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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 29, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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cavernous studio here without you. i feel my voice echoing off the walls. >> bill: are you okay question mike >> shannon: i'm all right right. >> bill: thanks, "happening now" starting right now, bye-bye. >> jon: fox news alert, we are expecting a flurry of activity in the next couple of hours. key components of the travel ban go into effect tonight and with health reforms stalled now, the white house is forging ahead with other items on its agenda. good morning to you, welcome to "happening now." >> heather: they're trying to get some work done today. here is where we stand today. may be, the house is expected to move on to co-pieces of legislation. major elements of the president's travel ban go into effect tonight. senate republicans are scrambling to put together a new health care bill before the fourth of july break.
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>> jon: john roberts his life for us in the north lawn. >> good morning to you. the white house is working very hard to get something in place. i'm told that today is a very important day. they've made some changes could attract a lot of attention. first of all, let's look at one of the big additions. a $45 billion over ten years was wanted for opioid addiction treatment. another change would allow health savings accounts to be used to pay for premiums per this could bring senators like ted cruz, mike lee, and ron johnson on board and the president in the white house making the point that this is not cutting medicaid, it is cutting the growth of medicaid. it's an argument that the bush
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administration tried very hard to make back in the day. people always look at that and say those are not cuts to growth, that's cuts to cuts. appearing with the chicago cubs yesterday, the president said that he thought he might be able to bring on the toughest as editors, rand paul of kentucky, susan collins of maine, and dean heller of nevada. the president sounding very optimistic. >> health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care packag package. >> while the fate of the health care bill remains somewhat in limbo, a lot in limbo, let's be honest, the president is getting a couple things through today including a partial implementation of his immigration ban. this will affect six countries. it takes effect at 8:00 this evening. let's put those countries up for you just remind you.
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what this does is it bans people with no previous ties to the united states. no family, no job, people not going to school here, a couple of audit categories as well. people who already have visas will be allowed to come in after 8:00 tonight. it remains to be seen if this is going to cause similar problems at airports and other parts of entries that we saw back in january with the original bill was implemented or the executive order rather. the president pushing on the house to pass to immigration bills today. he's done this a lot in the past, meeting with victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants. he is hoping to get a boost to bills one of which funds century cities including case law. the second bill will impose
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tougher penalties on immigrants who enter the united states. paul ryan will be talking about these immigration bills when he is joined by the secretary of the department of home land security, john kelly, that will be at 11:30 this morning. back to you. >> jon: john roberts at the white house, thank you. senate republicans are trying to draft a new health care bill by the close of business tomorrow, but they have their work cut out for them. a rocky road so far and a lot of cooks in the kitchen. >> we would like to get absolution in place as quickly as possible. >> we have an opportunity to go back to the drawing board. we are willing to debate and compromise on health care, but we have to be included. >> why don't we split the bills into, like conservatives have a clean repeal or a cleaner repea repeal, and let the moderates vote with the democrats and some
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big spending bill? then you have two bills, you get it done in 5 minutes. the president seems open and interested in the idea. >> health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> jon: according to the latest fox news poll, most americans disapprove of the current health care bill. let's get into it with a.b. stoddard. it's try, try again. they expect they will have some revised proposal by close of business tomorrow. what's going to be in it? >> i think the idea of pulling the bill on tuesday and saying you'll have a new mutually agreed-upon consensus plan on friday seems really daunting and
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sounds impossible, actually. what you hear from senator paul interestingly, the discussion is changing the process. they've had this discussion internally for souvenirs. they know exactly where the line has to be drawn without tipping the scale. you lose a conservative, you lose a moderate, that's why they didn't get to it on tuesday. maybe we're looking at the surprise which has to do with what the senator from kentucky was referring to it which was to break it up into different votes so people can feel more protected about what they're voting for anson of one sweeping package that all republicans fear the president will turn on once it's in law if it remains unpopular in the midterm election year. that might be what they'll get out. i can't imagine a bell tomorrow that just has the right tweaks to really assuage senator portman and collins along with senator lee's, cruz, and paul.
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>> jon: there are nine senators in opposition right now and they span the entire spectrum of orthodox. >> i have a sneaking suspicion that this is a tactical move by mitch mcconnell. it doesn't matter what's in the bill, if they can get a bill out by tomorrow and get it in front of the cbl, that will buy them some time and that's important because right now, if these senators go back home, they'll face angry opposition from republicans who don't understand what's going on with this bill and democrats figure out the cbo score. they'll need a new cbo score on this bill that we may not see until mid-july and that will have senators at home saying we didn't have to wait for the score to find out what's going to be in this bill. >> jon: speaking of what's in it, based on those poles i read in the introduction, a great deal, a great number of americans don't like these bills, but it's complicated stuff and i wonder if people are reading headlines and hearing about medicaid cuts and
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automatically that turns them off. i don't know that anybody really knows a lot about what's in this proposal. >> that's right. things are moving so quickly we won't get a sense when a new draft comes out. that will buy time for the lawmakers, but for consumers, this is a confusing process and they are probably not sitting down reading long takes on this. they are catching some headlines and worrying about whether or not the idea of lower premiums for someone who is healthy and 31 will apply to them as someone who is 61. there are so many more details just and how to curb the spending the growth in medicaid. it's difficult to look at polls right now. i don't totally trust them as a means for the senators to make
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the decisions. the senator's himself with experts on their staff know exactly what the outcomes will be, even before they see cbo scores. that's why you have such hesitance from them to bite the bullet and embrace was bitten proposal far. they don't trust their constituents will like it, they don't trust it will be adequate and again, i refer to this lack of trust from the lawmakers of president trump that he might just turn on something if there's a backlash and say they never should have done it and he wasn't on board with it anyway. >> jon: stick out with us for a moment, because there some news coming out of the white house they want your reaction to. >> heather: president trump lashing out this morning at two cable news anchors that he has sparred with before. mr. trump's tweeting a sport time ago, i hoard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me, don't watch anymore, then how come low iq crazy mika along
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with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me? she was bleeding badly from a facelift, i said no. sarah huckabee sanders responded to this later in the hour on "america's newsroom" ." >> people on that show have personally attacked me many times. this is a president who fights fire with fire and certainly will not be bullied by liberal media or anywhere else. >> i get it, but is that necessary? >> it's necessary is to push back against unnecessary attacks on the president, both personally. i've seen far worse things come out of that show, again directed not at the president, but everyone around him. >> heather: lindsey graham tweeting mr. president, your tweet was beneath the office and represents what is wrong with
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american politics. not the greatest of america. we will of course expect this to come up at the on camera white house briefing with sarah huckabee sanders, that is at 2:00 p.m. eastern. we'll bring it to you live. >> heather: >> jon: have you het the tweets? >> you can't miss them. from a political standpoint, not normal. i think his temperament and he should not tweet every single thought he has, but just from a practical standpoint, his view is that no nail is too small to hammer, including people who are hosting a morning show on msnbc. ultimately the way this plays is his base is going to support him. there's no disagreement on that front. they don't like people against him. there's going to be a lot of clambering in washington today for sure at people being upset at the president.
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>> jon: your take? >> president obama and rush limbaugh had the same issue, but they expected him to do his job and not get obsessed with fits of vindictive peak over everything that rush limbaugh said about him. if you want to be in a tangle all the time, you shouldn't be president, you should be on talk radio or in one of these morning shows, but president obama, president trump has gone over the line once again. he is absolutely impulsive and a way that really scares people. this is beneath the office and he is in the wrong line of work and we can't take criticism from people on a morning show. >> jon: stuff. a.b. stoddard and vince colonies, thank you both. >> heather: can republicans get a new bill drafted in time as a chuck schumer calls for
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bipartisanship, saying that everyone should come together. >> if my republican friends abandoned costs to medicaid, highly unpopular with the american people, abandon tax breaks for the wealthy few, highly unpopular with the american people, we democrats are more than willing to meet with them in the white house to talk about how to improve health care for the american people. >> heather: so what is the possibility of that happening and can the g.o.p. come together on its own before tomorrow's deadline? senator pat to any who helped write the bill will weigh in on all this. he joins us live. stay with us.
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>> let's turn over a new leaf. let's start over. let's abandon more tax breaks for the rich. let's abandon cuts to medicaid, and discuss with the american people are really concerned about.
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premiums, deductibles, the cost and quality of health care. president trump, i challenge you to invite us, all 100 of us, republican and democrat, to discuss a new bipartisan way forward on health care in front of all the american people. >> jon: that's chuck schumer pushing for a bipartisan approach to drafting a new senate health care bill. there you go, the current bill sparking protests on capitol hill including outside the office of our next guest. you put a fair amount of work into this bill, it has been shelved for now.
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mitch mcconnell wants you to come back with a new proposal tomorrow afternoon. seems like an ambitious timetable, we'll get it done? >> the way i think about it, we've got a few people who are not comfortable with various provisions and we are trying to tweak it so that we can hold on to some of our more moderate colleagues and conservative colleagues. i do think it's possible, it won't be easy. if it were, it would already be done, but it is still possible to get that agreement. it's based on the underlying that already exists. >> jon: susan collins is on record saying tweaks aren't going to do the job, she wants big changes to the bill. >> in the end, we will not get everyone, but we need 50 out of 52 republican senators in order to pass this. that's the goal and i think that's still possible. >> jon: you heard chuck schumer calling for
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bipartisanship, what's that response? >> if you're willing to make sure that medicaid collapses, you must not do any reforms to create a sustainable -- we keep all kinds of huge tax increases that are costing us jobs and economic growth, then we'd be willing to bailout the feeling obamacare, if you're willing to do those things. pretty untenable. the american people have spoken on this many times. they know that obamacare is failing, we have to do a better job communicating about what our alternative is and i should point out that if we do get legislation done, which i hope we will, it's not going to be complete in a sense that this is going to be an ongoing process. where using procedures here in the senate because the democrats won't work with us that narrow our options, but it's an important first step to stabilize these collapsing markets, to make some reforms so
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that premiums can come down and he put medicaid on a sustainable path. >> jon: senator rand paul said he spoke to the president about splitting the bill into it. one bill he suggests passing first including medicaid fix. the second might have this bending portion. what do you think about that? >> i'm not sure that the vote count actually works. i'm not sure that the repeal portions are themselves would allow us to get to the 50 votes we need and truly, there wouldn't be a single democrat voting for it. i'm glad that senator paul is thinking about various options, various ways to get this done. i'm not sure that one works. >> jon: the health care problem you know is one that americans may not like what's happened under obamacare, but
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it's there. it seems like a lot of people, based on the polls, are scared of change. we talk about this senate bill getting very little support and a number of polls. how do you sell this plan to americans? >> i think the misinformation from the other side. the majority of americans get their insurance from their employer or their spouse's employer. our bill doesn't touch that at all. that's a majority of americans right there. the second big category are the folks are on medicare, older americans who participate in medicare, our legislation doesn't touch that it all. it's a very small handful of americans who buy their insurance through the individual market because they don't get it from their employer and they don't get it from medicare, and
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those are the changes that are in complete collapse. those are where we make changes. >> jon: thank you. we'll be right back with more "happening now" ."
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> heather: some security experts say that hackers were not after money in this week's cyber attacks. what they wanted to he was crippled government systems in ukraine and that attack spreading to more than 60 countries in the hackers may have used a cyber weapon stolen from our national security agency. joining me now is a cyber security expert. thank you for joining us. this is being called goldeneye and it's similar to a virus that hit back in may.
8:26 am
what are the differences? >> generally this is being called a type of ransomware which holds your system ransom until you pay a certain amount of money and bitcoin. the hackers made about $100,000 which seems pretty small in the scheme of things, and about 200,000 in computers. this goldeneye keeps changing names because cybersecurity experts are still determining what's actually in that code because it's now floated around two to 60 different countries. it's only made -- it got shut down by the hosting provider. >> heather: with this spread to email? a guy in ukraine was sitting at
8:27 am
his computer, doing his taxes and it spread throughout ukrain ukraine. >> that's exactly what happened. it started in the ukraine and basically was part of an update of tax accounting software. once it got loaded to windows-based machines, took advantage of this update issue and got into that vulnerability and then spread through a wormlike tendency. it can get through based on how it's connected to other computers. >> heather: and the speed at which he was able to spread is tied into the nsa. >> it's taking advantage of a vulnerability from unpatched machines and microsoft windows operating systems. it gets and through that patch, they provided the patch four months ago. this is becoming an i.t. problem to take care of. >> heather: the question is,
8:28 am
why are we able to do some thing about that back in may? >> once the virus answer machine, there's nothing you can do. the only way to interact with it is to be proactive. having on the defensive that way because unless you're updating your system, there's nothing you can do. >> heather: not after money, just trying to shut down a government system. the ukraine is blaming russia. how do we know if this was a state-sponsored event? >> it makes sense by the ukraine blaming russia, but people in russia were hit as well. a forensic investigation that will take place will be very time-consuming because there have been so many instances of it. there are potentially political elements and it seems like you are going after money. >> heather: and hit major oil corporations in russia, hit in the u.s., the u.k., annually. thank you, we appreciate it. >> jon: all eyes are on mitch mcconnell now as republicans
8:29 am
try to draft another health care bill before they head home for the fourth of july break. one of the chances there could be some bipartisanship? plus, we are waiting house speaker paul ryan and homeland security secretary john kelly. they are expected to address two immigration bills the house will vote on later today.
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>> jon: fox news alert. as promised, the speaker of the house along with the homeland security secretary and washington. listen. >> as you know, this is named after kate steinle who was murdered two years ago in san francisco by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times. he should not have been here and she should not have died. this initiative will toughen penalties for illegal immigrants who repeatedly reenter the country. the second measure gives the government the authority to withhold grants from cities that failed to cooperate with federal law enforcement. by flagrantly disregarding the rule of law, sanctuary cities are putting lives at risk and we cannot tolerate that. every day, secretary kelly leads professionals around the country and around the world, quite frankly, who are charged with keeping our homeland safe. they make incredible sacrifices. our job here is to make sure those professionals have the
8:32 am
tools they need and the resources that they need to carry out their work and protect our communities. this is what these measures are all about. we look forward to the passage in the house today. i don't secretary kelly has a very busy schedule today, so we appreciate him taking a few minutes to come out and visit with us. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the word sanctuary calls to mind someplace safe, but too often, families and victims affected by illegal immigrant crime, sanctuary cities are anything but safe. instead, these cities are places that allow some criminals to go free. undermine federal law enforcement to make our communities less safe. when jurisdiction fails to honor and ice detainer and release a criminal back to the streets, it doesn't mean ice stops looking for the bad guy, instead it means that ice has to take its targeted operations out of the safe, secure, and private
8:33 am
confines of a jail and go to neighborhoods, businesses, and other public places. it's also more dangerous for the law abiding public and creates unnecessary anxiety for the community. additionally, failing to honor and ice detainee means that these criminals are on the street that much longer. whether that is days or weeks or months, a criminal is back on the street and often times, breaking our laws again. it is beyond my comprehension why federal, state, and local officials failed to enforce the law of our nation as i am. and why they would set public funds aside to pay legal representation of illegal aliens
8:34 am
who are also lawbreakers. in doing so, they prioritize criminals over a public and law enforcement officer safety. the two bills up for vote this week, "kate's law" and "no sanctuary" will help immigration and customs enforcement uphold our nation immigration laws and help make our communities more safe. president trump has been clear that our borders are not open to illegal immigration, but we are a nation of laws and will no longer look the other way. we will no longer look the other way and the interior either. since the president's executive order was signed, ice has arrested more than 66,000 individuals for their known or suspected of being in the country illegally. 48,000 of those individuals are in fact convicted criminals. many of the rest were charged with crimes, often multiple ones, or had gang affiliations. so far, homeland security
8:35 am
investigations has over 32,700 arrests, criminal arrests, to crimes including illegal game activity, child expectation, human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, financial crimes, and many, many others. i appreciate congresses effort to address the dangers of century cities and illegal immigrant offenders. as i've said many times before, dhs does not make the laws, congress does. we will enforce the laws that have been passed by congress and i am offended when members of this institution exert pressure and often threaten me and my officers to ignore the laws they make and i am sworn to uphold. gentlemen, ladies, i appreciate your time and your effort to work and protect the men and women of vice and the citizens of these so-called sanctuary cities. public officials who are chosen politics in my opinion over
8:36 am
public safety. thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you for coming. >> mr. speaker, thank you very much. i want to start by thanking you and leader mccarthy as well as secretary kelly and president trump, of course for taking the lead on moving these bills forward. i had the opportunity yesterday to meet at the white house with the president and most importantly, with a dozen family members of victims, all of whom were killed by people who are not lawfully present in the united states. the important thing to note here is that when our immigration laws are properly enforced, all of the types of crimes we are talking about here are entirely avoidable. one of the most important aspects of immigration reform is bolstering enforcement. secretary kelly and his team at the homeland security have done
8:37 am
an incredible job. as they have done that, they have discovered that there are a number of laws that need to be changed and today's bills, "no sanctuary" and "kate's law" are living up to the commitment that we've made in congress to provide that support to the administration so that those laws can be better enforced. i look forward to passage of these bills and then we will turn to our friends in the united states senate where these bills should be taken up promptly so that we avoid the kind of tragic circumstances that have totally involved the lives of people who are involved with the white house yesterday. they would have proved preferred to spend time with those loved ones than to be at the white house, but they are completely dedicated to seeing that these laws change. this is all about enforcing our
8:38 am
laws and having respect for law and securing our borders. thank you. >> and now, doug collins. >> thank you, it's good to have a secretary and chairman here as well. john adams once said that we are a nation of laws and not men and today is a good day for the rule of law. we go back and we say that these are the laws and a and of politics determine what they're going to follow and what they're not going to follow. it goes back to the basics of being a law that you're going to follow. one of the things yesterday that i spent time on the floor debating the rules of this bill, i was amazed at the issue of the common stance and trying to pit this with the locals choice. let me remind you that this is not simply one locality making a choice doesn't affect others. if one locality chooses not to enforce the law and that person
8:39 am
leaves and go to another locality who does, they are dealing with those consequences. this is not simply isolated in a vacuum situation. this law is saying if you choose to put politics before people, you're not getting the public funds, you will get the grant that you are supposed to be using to enforce the law. something tragic that should have never happen, that's why we are increasing the penalties. i simply say today, i'm the son of a georgia state trooper and yesterday it was said that if you have supported this law that you are not supporting local law enforcement. i'm a 50 year veteran of supporting law enforcement and i can tell you from talking to my dad and hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement officers across this country, what they want to do is enforce the law and capable safe and not have the politics of other areas affect how they do their job. thank you. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
8:40 am
the bills we are voting on today are a vital first step in fixing our broken immigration system. i have long believed it since i first came to congress that fixing our immigration systems start first and foremost with enforcement of the law. the government at all levels have a basic responsibility to protect our citizens from those who are in our country illegall illegally. for too long, the federal government has looked the other way while sanctuary cities violate the law and undermine public safety. the bells ran voting on today bring common sense to an issue where common sense has been in short supply for far too long. i'm especially glad that the bills we are voting on or from an act. i look forward to having the
8:41 am
davis oliver act come to the floor sometime soon. i'm also looking forward to having a vote on the judiciary committees other immigration enforcement bills including e-verify and other issues we have been working on for the last few months. i'm eager to work with the secretary kelly, chairman goodlatte, and leadership to make that happen. on a particular note, what secretary kelly said today, he understands the role of the federal government. he said that his job is to enforce the law and it is our job to make the laws. to me, the most ironic thing about this whole debate is that most of the people who come to the united states illegally, they come here because they are fleeing countries where the law is not enforced and yet, some people on the other side want to turn this country into the countries that they are fleeing from. we need to enforce a law and we need to make sure the american people feel safe and secure. thank you. >> questions?
8:42 am
>> reporter: i went to ask about health care. you said this morning on a radio station that it will take longer than expected. how long will it take for the senate and the house to reach an agreement in the health care bill and what does that mean for the rest of the agenda? >> we are still on track of our agenda. as we said, tax reform is later in the year in the fall, so we still have the summer to work on health care. we are perfectly on top of our schedule. i can't answer the question of how long it will take because i don't know when the senate is going to bring this bill to the floor. as soon as the senate gets the passing done, we will move fairly quickly. we think we are on track. i'm familiar with this. this is what we did in the house. we brought it to the floor, and we pulled it back, then we brought it and passed it. that's the process the senate is going through. it's a bit of deja vu. i told senator mcconnell, i know how he feels, but i do think we will get through this because we have a promise to keep.
8:43 am
and the promise we made is we will repeal and replace this law. not to mention the fact that the health care law is an collapse. insurers are pulling out left and right around america. 41% of the counties in america are down to one health insurer, just one. blue cross blue shield just pulled out of wisconsin, ohio. 94 out of 99 counties in iowa have no health insurers next year. double-digit premium increases. this problem is getting much worse and i think because of that, or friends in the senate will step up and get this done. reporter mike you said the white house is working hand in glove with you guys. the president is tweeting and targeting vulnerable -- >> reporter: the president has made some comments that you felt were out of line. do you think this is out of line? >> i don't see that as an appropriate comment. what we are trying to do here is improve the tone of the debate.
8:44 am
this doesn't help us do that. >> reporter: how do you help get past that? he said very strong things on the campaign trail. >> we are doing our jobs. look what we're doing today. we are keeping our promises. yesterday we did medical liability reforms. what are constituents care about, are we solving their problems? are we doing what we said we would do when we campaigned and asked for this opportunity to serve? the answer is yes. >> reporter: with the cbo score there's a couple extra billion. there is some talk among some senators about rolling back some of the tax cuts that are in the bill. what would that do over here?
8:45 am
what is your feeling on the idea of using extra money? >> as something as that is to comment, i'm going to resist doing that. leadership did not weigh in on our deliberations, i want to respect their process, so i won't intervene in theirs. >> reporter: you're talking about rule of law, making public safety are, but actual law enforcement chiefs have complained that forcing these policies on them, they feel inhibits their ability to do their job and further cutting money that would go to fighting crime and terrorism will only make their communities less safe. do you think they are saving that? >> first of all, i would tell you the overwhelming numbers of law-enforcement officers in this country do want to have good
8:46 am
cooperation and a working relationship between federal, state, and local law enforcement. when you can take criminals off the street and prevented from happening like what happened to kate stanley in san francisco, when their policy caused them to release an individual on the street even though he had been deported several times already, we are making the streets safer and law enforcement knows it. overwhelmingly they support having better cooperation. >> reporter: what about cutting their funds? >> it's a simple principle that if you're going to receive taxpayer dollars from the federal government to keep people safe, that you have to follow the law. that's the reason why. >> reporter: can we get an update on the russia sanctions bill? some are complaining that your conference is watering down the
8:47 am
bill. >> they wrote the bill incorrectly. we told the senate you have to read it correctly to follow the constitution. i won't go through what a blue sled biz, but all revenue measures must go into the house. as a constitutional constitutional issue here and so we have lent the technical assistant to the senate they need to write this bill correctly. >> reporter: dealt pass it again? >> yes because they did not pass it correctly. they violated constitutional protocol. >> reporter: and i follow up on that question? >> reporter: did in the city of san francisco hold him up for almost three weeks on a marijuana charge that ice didn't bother to come and pick him up? >> first of all, but the federal government and the city of san francisco messed up in that case because the bureau of prisons where he had just been
8:48 am
held for illegally entering the country did not turn him back over to ice, but instead turned him over to the city of san francisco. the city of san francisco released him onto the streets. whether ice was quick enough at contacting them, given the priorities of the last administration or whether they were quick enough contacting ice, clearly they failed when they put him back on the street. >> reporter: how do you respond to the democrats criticism of this bill would not have prevented that murder? >> what would have prevented that murder would have been for either the bureau of prisons or the city of san francisco to have turned him back over to ic ice. having said that, the "kate's law" bill is designed not to deal with that. the bill named for kate gives judges and discrete discretion. i would argue that if that bill were in effect and if the judge had given this individual a
8:49 am
longer sentence, that murder would not have taken place. >> reporter: it's ironic that they opposed a policy that we have suggested that would prevent kate's death and murder. they still oppose those policies as well. >> thank you. >> jon: speaker of the house, paul ryan and members of his leadership team. they are talking about a couple of bills at the house and tends to take up today. the "no sanctuary" act and of course, "kate's law." items that they expect will crackdown on illegal immigrants and tried to prevent them from committing more crimes and if they do, offering judges the option of sentencing them for longer periods of time. that's not all that is ahead for the house today. more on the health care showdown in capitol hill -- on capitol hill in the u.s. senate,
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>> heather: senate republicans are scrambling to rework their health care bill before the fourth of july recess. thank you both for joining us. we are short on time, so let's get right to it. the first thing i want to ask you about is earlier today, you heard from senator rand paul and he suggests splitting this into two parts. the first bell or repeal taxes, medicaid. the second bell put the spending portion -- what do you think? >> not a good idea, it raises
8:54 am
complicated procedural issues and it forces this to stay on the senate for longer and people to cast two votes on health care reform bills. it's too complicated. i don't see that happening. >> heather: he says this is deja vu to house speaker paul ryan. >> it's better not to suggest things, because he is many, many steps ahead. i think there is an opportunity to work together, but the first thing that has to be done is there has to be an agreement that you have to move out of more and more government control towards families and doctors working together.
8:55 am
i think they can find a number of areas where they can work on it. >> heather: we been talking about the fox news pole. finally, was this a tactical move? >> right now, everything is a tactical move. he has to get the government funded by september. he is twisting arms multiple bills. he's got bigger fish to fry. >> heather: thank you both for joining us. a lot of breaking news, i appreciate your insight. have a great day. >> jon: knew next hour of happening now, the high-stakes senate battle to replace health care. can republicans write a new
8:56 am
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>> heather: will use you back here in an hour. >> jon: a lot of new developments to take place in washington, d.c., by the time we are back. "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: a last ditch effort to save their bill. senate republicans racing to draft a new health care measure before congress breaks for july 4th. this as an optimistic president trump is predicting a victory. this is "outnumbered," i'm so dismayed. here today, meghan mccain, host of kennedy on fox news business, kennedy, the anchor of the intelligence report, trish regan and today's #oneluckyguy, the former governor of oklahoma,
9:00 am
mike huckabee. you are outnumbered. >> mike: i usually am. great to be back in my thank you for having me. >> sandra: the senate g.o.p. working out their differences. mitch mcconnell is hoping to send a revised version of the bell to the congressional budget office by tomorrow. whether there should be fewer restrictions on plans and can be offered. pat toomey helped write the original bill and well everyone in his caucus may not agree on everything, he thinks they can reach an agreement. the speak on the think about it is we've got a few people who are not comfortable with the various provisions and we are trying to tweak it so we can hold on to some of ou


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