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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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imagine. if you have any videos like tha that, where a story of yours we can share, send it to us at the story fnc. >> a fox news alert. president trump is ready to speak any minute at his rally. >> tucker: we will bring you the entire speech. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the special election of georgia's sixth congressional district is tighter than anything since y2k. democrats spent tens of millions of dollars to try to get that seat. the press covered it breathlessly. what happened in the end? republicans had a fine candidate with way less money and hollywood glamour. karen handel. she won anyway.
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this shouldn't surprise you, he didn't even live in the district. democrats have gone 0-4 in 4 contested selections. are they learning anything at all from these defeats? join me now is mark green. a public advocate. he joins us now. mark, do you think karen handel, in any way, colluded with the russian government? >> bob mueller will announce tomorrow that he's looking into it. again, you are a step ahead. >> tucker: [laughs] thank you, mark. you've been around politics a long time. it seems that ossoff should have done better than he did. why did he lose?
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>> a tie in football is like kissing your sister. this is a tie if you look at it two ways. he won. she won it, rather. but the predecessor -- had won by 24 points. she spent $30 million. counting outside pac money. why did the republicans think they had to enact $30 million on an election they were going to win? the troubling news is on average, the democrats in each district closed 15 points of what was an average 20-point win in the prior election. he applied at the 2018 and
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that's a problem. >> tucker: in the next 50 years, the democrats can take the house. president trump has taken the stage. we will go to him. it could be eminently quickly, karen handel -- let's be real, is there a lesson here or no lesson at all, you guys are doing great? >> neither. these sides should be wary. they are whistling by the graveyard. they don't look at data. the average flip in the first midyear election is 38 seats. trump is at a record low for an incumbent president at this point in his term. you put that together, i don't think anybody -- if there is a wave against trump, which is possible -- --
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>> tucker: we are waiting for him. we got it. is there no course correction necessary for the democrats? did you say good job, guys, keep it up? >> not just four republican districts. >> tucker: i'm afraid to cut you off, president of the united states. [chanting "usa"]
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>> president trump: it is great to be back in the incredible, beautiful, great state of iowa. home of the greatest rustlers in the world. including our friend, dan gable. some of the great, great wrestlers of the world. we love those rustlers. it's always terrific to be able to leave that washington swamp and spend time with the truly hard-working people -- we called them american patriots. amazing people. i want to also extend our congratulations this evening to karen handel of georgia.
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and we can't forget ralph norman in south carolina. he called me and i told him -- he said last night, i felt like the forgotten man. but he won. she won really beautifully even though a lot of people didn't show up. they thought he was going to win by so much. it's always dangerous after those big leads. but he won very easily. he's a terrific guy. and karen is going to be really incredible. she will be joining some really wonderful people and doing wonderful work, including major, major tax cuts. and health care. reducing crime. securing that second amendment. i told you about that. that looks like it's in good
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shape with judge neil gorsuch. i would like to also take this moment to send our thoughts and prayers to our courageous friend, somebody i have gotten to know very well. steve scalise. and everyone recovering from the assaults. never fails. never fails. [boos] "chanting "usa"]
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[indistinguishable disturbance] >> president trump: and we love our police. we love our police. so, to steve, we say -- and he's a great guy. he was in my office the day before. incredible. we are praying for you. we are pulling for you. you have our absolute support and our deepest admiration.
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and our gratitude goes out tonight to the capitol police officers who saved so many live lives. they ran from the outfield in. they were being hit by rifle fire. they only had handguns. they were able to get him. it was an amazing show of talent and bravery. we want to thank all of the police officers who so bravely serve and protect us. hopefully our nation emerges from this ordeal, it was an ordeal. more determined than ever before. i can see it. we are indeed more unified in our own way than ever before. you just have to take a look at what is happening here. right? if we set aside the cynics and the critics, we have a chance --
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and it's a great chance -- it lies before us. to do extraordinary things for our country. in the years ahead. history has a written -- history is written by the dreamers, not the doubters. while we are here tonight to celebrate the amazing progress that we have already made, and we have made amazing progress, we are also here to lay out the next steps in our incredible movement to make america great again. everyone gathered in this arena
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is bound together by common values. you love our country. you obey our laws. you honor our traditions. and you care for your your families and you love your communities. all you want is a government that shows you the same respect and loyalty in return. you believe that america must protect and defend its own citizens. with that conviction deep in your hearts, you showed up on election day. november 8th. and voted to put america first. it's about time. it's about time. and from the moment i took that solemn oath of office and every
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single day since, that's exactly what i have done. put america first. after years of sending our jobs and our wealth to other countries, we are finally standing up for our country. you see it happening. you see what's going on. jobs are just about the best they've ever been. we've created almost $4 trillion in wealth. if you look at your stock values, what's going on with our country, we've created tremendous wealth. the enthusiasm and spirit on every single index is higher than it's ever been before, for
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manufacturers and our companies. after spending billions of dollars defending other people's borders, we are finally going to defend our borders. after decades of rebuilding foreign nations, all over the world, we are now rebuilding our nation.
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as of a few months ago, our country has spent $6 trillion in the middle east. the lies. thousands and thousands and thousands of lives. $6 trillion and thousands of young, beautiful lives. we started 16 years ago. it is in far worse shape than it was 16 years ago. by many times over. we spent all of this money, all of these lives. let me tell you, i took in and took over a very, very difficult hand. but we are going to get it fixed. that's what you put me here for. we are going to get it fixed. we will get it fixed.
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it's a shame. it's a shame. and then you look at north kore north korea. your praying and i am praying for you. [laughs] thank you very much. you look at north korea, look at otto warmbier. he went over there as a healthy, warm boy. and you see how he came back. we are going to take that bad hand and we are going to make it good. we are going to take care of our country. the people are the rulers of this country once again. one by one, we are keeping the promises we made to the people
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of iowa and the people all over our country. we are not going to let the same failed and attired voices in washington keep us from delivering the change you voted for and the change that you deserve. i do not answer to any donors or financial contributors. i don't care about them. i'm not beholden to any consultants or any of the very powerful special interests. i don't care about them. i have to do what's right. and if they are right, that's good. we will never be intimidated by the dishonest media corporations, who will say anything and do anything to get
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people to watch their screens or to get people to buy their failing papers. they are failing. these entrenched forces are fighting only for themselves and in many cases for their surviva survival. but i am fighting for you. i am fighting for you. fighting for your hopes, because your hopes on my hopes. i've had a great time in this country. it was time to do something. we all saw what was happening. it was time to do something. your dreams are my dreams. your future is what i am focused
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on. each and every day. we are going to make america great again, believe me. we are going to make america great again. here are just some of the historic accomplishments we have achieved in just a very short. lack of time. i have to preface it by saying saying -- thank you, darling. i have to preface it by saying, president trump has not produced health care. i've been here for five months. if you remember during the clinton period, they worked for years and years and years and never got health care. [boos] >> president trump: although, after listening to that testimony, i fully understand.
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president obama -- his whole administration, pushing, pushing for obamacare, which has now failed. in fact, i was just told by your great governor and ex-governor that your insurance companies have all fled the state of iowa. pretty sad, isn't it? they are going from every state. they are leaving all of the states. obamacare is a disaster. it's over. it's there's nothing to compareh what we are doing. i hope the republican senate -- if we got the single greatest health care plan in history of the world, we would not get one democratic vote. they are obstructionists. we wouldn't get one democrat. if we came to you and said here is your plan. you're going to have the greatest plan in history.
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and you are going to pay nothing. they would vote against it, folks. every single vote. we have a very slim -- 52-48, we basically can't lose anybody. i think and i hope -- i can't guarantee anything -- i hope we are going to surprise you with a really good plan. i've been talking about a plan with heart. i had some money to it. a plan with heart. obamacare is dead. it's interesting how they say "donald trump is not producing health care!" we have produced -- i don't think any president, there could be somebody, i have to be a little careful because they will say "he lied." few presidents -- just have to be a little careful -- they will say headline: donald trump lies
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to the people of iowa. i don't want that. very few have done what we've done. they were saying we didn't pass legislative bills. i think it's 38. if you listen to them, 38. but, but, and some of them are really big -- having to do with regulation and lots of different things. we are working really hard on massive tax cuts. if we get it the way i wanted, it would be the largest tax cut in the history of the united states of america. because right now, we are one of the highest taxed nations in the world. on a large scale basis, where
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the highest taxed nation and we are going to get it really low. there are some that are really down there. that doesn't mean you want to be there. we are going to have one of the lowest from the highest and we are working hard on it. i think it's going to happen and i think health care is going to happen and infrastructure. we are going to have a lot of exciting things over the next few months. i look forward to being able to produce it. let's see what happens. and by the way, if we had even a little democrat support -- just a little, like a couple of votes -- you'd have everything. you could give us a lot of votes and we would be willing to change it and move it around and try to make it even better. it's going to have good heart but even better.
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but again, they just want to stop. they want to obstruct. a few votes -- seriously -- a few votes from the democrats it could be so easy and so beautiful. you'd have cooperation. their plan isn't working. they thought they were going to win last night. in atlanta. they thought they were going to win. they've been unbelievably nasty. really nasty. they spent close to $30 million on this kid, who forgot to live in the community he was in. you know. [laughter] >> president trump: i will tell you about the democrats. i'm making it a little hard to get their support, but who cares? i will tell you about the democrats. they raised a fortune, they fought like hell.
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they got all the press. but fox has treated us well, they have. but they built these studios. cnn. [boos] >> president trump: hey, the camera just went off. i can't imagine why. this phony, nbc television network -- they actually had one of the people say "it was a little rainy last night. maybe that was the difference in karen's race." can you believe that? they have these beautiful studios. and if karen handel had lost, they would have blamed -- if she had lost, they would have been there for weeks talking about this being the greatest defeat
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in the history of american politics. when she won, projected winner is karen handel -- then they said we switched to another program. right? it was so true. they couldn't get out of there fast enough. and don't forget, this happened in montana. right? in kansas. last night, south carolina. with ralph, who was expected to win and he won. it's been incredible. we are 5-0. 5-0. they thought they were going to win at least like, three. and it would be a devastating defeat. the truth is, the people love us. all of us.
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they don't get it. they haven't figured it out yet. you know, they are still trying to figure where all of those voters came from. those voters came out of the hills. these are hard-working -- we have the hardest working, the smartest people. the toughest people. they are very lucky that our people don't protest. leave me believe me. they are very lucky. [cheers and applause] >> president trump: we have them. we have the smart ones. the toughest ones. great, great americans. hillary said the deplorable's.
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they are just the opposite. these are just the opposite. we have a group, bikers for trump. they come by the thousands. my man, how are you? i did not know you were here. they are here. now we know we are protected. good to have you, man. when i see them, i say "now we are safe." they like trump and i guess we are well into the 90s. we love our people and they love us and more importantly, they love our policy. what we are doing. you see what we are doing and what we have already done. home builders are to build agai again. we aren't confiscating the land with ridiculous rules and regulations. farmers are able to plow their
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fields. if they have a puddle in the middle of their field, a little puddle the size of this -- it is considered a lake and if you can't touch it. if you touch it, bad, bad things happen to you and your family. we got rid of that one too. okay? unemployment is at a 16 year low and manufacturing is doing phenomenally. we have companies moving back. they're coming back, back, back. in the state of michigan, which has just been an exit pool where car companies have left, i tell them, you know what? you want to start weaving and fire all these people? watch what we are going to be
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doing. we have the legendary wall street genius, wilbur ross, he is here. the president of goldman sachs. she had to pay over $200 million in taxes to take the job. right? someone said why did you appoint a rich person? to be in charge of the economy? i said -- no, it's true. wilbur is a very rich person in charge of commerce. that's the kind of thinking we want. really, they are representing the country. they don't want the money. they are representing the country. they had to give up a lot to take these jobs. they gave up a lot. you get the president -- the president of goldman sachs. smart. having him represent us.
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he went from massive paydays to peanuts. i'm waiting for them to accuse him of wanting that little amount of money. these are people that are great, brilliant business minds. that's what we need. that's what we have to have. so the world doesn't take advantage. we can't have the world taking advantage of us anymore. i love all people. it rich or poor. but in those particular positions, i just don't want a poor person, does not make sense? does that make sense? if you insist, i will do it. but i like it better this way. an increase in defense spending, we've created a new office of accountability -- to ensure that our veterans get the care that
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they so richly deserve. we have eliminated restrictions on the production of american energy. they wanted to take away our wealth. the world wanted to take away our wealth. under our feet, we have great wealth. not only in the form of your kind of wealth, beautiful, fertile soil but also in other locations in the form of energy. they wanted to take that power and that wealth away from us. we have ended the war on clean, beautiful coal. we are putting our minors back to work
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in fact, you read about it, a brand new coal mine just opened in the state of pennsylvania. the first time in decades. 33,000 mining jobs have been added to my inauguration. again, we are going to have all forms of energy but coal is something we have a tremendous advantage of. we are going to have all. whether it's natural gas, alternative sources. we are going to have everything. but power -- it's a power for our electric different plants and furnaces. it's a power. we use electric, wind, solar. coal, natural gas, nuclear if the right opportunity presents
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itself. we are going to be strong for the future. we're going to to be strong for the future. i don't want to just hope the wind blows to light up your homes and your factories. as the birds fall to the ground. i like all of them. that's what we need. by the way, we are saving your ethanol industries in the state of iowa. just like i promised i would do in my campaign. believe me, they are under siege, folks. i don't know if you know it, they are under siege. we've approved the keystone xl pipeline and the dakota access pipeline.
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38,000 jobs. and better for the environment, by the way. underground. better for the environment and safer. can you imagine the executive for keystone, a year and a half ago. somebody walks into his office, probably a consultant that charged him tens of millions of dollars, saying sarah, the pipeline was disapproved. you know what he's going to do? i did a great job. i am entitled to millions of dollars in consulting fees. it was just trump. just approving it. just good for the country. my man. by the way, speaking of that, when i am signing for the xl pipeline and the dakota, by the way, who made the pipes?
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no, not the usa. it's a little hard to say throw that away, we are giving new pipes. anyone build the pipeline in the united states? no more taking it over on boats. very simple. we have signed 39 pieces of legislation. folks, they tell you -- the fake news -- they tell you, not all of it. some of it is good and some of the people are great, actually. some are real bad and they are really fake. if you listen to them, we passed 39 -- i'm not talking about executive orders, we have signed lot. i mean, we have really signed a
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lot. we've gotten rid of a lot of bad pieces that were signed by president obama. but if you listen to the fake news they say "he didn't pass any legislation." 39 pieces as of today. some of them are very important. my biggest pieces are you have to come. hopefully taxes, health care, infrastructure, and when they come, they won't be good enough. we've also done a record number of resolutions to eliminate the job killing regulations on our workers, our companies, and our farmers. they are gone. they are gone. we are ending the federal intrusion into your family farms
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and your ranches. we are also working very, very hard to get rid of the death tax so you can pass your farms onto your children and onto your grandchildren. i don't know if we are going to pull that one off but we are working very hard to do it. right? you can pass your motorcycle on, forget the farm. that's not so bad, either. i see what you ride. not so bad. i don't know if that one is going to get pulled off, but it should. why should you be double taxed? you should have a right to pass your farm onto your children and onto your grandchildren. you should have that right. without having them going out
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and borrowing a fortune, not being able to make payments, losing it to the banks. we are working hard. let's see if we can pull it off. i don't know, we are going to try. no longer will the epa be telling you how to run your business or do your job or live your life. instead, it will focus on his true mission. clean air and clean, beautiful crystal water. nice, beautiful, clean water. that's what we want, right? we are ending the last administration's federal land grab. we believe states, communities, and private land owners know best how to manage their own resources. we've made a lot of progress on
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that. we want to see local control. that also means we are not going to let foreign bureaucrats plan our economy or tell americans how to run their country. you know what i mean. when i campaigned for president, i promise to renegotiate or to leave any deal which fails to serve america's interests. and i am not going to allow other countries to take advantage of the united states any longer. for that reason, i totally cut off negotiations. i will not do our great -- what is it?
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you weren't listening -- but for that reason, as you know, i formally announced the united states will withdraw from the disastrous paris climate accord. it's disastrous. by the way, trans-pacific partnership, we don't even talk about it anymore because it was done early. but trans-pacific partnership, bye-bye. that was another catastrophe that we will renegotiate. i will get rid of nafta. so i announced that,
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essentially, i was going to terminate but i got a nice call from prime minister trudeau of canada. from the good guy of mexico, asking me not to turn in the te. and if i could renegotiate. and i am always willing to renegotiate. so we will see how it goes. but it's been very unfair to the united states. you have to look at all the empty plants and factories. now after -- but nafta, we will renegotiate and if we can't, that will be that. the paris agreement -- it's amazing how the people of this country get it. the press covers it so unfairly.
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the paris agreement would have cost america millions of lost jobs. and billions and billions of lost dollars and put us a in a permanent disadvantage. china doesn't kick in until 2030. i can give you stories, stats, i could go on all day. it's a catastrophe if we would have agreed. they all say it's nonbinding. not to like hell it was nonbind. i was elected to serve the citizens of iowa, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin, and florida, and all 50 states. and all 320 million americans.
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[chanting "usa"] >> president trump: by the way, this is a big place. i used to say it during the campaign, we aren't even campaigning. look at this crowd. it's easier during a campaign. the place is packed with thousands of people. look at the size of this place. they will never show the crowd. they will never show the crowd. they will never show the crowd. that's the only good thing about the protesters. which we don't have very much of. this guy was blowing a whistle. [laughter] >> president trump: he's a bernie sanders guy.
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when we do have one, the only good thing is the cameras have to go sometimes up into the corners, way up in that arena. every seat is packed. every seat. every corner is packed. this big, big arena. it's an honor. wouldn't it be great -- it's funny, i go home and my wife, melania, who by the way has become very popular -- they are liking her. but she would say, "i never saw the crowd but it sounded like a lot of people." you can't imitate the sound of this many people. this is not 500 people. you can't imitate this.
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[applause] >> president trump: you know what they don't understand? they probably charge a fortune, all those television cameras -- i hate to do this but they get even better ratings if they show that. i tried to convince -- they can't mentally handle that. but it's such a great crowd. to all of those people watching, it's an unbelievable place. it's a big, beautiful arena. it is packed.
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as you may know, there is another absolutely terrible deal from the previous administration. see how nice i am? i say the previous administration, as a opposed to the obama administration. recently, i announced that we are canceling the prior administrations completely one-sided deal with the castro regime in cuba. isn't it amazing? obama can deal with cuba. killed thousands of people. people in prison. horrible to women, can deal with
5:47 pm
iran. you talk about the gays. the women. back to everybody. killed, brutal. i deal with anybody and "donald trump is a terrible human being." isn't it unbelievable? unbelievable. america will stand strong against communist oppression. we will make a much better deal. i deal with cuba is a bad deal. we probably will make a deal and maybe we won't. it will be a fair deal and a good deal for us. it won't be a one-sided giveawa giveaway. we are also fighting every single day to achieve those fair trade deals for american factories, farms, write your ranches. heading up our effort for our
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interests in china will be a man you know very well, i just left an event where i honored him, introduced him to a crowd of people that adore him. to discuss how to create -- he's been doing this for years -- a, the longest-serving governor in american history and now he tied carries the title of ambassador to china. terry branstad. fantastic guy. i told the story today. i said i came here to make maka speech. terry would come, at that time he called me donald. now mr. president. he said that's okay, i didn't think about it.
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now if he called me donald, i would be very angry with him. kidding. he said donald, can you do me a favor? don't say anything bad about china. we do a lot of business with china. i like china a lot. i've known president xi for a long time. i really like him and he likes terry a lot, by the way. please don't say anything bad about china. which is hard for me to do. [laughter] >> president trump: i wouldn't. but then when i won and we were looking for somebody to represent us with china, very powerful country, we've had a very good relationship with china. i do like president xi. i wish we would have a little more help with respect to north korea, from china. that doesn't seem to be working out. i do like the president a lot. when i was thinking of who i was
5:50 pm
going to make for the ambassador to china, i remember about a year ago when terry branstad was saying all these great things. you are governor. i called him up. i said you've been doing this for 24 years, like how would you like to be ambassador to china? i didn't think you would really do it. it's a long trip. 21 hours. that's a lot of plane time. he wants to do what's right for the country. i said tonight, i wasn't sure you are going to do it. he said, "when my president calls me to help him for our great country, i do it." that's what he said to me. i thought it was nice.
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central to that economic agenda is a plan to restore america's crumbling infrastructure. we will rebuild not only america but we will rebuild rural america. in this great national rebuilding, we will follow two simple rules. we will buy american and we will hire american. we want to get our people off of welfare and back to work. we also want to preserve our safety net for struggling americans who truly need help. we want to help them. people who truly need help. it right, chris? we want to help those people.
5:52 pm
but others don't treat us fairl fairly. that's why i believe the time has come for new immigration rules that say those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years. and we will be putting in legislation to that effect very shortly. another quark principal, those coming to our country must embrace our values and love our people.
5:53 pm
and yes, we will build a wall. we have already started planning. it will be built. we will build the wall. we need it. we have to stop the drugs from blowing in. people don't realize we are already spending a lot of money and designs. i will give you an idea that nobody has heard about yet. i'm not sure but i am a builder, that's what i love to do. that's probably what i do best. i'm a builder. we are thinking of something that's unique. the southern border. lots of sun, lots of heat.
5:54 pm
we are thinking about building a wall as a solar wall. so it creates energy. and pays for itself. and this way, mexico will have to pay much less money. and that's good. right? is that good? you are the first group i've told that too. it makes sense. let's see. we are working it out. solar wall panels. think of it, the higher it goes, the more valuable it is. [laughter] >> president trump: pretty good imagination, right? my idea. we have a good shot. that's one of the places where solar really does work. at the tremendous sun and heat. we will see what happens. that would be great. i think we can make it look
5:55 pm
beautiful too. it would really look beautiful. that would be nice. we are working night and day to restore law and order to our country. law and order. you know that. we are reversing the last administrations soft on crime policies that helped enable a tragic rise in violent crime. if you see what's happening. look at chicago. what the hell is going on in chicago? what's that all about? we have also issued new directives to protect our police officers and our sheriffs. and we will always stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement.
5:56 pm
all american children, no matter where they live, have the right to grow up in a safe community. no issue is more central to public safety band the issue of immigration and border security. after years of lawlessness, the united states is now enforcing our laws. the first time in a long time. and protecting our workers, our schools, and our families. since i was elected, illegal border crossings -- this is without the wall. they have decreased by more than 75%. a historic and unprecedented achievement.
5:57 pm
so, we are building the wall on the southern border. we've got the greatest security people in the world. i.c.e. and at the border patrol folks, these are incredible people. they endorsed me when i ran for president, knowing that if i went back, they will have to work much, much harder. but they love this country. they want the job done. they want the job done right. they have to work harder and it's much more dangerous. the other thing i have to tell you. you have a gang called ms-13. a friend of mine who is a very, very high level police officer said to me in describing them "they are the equivalent or worse than al qaeda." they don't like to shoot people, they like to cut people.
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they like to do things that nobody can believe. they are true animals. we are moving them out of the country by the thousands. and the people moving them out are a hell of a lot tougher and meaner than they are. but they are on our side. we are getting them out. ms-13. during my campaign for president, i met with the families of americans killed by illegal immigrants. many, many families. including the family of a 21-year-old iowa girl who was killed the day after she graduated from college, with a 4.0 gpa. that means solid as. straight across, for those that
5:59 pm
don't know. thousands of beautiful american lives like sarah's have been stolen for the simple reason that our government has refused to enforce already existing laws. the media, these people, like to talk about separating families. but the families they never talk about are the american families separated forever from the ones they love because we don't protect our borders and uphold the immigration laws of the united states. these families and the victims have been ignored -- totally --
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by the media. they have been ignored by the consultants, washington, but these americans were not ignored by me or by you and we know who they are. and they rise to the highest level. they rise to the highest level. i promised those families the deaths of their loved ones have not been in vain. we will take strong and forceful action to fulfill our state sacd duty to protect american lives. every single day, we are finding these gang members, drug dealers, thieves, robbers, predators, criminals, killers. horrible killers. we are


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