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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  June 24, 2017 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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dagen: jonas. >> george clooney made more than a lifetime. dagen: too bad tequila doesn't make you talk more clearly. >> trading one nightmare for another. senate gop leaders funding a healthcare reform bill is a trick to repeal and replace obamacare but senator rand paul told me it does neither. >> sound like obamacare to me. in some areas it may be obamacare plus on the subsidy side. we can't have a bill that spends more than obamacare and call that a repeal bill. dagen: gerri willis, daniel and
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gary, ben stein, adam motion ski, charlie gasparino, one nightmare for another. >> let's be clear, the welfare state, to try to take a piece of the welfare state out, you have to play the long game. in 6 months -- it took a year to create. we have a few -- to chop it down. success of amendments to those bills, it looks like each iteration looks like you are doing obamacare light and who knows when the end will come? >> the question comes up, whether this gets in the way of
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that. and as a result. >> there is the other -- >> the gop blue it, government should be involved. they will always have these sites and these sort of things. it could come down to some type of thing. and and it is a crazy thing that
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is quite environmental. >> >> they cut out the taxes. and it has never been put into place. medicaid expansion doing this to 2024, 7 years from now. and i have to say republicans need plan b. if you want to rip this away rip it away like a band-aid, rip it away like a band-aid, what incentives can get insurers to serve 2 people? neil: the vote is still scheduled for the july 4th research, unlike speaker paul ryan, mitch mcconnell doesn't care whether the votes are there, he is sending a message
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to donald trump, i will be here long after that. he will go through with the vote whether the votes i there were not. what do you think? >> the way i looked at mitch mcconnell he was getting away from i'm done. after that, this thing is going to get carved up like a smoked sturgeon. the biggest thing we have going forward, we spent $574 billion last year and higher this year, next year, the year after, i spent a little time reading the bill, the words grants, waiver, tax credit, subsidies were all over it, government centric and never going to end. the new york times telling you, that is not going to happen. >> a lot of democrats say this is heartless and mean. we have a government run program
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are not as big but a government program with costs that are almost sure to come. i don't know what they are whining about. >> feels like frankenstein's monster. when you say it is alive, this is the fifth place to this medicaid and medicare are institutions in this country, one of the big problems republicans have is americans have normalized. neil: that started as a $66 million attempt to get into multitrillion dollar extent. >> one really good example cuts across the arguments, age and income, 64% of people in nursing homes on medicaid. real cuts to real people and a political hot potato. >> a few tens of thousands, 40%
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of the american public. i wonder, regardless how you feel, government expectations -- >> medicaid and medicare, medicaid for people -- here is where it got insane with obamacare, medicaid under obamacare got expanded to include more than indigent. >> obama knew that because it sucked and a lot of republican voters like john kasich. >> rick scott of florida hated it and fought against it. that is where republicans should be fighting this battle of medicaid because it is a way to rollback. neil: they are recoiling at the idea, a heartless one. >> this is a program rife with
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waste, fraud and abuse every single year. what you would do is set these programs to be successful, not to have the waste, fraud and abuse, then talk about what else needs to be done. these are not working the way they intended. you tell me i'm should be going on medicaid, no. it is a disaster. i don't have choices in terms of doctors, the outcomes are terrible. the idea we would expand the program that wasn't working in the first place doesn't make sense. >> medicaid covered 1% of the american public, 40%, even on percentage terms it is not sustainable. >> i believe 70 million people right now, a sheer impossibility. the same thing that happens through the history of government. when they start something it never ends and start growing and keeps growing, the biggest bull market in history is in our government and its programs, the
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problem is so much inefficiency and ineffectiveness, if you try to do anything about it. >> are republicans going to change it? just grows government more slowly but it is still growing. >> still growing and getting back to medicaid expansion, president obama offered the federal government to pay 100% for the first few years, sucked and a lot of people, now you have states where donald trump won, not just ohio but colorado, pennsylvania. took the bait and people don't want to give it up. social security reform, older americans, not even about them. this is a political landmine. >> rick scott spoke recently, really interesting, somebody who
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understands of the healthcare business because he was involved in the private sector, he will tell you how to give states much more leeway. >> we will give you more way that the amount of money and some guys are worried about it. neil: the affordable care act might be readjusted and refocused, but it is not going anywhere. >> not anytime soon. by the time we get to those cliffs there will be a change of heart and they will extend it. >> the more affordable care act. the meantime, vocal critics need him in the white house, they need him after this. >> today on forbes after two
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more special election losses, telling democrats how they can win votes while helping all taxpayers win. donald trump's plan to cut welfare to new immigrants. is it heartless or helpful? see you at the top of the hour. y282uy ywty yeah, 'cause i got allstate.? if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. it's good to be in (good hands).
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>> live from america's news headquarters in washington, security forces in saudi arabia say they have broken up terror attack targeting the holiest site in islam engaging in a shoot out with a would be suicide bomber during a raid at a home in mecca before he blue himself up. doesn't people were injured. saudi officials say it was the grand mosque was officials in london evacuated four public housing buildings over safety issues in the wake of that deadly apartment fire. authorities say inspectors had
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problems with insulation and fire doors, taking three or four weeks for the upgrades. the review was ordered after a fire last week that killed 79 people. now back to cavuto on business. neil: they may not like all his policies, despite some of them publicly bashing his travel ban on the paris climate accord. there is much greater value, not even coming. >> the way they are sucking up to the president, because they know he will call them out publicly and is not ashamed to do it on twitter in front of a camera, you name it he will do it. remember what happened in san
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bernardino, giving information to the department of homeland security. you think that would happen? they would be -- trump would embarrassed so badly. >> the president still need them on board. they represent the fastest growing segment, not the most lucrative part of the economy, interest in keeping them close to his side as well. to modernize the government, whoever gets railed for services and all of that. to make everyone a prime taxpayer customer it off to the races. >> they come out with a tech summit, that the command and control system, the federal government -- neil: it is not a good thing. >> it is not. >> it is true. and you can imagine the
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technology, it is reliable. and the president is a jobs president, to your point well taken, creating jobs. and responsive to the travel ban. >> whether you like the guy in that seat or not, for multiple administrations, you get part of the inside crowd whether you like the guy who is president or not. >> great christmas parties over there. >> he is the head honcho big cheese, he sets policy and you want to be friends, i love they
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were going around the room. to be more efficient and effective, i hope it continues. >> the other press benefit, they do to a man and woman like the idea, corporate taxes being passed whatever their views on the climate accord or whatever their views on the travel ban and all that stuff. it is a common link on lower taxes. >> what we have in the first place. to danielle's point, a bunch of etch-a-sketches too. i would warn the white house be careful of these guys. they come and do the photo op, it is not going to mexico, we are building f-15s in india.
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let's be careful, be careful. >> the government, to understand how bad the situation is, last time you are in a government office, this technology, way way way -- >> these guys, interesting trump can pull a bunch of liberals by their leashes and bring them in and have them wrapped around -- he has them wrapped around his finger. neil: like you do with your twitter followers. >> they follow trump because they don't want to be called out by him. he got some by the you know what. neil: presidents and ladies.
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>> gentle soul. because they all want the big corporate tax cut. >> that is the bottom line. it doesn't hurt. >> folks want their corporate tax cut. he has got them by the you know what. neil: donald trump said putting solar panels on a border wall could drive down the costs but will that save money for us or mexico?
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neil: the president has a new solar solutions will pricey campaign promise but will it work? a dras
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we are thinking of building the wall as a solar wall so it creates energy and pays for itself. mexico will have much less money. neil: donald trump pitching a solar solution for the border wall. >> a government program that gets paid for by the revenue of the program instead of the taxpayer. get me the sheet of paper and the dotted line, signing first and foremost. every time it is out of the tight of the taxpayer, this is great idea and provide energy to boot. neil: i have my doubts. >> i'm all for the idea -- it is
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a white elephant. this is a campaign promise from donald trump, a wall along the border which is not a solution to the immigration problem we actually have. the largest legal immigration problems are not -- we have been losing mexicans and gaining mexicans for years now. these are the largest problem related to illegal immigration. and expect that. campaign promise. >> there might be method to the madness. against having anything to do with this, to benefit from savings. >> really? checking this to pay for it. they don't want to be told what to do by donald trump. >> i think donald trump will
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change his mind in six months and say the mexicans are going to build is a mall. a better chance of happening than this. neil: what do you say? >> a lot of solar farms under president obama are horrendous. billions of dollars can generate electricity, too early for this sort of thing. look at this. in california, billions of taxpayer dollars, it is a bomb. americans who want to see this done, there are ways. neil: what do you think -- in the center of this. you don't -- you have your doubts. >> getting no cooperation from mexico. neil: signaling one way or the other down the road they will pay for it.
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>> you know what it is? it is a great concept. what is he talking about. is this star wars? rodney dangerfield right now. what they are talking about. solar panels on the wall. neil: i think you are thinking about me. i want to thank charlie and danielle. three out of four americans are going in debt to go on a vacation. our guys have stocks to pay for your next vacation and then some. >> 316 please, thank you. what is going on? "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations
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on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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... >> stocks to help pay for your summer vacation. charles, what do you have? >> six flags will help you pay for that vacation. david: what do you think, gary? what are you doing. >> federal express came out with the numbers last week and
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trading range. more to go. >> charles, this rally itself. >> the housing component is taking off like crazy and that's going to drive the gdp. >> okay. david asman with the place to be on fox. david: after losing two central elections, ten r centrist democrats, tweeted out they should work with the republicans not only to save the economy, but to get themselves elected. is it right or wrong? i'm david asman, welcome to forbes on fox. let's find out with steve forbes, elizabeth macdonald, and mike, you say that democrats are going to help themselves on us taxpayers as they help the g.o.p. pass tax cuts? >> the tax cuts wouel


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