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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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warmbier family tonight. thank you for being with us, everybody. tucker carlson is coming up next. good night. we'll see you back here on "the story" tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." most people were horrified by last week's assassination attempts on her republican members of congress, which wounded five people and nearly killed house majority whip stev. but most people apparently does not include some people, including new jersey democratic strategist jim devine. after the shooting, he tweeted this, "we are in a war with selfish, narcissistic rich people. why is it a shock when things turned violent, #hunterrepublicancongressman ." after many people reacted, he did not back down.
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we invited him to come on the show and remarkably, he agreed. jim devine joins us tonight. so, jim devine, under what circumstances is it morally acceptable to use violence for political ends? >> it is never acceptable to use violence for political ends, except perhaps in the most extreme cases, referring to george washington. the fact of the matter, we do vote with the ballots what they do with bullets elsewhere. it is not uncommon in politics that we use the language of war. we talk about fierce rhetoric, we talk about -- and so on. you were on a television program, and i don't know what your body count was, when you were on "crossfire." i assume that there were no casualties there. >> tucker: stop. you know what? i want to have a reasonable conversation about a demagogue
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but in the hours after come five people were shot, including the house majority whip, use or not a tweet that said "hot republicans." it is clearly a reference to the assassination attempts against congressman scalise. it's hard to imagine how you could justify writing something like that. >> in the immediate aftermath of the shooting at the sandy hook school, we heard people say this is not the time to talk about gun violence. we have heard lots of things follow this. >> tucker: that's not what you were saying. you are encouraging gun violenc violence. >> absolutely not. >> tucker: what did you mean by that? i am talking about you, not some other paper. >> this is what has been out there. >> tucker: put that down. i'm not interested in what other people have to say. that's great but -- we are not -- so, your excuse is that other people have done it. that's not an excuse. i'm here to ask you about something you wrote and why don't you explain it?
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>> for too long, republicans in this country have failed to distinguish the differences between politics and war. a lot of democrats have failed to see the similarities. so, you guys either have to tone down the rhetoric or we have to step up. and i don't think there is anything -- >> tucker: there is nothing wrong with that? >> sarah palin put the crosshairs on congress. i'm just saying republicans a set of democrats. >> tucker: first of all, sarah palin didn't do that, and a group affiliated with her did that. it's a different between a metaphor and suggesting to hunt republicans after republicans have been shot. >> she put up a boast about her republican bull's-eyes -- >> tucker: what point you're making? that that's okay? >> my point, year after year after year of hearing the same kind of violent rhetoric from the right, the left has every reason to come forward and stand up. what i have learned in life -- >> tucker: with violent
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rhetoric? >> when you are confronted with bullies, you have to fight fire with fire. you face enough to it's. >> tucker: but a guy just went and tried to assassinate republican members of congress. >> tucker: and that was a terrible -- >> tucker: that just happened. >> one of my tweets, tucker said, it is too bad nobody did something before, of course, congressman scalise -- >> tucker: it was overshadowed by your suggestion -- do you own a gun? >> no. >> tucker: do you own a gun? >> i said no. >> tucker: do you think that you should be able to pass a background check for a gun after tweeting something like this? >> i don't think this would disqualify me. >> tucker: hold on. as a gun control advocate, i am asking you -- do you think you should be allowed, -- hold on let me finish my question. do you think that someone who tweets the day after an attempted murder like this, "hunt republicans," cheering it
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on, that person, ought to be allowed to have a firearm in this country? >> first of all, your interpretation that i'm tearing it on is not accurate. i don't condone or advocate violence. this is a metaphor. >> tucker: another tweet that said "i do condone violence." >> is a metaphor role turn. i recently heard a parma court of public and say it, i don't have time for political correctness. i will tell you what, i will make the time for political correctness when we have -- >> tucker: at if we can get back come if you can answer my question really quickly. do you think that someone who tweets a line such as "hunt republicans" or "hunt democrats" ought to be allowed to have a gun, as a gun control advocate? >> absolutely. that should knit in and of itself define themselves as a person -- >> tucker: advocating violence
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in the wake of the shooting. [laughs] not much of a gun-control guy, i guess. apparently not. so, your point is that republicans, i guess this is your point, are advocating violence and you are proving this by holding up a poster from five years ago and because they are, you say, democrats should -- what is your point? >> i am saying that democrats have to be more aggressive in the face of political issues and the face of the opposition. we have -- one of the persons he was on that field that spoke -- >> tucker: what does that mean? >> senator rand paul retweeted something from andrew napolitano that said, the reason we have a second amendment is not so people can hunt deer, so that they can shoot the tyrannical government. >> tucker: what is your point? >> my point, tucker, very simply, my point is that when you put up obstacles to people voting, when you secretly plot in the senate to repeal health care that is keeping 50,000 americans alive, and you
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are otherwise directing barriers to the democratic process, where we have elections, the people that get the most votes don't win -- >> tucker: you should be shot? >> no! that is tyrannical government. >> tucker: it's understandable when you're shot? >> it is the natural culmination -- >> tucker: stop with the talking points. i want to know what you are saying. are you saying that it's understandable? >> it is a natural combination of the argument that was made by judge napolitano and senator rand paul. if you would like to sit down and have a discussion -- >> tucker: hold on. i am really here. you are not making sense. i will give you one last chance. what is your point? >> my point is enough is enough. >> tucker: it's time to take up arms? >> no. it's not about taking up arms. it's about coming together and fighting back. >> tucker: fighting back how? >> politically. peacefully. >> tucker: what are we doing about hunting -- you know what,
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you are an unbalanced person and i have to say, it is distressing that more democrats haven't disavowed you. >> i'm a perfectly balanced person. >> tucker: you don't seem it. twitter isn't the only place where people have been politicizing the shootings of last week. it also happened on television, with msnbc's joanne reed, to find a way to suggest that steve scalise deserved to be shot. >> steve scalise has a history, we have all been to ignore on race. he did come to a leadership after controversy over attending a white national event, which he says he didn't know what it was. he also cosponsored a bill to amend the constitution to define marriage between a man and woman. he voted for the house health care bill, which as you said, would got health care for millions of people, including 3 million people. he cosponsored a bill to repeal the ban on semiautomatic weapons. are we required in a moral sense to put that aside at the moment?
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>> tucker: a democratic strategist and an editor at they join us here tonight. jessica, if you could parse that joy ann reid sa, for a second, he disagreed on gun control, on, and he spoke to a group i don't like. should he be shot? that seems to be what she is saying. >> i think everything that joy reid decided to talk about, it wasn't very smart, it was a very. you think about what topics she brought up. how are any of of those things relevant to what happened to scalise? they weren't. he did not attempt made on his life. he is nowhere near being okay. yet, we are having to have a conversation now about votes he's made in the past? i don't understand how any of that is relevant. it's really unfortunate that that is a conversation that joy
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reid decided to have parades. when i don't think it was an accident and i do see how it is relevant to joy reid and many people on the left. katie came i think she is saying, look, this guys disgust. how upset should we be that he was shot? maybe not so upset? >> first, i think it is important to point out that joy reid started her segment by saying, we wish the congressman while. i don't actually believe that. i think she doesn't wish the congressman while. in terms of the issues that they are bringing up, this is a smear campaign. she accused him of being a racist as he lays in a hospital bed, unable to defend himself, when the racism story has been thoroughly debunked, even by reporters who initially accused him of racism. look, you are the democrat on before this. this has become a mainstream argument, as you said. it's disconcerting that more democrats aren't condemning this. look, i agree that we need to some kind of civility, some kind of decency. but i would really appreciate it if the left would stop lecturing
5:11 pm
conservatives about civility, which is really just a way to shut them up, while they don't to the same on their end of the deal, appalled there end of the deal. >> tucker: i don't care about civility, i'm just worried about violence. here is scott pelley describing it. watch this. >> it is time to ask whether the attack on the united states congress yesterday it was foreseeable, predictable, and to some degree, self-inflicted. too many leaders and political commentators who set an example for us to follow have led us into an abyss of violent rhetoric, which, it should be no surprise, has led to violence. >> tucker: so, five republicans get shot and scott pelley, who no longer, thank heavens, is in the chair, describes it as perhaps self-inflicted? what does that mean? >> i i think it's unfortunate. it is garbage rhetoric. that's not the conversation we should be having right now. there are people who had attempts made on their lives, had someone not been there to stop that shooter, all of those people could have lost their lives.
5:12 pm
this is a conversation that some people on the left have chosen to have. i think all of it is bad. i think that more people do need to stand up and say that it's bad. more people on the left need to have that conversation. i don't think that two wrongs make a right. i don't think of this is the time for people to come forward and say, you know what, maybe we should try things a different way since we have been -- that is not as what is happening here. we have people taking advantage of a tragic situation and to begin to score political points, and i think it is going to backfire on the democratic party. i think all of it is terrible. >> tucker: if it hurt the entire country, katie. it is moving in that direction, it feels like. >> i would say the democrats need to make better arguments that aren't dehumanizing. they uphold their policies and talk about why what they believe in is going to be better for their constituencies, which they have far fewer of now. in terms of how we move forward on the questions that have been asked and the issues that have been raised, this is a mainstream accusation, that that the left in the media, friends of the media, made.
5:13 pm
this is not something that is on the fringe anymore. it just goes to show that the far left, all they want is to meet their end that they will use any means to get there. in this case last week, it was violence. >> this can't be all about the far left. >> tucker: the shooting was self-inflicted? we are out of time. but just imagine, i imagine that script going through the layers of editors before it gets to a teleprompter and to some air had reads it. he self-inflicted? really? that is just totally -- >> how is it that republicans are being blamed for it? that is the big question. >> tucker: i am sorry, we are out of time. i ate up key moments. i'm sorry. we got to go. thanks to both of you. president trump lashed out last week, against the witch hunt that he says is targeting them for obstruction of justice. up next, we talked to a law professor who agrees that the investigation is ridiculous.
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have seen two more terror attacks in the european attacks in london. one person died, at least ten were injured. a eyewitness said that the suspect spoke about wanting to kill muslims, the fourth terror attack in london just this year. meanwhile, in paris, a man previously flagged and an end islamic extremist tried to attack. thankfully, he crashed his car
5:18 pm
and died before he hurt anyone. is the second attack this year in that part of paris, following an instance of april when a supporter of isis murdered a police officer. it seems like terror is on the rise in europe, you are not hallucinating, it is. a new report from the europewide police organization finds that the number of people arrested for terror related activities doubled from 2014-2016. of course, that is also this be period during which europe welcomed a huge amounts of migrants with almost no vetting. their leaders will say that has nothing to do with it, just a coincidence, nothing to see here. meanwhile, president trump has admitted he is under investigation for obstruction of justice. he has done so in the most drunk way possible. he is the net via twitter. on friday, the president tweeted this. he tweeted on sunday...
5:19 pm
>> tucker: president trump clearly thinks this investigation is a lot of nonsense. i'm not one point, professor alan dershowitz of harvard law ghoul seems to agree with him. he joins us tonight. >> i don't agree with president trump on a great many of his agenda issues. i am a liberal democratic demoo voted enthusiastically for hillary clinton. but i think i'm a person of a principal and i realize that what the democrats are trying to do to president trump is exactly what republicans tried to do to hillary clinton. lock her up from a throw away the key. the very people who were pushing for donald trump to be investigated, indicted, and peach come would be on the other side of the issue if the shoe were on the other foot. if they had tried to expand the
5:20 pm
obstruction of justice statute or espionage statue and apply it to a democrat rather than the republican. we need a single standard of justice in this country. both sides are trying to criminalize too much. if you disagree with people, throw them out of office. don't elect them. the idea of charging your enemies with political crimes is too prevalent on both sides of the political aisle. >> tucker: what fascinates me about your position be, because i know you, is that it is purely principles. you are not saying this because you are supporting the president. can you be more specific? what are the charges that his opponents accuse him of of, that a president should not be prosecuted for? >> they are saying that he committed obstruction of justice by simply acting on his constitutional authority. he had the right to fire comey, comey acknowledge that. he had the right to tell comey to stop investigating flynn. comey acknowledge that. so, what is the obstruction of justice? if he had the constitutional
5:21 pm
power to do that, people compare it to richard nixon. richard nixon told his staff to lie, probably destroyed tapes, and paid hush money or tried to pay hush money to witnesses. there is no allegation of any independent criminal conduct against a president trump. it is much more like what president bush did when he pardoned caspar weinberger at a time when he was about to go on trial and might have pointed the finger of accusation at him. no one at that time suggested that president bush should be indicted for obstruction of justice or impeached. this is selective injustice against a particular president who was unpopular with democrats. it's just not right. >> tucker: what do you think -- given your position, and given the fact that you are a law professor, presumably you know the subject pretty well, how do you respond when you see the endless hours of poorly informed legal analysis on television suggesting the
5:22 pm
opposite? >> i comfort myself by knowing that almost all of these people would be on the other side if the shoe were on the other foot. it's partisan politics. every liberal and civil libertarian ought to be against expanding obstruction of justice. it is such a vague statute. the people who want to after trump would say, if he had a corrupt motive -- what does that mean? do you really want the presidency to turn on a subjective definition of a corrupt motive, rather than on objective evidence of bribery, lobbying, destroying evidence? i think it is a protection. my argument is, yesterday it was hillary clinton. today, it's donald trump weird tomorrow, i could be you. when the head of the kgb met with stalin, he said to stalin, show me the man and i'll find you the crime. that is what my friends, my liberal democrat friends are doing. they are falling all over themselves, trying to find a statute that they can expand and they can apply only to donald trump and then, they will bury the statute and try to put it back in his crib.
5:23 pm
for example, there was a period of time when they wanted to get him under the logan act. it hasn't been enforced since 1803. there is a concept in law -- they wanted to resurrected, applied to donald trump, and give it an honorable burial. but that is not the way the law works. the law works based on precedents. what you do to donald trump today becomes a president and can be used against democrats and independents or anybody in the future. that is why all americans who care about civil liberties, who care about constitutional rights, ought to be very concerned about the investigation love is being conducted and targeting donald trump. whether you like them or not. >> tucker: i cannot imagine how many people as yell at you at dinner parties. >> friends and relatives alike. it is really amazing. what i'm used to that. i had that when he made the same position about record notes and -- richard nixon. i'm used to being yelled at from both sides. tomorrow, it will be the republicans who will be furious at me and the democrats will be
5:24 pm
supportive because my principles will lead me to conclusions that help one side rather than the other. but i am not doing it in order to help the republicans by any means or any more of the democrats. i'm doing it to think deeply about the constitution and preserving a document that has served us well for over 225 years. >> tucker: we agree with you. when you are on the other side, we'll invite you back. thanks, professor. >> thank you. >> tucker: we told you a lot about otto warmbier over the past year hoping he was successfully be brought home to his family. we regret to say we have a final and very sad update on his case cap next. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through...
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loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. >> this is a rogue parietal regime. they are brutal. there is no sense to anything here. they have crossed a line with my son, otto. so, it would be very difficult to look for a lesson here amongst this insanity. >> tucker: that was the interview last week with fred to warmbier. we have a sad and final update on his son, otto. he is of course the american college student in prison for a year in north korea. otto died this afternoon in hospital in cincinnati six days after his release. he was murdered by the north korean regime. otto's parents, fred and cindy warmbier released a statement. i want to read part of it to you. "it is our sad duty to report
5:29 pm
that our son otto warmbier has completed his journey home. it will be easy at a moment like this to focus on all that we lost, the future trend that won't be spent with the warm, engaging, brilliant young man with curiosity, enthusiasm for life. we chose just broke on time we were given to be with this remarkable person. when otto returned to cincinnati late on june 13, he was unable to speak, see, to react, to hear verbal commands. he looks very comfortable, almost english. although we would never hear his voice again, within a day, the countenance of his face change. he was at peace, at home, and we believe he could sense that. we think everyone around the world to us cap to him and our s and prayers. we are at peace on that home, too." heartbreaking. they are good people, the warmbiers. you can hear it in their words. it's real. we feel filled in deeply tonigh. president trump delivered a statement on otto's death, commanding the north korean regime. >> we spent a year and a half in
5:30 pm
north korea, a lot of bad things happen. but at least we got them home to be with his parents. that is a brutal regime. we'll be able to handle it. >> tucker: otto may have died this year but has a restaurant north korea happened in the final year of the last administration. his death was to some extent a failure of obama's foreign policy and not the only one. ben collins was a u.s. army special forces veteran and he joins us tonight. so, the band, you don't want to draw a quick and easy lesson from these things that are unfair, on the other hand, you do sort of wonder, he spent an awful long time in captivity with the obama state department did, in effect, nothing, other than lecture at his parents were ascending into north korea and the first place. did that reflect the foreign policies objectives of the last administration? >> tucker, i think so. the fact of the matter, if there was anything we could count on the obama administration to do, it was to essentially do nothing
5:31 pm
in the places that it mattered and go another way of the place -- in areas that unfortunately made things worse. as you said, this is heartbreaking. we have to remember that there are still several americans, i think three americans, that are still in north korea, that are held captive. this administration is going to have to continue to fight to get our people home. it is a tough thing that we are trying to do with north korea right now. the obama administration certainly didn't make it easier by giving them a pass for 80 years. >> tucker: here he is, an open wound that has been causing pros for a long time, more than five years. and now, all of a sudden, we appear, the united states, under the trump administration, appears to be moving to conflict with russia over this. what exactly is our objective in syria? how is this helping america's interest? >> you do have to look back on
5:32 pm
what the obama administration did. they took a situation that was already complex and made it worse. if you look at it, we first backed the kurds in order to fight isis. we were conducting an air campaign, so, we first backed the kurds. then, essentially, we were backing saudi arabia and what they were doing in yemen, which irritated iran, so we try to appease iran and we give them a nuclear deal, which ended up upsetting israel, so, we sold as real a bunch of weapons, as well. we have essentially kicked off an arms race even worse. but the whole thing was so discombobulated, they were never able to actually say, what are the u.s. strategic interests in syria. here is what a feasible and day could be at here is how we will accomplish it. unfortunately, president trump got stuck with this. but there is no easy way out at this stage. as you say, we see that we just shot down a plane, a syrian plane, that could almost as
5:33 pm
easily have been a russian plane. i'm concerned about where that might take us. >> tucker: that's an understatement. let's make it simple. i don't think anybody has confidence in the ability of any outside power, including ours, to construct a viable new government in syria. let start with our enemies. who should we be most concerned about within the borders of syria? who is our primary enemy? >> to me, there is long-term and short-term, tucker. short term, it is the jihadist threat that exists. every day that they are allowed to have territory, every day that they are allowed to legally attack their people, allowed to legally sell gray market oil and make money and push their ideology, we see more and more attacks and they are able to recruit more and more people to their cause. that is the short-term threat threat right now. i do think that the long term threat to our strategic capability is going to be russia in that region.
5:34 pm
president obama backed us away from that role as the region power. russia has stepped in. and that very well could minimize our ability for everything from energy, but the bottom line is, all of that obama administration policies, all of hillary clinton's policies, effectively made the region were sprayed at funneled all of that migrants problem into europe. we have seen the consequences of that. we have a big problem on our hands right now and i think president trump is doing the best he can with what he was left with so far. >> tucker: i am more confused than i have ever been. ben, thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. we will not buy your explanation, but by what is happening. from korea, to syria, to libya, it seems like the trump administration is facing challenges from every side. a lot of them began under the last president. charles krauthammer will be here in a minute to help untangle what exactly is going on and
5:35 pm
where our real strategic interests lie. plus, joining us in "the friend zone," we will talk about health care. something we know a lot more about today than we did last week. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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>> the world is a mess. i inherited a mess. whether it is the middle east, whether it is north korea, whether it is so many other things, whether it is in our country, horrible trade deals. i inherited a mess. >> tucker: that was president trump last february criticizing the situation he inherited from president obama, from a rock, livery, syria, the u.s. is confronting crises that blossomed during a current administration. as the trump administration fighting the last administration's war and is it making wise choices? charles krauthammer is here to help us untangle the knots. i am legitimately confused. i thought that there were our
5:40 pm
main opponent there and everywhere was the sunni extreme extremist organization, isis. now, i see that we are shooting planes down for my government that is also fighting isis, that is representing the shiites. so, is the main threat in syria at the assad regime or is it isis? sincerely, i don't know. >> it does like the last year of the second world war. we are all fighting the nazis, but we know they are finished. a lot of maneuvering in the last year was to try to figure out what it would look like after the nazis. now, the mean enemy is about to be driven out of mosul, iraq will be cleared of them. what is going on now is the encircling of rocco, their last stronghold based in syria. within six months, probably a year, both of them will be gone.
5:41 pm
everybody knows that. so, it is going on right now in syria is the maneuvering. iranians want to inherit the territory that is going to be lost by isis. and they showed that by long launching rockets today over a rock into, ostensibly at isis, as retaliation for the terror attacks. really, a demonstration to saudi arabia, the sunni arabs, and everybody in the region, of their reach. the iranian objective is to have, to inherited territory of isis, which is to give them control of the entire northern part of the middle east, from iran, to iraq, to syria, much of the mediterranean. the persians have not had that in 2,000 years and it was as within their grasp. so, the russians, the reigning ends, the syrian regime, they are all on one side. the maneuver is to make sure that they get the territory that isis loses.
5:42 pm
our interest is to make sure that that doesn't happen. that is why we attacked the forces of assad, who are hitting our allies on the ground, who are the kurds, and there are the syrian rebels, who together with the kurds, are closing in on raqqa. our objective, you were asking earlier, what is our objective in the region. it is simple. we don't want to see assad have a puppet regime which would be run by iran and russia, and control of all of syria. we don't want them to inherit the isis territory. we would like to see that held by pro-western, pro-saudi, sunni forces. and that would mean one settlement would be that you get a regime in damascus running the west side of syria, essentially, whereas the middle of syria is controlled by the rebels. that is a far --dash a far more
5:43 pm
advantageous strategic ending to all of this. this i think it's pretty high level chests. >> tucker: it is way too high level to be really, in my opinion. the two sides will co-occupy the country and not continue a civil war? why wouldn't they be at war perpetually forever? >> they might be, except if assad and the russians decide the war is not winnable, assad is a minority sect, very much hated in the area, maybe 10%, essentially affiliated with the shiites. for it to control all of syria perpetually as perpetual war. it's not of the russian interest. the russians might accept a settlement in which there is a de facto division of the country into ethnic enclaves which would probably be, for the syrian people and for us, the best outcome. >> tucker: boy. that is high level.
5:44 pm
[laughs] charles, thank you for that. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: you may have noticed that i was gone last week. my wife unexpectedly intersected with that. the fox medical correspondent dr. marc siegel, it was an amazing, super interesting experience. i finished it, grateful to him. he'll join us next in sb 25 so i can provide a slobbery thanks. ♪ you could fill a book with all the things you'll never learn from a book. expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better.
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♪ >> tucker: if you are watching the show last week, you may have noticed that i wasn't here on thursday or friday. simple explanation for that, i got sick. i started feeling pretty bad on monday but decided to ignore it, since when you ignore things, they go away. it has always worked for me.
5:49 pm
but not this time. it turns out, appendicitis is not work that way. by thursday afternoon, i was in the emergency room at nyu hospital in new york city. i might still be there for it weren't for a nurse called kathy mcbride. she saw me across the room looking confused, and took in control. she sat major i was okay. i will always be grateful. to the other nurses at nyu, who may be the kindest people in the world i have ever met. wonderful, no kidding. i also want to think the surgeon who saved me. above all, the person who was my advocate from the beginning, our friend and colleague, dr. marc siegel, who is practiced at nyu for decades and joins us in "the friend zone" to receive heart felt thanks for me. here's what i have learned. i have never been to a hospital before expect to visit briefly. if you know a doctor and trusted him and will follow his instructions, i know and trust you, it makes all the difference, especially if he is smart. he knows what he is doing, like
5:50 pm
you do. it really makes a difference. >> not working really helps, knowing the right people helps. in your situation, hugh has an appendix that was in trouble. it was close to bursting, it was in a bad location and you needed an artist. i called the art of medicine. you mentioned the doctor. there is no one more skilled than him. getting him when there was an insurance policy that we needed it. we talk about insurance all the time but i am always thinking, it's a headless horseman, a plane without a pilot. the pilot is the actual doctor. people out there need to know, if we make an insurance decision with these laws that end up putting doctoring in jeopardy, we will jeopardize the art of medicine. in your case, i don't know what would have gone wrong with a more junior surgeon, but with the senior surgeon, who has done us more than anyone, look at you, i'm making a satellite house call right now and you look terrific. your color is great, you look really healthy. >> tucker: i feel great! we did a weeklong segment on
5:51 pm
opioid addiction, i was so paranoid about the pain killers. feel absolutely great. i'm thankful to the surgeon who did this. i was struck by the complexity of the whole experience. i never experienced anything like that before. it is really complicated. i had no idea at any of it meant. having someone to explain it really made a big difference. does that happen? let's say you don't know i doctor when you go in. is anyone ask pointed to? >> that is a problem that doctors have. we learned and locked in. i think it is very important for doctors to learn how to communicate. a lot of times i will here for my, doctors have to be patient and repeat it and they have to think about what language they are using. if you are not explained to the patient what is going on, that is a big part of the problem. i also feel, by the way, it was so refreshing to see the way steve scalise was handled on television. there again, here on fox, i felt that patients out there across america were learning what a
5:52 pm
great doctor does. in this case, the doctor explained, a bullet into the pelvis, there's a lot of blood flow there. organs that can be damaged. a lot of patients don't make it in this case. there is a lot of bleeding that goes on. he explained it so clearly that people understood what a man of heroism was involved in saving this man's life and how you can't be sure that any doctor can do it. so, we need to look into a future of doctors who can still do it. we need to make our doctors feel good so they will be out there to help and that was certainly true in your case and it was certainly true in scalise's case. thank god he is doing well. >> tucker: i have never been more pro-doctor and programmers than i am now. whatever it takes. dr. siegel, god bless you, for all of the work you do and for all of the help you gave me. >> and the nurses, i'm glad you pointed that out. they are hugely important. thanks, tucker. you look great. keep on. >> tucker: thank you. see you, doctor.
5:53 pm
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liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. >> tucker: well, brett stevens titled "only mass deportation can save america." twist on the deportation that truck people are talking about, the people that he would like to deport likely include you, native born american citizen. he called them "complacent, entitled, and often shockingly indifferent to american history." what are their sins? these nativeborn americans, they are stupid, they don't have enough kids, or they have too many kids out of wedlock, they
5:58 pm
commit too many crimes. so-called real americans are screwing up america. maybe they should leave so that we can replace them with new and better ones. he adds that he is only joking, but only because no country would actually except to the worthless regular americans he would like to deport. he regards himself and is an incredibly smart person, yet weirdly, it never seems to dawn on him their economic education and social struggles could be related to the policies he and others have champion for decades. never heard of them. anything besides units of economic productivity, machine of global capitalism that pays brett stevens many thousands a year to write mediocre opinion columns and a dying newspaper. the notion of america as a nation, a group of people who should be on their side, rather than working against it, will not be surprised that he was an
5:59 pm
aggressive champion for the iraq board, despite being yet too young to do so, if the war was based on sound intelligence, was therefore a justifiable expenditure of 4,400 american lives and hundreds of millions of dollars. he is also a big talker about chiron. stevens is a modern washington establishment sums up perfectly. since other people off to fight our battles, because he would never consider doing such a thing themselves, and when they get back, he castigates them. jokes about replacing them with foreigners, who would do a much better job. his most popular article on "the new york times" list in the past year, in case you're wondering how that paper's about you. they hate you, and they are not shy about it. that is about it for us tonight, tune in every night at eight.
6:00 pm
don't forget to dvr it if you haven't already. but more than anything, stay tuned for "the five," they are live in new york next. >> hello everyone, i am kimberly, we begin with some very upsetting news tonight. otto warmbier, the american who was just released by north korea after nearly a year and a half, has died. he passed away earlier after he was sent home in a vegetative state by the regime last week. otto was only 22 years old. our prayers are with his family and to all who loved him and prayed that he would return safely. holding a news conference on his son's release. he didn't hold back his anger at north korea, however, for terrorizing his son. >> he was so brutally treated, for so long. there i


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