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tv   The Five  FOX News  June 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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for president someday. let's hope that this country become so crazy that he is taken seriously. that is it for tonight. here is "the five." we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello everybody, i i'm jesse watters, along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, juan williams, and kimberly guilfoyle. it is 9:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ >> jesse: on the heels of that despicable beheading stunt by kathy griffin, yet another is brewing tonight. a mock assassination of president trump. tonight was opening night of the new york public theaters production of "julius caesar." the title character bears a not-so-subtle resemblance to trump. true to script, he is assassinated in the play. the theater stands by its show but it is facing heavy backlash.
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sponsors delta and bank of america are dropping their s support. not time warner, though. that is the parent company of cnn. cnn fired griffin last month for posing with the blood, severed head. so, why is it still sponsoring this outrage? one of its stars, for, fareed zakaria, is even encouraging people to goo see the play. calling it a masterpiece. you should note the 2012 version of caesar in minnesota featured an actor dressed like president obama in the title role. c so, greg, the left has a fascination with assassination. >> greg: very v good. just before i believe that is more than just political pornography, i think it is deeper than that. i think, under the guise of art, there is something that they want to see happen. do you agree or disagree? >> greg: first of all, i want to defend fareed zakaria. i t don't think he saw the play. he overheard someone else and copied him. >> jesse: [laughs] are you referring to the
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plagiarism scandal? >>ri greg: may be i am. maybe i am referring to is plagiarism scandal. i wanted to make sure the audience knew. the one thing -- you don'tou wat to fall into this false equivalency it was done before with president obama in 2012. however, no one talked about it because no one really noticed it. i think -- i don't think his wife was in the play, and this one, it is so obviously hammered down that this is trump. they had a melania-type there. it was just a much more brutal thing. it was more subtle with obama. with this, it was like, no, we are killing trump. you know what? it is easiest way to get applause among the people that are coming to this play. the assumption is, if you are in central park, everybody there is going to love this. it's like a comic saying, "hey, chicago." it is the easiest way. it is cowardly, it is
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opportunistic, it is unoriginal, it is attention seeking. it too your point, is it something that they happened to gravitate towards? yes, ever since the '60s, it has been about portraying the a right as evil, not wrong. it started when they blamed the vietnam war on nixon when it was an accident. then, they called our troops baby killers. it started there, we need to demonize the other side, you are free to say whatever you want. >> jesse: kimberly, what kind of pressure do you think this play is under right now? we have had two big-time sponsors drop out, and as you want to know, time warner, cnn's parent company, is behind it, do you predict this thing is going to have to drop i this act or do yu think they're going to stick to their guns? >> kimberly: any time morality and civility are at play here, it shouldn't even be occurring. if this was president obama and they behaved in this fashion, you cannot even imagine the international outrage. i think this is so sickening and so sad, there is no civility left whatsoever.
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and people go and pay to see it? >> greg: it's free, right? >> dana: you have to stand in line for hours. >> kimberly: you should have to pay to come in. you have to pay a penance, and my i opinion. stand in line. it is not that easy to get the tickets. >> dana: you have to spend the night for like two nights. >> kimberly: you have to pay someone to go get them for you. >> jesse: a katy perry concert. >> kimberly: for them to do something like this, has anyone learned a lesson? why isrn time warner, why are ty still sponsoring this? >> jesse: that's a great question. fareed zakaria -- >> kimberly: god help us if he
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actually saw it and endorsed it. >> jesse: do you think fareed zakaria might have to step back, saying, this assassination play is a masterpiece, dana? >> dana: i don't know how many get out of jail free cards we all get in terms of making public statements and giving your opinion. but i think, i wouldn't go stand in line on this. i wouldn't go to this play anyway.hi >> jesse: is not even a good shakespearean drama. it's no hamlet or othello. >> dana: i am just for free speech. >> kimberly: i like "hamlet." >> dana: my point is, i am for free so, they can do it by the kathy griffin think i'm i thought it was gross, and i wouldn't have bought a ticket to her event. i wouldn't have watched hern' shows. free speech does not mean that itt is free of consequences.u now, what you basically have is the right adopting taxes from the left to call for boycotts. someone like sean hannity fought back very hard by an attempt from the left to try to take over his show, to try to go after him, and boycott his show. he fought back in a way that was successful. and if think that we are going o have to realize, artists will keep doing this.ti they will get attention. if the corporations aren't going to sponsor this, they will find someone. george soros will pay for this.
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>> jesse: did the corporate sponsors cave because of pressure from progressive groups? something that went on "the drudge" report? >> dana: everyone is calling for boycotts of everything. we just saw that jpmorgan is looking at the possibility of not sponsoring an nbc show that would air next weekend. basically, it's a call for boycott if you don't like it. as far as i am, i just think free speech is a principle that we should go back to, just respecting each other. >> jesse: riddle me this. the left likes to stay when republicans use the phrase "radical islam,," it makes the terrorists want to kill us even more. but then, these left-wingers put these assassination plays and productions out, shouldn't they are, by their own logic, aren't they encouraging kooks to down something more dangerous? >> juan: i don't think so. this is a 400-year-old play called "julius caesar," written by -- >> jesse: i'm not familiar with it. >> jesse: trump is not the
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main character. >> juan: youou know, i don't get this conversation. we just said, right in the intro, barack obama was cast as julius caesar in 2012, and people saw that. >> jesse: in minnesota. >> juan: okay. i mean, i don't get it. >> jesse: no offense to minnesota. >> juan: i don't get it. this whole idea of free speech, and aren't as provocative, and especially at this time in america, where you have such polarized politics, such discontentr on either side -- helps produce it. >> juan: what you d have to do, you have to speak to these times. these times are not happy times in america in terms of the political discourse, in terms of the politics. >> jesse: assassination? >> juan: you keep coming back to this. let me just say, i don't think this play endorses assassination. to the contrary, if you watch the play, the play generates
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sympathy for julius caesar, donald trump, and the aftermath of the assassination. so, to me, this is like the right looking for something to find grievance. >> dana: so, this is helping to president?s >> juan: it is not supposed to help or hurt. it is art. >> jesse: no one is answering the play. the government is not saying, we are banning this production. i think people think it is distasteful, it is disrespectful. >> juan: if you think it is, don't go. >> juan: that's not true. this play is very popular, and as kimberly -- i mean, people are flocking to it. >> kimberly: is a controversy to try to generate profit. >> juan: there was a line before. >> jesse: juan, how do you feel about what they do to the original work? to think they have to stay true? anyone can politicize -- if you write a play, and you have to die, and your play is out there, and someone can then politicize it by moving it around, putting some political meaning into us, whichg is what they are doing,o
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you think that is okay? someone can basically -- >> juan: absolutely. it is modernized, it it is makt contemporary. hang on. this is what happens with "hamilton." "hamilton" is the number one show in new york. >> jesse: overrated. [laughter] >> juan: let me just say, many americans love "hamilton." huge winner and awards. >> jesse: that is wrapping. >> juan:n: "hamilton" speaks to so many current issues of american life, especially immigration. guess what, these founding fathers are heroes, across time, a cross race -- >> kimberly: let's do "taming of the shrew" with pelosi, warren, and clinton. >> juan: 's more art. >> jesse: george george w. buss head was in "game of thrones." at the toronto film festival, "a death of the president," won an award where they have had kathy
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griffin we had donald trump. they have robert de niro say he wantsum to punch out the president. my dharma wants to bomb the white house. this isn't just a one off. this is something that is in the bloodstream of the left. enough is enough. >> juan: i don't think it is in the i thought what kathy griffin did was offensive. i thought it wasn't funny. >> jesse: i'm saying it's a pattern. it's been through it's not a pattern. >> jesse: you are saying it is much ado about nothing. [laughter] >> jesse: juan, fact-check. radical islam was to blame. by the mainstream media is still fixated on the weapon, greg, set them straight up next. i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff]
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>> greg: on the one-year anniversary of their orlando terror attacks, how was it being remembered? "the washington post" left out the massacres because, the only reference to the islamic state is in a caption. yet, it had no problem calling the attack another example of gun violence, which i guess makes hurricane katrina water violence. another way to honor i victims s to remind us why they were killed, not how they were kille killed. after 9/11, you don't honor the dead by saying they were murdered by a plane and a box cutter. they were killed because of radical islam.
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if those murdered at the pulse, same thing. a year later, the press obscures facts in the name of political correctness, so, a terrorist can gun down gays, but hey, let's target the outrage afterwards. a piece in "the new york times," "a night of terror, a year of racism," focused on critics of radical islam. it said, the response to the attack was a missed opportunity for gun reform. once again, terrorism always exposes enablers and their flaccid response to evil. this weekend, there were protests against sharia law, marked by the media, who smeared them at times as far right. how crazy is it that if you come out against intolerance, sexist, homophobic, deadly tyranny, it is you who is the problem? by the way, yesterday was another anniversary, the first hanging of a which took place in salem, massachusetts,n in 1692. if our modernrn media were aroud
9:16 pm
then, they would side with theid hangmen. so, k.g. -- >> kimberly: you want a solution? thanks so much for calling on me. even though i inserted myself rather forcefully. i call it a travel ban on countries that murder gays and lesbians. is he all right prepared ninth circuit,th i call you out. try and do that. countries that don't honor marriage equality, that murder gays and lesbians, that believe women don't have any rights, thatwo stone women to death, tht if a family member rapes them, they get killed. they believe in mutilation, how about that? wouldio that be okay? >> greg: i don't think it would be. i think it would be defended. they were people who came out against the anti-sharia marches. they were defending something that would kill them. >> jesse: when they have the climate rallies, they don't call
9:17 pm
those far left. they are mainstream. it's a bunch of bonds with their kids. there's a lot of things you want to remember about what happened in orlando. one, this guy was fired from his job for saying horrible things about jews f and fort hood and women. the fbi into interviewed this guy three times and i still didt get it right. the guy targeted a gay club partially because it was gay. after the attack, it was isis inspired, president trump tried to spin it about something about gunca violence.. it was not. it was a 9-millimeter pistol and a w sport rifle. so, "the washington post" comes out here. and white watches it. that makes this war on terror more dangerous because it hides the truth. no one thought reads "the washington post" buys into this. when they play word games, we see through it. we are not that stupid. we are not that do play these games that you are playing. i think "the washington post" thinks they are smarter than their readers, and they actually aren't.s, we know how dangerous it is. >> greg: dana, they focused on tools, but we know it has been
9:18 pm
cars, trucks, bombs, knives, vans. >> greg: writes. they didn't talk about the ideology at all. basically, remember, he calls the 911, reveals that he calls and says, i'm doing this on behalf of all up. also, the articles did nott mention the wife's involvement, and how they had to track her down, remember, and she said, i have nothing to do with it. maybend she did. there was a lot more to this than gun violence. gun violence is terrible, too. but hiding this, it surprised me. i read the article twice before i responded because i thought, surely, i missed something. i was really surprised. >> greg: juan, if we can't kill these goals, if we keep blaming their acts on other things, it will weaken our resolve. it just keeps you -- maybe that is why when we are fighting isis, not fighting a driverless capability because we keep they have a, maybe point. >> juan: i think they are fighting ices to her fullest
9:19 pm
capability. i would think that people on who are term supporters areng fightg them very aggressively. know where that comes from., to me, i think "the washington post" was focused on the sadness, the loss ofof life, for those families, d the people who were killed. it was not about that. now, i think they were wrong not to mention it, for sure. i don't see how you can do that because, as deena justin said, it is mentioned in the phone call, when he claims, -- now, he was never connected to any larger network or anything like that. but mention would have been sufficient. the questionen is, just as in te protest about sharia law, what is going on on the right, where the righton things, oh, gee, we are going to buy into this because we want some agreements? we see that everybody is walking all over us, we think something is wrong -- i don't understand why the right -- >> jesse: can i help you? >> greg: i looked at the protest in england, they weren't the right. they were sikhs, gays, the
9:20 pm
media, bbc -- bbc 3, i'm not sure, call them far right. they weren't. they were people who were finally tired of it. people in manchester are dying. people in the london bridge are dying. we don't want to die. i think they are part of the we don't want to die party. >> juan: when you get someone like president trump, who, in aftermath of what happened there, immediately said, "i was right." what is going on? you were right about islamic terror? what are you right about? this morning, when hehi comes bk at it, you understand, this is being politicized, and the right to somehow delight in it. >> kimberly: that is very inappropriate. >> juan: the politicized nation of a terror attack -- >> kimberly:t a loss of life --dash go >> jesse: there is always a spin when there is a democrat in charge and it happens on his watch. >> juan: you guys are so insecure that you are always on
9:21 pm
your back heals, reacting to someone else. >> kimberly: i don't think so, juan. you are the one talking about the loss of life. >> juan: listen, the fact is, this guy was a nutcase. this guy was a deeply disturbed, troubled person. he takes a moment and attributed to radical islam. >> greg: you have no solutions, juan. when anybody says, hey, this is a product of a new kind of strategy by ices to incite people to do this, you say, it is nothing, you are politicizing etched. >> juan: no, no, no. i think president trump specifically politicized it when he wanted to appreciate the congrats -- what is going on? i'm just telling you, i am not upset about anybody who intentionally politicized is a chatterjee. >> dana: here is a problem, juan wants a focused, and tries to find an opportunity out of weakness to try to blame a
9:22 pm
president who is frustrated by the loss of life. he hasn't done anything wrong. "the washington post" glosses over this,n they didn't mention the word terrorism, terror, isis, islam, muslims. >> greg: if you don't want to t talk about radical islam, you are a coward. if you want to blame term for it because of his tweets, you are a coward. >> kimberly: he said that the right delights in the loss of life. >> juan: don't politicize it and make it l a political issue. >> greg: people who lost loved ones in 9/11, their outrage is of course political? >> juan: no, that is not -- >> jesse: >> greg: if you are sg anyone who was outraged -- >> juan: greg, you should think about what i am saying. that is what i'm about to throw up. >> juan: that is just wrong, greg. >> jesse: president obama blamed benghazi on a video.
9:23 pm
if that is not politicizing a tragedy, i don't know what is. >> juan: why don't you come to the table -- >> greg: directly ahead, the media may be distracted by the russian investigation, but what about the president's first cabinet meeting? we'll show you ahead. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back... not when we've got so much more to give when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise it's ok that everybody ignoit's fine.n i drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom.
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>> there is an incredible, talented group of people in this room. together, we are working every we have been working very hard together. for our country to protect their safety, bringing back jobs into our country. and putting always, america first. >> kimberly: today, president trump assembled his full cabinet for the first time, taking some of the media focus off of the russia investigation for half a second. each member got a chance to speak, one by one, across the table, and here is a sampling. >> it is a privilege to serve the students of this country. >> we are engaged with our allies to ensure that they know where our common interests lie,
9:28 pm
what our expectations are. >> it is an honor to represent the men and women at the department of defense and we are grateful for the sacrifice our people o are making in order to strengthen our military. to speak with an incredible privilege to lead the men and women who are providing intelligence, so we can do national security missions, ande the finest -- and things i can't say in front of the media. >> dana: the president took the opportunity to give a progress report on his administration's accomplishments. >> never has there been a president, with few exceptions, the case of fdr, he had a major depression, who has passed more legislation, who has done more things than whatas we have done, between the executive orders, and the job killing regulations that have been terminated. 700,000 jobs have been created in a very short. lack of time since the election. if we would have said that almost $4 trillion in the stock markets has been created, everyone would have laughed at us. they a would have said that is
9:29 pm
ridiculous. but that is what it is. i >> dana: that was the public portion of the cabinet meeting, buton really, behind the scenes, getting downwn to work, they goa lot to do. they finally have their full cabinet in place after the democrats slow walk to some of them. the administration was slow to nominate some of them. now, the priorities are in place and they are trying to move forward. n before they have a lot of heavy lifting to do. everyone acknowledges that. i think people forget that trump's biggest accomplishment was preventing t hillary from comingsh into the white house. >> kimberly: and neil gorsuch. >> dana: i am surprised that he doesn't mention that. that is a huget accomplishment. >> jesse: any time that is mentioned, there is aio lot of applause. i think the president prevented the country from going over ain cliff. right now, a he is like an emt. he is in rescue mode still. we will get to resuscitation. right now, rescue mode looks like pulling out of paris, pulling out of ttp, stopping this regulation nation onslaugh onslaught. repealing obamacare, and then,
9:30 pm
when you get to the resuscitation, that is when you start moving forward with legislation, actually replacing obamacare. loosening up coal mine regulations. things like building the wall. those things are actually going to have more impact, and i think right now, he is in the transition period and he will get to that. but you can't dismiss the economy. you are going to have a big gdp year, almost a million jobs created since the election. regulations slashed, that does not get talked abouteg enough. gang bangers are getting deported. there is a lot of progress being made. just not fast enough, as everyone would like. >> dana: that's a good point on the regulation point, kimberly. g i think the administration, it's hard to measure how regulation can be a lead blanket on the economy. i think when he is talking about accomplishments, there are things that he is done by executive order that don't get a lot of attention because they g look likelo they are really smal ball. but for businesses, they mean a lot. >> kimberly: that's a great point. it's really in large measure due
9:31 pm
to cutting regulations that we have seen the positive impact on the numbers. just doing that alone has really been forceful in h terms of something that is pushing the economy, the job numbers, everything forward. it has been the catalyst to be able to produce some of those positive numbers. goodt luck, i hope you have a t of time to spend on google or bing to try to find a positive story about trump or the recovery. if you find one, it is going to creditd president obama economy for these instead of cutting back on the regulations, et cetera, which has been a stimulus for some of this. for sure, they are not going to give him credit where credit is due. but you justst have to be the bigger person and keep pushing forward, regardless of how they are going to cover it. >> dana: how do you see it, juan? >> juan: i love listening to jesse. are you are reminded of of that commercial, where every kid who participates gets a trophy, no matter what, no matter if you haven't repealed and replaced obamacare in the first 100 days, no matter if you haven't passed tax reform, no
9:32 pm
matter if you haven't done infrastructure, you can say, oh, this is the most successful administrations of fdr and people say, it is just trump. why bother? >> kimberly: you don't rack up accomplishments if you spent -- >> juan: let me j say -- >> dana: we need to get greg in here. >> juan: the part of it that really strikes me about it, let's leave apart all of the partisan arguing. what a dog and pony show this was. you have a cabinet meeting, and in the cabinet meeting, you have every one of your folks praise you, like you are caesar? oh, my gosh. what is goingg on? >> dana: greg, a lot of media is focusing on the fact that they did go around and have everybody say something nice about him but the a thing is, i was thinking earlier, the media did that for the president for the last eight years. you can't actually -- if you are a republican, you have to have your friends say something.
9:33 pm
>> greg: i just love it, when one begins with -- "leaving all the partisan beside -- and then he goes into a partisan comment. >> juan: no, i didn't. me about another cabinet meeting -- cost i was just about to. if you have seen any of his meetings, any of his meetings, this is how he does it. he is as everyone go around. i have seen about aeve dozen of them.t that is what he does. he'ser a different person. by the way, you notice that one person and was missing, dennis rodman. he was on the road to north korea. i find it charming. it is just what he does. by the way, we are all judging him on what he does. i, like aha politician on what they don't do, the less, the better. if you are good on one thing, and one thing only, which is to eradicate isis, to end the terror threat, i don't care if you don't build a wall, i don't care if you don't cut the taxes. this cometh to me -- >> jesse: the wall will be built and it will be beautiful.
9:34 pm
>> greg: thewa number one objective is security. i really think that is where you got to go. when i look at these people around the table, i think you knew that it was going to be applied, but i don't think they expected to space mountain. this is not the teacups. this is every day when they show up to work, they got a boss, i get to show up to work, he packs more into four leaks than obama did in four years. >> dana: when you say that they only do one thing, that is why i am surprised that he doesn't go back and talk about the confirmation of neil gorsuch. their monies conservatives who will say, if nothing else happensth for the next 4-8 years, that is all i care about. >> greg: whenn you look at the people around the table, it is like the super friends of cabinet members. everyone there is a heavy hitter. >> kimberly: i know. the bottom line for the president -- >> greg: att least half of them, come on. i can't even remember their names. ben rhodes? a member that guy?
9:35 pm
>> kimberly: he wasn't in the cabinet. >> greg: obama hired -- >> jesse: he hired yes-men. >> dana: i want kimberly to give the last word. >> kimberly: president trump will be successful, perhaps even won reelection, if he has a growing economy. that is at. that's is what he needs to do. >> dana: after talking for the g.o.p. spent for years, the democrats -- excuse me, the divide is spilling into the public. bernie sanders thinkshi his pary is an absolute failure, next. sickle ♪ can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday?! yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to.
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9:40 pm
democratic presidential nomination, what he had to say about the democrats over the weekend. >> the current model into the current strategy of the democratic party is an absolute failure. democratic party needs fundamental change. mustemocratic party finally understand which side it is on. >> kimberly: senator sanders of course lost to hillary clinton, who spent over a billion dollars just to come up short against president trump. ms. clinton's spending priorities during the campaign, still have many democrats havem. said. democrats upset. >> the hillary clinton campaign did not spend their money on white workers, and they did not spend their money on people of color. they spent it on themselves. let's be honest. they took a billion dollars, a billion dollars, a billion dollars, and spent it on fire and called it a campaign.
9:41 pm
you need to give the money back to the people, period. >> kimberly: all right, so truth bombs. >> greg: truth bombs it is. you know, the media is so focused on the alt-right and the friction going on during the campaign, that they alt left, which is fundamentally anti-speech, you're saying that on campus, and then you see bernie sanders, this is a guy who called for a religious test, christians at the confirmation hearing of russell voight. he also. called a religious tes. where are the brave souls who condemned the travel ban to stop terrorists from coming here, but they are okay with evangelists being modern office. itot is more upsetting to the democrats because they went with a safe, miserable back. they were the ones who didn't take the risk. and they had the risk in front of them, they probably could have won with bernie. maybe with somebody else, maybe
9:42 pm
with aon jim webb. i don't know. >> kimberly: that is going in a totally different direction on what bernie and many people on the left, a growing part of the democratic party. i don't think that they would go for a jim webb. >> greg: i know. it was an absurd comment. >> dana: from a manual, one of the ways he was able to take majorities back in the house, h, pro-gun, pro-life democrats to win. now, there is the tension of the party. bernie sanders is the man going around that battlefield, bayonet in adding the wounded of his own side. he is making sure that they are going to have problems throughout. they are in a position where they could actually try to win some of the state in 2018 but i think that this tension will cause the democrats even more problems. democrats like elizabeth warren, who is very polarizing. i don't think this is theiriz answer back to winning. they are not going to be able to put forward any policies unless they win them elections. these people are not the answer.
9:43 pm
>> kimberly: jesse, it is really unbelievable, to see the shift with the alt-left, rampant discrimination against anyone who doesn't believe exactly what they think, and they will impugn bad motives and thoughts and intentions, and if he were a support republican are you are pro-president, pro-charm, they say you are racist, sexist, youo are a bigot. all around bad person that doesn't deserve to have a voice or speakal an opinion. >> jesse: you are so french, the back lives matter people, the occupy wall street wing of the democratic party, that is where the energy and the ideas are. that is the problem of the democratic party. you do have some responsible democrats who are more mainstream, part of the washington establishment, more pro-wall street. and they can maybe win elections and raisect money, but they cant get out the vote, and they can't drive any boat or excitement. what they need to do is see if
9:44 pm
they can galvanize a good-looking, reasonably intelligent person that can rally the party -- >> kimberly: he's thinking of himself. >> jesse: whyy am i giving democrats themselves? >> kimberly: take it back, jesse. runt bernie. they need to get to kitchen table issues, back to obamacare, back to college tuition, and back to wages. maybe even go along with some of the trump agenda. if you cater to independence, that is how you win elections. >> kimberly: let him run someone from the antifa. >> juan: you would never know that trump is in the 30s in terms of approval listening here. remember, there is such big divides among republicans, especially people who are never trump hers and of trumper's -- >> jesse: the say segment about the democrats.s. >> juan: the way you guys are talking, there is only division among democrats. let me s say this, there is a bg congressional race in georgia featuring a democrat, who right
9:45 pm
now, has a slight lead. jon ossoff. he is running pretty much along the lines that you described, as sort of nonideological. >> kimberly: did any one card him? >> juan: he wants to reach out to people, we need to do better about environment, educating our children, things that anybody can come to. >> kimberly: he is not a bernie guy. >> juan: guess what, he has raised a record amount of money, unlike what happened in montana, what happened in kansas. now, you see the party gravitating toward him. i think, not what we just saw from bernie sanders, not the single payer, not the kind of militant, angry -- >> kimberly: he just showed up on the scene. they think they have a chance to win. that isy where the money is piling in. they needed won, not because he is so revolutionary or inspiring. people just not thehe guy. ahead,nk ivanka trump sits down with fox news. but she felt blindsided about after her father became
9:46 pm
president. next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ the opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain backed me up-big time. before movantik, i tried to treat it myself. spent time, money. no go. but i didn't back down. i talked to my doctor. she said: one, movantik was specifically designed for opioid-induced constipation-oic- and can help you go more often. number two? with my savings card,
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>> ivanka trump sat down on "fox & friends," she got candid about the political attacks against her dad. s >> there is a level of viciousness that i was not p expecting. i was not expecting the intensity of this experience. we are looking to change the status quo, so i didn't expect i think some of the distractions and some of the ferocity, i was a little blindsided by on a personal level. but for me, i am trying to keep my head down, not listen to the noise, and just work really hard to make a positive impact in the lives of as many people. >> juan: dana, she has become a strong political actor and her father's administration. her husband, obviously, now even question as to whether he is a person of interest in the probe. >> dana: they stepped into the arena. i think we are fortunate in america to have people that are
9:51 pm
willing to run for office and serve because it isn't easy. you actually heard similar things from people like laura bush and michelle obama, who both said, wow, they had no idea the intensity. they admired the husband, the father, for being able to do that. i thought the second part of what she said was more important, in which she said, that he is trying to be a transformative president. but she is doing this week is a whole piece on workplace issues. she will be in wisconsin tomorrow with her dad and the governor of wisconsin. they are focusing on vocational training. she very much wants to try to help turn around what she heard in the rust belt when she was on my campaign, which was that people feel like they don't have economic opportunity.y. partly, the reason for that is the education they are getting. that was the focus this week. as she said, she is trying to ignore the noise and everyone is focusing on that one piece of what she said. the second part of what she said is more important to me. >> juan: kimberly, do you think that the palace intrigue, the back and forth,, the fact thatat she is playing a central
9:52 pm
role, should be ignored?im >> kimberly: no, i think she should be graded and evaluated based on her contribution, and the earnestness with which she focuses and applies herself. i know her personally. she is a very nice person. she is very bright andve hard-working, very well liked by all who meet her. it is a fact. i think she wants to do something really good for the country, for women and children, for working moms, something that she is very passionate about. she is trying to contribute and take this moment in time and the opportunity and not squander it. it must be very difficult to hear and see the horrible things that she has had to put up with, like her father being murdered and assassinated in the play, the severed head, and to see her stepbrother, baron, 11 years old, being targeted as well. very upsetting. >> juan: what do you think? >> greg: i think it was very symbolic to have ivanka come out, could take caps during the
9:53 pm
week, coming up last week, for her father was pretty vindicated by comey. she did not expect this victory. shee came from new york city, where her father was adored by republicans or democrats for a certain period of time. i think he was about that. i don'tt think she can get used to this. i don't think anybody can. the swamp is striking back. she is the most effective spokesperson for the president. it >> juan: greg, and she is in the arena, she is going to get t hit. creative >> greg: it is interesting, the people who hit her. i judge people by the restraint they show when they have options. when you see people who are acting irrational, like the men on thehe plane he went after her family, i go back to the idea of cowardice, they believe that they have this option, because of their mood and the antipathy, that you can go on a attack somebody and they do. it shows what kind of scum they are. it is creating a new kind of polarity. it is no longer left versus right, it is basically, super
9:54 pm
anti-hatred trump and the rest of the world. it generates so much intensity. all of the other politicians are essentially beer and he is a shot. when everyone has his intense reaction, he is the best politician for people who aren't into politicians. everybody has an opinion on him. you can watch the super bowl without being into football. you can watch trump without being into politics. >> jesse: he's a shotgun. >> kimberly: he has been very stoic. >> juan: "one more thing," up next. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. hi..and i know that we have phonaccident, so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> time now for one more thing. adam west who played the role of batman pass p -- passed away on friday. we'll show you his performance. >> you will never get away with this? >> would you like to make a wager. >> i never gamble. bam. every one loved watching adam west. god rest his soul. >> happy birthday to george bush. and two former presidents called sxhim eating dinner with another president. we know you watch and we love it. >> happy birthday. >> i love the internet, there i found heavy metal band named
9:59 pm
generator. it is your first letter of your first name and last letter. and yours kimber will be hell's angel and juan william. foresaken thorn. and jesse watters' would be forsaken. and you got iron god's and i am the bloody angelies. >> that's perfect for you. >> why? >> i think gory inside. >> kimberly? >> so exciting news. first lady melania trump and her son officially moved to dc and the white house and it is excited to him. he is the first little boy to live in the white house since john- john. >> president carter on a flight
10:00 pm
from atlanta to dc, taking time to shake hands with everyone on the plane. and this is not the first time. he does it all of the time and he's surviving cancer. >> what a great guy hanis utnext. >> sean: president trump and his family hit back hard against the form fbi director comey. the president tweeted out. i believe james comey and his leaks will be more prevalent and very coward row. earlier today. ivanka trump said her father was vindicated. >> what did you think emerged? >> my father felt wind uponicated and incredibly optimistic.


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