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tv   Watters World  FOX News  June 24, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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[cheering] five charlie, kat, tyrus, thank you.ut speaker pelosi under fire from democrats and after more humility net losses, "watters world" debates. stay. the late chris kyle. how often do you smoke weed? >> every day all day. jets * how awful do you get high? >> i'm always vibrating on a
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high level. welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. democrats in disarray. the democrats plushed $24 million down the toilet in the georgia special election this week. we know money can't buy you love. now we know it also can't buy you a congressional seat. president trump said we'll win so much we'll get sick of wing. but the question is, when will the democrats get sick of losing? left-wing celebrities who played a big role in the georgia special election are leading your party over the cliff. here is johnny depp delivering what he considers to be political analysis. when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
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i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. it's been a while, and maybe it's time. jesse: depp was forced into apologizing. democrats, do you think this is working for you? you know what else isn't working for you? the mainstream media and their fake polls setting you up time and time again. here is what nate silver said about the georgia race. you know who else looks dead? this cnn panel after the news broke their boy always some boyg down in flames. rain many maddow blamed it only
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the weather. >> does the weather have any effect as far as you can see. jesse: she reminds me of nilly nillyvanilly. just in case there are any democrats watching. middle america is the part of the country between new york and california. further more, democrats can't be just against trump. they have to be for something. what have they been for lately? gender friendly bathrooms and the paris peace accords. it doesn't work in the suburbs. and that brings us to nancy pelosi. she has become oh toxic outside
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of california that she should be putting warning labels on her. it's gone the so bad even democrats are asking her to step aside. i feel bad for pelosi. she doesn't know who the president of the if united states is. >> either we win our who wins must express the' american people. jesse: pay attention to waters' words. form president barack obama blasting on facebook. >> he came out on facebook saying your bill is not a healthcare bill, it's a massive transfer of wealth, it's mean. >> he usually used my term,
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mean. i want to see -- and i speak from the heart. that's way wants to see, i want to see a bill with heart. healthcare is a very complicated subject from the stand point, you moist this way and this group doesn't like it. you move it over here, on a very, very small little path, it's a winding path. and honestly nobody can be totally happy, even without the votes. this has to do with picking a plan that everybody is going to like. i would like to say love, but like. jesse: the question is will he get any democratic help? >> the look bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> he says he hopes the senate healthcare bill will have heart. this is if sad and heardless.
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jesse: people are going to die because of the obamacare repeal bill, that's just shock. i can't believe you guys would do that, sean, how heartless of you. but you are getting tax relief and the individual mandate. one of the most popular items from a lot of americans. are you able to buy insurance across state lines so there is more competition? >> you will be. that's the next phase. this is the repeal and replace phase. and there is another part, one of which is the ability to buy across state lines. they will go through the house process and on to the senate. but that's how we have to dismantle and put this back together in different pieces. that's what the president calls phase two and three. jesse: i think that's probably why the democrats designed it that way. you have a few looks like very conservative senators now.
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taking a stand against this senate healthcare bill. are they going to torpedo this? what is your message to those senators? >> if you look at each one of those individuals they are committed to repealing and replacing obamacare. that's what all four of them campaigned on and i feel confident we'll be able to work with them to get this over 50 votes and get it back to the conference committee so we can ends obamacare. but let's be clear what's happening. i saw leader pelosi's comments. the reality is obamacare is dead. this is not a choice between obamacare and the american healthcare act. obamacare is not a functioning option. premiums skyrocketed. deductibles have skyrocketed. you go from exchange to exchange around the country and there is literally no choice left for people trying to buy healthcare
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on the exchange. jesse: democrats love choice when it comes to reproductive health or college, but they don't like choice when it comes to healthcare. speaking of pelosi, she is on the chopping block it seems. members of her own party saying she has to step down. she is a big obstructionist. but having nancy pelosi as the face of the democratic party seems to have worked for republicans in congressional races. >> in a moment of bipartisanship i'll extend our support for her as long as she so chooses to stay. we hope she stays for congresses to come. jesse: i believe there could be to common ground here. this is the president of the united states talking about potentially putting solar panels
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on the border wall. >> we are thinking about building the wall as a solar wall sow it creates energy and pays for itself. and this way mexico will have to pay much less money. and that's good. right? jesse: is that a real proposal? do you actually think the democrats might sign on for something like that because that's going to reduce a lot of emissions? >> that's right. you start thinking about this wall and what it means in so many different ways in terms of the construction jobs. the gangs that we keep out. the drug trafficking that we keep out. the illegal immigration we keep out. now the president has a positive environmental aspect to this, it helps us maintain a greater energy independence. so this wall continue to the
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provide huge dividends for our country. jesse: are you not doing the briefings anymore? are we not going to see you there? i hear you are getting this big fancy office space in the west wing. what's the deal? >> i have a great office that i'm honored to occupy. i'll continue to serve at the pleasure of the president. we did a briefing on friday. we did one every day this week. we'll continue to do them. i wouldn't fall captive to a lot of what you have read in the mainstream blogs in washington, d.c. we'll push forward and help articulate the wins he's having on behalf of the american people. thank you very much. have a nice weekend. is the russian collusion witch hunt about to backfire? the high profile democrat who
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jesse: president trump revealing he doesn't have any tapes of his conversations with james comey, but is glad he forced the former f.b.i. director's hand. >> i don't have any tape, but when i found out there may be tapes out there, whether it's governmental or who knows, i think his story may have changed. then he has to tell what actually took place at the events. my story didn't change. my story was always a straight story. my story was always the truth. but you will have to determine whether his story changed. but i did not tape. jesse: professor alan dershowitz, a democrat, says the
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president's action is not illegal. i want to let our oosh viewers know you are a democrat. you are there with your buddies making fun of fox news. the fact that you are telling the democrats not to overreach on this russia probe is a big deal, correct? >> i don't know how many people will show up at the chill march porch. i have gotten calls from people saying why am i defending trump? i say i'm not defending trump. i am defending civil liberties. jesse: you don't see any criminality, obstruction of
8:16 pm
justice, collusion, nothing. >> certainly not on behalf of the president. the president had the constitutional power to fire comey, he had the power to tell him to tell people he was not under investigation. he had the power to tell him to stop investigating flynn. jesse: you are saying the president could fire mueller right now and that would be fine, though you know the media will go ballistic. >> it's a little bit more difficult to fire mueller. the president can order the deputy attorney general to fire him, then fire him if he refused to do it and appoint a new deputy attorney general to fire him. it's a terrible law. the president shouldn't have the authority to fire the director
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of the f.b.i. or stop an investigation, but he does. jesse: i want to play the audience some sound of jeh johnson, department of homeland secretary under president obama when he was asked of evidence of collusion. >> had you seen any evidence that donald trump or any member of his campaign excluded, conspired or coordinated with the russians or anyone else to infiltrate or impact our voter infrastructure? >> not beyond what has been out there open source. jesse: if there is no collusion and no obstruction, then what exactly is being investigated? >> i think all that's being investigated legitimately is whether flynn failed to put on his application form various meetings. i'm going to go a step further than your previous person who
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spoke. let's assume there was collusion. let's assume donald trump called vladimir putin, this didn't happen, and said i would love to you help me win the election by legitimate means. if puff material from wikileaks that you can provide that would put my opponent in a negative light, i would appreciate if you did that. in exchange for that if i get elected president, i will eliminate sanctions. it would be terrible, but i can't find a criminal statute it would violate. jesse: this whole russia investigation now has spun off into a completely different direction. now the judiciary committee is probing whether loretta lynch, president obama's attorney general tried to stifle the clinton email investigation. so the whole thing has gone
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sideways. but i'm glad as a proud and avowed democrat and preeminent they will scholar you have put this issue to rest in "watters world." and i'll see you hopefully at martha's vineyard this summer. and thank you very much for joining us. >> i may be alone on the porch when you come. jesse: a new jersey professor goes crazy on ""tucker carlson tonight"" then gets fired from her teaching job. "watters world" visits president trump's alma matre. >> you have more money you could just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow.
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jesse: house speaker paul ryan called the president's tax code a once in a generation opportunity. i visited the president's alma matre to see what this generation thinks. >> you are going to get tax relief because of this wharton graduate, president trump. >> i don't pay taxes yet. >> this whole system is too confusing. we have to stop this madness. don't you agree? >> i any there is some ulterior motive. >> greed for lack of a better word is good. jesse: the president is going to deliver massive tax relief to you guys. do you agree with that?
8:24 pm
>> yes. jesse: then you can buy more shirts and do this with them. >> i could buy all the colors of the rainbow. >> people are always doing tons of things. >> high energy like donald trump. >> no naps for trump. i don't take naps. jesse: president trump graduated from u10. how proud are you? >> not too proud. it's not a good thing. >> yes, he did. jesse: what's it like going to the same school as the commander-in-chief. >> i learned a lot about leadership. jesse: the president of the united states, your most famous
8:25 pm
graduate. >> i would say norm chomski. jesse: the communist? >> his views don't align with mine. >> isn't trump gay marriage? >> is he? >> i do everything i can in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens. >> he doesn't even believe in climate change. jesse: and it's a bigger threat than isis? jesse: nancy pelosi losing faith in this week's election. later, "watters world" flying
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five even more high-rise apartment buildings into britain have now been evacuated. the government initially said 27 were being evacuated for failing fire safety tests. that number has now gone up to 34% hundred more out of their homes. the testing comes after that massive inferno at glen vote tower that left 79 people that the investigators say flammable with spreading the fire so quickly through the 24 story building. the number of refugees that had
8:30 pm
entered the united states has dropped significantly since president took office. in the past three months, 13000 refugees were admitted compared to 25000 during the last month of president obama's term. obama set the refugee feeling at 110,000. year and present cut that number in half. i'm patty and, now back to waters world jesse: is nancy pelosi one step closer to losing her crown as queen of the democrats? >> nancy pelosi is a great speaker, she is a great leader. but her try has come and gone. >> it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party. >> do you think nancy pelosi is more toxic than donald trump? >> the honest answer is in some areas of the country, yes, she is. jesse: joining me now, we'll
8:31 pm
start with you, liz. the toxicity question. you can't disagree with the fact that pelosi is more toxic than president trump in a widespread of the united states of america. >> anyone in congressional leadership ends up being toxic. look at paul ryan's numbers? his numbers are basically in pelosi territory. they are pretty bad. but this is the thing. whoever we replace her with is going to be equally unpopular. the argument you are hearing from democrats that we'll find a new savior is fantastical. to think we'll pick someone republicans won't demonize and hate is fantastical. jesse: i disagree. i think she is very toxic. i think she doesn't play outside
8:32 pm
the san francisco bay area. and what you are hearing from a lot of democrats, we want someone that plays in swing states, maybe in the heartland, among independent and pelosi does not do that. >> i'm glad you brought up the word play. let's look at the nba draft. the bottom line is people lie, numbers don't. the current numbers show the average democrat leader spend 0 years in office and the average age is 77. it's time to get new players off the bench and allow them to play the game. they will always be unpopular with the opposing party, but these leaders are unpopular with the current party membership. how many losses will it take to show we are losing the game? jesse: how many moral victories
8:33 pm
can the democrats stomach. pelosi testified herself on camera. >> i respect any opinion members have but my decision how long to stay is not up to them. they always want to choose our leaders and usually they go after the most effective leaders. jesse: that was quite the statement. does she stay or go, yes or no. >> she'll stay because no one is better to replace her. >> i think she leaves. and what most democrats do to even courage the establishment to stay, even if they are effective losing year after year. it's time to go, nancy. jesse: you sound very ageist. just because she is 77 doesn't mean she is not effective.
8:34 pm
the democrats claim to be the party of compassion, but their actions have been anything but. after otto warmbier's death we heard liberal outlets mocked him. salon said this might be the biggest media frat boy. the u.v.a. student who thought he could paul frank in north korea. after congressman scalise was shot during a congressional baseball practice one democratic party official said he's glad it happened. >> this is to convince republicans to [bleep] kick people off [bleep] healthcare. glad he got shot. jesse: why is it a shock when
8:35 pm
things turn violent, hashtag, hunt republican congressmen, that's james devine. you are the party of compassion and that's not compassion. >> we could pick the lunatic on the other side who says the commit most inappropriate thing. jesse: after gabby giffords was shot, were there a lot of republicans saying disgraceful things for a year and a half? >> who are these people? jesse: they are democratic party officials. >> two of the people you cited are the media, maybe the media should look inward. jesse: i would agree on that. >> i agree there should be more compassion and that language is completely inappropriate. jesse: these statements do not make the democratic party look
8:36 pm
good, especially when you are running on having compassion for thage person, understanding the plight of the average worker. this disgusting language can't be helping, can it? >> it certainly doesn't help. i can't speak to what the individual said. but there is a mental illness issue, you will see that on the right and the left. until we claim leadership on both sides of the aisle and get things going again. people don't seem to have explosive behavior or explosive rhetoric. putting people back to work, focusing on healthcare so people can afford to get help from mental illness. those are the things the media is not talking about as well. jesse: the media and the democratic party has been calling president trump a racist
8:37 pm
traitor. i don't think that's contributing the civil discourse. time for real news you may not have heard this week. the national security council reportedly moved all materials associated with the us masking of the trump campaign and susan rice to the obama library. and none of the record will be made available for five years, according to the presidential records act. so much for transparency. canada passed a law making it illegal to call people by the wrong gender pronoun. people who disobey this legislation could be charged with a hate crime, find or even jailed. as many as 5.7 million non-citizens may have voted in the 2008 election which put barack obama in the white house.
8:38 pm
this number par greater than previous -- far greater than previous estimates. black lives matter leader is suspended from her teaching position. >> way say to that is boo-hoo who, you white people are angry because you couldn't use your white privilege card to get invited to the black lives matter celebration. white folks crack me up when we have one day to focus on ourselves and you have been having white day forever. jesse: someone complained that she associated herself with the college while on the show. something she denies. barbie's boyfriend is getting a makeover.
8:39 pm
including some with man buns, and corn rose and hipster glasses and the dad bud. still to come, should lawmakers be allowed to carry guns all over the country? that would drive the democrats crazy. thal bam pa congressman says yes we should. that's up next. later i take on jesse the body it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom?
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jess report attack against republican lawmakers during the congressional baseball practice in virginia left many fearing for their safety. congressman mo brooks was eyewitness to the crime and on the shooter's hit list. this week he intow diewlsd a bill allowing members of congress to be armed. he joins me for an exclusive interview. before we discuss the details of your bill, you gave aid to one
8:44 pm
of the wound at the baseball practice. tell us about that. >> zach barth had a bullet that went through his calf. i took off my belt and we were collectively able to use it as a tourniquet. and steve scalise, when he was in the trite field grass, one of our members who is a doctor asked me to help minimize the flood loss. jesse: if they were armed, how would they have been able to neutralize that specific shooter. >> i was between the third plate dugout and sprintd to the first base dugout. the short while this was going on was aiming towards second
8:45 pm
base trite field from just past the third base dugout. that tells me if one of our congressmen or senators had a firearm they could have retraced the steps i took, got into that third base dugout and could have ended the threat right there. jesse: so the bill that you introduced, this says what, that congressmen can have a concealed carry permit and he's allowed or she is allowed to use that anywhere in the district. i note district has stringent gun laws. item powers senators and congressmen to be able to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in the. united states except where you have secret service protection,
8:46 pm
or in the united states capital. i could have carried a weapon on my bicycle through the district of columbia, gone to virginia where we practiced, and not have had to worry about whatever the virginia laws are or the district of columbia laws are because this statute would empower us to be able to defend ourselves. jesse: 30 republican congressmen have been threatened or attacked just since may. one woman tried to run a congressman off the road. it looks like you guys need protection. but other people will say you will have all these armed congressmen. isn't that even more dangerous? how would you respond to that? >> i don't have such low regard for my colleagues in the house or senate. for someone to state that a
8:47 pm
congressman or senator armed for self-defense is a threat to commit a robbery or murder on the streets washington, d.c. or northern virginia i find ludicrous. jesse: if anyone is robbing anybody in congress, the taxpayers are getting robbed. before i let you go, your colleague steny hoyer had this to say about protecting congressmen. my recommendation would be to have a general sphunld within the legislative budget dedicated to the security members of their some of it seems like that would cost a lot of money but your proposal would cost nothing, correct? >> that's correct. the congressional self-defense act empowers congressmen and senators to be able to carry a concealed weapon. theyv would have to -- they
8:48 pm
would have to get the training they felt was need. it's becoming clearer and clear congressmen and senators are high-profile targets and at a minimum we ought to have the right to defend ourselves. jesse: we'll see who votes for it and who doesn't vote for it. thank you very much, congressman brooks. governor-generaltura and i were -- governor -- governor ventur ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring ? ...
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>> if it was good enough for our founding fathers, it certainly should be good enough for us. george washington and thomas jefferson are all there who grew marijuana. this could be the economic rival today it was years ago it can help so many people. jesse: that was former minnesota governor and pro wrestler jesse ventura. i was there and caught up with him after that speech. does trump need to get high? >> i hope not because i'll tell you this, my entire four years as governor, i didn't get high. i don't believe when you are in an elected position of that magnitude, i don't think you should get drunk either. jesse: do you think anybody in congress needs to smoke to start loosening up.
8:53 pm
>> i don't think they need to smoke, but what they do need to do is talk to people who do and educate themselves. they need to read my book so they can understand this cannabis was the driving force of our economy of in our country temperatures first 150 years of existence. maybe to educate themselves. and the problem is clear, someone in our government makes money offkeeping drugs illegal. jesse: do you think if the country gets high it will hurt the economy. >> look at colorado. 18,000 new jobs. the facts speak for themselves, the numbers speak for themselves. jesse: were you have high when you sued chris kyle's which do i? >> was i high? that's a [bleep] question i expected from someone from fox. i never sued the widow.
8:54 pm
i sued him. jesse: she is suffering a lot of pain right now. >> no, she isn't. insurance pays for it all. she hasn't paid one cents. the case got overturned because the truth came out. insurance is paying for all of it. it isn't costing his family a cent. that's the way legal works if you do your homework. jesse: would you apologize to her? >> no, she should apologize to me for the lie her husband told about me. you only apologize if you have done something wrong, pal. jesse: that case was tossed and he never got any money from chris kyle's widow. the governor was not the only highlight at the event. e in-lawe moved in with us.
8:55 pm
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♪ ♪you are loved ♪
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jesse: my fun at the cannabis expo didn't end with jesse convenient tiewsha. -- jesse ventura. how often do you smoke weed? >> all day every high. >> how often do you get high? >> i'm always vibrating on a high level. >> do you have the munchies? jesse: are you a bernie or trump guy. >> trump, are you kidding me? i'm a new yorker. jesse: are you here to make cannabis great again? >> absolutely, i even wear it on my socks. jesse: tell me why you think
8:59 pm
cannabis can make america great again. >> this has a huge opportunity for revenue and taxation. >> it's creating a lot of jobs and the industry is growing organically and very fast. gres fast. jesse: there are stories that -- studies that show smoking marijuana makes people slower. if there is one person in washington, d.c. who needed to get high, who would that be? >> he needs to light it up. >> the caricature that was created of me was not accurate then and is not accurate now. jesse: if trump got high, what do you think he would do. >> he needs to mellow himself
9:00 pm
out a little bit. >> high energy. jesse: that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> why should president trump come to your snow? >> i hope he doesn't. because i won't perform if he does. judge jeanine: the liberal hate parade is coming to town. republican congressman darrell issa on how washington can get things done despite the down right dangerous rage coming from the left. if north korea can snuff out a young american life over a propaganda sign, imagine what they will do to the rest of us if they get


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