceived ability and you move them at a set pace. what typically happens is a teacher gives an a lecture on exponents some of us get it, some of us don't. >> steve: i definitely don't.
9:42 pm
>> you have lecture, homework and that continues for a week or two and you get a test. on that test may be a get a 70% new gated 80% someone else has-mark those gaps or just use to judge me. we all move on. and then the next one might be built on those gaps. >> steve: so let's just say we can put you in charge is the education secretary in america. what is your education revolution look like? >> you have to sit in the chair for year and if you do all right they will probably promote you the next year even if you don't know a lot of the concepts. in college you something called credit hours is a measure of how much time you should be doing things. instead moved to competency-based system. regardless if it took you mother three years, do you know algebra.
9:43 pm
i would create a series of ways for people to prove, at any age that i know my algebra. i know my biology. the system we have today students keep getting promoted and then they graduate often times not knowing their core skills. >> steve: does that mean, for example the notion of grades, you move up one grade every year? would you get rid of that? >> i would get rid of the notion of grades is a judgment on who you are. i'd also get rid of the notion of grades in terms of your level. in some schools grades are equated with what you should be learning, what subject matte ma. we all know that we all develop our maturity at different levels. some might be ready to raise a head in english but need to spend more time on math or science, or vice versa. by the time their middle school and high school many students are able to take ownership of themselves and help their peers.
9:44 pm
think about jobs of the future, who do you want to hire? it's important for someone to know their algebra and be able to write well and re. arguably, just as important they know how to set goals, they know how to pace themselves and work with others. they could be a mentor and communicator. >> steve: i want to ask you about that more. they's a lot of people hearing it might say this is nice and progressive and let's rethink education and put the students in charge. in the end, how does it help micah get a job? there people worried about what is going to happen to their families. how does any of this help in a practical way for people watching tonight? >> there's something interesting in the education world. there is a debate between the progressives and traditionalists. a traditionalist is like you have to know your education table and progressive said you should give more freedom and kitchen work on more projects.
9:45 pm
what were saying is both. quite traditional children should really master a lot of the core content at a higher threshold than what happens in the traditional system. processing with aid of technology you can give students more ownership so they can get the skills that will be super important in the 21st century. >> steve: the green lobby, that's the focus, up new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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>> steve: now, i care a lot about protecting the environment and conserving nature but i also care about corruption, were always hearing about the gas and call it industry using their influence to get their way in washington. >> this republican party is in oil, coal soaked party. >> the republican party has traveled, lock, stock, and barrel into the hands of the koch brothers and special interest. >> i don't think all of the republican candidates are so ill-informed about climate
9:50 pm
change that they say they don't know because in a scientist. they're doing the bidding of the koch brothers. >> interesting. is it only one side that does the bidding of big donors? let's take a look at the green lobby in this week's swamp wat watch. >> steve: every week they make us let. in 2013 in an effort to make solar energy more efficient, president obama guarantee $13 billion of your money to very solar companies. had he think they chose who got the cash? take a look at this chart. it looks at the amount a company spent on lobbying against the size of their loan guarantee. notice anything? the more you spent on lobbying, the more you got from the government. yes, indeed, those are the rules of the swamp. they also apply to the green phe science.
9:51 pm
resident trumps epa administrator was slammed less than a month for replacing half the members of the scientific council. this is completely apart of the multifaceted effort to get science out of the way of the deregulation agenda, said one critic. it turns out, most of the academics who sit on the epa's board or not the objective scientists were led to believe. there more citizens of the swamp. twenty-four of the 26 members of the epa clean air advisory panel received epa grants around $190 million. seventeen of 20 advisors of the ozone panel put $192 million in grants. not only did they get paid taxpayer money to lobby for more taxpayer spending, they sit on the government panel appear review their own research. bear in mind, this is the same swampy epa than a 2015 under president obama violated federal law when it was engaged in quote
9:52 pm
corrupt propaganda. some of our leading politicians have gotten at this lucrative racket. senator angus king while governor of maine signed a law that requires utilities to generate 30% of their you buy things such as when. once he left he founded a wind company and got a hundred $2 million loan. he then personally got a $470,000 successfully for himself. wow. way to go angus king. this is the same saintly angus king who was pontificating at the comey hearings last week. still, perhaps we can overlook the correct subsidies because well it's green and that's good, right? who can be against modern businesses delivering clean power to consumers?
9:53 pm
in march 2015 the solar company going green was caught targeting senior citizens in arizona on the do not call list. misrepresenting themselves and making false claims about how much money they say by installing solar panels. they have to repay customers up to hundred $11000 and pay another hundred 20000 and fines for fraudulent business practices. in 2016, -- edison filed the biggest in renewable energy, after receiving almost $2 million in government subsidy. a spanish green energy company went bankrupt after giving subsidies that you paid for. the next time someone tells you the special interest are driving republican energy policy, remember what it comes to the environment with special interest on both sides of the debate.
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life's as big as you make it. welcome back to the next revolution. tonight we've talked about jobs and income. here is my plan for the revolution we need to see. short-term we have to get the economy moving. step one a tax cut for jobs cutting business taxes. trump promised a 15% tax cut for business and they must deliver. then the infrastructure plan, not just roads and bridges but internet infrastructure as well. they agree on this in congress so let's get on with it. we need to build the productive capacity of every american to have decent paying work. step three, rethink education.
9:59 pm
our school system was designed for different age. it's not preparing our children for the 21st century. we have got to end the government monopoly so we get the innovation we need for everyone, not just the children of the rich and well-connected. step four is to do the same thing with skills training. bureaucrats have poured billions into training programs that have a failure rate of one 100%. technology is transforming how it can be delivered. stop the ineffective government programs and give the money directly to people so they can get the training they need in the way that works best for them. that is my plan. before we go, here's what we got for you next week. victims of intolerance and in toleration in the silicon valley tucked was anonymously about their experience. it's pretty shocking. >> the day after our election, one of my colleagues that i can't believe how many sexist and racist people are in this country.
10:00 pm
i said what you mean. he said everybody that voted for trump is a sexist and racist. >> my exclusive interviews next week. for now, thank you for joining us and thank you to our panel, kimberly, jake and lucy.lllllll. >> stick around, kelly wright is up next with the fax report. >> a new day of blockbuster testimony ahead on capitol hill. the attorney general agreed to answer questions. the senate minority leader, it gets even higher stakes. i am kelly wright, this is the fox report. >> the white house is gearing up for what could be a huge week thursday. the supreme court seeks its newest member. the president could attend a chance to remind the public


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