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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 23, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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go to hannity. that's all of the time we have left this week. hope you have a great weekend appeared fair and balanced always on hannity. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," you would think the near assassination of republican congressman steve scalise by a democratic activist last week would have set up some soul-searching on the left about the growing strain of violent extremism in its midst. you fantasize about hurting people long enough, somebody is going to get hurt and now somebody has. but no, in fact the opposite is happening. throughout the progressive world and politics and entertainment on msnbc and in higher education, talk if violence has grown louder since those shootings. here's the latest, it comes from nebraska. phil montag a longtime liberal activist and official with the state's democratic party caught on tape applauding the shooting.
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>> i'm glad he got shot. >> what are you saying it was for? what are you telling us for? >> i wish he was [bleep] dead. >> tucker: i'm glad he got shot, and trinity college, professor johnny williams agreed with him come out let him die. his fellow trinity faculty issued a funding letter of support for him, one colleague compared him to salman rushdie, persecuted by religious extremists. in this case of course christians, not islamists. a petition supporting williams has drawn nearly 2,000 signatures as of tonight and it's growing. professor let them at effing die is fast becoming a folk hero on the left. meanwhile, actor johnny depp says he's excited about the
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possibility of a modern john wilkes booth stepping forward to assessing to the presidents. >> once less time and actor assassinated a president? >> tucker: on twitter, a writer for bill nye's new netflix show had this to say about the scalise shooting, as of tonight she's apparently still got her job. extremism isn't just online, having watched partisanship and dig in gunfire you would think the lawmakers will try to lower the temperature. here's elizabeth warren accusing her republican colleagues deliberately trying to kill americans for money. >> these cuts are blood money, people will die. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy
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with american lives. >> tucker: you disagree with me on a piece of legislation, therefore, you are a murderer. this is how things fall apart. when you know longer see political differences as legitimate but instead as moral crimes. when you begin to believe your opponents are unworthy of life itself. when you start to make excuses for violence. that is all happening now. what do you think happens next? we use debate and elections to resolve political disputes, not violence. it's all worked for hundreds of years. the system and don't forget this is fragile. it will break unless our leaders committed to preserving a spirit of democracy may or may not die in darkness, it definitely will die in a hail of bullets. tammy bruce is a radio talk show host, where is this going? >> historically and fortunately we know it's going. wherever the left has been in power, or someone tries to move
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them out of power, the movement is to do violence. it's a dynamic where they realize that in order to have the cultural dynamic continue is to silence those who are against them, and of course that takes the form of violence. in the 20th century just three countries. the soviet union, communist china, and the khmer rouge in cambodia, estimates about 70 million people killed simply in order to maintain power. our system is genius and brilliant, it's the leftist ideology that is new. our system in a lot of ways allows it to effectively breed in a way. if we don't decide to take steps to condemn it and as you've said in your opening, whether it's elizabeth warren, hillary clinton put out a tweet today saying the republican party is the death party. after an attempted assassination of 22 g.o.p. leaders at that
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baseball field, even barack obama who was never as a loss for words has said nothing publicly to condemn it or to tell people to step back. this is my worry, that they silence is also in a certain way could be interpreted as acquiescence and in some ways encouragement. >> tucker: that's what shocks me, i don't think any political movement ought to be held liable for the lunacy of the fringes. there are lunatics on all sides and i've met some of them. i do think the people in charge in power and authority have a moral responsibility to set the limits of behavior. that's totally wrong, you're not allowed to do that. violence is outside the pale. where's "the new york times" editorial denouncing this? >> this is it. let's say you take a week off the week that the shooting happened in arlington and you unplugged and weren't connected just returning one week later, looking at the headlines online or otherwise, you never would have even known that it had
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occurred. we are not going to be able to stop this unless we're willing to admit that it's happening, admit what the core source of this is. we've been looking at masked violent individuals trying to interrupt the inaugural, the occupy movement, the black lives matter movement. it's changed from trying to engage everyone as a whole to the suggestion that this disruption is appropriate. of violence, arson is the way to go. even then, not only whether or not condemnations of it but the left funded it and held it effectively to some degree as heroism. for americans and everyone around the world, we are now awash in violence because of terrorism, we see it all over the world. that's another dynamic that's affecting our young people here. oh, this is normal. someone has to start saying that it's not. >> tucker: i think that's a
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really smart point. wasn't this inevitable that people in charge began to use terms like resistance or don't legitimize the presidents. it's not worth having a conversation, it's not worth debating, talking isn't enough. doesn't that set the stage for violence want to say that? >> my first book 17 years ago talked about groupthink. that's when you start to believe that you have sole possession of the truth. if you've got to sole possession of the truth, obviously no one else does. and that makes them not only not as good as you but not even worthy. when you start to cast individuals as less than human, as people who are actually out to get you, there's really only one answer to how you you react to that. it's shocking after the arlington attempted assassination, the fact that the rhetoric has not really shifted is a shocking point. people on both sides of the alchemist certainly democrats, good liberals out there need to start demanding from their
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heroes of sanders and warren and hilary to do more than a single statement but to really stay with it and to encourage people to step back from this. >> tucker: that's exactly right, as you said at the outset, we could see exactly where this is going. a bipartisan group of senators is now investigating whether or not to the previous attorney general loretta lynch may have deliberately slowed down the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. joining us now is fox news chief intelligence correspondent, with the latest on that. >> the senators are investigating whether she tried to block the fbi case. the chairman and ranking letter to mike member reddick in this letter, they want relevant documents from lynch that she would not allow the fbi case into clinton's mishandling of the case go too far. whether it was shared with then dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz. the fired fbi director james comay said he went public with
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the case last summer because he lost confidence in lynch and cryptic testimony appeared to reference a vital record. >> there were other things that contributed to that. one significant item, i can't, i know the committee has been briefed on, there's been public accounts of it that have been nonsense. i know the committee has been briefed on classified facts. >> based on a reporting in july of 2016, she declined to answer questions about the clinton email case more than 70 times before she went to congress. tucker? >> tucker: excellent for that. john daniel davidson is a senior correspondent over at the federalist and he joins us now. thanks for coming on tonight. it seems like there is evidence and we should just stress again, the letter that catherine was referring to comes from a bipartisan assortment of lawmakers. they seem to have reached a conclusion that loretta lynch may have attempted to squelch
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the investigation into hillary, you think that's a fair conclusion? >> yeah, the main reason i think it's a fair conclusion is what james comey himself said before the senate intelligence committee earlier this month. one of the most remarkable things about his testimony was the part where he talked about how loretta lynch told him not to refer to the clinton email investigation as an investigation, instead told him to call to matter. why would i do that? just do it. then he did it, he complied with her and called it a matter when clearly it was a criminal investigation. between that and loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac in phoenix, this is adding one more thing to a laundry list of signs that loretta lynch was trying to squelch the investigation. >> tucker: here's another. this comes from a bipartisan letter, republicans and democrats.
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it says that the fbi in order to obtain an email or memo written by a democratic operative who expressed confidence that attorney general lynch would keep the clinton investigation from going too far. that's not proof, but it's certainly admitting a strong odor. one is the former attorney general going to be testifying before the congress so we can get answers to whether or not this happens? >> i think that's exactly what we need. the funny thing about these investigations as you don't know which direction they're going to go once they start. in this case, there are real questions about what did loretta lynch do, what were the conversations that were held behind closed doors? we also have reports and testimony from jay johnson saying the obama administration didn't want to say anything about the russia probe.
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they are politicizing the facts. the obama administration politicized everything, obama was campaigning for hillary while all this was going on. the only reason they didn't want to talk about this stuff is because they thought it would hurt hillary or help a trump. whole thing has been politicized from the beginning. >> tucker: it doesn't really make sense, this is one of the many ways the press has fallen down on the job recently. every newspaper and tv channel in america is hyping the idea that russia hacked our election. the majority of state election officials have testified recently that they've heard nothing from the obama administration about this so-called russia threat. i haven't read anything about that in "the new york times." that seems a big story. if this was going on, if our democracy was being subverted by the russians, why wouldn't the obama people tell state elections about it before the presidential election it doesn't make any sense. >> the funny thing is there were people in the media that were
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writing about this last year as early as april who sought signs of russian propaganda operations on social media, who saw signs of russia influence operations throughout the election cycle, starting in the spring going all the way to the summer and the fall. nothing from the obama administration, didn't want to acknowledge it, didn't want to politicized the fact that we are already out there in some degree. we knew that russia was trying to influence the election and may have even tried to hack into the election. again, the motivation here for the obama administration is has always been their motivation and that is domestic politics. they thought it would hurt hillary and help trump if they actually gave credence to what trump had been sitting on the campaign trail. which is this is rigged, this is a rig system. trump overstates a lot but he was right about the dnc favoring
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hillary clinton and we all saw with the emails did. this is a clear case about the white house and the attorney general's office politicizing the entire issue. >> tucker: and that the fact is you just wind up believing nobody in any context. >> tucker: north korea's missile tests grab headlines all the time but nuclear bomb leveling set to mike seattle might not be the greatest interest from them. an engineer says that country could devastate the entire country with something called an emp attack, will explain that. now that he narrowly avoided going to prison, bill cosby has a new plan, he wants to go on a speaking tour about sexual assaults. is that the days where this story? in today's competition, top that, straight ahead. ♪
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♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what the hell is going on? >> what cause the blackout, was it a solar flare, an electromagnetic pulse? physics went insane, the world went insane. >> tucker: that's a clip permit revolution on nbc, it's a show where modern society is
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>> what the hell is going on? >> what cause the blackout, was it a solar flare, an >> tucker: that's a clip permit revolution on nbc, it's a show where modern society is obliterated overnight thanks to an electromagnetic pulse or emp. it's not just u the stuff of television, north korea yesterday tested a rocket that american officials say could be intended for use of icbm and intercontinental ballistic missile. john moore is an electricalic engineer, he says the korean missile could hit the u.s. with an apocalyptic emp attack. mr. moore joins us tonight to explain how that might happen then what it might mean. thanks for coming on. you hear things about emp, explained it for us if you could just in english, what is this? what would it do? how does it work? >> it happens when somebody sets off a nuclear explosion about the atmosphere and it destroys or disrupts the electrical power grid, computers, communications. take civilization back to the 1800s.
8:20 pm
>> tucker: it disables anything electronic. are we sure this could happen? >> we're sure it could happen, it probably wouldn't disable everything but it would disable enough in our highly connected technological civilization to cause chaos that could cause tens of millions of americans to die before it's sorted out. >> tucker: tens of millions? >> tens of millions. if you have no electric power for six months to a year, you have no food delivery, you have no gasoline, you have no water, you think about that, it's pretty bad. >> tucker: you're saying it tens of millions could die without being killed by the explosion itself. just because of living in electricity free society. >> yes, exactly, the explosion would hurt everybody. but the results of this would
8:21 pm
destroy systems that we depend on. we don't have much food it stockpiled. we don't have water stockpiled at all for most people it comes out of pipes. air conditioning, heating, you can see the problem. >> tucker: that's a horrifying possibility. how are we protecting against that happening? >> we're not. there's been a commission that congress authorized starting in 2001, they've been writing reports on it. the electrical industry has been studying some ways to harden systems, but we are really not protected and nobody has done an experiment -- the last time this kind of emp happened was in 1961 when the u.s. and the russians tested the effect. >> tucker: why wouldn't this be at the very top of the priority list, if the effects are that overwhelming and terrible? >> that's one reason i wrote my
8:22 pm
article is because everyone is worried about nuking san francisco, north korea doing that. this is far more terrible, maybe not quite as dramatic and a lot more science fiction, but part of it as the military is a focud on this for a long time. but it was in the context of nuclear war, where losing the electrical grid c and so on was kind of the least of our problems. >> tucker: why would it take a year if the grid were disabled to get it back online? >> if it destroyed the custom transformers on the system, we don't have nearly enough spares. they are custom-made commit takes a long time to build them come a long time deliver them. there's also control systems that would grow out. nuclear power plants would melt down, it could take a very long time to destroy our dumb academic restore even a semblance.e
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>> tucker: i'm going to try not to order freeze-dried food on my commercial break but i'm going to try to control myself. thank you very much. seattle slept a big tax on law-abiding gun owners saying it would promise to curb gun violence in the city. two years ago, did it work? we've got the numbers, they are amazing. anti-gun activists support the tax. they're back! and, at outback our sweet, tender snow crab legs come with a big bold outback steak! and, speaking of big... why not go full aussie, and go for a full pound! steak & crab starts at just $15.99. but, hurry in...
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>> tucker: in early 2015, the city council of seattle passed a gun violence tax, the tax imposed a $25 levy on every gun purchased in the city along with a five-cent tax on every individual round of ammunition. it worked in one way. a lot of gun sellers have fled from the city to the w suburbs, people lost their jobs. didn't work in the intended way? it was designed to make seattle safer. that didn't happen. shootings are up significantly this year, murders have doubled. will the city reconsider its tax? joining us tonight is mark glaze, a gun-control activist and a former executive director of every town for gun safety, he joins us tonight. the point was to make seattle a safer town. the murder rate doubles. isn't this a demonstrable failure? >> in point of fact, the reason they passed this gun tax was to try to raise some money so they
8:28 pm
could study gun violence which i think is a good thing to t do. i don't think a $25 gun taxes the reason murders are up. the recent murders are up is there a couple rival gangs killing each other with guns. i hope they use the research money to good purpose. >> tucker: i'm not arguing that gun deaths are up because of the gun tax. i'm merely noting the obvious which is the gun tax didn't make the city any safer.r. what's the point of any of this? these studies are calling for, gun control itself doesn't make the city safer, what's the whole point? >> in fairness to the folks in seattle, at don't think they imposed a gun tax thinking that would be a silver bullet that would stop gun violence in the city. what they were responding to is that it made it impossible for the federal government to study gun violence. they banned the use of federal dollars for that purpose. they were trying to raise money to raise for that purpose. >> tucker: the whole point of all of this, the whole point of
8:29 pm
the studies is to reduce gun violence. and it'sgu doubled. it's hard to take people like you seriously if you don't let the data drive your conclusions. the data here are really crystal-clear. this didn't work, why would you still supported? >> nobody in seattle thought that putting a $25 tax on the sale of guns was going to solve gun violence. what they thought it would do. >> tucker: yes they did, that's what they said. they didn't say it was good to end all gun violence but they said it would make it a safer city. the city got more dangerous. why are we the only show calling b.s. on these people. they wouldn't return fox's called, they didn't want to be held accountable for their dumbness in the fact that their idea didn't work. why not go back andac compare te claims the results. were doing that and look at the failure. t let's try something else. >> i think they should have returned your calls. if the gun tax doesn't work and
8:30 pm
give a little bit of time andd hope this the gang violence subsides, let's not do the gun tax, let's look at other things that we actually know the public wants and are effective. for example, in gun violence most often, the guns gangs numbers used are semiautomatics with high-capacity magazines which is the same kind of gun that was almost used to assassinate steve's police, get rid of those, were not try that? >> tucker: a relatively small -- these guns may look scary, i know they spin you guys into a frenzy because they are terrifying looking. but they don't actually drive the problem. again, you're wrong. >> gang violence very often involves those guns. that's what they use it seattle, you're absolutely right throughout the biggest part of the problem.
8:31 pm
the biggest part of theel problm is handguns and we know one of the things we could do to reduce gun violence from handguns which is to impose a universal background check for everybody who buys a gun no matter where you can pass a criminal background check. we know that would save a lot of lives but the gun lobby stops us from doing that. >> tucker: we don't know that. anymore than we know the seattle contacts would reduce violence in seattle. here's the truth, there are about as many firearms as there are people, right around 300 million. as long as there are that many firearms, there are going to be the attendant problems. i like firearms, there is downsides too. the only way youi can control n violence with gun control is confiscate all guns that's probably what you would like to do. why not be the one guy honest in your businessun to say that? >> my dad was a gun dealer, a group shooting guns just like you and i am in theory open to the idea. >> tucker:t your dad was a gun dealer? >> he was.
8:32 pm
>> tucker: what does he think of the fact that your gun control guy? >> he believes what i'm about to say, in theory we are to be able to have many guns as we want in this country but we run a pilot project on that proposition and it has failed catastrophically. i think you're i absolutely rig. unless we have dramatically fewer guns and we make them harder to get it's impossible to craft laws to stop all the bad guys but let the good guys doe what they want. >> tucker: you also know that states with massive levels of gun ownership have relatively low gun ownership. there is no connection between the number of guns people have, that's just not true. you would have to take guns away from people who don't want to give up their guns, what doeses that look like? >> two points about that.
8:33 pm
the states that have the weakest gun laws tend to have the highest rates of gun crime though they may be lower in absolute numbers. >> tucker: that's not true. >> it is true. matt damon said when he was coordinating his t movie, he sad i've been to australian people are pretty happy. they have not just after a a mas shooting, they not only banned assault weapons, they had the government buy them back and they have not had a mass shooting since. having to think -- >> tucker: they didn't buy them back, they confiscated them by force. you had no option, it wasn't if you tried that in n this country you would have a civil war in about 10 minutes. is that the plan? to take people's guns by force what's marked just say so. let us know what the plan is. >> does a lot of things we have to trye and were not trying th. an organization we worked with called guns down and we asked d how many likely voters would support a program where you are what required to turn in your assault rifle to the government
8:34 pm
if the government would buy it back, it had over 65% support including among gun owners. >> tucker: i think the 35% would be pretty tough to crack and i would be there by the way. an inmate opens fire on to sheriff's deputies, that's bad enough. now new information shows that suspect could still be in prison and would have been except for bad government policy. our investigation next. pro-life doctors in illinois ordered to provide information on abortion to their patients whether they want to are not. will talk to an obstetrician who was fighting this law is a violation of conscience, straight aheadol ♪ remember when every new fork on the trail, led to a new adventure?
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helps make the promise of the internet of things a reality for our customers. we know how powerful live data can be. we use sap at dell to run everything from finance to procurement to travel expenses. and that's the same kind of live insight we can now start offering to all of our customers. and as we get better information, better insights, it can improve virtually every aspect of society and the economy. that's the opportunity of our generation. the next industrial revolution. that's why dell technologies runs live with sap. >> tucker: to a sheriff's deputies and tennessee were wounded this week after an inmate shot them both in an attempt to escape. michael eugene bell was in court this monday to face kidnapping and domestic assault charges while there, he grabbed the
8:39 pm
pistol of deputy wade bassett and chad both him and deputypi wendell bowen as he fled. he shot himself before police could we apprehend h him. that's horrible enough, obviously. now an investigation finds that he should never been freebl to commit the shooting at first place. he should have been behind bars. ed henry has been on this all day, he joins us now with more. >> attorney general jeff sessions has been reversing obama era crime policies by making the case last eight years, soft sentences lead with more violent crime. he's been met with scorn from the left, many liberals believes these charges are simply nonviolent drugth offenses. in this case in tennessee, it suggests not so much. the now deceased criminal who shot to police officers, and 2003 he was arrested for conspiracy to. manufacture and distribute meth. 15 years in prison. at the tail end of the obama years, the drug sentences for 6,000 inmates were slashed, to cut down on over grounding, to be fair to more drug offenders in parts because perceived racial disparities.
8:40 pm
fast-forward to earlier this month, he gets arrested again. look at the rap sheet, kidnapping, possession of a controlled substance, domestic assault, multiple counts of reckless endangerment by a moton vehicle and multiple counts of evading arrest. he stole the gun of a courthouse deputy, shot two deputies who were wounded but thankfully survived. he shot and killed himself. this is one criminal but it makes you wonder how many of the other 6,000 people released early could return to crime. >> tucker: how exactly did this guy get out? >> to be clear with the facts is october 2015, the u.s. sentencing commission a bipartisans independent agency that was not part of the obamaa administration, this was not the obama whiteat house lit at least 6,000 inmates.bama it happened in a time when president obama was separately granting clemency to out the mic and dozens of other drug defenders who were nonviolent. it was deputy attorney general
8:41 pm
sally gates who assured the public it would be fine. that sally gates who was more recently fired d by president trump after warningng the white house about michael flynn's ties to russia. in 2015 after the release of all those inmates, she said in part under the commission's directive, federal judges are required to carefully consider public safety in deciding whether to reduce an inmate's sentence. that clearly did not work out in the case of michael bell. former attorney general eric holder wrote a memo that such to cut down on the number of drugth offenses that would cut down on mandatory minimum sentences. defendant should be charged with most serious provable charge as possible, let's see if that clears it up. >> tucker: there's so much going on, he spent a while untangling this and it's fascinating. are you a physician, do you think your job is to treat
8:42 pm
people instead of killing them. if you live in illinois, tough luck, you're not wanted there. that state passed a law that requires all doctors, pharmacists, and pregnancy centers to assist pregnant women in getting abortions, even if they are morally opposed to killing. dr. robert walworth is an obstetrician, he's fighting this new law and he joins us now. i just want to make sure were not mischaracterizing this, you're a pro-life position, you think abortion is the taking of ais life. if you are morally opposed to it. you are now required by the state of illinois to facilitate it or to recommend a place to get one if asked? >> that's correct. we're supposed to counsel the patient on the purported benefits of abortion whichct of course there are none. if asked to provide a referral for an abortion, provide a list of nearby abortion facilities
8:43 pm
where the vulnerable woman can procure the abortion. a clear violation of our conscious rights. >> tucker: obviously, someone who is sincerely pro-life would not do that or wouldn't want to do it for sure, what if you don't do it? what if you disobey? >> there can be sanctions and penalties and i suppose eventually removal of your medical license. i guess that's where thisal is heading, isn't it down the road. that's the concern, that's why we are filing suit against the state of illinois, the thomas more society to really stop this egregious attempt, an end around if you will of the existing
8:44 pm
conscience laws that exist. on the federal and the state books. as you recall, i'm an obstetrician, by my very nature i have two patients. i have a mother and a baby. it's ludicrous to think that i could refer my patient to be executed and the other to be mortally wounded for the restecf her life with a sense of regret. we are trying to do the exact opposite, we are trying to offer an alternative to that terrible decision. over the last 24 years -- >> tucker: i'm sorry doctor, go on. >> over the last 24 years, i've had the opportunity to deliver thousands of babies, take carehe of thousands of mothers, counseled many hundred of mothers are contemplating
8:45 pm
abortion, and take care of mothers who were post aborted. i've also been involved with taking care of the complications in the emergency room of the abortion procedure. i can tell you the horrific stories. i cannot and will not comply with this law that is a complete affront to my conscience beliefs, my firmly held religious beliefs that life is sacred. >> tucker: also the hippocratic oath, do no harm. >> i became a physician to help people, not to harm them. >> tucker: it exposes the entire pro-life bumper sticker as a lie that abortion should be between a woman in a position, here you have politicians getting directly into medical
8:46 pm
practice and telling you as a physician what you are allowed to say to a woman in your office which is exactly what they say they are against. were out of time and i hope those police aren't coming for you for your civil disobedience which i applaud vehemently, good for you, thanks for joiningg us. in explaining what's going on in your state. why is hasbro suddenly claiming a g.i. joe, "my little pony," and other obviously pink or blue toys are in fact a gender neutral. will have to wait for top that to find out, that's next because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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>> tucker: doing it daily tv show in the middle of a cultural
8:51 pm
revolution makes it hard to pick the weirdest news story of the day, so we bring in an expert panel to do is for us, katie freight is manager at olympic media and host of intelligence reports on the weekend, they both joinn us. trish, you are first, blow our you know the toy company hasbro they make things like a g.i. joe toys comegs on "my little pony," the ceo has come out and said were not going too recognize gender anymore. we have managed to delete this because we have risen above the gender issues and we know longer recognize it in our toys. for example when they print outt the revenues they don't have to say this came from the boys section, this came from the girls section.n. when you as a consumer go shopping you don't necessarily look for boys toy or a girl's toy anymore, you just look for a toy. my thought on this is this is a company that is somehow trying to reengineer human nature.
8:52 pm
the reality is, i've got two little girlsre and one little b. my girls gravitate to "my little pony" more than g.i. joe. i would say for the most part and there are toys that may be a chemistry setsts that boys and girls both play with. in the overall market place for you to have girls toys and boys toys. for you to try to reengineer that and somehow think that the boys should play with the pink sequins and the like that is going a little too far. this is a man who probably needs to focus on his business more than reengineering human nature. >> tucker: it used to be aor proud rhode island company, that is bizarre, can you top that? >> i just have to say your seat in d.c. is pretty comfortable i don't think i'm good to leave. but you may notice that america's data after the mistrial in his sexual assault case is ready to get right back icto it.
8:53 pm
comedian bill cosby who has been accused by over 50 women of a very sexual misconduct is going to host a series of town halls on telling people how not to get accused of sexual now kind of like if o.j. simpson held seminars on the virtues of marriage counseling, a lot of people are really, really unhappy that cosby is doing this. it's going to be a minimum of five states, it's a free and it's starting in july. if you want to hear it from the man himself on how to avoid sexual assault allegations, go find billn cosby. >> tucker: it really is these donner party goes to begin, too much. "mydo little pony" was awesome. it was just ten years ago and liberals were admitting the country needed to curtail illegal immigration. now securingbe the border is
8:54 pm
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>> tucker: don't miss other fox and friends exclusive. >> i just heard for the first time that obama knew about russia before the election. and did nothing about it. the cia gave him information about russia a longtimee before the election. and i hardly see it. this is an amazing thing to me. if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it. but you don't read that. >> tucker: catch our all-new interview with the president on "fox & friends" at 6:00 a.m. it's nice to have people around who remember what things are
8:59 pm
like the day before yesterday. he's's a lifelong liberal, but honest and has an excellent memory. reminding democrats that they are not always advocates for illegal immigration. just ten years ago, the democrats pressed the wages of low skilled workers. it is a law, not a theory. he admitted as much back in 2006. his calling was not controversial at the time because it's true but also because at the time, the democratic party still cared about things like wages. they were the party of working americans. people that know what the price of gas is. now is the party of the rich and
9:00 pm
the poor, housekeepers and their employers, people who take the bus or drive teslas and nobody in between. that's why normal people don't vote for them anymore. that's it's for us tonight and r the week. see you every night at eight. "the five" is next, don't miss it. >> hello everyone, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle along with jesse watters. it's 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five." democrats have been obsessed with russia meddling in the 2016 election earlier this month. former fbi director james comey revealed some possible interference closer to home. come and testify before congress that obama's attorney general, loretta lynch told him not to use the word investigation discussing the clinton email case. the news that even prominent democrats. >> at one point, the


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