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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> sean: all right that's going to wrap things up from alexandria, virginia.he again, our thoughts and prayers withr congressman scalise. as always, thanks fork being wih us. and we will see you back here from washington, d.c. stay tuned, tucker carlson his next. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. we are alive on the east coast to bring you the details of the terrible shooting that took place this morning and alexandria, virginia. a politically motivated shooting. an act of political violence undertaken by a 66-year-old man from illinois with a profound grudge for the republican party on the trump administration. there was a witness who recorded the unfortunate moments of this on his cell phone, and you can
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hear the shots ringing out in the distance. five people shot. one of them, the majority whip, steve scalise of louisiana, in the hospital tonight gravely injured. the president of united states and first lady made a visit to hospital a short time ago, to and i believe we have pictures of them visiting medstar national hospital in washington. the hospital released a statement just a short moment ago. a status report on the congressman's condition. here's what it says, and we are quoting the medstar national hospital. "congressman steve scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. the bullet traveled across his pelvis. he b underwent immediate surgery and additional procedure to stop the bleeding. he received multiple units of blood transfusion. his condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. "we will closely be following of
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course with updates following congressman scalise's condition. as you know by now, the gunman was possible for all of this was james hodgkinson, and enthusiastic progressive and bernie sanders supporter [gunshots] [gunshots] >> tucker: at this point, the only death is the shooter himself at five other people were wounded badly. two capitol hill police
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officers, hill staffer, a lobbyist, and house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana. shortly after in a depressingly familiar ritual, lawmakers jumped in trying to share political points from the shooting. they may have been the quickest to the scene as the rest of the countries waking up up to this horrifying news. he was busy writing his sermon. "virginia, no background checks, no permit required for concealed carry long guns, open carry long guns and handguns." that would be amusing if it wasn't so gross. a concealed carry permit for aar rifle? what is it even look like? byby the way, virginia does require a background check to buy a gun. but he was not alone. in a morning statement, he claimed that 93 million people die every day thanks to guns.
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93 million. that's more than a third of the country murdered every day of the calendar year. the governor said that multiple times. of course, this is what happens when ignorant liberals talk about firearms, but it misses the point entirely. what happened today is not horrifying because it was a gun violence, it'sca horrifying because it was political violence. therefore it threatens the basic solidity of our country. it is a bigger deal than shooting a man in a bar because he had on your wife. they are both bad and immoral, but only one can potentially lead to civil war. some of the hard left understand this, and that's why they supported, because political violence could lead to the dissolution of the country lace despise. our country. "the world would be a better place without him. story.ithout him. "ben's only criticism of the attack was at the limited scale. "for violent resistance to work, it needs to be organized. individual acts can be
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understandable, but likely unproductive or o ineffective." on the other side of the divide, where i occupy, others are looking to blame the media or bernie sanders for the shooting. an understandable temptation but it is best resisted. the only present response will further shooting today is the man who pulled the trigger. that said, there are some lessons we can learn from this. at one, in this volatile moment, nspeople with microphones oughto be responsible for what they sa say. that means never excusing political violence under any circumstances. that means shootings like this. but also riots assaults, occupations threats. any otherht attempt ought to be condemned swiftly and unequivocally. being responsible also means being intellectually honest and not implyingne that you know moe than you actually do know. if, for example, you believe, russia had improper involvement in last fall's election, that's fine. it make your, explain yourself. but don't accuse your political
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opponents ofla treason unless yu have hard evidence they committed sees treason. that may seem obvious to you, but there are big ratings in conspiracy theories these days, and some can't resist. above all, don'tp dehumanize yor political opponent. the people you disagree with are still people. it is not a holy war, it's a debate about how best to run our country, and reasonable people can disagree on that as they have for hundreds of years. the other side isn't evil, they are just wrong. more than anything, they are fellow a americans, and that means far more than our views obamacare, and even russia. congressman thanks so much for joining us.
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speak out, jeff duncan and i peered i was at third and he was at short, i would have been 30 or 40 feet from the gunman had we stayed. jeff would have been 70 feet, but we wanted to beat the traffic, so jeff and i said let's get on the road. as soon as we got to the car, an individual approached us and said, it was kind of aggressive, hey are those republicans or democrats? jeff was like they are republicans. and the guy immediately turned around and t started walking toward the field. it was kind of weird, but it's the type of thing where you just shake your shoulders. as soon aso we got back to the hill and heard what hadhe happened, jeff and i immediately talk to one another and knew we had toou report this guy and wht we knew about him. once that he was identified and they found his picture, jeff and i said that's definitely him. jeff had a staffer who was driving and he said 100% that waske. >> tucker: that is amazing. so you left without knowing what
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had happened. you drove all the way from alexander to capitol hill without knowing the shooting took place. >> that'ss right. we left at about seven oh 8:00 a.m. versus 7:30, by the time we got back to capitol hill, we started to get word. it was stunning because, i was just they are 20 minutes ago. steve and i were turning double plays. he's turning and throwing it to third base. that happened five or 10 minutes before he got shot. it's just a real surreal -- i haven't even come to terms to it yetwa. >> tucker: you remember the exchange free will. did he seem agitated or weird? >> i don't know if he was agitated.
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up there around 6:15 a.m. and practice until about 7:30 a.m. a lot of these guys are 50, even 60 years old. it isn't exactly the big leagues, so it's not great for spectators. but he clearlys knew that they were members of congress out there,as and he was very interested in the party affiliation, so the way he acted was a a little odd, but definitely, we had no indication that he had any arms on his person. i think what he did have, he probably had them in the van he was living in. "the sean hannity show" is this something you think about when you are around other members are by yourself in washington? >> it when we are on the hill, we have security in the capital and the office buildings. it's a little different. this is being off-campus, and the only reason there was security there is because steve scalise, as a leader of the
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leadership a. had he not been there, i think we would be looking at ten or 15 fatalities. i will tell you, we have now started talking amongst one another about some of the inreats we get into our office since the election and since the trump j inauguration, and it's t just threats against me, other members, a lot of our families. we have people, i havee a 6-month-old daughter and people say i hope she dies. when something like this happens, you take that more seriously then maybe you have in the past. >> tucker: i know the feeling as it happens. what do you know about the conditions of the man who was there andot apparently shot a number of times and hasn't gotten a lot of attention today. >> his family put out a statement peered they are asking for privacy. obviously, the statement identified some significant wounds, and he has been in
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surgery. we are really praying for a him. this is a guy who was a former staffer. he is now downtown and he wants to come out and support the team. a very tragic that he was hurt in this. >> tucker: people who don't live in washington don't understand what a big deal these games are. it's one of the last traditions that bring people together, and it is so sad to see this happen. >>ry steve scalise, of everybod, he loved this game. he had a child like sense of excitement a about it, so it's t really tragic that he gets shot on the field that he loved being out on so much. >> tucker: i know, and a good guy. congressman, thank you for coming on tonight. the shooting occurred in virginia, but the shooter hailed
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from illinois. it would also mean all about him and why he did this? fox news correspondent has been on it all day and he shares the latest of what he's found. hey,on mike. t >> tucker, there have been people from illinois that say they didn't see many signs of trouble from james hodgkinson, but a neighbor just told our producer that he was an angry littlele man, a pushy little mastered. he did have run-ins with the la law. according to a report from st. clair county sheriff's department, he punched a woman in the face, dragged his daughter and the ground by her hair, had a guy with a shotgun and fired that shotgun in anger. in march of this year, a neighbor called the sheriff because hodgkinson was out in in the field firing his rifle. >> and i thought, good grief, there are houses over there. i yelled at him. i said, stop shooting over there. there are houses over there. i didn't get any kind of a notion from him that he heard me or if he even cared. >> he ranted about leftist
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politics. he wrote 18 letters to the editor to the local newspaper complaining about taxes and the 1% of topew income owners. his facebook page has been taken down, but it contained anti-republican messages. that trump was a traitor and deserve to be impeached. hodgkinson also campaigned for bernie sanders. hodgkinson voted democratic in 2008, 2012, and 2016. >>lc tucker: . >> i'm wondering if this was focused on steve scalise. the most important thing we need to understand of this is this is what happens when you have a proliferation of guns, and it is to be expected to a certain extent.
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>> tucker: yeah, it's toto be expected. politics had nothing to do with it, and neither does terrorism. weird that. the first isis suicide bombing of a trump property. he said that. mark stein is an author columnist. he's been warning about the violent rhetoric on the left for some time and he joins us now. what do you make of that? >> that guy is a posed -- i take it he's not really in the hotel bombing business. i don't take lightly. i like to stay at the grand hyatt in armand until he got blown up. in fact a hollywood producer and his daughter were killed at their wedding at that hotel. that's a real thing, and it's the kind of turn on for the left to joke about t this. and a sense, one has to have
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more admiration for the isis guys who actually slice off the heads than for someone like kathy griffin who gets the edginess doing a photoshop photo shoot with a severed head. that's just wanting all the glamour of violence without having to do it. down on the street level, i think if you actually normalize that kind of approach to domestic politics, you do increase the likelihood that some loser somewhere halfway across the country, is going to get in the car, drive to washington, and live in his van for a couple of months, and ctually do something. we have to, that's why i think this glamorized so edgy political violence culture actually has to be dialed way backk.
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>> tucker:h it's funny though. so much of the attacks you hear from the left strike me as transference. in a sense they accuse their opponents of the things of which they are personally guilty. your violent! your racist! it's always things that are so obvious about them. othey seem obsessed with violence. not all of them, a lot of good liberals out there. but you know what i mean. these activist types who think about violence a lot. >> that's true. it was true eight years ago. at the t dawn of the obama era, there was a whole kind of obama assassination form, not from the right, but from leftist columnist fantasizing about how the right were itching to assassinate obama. there was some guy, i think in the ottawa sun, who writes a 700 word column describing in detail how some lee harvey oswald was just itching to blow the first black president's head off.
10:17 pm
what i find most revolting about this, and if we were to learn a lesson from what happened today, i think we should actually put our foot down about what orwell called the pansy left. the appropriation of real heroism. for example, the trump resistance. resistance is a term that has a specific meaning. the french resistance, because their country was illegally occupied by the. so frenchman risked their lives isto rated their country of a foreign occupier. my mom, god bless her, happened to be belgian, and lost her childhood growing up in world war ii. it there was a belgian resistance. there is american resistance. to put it in terms the leftists
10:18 pm
will understand you're guilty of cultural appropriation. when you're some pampered, s stupid, middle-class snowflake, and you think you are a part of her resistance, you are not. you have no idea what people want a realtor and a half live throughh. she lost the election, top! try again in 2020. don't culturally appropriate real courage, real heroism and real resistance! >> tucker: i could listen to this all night and not a long as you speak. mark stein as always. thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: handful of sick people defended today's hearing hearings, and even more people have defended about the rising enthusiasm of violence and political rhetoric. oh what is it about, where is it
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we heard a loud bang and i >> we heard a loud bang. i stopped and said what was that? the next thing i heard it, everybody said ron, he's got a gun. >> it was about a millisecond after that shot, most people knew it was gunfire. and we needed to start scrambling. that's exactly what we did. >> it was returned fire. i bet there were 30 to 50 shots that i heard. i h heard some of the players saying just shoot him. they shot one of his buddies and they are shooting at him. they were shooting at all of us. >> tucker: most people on both sides, republican and democrat, have the sense to condemn
10:23 pm
today's assassination attempt on republican members of congress for the atrocity that it was. unfortunately most people, if not everybody, several t peoplen the hard left praised today's shootings as an act of self-defense. many others balk at a literal shooting, but have defended mock violence. there seem to be a trend of rhetorical violence in any rate and in somee cases literal violence on the left. what is thriving at? so, you see this as a trend then? >> yeah, i think we have been seeing this coming for a while. >> it started for the most part on college campuses. the kind of intolerant violentt protests that shut down conservative speakers, charles
10:24 pm
murray, got attacked. sent a woman to the hospital. we have seen this on college campuses,we and as we know, most things that start on college campuseses in america and up filtering out into the general public. >> tucker: what's the motive behind it exactly. what is the anger come from, do you think? >> i think a lot of it comes from the fundamental difference between the way progressives viewer politics and the way conservatives view politics. for progressives, an issue like health care or immigration or gun control isn't just a matter of policy difference or a difference of opinion. le faith.rticle of and if you disagree with him on that, you are not just ill-informed or wrong, you're a bad person. you are racist, you're raising a folk, and you need to be silenced r. this is the rhetoric that were seen coming out of campuses, and increasingly, we see that in public life in america. >> tucker: to them, and the irony of course is that the left
10:25 pm
is aggressively secular, but they just transferred that religious impulse tohe politics. so they mean it in a way that right doesn't. >> it's not necessarily a new you go back to 2009, when they were debating obamacare, and joe biden was willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people because he wouldn'tle vote for an amendment on obamacare. that kind of rhetoric, that way of thinking about policy disagreements, is how you talk yourself into feeling or needing to do something drastic to change the political situation. >> tucker: you can see how this is going. things that incubate on college campuses tend to flower in the larger society, where do the adults on college campuses? they are bought into institutions where they are drawing salaries, they have 4o1 kays. it don't they have an interest in keeping the stuff from exploding and wrecking our
10:26 pm
society? >> you would think they would, but the adults on college campuses are the ones who have inculcated this into their students. not just through whathe they teh in the classroom, but through how they respond. you see college administrators and college president after president cowering to the demands of these protesters, from berkeley toro middlebury, d that encourages this behavior. it doesn't tap it down. there's never really a pushback. was there ever any punishment for the students that sent that professor to the hospital and middlebury? >> tucker: in the end, they are afraid of the models also. john, i was hoping you were going to make me feel better, you made me feel more morose great but i think you're right. things were y coming on. unsurprisingly, the left sees every mass shooting as a chance to renew calls for gun control. today's shooting was no exception. after the break, we will talk to
10:27 pm
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>> tucker: today's shooting swiftly provoked calls for gun control laws that allegedly would have prevented it. today shooting in alexandria swiftly promoted calls for gun laws. councilman williams from new yorkeg joins us calling for
10:31 pm
common sense gun legislation. we spoke to the councilman earlier tonight. what gun law would have prevented theio shooting today >> i think it is a combination of things. first, my prayers are representative scalise and his family. >> tucker: amen. >> i think itre is a confluencef things that we need in preventing this type of supply. the supply side. the supply of guns going into communities. we need to prevent it. this man apparently had a criminal history. why did he have access to the guns so readily? we also need to prevent gun laws like the ones the nra -- >> tucker: he bought his gun legally. he had a federal background check. he was not convicted of any crime. of course, you can't punish anyone without convicting them. he lived in a rural area, it's not like guns were flooding into his community. he bought it at a gun shop, as he is allowed to do. again, since you used this
10:32 pm
shooting as a way to promote your political views on gun control, what gun law would have prevented this shooting? >> my answer this question, the supply and demand. the supply-side is all of the illegal guns that we talk about, they were legal at some point. too many points of purchase and too much ability to get unfettered access to guns. i believe that he had two guns.. i don't know that you need two orw three or four guns. >> tucker: he had a rifle and: hehe shot a lot of people with a rifle. five people with this rifle. he got it legally. i guess the point i'm making is, there are hundreds of millions of firearms in the united states. the second amendment guarantees the right, as translated by the supreme court, for people to buy them. how do you stop gun crime are shootings like this short of confiscating every gun? >> you don't have to confiscate every gun. >> tucker: how would you have prevented this crime? >> there are laws that could be put in place that minimize the access to guns, minimize access
10:33 pm
to semiautomatic weapons that people won't even entertain. there is research that can be done to see with thosese rules are. but the republicans in the nra block that -- >> tucker: i don't know why you are waiting for the nra to do the work for you are the cdc. you are an elected official and you are using the tragedy, you are leveraging act tragedy -- >> no. >> tucker: of course you are. you are sending out a press release and people are still being carted to the hospital. >> you were speaking to api council member who is a proud member of the city council, who has had a voice in helping new york city be one of the safest cities in the country. there should be people listening to what is happening. >> tucker: congratulations. we are talking on a day about a mass shooting which took place in alexandria at 7:00 a.m. this morning and will use the education -- for the fourth time, what law would have preventedt this? >> we are talking about the 459 other p mass shootings -- >> tucker: you will concede that nothing you're proposing would have stopped this?
10:34 pm
>> we are talking about the 27,000 americans that have died since the beginning of this year alone. i am saying that the gun violence is occurring because of the supply. when i am saying, there areio combinations of gun laws that we should put forth and discuss. i'm saying that we should be allowed to research -- >> tucker: you're allowed to say whatever you want on the m show, any crazy idea. am going to talk for a fifth time and then i will give up. i would like to bring it back to a very specific thing. >> it has to be brought to a general. >> tucker: you don't have a real answer, that's why. >> this is one incident that you want to focus on. a >> tucker: there are millions of high-capacity so-called assault rifles, perhaps a rifle used -- >> no one can say that there is not too much access to guns in this country. the correlation to how many people die from gun violence in this country is huge.le we have to have a discussion of gunso laws. >> tucker: i'm trying to have a discussion right now and i'm
10:35 pm
not making much headway. you are bringing it back -- what you do about the millions -- >> access to high-capacity weapons, access to purchase weapons, if you have criminal history -- >> tucker: you are not hearing me. what do you do? do you ban them? >> how about we have a stop gap in the discussion. >> tucker: we can have a discussion. >> the cdc can't even do the research to answer the question because the nra and republicans want let them. how about we allow the cdc do the research? >> tucker: you know, i invited you on hoping you would have something interesting to say. you are giving me the same talking points about the cdc. the last question, we have all these rifles out there, should be confiscate them or not? >> that is not the question. the question is how to prevent the supply of guns into these communities. >> tucker: okay. mr. williams, i appreciate it.
10:36 pm
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life's as big as you make it. >> tucker: we heard a lot of >> tucker: we heard a lot of harrowing accounts, amazing accounts earlierss tonight from eyewitnesses who were there in alexandria when the shooting began. members of congress. here are some of what they said to us. >> the first thing i heard was the half dozen shots taking two or three seconds. active shooter, active shooter. bam, bam, bam. steve scalise said i'm hit, and i recognize his voice and not chaos, as i'm running around the wedding cake, i see him on the ground in the infield dirt, trying to pull himself on the ground toward right field. of course, there is not much we can do when all we have are baseball bats and gloves and baseballs. >> i said zach, your hit.
10:41 pm
>> he said it's no big deal. >> i said dude, you've been shot. it's a big deal. >> tucker: where was he shot? >> he was shot in the cath. the bullet went all the way through and he was bleeding. i took off my belt, and said, you have to have a tourniquet. >> we were in the outfield, and my coach pulled her sin. we hadn't finished our rotation for batting i practice yet. we all ran in. he told us there had been shots fired atat the republican practe and they wanted us all huddled up by the dugout to be safe. and then someone on the team pulled their cell phone out and was on twitter, and they said oh, my oh, my gosh. scalise has been shot. he dragged himself off of the infield about ten or 15 feet into the outfield to try to be further away fromm the shooter. but we couldn't leave the dugout
10:42 pm
because bullets were going overhead the whole time. finally, someone yelled the shooter is down, i ran out and anotherlo member followed, who happened to be a surgeon from ohio . he administered first aid for ten or 15 minutes. >> i dove into the concrete dugout, tore my leg up, but when i landed, i was there with flake and mo, and all of a sudden, zach comes in from the outfield and he jumps right in. we are holding each other, he is bleeding, and that's when mo gave the belt to us to make a tourniquet to keep the blood down. we just held on, but it was a moment, ase we already said, without theai capital police, without theol bravery of these capital police, i think that there would have been a good
10:43 pm
chance all of us would have beel killed. >> tucker: james hodgkinson shooting is horrifying too most, but at least one individual out there has been inspired by it. up ahead, we will talk to a congresswoman who after the shooting received a warning that she was next. ♪ it's happening, it's happening! in the modern world, you can control just about anything with an app.
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>> tucker: today's shooting was bad enough. it's being made worse by >> tucker: today's shooting was not enough, it's been made worse by others who see it as a chance to make further threats terrifying all of us. in this case, congressman claudia penning, shortly today after the shooting, she received an email saying this. "one down, 215 to go. good riddance to you.
10:48 pm
"do you receive threats like this regularly? >> i've been receiving them all year. since the discussions on the american health care act have come up, the tax reform, all those things that we desperately need a new york state, and i have received them regularly, but until now, most of the media, and i have to say the mainstream media, has responded with when are you going to do your town hall? when we can have a chance to have all these people ambush you at a town hall and a jerry springer style atmosphere. so, now, all of a sudden everyone is concerned. they're not asking me when are we going to do a town hall. it's very's interesting. >> tucker: you've been around politics for a while in pit has itr a while in changed? the level of threat that you and youret colleagues are getting. has it accelerated? >> actually, when i was a member of the state assembly, used to get death threats because i called on the resignation of some of the most powerful peopl people.
10:49 pm
>> tucker: you are vindicated by history are not one but either way. >> at this point, i remember being a college student, and i remember being horrified to the way they treated ronald reagan, who was the first president i ever voted for and thinking everything was bush's fault. now, i've never seen anything like this in my life, and i've been around a while. the level of violence, the normalization of this violence and this rhetoric as if it's okay, and my district is beautiful upstate new york, but i also have 11 colleges in my district. one of them being a place where some people who are involved with violent paths are there. the former weather underground, she was invited to speak at hamilton college, which is where my law practice was located. they recently were invited in by a group to speak to the resist movement and the indivisible
10:50 pm
movement, which are being backed by the democratic party. >> tucker: at hamilton? >> not hamilton, but in utica new york. the neighboring town. are beingle re-earthed from the 60s. a former people who were involved in a violent movement are back. i don't think these people are actually democrats. i think they are from another realm. >> tucker: i think the last two points are really smart. this will momentlm feels like te 60s. congresswoman, thanks for that. with so many members of congress gathered for today's practice, should there have been stronger security around them?ar what should security around members of congress be like henceforth? we are joinedrt tonight by formr secret service agent. dan, 435em members of congress, probably not feasible to assign probably not feasible to assign do?o? >> you factor in the senate, you >> you factor in the senate, you when i was a secret service
10:51 pm
agent, one of the access we had was our limited portfolio detect these. the president, the vice president, and their families. it really only got busy during the united nations general assembly when all of the foreign heads of state came in. 535 members, 24-hour coverage, it's a logistic nightmare. you wouldni be talking about expanding the capital police force by a factor of possibly 20. i don't see it being logistically possible. >> tucker: i don't think it is, and the budget for that would be stupendous. it's not physically large enough to handle all those people. so how realistically, do you protect people in a job that seems like it's a lot more hazardous than it used to be? >>se good question. there is a solution here. i hate to present problems and not give a potential solution. one of the assets we have in contrast to the secret service with a president who is located in the white house is members of congress work out of their districts and they work out of d.c. a matter of fact, roughly halff
10:52 pm
and half. i think there's going to be some better coordination in the future with the capital police and the locals. they are already doing a good job now, i'm not in any way taking a shot at them. by given this incident, between local sheriffs and local police department in an effort to provide more coverage. especially h people like the represented representative that you just had one. >> tucker: and the sad irony of all this is they were only capitol hill police there because a leader of membership, steve scalise was there, and he was the only member who was sho shot. >> yeah, and having been an agent, h we never travel with te president with anything less than a cadre of agents, five and six times as large as what you saw today. god bless these two capital police officers. they were up against a person with thehe s intent of doing see damage, he didn't care about clearly losing his own life.
10:53 pm
he was intent on killing others. i'm really stunned, happily stunned, that there was no here.d, that there was no when rand paul said today, this could have been a massacre, that was not a hyperbolic statement at all. this could have been the worst political massacre in u.s. history if those capital police officers hadn't stopped this maniac when they did. >> tucker: one of them injured in the process. >> e.r., one of them shot in the process, and continued to return fire. what they will have to look at is a more holistic approach. ifro there's a group of members, even if they're not members of leadership, they're going to have to get a more robust security presence. again, i'm not blaming them. they have limited resources. it's not their fault. it just is what it is. going forward, they may have to look at a more umbrella approach to this, rather than dedicating the asset simply to leadership. that may not be the most effective approach anymore. >> tucker: stan, thank you. good to see you.
10:54 pm
u.s. citizen >> american citizen and university of virginia student otto warmbier returned home from north korea last night sadly not in good health.we i property damage? that's what general liability's for. what?! -injured employee? -ow. workers' comp helps you pay for a replacement. what's happening? this is carla. how's it going? and if anything comes up, our experts are standing by. ♪ boo!
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♪ he came to the world justin the usual way ♪ ♪ but there were planes to catch and bills to pay ♪ ♪ so i moved my meeting saw him walk that day ♪ ♪ he was talking 'fore i knew it, and as he grew ♪
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♪ he'd say i'm gonna be like you, dad ♪ ♪ you know i'm gonna be like you ♪ ♪ and the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon ♪ ♪ little boy blue and the man in the moon... ♪ >> tucker: while american citizen and university of virginia student finally came home last night from health. we talked to his father, fred that interview going to air tonight. we did not want to deny this case wai the attention it deser, so we will be airing that interview tomorrow night. here's a preview of that. soso you said this process is or in the next couple of days, youu hope to get back to doing family things and living a conventional life. what you think the lessons ofof this are?
10:59 pm
yourhi son captivity in korea? why did this happen? >> being in the wrong place. the lessons of his activities in north korea, that's going to be for others to decide. these been living with the situation for 17 months. there is no meaning here. this is a rogue, pariah regime. they are terrorist. they are brutal. there is no sense to anything here. they have crossed the line with so, it would be very difficult to look for a lesson here among this insanity. warmbier, a remarkable man. the rest of that is tomorrow. that's it for us right now.
11:00 pm
the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, and groupthink. goodbye from new york. "the five" is next. >> sean: welcome to "the sean hannity show." the deep state targets trump. and "the washington post" who we all know has a record of being wrong, . we are going to ask lane tonight something the mainstream media will not tell you. why james comey, hillary clinton, loretta lynch, are the people who should in fact be under investigation, not the president. ny robert mueller should resign immediately. were going to have so much more on that