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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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pouty woman that they describe the actress in julius caesar. >> sean: all right, i've got to roll. listen, you've been great. thankee you so much. that's all the time we have for this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. told senators last week that
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sessions may have met russian ambassador kislyak at the mayflower hotel in washington last april. why would comey think that? because of classified surveillance of kislyak's conversation suggested may, it may have happened. that was wrong but that was released in order to hurt jeff sessions and by the way that's the point. many more examples of this. every day. in december an unnamed source told "the washington post" that russia helped donald trump in the presidencies. later someone said vladimir putin was involved in helping trump win the election.
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in february current and former -- released a phone call between mike flynn and ambassador kislyak of russia, it was monitored because he was being spied on. by our government. michael flynn's name was leaked and his career and reputation were destroyed. trump's private phone call to the mexican president was leaked. his call with the australian prime minister, same thing. again, leaked by the intel community. how could this possibly have advanced american security interest, which is what they were supposed to be doing?it was entirely political. in march a half dozen people told the "new york times" they sought to spread classified intelligence information about the trump campaign to ensure it would leak and hurt trump. the leaks are as old as government and sometime they are
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welcome in general. we are seeing something new at work here. these are not leaks from political appointees, defined in the base of of bob woodward book. these are strategic leaks, the release of classified intelligence from people whose job it is to collect and safeguard that intelligence and in that way it's an honor perversion of the system. we give power to the intelligence agencies. we let them listen to our phone calls, water emails, water from -- and watch us from satellites. we let them do that so that they can keep a safe. not so that they can pick our policy leaders. in democracy, we are in charge, not them, not unelected bureaucrats. that's changing, and we ought to be concerned about it. congress isn't worried, because a lot of people would rather have the policies they prefer than a constitutional government. they don't like trump so they don't mind the system is collapsing. it's worse than immoral.
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it's a mistake. once they shove aside unelected government, they can do it again. at that point democracy is over. edhenry was watching the hearings and joins us with an update. >> jeff sessions came out swinging. some were wondering what took so long isn't administration took one shot after another without punching back with facts like he did today. sessions took some lumps. he could not describe his private conversations with the president even though the president hasn't evoked executive privilege. democrats seemed shocked that was happening even though former attorney general eric holder tried to shield his
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conversations from congress many times. the trump administration has taken hits without key players getting a chance to fire back in testimony on the hill. they are shying away from telling their side of the story. today sessions got tough when republicans pointed out that democrats were not asking questions about alleged collusion anymore. >> i rescued myself from any investigation into the campaign for president. but i did not recuse myself from defending my honor against false obligations. >> maybe because multiple democrats have not seen evidence of any such collusion.
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>> tonight jeff sessions fends off senators. a grudging admission he started to help the administration turn the corner. >> tucker: do you think senator cotton is right, this is no longer about trying to determine whether or not it was collusion? >> it could be. they can't find evidence of collusion despeights months of investigating it. what senator cotton's point seemed to be various senators on the intelligence committee: we are here just to get the facts. it's awful that there was russian interference in the election. the questions were about the president and the attorney general and who know what and when? james comey. other issues that may be troublesome but not where they started. that's the fear of special council robert mueller this will start as one thing and become
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something much difference. >> tucker: there was not collusion during the last election. just a quest. a few senators are upset with this investigation. could this be a plot for a spy movie? >> you have ever in any of these situations heard of a plot line so ridiculous that a signature u.s. senator and an ambassador of a foreign government colluded in an open seth with hundreds of other people to pull off the greater caper in history? >> thank you for saying that, senator cotton. it's like through the looking glass. what is this.
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>> tucker: a radio show host joins us. what is this about? >> with that i was just worried the next thing would be bullwinkle hanging out. it's a catoon. -- cartoon. even at hillary's i lost party, she said it was the russians. these are individuals who are desperate to not have to admit to blowing a billion dollars and to failing everyone and being this out of touch with the american people. they have to find another reason for it. it's made up of nothing. they hope it continues on for 4 more years or perhaps for eight. this is what they do best. the media is helping move it along even though it's false. this is why this conversation, the internet is important, for us to point out the nature of what is going on here. thank goodness for jeff
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sessions? >> he did a great job tonight. he shows to be there. -- he chose to be there. he insisted on coming to clear his name. one question i have: james comey accused loretta lynch of obstruction. she's been silent. she hasn't come out and said, wait a minute i want to testify under oath and clear my name. it was the first thing jeff sessions wanted to do. i think loretta lynch should come forward. if not she should be asked to come forward. >> tucker: i don't think there are "new york times" reporters camped outside of her house demanding an explanation. when you involve an actual country that is a player in global affairs we have to deal with, like russia, it dissorts all of american foreign policy. >> is it does. what it also does -- the best
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defense is a good offense. there is also a lot of connections with the clintons and russia and the democrats. it's an interesting situation. if you want to protect questions coming over at your angle, you will project it on to someone else. then you have the romney explanation in the laughst election. he said russia is our greatest foe. that's true. it's easy to frighten the american people. the democrats under-estimate our ability to ask questions and to understand what is going on. 6 out of 10 americans found that they are angry with the media because of the nature of the coverage of politics. a lot is simply carrying the water for the democrats. >> tucker: it is. i saw someone on another channel
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who said anyone complaining about leaks from government is putting up a smoke screen to defend donald trump. i would say it's a real concern. if your intelligence agencies are misusing information for political ends, what is scarier? >> we saw the leaks about the london bridge attack. that caused an immediate diplomatic problem. with james comey, leaks are like potato chips. you don't do just one. what else did he leak and what damage did it do? they are still looking for the thumb drive. people do this in a big way. the damage then gets multiplied. >> tucker: leaks are like potato chips. i am going to remember that. thanks a million. >> ♪ >> tucker: back to london, england, westside of the city.
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a massive fire appears to be growing. there are 200 firefighters on the scene. it's a 27 story residential apartment building. every floor of that apartment complex is on fire from the second all the way to the 27th. there were initial reports that the fire started at the top of the building on the 26th floor and somehow migrated down. not clear how that is possible. we will get clarity we hope. several people treated for smoke inhaling a. no word so far on deaths. with the recent efferents in london, we will keep you updated on this story. it's unusual and appears to be horrible. as we get more information we will bring it to you immediately. jeff sessions did well today on the stand. we will talk to a lawyer who says he ought to resign right now! she will explain why. the latest on the release of
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arnold warmbier from north korea. a bittersweet england. -- ending. stay tuned. ♪
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so, this is -- i am afraid will result and is already resulting in investigations. i fear that some people may find that they wished they had not leaked it. >> tucker: attorney general jeff sessions made a strong appearance but not everyone agrees. you have a form fbi director who suggested that he was somehow implicated in mid deeds by russia. slandering him in public with no evidence. i don't know how the left can defend that. that seems like classic mccarthyism. >> i think we do have evidence. the fact he recused himself from the investigation into russia to me is signfiicant. as an attorney we know you don't recuse yourself unless you have a conflict of interest.
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what conflict did he have? >> tucker: i understand. as an attorney you would say anyone who invokes the fifth amendment is guilty? >> if you invoke the fifth amendment, that speaks for itself. that's what he is doing: >> tucker: are you really an attorney? that's false. that is crazy! we have courts to determine whether you are guilt or not. >> that is not crazy. this is a seasoned politician who invoked executive privilege on behalf of president trump when he hasn't invoked it himself. he is hiding behind this executive privilege that he didn't have. >> tucker: hold on. i am not here to ask you what the american public thinks. i am asking what you think as an attorney. are you saying because he
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rescued himself he is cooperating with russia? >> i am saying i am concerned as an attorney that our attorney general invoked the executive privilege. >> tucker: whatever. it's weird -- left clamored and pushed for jeff sessions to recuse himself because he had a conflict with russia. okay? he did. i don't think he should have, but he got bullied into it. for the same people who pushed him to recuse himself to hold up that as evidence that he had improper dealings with russia is insane. >> i don't think that is insane at all. what is unusual is his failure to be transparent with the american public. he failed to disclose the fact he met with the russian ambassadors on two different occasions. >> tucker: keep the american public out of this because they are not here in the stewed. -- studio.
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what are you suggesting? are you saying he betrayed the interest of the american people? >> that's a far stretch. he failed to be completely transparent. our attorney general needs to be transparent. he said one of the most significant things in our nation is transparency. that's not what he is giving up. >> tucker: he said i was not acting as a trump surge ghat. -- surrogate. i met twice with the russian ambassador. democrats suggest there was something weird going on. there wasn't. are you saying that he was in cahoots with putin? why should we care about this? >> great, no big deal. then why didn't you tell the american people the first time about those meetings.
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you can't say i forgot i had any meetings. >> tucker: they were on his schedule at that time. there were obama political appointees in the room. you could have looked it up. people meet with ambassadors from foreign countries all the time. the same with democrats. i won't suggest they are working for the russian. who cares? where is the scandal? sincere question. >> the scandal is in his fail ure to disclose that and his invocation of the executive privilege that he did not have the right to invoke. >> tucker: i think democrats are going to regret trying to hurt people by implications. if you disagree with the guy, say so. to suggest he is doing something
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creepy or treasonous, you don't want to go there. that's wrong. >> first to say you guys. i never said things you are implying i said. i said a lack of transparency of our attorney general should be of a concern to the american public. >> tucker: maybe they are concerned. thanks for joining us. we didn't learn a lot new from the hearings. what was the point of that whole circus. rick has an idea. he will share it with us next. we are monitoring what is happening in london. a massive fire. 27 story apartment building aflame from the second floor to the top floor. situation appears to be getting worse. no word if the 200 firefighters fear the building is could collapse. the situation is grave. origin unknown. we are following it. stay tuned.
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>> tucker: today's hearing in the senate didn't just focus on jeff sessions mythical dealing with russia. grotesque parody. sessions with testy exchanges about the actions of fired fbi director jim comey. >> mr. comey said there were problems and he could not talk
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about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me! there are none, senator. i can tell you that for absolute certainty! this is a secret innuendo leaked about me and i don't appreciate it. >> tucker: it's stupid and pointless and consuming washington. it is going nowhere. what is it all about. we talked to brit what this is about and here's what he said. >> the point was to give sessions a chance to clear his name which had been dragged through the mud over a period of months now by various leaks and suggestions including the most recent watch from james comey who did not have a good day today. i think is a hearing that should not have needed to be held, but it was. so that sessions -- by the way
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appearing before a group of men and women who know him very well and have known him for many years and know he is a descent and honorable man, of whom it would be absurd to imagine he would collude with the russian on anything. he is a conservative with a hawkish record. the absurdity hasn't mattered. >> tucker: he was tough on russia when it mattered? >> that's right. we talked about meetings with the russian ambassador. the russian ambassador -- this man and his predecessors have been around for years and meet with all kinds of people. last time i was in the senate dining room the russian
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ambassador was there having lunch with diane feinstein. these meetings mean nothing. a previous guest referred to him as the chief spy master. >> tucker: what i object to is the criminalization of balance differences. if you are against sanctions on russia, then you are doing the bidding of vladimir putin. can't you have a dispute without accusing someone of treason? >> of course you can, but that's not what this is about. the people raising these accusations don't think anybody committed treon. -- treason. they are looking for ways to bring down donald trump and the people around him. to them his election is unthinkable. and this can't be allowed to proceed. they are trying everything they k. the idea that the russian colluded and helped to arrange
11:32 pm
the election of donald trump has been a piece of it for a long time. the problem has been from the beginning. no evidence. evidence of russian attempts to intervene in the election or influence the election have been present everywhere. evidence of collusion with donald trump and the people around him has been in very, very short supply. the collusion story is sliding away from us now. they got nothing out of this today. no collusion out of comey either. maybe there was obstruction of justice in the firing of comey. we are far afield of what the investigations of the justice department were supposed to be about. it's been described one way and one way only from the start. a counter-intelligence investigation. which to say that the fbi in carrying this out under comey has been trying to act as an intelligence agency to find out
11:33 pm
what kind of spying activity went on. >> tucker: which is legitimate. >> exactly. it strayed very far afield. >> tucker: very far away. they don't believe it's treason. they just say that which is worse. up next after 17 months american otto warmbier was released from north korea. ed good news stops. there the latest on his release next. we are monitoring what appears to be a truly epic and tragic fire in the city of london. burning through a 27 high rise apartment. 200 firefighters on the scene. residents being evacuated now. stay tuned.
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>> this is a fox news alert. 22-year-old otto warmbier came home to the united states. he was arrested in north korea 17 months ago and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. the regime suddenly released him after a diplomatic effort. but warmbier is in a coma and has been in it for a year. his parents just found out about that. michael is a reporter from since the. he has more on that. cincinnati. is otto warmbier in the state of ohio? >> yes, he is. his private plane came in at 10:15. as it came in, there were 25 people that were standing behind a fence as his plane was coming in, they began to cheer. his body was taken off the plane. it was carried off the plane into an ambulance which left here around 10:45.
11:39 pm
the whole process took about 30 minutes. he was taken over to the university of cincinnati medical center. according to his parents, he is in a coma. we can tell you at his high school, they put up blue and white ribbons around trees along main treat. those are the color s of his high school. on june 13th, his parents will give us a press conference on his situation. >> tucker: such a sad story, michael. we talked to his parents a number of times. they are nice people. you have siblings. you always say of kids in a situation like this, they were impressive and great, but he is impressive and great. it's not an over-statement in this case. thanks for the update. i appreciate it. for more on the release of otto warmbier we are joined by gordon
11:40 pm
chiang is an expert on north korea. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: so, a couple of questions: how did this happen? >> i think there was about a week of discussions between the united states and north korea. i think it occurred in connection with dennis rodman's trip there. you have to remember that one american left north korea. another american arrived in north korea within hours of each other. i think what north korea has been trying to do is signal to the trump administration that they want a back channel communication upon they want to talk to the u.s. administration. these 2 events occurred in conjunction with each other. >> tucker: any suggestion that dennis rodman the retired basketball player was an enjoy of any kind? >> i don't think that he was officially an envoy. the state department said no.
11:41 pm
rodman's comments in the airport on his way there, he talked about president trump being happy with what he is doing. that's an indication there was at least some discussion. you have to remember that rodman is the only person in the world who knows both president trump and kim jong-un the ruler of north korea. i think there was some talk but none is official. >> tucker: hard to open your brain wide enough to admit ideas like what you just said. it's so weird. it's hard to know what to stay. -- say. north korea has held otto warmbier for more than a year. he's been in a coma. it seems so cruel. why would they do that? what is the point of that? >> well, they wanted a bargaining chip. they have three others so they can release otto warmbier. the other thing is they could
11:42 pm
not allow an american to die in dedention. kenneth bay, he was in poor condition and they let him go as well. one an american dies in north korea, is this a murder? that's not a conversation that north korea wanted to hear. >> tucker: pretty close to a murder. hurt this boy and put him in a coma for over a year. does the u.s. government have any recourse? >> not really. otto warmbier did commit a crime under north korea law. we americans who live in a democracy don't understand the importance of symbolism to kim jong-un. taking down a propaganda poster
11:43 pm
is a serious crime in north korea. a north korean woulds hard labo. this is out of proportion. this is a reminder to everybody about the horrific nature of the north korean regime am we understand the evil in the system. >> tucker: it's almost beyond words. do you believe this administration is responsible for his release? do you think they orchestrated this diplomatically? >> i think there have been discussions over the course of warmbier's detention. we have continued to do this and working on the three other americans who are still in north korea. there is little we can do unless we impose costs on north korea
11:44 pm
which i believe we should and on china. once we have a more resolute policy i think they will stop taking americans as bargaining chips. this will continue until we show political will. >> tucker: what else could they do to us? if they take an american college student and yank him off the bus on his way to a plane put him in a coma and we don't do anything? what can't they do to us? >> yes, that's why north korea continues to do these things. they realize the united states is not going to retaliate. we have taught north korea there is no cost for doing things like this. north korea over the course of decades have snatched so many americans. we have hostage dramas all the time, tucker. the reason is we don't do anything about it. >> tucker: want to mention scores of japanese, some
11:45 pm
children, kidnapped right off their beeches. what should -- beaches. what should we do to punish them? >> the first thing we should be doing is unplugging north korea financial institutions and chinese financial institutions that were complicit with north korea. we go after china. then we have a real solution. china supplied ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons components including stealing 81 million dollars through a cyber attack from an account at the federal reserve bank of new york. we don't do anything. we are not enforcing our own laws. that's perplexing. of course the chinese and north korea do these things because there is no cost. >> tucker: thanks for that informed view. appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker.
11:46 pm
>> tucker: tomorrow we will interview the parents of otto warmbier. that will be airing tomorrow night on our show. breaking news in london. a massive fire burning all the way through a high rise apartment building in west london. 200 firefighters on the scene. there are reports that residents some are trapped on the upper levels beyond the possibility of rescue. we will bring you details as we get them. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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>> do you believe the russian interfered with the 2016 elections? >> it seems so. >> tucker: i spoke to jasmine who said jeff sessions ought to resign. david was an obama compain advisor. he believes sessions may be a for more significant individual in the russian investigation. david joins us. sum up what we learned today that suggest the attorney general is collusion with russia? >> we didn't learn a lot new from sessions's committee. one thing we learned from comey's testimony that was brand new, what comey said he knew sessions was going to recuse himself before sessions recused himself. sessions tried to explain that
11:52 pm
saying he decided the day after he took the position as the attorney general that he would recuse himself. he didn't inform anyone outside of the department of justice of that. comey didn't know about it. wishy-washy on the part of sessions and raises questions. >> tucker: it raises question about comey and the decency of anyone who would support that. you have the former fbi director implying that the attorney general is in cahoots with a foreign government committing treason but not providing evidence it happened. how can you be in favor of destroying a man by innuendo? >> i don't think it's fair to say that, tucker. comey didn't imply he was in collusion. >> tucker: yes he did. >> comey said there were reasons he knew sessions had to step down. we don't know yet what those reasons are. we want to know everything right away. to try to decide, oh --
11:53 pm
this is an investigation that is very complicated. it involves lots of different players. >> tucker: that's why you don't bring it up in public. >> i say i know things about david that might shock you. i can't tell you what they are and let that hang in the air. >> tucker: that's wrong to do that. >> that's not what comey did either. comey was asked precise questions and he was not to reveal information. he was in a difficult situation. >> tucker: back in a minute. whoooo.
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>> tucker: our former colleague megyn kelly recently interviewed alex jones. it was scheduled to air on nbc. a lot of people like alex jones, a lot of others don't like alex
11:58 pm
jones. he has said some bizarre things over the years, including promoting a conspiracy theory about the sandy hook massacre. a lot of people don't like his politics. kelly is a journalist. that is how it is supposed to work. as of yesterday, kelly found herself under attack from, of all people, self-described journalists, for daring to talk to someone they don't like. margaret sullivan of "the washington post" wrote that "exposing the evil of alex jones is crucial, but megyn kelly one-on-one is not to do it." "new york times" contributor tweeted this, "first putin, now come alex jones, what reprehensible figure will she give it to next? keep in mind, to our knowledge, anyway, nobody outside nbc has actually seen this interview. we don't know what questions megyn kelly asked or how alex jones responded to them. no one is trying to claim that she is promoting alex jones'
11:59 pm
views, of course, she is not. she is just interviewing him, like reporters are supposed to do. that is no longer allowed. this isn't just and assault on journalism, it is an attack on free expression and reality itself. a journalists job is to get the public honest information about the world of my people know what they think of it. we try and do it on this show every night. if you watch regularly, you will see a never ending parade on marxist academics, emotionally incompetent anti-trump protesters, vegetarians, we are not promoting any of them. we just think you have a right, maybe an obligation to know what they are all saying. the left does not agree with that idea. they don't want to hear the other side, they want to ban it. alternative views, facts, dissenting voices, none of them is allowed anymore in progressive america. this is about a lot more than a single television interview. it is a window into how liberals see the world and it's
12:00 am
terrifying. that is all for tonight. good night from washington. "the five" is next. they will have updates on the fire in london. see you >> kimberly: we could go in any time slot. >> thank you to our friends on the "the five." this is a fox news alert. jeff sessions obliterates the left, and her black helicopter. and slams the democrats for spreading detestable lies during his very, very powerful senate testimony today. also, newt gingrich, geraldo rivera, all here tonight with reaction. plus we are awaiting the return to the united states of an american student who was jailed in north korea for more than a year. he is indeed in


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