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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 28, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> jon: we are back tomorrow."am headquarters" starts now create >> and we begin with a fox news alert. good afternoon to you. at the white house press briefing is underway, off camera again after yesterday's contentious uncamera briefing. g.o.p. leaders face a tight new deadline. i'm julie banderas. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is aiming to send a revised proposal of his health care bill to the congressional budget office by friday, and we have got fox news team coverage for you. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel standing by. but let's begin the correspondent at the white house right now. what is the president saying about the health care bill today? >> the president is still
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optimistic albeit a bit more cautiously than before. at an energy roundtable earlier today with governors and tribal leaders, the president, he really acknowledged several times that every state is different, that there will be lots of challenges ahead as they try to get this bill passed, but he did extol the virtues of the bill and he says that hopefully ultimately they are still able to get it done. >> will see what happens. we are working very hard. we've given ourselves a little more time to make it perfect. that's what we want to do. i think this has a chance to be great health care at a reasonable cost. people can save a lot of money, get rid of the mandates unsafe so much. get rid of a lot of the taxes, all of the bad parts of obamacare are gone. essentially, it is a repeal and replace. and i look forward to working with the republican senators. >> we should know that several republican senators have said they can't support the bill because it doesn't go far enough and repealing obamacare. now, with health care now
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hanging in the balance, the white house is looking for other legislative victories, and this afternoon, he will turn his attention to immigration. the president is set to meet with victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in order to push the house passed a pair of immigration bills tomorrow. one that would cut off federal funding for century city's and the other would invoke tougher penalties against previously reported criminals and is named after kate steinle who is killed by an illegal immigrant who has. had previously been deported five times. julie? >> julie: and what is the white house thing about all of the contention in the briefing? >> we should point out that it is normal for there to be a contentious relationship between the press and the white house, but it has taken an unprecedented intern avoid as we sat yesterday's press briefing. take a lesson. >> if the media can't be trusted to report the news, then that is a dangerous place for america. >> anyone of us, right, a replaceable, and anyone of us, if we don't get it right, the audience has the opportunity to
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turn the channel or not read it. you have been elected to serve for four years at least. there is no option other than that. we are going to ask you questions. you are here to provide the answers. what use just said is inflammatory. >> i disagree completely. first of all, i think if anything has been inflamed, it is the dishonesty that takes place by the news media. >> and were told that those kind of exchanges are a small part of why the white house press corps, or rather, the white house press office, has decided to do more of these off-camera briefings rather than the uncameras in order to avoid reporters creating their own viral moments develop their own image. that is why we see today people briefing is now off-camera with sarah huckabee sanders. >> julie: i wrote, garrett tenney, thank you very much. to capitol hill as republican senators are being tasked with reaching a new compromise under bill by friday. g.o.p. leaders telling fox news, it is not a race against the clock as strong divisions remain
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with at least nine senators now opposing the current plan. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. so, mike, why the rush to get this done when clearly but do not the support? >> one senator compared to leaving food on the counter saying, essentially, the longer it is out there, the worse it gets. see if they can work out their differences by the end of this week. >> it doesn't have to be detailed, but to your point, something you can present to the cbo, that is true, that is still on. >> that is the plan, of course. as i said, we want to make sure we get this right. i think it is important for us to start bridging the divide we have in our conference and figuring out how we get to 50 so we can move this thing. i don't think we want this dragging out. >> there are some conservative critics and some moderate differences with this bill, but g.o.p. leaders are putting the
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pressure on, saying it is time for republican lawmakers to keep their promises to their constituents and take action on obamacare. julie? >> julie: the constituents are certainly going to be hearing and your airflow over this. what is the latest challenge from democrats. >> chuck schumer went to the senate floor and issued a challenge to president trump. he called on the president to invite all 100 senators to the warehouse there by the white house campus to talk health care reform paid >> it would focus on what you, mr. president, have talked about in your campaign, lower costs, better health care, covering everybody, not on tax cuts for the rich, not on/medicaid. >> schumer continued trying to convince republicans to give up this effort in favor of sitting down with democrats to try to fix health care, but republicans want that is a lot different than what they promise their constituents they were going to
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do in terms of getting rid of obamacare. julie? >> julie: all right, mike emanuel, thank you so much. so as republican senators work to replace obamacare, a number of republican governors are actually expressing concerns. in fact, here is maine governor a short time ago on why he is against the plan. >> no, no, it doesn't go far enough to fix it. i am on the conservative side of this bill, and i think we are going to work together to make it better. >> julie: eric bolling is the host of "the specialist" here on fox and author of a new book, it is called "the swamp: washington's murky pool of corruption." thank you so much for coming on, and we'll talk about your book and just a second, but let's talk about what people are not talking about, and that is how these governors, over a dozen g.o.p. governors, both sides of the aisle, actually, that are opposing this bill and have been reading for months privately and
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then just moments around the time that the july 4th deadline was sort of wiped off the table, they came out and pounced. >> in the opening script, you said deadline, and then you had senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell and the leadership on both sides, the house and the senate, we are the ones pushing this bill. certainly not the white house. the white house wants to get it done because they wanted some fr some reason, the media saying it is either going to be a win or a loss. this isn't going to be senate have been generated health care bill. it is being treated in the senate, but these are leaderships on both sides saying, we need this. meanwhile, the freedom caucus on outside and more conservative centers, they are saying, no. now you have others that are on the side of the conservative senators saying, no, we're not ready for this, it is too soon. >> julie: at the center of more than a dozen g.o.p. senators aimed at derailing the plan, there are a few. the nevada governor rejected the senate bill for basically saying
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that it will swing his stilts republican senator, dean heller. he wanted him to oppose the measure, and he managed to sway him. ohio governor john kasich. he is a huge opponent to this, and he, in fact, had a press conference to call the senate bill unacceptable, saying it would victimize the poor and mentally ill and redirect tax money to people who were already very wealthy. >> there you are showing the other side, john kasich, who wants the bill to offer more transfer of wealth for taxpayers to people in need where is rand paul cells, too much of that going on. >> julie: it is interesting to hear him say that though, right now, that sort of a democratic talking point that this is going to help the rich and hurt the poor, and here you have a republican governor saying it. >> let's be honest, john kasich isn't necessarily a conservative. he may be a g.o.p., but he is one of those squishy rino conservatives that i like to call him. the point is, in a little more
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than one year, there is going to be the midterm election. right now, obamacare is flatly unpopular across the board. almost unanimously unpopular with the exception of the 11 million people who are getting stuff for free. the rest are saying, it is failing, and it is going to continue to fail. why would you take that away from them? let the democrats lose on obamacare, then spend a year or two or however long it takes to fix the real problem with health care. the real problem with health care is the underlying cost of health care, not premium prices. that is health insurance. health care is skyrocketing and neither of these bills, neither obamacare nor the g.o.p. version of it, address the actual cost of health care. >> julie: i want to switch gears here now to george wills recent op-ed. and i want your take on this, of course, we have been talking about repeal and replace obamacare, but he has a whole new spin on this. he calls a repeal and replace, instead, it should be changed to tweak and move on, selling that
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even nifty tweaks constitute improvements changes, obama will have been proved right, when lester, he compared the aca to a starter home. >> this will be one of the very few times that i agree with george will. he comes from the establishment, the moderate end of the republican party. i'm a little more for the right, more conservative. but i agree with him. i think this is an opportunity to tweak what they have. they have obamacare, the democrats can own it, they can eat it in 2018. tweak it and make sure people don't get thrown off their health insurance until you get through the election. if the g.o.p. takes this bill right now under the current standards, premiums are going to rise into the 2,018th election. they're going to get slaughtered at midterms. they're going to turn the house back democrats. >> julie: that is a problem, a lot are up for reelection, you see protesters on capitol hill. this sort of speaks volumes as to the public sentiment and voter sentiment. >> give them what they want for
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a little bit longer. >> julie: so you think they should taper it and move on? >> think about this. when can we get it right, not fast, but right, the move on to tax reform. everyone across the board, whether you are a democrat, independent, republican, you want sort of tax reform. it is better for the economy. get those under your belt and then tackle health care later. it took obama years to do it. the g.o.p. is trying to do it in five years. >> julie: this could bite them where it hurts if they don't get it right. come the midterm, there could be a huge change. >> even by their own bill, the cbo scores, commandos to rise to 2018, which means you're going to go to the voting booth with the -- a worse health care than obama. stuart unwrapped, eric bolling, and also his book, "the swamp." it came out yesterday. >> number two on amazon.
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>> julie: congratulations. >> president trump tweeted about it. >> julie: that hasn't hurt. he has a few followers pretty has got a way to reach out to the people, so if he's going to tweet about your book, i will predict if this will be number one next week. let's make it number one, folks. eric bolling, great to see you. and you can catch eric along with eboni williams and kat timpf on "fox news specialist." we just showed you moments ago, many arrests, in fact, already made, getting contentious there, and police are saying that they are expecting more, so can the senate get a bill out by friday? is that even realistic? we'll discuss. plus the senate intel committee holding a hearing on russian interference, but this time in europe. >> the u.s. and europe should adopt stronger sanctions against russia for its actions to weaken
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>> julie: fox news alert. the senate intelligence committee holding another hearing today on russian interference in the election last year. this time looking beyond american borders. the committee, in fact, analyzing elections around the world for the bigger picture in russia's meddling and how to stop it. catherine herridge monitoring that hearing today prejudgments me from washington. hi, catherine. >> despite being called out by
11:17 am
intelligence agencies. >> they tried to do -- get the sensitive information on the other candidates to undermine their credibility. typically, they tried to achieve it through hacking into the systems, but that is not the only way. they used very large segments of disinformation. fake news is one of the instruments of choice. >> the witnesses also testified that there was no doubt that russian president vladimir putin is behind the meddling in the u.s. as well as the european elections with the committee's senior democrats sounding off. >> at this point, i believe we have a pretty good understanding of the russian playbook. russia's goal is to so chaos and confusion, to fuel internal disagreements, and to undermine democracies whenever possible. really, basically cast doubt on
11:18 am
the democratic process wherever it exists. >> he testified that in smaller countries, russian activities have been even more aggressive, and they cited the tiny nation of montenegro where, leicester, russia sought to ultimately change the outcome of the election hoping that a new government would pull back from sanctions as well as nato, julie. >> julie: so what can we do, if anything, to stop the hacking? >> the biggest example that witnesses pointed to it was really the french elections in may and they move very quickly and decisively after russian hackers targeted the campaign emails i've been having candidate macron who would go on to win the election. >> the europeans have learned lessons from what went wrong in our election, and what seems to have worked well in the macron campaign is speed and decisive action. >> in hindsight, president obama, the witnesses said, should have taken more aggressive action lester and
11:19 am
been more aggressive, and the consequences for russia should have been a lot more painful, they said. julie? >> julie: catherine herridge in washington, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> julie: and sparing congress to take action to make sure another lawmaker is not the victim of a shooting. meanwhile, remember when president trump demanded nato members spend more on defending themselves? well, it looks like some of them may have been listening. >> should invest more in defens defense, not only for the united states, but because it is in their own interests.
11:20 am
>> julie: a fox news alert. in fact, we've got new white house video of president trump meeting with the world series champion chicago cubs at the white house. let's listen. >> and they were actually here, but they wanted to be here, right? the family. but i just want to thank and i want to congratulate you. who is the best hitter, tell me?
11:21 am
who is? [laughter] i think we have a lot of them. i think you have a lot of them. after about 9,000 pages of filings, we said, the heck with it. he is great, and the great governor of nebraska. >> thank you. >> so congratulations. so did you have a meeting today? >> not today. >> let's go over it. where is dan? where is dan? where is dan? dan gilbert just came in. he is the bad boy. he's looking for the basketball player anybody play basketball. let's go over to -- where is dan gilbert? come here. come here, dan. come over here, dan.
11:22 am
do you want a good baseball player to play basketball? so dan owns the cavaliers. i guess you can't say great season, right? good season. last year was a great season. right? anyway. well, senator, you know who that is, right? one of the great spirit are you a fan? we have a lot of fans. , you want to come over here with this team. come on, senator, get over here. come on. come on over. come on. he is a little shy. he is a big cubs fan. so ask him, how is he doing with lebron? [laughter]
11:23 am
great friend of mine, supportive, great guy. congratulations to everybody. and your team is doing okay, but you're going to do great now. is anybody want to see the oval office? we leave them behind. and just to do a little official business, health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care packag package. >> what do you mean by big surprise? >> i think you will have a great, great surprise. thank you very much. [indistinct chatter]
11:24 am
[laughter] beautiful. that is a great honor. now you go -- says you don't like people -- [indistinct] close to putting it together. great got us also. they started falling out of place. >> that's exactly right. >> but we're proud of you guys. how are they doing? >> really well. looking pretty good. >> it's right down the street. >> we are going to run into these guys in the playoffs, you'll see them come. >> probably will. we are proud of you guys. you know it will do?
11:25 am
will the some individuals right here, okay? we'll do some individuals for you guys. okay, folks, thank you very much. thank you. >> senator schumer said he'd like you to have all 100 senators here to talk health care, would you be willing? >> have to find out if he is serious. obamacare has been such a racket, and he wants to save something that has been hurting a lot of people. it's really hurting a lot of people. you have to be very, very special. he's done a lot of bad talking, just doesn't seem like he's very serious. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> julie: so there you have it, president trump they're having some fun with the team members of the chicago cubs. interestingly enough, he did
11:26 am
take time to talk about health care, first coming out saying there is going to be some kind of big surprise. we don't know what that is, but it is very much like president trump to talk about something that perhaps the rest of us don't know or sort of dangle it in our faces or give us a tease of what is to come. also talking about chuck schumer and whether not the democrats are willing to come to the table and actually come up with some sort of negotiation while chuck schumer it says they would like to, president trump saying he doesn't believe them. and he's not really sure if he is too serious about that. joining me now to discuss is congressman scott taylor, former navy seal, hi, thank you so much for talking to us, congressman. go ahead and react, if you would come in to what i believe you just heard president trump just talking about when it came to the so-called surprise when it came to health care. so far no surprise in that they don't have the votes. they have the exceeded amount of
11:27 am
g.o.p. senators that are opposing the bill in order to get this boat through. so what surprised you think he is talking about? >> it is great to be with you, julie. thank you for having me. this is taking place of course, now through the senate, i know that there is a lot of attention, if you will, placed under different senators and what their positions are and what not. but i think they're going to ultimately pass something and i think they will negotiate with the house and the senate and get this to the president's desk. i'm not sure exactly what he's talking about, but i'm an optimist, and i believe we will get something through the senate and get something to his desk. the statement lastly, i've got to address, he did bring up charles schumer, and he basically brought up the fact that he doesn't believe that schumer, in particular, is serie talks about how democrats would like to sit down and come up with some kind of resolution. what does that say about the president's view on any sort of bipartisanship when it comes to health care and his, i suppose, lack of confidence in the
11:28 am
democratic leadership? >> well, you know, let me preface this by saying, of course it would be great to have bipartisan folks working on the bill to get something to the american people. but to what he said, i think he is right. you have seen chuck schumer on cameras, on these very cameras, bashing the president consistently over and over again. so i hope he is serious, i hope he wants to come to the table and what is right for the american people. they know that the aca and obamacare is flawed. 11 talking about it for years but have done nothing about it. i do hope they come to the table. that is best for the american people. >> julie: i want to shift gears now regarding syria, because president trump warned syria this week that it would pay, "a heavy price" if the regime carries out a chemical attack again on its own people. that after the pentagon reported evidence of preparations for just such an attack. angela, defense secretary james mattis saying that it actually looks like syria heard the president loud and clear.
11:29 am
asked by reporters about it, he said, they didn't do it. your reaction? >> this is a different administration. this is an administration that when they say they're going to do something, they typically do it. i think there is no doubt about what secretary mattis and president trump said. keep in mind, of course, we have troops over there. we have folks there too as well. not only do we want to defend our troops that are there but, yes, we have to enforce the treaty on chemical weapons, and the world can't stand by and allow something i got to happen again. i think this president will act, and i think they understand that, and perhaps that deterred them. >> julie: i also want to ask you about nero, nato saying that non-u.s. 2017 defense secretary will rise under pressure from's gnomic president trump. i want to play some audio here from the nato secretary. >> we foresee an even greater
11:30 am
annual increase of 4.3%. so we have really shifted gears. the trend is up, and we intend to keep it up. i welcome the strong focus of president trump on defense spending, because it is important that we deliver. >> julie: so how on-board to our european allies need to be when it comes to investing more on defense >> we are all part of the same team, right? whether you are on a basketball team or baseball team, serving a call that's bigger than yourself, you should answer the call. so the last two presidents have said that nero and our allies need to up their spending, of course, this president has taken it to the next level. it is good to see them doing that. secretary mattis once told me, and he told them, no one is going to care more about your children venue. so it is extremely important that they do that.
11:31 am
it is not against them when we are asking them to be of the 28 nations that meet their own commitments. we are serving a cause greater than ourselves in this security agreement. it is not unfair to asking to pay their share. i think you are seeing that happen under the leadership of this president. >> julie: congressman scott taylor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> julie: we have reports of at least one nuclear facility being attacked here in the united states. we'll have more on that next. the pain can really be a distraction.
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>> if the g.o.p. health care plan fails, is the plan to let obamacare implode? >> we are focused on planning. that is repealing and replacing obamacare, and the president is fully engaged as well as his administration and working with house and senate members to make sure that we repeal and replace obamacare and put in place health care reform, make sure that the service -- that is se. >> julie: let's bring in a syndicated radio talk show host, and the founder, president, and ceo of a strat gnomic company. also a former hillary clinton staffer and dnc advisor. let's talk about what we just heard from this press briefing which, by the way, was off-camera today. yesterday, as you all know, it was on camera, it got very contentious, and sort of a reminder as to why the
11:36 am
white house feels that these press briefings are becoming so popular for the back and forth and the bickering between depressed secretary or the reporters, that really the issues are being buried. react first about to the plan a that they are trying to focus on and whether that is going to get through and whether they will come up with something come, say, friday. >> i believe them that their plan is to go forward, plan e is to get this thing plastered the problem with plan a seems to be running into a lot of trouble, not just from democrats that are opposing this piece of legislation, it is republicans that are the real problem. you have a whole host of moderate mainstream republicans who were really upset by the fact that this plan cut medicaid by such large margins that will raise premiums on those who are over the age of 50. this is not just a problem within the beltway, only 17% of the american people actually
11:37 am
supports this legislation, this repeal bill. it is a big, big problem for them, and i agree with them that they probably don't have a plan b. >> julie: chris, what do you think is going to happen here? i had eric bolling on the show earlier, and he believes that rather than moving forward with health care, they should table it and move on to tax reform. i mean, mitch mcconnell has been very clear he wanted to get something done, that july 4th deadline, that tentative deadline now pushed, you've got texas senator suggesting perhaps august 1st. it just seems all their ducks are just not in a row here. what should happen next? >> everybody should take a deep breath. we should remember that this is how a bill becomes law. we should go back to, what was said, "sesame street" or whatever it was? for the last eight years, we have been completely outside of regular order. we haven't had a functional, normal government for eight years. still, we have one party, the democratic party, absolutely fusing to participate, they
11:38 am
nothing but an obstacle, a roadblock, they don't want to work and play well with others, they want to derail republican efforts, they want to derail president trump's agenda. and that is all that this is about. they know that obamacare is a disaster. they were planning on throwing more money on it when hillary clinton became president. right now, this artificial deadline of friday is just that, an artificial deadline. the world want and if they come back on wednesday and resume business and they fight it out and they have disagreements and they come to an agreement. that is how a bill becomes a law. >> julie: zac, 17% of americans approve of the republican senate health care bill. that is a really bad number. you know, at this point, with mcconnell working with schumer schumer, who you know is not going to budge, you know, he is casting this as a last option, but does it have to be? and moving forward, democrats, even republicans are not going to budge on this. what do they do? do they try to repair it or do
11:39 am
they leave it alone? >> the reason might have such a low approval rating is not because they are that on this bill, it is because the bill itself is really problematic. it will make people lose their health care. it will raise their premiums. in terms what the democrats want to do, we have been begging republicans to lead us come to the table, let us work with you so that we can improve on the affordable care act, so we can lower premiums, so we can ensure that more people have access to quality health care. but the republicans have refused to allow us to even get inside the room. in fact, mitch mcconnell said yesterday, mitch mcconnell said yesterday that democrats coming to the table, he actually threatened that to his fellow republicans to get them on boar board. they are the only ones not interested in coming to the table. >> julie: zac petkanas, chris plante, shall be could go on all our, but we have to move on. see you, gentlemen.
11:40 am
a federal investigation is on after the computer system of at least one u.s. nuclear power plant was hacked. the cause of the breach is still unknown. this coming right on the heels of the men massive ransomware attack wreaking havoc on agencies and companies across the globe yesterday. chris trace gallagher is live wh more. >> acknowledging that a number of countries have been hit by this petya ransomware, but so far, dhs has not released any information about u.s. sites being hacked, although any news which covers the u.s. energy sector is starting u.s. officials who named and unnamed american nuclear power plant was hit by some type of cyber attack this year. it is unclear exactly when. apparently, they have acted not affect any sensitive operating systems and it did not raise alarm bells with the nuclear regulatory commission, but u.s. officials reportedly say that it is a "ongoing matter that is being investigated."
11:41 am
on a more troubling matter, there is information that the chernobyl nuclear site in the ukraine was part of this world wide petya ransomware. chernobyl was, of course, the side of the 1986 nuclear explosion in what was then the soviet union. but the disaster site is still in the process of being cleaned up and remains very dangerous. we are told the hack affected the electronic sensors that monitor radiation levels. for now, those levels are being taken manually. all work at chernobyl has stopped, but there is no radiation threat. experts say power grid systems with old computer technology are among the vulnerable targets. watch. >> the attack that we see right now it's just the beginning of a wave of attacks, and in the future, on systems that are weat backdoors. >> the backdoors, as he says. the key to close those factors
11:42 am
is by updating all computer software and patching newer software. julie? spoon trace gallagher, thank you so much. america's largest retail, wow, this retail store has a big opening for you. it is opening its doors to entre nous us for a chance to get their american made products onto walmart shelves. how do you get on board? we'll tell you. plus, senate republicans say they want to compromise on their health care bill by friday. if you think will happen? >> if, for some reason, it fails, i think we then -- the floodgates will probably open to reach a bipartisan compromise. and so i think really friday will be the most interesting day, i think.
11:43 am
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>> julie: walmart opening its doors to entrepreneurs from all around the country. the nation's largest retailer bringing in hundreds of inventors, capitalists, and pitch men and women who want to
11:46 am
sell their products on walmart shelves. the only requirement, they must be made in the usa. pretty cool. live at walmart headquarters in bentonville, arkansas. hi. >> julie, we need more stories like this, wouldn't you agree? there is a flurry of activity going on here at walmart global headquarters in bentonville, arkansas. i want to show you what is going on in that hallway, it is crazy, it is for all the magic happens. it is lined with dozens of private rooms were all of the inventors that have come here are pitching their products to walmart buyers as we speak. now, here is one up for consideration, a product called tasty clean. it is an antibacterial spray that tastes like candy. yes, you can eat it. a mother from the dallas area developed it, inspired by her son when he was younger and a sucker he was eating fell on the ground and it had to be thrown
11:47 am
away. a meltdown ensued. years of research and testing later, jessica is now marketing her brainchild to other parents to sanitize things like pacifiers, baby bottles, even to athletes for mouth guards and the like. listen. >> we have to have everybody teach us, so i know my product in and out. i have done every single aspect of it from making into filling the bottles, and it has made it all that more special because we have been involved every step of the way. >> et al. but these guys? there are literally walking around in banana suits. they drove here from florida in their banana-mobile to pitch their banana with milk. they say it is nondairy and they say it is healthier than products that compete with it like almond or soy milk. you know, an estimated 500 small businesses were invited here, selected from thousands of entries, and corporate executives tell us about 750
11:48 am
pitch meetings will go down today. and last year, about half were offered deals. the dream, of course, to be rolled out into the retail giant's more than 5200 stores nationwide and online. >> we want to see products of all types. we want to see them across categories from companies large and small. we see a lot of great new products and a lot of great innovation. speak or read, people who watch "american idol," you know the golden tickets are key. right here at walmart, the green tickets are key. if you get one of these, you're getting picked up. we are happy to report that the banana guys, they got a green ticket, so they are on their way to having their product in walmart stores. we hope the same for so many others who have great ideas. >> julie: you can kind of pass is a ryan seacrest type. i like the idea.
11:49 am
>> i like that. he gets paid a little more than i do. >> julie: couple of pennies. thank you so much. the latest on on the back-and-h negotiations on the health care bill, plus... this video is just horrifying. a massive bus crash in detroit caught on the bus surveillance can.
11:50 am
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you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! >> julie: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell putting a vote on the republican health care bill on hold and urging senators to get a compromise done this friday. minnesota republican congressman jason lewis transcanada.
11:53 am
friday, let's think, that is only in a couple days pay to sit on the house budget committee. let me ask you, do you think it will get done by the end? >> it is hard to say. they can get a deal done or come to an agreement on the framework. the vote is not going to happen. i'll tell you, julie, if i had a dollar for every ten health care reform has been pronounced dead in the house or senate, i would probably be out of work. this is just the legislative process, and you are trying to appeal to a couple of sites here, just like we did in the house. we got it done here. we took the tough vote. we didn't like the perfect become the enemy of the good. and remote health care reform poured. the senate needs to do that as well. >> julie: do think the g.o.p. should try to pass something for the break? >> i'm not so certain that that is not so necessary for the jul. i definitely health care reform onto to be passed before the august recess, if for no other reason than to get the insurance markets time to stabilize for next year. >> julie: i want to play some sound here of senator lindsey graham speaking today about that
11:54 am
so-called deadline for friday before the july 4th break. let's listen. >> if we don't reach an agreement by friday, it is probably the end of a solo party effort for health care, then if we don't reach by friday, then the way for it as obamacare collapses, challenge democrats to work with us to find something better. >> julie: republicans really wanted to get this done, they needed to get it done, and they don't have the support at this point. do you you go ahead and come uh some sort of replacement? not necessarily repealed but replacement and repair by friday? or do you wait until after the holiday, and then, at that point, do you do something before august or do you just table the whole thing? >> you don't table it, because we have to do something. if you take a look at premiums, doubled since 2013, a third of the company has one insurer, aetna has pulled out of all the exchanges, and minnesota, we had
11:55 am
to pull out of the exchange. premiums have gone up 55%, 60% in my home state. doing nothing is not an option. i'm not certain if it will do a whole lot whole article to be chapter two may democrats. they have medical data not going to lift a finger to help the republicans paid for the g.o.p. just needs to get it done in the senate, and a can of people realize this is part of a health care reform, tax form, infrastructure plan, so it needs to get done. >> julie: basically saying republicans need to get it done. here is the question. talk about the real need for reform, we talk about affordability and we talk about rising premiums, and those are a lot of the factors that i believe a lot of americans, perhaps, are getting it wrong. that they may be -- there is a lot of false truths being told about the benefits and then, of course about the disadvantages of this g.o.p. senate health care bill. >> the key component is to stop the death spiral in the
11:56 am
insurance market, which is making insurance unaffordable. so you have got to get young and healthy people back in the insurance pools. the way obamacare did that was a federal mandate. we are going to do it by a market incentive to lower premiums, and when you lower those premiums, people will come back in. so you have to undo the mandate. you have to undo the price controls. that premiums drop so young and healthy can buy catastrophic coverage and come back into the market to stabilize it. >> julie: congressman jason lewis, thank you very much. we'll be right back
11:57 am
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>> julie: detroit's transit agency releasing video of a bus crash last month. take a look. you can see a s.u.v. running a red light and the bus hitting a warehouse. tossing everybody around. the driver and some passengers
12:00 pm
were hurt. this make sense. an 80-year-old woman managed to throw nine coins into a jet engine before take offer. the flight was delayed eight hours. the woman said she did it for good luck. shep? >> shepard: a big surprise is coming on healthcare. that from president trump. in the senate, a last-minute play to repeal and replace obamacare. senate republicans working with a new agreement on the healthcare bill before they skip town for the holiday break. today on the program, five key moves that the u.s. senate could make to get their bill back on track from adjusting the medicaid roll back to eliminating the planned parenthood cuts. we'll show you options which might work best. senators are hearing testimony about the russian interference in the


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