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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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nationals park on this beautiful summer evening as we celebrate summer evening as we celebrate ♪ >> tucker: good evening, everybody. >> welcome to tucker carlson. i'm not tucker. i'm ed henry. we are broadcasting from nats park at the site of the national baseball game. the game is going on despite yesterday's attack on g.o.p. lawmakers. the staff of steve scalise, the wounded republican leader said they believe he wanted them to go forward. we'll show you tucker's exclusive interview with otto oo warmbier -- exclusive interview with fred warmbier, the father of otto warmbier. he was detained in north korea and releasedleasedleased in cini now. listen to this sound. >> we are taking it a moment
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at a time. a day at a time. we are going to support each other like we agreed to do all this. we are adjusting right now. we are adjusting to a different reality. >> we will bring you the rest of tucker's interview later. but first, the game is on. it's very interesting because despite yesterday's assassination attempt, that's what it was, on several members of the republican team, house majority whip steve scalise remains hospitalized, alive, in critical condition after undergoing his third surgery today. his absence from tonight's game a sad irony. scalise was known as one of the speediest players on the g.o.p. squad and a secret weapon as a pinch runner. he scored four runs in seven games over the years. so for more on tonight's game, peter doocey is behind me. you and i have been talking and texting one another. we were both moved by the first pitch. torreyjoe torre came out with a
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special guest. >> he did. that special guest, ed, was somebody no one in washington had seen or heard from since yesterday's ambush. the capitol police officer david bailey. he was a surprised guest they brought out. on crutches. he walked right out to the mound with a baseball to his hand and dropped one crutch and threw a fist pitch that made it to home plate. it was a moment that probably just about anybody in here had chills watching. i know i did. something else that was very important to see with him out there, he had a big smile on his face. there was a sustained applause for him. there is obviously a great desire by many of the congressional staffers and the other d.c. types that are here to thank the capitol police. the first thing that the p.a. announcer did was ask for a
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round of applause for the capitol police. about 20 minutes later, bailey was out there, throwing the ball. less than two days after he suffered a wound in a gunshot while he was stopping what could have been a horrible, horrible, even worse tragedy. again, just across the river at the potomac. that would have been probably so far the moment of the night. but again, we are just one inning down. ed? >> peter, you are so right. at a time in the country when law enforcement is often vilified, to see the officer come out there with joe torre, the baseball hero and see the pitch, and his recovery. another moment, one of the viewers tweeted me, he was moved to tears by this prayer. democrats and republicans coming together, peter. >> right. there was no big announcement by the public address announcer. just members of the republican team and the democratic team a
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few minutes before they were set to start all gathered and took a knee for a prayer at second base, which would have been the majority whip steve scalise would have been playing tonight. he is, scalise is still five miles away in critical condition at the medstar hospital receiving treatment again for his serious wound to the right hip. then everything internally that has been affecting him since. the last thing that the republican team did, though, before they took the field. they were all introduced. and then steve scalise was introduced. they put a big picture of him up on the jumbotran. everybody from the republican team lined up across the diamond turned around and wavered -- waved at him. another bipartisan moment here. the meaning of the left-leaning party, democrats are on left field and the right-leaning, republicans on the right field line.
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everybody stood and cheered. the second longest standing ovationed on the. i believe our producer from capitol hill counted it at 42 seconds. that was a moment obviously unified everybody that was here. you want to talk about people wondered if what happened yesterday is something that will get people to maybe set aside some of the nasty political rhetoric. something interesting, maybe it's meaningful, maybe it's not. people are really into this game. i have been to the game before the last few years where people aren't paying attention. every single thing that happened tonight people on the edge of their seat, a lot of cheering and a lot of applause. everybody seems like they are on top of what is happening. it's close one. 3-2, the democrats are up a run in the second. >> all right. republicans are up 2-0 and now the democrats are up 3-2. i spoke to the republican house majority leader kevin mccarthy before and i asked him who will win? he said, "america."
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maybe that spirit of unity will live on. thank you, peter. yesterday's shooting committed by a fervent progressive but the liberals are trying to label republicans as the violent one. they said today there is a link of sarah palin and the shooting of gabrielle giffords. the problem is the alleged link of palin and the attack on gabrielle giffords was debunked years ago. the claim is basically fake news. literally fake news. charles krauthammer joins us live now. what do you make of the "new york times" putting out an editorial that is embarrassing for them years later to still be pushing this false narrative 24 hours after a former bernie sanders supporter tried to assassinate republican members of congress? >> it's completely egregious. it's not just that it has been debunked six years later, it
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was debunked within three days. i remember writing a column four days after the attack in which it was absolutely totally obvious that the shooter was a paranoid schizophrenic. he had no idea what was going on. there were no ideas in his head. one of his teachers had said he was living his own world. at the time, this is what is most egregious, people don't even remember, the day after the shooting, the "times" ran in the news section on the front page; something it labeled the news analysis that introduced this false introduce that jared loughner, the shooter, was motivated by this thing on the website that showed bull's eye for 20 districts. jared loughner was not driven to the crime by a climate of hate. as everybody who knew him and who testified at the time was saying this man created his
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own climate. he was a classic paranoid schizophrenic. at the time to drag this out six years later was amazing. even the correction was half-hearted. no connection was proved. no connection was possible. the man was a paranoid psychotic. >> charles, it goes deeper than that because then the house democratic leader nancy pelosi comes out today when we just heard peter reporting on how lawmakers in both parties saying maybe folks will come together and maybe people are unified. nancy pelosi has a news conference where she attacks fox news, number one. number two, she said republicans have been more responsible than democrats for the violent rhetoric. why within 24 hours is she trying to keep score? >> look, this is a reflex. i see it among democrats. it is true to some extent among republicans. this sort of vitriol in our
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politics is not unilateral. and i think when you get the leadership within one day of an event like this -- let's remember, she is a democrat. the shooter came out and said of those republicans or democrats on the field? this isn't a guy who went out to shoot people. this is a guy who went out to shoot republican people. if you are a democrat, you ought to have at least the decency and a democratic leader to wait a while before leveling accusations. i do believe if the leadership were more careful, if they were less add homonim in the argument and less apocalyptic about speaking of the other side, the other guy is the end of republic, end of the world. climate change, you don't listen to me on climate change. you are a denyer, like a holocaust denyer. if that language were so
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extreme we'd have the deginning of a deescalation. that's what we need. >> i have one minute. the shooter had facebook posts that were disgusting in the attack, we don't want to repeat them, against president trump. you have raised questions before about president trump. whether he really wants to bring people together or not. is this an opportunity for him? he gave strong remarks yesterday, the president, about unity at a video at the game. is there an opportunity for the president here? >> look, there is. i think he rose to the occasion in the remarks he made that you showed from the video before. but you know he is not blameless. this is not a one-party thing. he was quite aggressive in the campaign. he says he is a fighter, a counterpuncher. he was even aggressive against his republican colleagues, his republican opponents. i think this is a time we can
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all look back and say neither side here is blameless. time to do the obvious. to declare a kind of armistice on the vitriol and the apocalyptic rhetoric and say we are a republic. we have a loyal opposition. let's be loyal. let's be civil. on both sides. i think it can be done. i don't despair of this. i think maybe an evented like this, perhaps it will have to be some other event, which would be tragic. but perhaps that can happen. i'm sure that the country would appreciate it. >> "hear! hear!" you are absolutely right. neither side is blameless. >> i have been watching the game. there is a hell of a lot of stealing going on down there. i don't want to cast aspersions but keep my eye on it. >> who is stealing more? >> equal opportunity stealing. we got catchers who are somewhat super anuated if i
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can be kind. >> it has been a difficult 24 hours here. maybe we can have a little levity. appreciate that. charles krauthammer, thank you for joining us. up ahead, we have tucker's exclusive interview with fred warmbier, the father of otto warmbier. and we'll continue our live coverage. you can hear the roar of the crowd. tonight's baseball game. charles is a baseball fan. i'm a baseball fan. we talk about that and also the assassination attempt and the real near tragedy that preceded it. we talk to congressman jack bergman who was an eyewitness to yesterday's shooting. an eyewitness to yesterday's shooting. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something
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>> ed: yes, we are coming to you live from nationals park where republicans and democrats are uniting to play the annual congressional baseball game. obviously, a much different atmosphere right now because of what happened yesterday. we will get into that in a moment. but right now american citizen otto warmbier returned to the u.s. two nights ago but in extremely poor health. in a moment, you will see tucker's exclusive interview with his father. but first, today, a doctor at the university of cincinnati medical center described warmbier's dire condition. >> he shows no signs of understanding language, responding to verbal commands or awareness of his surroundings. this study showed extensive loss of brain tissue in all regions of the brain. >> ed: now tucker sat down yesterday with fred warmbier,
8:17 pm
otto's father for an exclusive interview. take a look. >> tucker: fred, thank you for having us in your house. >> you're welcome. >> tucker: tell us about being reunited with otto last night. >> last night, being able to see otto for the first time in gosh, i bet it's 18 months, it was fantastic. otto is not in great shape right now. he has been through a real tough time. it's great to have him with us. i'm very proud of him. >> tucker: do you know what happened to him in north korea? >> i don't. so watching his confession, and seeing the things that we have seen in north korea, which none of which was true and then hearing what i think was they said with otoo apparently the day after he was sentenced he went into a coma for whatever, for some
8:18 pm
reason. i don't have any particulars. i wouldn't, i wouldn't trust that. listen, tucker, otto has been terrorized and brutalized for 18 months by a pariah regime in north korea. we are thrilled to have him home. he is with his family. his mom is with him now and i will be with him later today. >> tucker: has the u.s. government helped you along the way during this process? >> i hesitate. they have. i have to really thank joe yune. he got involved, i don't know when. a month or two ago. he contacted us and said he was going to work for us. and his mission was to bring otto home. >> tucker: who is joe yune? >> he is an embassador in the state department. i believe he took over for ambassador king and very helpful to cindy and i and we
8:19 pm
are really thankful for him. and we are also thankful to rex tillerson and to president trump. they wanted otto home. and i believe, cindy and i believe made this happen. we are thankful for that. >> tucker: so you said that once this process is over in the next couple of days you hope to get back to being a family and living a conventional life. what do you think the lessons on this are, your son's captivity in north korea? why did this happen? >> being in the wrong place. the lessons of otto's captivity in north korea, that is going to be for others to decide. the warmbiers have been living with this situation for 18 months. there is no meaning here. this is a rogue, pariah regime. they are terrorists, they are brutal. there is no sense to anything
8:20 pm
here. they have crossed a line with my son otto and so it would be very difficult to look for a lesson here amongst this insanity. i'm not looking for a lesson. i want to support otto. i want to support my other children. my community. i'm proud of the way everybody has handled this. i'm so grateful that otto is with us. he is with people who love him now. that means a lot to us. >> tucker: of course. how is your family holding up after all this time? >> we are doing okay. i worry about cindy a little bit. i think she worries about me. we are taking it a moment at a time. a day at a time. we are going to support each other like we agreed to do all this. we are adjusting right now. we are adjusting to a
8:21 pm
different reality. it was one i didn't know about. we found out about this tuesday night a week ago. of otto's condition. via a phone call from joe yune. and then cindy and i felt shock that we have not felt in a long time. we are still going through that. but otto is with us. that is really the important thing here. he is an amazing kid. >> tucker: yes. >> we are fortunate that we live in an amazing community. people that support us and love and care for us. >> tucker: so you found out on tuesday out of the blue? >> there were some meetings between we'll call it the state department and north korea. some diplomatic meetings in other countries. >> tucker: yes. >> and quite honestly, they wanted to know about otto. there was nothing forthcoming. i'm sure it was not going to
8:22 pm
move forward unless they talked about otto. so i think that our government forced north korea's hand and made them admit otto's situation. >> tucker: there are other americans being held in north korea. at least three, maybe more. do you have advice for their families? >> no. i can't recommend -- i don't know what to say. i wouldn't know what to say to them. they can use us as an example and make their own decisions. we tried to do the right thing. and here we are today. so, i don't know what the answers are. i have been told this is not precedentedded, otto's situation, otto's treatment by the north korean is unprecedented. i don't have advice for anybody. >> tucker: you're a wise man. thank you, fred.
8:23 pm
>> you're welcome. >> ed: good stuff from tucker. earlier at the news conference i was moved as well when fred showed up at the news conference with the suit jacket that otto wore in north korea in the kangaroo court. he got emotional talking about the suit jacket. in the interview they continued the conversation in otto's childhood bedroom where it got emotional as well. >> tucker: so fred, this is what you found in otto's bag? >> yes. these are his belongings. he had a duffel bag, his book bag. there was a pouch here that some things were in. >> tucker: u.v.a. notebook. >> yeah. his passport. this was his calculator. he was going to be doing a finance class there. as his crazy shirts and ties. looks like he was packing for a three-month trip. >> tucker: he was in china and he took a couple of day -- >> he took a tour with young people. young pioneers tour with a
8:24 pm
group of young people. he was over there with them. these are the clothes that he took. they were packed up. they were musty when we took them out. obviously they have been in the bag for a long time. this is typical of otto. he has a lot of cool stuff to wear. some neat shoes. of course he had running shoes. he loved to run. he is in excellent shape. yeah, his wallet. i guess he had some money he had there. that is what they sent him home with. >> tucker: looks like a straight arrow kid from this. >> it's pretty straightforward. this was otto. most of this stuff would have been bought at a thrift store. he loved that. >> tucker: he has a taste for zany shirts i notice. >> he does. and he looked good in them, so. >> tucker: are you going to see him? >> i am. as soon as we're finished i'll go see him and cindy and we're going to hang out and read to him. talk to him.
8:25 pm
make him feel at home. let him know that he is around people that love him. that is the most important thing we can do for him right now. >> tucker: god bless you. >> thank you. >> tucker: thank you for letting us in. >> you're welcome. thank you. you have been a huge support for us. and otto. we can't thank you enough. >> tucker: we feel for you. >> thanks. >> ed: a story about a family coming together in america today. there is another family behind me that is coming together. the congressional family. democrats, republicans normally at each other's throats but we are here live at nationals park. washington, d.c. the democrats are winning right now. 3-2. you have got credit rick richmond -- cedric richmond, democrat from louisiana at play. he is pretty fast. looks like he beat it out and digging for second as well. he is also the star pitcher for the democrats. the republicans have a lot of trouble hitting him. we will get into that later and we'll continue the live coverage of the baseball game after this and bring you an update. something more important than
8:26 pm
the game. update on the health of congressman steve scalise. the hospital just put out a statement. but first, president trump sending this message to the wounded congressman mere moments ago. >> president trump: i want to take a moment and send our thoughts, love and prayers to congressman steve scalise and his entire family. steve is a friend, a patriot and a true fighter. fighter fighter.
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it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. >> ed: welcome back to nationals park. the congressional baseball game has been going on for an hour now, taking on special significance this year, of course, because of the shooting of steve scalise. for an update of the score and the other on-field action. peter doocey joining us again. i notice chris murphy the democrat from connecticut up to bat. when i was a younger reporter like yourself covering this for "role call" newspaper there were no senators in the game. we had people like strom thurmond. he was 90. he couldn't play and it was all house members. now there is a younger crop and they have senators in there, too. peter? >> sorry. i missed the back end of the
8:31 pm
question. about the lawmakers playing tonight. they get some of the biggest applause of anybody playing but it's not just, they are not just allowed to play because they're senators. they can all play. they have pot in the bat and you can tell in terms of the baseball lingo they are hitting the cutoff men. they are following through. plays at the plate. diving. they are laying out at shortstop. just because you are a senator and you want to play it doesn't seem like they would just let you on. >> ed: yeah. right now the democrats are up 4-2. both sides take a lot of pride in this. it looks like they are even doing, they wear the stirrups. they wear the uniform. whether it's the yankees or the mets or lsu like steve scalise has worn in recent years. they get around the mound when there is a pitching change or they need to talk to the pitcher. or spitting the tobacco juice. like it's the heyday and they want the lost youth. >> while they are all playing the part very well, what is so striking is you know we are
8:32 pm
less than two days removed from the horrible tragedy across the potomac river in alexandria. a reminder is trent kelly, the third baseman for the republicans tagged somebody out, helped get a democrat out who had been in a pickle where he was caught between second and third base. trent kelly, the congressman, was by all accounts the closest person to the 66-year-old gunman yesterday. so, you know, his morning started yesterday. he was so close to someone who wanted to cause so much pain and harm to republican lawmakers and then here he is tonight playing and being cheered for by again the democrats who are sitting on the left field side and the republicans sitting on the right field side. >> ed: now talk a little bit about the charity. a bunch of people on social media have been asking me, our viewers, how they can contribute as well. you noted at the top of the hour a lot more money poured in for the charities. sadly, perhaps, because of what happened yesterday.
8:33 pm
but on the other hand it's almost a silver lining. people are coming together and they are giving more money to the charities. how can people give? >> ed, people can go to website. there is a congressional baseball website., i believe it is. i just tried to check it out to see if there had been any updates about the fund raising total but the website seems to have crashed, which if you want to talk about a lot of people across the country who may be interested in helping out the charity, including this year for the first time the capitol police memorial fund. it seems like there may be a lot of people already trying to do that. it's not just individuals. corporations stepped up in a big way between yesterday and the start of today's game. donating over $1 million before the game even started. >> ed: wow! >> that is twice what they took in last year. it goes to four different charities, all benefiting mostly people in the washington, d.c. area. >> ed: now peter, as you are talking, all kind of
8:34 pm
excitement is breaking out. i just saw one of the democrats slide in face first in to home. you don't normally see that on capitol hill. the democrats having a rally here. peter, they are up 7-2. what is going on? are you getting any insight? what can the republicans can do here? any secret weapon in the bullpen? they have to do something. >> you know, i think that if the democrats are able to win by sliding in to home plate, we might start to see some of that on capitol hill. you know, they don't control outs in congress but maybe somebody could go sliding in toward kevin mccarthy's desk on the first floor to get his attention. the capitol is only a couple blocks away. not completely far fetched. it's a crazy time over there. >> ed: yeah. joe donnelly, the senator from indiana, democrat is up to the plate now. it's been a lot of excitement early on. not just on the field, peter. before the game started. very moving with the first pitch. but also the prayer around
8:35 pm
second base. as we get in here to the top of the fourth inning in the game, what happened before the game was just downright remarkable. >> right. after being introduced, the lawmakers who obviously do put in a lot of time and effort ahead of this game in practicing and getting ready. they did all gather, democrats and republicans, in a prayer circle at second base, which is where the majority whip steve scalise played i believe in seven games. he is one of the stars for the republican team. everyone here is thinking of him. when they put his picture up on the jumbo tran he got a 42-second standing ovation. the republicans were all standing on the field waving at that photo of scalise. the second baseman who again, he is still five miles away. we did just get an update from the hospital, ed, a few minutes ago. they do say he is doing better than last night. but they do still anticipate that he will be in the hospital for a while longer. so, not a whole lot of details
8:36 pm
but that is the update tonight. >> ed: some good news there. some glimmers of hope in that latest statement from the hospital. peter doocy, i came in out of the bullpen tonight for tucker carlson. you are our utility player covering everything from the ballgame. we'll get back to that as we get some updates. but also the serious news and we are happy to hear that statement from the hospital that steve scalise's latest surgery has been completed. they are seeing he is feeling a little bit better but a long way still to go. meanwhile, president trump in the business of the nation, goes forward. he lashed out at the media and hillary clinton today after new leaks reported he is under investigation for potential obstruction of justice charges. we'll talk the whole thing over with byron york. plus, more live coverage of tonight's congressional baseball game at nats park. there is a big crowd here. literally, 20,000, 25,000. tom rooney a republican from florida up to bat.
8:37 pm
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8:42 pm
today. byron york is a columnist. does the president have a point or should he move on? >> both are true, i think. look the team clinton did do all of those things. they did smash the telephones with a hammer. they did bleach the e-mails. bill clinton did meet with loretta lynch, then the attorney general. all of that stuff did happen and yes, president trump should move on as well. those are not cases that are going to be relevant either to the russia case or to the obstruction of justice case or anything that is going on right now. so it kind of amounts to what aboutism from the president on this? >> ed: last night, the president has yet another leak dropped on him by the "washington post." this one, the one i mentioned about robert mueller's allegedly looking at potential, we underline "potential" obstruction of justice report. now a new report breaking tonight from axios saying robert mueller, the special
8:43 pm
counsel, is also investigating the business dealings of jared kushner, obviously a top white house aide and the son-in-law of the president. what do you make of the drum beat of leaks that has simply not stopped? >> we were told when mueller got up and running these kind of leaks would stop because he would run such a tight ship. maybe he is not up and running yet but the leaks haven't stopped. i think the biggest thing it shows is the indisputable truth about washington investigations. they the not contract. they do not shrink. that expand. they almost always expand. so the question here is what is not under mueller's per view -- mueller's purview right now? he seems to be casting a wide net. >> ed: real quick, i want to be fair to jared kushner. his attorney put out a statement tonight saying in part, "we do not know what this report refers to. it would be standard practice
8:44 pm
for the special counsel to examine financial records relating to russia." 30 seconds, isn't it true with robert mueller looking at potential obstruction of justice? once comey was fired, they would look to obstruction of justice. it doesn't mean there is any evidence of it. >> the theory is trump company had a financial interest in all of this. they wanted comey. they wanted comey to stay away from the dealings with russia. therefore, the president obstructed justice in this. we don't know what mueller is thinking right now but we have indications so far he is going to be looking at a lot of stuff like financial transactions of people around trump. >> ed: byron york, we appreciate you joining us. we know that teddy roosevelt won in the racing presidents that are typically here at nats park. the caricature representing teddy roosevelt won. he typically does not win so a
8:45 pm
big night for teddy. up next, a big night for tucker as well. he will join us. he sat down with director oliver stone last night to talk about four-hour documentary on russian president vladimir putin. it's controversial. and that interview is next. it's controversial and that interview is next i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ it's not just a car, (work sfx) it's your daily retreat.
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if you said southerly that you preferred "x" candidate, he would go like that tomorrow. if you said you didn't like trump or something, right, what would happen? he'd win. right? you have that amount of power in the u.s.
8:50 pm
[speaking russian] >> ed: that is the one and only stone, of course, in the latest flick, "the putin interviews." four-hour documentary airing on showtime this week. tucker sat down with stone to ask about his experience with the russian president, washington's war against president trump and a lot more. >> tucker: so, oliver stone, you spent to hours interviewing vladimir putin. i think more than any westerner ever, probably. polls in the last year have shown a growing sense among americans that russia is our chief enemy. >> i would say that comes because not, it comes because of the media pressure. the amount of interviews given by the government calling them the number one existential threat. >> tucker: what is motive there? why would the press -- you are saying that the american press is creating antagonism where it doesn't naturally exist. >> it's the american government and whether the press is corporate media in a sense and represents corporate
8:51 pm
government point of view. it's in our interest to have enemies. russia has always been an enemy for the most part. >> tucker: it's liberals mad at you for making the film. i've seen an hour of it and it is friendly. they are attacking you as a lap dog of putin, that you sold out. you got a hostile reception from the american left. i always thought of you as the american left. >> it shows nothing is what it seems. there is all kind of fracturing. there is a progressive left. much of the progressive left divorced from hillary clinton in the election. people like myself went third party. the reason was that she essentially had become in the last 20 years as become neo conservative. she has backed the invasion of libya, destruction of libya, which is crucial. she backed the iraqi war resolutions. she has been a major figure in
8:52 pm
attacking the syrian sovereignty, the sovereignty of the syrian government. this is very important. in a sense we have destroyed the sovereignty of the countries in middle east. libya, iraq, and now syria. or we are trying to destroy syria. it's very important. if this crumbles, the middle east crumbles. and the world order which is very important to mr. putin, a sense of law, a sense of fundamental principles has gone out the window. he talks about it -- >> tucker: if i can say that is the opposite of the way he is presented here. he is presented as an autocrat, he doesn't care about law. he undermined the democracy and undermine the election. >> we don't know that. we are told that. >> tucker: do you believe that? >> you are jumping around, tucker. we have to have evidence of this. there is thin amount of evidence. it's been told to us by three agencies, the c.i.a., the n.s.a. and the f.b.i. it was told to us in january, a few days before mr. trump
8:53 pm
came into office. it was called an assessment. the report itself if you read it, as has been pointed out to you is not an intelligence estimate. it doesn't have the kind of information that is required. it's kind of, as cy hirsch said, its a joke. it said john brennan head of the c.i.a. creating a fear and paranoia without evidence at a time and transition when it's important in american democracy we trust our leaders. so trump was in a sense slapped in the face with two weeks to go. i mean this thing is serious. it's calling trump a manchurian candidate. that is as hostile as it has ever been in a transition. >> tucker: you have seen it again and again. there was just a story out that the investigation into trump headed by former f.b.i. director robert mueller, aapparently f.b.i. agents are
8:54 pm
leaking details of the investigation to the press. and you are seeing leaks from all the different intel agencies against the administration. it seems like they are trying to change their policies. >> that's correct. >> tucker: does it surprise you? >> well, the overtness of it does. if the investigation were to continue, which it probably will. i think they have to go back to the origins of the leak in january, who put out that information? who gave it to the "new york times" or the "washington post" back channel? you have to ask these questions. it seems as if some people have said and i tend to agree, the deep state, the military industrial complex, they have had their own position and have had it for many years and they continue to promote wars they do in all the countries. even obama said i want to close guantanamo, cut down on afghanistan, i want to do this and that and he didn't do it. who is running the country? >> tucker: doesn't the president decide policys? >> you think so but i think we need a thorough examination of what is going on.
8:55 pm
i'm shocked at what the c.i.a. did and what brennan did. it seemed like he was very hostile to trump. very hostile. i think comey carried it out. it was comey if anybody influenced the election in my opinion. it was comey's declaration that the investigation on clinton had been dropped and then he reopened it three weeks or two weeks before. >> tucker: have you talked to president trump in the last year or so? >> no. i directed him in a film "wall street money never sleeps." a deleted scene. not his fault. it was interesting to work with him that day as an actor. he's still an actor. >> tucker: oliver stone. good to see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> ed: ahh, yes, we were in what they would call the fifth inning stretch here at nats park. what is more baseball? what is more americana than the stretch? you can hear everyone behind me doing it, they are getting ready for the final stretch of the ballgame. we will have an update on the score. it's not looking good for the republicans right now.
8:56 pm
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>> ed: and there is no joy in mudville tonight, a another triple putting a man on base. the night continues. ♪ >> greg: hi, i am greg gutfeld, here with juan williams, kimberly guilfoyle, jesse watters and using her towel as a gum wrapper, dana perino. you are watching "the five." ♪ yesterday, a left-wing creep opened fire on g.o.p. lawmakers practicing for tonight's game... [gunshots]


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