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tv   Watters World  FOX News  June 17, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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glad we've got part of the outnumbered bench moved away. >> thank you walter. awesome. i love you america. jesse: "watters world" is on. tonight -- is the left-wing media radicalizing angry americans? pat buchanan on the plot to bring down the president. snowflakes melting down on college campuses. shakespeare at the park still murdering president trump even after a congressman is shot. >> what was your reaction after president trump was shot? >> it was one of the highlights.
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jesse: hard-core democrat and bernie sanders volunteer james hodgkinson opened fire at a house republican baseball practice and shot five people including representative steve scalise. the shooter targeted republicans because they were republicans. he was a part of the resistance, an occupy wall treater and was consumed with fake news and the russia host. he called donald trump an a-hole, a traitor, and belonged to a group called terminate the republican party. hodgkinson is fully responsible for his wicked actions. but he traffics in a wicked left-wing media world that demonizes republicans. the president of the united
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states is slandered as greedy, racist, traitor, his policies will kill americans. hodgkinson consumed this propaganda for years. then perpetrate an assassination attempt. is there any connection there? we'll never know because capitol police shot him dead. but remember when sarah palin up sently released a map of the areas she wanted to target in arizona. and jiferreds was shot -- >> this shooting came with a state of politic seemingly nastier than ever. one of those coming under criticism is sarah palin. >> sarah palin does not
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repudiate her own part. jesse: bernie sanders blade right-wing reactionaries for the attack. how do you think sanders would feel if republicans blamed him for his volunteer worker shooting a republican. hodgkinson's clear connection to the inflammatory democratic propaganda was ignored by speaker nancy pelosi who actually had the nerve to blame republican rhetoric for republicans taking a bullet. >> do you see this equally afflicting the left and the right? >> no, i do not. somewhere in the 90s it has been politics of personal
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destruction. jesse: she is refusing to take ownership of her side's rhetoric and behavior, it send a message to democrats that this isn't our problem or responsibility. political violence exists primarily on the left these days. just last year left-wing protesters fought and threw eggs at trump supporters. a trump supporter in new jersey was attacked on the street. berkeley protesters rioted over conservative speakers. a woman ran her republi republin congressman representative off the road for his obamacare repeal vote.
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perhaps this a connection between left-wing celebrities pushing violence and violence on the street. >> you talk like a sign language gorilla who got hit in the head. on the thing you are good for is being vladimir putin's [bleep]. kiss my [bleep] you [bleep] sucker. so beheadings, assassination plays and violent plays taking place on the left. with little condemnation. democrats like to say ted nugent threatened barack obama. and that was one celebrity. and he actually apologized for it. unlike the other celebrities. >> at the age of 29 my wife is convinced i cannot use those
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harsh terms. i even courage my friend -- jesse: until the democratic leadership take ownership of this behavior, it will continue. the more successful trump is the more dangerous and hysterical the left will become. joining me now with his reaction, former republican presidential cad pat buchanan and author of the new book, "nixon's white house wars." >> i have never seen such villify kaig and bile directed to a president of the united states. we have real violence going on in many of these demonstrations against trumpites demonstrating on the weekend.
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you have battles, brawls, fistfights. we are on the verge, i think of an uncivil conflict in this country and in washington, d.c. there is a clear objective of corporate elites, the political elites and the media basically to bring down the president of the united states and reverse the election of 2016. jesse: your latest op-ed was titled, "are we near a civil war." you are saying there is a civil car within the federal government? >> there is something of a civil war going on in society, these weekend demonstrations. every weekend you see violence. people are fighting with each other, cursing each other. that's the national politic. but here in the city itself we
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have a civil war inside the government of the united states where the deep state, the permanent regime is leaking criminally to the media to bring down the president of the united states who was elected by the american people. there is a contest on now whether donald trump will survive his first term. people are talking about impeachment four months in. jesse: i know, i have never seen it like this before. trump tweeted about this. he tweeted i'm being investigated for firing the f.b.i. director by the man who told me to fire the f.b.i. director. after six months of investigations about my collusion with the russians, nobody has been able to show any proof, sad. is there any way other than twitter the president can fight off his regime change attempt?
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>> the collusion going on is between leakers breaking the law leaking state secrets to the press that go on the front page, damaging the president of the united states. i think the president and the attorney general, the department of justice should run down these leakers and prosecute these individuals and expose these individual. if the truth is -- this is going to go on. there is a real battle. donald trump won the elect. and there is a real battle for him to retain the presidency of the united states. take a look when you talk about interfering in the f.b.i. investigation. that has been going on a year. no collusion has been exposed. trump has certain powers here that are legitimate when you talk about comey. if president trump said in the national interest i want to shut down the investigation of hillary clinton people would have applauded.
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he has not exceeded in my judgment his authority and they are talking impeachment. jesse: if they want to play hardball like that the president could reopen the investigation into hillary's email and the clinton foundation, take a look at what happened with the irs situation. fast and furious could be reexamined. you brought up the leaks. major "washington post" leaking going on daily. one about jared kushner potentially. and this other obstruction of justice situation that mueller is looking into. these are serious leaks coming out designed in my opinion to undermine the president of the united states from within. >> i'm sure they are. look at the leak now. i don't agree with what general flynn did. but it was a leak of his conversation with the russian
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ambassador in the "washington post" which is a defacto crime that brought down the national security advisor to the president of the united states. where is the outrage here? and the reason this thing is tolerated is because the media are benefiting from it. together the media and the deep state are determined to bring this president down in disgrace. break his mandate and remove him from office. jesse: he has to do a better job fighting back and make examples out of some people. what we know about the bachelor in paradise. the shakespeare in the park still assassinating president trump even after this week's shooting.
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jesse: we just talked about the language of the left surrounding the shooting at the republican's baseball practice. the "new york times" editorial board linked governor palin to the shooting of gabby gifford. the paper was forced to issue a correction, saying they incorrectly said there was a link between the shooting. common sense suggestion from a journalist, i wonder why would
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someone who is no longer in the public eye think libel and slander would have anything to do with it? it would be sweet justice if sarah palin sued the "new york times" and won. do you think she has a case? >> she does. it doesn't matter if she faded from the limelight. it just matters that she originally had it, and the source of it, i.e., her political jobs, that's the same reason it's of interest now. what she has to prove is the reporter knew at the time that it was false and act with disregard. but they look into what was the fact check like, what was his research like. who did he talk to. it wasn't enough that he didn't
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like her. recordr regardless of the difficulty, people like roman tw pulanski. >> oh, my god, sorry, guys. i definitely know how to turn on the sex term. jesse: that was happier days on "the bachelor." she was set to star in the bachelor in paradise.
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i like the whole franchise. but if she is intoxicated and she is in a hot tub and there is some sexual activity going on, and the cameras are still rolling. why didn't anybody come forward immediately and shut this down? why did it take some whistleblower produce tore bring this to light? >> that's wart of what makes this so fascinating. that producer did speak up on set. that's a positive for the warner brothers. they fostered a culture if you see something, say something. the producer did speak up right then. the other interesting thing other than the entire thing was record is that issue of the third party coming in. it's not that she voilssed the lack of consent. which she did. but the trigger is the producer at the time.
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the contracts are pretty ironclad. jesse: you sign your life away when you go on these shows and anything that happens on the set usually winds up on the air. she released assault saying as woman his is my worst nightmare and it's now become my reality. you know, everybody feels terrible for what happened. it looks like they could have a serious lawsuit on their hands. a guilty verdict for this woman who texted her boyfriend to kill himself. >> i now finds you guilty on the indictment charge you with the involuntary manslaughter of the person conrad boyd iii. jesse: she was dating this guy and he was suicidal and she is
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texting him to do it. and was running the car and she said get back in the car. i think she was charged with involuntary manslaughter. how does that stick when you are just texting someone to commit suicide. >> that was part of the defense argument. she said there is not really a law against this. how does this fit? the story is these were two youths, she was 17, she was 18. they both had issues and a history of mental issues. she was basically intoxicated. she didn't have the ability to have that specific mindset. jesse: that defense didn't work very well. and i don't think there has been a case like this before. this tweet from cnn, fake news.
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during long bubble baths. tv on every screen is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. jesse: "rolling stone" magazine settled a lawsuit with the university of virginia fraternity. the article was retracted in april 2015 after police could not find evidence to back up the woman's claims. fake news. mark ruffalo pushing a petition
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pressures nbc executives to stop hiring white conservatives. he says george will and megyn kelly create right-wing hate. the capital is buzzing after reports that the senate was banning interviews in the halls. >> just a quick question. >> i was at the hearing. >> protecting americans from criminal illegal aliens.
8:26 pm
>> i think we should work to make sure americans are protected. jesse: you said fox news lies. what are the lies. feel the bern. i think he needs a safe space. richard. shelby: clarified no changes to the existing rules have been made but they are working to enforce existing rules for safety. new orleans canceled it july 4 pattern borne celebration saying she is upset by president trump and she doesn't feel patriotic. cnn putting out this tweet about a pre-game prayer.
8:27 pm
members of the democratic team gather for a prayer before the congressional baseball game. the problem, it's both the republicans and democrats. more fake news. teddy bears, balls and coloring books are staples of nursery schools. but college students are using them to cope. no safe space is safe in "watters world." i headed to central park to see the play that murders president trump. >> it martyrs trump. they make him into more of a when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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critical. he is rooting for the tigers in the college world series tonight. he was among five people shot when a gunman opened fire on a group of republican lawmakers during a baseball practice in virginia. the gunman james hodgkinson's died after a shootout with law enforcement. the bodies of seven missing sailors were found aboard. a defense official tells fox news that they were found in flooded birthing compartments. they were notifying family members before releasing the names of the dead. i'm robert gray, now back to "watters world"
8:32 pm
ess the push for political correctness leaving students brainwashed. and it hurt their feeling to label terrorism. >> do you think we should be using the word radical islam and talking about isis or do you think that term would be too offensive to use. >> that's definitely wrong. >> it might be on the offensive side. >> you don't say radical christianism or radical catholic. >> what are christian attacks? >> i can't name them off the top of my head. but there are churches. >> most of the people are saying we can't say radical islamic terrorism also don't want to acknowledge there is a radical wing of the religion.
8:33 pm
>> you think of the kkk, would you call them radical christians? >> it's not people killing other people in the name of christianity. >> it's a unique proper local islam. >> by not addressing the threat you are not going to get anywhere defeating it. >> focus on a rehah bill of extremist groups trying to figure out why they are extremist. >> there is a deep-seated fear in my opinion that is irrational. jesse: the fill "no safe space spaces." i couldn't see your collar on that video. my favorite part of the video is when the person sits. they want acceptance and
8:34 pm
rehabilitation for terrorists. >> what we are seeing are the real world impact of the p.c. culture. i don't think it stems from nowhere. the left has been pushing this, we know this. president trump in the white house refused to say it. when we saw president trump catching heat for saying radical islam. i think students are quig prepared answers they know they are expected to give. jesse: we had your producer friend on here last week and i can't believe what he said about safe spaces. you go into the safe space because you are unable to deal with the harsh reality of the real world and they give you hot chocolate and blankets. is that true? >> i don't know, i have never been to one.
8:35 pm
i have i only go to construction sites and the occasional strip club there. jesse: a real man's man. >> what i hear in that video, this is where the danger is. we are grafting our own feeling on to isis. we are saying if you just treat them with respect and just get along and maybe give them a hug they will drop their towards. this is what caused 9/11. 9/11 was who would fly an airplane into a building. because if you fly an airplane into a building, how are you going to parachute out of the airplane. we can't think like them, thus it will leave us vulnerable. jesse: if someone would attempt to hug a terrorist, i think they
8:36 pm
would get their throat slit pretty quickly. you were out on these college campuses. there is not an across knowledgement of the harsh and dangerous reality of islam. >> i like to go to these safe spaces. these students -- it's not that they don't fear anything. it's that they footer wrong things. jesse: this movie you are doing with prager, it's not getting hollywood funding. why do you think that is? i want to play a clip for the audience so they can see way it's about. >> two-jeb der sexuality. >> we judge people based on racial origin and history of oppression. >> we call it the progressive stats. >> i'm black. >> i'm asian. >> i'm a student at utopia
8:37 pm
university. jesse: hollywood doesn't want to fund this film so you want to raise money other ways. >> hollywood probably has 150 anti-fracking movies in the pipeline. i'll bet we won't be able to say in the pipeline any more because it's oil-centric. jesse: you mentioned seinfeld and chris rock. they don't even tour on college campuses anymore. everyone is so sensitive, they can't than the cutting-edge humor. >> for those guys they are millionaires 120 types over. and it's basically why go down and try to feet the homeless community if somebody put a shank in you last time you were in there.
8:38 pm
they will just stay in the limousine. jesse: it's ridiculous, the greatest generation is probably laughing at these millennials. i think it's a shameful label. i don't even know if you are allowed to label anymore. >> i don't identify as a millennial even though i technically am. jesse: you are a self-loathing millennial. >> you go to college to be offended. people don't actually care about having their opinions expanded. they just go to college to have them confirmed. sadly administrations are allowing them to happen. jesse: do you think this will make things any better oh do you think we are headed over a cliff? >> i think we'll head over a cliff, burst into flames and then we'll rebuild.
8:39 pm
the rise of ufc is the fastest rising sport. jesse: you are predicting the next generation after millennials will be hard-core grungy americans? >> flannel wearing, cage fighting, undergoing a sexual transformation. that part won't leave. jesse: despite this week's shooting, the play depicting president trump being assassinated is still being performed. reuters might boycott a white house visit because of donald trump. espn under fire for a lack of patriotism.
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8:44 pm
they asked would the team go to the white house? they said probably not. is this disrespectful? so, stif curry says he doesn't want to go to the white house, but said it's a team decision. >> i don't think it' disrespectful for him not to want to go to the white house. but he does show a certain amount of leadership saying it will be a team decision. in new england we all went to the white house regardless of if we were republicans or democrats because we respect the office. it's a tradition teams go when they win. but we have seen people pull out at different times. jesse: george w. bush when you were there in 2004, is he that much worse where people say i
8:45 pm
usually don't like republicans, but it's donald trump so i'm definitely not going? >> there are a lot of strong he motions regarding president trump. jesse: what kind of precedent does this send if a whole team doesn't show up to the white house? >> this is something that we have to combat right now. it's something that will come up again. this won't be the first time. when we look at new england, they won and a couple guys didn't go. i'm talking about when they just won. i know they win all the time. when they just won a certain number of guys didn't show up. it's their right not to do so. there have been presidents i have been in fave of and those i haven't. but regardless of that fact going to the white house as an american is something i would do.
8:46 pm
the great thing about this country is they have a right to protest. jesse: i would love to see the champs show up. max kellerson says the nfl has made sports political by playing "the national anthem." >> colin kaepernick didn't know looking for a protest. it came to him. he was asked to stand for the national anthem. you don't have to stand for the national anthem. even if there was a rule that you did, is that colin kaepernick injecting politics into the nfl? no, it's the nfl injecting politics in expect you to stand in the first place. jess require injects pa patriot. and it doesn't force anybody to stand up, does it?
8:47 pm
>> the understanding is we ask people the stand for the national anthem. not standing doesn't necessarily mean you don't agree for your country. but the nfl didn't have players stand at all. we weren't even present on the field until 2009 for the national anthem. because of different things we started bringing players out there. but this is a situation -- we make everything political when it doesn't have to be. standing for "the national anthem" is what you do because you are an american and you are proud of your country. the reason colin didn't stand is there are things he was concerned about. jesse: that's fine and we debated about that. but espn is under a lot of pressure. people see them taking sides with these things and they have
8:48 pm
gone a little bit left. and this doesn't help when max kellerman says something like this. do you think that's partially why the ratings are suffering because the mostly male audience sees them going to the left or less patriotic than they should? >> it's a combination of things when you look at sports broadcasting in general. when you look at streaming. ratings go down for tvs. jesse: that's a factor. >> then you have the fact that a lot of people watching don't want politics mixed in "sports. when organizations that promote certain ideologies there will be people who don't agree. even that being said, people are entitled to their opinion. any time you engage in dialogue, we are at a place where we are so polarized when we don't agree
8:49 pm
with somebody, we want to turn the other way and run instead of engaging with them. that's probably why you are seeing some of the ratings go down. jesse: coming up, inside the controversial play, "shakespeare," that assassinates president trump. jesse: was your favorite part it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. it's your glass of willpower that helps keep cravings...
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jesse: we told you about the controversy that caused sponsors to pull out of the sponsorship of a play about julius kree a.
8:53 pm
julius -- julius caesar. i spoke with some of the people who saw the play. what did you think about the play? >> the performance was fabulous. >> they played pretty hard on what's happening trump at the moment. and the actor himself. the handled gestures or tweets, he was on his phone at times. >> was your favorite part when trump was assassinated? >> it was one of the highlights. jesse: or low lights. >> it was a little violent it was pretty gory. >> the whole production history of this play for several centuries has used indicators of
8:54 pm
the moment. there is nothing that a. [applause] the assassination or makes light of it at all. jesse: did you enjoy shakespeare in the park? >> >> i go to this play every year for the last 10 years. this one they made it into more of a saint. you come out of the play and you say that violence against anyone is a terrible thing to do. jesse: do you consider the assassination of a trump look alike dangerous? >> i think it is a little bit dangerous. just the same way you are not allowed to yell fire in a movie theater. imply to kill the president in this time of environment is a little bit worrisome. once or twice the stadium shook a little bit and i heard
8:55 pm
protesters outside and i was afraid for my safety. >> the only thing i didn't like was the audio in the play that said "kill trump." >> i think that the point of something like this, it's satire. >> the play is about opening up the conversation. >> after 9/11 we had to let it go. you can't stop free speech because of an incident the day before, the day before, the day before. otherwise there would never be free speech. >> shakespeare demonstrates the folly and the inhumanity. jesse: the sponsors thought it was too much.
8:56 pm
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jesse: jan writes, i would love a tall glass of water right now. next, how does jesse watters sleep at night after uttering such garbage on tv. i go to bed. that's all for us tonight. have a happy father's day weekend. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> i am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. the secretary of state rex tillerson and i were able to get otto warmbier back with his parents. judge jeanine: while the establishment bands together to take him down. who's in on it? tough talk from the speaker. >> now we know the deg


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