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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 21, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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heather: that is a make calling out of the hood. slithering around. believed to be nonvenomous bull snake. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. heather: bye. >> prepared to send the first republican woman to. >> democrats 0 for 5. >> democrats still literally have no idea why they keep losing elections. if they did, they would would have wo run a real candidate with a real job. >> this is a race where they had all the money in the world where they were not able to deliver. >> belgium police believe they foiled a terror attack
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train station. >> new normal in europe. >> three european capitals in three days because of this islamic european tension. >> chinese officials meeting today to weigh options against north korea following the death of otto warmbier. >> special thanks to the president of the united states of america. [cheers] [chanting] trump, trump, trump ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ american man ♪ we're an american man ♪ we're coming to your town steve: i love that song. live from studio f, it is "fox & friends," it's post game show to a couple of special elections that they held in south korea and georgia and this morning if you're waking up to find out
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who won, the answer is the republican. ainsley: two big victories for the republican party. brian: if you think about it, my notes from yesterday say congratulations to democrats come out and would be conservative district because i wentz to bed early. get ahead of the game. it turns out to the people of georgia have spoken. not only did handle win. handle won handily. more than donald trump won that same district more than five months ago. apes ains put my i voted sticker something my opponent can't do. he didn't live in the district. steve: karen handle 53% to john as solve -- ossoff.
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he lost ground. brian brian can i say the polls, the polls just have to look at themselves in the mirror. they took their face out of the mirror for a second, did polls for. this and all but one poll had ossoff winning or ahead this entire time and winning by about three or four points. steve: the polling outfit'' got it absolutely right. ainsley: polls were showing democrats were winning and hillary clinton was going to win and that didn't happen. steve: that's kind of like what donald trump had said. don't believe the polls. karen heandle didn't. she was on our poll yesterday. she said she felt she was going to win. that was in the morning. >> after she won, she said. this. >> so thanks to the president of the united states of america.
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[cheers] [chanting trump, trump, trump] but let's not forget our equally great vice president, mike pence. [cheers and applause] brian: she went on to say she cannot forget someone she got very close to recently steve scalise and how important it's been. he called her. he nicknamed me the terminator and she appreciates that. it's so interesting that at least one professor from all ivy league schools donated to her. you have. steve: shocking'''. brian: jane upon darks chelsea handler, rosie o'donnell, samuel l. jackson all donated to him who ran as a republican, everything that they are against. all the people that don't want to set their parties and hang out with us. all those people put the money into this guy and, again, celebrities find out and ivy leaguers find out that america has other
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things on their mind. ainsley: $50 million. the most expensive house race ever. you would think if the democrats want to win they would at least put someone. it was pretty close, 503% to 47%. they would put someone on the ballot that lives in that district. that's a no-brainer. brian: within three miles. they had no ideas. the ideas he had no one believed. he weighs acting like a moderate/conservative. i have know what donald trump is doing. here is what we are doing as opposed to russia, collusion, you don't want donald trump and people like him. america is not buying it. steve: there is a simple reason why he wound up on the primary ballot. that was because he challenged tom price in 2016. he lost significantly. only spent $1,000 to do it but nonetheless, he wound up on the ballot against her. and then, of course, she won. president trump, who sent out a number of tweets before the election to go vote and vote for her tweeted this last night. ains ansz he said
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congratulations to karen handle on big one in georgia 6. fantastic job. we are all very proud of you. steve: another one. special elections are over and those who want to make america great again are 5-0. all the fake news, all the money spent, zero. brian: donald trump jr. with the biting edge and cutting wit congratulations dems that's the most expensive participation medal ever awarded since november. congratulations. a lot of money and attention. they put everything on the line. they wanted to send a message to donald trump. their message is you lose again. you have got to come up with a mission statement. a reason to get elected, running against donald trump because he definitely has a mission. he definitely will bring america direction. barack obama definitely had a mission. he definitely had a direction. the democrats don't. steve: you know what? the democrats are waking up this morning and scratching their head, we intelligent
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all that money how could we possibly have lost? you look at it and think about where all the money went, they could have been real smart they could have funded five or six other house races. the democrats have to be smarter where they spend the money, where they have a chance to win rather than where they want to win. they wanted the symbolic hey we beat donald trump, beat that he is toast. except donald trump as he tweeted 5-0. tucker carlson last night. go ahead. ainsley: he talked about why the democrats keep losing. they really need to listen to republicans. lynch to what tucker said last night. >> democrats still literally have no idea why they keep losing elections. if they did, they would have run a real candidate with a real job who understands the constituents he is attempting to represent. instead, democrats put up a 30-year-old semiemployed documentary film maker who can't even vote for himself because he doesn't live in the district. he has a ton of trendy rich people positions on every topic. the abortion people love
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him. is he gravely concerned about climate and childhood obesity and the availability of organic kale. he thinks illegal aliens are noble. he went to the london school of economics. super fit and way smarter than you are. could go on and on. seen it before. that's the point the voters have senile it before too. outside of brooklyn and l.a., they are not that into it that's why the democrats keep losing. why is so hard for the left to find voters actually care about. brian: see where the chipsz fall and at least you went down being yourself. look at the big picture. guys like larry sabato says don't get caught up in special election no matter which way they go. prureks deciding to redire or not retire because the house is trending democratic. talk about republicans in the senate saying should i get behind this healthcare bill because it's controversial or donald trump because he could be hurting the party all those answers are he is not hurting the party,
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healthcare is okay. the american people haven't changed their minds, anna palmer from politico on the big picture. >> what it does show for democrats is they have a lot to be nervous about. this was a race where they had all of the money in the world. all the energy and enthusiasm. they came very close in the primary but they were not able to deliver. 0-4 means they will have a very tough time in the midterm election. steve: absolutely. we mentioned this yesterday. had the democrats won, the headlines on every channel would have been the democrats won. and they would have been talking about it all day. instead the republicans won and if you click around i have a feeling they will probably be talking about russian collusion later today. and, in fact, when you look at the way the democrats in congress were talking about it, they tried to hedge donors' expectations while early polls had showed the democrat was actually leading, they were saying, you know what, we don't really expect to win. we are trying to make it competitive that's what they were saying in the hours leading up to it.
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ainsley: i was curious who was going to win. ' if the voters were still in favor of president trump. it looks like they are and in favor of that agenda. the democrats, she worked for politico, very left leaning newspaper or online publication. and so for her to say that, for the democrats to start realizing maybe we need to read the republican playbook and find out what republicans are or what middle america really wants. it's not about russia, russia, rawcial. but democrats saying that last week. it's not about russia, russia, russia. people want to talk about jobs, they want to talk about healthcare. steve: getting stuff done. brian: think about that, too. she is there to analyze. can't do anything else but blame the weather or rachel maddow for why they lost. brian: '' kellyanne conway had probably the most interesting tweet. she wrote' ossoff after the victory.
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she was palms show this is very close. turns out it went to the republican by five. steve: she also we did thed out hey karen handle thanks for standing strong running on issues and being a grown up and living in the district. welcome to congress. ainsley: brian brought this one up earlier. donald trump jr. said congratulations, dems, that's the most expensive participation medal ever since november,. brian: while we were doing this the president and republican party looking at healthcare. like it or not, they are knee deep. they are talking about tax reform. like it or not knee deep. tack compling enemy north korea. like it or not they are taking a position. president and republicans are governing. the democrats need to get on board. >> don't you love social media sarcasm? '. steve: no kidding.
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jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert. prince philip has just been admit to the hospital. 6-year-old taken there as precautionary measure as he battles an infection ahead of the queen's speech today. bucking heamg palace says he is in good spirits and disappointed to be missing the state opening of parliament. we will keep you posted on thafings in. brand new details on the terrorist who tried to blow up a busy train station in brussels. 36-year-old moroccan man shot dead by soldiers after shouting allah akbar and passengers and setting off this. he had suitcase nail and gas canister. it failed to explode avoid ago major tragedy. nobody else was hurt. attacker was not on their terror radar. a win on the war on terror. a u.s. air strike taking out the right-hand man of isis later al baghdady. the white house confirming turkey was killed in syria right near the iraqi border. the terrorist and
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self-proclaimed chief cleric for isis preacher and recriewrtd for foreign fighters. how about this? we were just talking about social media. twitter going wild over this picture showing a really awkward hug between senator marco rubio and ivanka trump. the two meeting at the capitol to talk tax reform. hours after the photo began to make rounds on social media. rubio tweeting out a new picture saying it provides more insight into the hug. he later came to the conclusion that no hug was even attempted and press obama getting in on the. fake news, marco is excellent hugger. as i mentioned i love sarcasm so much so i appreciate. steve: absolutely. got the awkward hugger himself on the show today. '. ainsley: thanks jillian.
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steve: would otto warmbier be alive if' brought him home sooner. ainsley: we know our janice dean is a proud canadian. when when we did her d.n.a. testing we revealed a lot more on her. coming up next whathe is janice dean? ♪ she read her magazine... the all-new volkswagen atlas. covered from coast to coast with america's best bumper-to-bumper limited warranty.
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yesterday while i greatly appreciate the efforts of president xi in china to help with north korea it has not worked out. at least i know china tried. really? so what options does china have. texas republican congressman of course on home land security committee and former cia officer. the president says hey, china, you tried to talk -- you are the number one friend and really friend of north korea, it didn't work. our guy is dead. three others are still held hostage. i find that tweet endlessly intriguing what do you read from that? >> i read from that that the president is looking at unilateral options in north korea which are limited. also, 90% of north korea's economy comes through china. the chinese could do more. they talked about how they stopped purchasing coal from north korea. well, the money -- they had already exchanged money for a bunch ofcology for the rest of the year. are they going to continue that? the chinese allow north korean
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companies to use arcane business rules in china to operate in china. we have economic tools to put pressure on the chinese in order to get them to move in north korea. brian: congressman, i don't think he took the foot off the gas in saying that i think he is tweaking them in saying that not being flagrant in displeasure. my feeling is i'm not going to embarrass you publicly, but i understand you are not doing everything you can do. i might have to take things into my own hands oh like the 57 tomahawks i sent while you were at mar-a-lago. he also sent a bombner a show force against kim jong un's north korea right after the death of otto did it right around the dmz. what else can he do next time they have a rocket launch? >> shoot it down. if the north koreans test anything, i think we destroy it before it goes down. i think we have got to show them that we have the resolve and that we have the capability to do this. and we also got to make sure
3:20 am
the new south korean regime is helping here. you know, the new south korean president wants to engage with north korea, and if come jong un wants to show is he serious, then releasing the three americans still in captivity is -- would be good start. brian: i believe, congressman, you know better than most because you are cia and lawmaker. we have to send a message that will not stand. if we allow otto to die without any retribution. what about the rest? what about the next? >> if there is no consequences to negative behavior, then that negative behavior will continue. and what happened to otto, i can only imagine what the family is going through and what they will be going to through losing, you know a child in the prime of their life. brian: we have got to do it even for him and for the others. congressman will hurd, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: look for democrats to be on board.
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prime wardrobe it ships clothes to your house for tree and gives you seven days whether or not you want to keep them. prime members get discounts based on how many items they do buy. based on buying, would you buy this? barbie has a new boyfriend, kind of. ken is getting a makeover. he now has 15 new looks, including ken with a man bun. some dolls come with dad bods instead of six packs. this is ken's first major update in 56 years. what do you think about that? all right. ainsley, over to you. >> can you put your picture up, steve with a man bun? because i want to see that this is a fox news alert. karen handel's special election victory in georgia dealing a major blow to the democrats. it was supposed to be the referendum on president trump. why did they lose? here to debate this is fox news contributor and radio talk show host tammy bruce and what happened here? why did the democrats lose in georgia?
3:26 am
>> this is a disappointing night for democrats, obviously. and i don't necessarily know that this was the right spending of resources in that it was necessarily the right candidate to put up. that said, i don't know that this loss can necessarily be called a victory for donald trump. you know, karen handel specifically distanced herself from donald trump on the campaign trail. she rarely mentioned his name. she talked about her independence from the white house and removing herself from the status quo. so that was sort in contrast to the other republicans she was running against. the fact shoe that she was the republican who won, that indicates progress. ainsley: you said you were bummed this morning when you woke up. >> i was. i was bummed but not necessarily surprised. tom price won this seat by 23 points. ainsley: newt gingrich before him. >> this has been a republican strong hold for 40 years and the fact that an unexperienced young candidate lost by only 3 pints that's progress to me. that's not the result i was hoping for but that's
3:27 am
progress. ainsley: do you agree with her. >> i agree it was the wrong race. any of these special elections were wrong for the democrats to put emphasis on this was bellwether. these were empty seats and no incumbent. this is the one that meant something, that's a mistake. south korea republican also won last night much closer. i think that man won by maybe a few hundred votes. bottom line is though this is a line of some level of desperation. i think the win was 6 points. the cheers at her party at the end was mostly for donald trump when he came to the support that she had and his support of her as well. and of course, just the general statement. now, the republicans have won all the special elections. and when 2018 comes around, there will be incumbents involved. the reason they lost is the reason why hillary lost. it's the reason why they lost the 1,000 seats during obama's term is they are disconnected from the nature of what's happening in the country. according to the book "shattered" hillary clinton
3:28 am
when she realized said to her aides i don't understand what's happening in the country. and that's the problem. and i think part of it, forgive me, not all democrats, but their leadership and these candidates whether it's obama and hillary in their heart don't like the american people, believe they know better, and donald trump's appeal has been that he likes us, he understands the nature of what's occurring, whether it's the rust belt or the coast or across the country and he really wants to help make the difference. we gave them 8 years. it did not work obviously. now the american people want something else. the democrats have got to recognize that and act on it. ainsley: julie, do you agree with her on that. >> absolutely not. ainsley: talk about the rhetoric and democrats -- got bernie sanders and elizabeth warren also focused on rhetoric collusion and obstruction and jared's finances but then have you middle america saying hey, look at georgia. i know it was close. demographics have changed in that area. more democrats are moving
3:29 am
south into the georgia. you have anna palmer from politic so he saying if the democrats don't learn from this they are going to lose. they are going to lose again. don't you think the democrats need to get on board and paying attention what the american people want is jobs and security. >> i think to say that the democrats aren't paying attention to what the american people want is false. i think that donald trump tapped into something very specific, a very specific, you know, desire for a change from the status quo. to say the democrats don't like the american people that is a ridiculous statement to me. they love the american part-time. they are trying to create policies good for the american people. the american healthcare act that is potentially going to be passed in the senate is an indication that the republicans do not care about low income people and they want to give tax cuts to millionaires. ainsley: last word. >> black swan the shooting last week people want to ignore there was an attempted assassination of 22 g.o.p.ers. americans are seeing that as
3:30 am
harbinger of the attitude of the left. that is making them even more concerned. that's where bernie and elizabeth warren come in. that rhetoric has to change at first really, one of the first things. ainsley: all right, tammy, julie, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up, he tried to blow up innocent people in two states. his lawyers say he is not a terrorist. you are going to hear their argument coming up next. janice dean says she is canadian. is she really? we just did her d.n.a. test. we will reveal the results to her coming up. ♪ i can't wait ♪ how do you like me now? ♪ how do you like me now ♪ how do you like me now ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a coupe soup. [woman] so beautiful. [man] beautiful just like you. [woman] oh, why thank you.
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brian: back with a fox news alert. 27 minutes before the top of the hour.
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more winning for the g.o.p. two huge victories for republicans in special elections last night. steve: historic congressional district race in georgia 6 capturing the nation's attention. karen handel, the first woman republican congressman elected from georgia beating democrat challenger jon ossoff whose democratic party poured millions into his race. ainsley: president trump congratulating karen handel and the high dollar effort to slip a g.o.p. strong hold that fell short. brian: ralph nor man will fill the north korea congressional seat left open by mick mulvaney. the manager of budget. this is the fourth special election republicans have won in recent months. so much for president trump being a drag on the ticket. where is the evidence of that? look at this. steve: keep in mind everybody was going to say if she lost that's a referendum on donald trump. estate toast. this morning they can't make that argument. what do you think about the two big wins for republicans? email us at
3:35 am tweet us or facebook. brian: you don't have to be extreme really happy or sad. jillian, are you happy or sad? jillian: i'm happy. steve: good morning. jillian: get you caught up on the news of the day. what you need to know. immigrant college students in one state won't be getting any financial help. arizona's court of appeals ruling dreamers are not entitled to instate tuition. now the court ruled the daca program only protects immigrants from being depoor thed overruling a ruling saying dreamers qualify for state benefits. maricopa community college who brought the original case now deciding if they will appeal. as early as next week. you won't need to pick a gender to apply for a washington, d.c. drivers license. the state following in oregon's footsteps telling you about that last week. soon include a not specified
3:36 am
trapasso option on dmv applications. instead of m or f on state issued i.d. there would be option for an x. president trump weighing in on new jersey school district. yearbooks ordered. thanking wall high school students montana and wyatt for not backing down. sent a frp campaign memo more beal i can't. the school is now reissuing yearbooks with the students wearing their original trump shirts. a look at your headlines. now time for very exciting news janice dean. steve: thank you very much. so they are going to reissue the yearbook like the kid wanted. re. ainsley: it's going to be very expensive. brian: let's try to buy one. and look back at the year that was. steve: we can just borrow his. ainsley: it will make us depressed. kids saying i graduate graduaten 2030.
3:37 am
our janice dean is a proud canadian, right? steve: that's what she says. back in february we used my to track our back grounds and we found out all disorders of things. turns out i'm not half irish, i am 20%. well, now are it's janice's turn. brian: alive unite unitedhere at contributor with my heritage and author of something ivette. welcome back. you examined what makes janice tick. >> there is a lot. ainsley: she is not brushing her teeth in that video. >> no. she is swabbing for her d.n.a. simple test, using this kid on my heritage. simple cheek swab everything you need to know about ethnicity and where you come from. janice: janicfrom.january. ainsley: janice does not brush her teeth.
3:38 am
steve: janice dean the d.n.a. machine. >> i'm nervous. okay he said okay. whatever happens it's not your fault. >> it's not your fault and we have wonderful surprises. >> let's first with my heritage d.n.a. results. are you ready. >> yes. >> janice here we are, drum roll, please. >> 73.6% irish, scottish and welch. we have history for you on the irish side of your family. brian: is that okay with you? >> shall we go on 11.1% scan did scandinavian. 9.7% english. and 5.6 liberian, spain and portugal. not only that so we have your genetic breakdown. because of the database we have already connected you with 60 d.n.a. matches. so you have 60 people who share your d.n.a.
3:39 am
steve: let's bring them on until. [laughter] >> cousins around the world who are waiting to connect with you. >> oh my gosh, this is the tree. >> that's the tree right there. have you over 130 people from your family tree. my heritage was able to go and build your heritage on that. if you see that tree, i know you know a lot about your mother's side of the family. your father's side of the family was a bit of a mystery to you until today. okay. are you ready? '. >> can i have a kleenex i know i'm going to cry. >> we have interesting info for you. father's side of the family. my heritage researchers were actually able to track your father's family back to the 1700s. i know you are a proud canadian your roots in the united states go back to the 1700s like ainsley's family goes way back there. brian: affected at some point. >> what her relatives did. isaac dean who is your direct ancestor five generations go. here combings comes the kleenex. he was born in 1782.
3:40 am
census document 1860 that shows 78-year-old isaac dean living in pennsylvania. then let's move to 1910. we have a census document shows your great, great grandfather thomas dean and it shows that his job he worked in a shoe factory. passion for your love of shoes comes from. that is passed down genetically what i'm told expert opinion. that's not all. we also found some more information on your paternal great grandfather. howard dean was your. brian: wait, howard dean. >> my dad's name was howard dean. not the scream dean. >> this is howard l. dean. we also have from the 1910 census once again. that's him. he was a salesman. he worked in real estate. he was born in ohio and moved to michigan. we found him in the 1910 census. similar to brian, we found your great grandfather's world war i draft registration. that's it right there. he was 39 years old when he registered for the draft. brian: amafingz signed up so late. >> he signed up two months
3:41 am
before the war ended at 39 years old. not only that it says right there on the document. and this is actually going -- it says that he was tall, slender, had gray eyes and blonde hair. just like you. >> well, with a little help. >> well, they didn't have that back then. that's amazing. draft registration document. then you also, in your d.n.a. we found out a little bit about your irish heritage on your mother's side which you knew about. we were able to that i can that further back. my heritage researchers found that this is on your dad's side as well. michael o'shaughnessy. he and his wife came over from ireland in 115. they got married. this is from the 1920 census. and it shows that they this three children in five years. so deal i can' delia. brian: is that a record.
3:42 am
>> not a record but a lot of the work. came over from ireland and had three children. freddie the forecaster. your children's book. brian: irish because is he green. >> did you know that your great grandfather on your mother's side was named fred? >> did i not know that. brian: frog and your grandfather. incredible. >> it all comes together. ainsley: i do have to ask you, why the tears? >> because i don't know a lot about my dad's side of the family. my dad and i weren't close. and he died a few years ago. and i felt like i just didn't have the connection. and now i feel it's a bit of a connection. ainsley: that is sweet. >> more than a bit. >> my mom is watching right now. she is very excited to learn more. brian: all we did was swab her cheek and we got all that. steve: if you would like to find out more too go to my janice: you should include kleenex. brian: there is a let of swabbing.
3:43 am
>> i have great story. last time we were here we dove into your history. a woman watching at home in florida. because she was inspired by your discoveries she was able to find the mother that she had been searching for her entire life. i was there with her this weekend. we'll bring you the story tomorrow. ainsley: i can't wait. that's awesome. brian: sounds like an episode of dr. phil. thanks so much. >> thank you, guys. brian: 17 minutes before the top of the hour we change gears. did the obama administration spy on team trump in the evidence everybody wants to see got shipped off to the obama library which hasn't opened yet. the only reason we know because the next guest ask. its tom fitton. he asks everybody everything. ainsley: might have so shave off her beard and cut his hair he and missy are here next to explain. some excited. brian: were she is excited but is he not so excited. ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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3:47 am
steve: america has just discovered whatever surveillance former national security advisor susan rice requested on the trump administration, incoming administration is going to be locked up for five years in former president obama's presidential library. that's all according to a letter sent to judicial watch. joining us with more is the president of judicial watch tom fitton. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? steve: what were you trying to find from these documents. >> our investigators asked national security council for records about susan rice's unmasking of the trump team, about the dnc hack, about what they were doing with this russia collusion investigation, if that's what you want to call it. and they gave us a letter back saying they sent all those records to the national security counsel did to the obama presidential library and, which means that under the at least the freedom of information act we won't be
3:48 am
even able to ask for these records until five years after president obama has left office. steve: unbelievable. it sounds like you're just making that up. sounds like something out of a movie, but that's the way things work unless the president himself, if he were to ask for those documents, they would give them right over, right? >> yeah. they still are federal records. they are under the control of the national archives and can he get them. if he needs them, the president to conduct his official duties, he can get them. subpoenas can be issued by congress to get them. a special counsel muriel, if he decides to actually investigate real crimes like the unmasking, the illicit surveillance. the leaking, he could get them if he issued subpoenas. so, there are options to get these records, and they need to be taken because, you know, there could be elements of the records in the other agencies but these are key white house records about what the white house was up to and that seems to me is important as anything
3:49 am
else e. steve: silly me, i would have thought that because the national security council was kind of part of the white house, those things would stay right there in that building forever in the white house. but apparently somebody wanted to get rid of them and put them over in barack obama's presidential library, right? >> you know, you have to wonder, steve, when it happened. did it happen during the trump administration? were they told about it? was it this a bureaucratic shell game? i understanding when you -- white house records do get are archived. but presumably folks are aware of what's happening and someone should have been alerted that, look, these key documents that everyone is concerned about are go to go over to the archives. you want to take a look at them? should we keep copies here so we have them? steve: it is a curious situation. let's see what happens next. if robert mueller wants them or the president himself wants to make them public. >> the white house get them as quickly as possible and don't rely on robert mueller. that's for sure. steve: let's hope somebody
3:50 am
from the white house is watching right now. tom fitton from judicial judicil watch. what do you think about that? email us at allen derby wilts an dershowitze bill bennett join us live. a cause that could have jace shaving his beard. it will be hair raising ♪ the applause, the applause ♪ my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing.
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brian: the tv series "duck dynasty" just had last call. what are the stars of the show focusing on now. ainsley: star jace robertson might be losing trademark beard and hair might be cutting it off. steve: here ar jase and missy robertson. take a look at that face. it could be changing. >> it could be changing. you know my daughter is powerful and so is my wife. it's been almost 8 years. the last time i shaved and got a hair cut, mia actually, it scared her. she didn't recognize me. brian: who is this guy? steve: you are doing this for a reason. >> absolutely. our foundation we started three years ago when the show was at its height, we are hoping we can raise, this is our doll goal, we are revealing this it this morning for the first time on "fox &
3:55 am
friends" is $100,000. if the fund will raise $100,000 he will shave his beard. steve: where does the money governmental it goes to the fund. and 100 percent of the deengses go to the children. jase and i pay all the cost for the administration fees. brian: cleft palate. she was born with a cleft lip and pallet. ainsley: how many operations has she had. >> she has had eight so far. brian: very expensive for families. usually more than that people need help. >> we found ourselves in a situation when she was born not knowing that it was going to happen. and then being in debt after two surgeries, even after insurance paid, after doctors wrote off a certain amount, we were in debt $12,000. two working people trying to do what's right and you are still in debt. we wanted to alleviate that. ainsley: how is that as a mother? >> difficult. you want the best care possible for your child. steve: people batching right now and they want to help and
3:56 am
raise $100,000 so you wind up clean shaven, how do they do that? >> go to m mia ainsley: you told me one time behind the scenes you love, so handsome without the beard. so handsome with it but this is going to change your life divhiewvment this, will you do it on "fox & friends." our viewers love you and we want to see it. >> maybe. going to do it live but let mia do it. this is something i started about a year ago and all of the women who work and make this jewelry, most of them come from very, very harsh background. seq.ial addiction sex trafficking, drug addiction and opioid addiction. these women are changing their lives. brian: how do we get this? >> lamininer.
3:57 am
ainsley: laminin is a protein in our body shaped like a cross. everywhere. >> thanks for having us. steve: we're going to step aside. on the other side of a quick time-out more about the big election in georgia. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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4:00 am
>> we prepare to send georgia's first republican woman to congress. >> democrats are 50 for 5 in speciaare 0 for 5 inspecial ele. brian: not only did handle win, handle won handily more than donald trump did five months ago. >> this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. this does show for democrats this is a race where they had all of the money in the world where they were not able to deliver. >> belgium police believe they foiled a major terror attack today oat a brussels train station. 36-year-old moroccan man shot
4:01 am
dead by soldiers after shouting allah akbar. >> we can describe this as the new normal in europe. >> tom u.s. and chinese officials weighing options against north korea. >> 90% of north korea's economy comes through china. the chinese could do more. >> special thanks to the president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] [chanting trump trump trump] ♪ ♪ ♪ don't stop believing ♪ hold on to that feeling ♪ streetlights ♪ people ♪ steve: it is not the -- soprano he is, it is the start to hour two of "fox & friends"
4:02 am
live from the mezzanine level of studio f in the heart of midtown manhattan. good morning, folks, welcome to another hour of america's favorite morning news show. brian: i still haven't figured that out that last scene sopranos. just don't go to a diner. ainsley: did you like the scene. brian: i didn't like it. i thought it was a bad finale. this is a good start to donald trump's day. when he found out -- steve: a good finale. >> not only south korea expected by three. he took georgia 6 seat by five. this is pretty convincing. when you consider the amount of attention, celebrities, hollywood types all the pacs put into this seat to make sure karen heandle wasn't the congresswoman that replaced tom price, pretty astounding the trump victory string continues. ainsley: corey lewandowski trump campaign manager is waking up with in this morning. corey, did you wake up in a good mood.
4:03 am
>> i went to bed in a good mood and woke um in a good mood. i never get tired of winning. brian: polls were wrong again. too close to call. she wasn't winning in any poll. she wins handily. they called this thing the second et poll closed. >> has to be accountability somewhere in the media, continuing to have a narrative. the race is going to lose. donald trump can't win. karen handel can't win because the american people are smart. what they know is washington has been broken. donald trump is here to fix it. and he needs help to get that done and that's what karen handle was sent to washington for. the democrats spent $22 million on this race alone. $22 million. they had a flawed candidate. they have have a terrible message. they want to make this all about donald trump. great. it's about donald trump and he is winning. steve: sure. note to democrats, if you are going to put somebody up for a congressional district make sure they live in the district. did he not. >> that's right. steve: donald trump 28 hours before the election did some tweeting to support her. he has been tweeting this morning. 30 minutes ago, corey, he tweeted out democrats would do much better as a party if they
4:04 am
got together with the republicans on healthcare, tax cuts, security, obstruction doesn't work. so clearly, as mitch mcconnell unveils to the public his healthcare plan tomorrow, you would like to get some democrats on board. although is that really possible? >> look, i think there are some democrats in the u.s. senate who are up for re-election next year who want to work with the president. have you got 10 democrat incumbents sitting in states where donald trump carried their stated just last year who are going to have a very difficult re-election effort. it is important to have repeal and replace done. there are some democrats there who want to see this. i think of joe manchin in montana. senator. brian: wear. >> one of the dakotas. i'm sorry from west virginia. i have think the senator from montana might be there. there are opportunities to work that bipartisan fashion. the most important thing is to actually get things done for a change. brian: corey, do you know what i find fascinating is i think -- i will say that maybe i'm being too optimistic. people wanted to see that
4:05 am
donald trump was going to withstand any type of head winds through this whole problem with the election and things leading up to the election since then. maybe it's the russia thing, okay? so now that he stood through five special elections, now that we see healthcare moving forward, despite the controversy. tax reform moving forward despite the controversy. a cool, calm and collected approach to north korea, a belligerent dictator our number one enemy, now all of a sudden republicans going maybe it's going to be okay to follow this new guy we just met. maybe democrats are going to say maybe stand notice his way and saying is he unworthy is not going to work. which makes me think tomorrow and even starting today maybe things go back to somewhat normal when a president takes office. do you think that? >> look, it's a hyper partisan environment here in washington, unfortunately. the american people are very smart. and when they continue to send republicans to washington to help the president get his agenda done, it's a continuation of his promise to change. brian: so you don't think anything changes? >> the democrats are so
4:06 am
distraught, they are so rudderless. they have a terrible leadership. spent $22 million on an election that they could have potentially won if they had a good message, which they don't. instead of giving donald trump the credit because he went down and campaigned for karen, he tweeted for karen. instead of giving him the credit they want. they want to stop an agenda of putting motorcycle first. i don't understand it. america first is very simple. let's put us in charge for a change. ainsley: corey, the democrats we all knew when they won they were going to say this is a referendum on donald trump. if they lost, i was curious to find out what they were going to say. rachel maddow who is a democrat. she is on msnbc. she went on our sho her show ths because of the weather. the rain kept people home. >> only rains in georgia. that's the crazy part. brian: on democrats. ainsley: listen to this and we'll talk about it. >> let me ask you one last question on this. if there was a turn out effect from the bad weather today in the district, does that have any partisan implications that
4:07 am
you could foresee what was expected for same day election day voting here rather than the early vote? ainsley: we need to keep in mind you could vote earlier, too. they had early voting in the days before. >> that's right. and if you look at it, you know, he did not do a good job of getting the early vote numbers in which he needed to do in order to be successful. it only rained on democrats when they were in line down there. no republicans got wet. it's an excuse every single time. let's stop making excuses and realize that the democratic party has completely lost. they have no leadership. think have no message. they have no path forward. for five times now they tried to put a learn dumb on donald trump saying america didn't want him there. every single time he has proven them wrong. every single time he said we are going to keep putting america first. steve: i will tell you though, corey, because the republicans won last night in the two special elections. now this is going to come back to haunt the white house. because rather than them say donald trump is toast because of this referendum on him, instead, they are not going to
4:08 am
barely mention it and now they will go back to the russian thing and collusion and somebody is going to go to jail. and the rumors about a white house shakeup. all right. we have been hearing those for a very long time. in fact, the very latest is that the president's upcoming trip to iowa, to seat folks is just to get the spotlight off of him and the scandals, they say. >> well, look, the president was supposed to go to iowa a few weeks ago. they postponed it. is he going there today. that has been on the books for a long time. there is no white house shakeup coming. i can tell you this. i don't work in the building but i can tell you this. the president is very happy with the team that he has. dolls that mean they need more help? of course they do. sean spicer is doing multiple jobs. communications director, press secretary, h et cetera. he is looking to bring more people on board. there is no massive white house shakeup coming. it's not going to happen. the president is very happy. republicans continue to win. his agenda is moving forward. is he doing exactly what he pledged to do in the campaign,
4:09 am
which is to put america first. brian: right. i always find it interesting when a never trumper is forced to look at something controversial and realize there is no there there. david from today says flat out a republican that this is a huge victory for donald trump and david brooks of the "new york times" said this on sunday about possible collusion with russia. he is seeing what most other people are seeing. there is nothing there. listen to this. >> getting more uncomfortable with this whole ordeal thinking we are getting ahead of ourselves. i'm bothered by the lack of emerging evidence about the underlying crime that there was actually collusion or coordination white house. i have 967 problems with trump as president. but the russia collusion happens to be 547. and as we sort of surround him with this when i think there interest a lot of other -- brian: he is noticing there is nothing there what are you doing? this is amazing. david brooks is not a trump supporter. is he truly a trump hater.
4:10 am
someone as liberal as him from the failing "new york times" coming on and telling you that there is nothing there maybe, just maybe et people in washington should understand this. there is no collusion. there is no obstruction. there was no communication. it's time to move on from this and i go back and i question. now that the democrats have said there is no collusion. have you got the mainstream media with the failing "new york times" saying it you have got republicans saying it what is bob mueller doing? i don't even understand what his role is anymore. everyone has said there is nothing here. so this investigation should end immediately. brian: he hired another democratic attorney. steve: let's see what happens. corey, what happens with healthcare? >> the senate will get a healthcare bill done. go to conference and the president will fulfill his promise to repeal and replace obamacare. steve: that was easy. ainsley: ready for that one. steve: corey, thank you very much. ainsley: head over to jillian who has headlines for us. short and sweet got to love that. jillian: good morning to you as well.
4:11 am
we begin with a fox news alert. prince philip headed to the hospital overflight. end of the queen's speech. taken there as precautionary pleasure as he battles an infection. buckingham palace says is he in good spirits you remember last month. the superintendence announced he would retire from public events later this year. while you were sleeping, uber's ceo driven out. travis already step aside from the company he co-founded in 2009. this comes just after he announced an indefinite leave of absence. uber has been rocked by a series of scandals in recent weeks that includes sexual harassment and misleading regulators. is he accuse dollars of trying to blow up innocent people in two states. rahimy's lawyers don't want him labeled a terrorist. prosecutors telling a judge they intend to prove the suspect was guided by jihadi leaders like usama bin laden when he set off bombs in new york and new jersey last year but injured dozens. his attorneys argue he has
4:12 am
never been charged with helping or being a terrorist. the judge will rule on this tomorrow. a patriot being treated like an enemy of the state. a navy vet and his wife saying it's happening because they are flying two american flags on their property. the california family ordered to take one down since neighborhood codes only allow one flag per home. >> we lost so many marines at iwo jima trying to put the flag up. and we are being hassled about taking the flag down. >> i'm furious. >> the couple can pay to file a petition to amount law that would cost a few thousand dollars. that's a look at your headlines guys on this wednesday morning. i got a frog in my throat. ainsley: go get some water. brian: can you cross the camera, go ahead, jillian. it's all right. brian: after a series of attacks across europe. u.k. wants to police the web. what are we doing here to fight cyber terror.
4:13 am
steve: who pope francis says should never be allowed in church. you are going to want to hear this ♪ i will always want you ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ i never hit the wall before ♪ all i wanted was ♪ so i looked at the scenery. ♪ she read her magazine... the all-new volkswagen atlas. covered from coast to coast with america's best bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. got any ideas?ting you? not all products work the same. my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills all three through contact. no biting required. so they don't have to bite?
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steve: we have got a fox news alert. another terror attack foiled this time in brussels after authorities shot dead a would be suicide bomber. the attack the third in europe this week. and with the majority of terrorists apparently being radicalized online, the united kingdom wants to regulate chatter online r we doing enough to tackle that threat? a cyber terrorism analyst and senior fellow at the center for digital department. he joins us from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: it is always hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube. the social media people have not patrolled what is put out there for so long now it's hard for them to do anything. >> steve, when they put, for example, facebook put out facebook live, could they not think that far ahead to think how could this be used? why don't we have these controls in place before we go
4:18 am
live with facebook live? now we are scrambling to diminish the effects of that's that's doing. like the police officer in france killed. broadcast live by jihadists who killed them. these have come around to not only inspire other people to take action but inspire them to learn about the propaganda and trade craft. they bomber like the one in brussels. steve: when social media giants want to do something they do it. went after child pornography online very effective at that. >> absolutely. steve: it doesn't seem to a lot of observers if they are really serious about trying to take down this terror stuff. >> steve, there will what i call the three l's. effect behavior especially in the corporate world. you stearate off with litigation. if people don't get it you can sue them. start going to two ls and an r, regulation. and then the fcc. other people will step. in and then the thing what the u.k. is looking at is legislation. they want to legislate a fix to this. we want a back door. we want keys to crippin criptog.
4:19 am
if that doesn't happy what we'll end up what happened to bp aamco deep water horizon. 11 people died. charged them he's a corporation. paid 4.5 billion-dollar fine is that potentially something? i'm sure some lawyer out there is working the equivalent of it we can show people have died because of being inspired from material they have seen online. steve: board of directors might be held held accountable criminally is going to get some action. >> look whapsdz with sar bane oxley, steve, after we had all this, what did they do? passed a law guess what we got to the legislation piece that says guess what, you ceos if you sign off on tax return and fraudulent. guess who is going to jail? you will do the perp walk and most of those guys don't look good in orange. steve: you are right about that. who does really. if there was one thing congress could do or the president could do to tamp
4:20 am
this down what would it be today. >> the threat of legislation so say, look, either you solve this or when we come in nobody wins when when we come in. onerous and cost you money to do. this you have to effect their profits and bottom line. you know threat of legislation. presidential election in 1998 talking about regulating critical infrastructure. first one to hop on were the banks. no one want to be regulated by the government. have to get ahead of it. threat of legislation and get these guys to step up their game is probably the only lever they have that they can pull. don't bluff. follow through on it. steve: absolutely. morgan wright who is from my neck of the woods out in kansas. >> that's right. steve: morgan, thank you very much. straight ahead, democrats just keep attacking our president. >> he is true to form. true to his nature. and that is not how a democracy works.
4:21 am
that may be how a bully works. steve: allen dershowitz says if democrats keep it up they will be in a lot of trouble. he will come on out to explain. left has moved on from protesting riots and now asking for violence against president trump supporters. we will be right back in two minutes ♪ let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you. charmin ultra strong. it cleans better. it's four times stronger... ...and you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia yogig-speed you know what's not awesome? when only certain people can get it.
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let's fix that. let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids. and these guys. him. ah. oh hello- that lady. these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh. sure. still yes! you can get it too. welcome to the party. introducing gig-speed internet from xfinity. finally, gig for your neighborhood too. brian: time now for news by the numbers. first 137 that's how many badges this eagle scout earned before 18th birthday. it took ty bingham five years to get every merit badge possible. good job, ty. next 35 pounds that's how much this fat cat weighs. simba not based on true story.
4:25 am
just adopted into a home after a video of him on a treadmill went viral. new family putting him on a diet. let me walk over here to final screen and give you the final scor. 13, that's how many years an alarm clock has gone off every night at 6:50 on the dot. homeowner near pittsburgh says it got stuck behind a wall back in 2004. and he can't figure out how to get it out. the battery still going strong. and speaking of strong, let's go to steve. steve: after all those years, i think i would figure out a way to get it out of there. moving on, you can see right there, the president of the united states, well, is he voicing his frustration with the russian probe as a witch-hunt, calling out democrats for distracting from his agenda with daily attack. ainsley: lifelong democrat says taking aim at president trump will only come back to bite his party. allen dershowitz is here to explain. good mornings. >> good morning. i think it operates with both parties. i think when the democrats in
4:26 am
power the republicans were going after clinton to get him impeached. brian: overplayed their hand. >> each side overplayed hand. forgot positive agenda. focus too much to try to make criminals out of the other side. lock them up. put them in jail. this focus on what crimes we can find against donald trump backfires against the democrats. democrats don't win by trying to make a criminal out of their president. steve: couple weeks ago you started so he see a couple members of congress talk about how the president should be impeached. moving towards articles of impeachment. the democrats did some poll testing and we don't know what they found out but they stopped talking about it. >> even david brooks who was certainly no supporter of donald trump has said in the "new york times" the other day enough is enough the american people don't want to see our time and energy spent on criminal investigations there are already investigations.
4:27 am
did the russians try to influence our elections look into that. should the president have the power in the future to fire fbi director? maybe not. congress can pass laws about that trying to turn what he did, which was constitutionally permissible, firing the director, maybe telling him not to conduct investigation. that's all authorized under the law today. congress wants to change, let them look forward but not look backward and create crime out of constitutionally protected act. ainsley: isn't it conflict of interest for mueller to be appointed and choose an attorney that was hillary's foundation attorney. >> there are so many conflicts of interests here. justice department trying to prosecuted a president for following a dictate of the justice department. the very person who appointed a special prosecutor wrote a memo saying comey should be fired and now we are going to prosecute you for firing comey. who do you think the first witness is going to be for donald trump? deputy director of the justice
4:28 am
department the man. that's already a conflict of interest. brian: professor, i get the sense it's turning point. election definitive result. they said donald trump is a failure doesn't belong. america will have a radio do. they had a radio do five separate times in republican districts. i get it there has been no change. do you sense that we are going to get back to let's see how bad or good the tax reform is, how bad or good the healthcare plan is what the president is going to do about north korea? do you sense in the democratic party that they will sense they have to turn the page? >> no. they are not doing it they are not doing it they are a divided party. right now the visible manifestation of the democratic party is bernie sanders, keith ellison, the party is moving lefter and lefter and lefter. and they are not going to get the centrist americans who they need to win in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, if they want to turn this thing around. they need to have a positive
4:29 am
program that shows they are better. they will employ more people than the trump administration. focusing on whether trump committed obstruction of justice is getting them nowhere. steve: dr. allen dershowitz with cautionary tale for democrats. it's funny. just before we got started, he was telling me about a kid when he was at harvard teaching law, remember you told us that bill bennett when he was in your class was constantly falling asleep? >> no. he was always raising his head. bill bennett was one of my best students. steve: he joins us live right now. >> he is one of my best students. i'm so proud of him. my first year teaching i was so nervous. he walked into his class with his right hand up. he raised it the first day and took me on. i love students willing to take on their professors and bill bennett was willing to take on his professor. brian: even a football player? ainsley: bill, do you have any stories you want to share? >> yeah. allen actually whenever he
4:30 am
sees me says best conservative student. there weren't a ton of us. but i found out he says the same thing to ted cruz. >> it's a different generation. ted is a kid. you're my generation. brian: all right. bill, stay right there. allen, sadly we have to send the car for you. ainsley: allen we did have ted cruz on yesterday we were talking about you. so you have two best. o -- he was one of your best students. >> one of my best students. brian: closest i will get to ivy league education. ainsley: me too. steve: thank you.y brian: thanks professor. ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
4:31 am
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it's ok that everybody ignoit's fine.n i drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. steve: we have a fox news alert for you. according to the mainstream media, the election, the two special elections in the state of georgia and south korea are going to be referendums on donald trump. if that were the case, good news for donald trump because the republicans won both of them. in the state of georgia, karen
4:34 am
handel beat jon ossoff 52% to 47%. in the state of south korea, ralph norton beat archie by a score of 51 to 48. brian: let's bring in former secretary of education deep thinker. he worked during the reagan administration as a drug czar for president h.w. bush fox news contributor bill bennett. bill, what changes today? >> we will see if there are any changes in the democratic party. too close to call becomes six points. i don't see it we were talking there on break, brian. there is no straight jacket like ideological straight jacket. and they are in one. look hot leaders of their party are look who commands the crowds. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. they are talking about camella harris from california. now we hear eric holder. these are people of the left if they continue to go to the left and believe that's where the country is they miss the
4:35 am
country. you mentioned joe manchin. he is much closer to where the senator of the country is and the democrat should take note of that i don't think they will because they have moved so far left and they seem committed to it. so i'm not sure this is a lesson they can learn. saints augusta has a phrase called invincible ignorance. this may be a case of invincible ignorance. can't be penetrated we will see. ainsley: you mentioned bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and collusion and cruption and this and that that is not what america wants we are being told by the republican and by middle america and according to these polls. when you talk about these examples from the democrats. i think negativity. i just think hate and and vitriol and rhetoric. we have joe manchin on our show so positive and happy. what do the democrats need. if they don't have joe manchin, do they need new faces and something to excite that base again? >> yeah, they need to check the bench. they need to check the
4:36 am
a.a.a.s, the double as and see who can come in. but, yeah. look. what is the democrat agenda, ainsley in the democrat agenda is fight trump, take trump down. ainsley: doesn't that get old? it's so negative. >> a, it's old, b, it's negative which doesn't win hearts and finds of america, and c it's not an greand what are they poo posing. can you say we have problems your healthcare and other things. at least we are proposing things. what are they proposing other than take down trump. steve: sure. that's why the president is going to go out to iowa later on today, a trip he had scheduled earlier. is he going to be pushing agribusiness and things like that. of course people are going to be talking about healthcare. sounds like mitch mcconnell is going to unveil his plan tomorrow and chew on it for a week before they go ahead and try to pass something in the senate before the fourth of july. number one thing, bill i fear and i'm sure you do too from the folks.
4:37 am
donald trump is the president. why don't they give him a chance? whether it's the media or obstructionist in congress. give him a chance to get something done. >> because they hate him they are not going to give him that chance. the challenge for us is to get something done. we have to do this despite this opposition. despite the fact that they want to do everything in their power to are stop. we got to get some stuff done. i take pleasure in that result last night in georgia and in south korea i think we have six month or 8 months and then we have to have points on the board and legislative accomplishments or some of the faithful will begin to lose heart. i think that time is extended by this negativity of the democrats, the shooting, the other things, people don't want any part of that. i think that has helped republicans because they are not the party that engageness that kind of vitriol. we have got to get some stuff done. positive.
4:38 am
if negative is bad for the country as ainsley was saying. positive is great, positive agenda and achieving it is important for the republicans. brian: what happens is a lot of the other net work a lot of the talk shows getting ratings beating on trump. trump is a fighter. he multiplies that by going at them and have another day. the fact he has held fire on russia. talked about tax reform, north korea. met with the ukrainian president flooded him with praise yesterday. who had mike bloomberg on another network saying he has probably 55% chance of getting reelected and he had a great message and hillary had no message. it's stopping the flood gates. it's making people look at tax reform. healthcare, his foreign policy and he is happy looking at his report card. >> you are absolutely right. he does seem -- there is certain undaunted quality to him, isn't there? i have politicsed feelings about this stepping into the fight all the time and stepping out. you know, the story of the
4:39 am
irishman who walks down the street and sees a fight going on. he says is this a private fight or can anybody get in? that's sort of donald. hey, wait a minute, there is a fight going on. i want in on this fight. my former professor dershowitz is right. he should stay out of these for his own well being. going to iowa. let me just comment. remember how strong rural america was to his election. it's very, very important and think about how foreign rural america is from the precincts that sent all the money to jon ossoff. brian: thinking about the tech week. that's party of it bringing technology to the rural community. this is part of -- everybody he met with didn't vote for him but still showing up because it's about the country. bill bennett thanks so much. ainsley: thank you, bill. >> >> thanks guys as always. ainsley: jillian is standing over there. jillian: i like when i get to come downstairs. good morning to you and good
4:40 am
morning to you as well. the website is encouraging people to use physical violence against capitalists and supporters of president trump. it's going down as online resource for antifa or self-described anti-fastist. everywhere comparing president trump supporters to nazis calling for them to be stabbed. justify violence not only good as necessary to the survival of minorities. eric holder is ready to get back into the political arena. the former tearing is reportedly mulling a presidential run in 2020. he was motivated by hillary clinton's loss in november, saying, quote, up to now i have been more behind the scenes but that's about to change. this is the time to be more visible. now is the time to be heard. the pope wants to ban the mafia from going to church. the vatican can considering excommunicating catholics committed of corruption or organized crimes.
4:41 am
offenders would be banned from receiving sacraments, vatican conference with bishops, representatives and. george h.w. bush surprising the crowd at annual golf tournament held in his honor. the jh.w. bush classic in ken kenny bunk port, maine. can you see president bush in ar ten dance at the event. got to love when you get a surprise visitor at something like that. so cool. steve: they love golf and love to play fast. brian: president bush on approval rating up to 5% approval rating among the general election. ainsley: 41 or 43. >> 43. 41 is probably 89%. ainsley: best lobster. so beautiful. you can actually take pictures with their big come pound behind you.
4:42 am
right on the peninsula. brian: can you stay with the bushes. all you have to do is knock. steve: that approval rating will go even higher. still ahead on big telecast on this wednesday. we have mark steyn joining us. we have mike rowe, the jobs guy and sarah huckabee sanders all going to join us live as you can see coming up in the next hour. ainsley: democrats have run one state into the ground they can't even pay lotto winners. should american taxpayers bail them out? stuart varney from the fox business network tell you. brian: stuart is back. he looks so rested. ♪ mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at ainsley: quick headlines for you. students held captive by
4:46 am
hundreds of isis fighters who stormed a school in philippines now free. terrorists using civilians as human shields for them. withdrawing from the gun fight with government troops it follows weeks of bloody battles in the city. and the saudi king names his 31-year-old son as the new crowned prince. ousting his nephew in the royal succession line. who was in charge of the kingdom's security and counter terrorism. the new crowned prince will also become the kingdom's deputy prime minister. brian: so they are not elected? ainsley: no. appointed by his dad. win on the war on terror. u.s. air strikes taking out al baghdadi. turkey al banali killed near the iraqi border. chief cleric for isis was a preacher and recruiter. brian: al baghdadi might be dead we are trying to find out.
4:47 am
might not be enough to examine him. ainsley: russia says he is dead. brian: state facing unpaid bills. budget so bad even lottery winners cannot collect their prizes. steve: big question should american federal taxpayers bail them out. let's ask stuart varney. >> no, no, no, no, no. ainsley: ailment wait a minute, if you win, any you win there is no money for you. >> here is the lottery story. before we get launched into this. if they don't have a budget in the state of illinois by june 28th you win the lottery you don't get paid. have to wait for money until they have got a budget. this is example how not to run a state. illinois sin solvent. i won't say bankrupt. a state cannot declare bankruptcy. the state is insolvent. can't pay their bilsz, period. steve: where is the money going. >> going to government workers unionized and their pensions.
4:48 am
that's the problem here. they have a bill of $130 billion that they have got to pay out in the future and they don't have the money. they are in the hole. brian: lottery is a gimmick to raise more money for states. >> probably the worst piece of publicity for the lottery winner won't get their money on time if they don't get money. that's the worst pr you can imagine. brian: look at the surrounding states. what about indiana and ohio? how come they can work it out and they can't. >> illinois' problem is that if you go back a few years. maybe to the days of rob blagojevich, if you remember him as the governor of illinois, they made promises to government workers for future payments which they don't have to make. okay. the government at the time, he is now in prison or just being released, whatever. that he made promises to deliver this pension money in the future. he could not fulfill that promise. steve: sure. >> now the bill is due and they don't have the money. steve: here's the deal. the deal is the deal. he made the deal with the
4:49 am
state employee he is. the government is obligated. now they have just got to figure out going forward where the will is to change the way illinois does business. >> last night the governor of illinois decided, okay, i will impose higher taxes. he basically gave in to the democrats who run the legislature. he gave. in he said i will raise taxes. that's not going to get them out of the hole. brian: get people out of state. go to the another state and avoid doing that. ainsley: buy lottery tickets as well. >> population of illinois has gone down. lost population each of the last three years. brian: michael jordan left. >> that exodus is likely to increase. illinois is insolvent. as i said. they cannot declare bankruptcy. the stat states can't do that ty are insolvent. they will raise taxes that will not solve the problem. you can expect a further exodus of people out of illinois. period. ainsley: all right. stuart varney, thank you. watch your show today. brian: tough anyway never reason to leave. steve: note to i will noif
4:50 am
don't play the lotto until july. >> okay. i'm not going to get into. this. i personally don't think you should play the lotto anyway. brian: you are not a gambler. >> no, i'm not. ainsley: mark steyn harsh words for democrats after win in georgia. brian: brings pictures wherever he goes. youngest official in new york state. big plans to tackle the heroin epidemic is up next. steve: u.s. constitution went into effect. ainsley: 1982 john hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity for trying to assassinate president reagan. brian: whatever happened to the constitution. carole king topping the charts in 1970 with a song stuart was humming this morning i feel the earth move. he said it differently ♪ you're around ♪ okay. got it.
4:51 am
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included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. brian: rising political star. first making his -- first making his mark at 18 years old by becoming new york state's youngest elected official. now at 23. josh wants to retire. kidding. no, is taking another political step forward. >> i proudly announce my candidacy for the nassau county legislature's 18th district. [cheers] brian: and the crowd roars. tackling the opioid epidemic which has surged among his fellow millennials, josh joins us. independent running as democrat in studio. josh, you sing the song of a lot of american families.
4:55 am
how do you plan on doing this and congratulations on your incredible start to your career. how do you plan on tackling this. >> sure, thank you for having me, brian. always great to be with a fellow long islanders. brian: yes. >> greatest natural disaster, disease claims 62,000 american lives in 2016 alone. completely preventable. completely reimagine the system of treatment with end-to-end care. what does that mean? first and foremost it means we need a 24-hour assessment center to help with immediate screening, intervention and referrals to treatment so that all families have a specific place to send their loved one in need. it means we need treatment on demand in new york state. because heroin is exponentially cheaper and a lot more accessible than treatment. brian: more addictive arguably. i saw a stat. pumped this out from 2014. 1.27 million people will go in patient or walk into an emergency room with some type of opioid addiction. >> look, this is costing government a fortune. we know the only real solution
4:56 am
to this problem is evidence-based prevention in schools. we need to educate parents, teachers and students. one out of five. 20% of kids are predisposed to addictive qualities. brian: people down on that working look at drunk driving. if you talk to a kid your age. you wouldn't even think about 99% wouldn't each think about getting behind the wheel having a drink. it doesn't even happen. >> this is my generation. i know in your generation it was different. but, why did we solve that problem? it was through education. we need to stop thinking that we need to reinvent the wheel. education is the key solution to this scourge. brian: lastly people saying how are we going to afford this? it's very expensive i don't have great insurance. >> it's expensive if we do not do anything. look at the money wasted in lack of productivity. medicaid expansion and people having to check into emergency rooms and community chaos and distortion. too expensive not to act. brian: great topic. great start on your career. josh, nassau county city legislature. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much.
4:57 am
brian: look who we have in the last hour. mike rowe, senator marco rubio and sarah huckabee standards. mark steyn is here. not only can he talk, he can sing. knowing mark, he might sing. you never know ♪ nough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring ? ... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. >> georgia's first republican woman. >> democrats are 0-5 in special elections. >> karen handle win for washington is not just a win, it's a huge win for the white house. >> the trump strain continues. five times now they tried to put a referendum on donald trump saying they don't want him there but every time proven wrong. >> this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. >> the democrat agenda is resist trump. fight trump. take trump down. it's not an agenda. what is the policy here?
5:01 am
what are they proposing? >> another terror attack after authorities shot down a would-be suicide bomber. >> we can describe this as the new normal in europe. >> a lifelong democrat says taking aim to president trump will only come back to bite his party. >> democrats don't win by trying to make a criminal out of their president. >> the special thanks to the president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] [chanting trump] ♪ ♪ >> that's the only thing. steve: she is the big winner. karen handle, former secretary
5:02 am
of state beat john. he was supposed to win if you looked at some of the polls and all of the money that they poured into it. so the republicans keep that seat in georgia, and they also keep the seat in south carolina. meanwhile, here our couch in that seat is journalist and author mark steyn. good morning to you. >> hey, good to be with you. ainsley: not only the first full day of summer, they're waking up with a victory in south carolina in georgia. why didn't democrats win? >> well, i think the basic reason is that everybody understands what the democrats have been doing for the last six months doesn't meet. the guy won fair and square and to make him a russian agent or man for impeachment or obstruction of justice from day one -- in fact, from november 9th hasn't been fair. brian: first is tax returns. next is russian collusion. >> right. and it's all nonsense.
5:03 am
everybody knows that russia is just deep steak dinner. it absolutely means nothing to anyone with a life. that's what it is, and it's not even good. brian: i never know. do you eat or watch? you do both, and you don't know. ainsley: in your office? brian: not enough. >> it's not even -- what i mean is it's not even good theater. it's not like broadway level. it's, like, some lameo pilot that they're invested in, and they won't give up on. ainsley: how about the guy who doesn't even live in the district? >> and, again, a candidate who is almost like a parody, who has done nothing but claims to be a documentary maker. brian: he sold the cadence of president obama. like he was doing an imitation. >> right. it's theater all the way down. steve: big election yesterday was supposed to be a
5:04 am
referendum on donald trump and if the democrat won, it was going to be the biggest story in the world because he didn't. not so much today. but the president got up this morning, and he's feeling a little bipartisan. take a look at this tweet that he sent out one hour ago. democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with republicans on health care, tax cuts, security, obstruction. simply doesn't work. which is a potent message because there are a lot of people out there who are going. okay. they've thrown everything at him instead of the kitchen sink. let him do his job. >> yeah. and really what he's getting at there is he's not an idea logical president. he's not really a party president. brian: which has republicans nervous. >> which is why republicans are suspicious of him and if i say soph cal conservatives. he's a nonparty guy, a nonidea logical guy. he could have governed with the support not only of republicans, but of sane democrats. and instead, essentially i think snobbish social reasons because of the fact he's a
5:05 am
real estate guy and whatever. so he doesn't appeal to millennial documentary makers, whatever the hell that means, you know? but for snob reasons, they're overinvested in just destroying him. and they could actually work with him on a number of things. steve: who are the same democrats you're talking about? >> well, it's a very short list. but you talked about. west virginia states but essentially not -- but the official national democrat party, the less relevant topic is to anybody's lives the more they're invested in it, which is why transgender bathrooms and all of these kinds of -- the boutique liberal issues loom large for them. but actual things that make a difference to lives of millions of people, they're irrelevant to, and they have nothing to say about it. brian: well, let's look right now. and i have been unable to get by any company on this. i think it is a new day today. i think that the democrats aren't dumb.
5:06 am
they want to do what makes them successful. they've had five opportunities to pull off a scott brown. they have been unable to do it. scott brown taking ted kennedy's seat is a unbelievable story. that we get small scott brown stories going. so why wouldn't they say deal me in? why wouldn't they tell leadership you led me into the lagoon. i'm going to do something different. >> because somewhere two doors down from barbra streisand some democrat is saying next time's the charm. we just have to get a couple more celebrities. they did everything last night they did in november. and the defining moment for me in november was when cher walked into the center and realized that all the other celebrities had left the room and the sense of loserrism was hanging around cher's neck, she turned around and walked out. six months later, they're
5:07 am
doing all the same celebrity media poll mistakes. brian: smells like english leather, which, by the way, is the same -- ainsley: terrible cologne. brian: not good. steve: what's interesting in the last 48 hours, though, is democrats were trying to downplay the fact that he was probably going to lose. in fact, they were telling their big donors we didn't really expect to win. essentially what we were trying to do is just be competitive. but in the meantime, the poll is to go further to the left. steve: yeah, and say all we need to do is spend two-thirds of a billion in this particular congressional seat next time. i mean, that's crazy. brian: so i want to give you a list of celebrities who weighed in financially. rosie o'donnell, chelsea handler, jane fonda, and samuel l jackson actually cut a promo for him, a supporting message. and, again, the people of georgia have their own pride. they don't want california money. and celebrities don't want --
5:08 am
we don't really take our cues from celebrities on how to live our lives. >> no, and the idea that samuel l jackson should determine your politics is as stupid as chuck schumer in a action movie. that's even more stupid because i would like to see. if they want to put chuck schumer in "fast and furious" 9, i would go and see that. brian: stops action. that's what he does. ainsley: why do they care so much about this election in georgia? a state that they probably don't know much about? >> because i think that's kind of a necessary validation for them. and actually, you know, it's killing their business. what fascinates me is if you look at these late night comedy shows now, people don't laugh. they applaud the joke. laugh is inventory thing. if you say something about your great lie smells like english leather, i laugh
5:09 am
involuntary, but on these late night shows, they applaud because there's no comedy. they're killing their own business. brian: stephen colbert who rocketed his antitrump to number one is now number three because president trump isn't giving anymore. he's beginning to move on. what is sexy about health care, tax reform, and taking on north korea? >> or you say they fired comey, and everyone in the audience applauds because they don't know what line they're supposed to be -- this is pathetic. why don't you actually get back into show business? that's what these guys should be doing. brian: we came up in show business. those are the days. brian: you do have an album, though, mark steyn. >> yes, i do i'm getting back into show business. brian: absolutely. we should make this more of a musical show.
5:10 am
ainsley: what do you think's going to happen? you think donald trump -- because we heard -- who was it? bill bennett saying we need to let the president do what he's going to do, we need to follow him and be behind him. but he said there's going to be a time where all right. we have to have the wall. we have to have tax reform. we have to have obamacare repeal and replace. how much time do you give the president on that? >> well, i would like to see some action on the wall pretty immediately because i think that's a signature issue. and i think he also needs to get more aggressive about telling these -- this investigation to put up or shut up. there is no, there there. there is no -- brian: let his legal team do that. >> yeah. it's going to be like the fbi investigation, comey success where he puts martha stuart in jail for lying where there's no underlying crime. that's what's going to happen here. some assistant deputy under some assistant deputy will misremember something and bob
5:11 am
muller will say we're going to send you to jail for three months and everyone will go aha. the longer this rubbish goes on. but it is nonsense, and it discredits this republic, this pathetic, stupid investigation for months on end. brian: and the story calling for violence and what we're seeing now with the shooting one week ago today. >> right. brian: don't you think there's more at stake than who wins at an election? >> oh, absolutely. and i think the democrats using these guys as their military wing i think is very dangerous because you don't discredit your political opponent if you keep getting more and more violent. you discredit the very possibility of civic representative government, and you make -- and people will turn to more strong man authoritarian types if they think there's actually violence loose on the streets. they're playing a really dangerous game getting into bed with these thugs. and the connection between the smart comedians and the guys
5:12 am
smashing up everything and rioting, it's only separation. they should be slapping these guys down too. brian: all right. mark steyn, always good to see you. ainsley: thank you. [laughter] brian: at us of. ainsley: president trump is heading west today to make the heartland great again. a preview of his trip to iowa live from the white house next. brian: all part of tech week. and now a hipster with a man bun? gets a makeover. there's also another dad with a dad bod. what's going on? steve: did ken have kids? quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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>> good morning welcome back to fox and friends. we start right now with fox news alert. prince fill ep heads to the hospital tonight. the 96-year-old taken there as a precautionary measure. buckingham palace says he is in good condition. he will retire from public events later this year. and now to some extreme weather, the first full day of summer and the gulf coast is
5:17 am
bracing for a monster tropical storm. it is expect iting to bring a foot of rain. alabama is already under a state of emergency. and how about this? a plane flying near the storm rocked with severe turbulence hurting at least ten people. firefighters rushing to meet the united flight from panama as soon as it touched down safely in houston. it's unclear how this people are hurt. brian: the president will head to the heartland to discuss technology in rural america. ainsley: going to speak about the importance of internet connectivity and reaffirm his administration's commitment to agriculture. steve: leeland is live at the white house with more on the trip to iowa. good morning to you, leeland. >> hey, good morning to you guys. we can expect the president not only to talk about how to grow more corn but also where to sell. a lot of discussion among farmers in iowa about exactly
5:18 am
what the president's trade policies will mean for their ability to access global markets. also attend an agricultural technology program at a community college talking about the next generation of farmers industry that is under huge change both under the technological part and then also the farming part itself. he heads to a campaign rally a little bit later in a state that has turned deep red, talked to a conservative radio talk show host in iowa over the weekend. he said the big issue there is health care. they have just one insurer left on the obamacare exchanges there, and that insurer is raising rates 43%. the local paper just ahead of the president's visit saying more than 70,000 iowaians losing health insurance through the affordable care act is and partisan politics.
5:19 am
you promised a terrific obamacare replacement, but we haven't seen anything resembling a terrific plan. the white house talking a lot about health care as the senate takes up the bill either this week or possibly next. big part of the president's visit is also a send off for the iowa governor who's now going to go be the president ambassador to china. and a bit of reunion to the president and the governor's son who engineered much of the president's victory in iowa running his campaign there, guys. steve: that's a good point there. thank you. ainsley: tucker, first day of summer. brian: more on that later. 19 minutes now after the hour, coming up no gender, no problem. where you can now get a license to drive without one. steve: without a gender. interesting. and mike rowe is putting america to work. he's going to join us live to explain. good morning, mike, you're live next on fox and friends. ainsley: hello
5:20 am
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steve: we have got some quick wednesday morning headlines for you right now. no in-state tuition for dreamers in the state of arizona. the state court of appeals ruling dreamers are not entitled to it. but the court ruled the daca program only protects immigrants from being deported. overturning a 2015 ruling saying dreamers qualify for state benefits. and as early as next week, you won't need a gender to apply for a washington, d.c. driver's license. following in oregon's footsteps and will soon include a not specified option on department of motor vehicle application. that means instead of an m or
5:24 am
a f on a state-issued id, there could be an x. all right. ainsley: well, supposed to be a referendum on the president, another loss in georgia. once again american people saying they care about safety and jobs. steve: someone knowing about both of these is mike rowe, one of the world's most popular podcast, joins us right now from louisville, connecticut. good morning. >> hey, everybody. steve: good to have you. i know you were listening to the georgia this is the most important election in the world. well, the republican won. that narrative is gone. what did it say to people picking karen? >> a little bit beyond my pay grade but if i were to guess in my little slice of the
5:25 am
world the way i look at all of this is the country is divided, obviously, in a lot of different ways. but the big way from my perspective is the group of people who were convinced that opportunity is alive and well and the group of people who are convinced that opportunity is dead. and i think that at base, that's the conversation we're having. certainly through my foundation and what i look at, i see again and again over and over this notion that opportunity is dead being challenged. and to the extend that that impacted georgia, i can't really say. but it's what i see day after day after day. people are voting for the idea that it's not quite dead yet. it's more of an optimistic notion, and it's certainly something that i relate with. steve: i'm curious to hear your opinion about hollywood weighing in on this. they gave so much money for this guy to win in the state of georgia. you represent so many people in the midwest where steve might be from or middle america. steve: oh, i am. ainsley: and where i'm from in south carolina.
5:26 am
but i'm curious to find out what's your opinion? how did they know in hollywood what's best for the state of georgia? >> i don't know. but i'll tell you this, ainsley. honestly, i grew up outside of dc. my office is in santa monica, california, and i live in san francisco. ainsley: i would have not have expected that. >> right. you know? but, look, i think fundamentally this idea of them and us is specious. i don't know why the people in hollywood would work so hard to affect -- i mean, i know why. but i don't think it's useful for the average american to look at hollywood as this specific place that's always thinking in this specific way. i honestly don't know which is why, again, when it comes down to the macro economic situations or the geotalking points, i'm not your guy. but if it's a microconversation, mild pun
5:27 am
intended, i still think there's an opportunity through work, attitude, and a skilled trade to move the needle. steve: exactly. and that's the same thing that president and his team have been pushing with the apprentice program and things like that. you have been there since the get go on, and you've been talking to the administration. does it seem they're taking some of your ideas and going, hey, that could actually work. >> well, to be clear, i don't think there's any such thing as an original idea in this space. it's part ratio, part work ethic. but the business around this skills gap is very interesting. and to be clear, i'm not in direct talks with the white house, but we have -- we have exchanged ideas. and, to me, the biggest thing to focus on right now is not the creation of jobs, and not the business of bringing jobs back, both of which are very important, it's the fact that 6 million jobs currently exist.
5:28 am
they're here right now. 75% of them do not require a four-year college degree. steve: just skill. >> so we have to have a >> .ersation about training. yes, just skill. ainsley: i know you're partnering with charles cook foundation. what are you doing? >> well, for years, we've been working together on a variety of things. right now in louisville, once again the greatest kept secret is being held. the national convention and competition for skills, usa. 400,000 kids are in this organization. most people don't know about them. and every year my foundation and charles try to bring more and more kids here who have won their regional competitions. i'm talking about competitions in things like welding and steam fitting and carpentry. so these kids are competing here, it's a very big deal and once a year we try to come together and shine a light on this because honestly,
5:29 am
somebody had to pick slack, and it wasn't the feds. it was private business and these kids, and it's a fabulous story, and i'm thrilled you guys are talking about it right now. steve: how do people find out more information about it? >> simple thing is to go online and find out how skills operate in your zip code. it's not a uniform thing across the country. but there are 400,000 kids in it right now. so it's huge. but to my point, you put 100 people in a room and say who has heard of the boy scouts, everybody's hand goes up. you say who has heard of skills usa? five hands hands go up. if we focus on this organization, i'm telling you, it's our best hope of closing the skills gap short-term. ainsley: i was a girl scout. no one ever approached me and said do you want to become a welder? i would have loved that skill. steve: i was a boy scout, and i learned how to weld in the
5:30 am
future farmers of america. >> well, now there's a welding merit badge. steve: times have changed. mike rowe, thank you for joining us today from louisville, kentucky. >> thank you. ainsley: it was supposed to be a referendum on president trump. that's what we thought we were going to hear a lot this morning. but that did not happen in the state of georgia. sarah huckabee sanders is going to join us from the white house, next. steve: and what is happening in this studio? well, we're going to talk to the senator about that awkward hug when he joins us next live from studio f. ainsley: hug me
5:31 am
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steve: good morning, joel. brian: some day i'm going to meet all of those people in the control room. i've only seen the back of their heads. steve: let me introduce you to somebody else, here we have the principle deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. sarah, say hello to brian. >> hi, brian. good morning. brian: thank you very much. >> sean. ainsley: sean spicer, we have to ask you right out of the gate. sean spicer is getting a promotion, that means somebody is getting his job behind the podium. is that going to be you? >> look, we all serve at the pleasure of the president, and i just proud to be part of his team and right now i'm doing
5:35 am
the best job i've got. steve: would you like it? would you like the job? >> again, look, -- steve: i know you serve at the pleasure of the president. so if he asks, you would take it. >> i don't think a lot of people turn the president down on anything he asks him to do, and that's going to be a reason he's so successful and pushing through and getting a lot of things done, even in these first few months in office. brian: and i know there hasn't been a lot of press availability. sean spicer has been getting grief on that. is that the way it's going to be? you'll decide what's going to be a gaggle and what's going to be a maid for television event? >> look, we've got i think one of the most accessible press teams that any administration has ever had. i have reporters coming in and out of our offices every day answering questions, getting
5:36 am
back to them in a number of different ways. i think that one of the powers of this presidency is his ability to communicate directly with americans with an unfiltered bias that the media often puts on things. he's got a social media platform that allows him to communicate with over 107 million people. that is a massive ability to connect without having to use that same conventional process that has been done every day. we have a number of ways that we can communicate with the american people. the president does that every day, as i think you guys are very aware of. and i don't think any person in the country could argue that we're not an accessible and transparent team, and we're getting his message out. steve: well, the president has already been tweeting his congratulations to karen handle, beat john, never led in any of the preliminary polls.
5:37 am
ends up beating him by about five points. for democrats waking up today where they are now 5-0. brian: 0-5. steve: their losing streak is alive, what exactly is their message? >> i don't think they have one, and i think americans have seen that, and that's one of the reasons the president continues time and time again. the mainstream media, washington bureaucracy, which is basically the democrats all pretty much the same thing, have been competing on the front. thought it was going to be a referendum on this, and once again proved to never underestimate him. and proved him and other republicans in place for a reason. they have an agenda, they have a health care system that works. they want an environment where they're creating jobs and growing the economy. that's what this president is focused on. that's why he was elected in the first place, and that's why he continues to keep winning.
5:38 am
frankly, i think republicans are going to get tired of winning at some point if the democrats don't ever get an agenda. ainsley: sarah, i remember when the president said that back in the iowa state fair. he's back in iowa today. what is he doing there? >> look, iowa is an important part of not just this process but of our country. it's one of the big agricultural producers in this country. i know, ainsley, you spent quite a bit of time there on the campaign trail, the big part of success in our country. if we can't do that, the president recognizes this. he's there to talk about agriculture, talk about technology and agriculture, how we can be more efficient and effective. and really talk about the backbone of our country, which is in the heartland. brian: paul ryan yesterday with a detailed speech like only he can do with his powerpoint, and he talks about taxes. he says this is a once in a
5:39 am
generation opportunity. when the president talks about tax reform. is that something he's going to be more hands on with health care when he said, guys, you've been working on this for eight years, show me what you've got. do you think he's going to be more hands on with this process? >> i think he's been very hands on already, both with health care and tax reform. i think he can expect him to play a huge role in this process with his team, with his administration. he's got an incredible team with guys like gary cohn, steve mnuchin on the front lines of that effort and will be working hand and hand with congress to see the biggest. ainsley: senator marco rubio is here with what's next for his friends on the other side of the aisle. brian: and he'll tell us the real story behind the picture
5:40 am
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and you always laugh like you're hearing it for the first time. at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love you gotta do on your own. and some you shouldn't have to shoulder alone. like ensuring he's well-taken care of. even as you build your own plans for retirement. ask a financial advisor how lincoln can help protect your savings from the impact of long-term care expenses. . >> good wednesday morning. back with somebody quick headlines, he's accused of blowing up people in two states. but his lawyer don't want him labeled a terrorist. the tend to prove the suspects was guided by leaders lycosose when he allegedly set off bombs in new york and new jersey last year, injuring dozens. but his attorney argue he's never been charged with
5:44 am
helping or being a terrorist. the judge will rule on this tomorrow. an immigrant family is trying a hail marry to keep their father in the country. attorneys for juan rodriguez filing a federal lawsuit in texas claiming deportation. his lawyers argue kicking him out of the country goes against the religion's principle about not separating families. rodriguez has been here illegally for over a decade after fleeing violence in el salvador. ♪ ♪ steve: meanwhile, twitter going wild over this photograph, appearing to show an awkward hug senator marco rubio and ivanka trump. ainsley: that's right. the two meeting at the capitol yesterday to talk tax reform. brian: that's me at every
5:45 am
family gathering. i don't know if i'm hugging or kissing. hours after the photo began the rounds, marco rubio tweeted this out. quote new photos emerging providing more insight into the alleged fail hug and then in brackets faces blurred for security purposes. steve: that's right. ivanka also got in on the joke. tweeting fake news. marco is an excellent hugger. the excellent hugger joins us live from capitol hill this morning. congratulations. finally some good publicity. >> yeah. this thing has been thoroughly investigated. it's important that the senator is able to carry out a greeting. it's clear it was not actually a hug, it was more of a traditional cuban greeting that i've executed thousands of times. in fact, i'm board certified in it. so -- but anyway. steve: ivanka herself tweeted
5:46 am
out as well anonymous sources planned the alleged hug. i have no comment, middle of hugged him anyway. >> yeah. well, i don't discuss classified information. but the ignorant thing is that the meeting went off well. so we're just as a precaution, going to do some practice greetings today in the office. to make sure we can avoid this in the future. brian: senator, thank you for joining us this morning. have a good day. now that we handled that controversy. ainsley: should we talk about georgia and south carolina? brian: what do this two wins mean for the republican party in the special election? >> well, it's a positive thing and ultimately keeping control of the house is important, and those are two important seats in that regard. a lot of hyperventilation going on. but one of the things we're constantly reminded is that there's a political washington bubble you know? the people that are watching, cable news all day, and then the rest of the country. and the rest of the country doesn't follow this on a minute by minute basis.
5:47 am
so sometimes i think people think that because someone or something is unpopular among the chattering class within washington and new york, that that's somehow applies in georgia or in south carolina or many places in florida. and it's just not true. and that disconnect was brought to light in the presidential race in 2016, and i think it's been brought to light again last night. just because the conventional wisdom in washington says something increasingly conventional wisdom is wrong more often than it's right. ainsley: you know what they are talking about, they're talking about health care. where does the senate stand on this? >> well, it's a process for a starting point, and that's what's important for everyone to understand. they're just crafting the first step. now, in the senate, i can just tell you knowing the senate even in the republican congress, members are going to want an opportunity to weigh in and make changes and adjustments. and every senator as our constitution says they represent their state. and so i, for example, will look at it and say okay. most certainly want to get rid of obamacare. how is this way of getting rid of obamacare and replacing it
5:48 am
is it good for florida? does it treat us fairly? florida didn't expand medicaid. we shouldn't be punished for doing the right thing. so those are the kinds of things we want to look at. hour health care system has five components. medicare, medicaid, the va, the employer insurance where most people get their insurance, and then the individual marketplace. this reform effort is largely focused on two of those five. the individual market and medicaid. that's what we're debating here. steve: but i'm confused because you said this was the first step. whereas i've been reading in the papers, you're going to vote on it next week. so if this is the first step and people start talking about it, there's not going to be a vote next week. >> so, again, i respect what the leadership is trying to do. perhaps what they produce is something that everyone's in agreement with, so you can move to a vote fairly quickly. but my sense of it is there will still be some differences that need to be worked out. and here's what i want to tell everyone watching this at home. we want to get to this, and we want to do this as quickly as possible having an impact on
5:49 am
the markets in the sense that people want to know what the replacement is going to be. but we also have to do it right. apart from the fact that it was based on a flawed ideology, one of the reasons why obamacare failed is because they rushed it through and didn't fully understand that the famous quote we need to pass it, so we can see what's in it. we don't want to make the same mistake. so i think we need to do this right. i'm not talking about six months from now. but certainly sufficient time to understand all of its implications because once this passes, it's going to be harder to get back and try to fix it. brian: senator, you have one of the most level heads on both sides. you've been a lifesaver in terms of getting fair and balanced look at what's happening. we really appreciate you joining us this morning and handling the controversy up front and not ducking the issue. steve: yeah. >> which controversy? brian: the hug. >> the hug. that's been fully investigated. brian: we handled it. brian: now we've got health care.
5:50 am
marco rubio says it might work out. meanwhile, we have janice dean and dogs on the plaza, how can you keep your friends happy and healthy? get a weather pool, and she'll wash them. ainsley: but first, let's check in with bill who's somewhere in this building getting ready to do his show. >> special prosecutor i think about hug matter. brian: that's for you and shannon to work out. >> i think it's time. steve: it looks like collusion. just saying. >> good morning to all three of you. in a moment here the republicans are 4-0. tray gowdy answers that in a moment. the fbi is about to get the latest on the shooting of steve scalise and others. we will carry that live and what we're learning about the shooter. a make-or-break moment for republicans and obamacare. senator john on where they are today. it's a big morning. we'll see you in ten minutes top of the hour right here when i look in the mirror everyday. when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
brian: all right. the dog days of summer are here in every sense of the word. how can you help your furry friends stay cool, especially if they're on the bigger side? >> gina, the vice president and spokesperson of the american kennel club, they are here to show us what to do to keep our doggies cool. brian: they have to stay cool. great to see you. great to see you again. all right. we have medium to big-sized dogs. there's a trick to it. now, pay attention. there's going to be a liquid at the end of this all right? what kind of dogs do we have? >> first thing you do, you wet them down? >> and put some shampoo on them. brian: and some of them don't like to be shampooed; right? >> you should start early when they're puppies. most dogs don't need to be bathed a few times a year or
5:55 am
when they're smelly, things like that. >> and am i right, start at the neck and work your way down? >> yeah. so you shouldn't get the water in their ears or nose or eyes. so start from the neck down. bathe, rinse, get all the areas under the tail or belly. brian: did a lot of dogs all of a sudden will shake and get everybody soaked in the edward. >> that's right. the minute you're done. >> run for the hills. >> there you go. for the face, don't wet the face. wipe it with a can cloth like you would yourself. around the chin and around the eyes. >> how about the stuff that goes on dry. you don't want that; right? >> no. you want to get this coat super wet before you put the shampoo on. and the most important thing is make sure you rinse really well so they don't get dan drift. brian: do the dogs like being clean?
5:56 am
>> i think they prefer it. sure. who likes smiley and dirty? brian: and last one the leon. >> has a thick coat. you have to brush it before you wash. and then the same thing. make sure it doesn't clump into the coat on a furry dog and wash and really, really rinse. >> questions on the break, anybody? put your hand up. answer all of your dog questions. back in a moment. wet your dog neck down. next thing you know, you have a happy dog. back in a moment then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. woman: for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these,
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>> did you miss this? >> you are 70% irish and scottish. we also have some history on your family.
6:00 am
shall we go on? >> if you want to find out more about your background, go to my appeared lucky charms and burger king, good jo job. >> bill: another big win for republicans. the republican beat the democratic candidate in georgia. $16 million. i'm bill, good morning. >> democrats losing the most expensive house race in history. theç party also getting a victy in south carolina. >> bill: president trump said this on twitter last night.


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