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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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[laughter] >> just a little big to be grigg greg. >> hey. >> set your dvr, never miss an episode of the five. you've got hannity up next. >> thanks to our friends on the five. welcome to hannity, the left wing media is waging what is an all out war against president. laura ingram are both here tonight with reaction. also, jay, ari, sarah carter will also join us. first, an all-out war is now breaking out between the destroyed media and the president. let's be clear, nobody in the press is going to tell you, the american people the truth about why this is happening and what's really going on, but we will in tonight's very important opening monologue. ♪ >> the president is daily facing intense criticism and today it's about the fact that he tweet out earlier today and principle deputy white house press
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secretary sarah huckabee addressed it. >> attacked mercilessly. i think the american people elected somebody who's tough, who's smart, and who's a fighter. i don't think that it's a surprise to anybody that he peitzmeier with fire. >> i personally would ignore this unhinged duel that calls the president a schmuck, a liar on a daily basis. the white house does have a point. we're not defending personal attacks, but here is the simple basic truth. nbc so-called news and the restd of the destroyed media are not innocent victims that they're claiming to be here. this war against the president has been going on for a veryey long time and it was declared by the media against him. tonight, and this is something you're only going to see right
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here on hannity, we will show you how the liberal leftest o propaganda media has been carrying out what is a p relentless campaign to under mine, delegitimize, smear, vand, slander, and destroy the president. let's take a look at the side oe your screen. remember wiki leaks, they exposed what many of us already knew and thought was going on for a long time. the media was caught openly colliding, supporting, trying to elect hillary clinton, helping her campaign. these rigid left wing ideal ogues wanted hillary to win. imagine for a second, the press giving donald trump, any republican, any conservative this type of treatment. by leaking debate questions like cnn did, or allowing stories and quotes to be edited before they go out. aside from the colliding with
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clinton the media openly mocked, ridiculed the idea that donald trump could ever become the president of the united states. ha-ha, that could never happen. really? they were wrong, watch. >> donald trump has been saying that he will run for president as a republican which is surprising since i just assumed he was running as a joke. >> do it. i will personally write you a campaign check now, on behalf of this country which does not want you to be president. >> weh better beared for the fat he might be leading the republican ticket. >> i know you don't believeli that, but i want to go on. >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states, exclamation point. @realdonald trump. >> well, @realdonaldtrump at least i will go down as a
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president. [cheers] >> and so will @realdonaldtrump. you remember on election night, november 8, donald trump won the white house. it was a funeral for the mainstream media. obviously distraught and depressed and couldn't wrap their arms around what just happened. after all, they were pulling foa hillary to win, they thought she'd win. remember this - - . >> america is crying tonight. i'm not sure how much of america, but a very, very significant portion, and i mean literally crying. this is a sadness, it is a mourning moment for those people. uh, and it is a moment filled with fear. >> fear. >> filled with fear. >> our country is about to face some serious crisis. and so buckle up. your country needs you. >> this was a white lash. y this was a white lash against a changing country. it was a white lash against a black president in part.
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and that's the part where the pain comes. >> since then, it has been a constant barrage of lies and falsehoods, black helicopter, tin foil hat conspiracy theorier about so-called russia collusion. zero evidence of collusion, none, zip, zero. but eleven months of coverage. watch this: >> this russian connection just keeps building and every time it builds and expands you have to wonder if trump himself isn't worried about what's swirling around under the covers. >> cnn has learned new details of the f. b. i. investigations, the campaign and the russian government. >> specifically i think it means a federal judge found that people in the organization were colluding with the russians. >> what would change the world is if, you know, russia was interfering in the election and they weren't doing it on their own and he was in on it. >> the f. b. i. director being fired by the president to try
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and change or stop the investigation into his campaign and top staffers, that is a big freaking deal. >> these people are total crackpots. they're unhinged. by the way, aside from mr. thrill up his leg chris matthews, has anyone else in the destroy trump media admitted that when it comes to russia-trump collusion there's no evidence? not really. they're hoping publicly that it comes through. of course you've got liberal joe and his fiance mika brzezinski. tonight everyone is rallying around the sweet couple. c as we have said, and by the way are about to show you, they're completely nuts. by the way, not innocent victims in this case. in fact, they have called the president a liar, a schmuck, and every vicious name in the book. they have lobbed insult after insult in every way every single morning for months on end. m
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they're not so innocent. watch this. >> nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself, lying every day, and destroying the country. >> donald trump again being a schmuck. >> he looked like a thug. he looked like goon. just what a thug. >> this is so unbalanced. this is so, he is not well. >> he's vladimir putin's hostage. it would be like somebody pooping their pants and saying that's modern art. >> this is not funny. this is really bad. just for the record, we're all really nervous. [music] >> so where was the outrage, where was the condemnation when they were calling the president these names, liar, thug, unfit.
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apparently the media is only offended, selective moral outrage when they are the ones being attacked. of course liberal joe, mika are not alone here. you have the rest of the media haven't held anything back, including lying when it comes to bashing, smearing, and slandering president. we have all the video evidence you need. >> now he's president snowflake, okay? everything he says, they're mean to me, and they don't like me, and i just don't understand it, and it's not fair. >> she's there with his wife, he's there with his whole family like with the romanovs, jared who might be part of this story, and his dot daughter ivanka. when he said today america first , it was - - . >> this is a very sad night for the country. you can't polish this turd.
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>> what if you had called him a fake president?no >> what did i say in 2007 and 8? journalism in america is dead. there's a massive glaring double standard at play here. the destroy trump media get to say pretty much anything theyed want about the president, make up lies, make up conspiracies, attack his family, attack the first daughter, attack the first lady, attack anyone who dares to be associated with the president but if the president ever fights back that's unfair. and they lose it. and they claim he's trying to trample the first amendment and is one step away fromen dictatorship. this is beyond ridiculous. i don't even believe that they're outraged. by the way, they deserve to get hit back because they've been so mean, vile, vicious, and lying themselves. by the way, you the american people are not being served here. enough's enough. the mainstream media has no credibility. did they ever admit and apologize that they were
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colluding with hillary clinton in the campaign? of course night. did they ever come forward and say they were completely wrong about bizarre collusion? of course not. now they've doubled down on it, as they've doubled down on their vicious and vile rhetoric. by the o way, they just can't sp with these attacks. it's only getting worse. many in the mainstream media are still just refusing to accept the reality that you, thein american people, wanted andpe voted for you wanted him to be president. they're still angry you didn't vote the way you wanted you to.e and by the way, something they thought was impossible. they're a bunch of cry baby whiners. they can't handle return fire. oh, it only goes in one direction in their world. the president has disrupted what is the monopoly that they have had for decades. by the way, what we're seeing is like a little baby throwing as fit and a temper tantrum.
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the truth is the president doesn't need the media. president could reach 100 million plus americans on social media all on his own. a he can do rallies all on his own. he can find all the other ways to connect with you, the american people, rather than having what he says distorted by them. so why should he trust the propaganda media that lies about him, makes up conspiracies about him, attacks his family. just look at all the corrections, all the retractions, the countless outlets that have had to issue these retractions one after another. they have earned the single fake news monicker they have gotten. members of the media are lazy. they're cheap. they follow each other. they're all over-paid. by the way, me included, over-paid. rigidly ideological, in their
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case, propaganda hacks. by the way, they are watching any relevancy they thought they once had, evaporate and disappear. they don't care about truth anymore. they don't care about facts anymore. they are driven by an agenda and by the way they have a common goal, to damage, delegitimize, and ultimately get this president thrown out of office. by the way, it's why they're ignoring the six massive scandals that we are reporting here that are going on right t under their noses. we'll have an update on all those later tonight with jay. by the way, they're pathetic, disgusting, i've never been to a washington correspondence dinner because i've always known these are theco people they are. it's why the destroy trump media can no longer be trusted. ignore liberal joe and mika. ignore the mainstream leader. go directly to the american people. you have the ability to do that. you've figured out that the media has no credibility left.
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new gallop poll proves all of this. trust in media is near all-time lows. they can bubble and fizz like alkaseltzer and water every night and continue down this a ideological leftest path towards irrelevancy. here with reaction, recovering a rediscovery of americanism and the a tyranny of progressivism, the great mark levin. at some point you just gotta say they're going to do what they've got to do. they can take a punch. and i just think ignoring them at this point's probably thebl best solution. thoughts. >> don't i remember joe scarborough in the audience when president trump is giving the state of the union address. been the trump's state of theto union. i o haven't been to any of these
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things and now all of a sudden he's part of a bad lounge act on the congo line of freaks at msnbc. it's nice to know we finally found where the liberals draw the line. they weren't bothered by bill clinton. bill clinton accused of rape and molesting, and sexually attacking women in the oval office. they said that was a personal matter. they weren't bothered by ted kennedy, the lying of the senate. they weren't bothered by another president who had an affair with a mobster's girlfriend, an east german spy, and an under age intern. the liberals and the moderates are very worked up by it. n. jacked up the ratings for that nonsensical show that i never watch. scarborough and scarborough and company. here's the bottom line, you attack a man repeatedly, who was an accomplished man, who was a man's man. you attack him personally, you
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attack him for his looks, for his genitalia, and at some point, a man's going to standr up. you want him to act presidential, then you have respect for the office of the president. i'm not saying he should have tweeted that, but it's not then of the world that he did tweet it, either. msnbc has a problem. fromin morning to night, it's te same damn show with different people, different dresses, different suits. it's the same thing. same withfe cnn. the only reason cnn has ratings, because every damn airport you go to it's up there. i don't know what's going on in the bars and everything. you go well, where's fox? i think this is a lot to do about nothing, this tweet. but i think the media have a big problem. not because of me and you, because the public really hates the media hate the facts. >> there's a reason your book's
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number one on amazon and all your books have been number one. there's a reason talk radio has seen an incredible resurgence in the last three years and frankly, you know, a lot of nights - - people are seeking out outlets, they know they have choices, they don't have to sit there and be lied to, and propaganda - - . >> it's not just trump, although i've never seen anything like this before. look at the way they treated sarah palin. look at the way they've treated reagan. he was dumb, a b-actor, one of the greatest presidents in the american history. republicans are dumb, incompetent, and immoral. the people are on to this now. this is why i said the other night in your program, it is very important that he continue to engage the media. he can think about the way he wants to tweet, whether it
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actually makes sense, but what they - - it's not that they're upset about this tweet, they don't want him tweeting anymore. they don't want him to go over their heads and around him. he said himself one out of ten i screw up. okay, one out of ten he screws up. that's a better average than the media now, isn't it? >> that's true. by the way, i'm all in favor of the president tweeting. 90% we could with, but i don'tit blame him - - if i was attacked there's something personal with joe and mika. i just think, frankly, nobody watches their show mark. they've got the lowest rated show basically in cable. they've got zero audience, the only people they seem to talk to are their friends and they don't have any impact or significance. they seem emotionally unbalanced together on the show together every morning. calling the president a schmuck, a liar, a thug, a goon, an idiot. >> let me just say - - .
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they would never say that about barack obama ever. they would never say that about any democrat ever. that's nbc and msnbc to tolerate this lounge act as the morning show with their grotesque comments and so forth. they've got a personal agenda. joe scarborough at the state of the union at the white house at maralago. >> the banjo player on the movie deliverance looks like joe scarborough. >> we'll put a side-by-side the next time you're on. >> god bless. >>,, thank you,
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when we come back on this busy news night we get more reaction to the media's war against the president. laura ingram will join us tonight and also later an update on our investigation into the six massive scandals that the media refuses to cover and by the way democrats don't want you to know about. will be here to also, ari is one of two white house press secretaries saying it's time to end the dog and pony show that is the white house daily press briefing. he is here tonight with sarah carter from circa news. with a very important mini monologue about a once respected news anchor who is now towing company line over at the fake news network, cnn. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> welcome back to hannity, we just outlined how the media is now waging an all-out war. there's another side of this, they are also purposely ignoring and distorting his accomplishment. we're goingd to put them up on the side of your screen so you can see them yourself. here now with reaction, editor in chief, fox news contributor, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, the one and only laura ingram. >> great to see you, sohn.
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>> stock market is doing well, economy's turning around, it was predicted we might have a quarter growth 3.2%, gutting obama-era regulations, neil gorsich. >> illegal immigration down. illegal immigration down. >> 60%, that's correct. >> yeah. >> i mean, thoughts. >> this is all good stuff, and there have been a lot of things happening on the trade front as well. we finally got our cattle, uh, and our beef producers in the united states first time in decades they can actually sell in china which might seem small to people on the east coast, but actually people in the midwest and west it's really importanthe to them. there have been a lot of great things happening and of course the media want to focus on the russia obsession or what some msnbc host responded to. the fact of the matter is the country is doing better. it will do a lot better once
10:25 pm
republicans in congress actually deliver bills to the president he can sign that are actually consistent with the agenda that he ran on. and think about how much better our country would be if we do a tax cut, maybe next year tax reform. we get this obama care repealed and replaced. that alone will send this economy into the stratosphere. >> by the way, and energy. >> yeah, great speech today by the president on energy about what's going to be possible now in the united states because of the deregulatory moves that are also balancing environmental concerns, contrary to the sky is falling mentality that you hear on the usual cable channels. so all this good stuff happening. i think a lot of the hot air on these other networks. >> i think most americans tune it out. >> i think they might have for
10:26 pm
awhile they began to hear no evidence, no evidence, no t evidence and began to shake their heads and realize they were being lied to. we've put up on the side of the screen i can't even think of a single instance what turned on another news channel and they've talked about the president's accomplishments ever. >> do you notice that the major networks did virtually nothing on kate's law, or on no sanctuary for criminals act. the democrats are really in a bind on kate's law. how can you possibly, possiblyd say that we shouldn't up the penalties and expedite the deportation of repeat immigrants in the united states. how can you not be for that? this is good stuff. but they do not want to coveray that because they know it's popular. they don't want to touch it, so
10:27 pm
they'll stay on russia or mika brzezinski or one of those stories. >> i'd be total negligent as a host if i didn't appeal to the sarcastic, iconclastic side of laura ingram. i like you best when you're sarcastic. and not ask you about liberalto joe, the president's a schmuck, a goon, a liar, an idiot, pooping pants. i think the most bizarre, the creepiest thing of all is the anthem anti--trump music video. no laughing allowed. i watched this, and it's creepy. >> no, no, joe, i saw your segment last night on that video. i had not seen the video. i'd only played the audio with dogs howling in the background and first of all, does the word
10:28 pm
vocally flat mean anything to you? okay, if you can't hold a tune and you really can't play the guitar very well, you're not really a musician, okay? i wrote a book called shut up and sing. we just have to have a new edition just called shut up.d just shut up. >> all right, laura ingram. >> it's so bad. >> good to see you. >> i'm embarrassed for them. anyway, thanks laura ingram. coming up next, breaking news a hannity investigation the six massive scandals media is not covering. people may go to jail. here with reaction and later tonight two former white house secretaries are saying it's time to end the dog and pony show spectacle that is known as the white house press briefing. ari fleischer is one of them, he will join us. also sarah carter and news from circa. also tonight, which one so-called respected news anchor
10:29 pm
is now towing the line over as the fake news network of jeff zucker, and given up pretty much all principle and honor. we'll explain on the mini monologue tonight. goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, administration modifying the list of family members exempt from its travel ban. the white house now adding fiances to the list. the decision came shortly after hawaii asking for clarifications of the exemption guidelines. the travel ban was implemented at 8:00 p.m. thursday, just days after the supreme court allow parts of it to go into effect. and the united states now plans to sell nearly one and a half billion dollars worth of arms to taiwan. it's the first sale of its kind under this administration and it's a move that's sure to anger china. help to reign in north korea.
10:34 pm
the state department says the sales are meant to help taiwan's self-defense and not a change to the u.s.' long-standing one china policy. now back to hannity for your latest headlines go to >> welcome back to hannity. tonight we have more on our investigation into what are the six most important scandals the media's not covering. joining us now with reaction, the chief council the american center for law and justice, also an attorney for the president let's start with of course president obama knowing in august of 2016 of russian meddling and does nothing. >> if you just look at the facts of this situation, so the>> president previous president, president obama, knows that there was, you know, getting intelligence reports about russian meddling in the elections does nothing.
10:35 pm
why? he quote doesn't want to get involved in the election which really is code for they really thought hillary was going to win the election. she doesn't. we've got a special counsel nowv investigating information about russia activities in the election which the previous administration - - . >> there's nothing. >> the previous administration had intelligence on. why don't they investigate the fact that the previous administration did nothing when they had this information because the other information evidently was known. >> let's go to - - . >> this makes no sense. >> what about loretta lynch's obstruction? tarmac meetings? it's not an investigation, it's a matter. >> well, look, the fact is we now know loretta lynch is beingo called before the senate intelligence committee with a series of questions and these are serious questions. about statements to the f.b.i. director like this a call to matter, just do it. of course you've got the whole
10:36 pm
situation which is always been perplexing to anybody that was trying to look at this. why she would allow herself to be put in a situation where she had a meeting with the former president of the united states, bill clinton while his wife wash the target of an investigation. >> we did an investigation into whether she obstructed. did comey when he leaked to the new york times did he violate the records act. >> multiple times, not just the records act. but let me just say this on james comey, one thing we do know about all of this, the only one that was engaged in illegal conduct was james comey. who took his notes from the president of the united states, putting his government computer and then releases after he's terminated from his job to a friend of his to leak them to the new york times because he was afraid that the media was
10:37 pm
already camping out and he wouldn't be able to get away for the weekend or whatever his story was. how in the world is james - - here's the things with james comey. if this was a regular f.b.i. agent that leaked the form 302 after he was fired there would be agents investigating >> we've talked about muller, and we've talked about flynn and the espionage act. i think the person that would be in the most legal jeopardy with the pay to play scheme, e-mail server that certainly the mishandling of classified information and the destructione of felonies is hillary clinton. will she likely be in jeopardy legally? there's evidences that she committed felonies. >> it's going to be dependent on whether the case is closed or not. the statute of limitationsis really not a problem there. the question is are they investigating this?
10:38 pm
the question is there a grand jury investigation actually going on in this, and if you look at the totality of the circumstances, we've been talking about this for a year. none of this makes any legal sense. the legal sense is james comey's explanation for why he didn't, you know, want to pursue with the case, usurping even if the attorney general was conflicted out. that whole process with james comey was inexcusable. >> all right. we gotta run. thank you, jay, appreciates it. >> all right. >> coming up next on this busy breaking news night, two former white house secretaries now saying it's time to change what is the circus at the daily white house press briefing, one of the two men behind the movement, ari fleischer along with sarah carter will join us. also tonight, we reveal the cnn anchor under the direction of jeff zucker who's sounding a false alarm of president trump's
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>> welcome back to hannity. the media has been complaining yet again about white house press briefings not being televised. yesterday two former press secretaries said that the white house said embargo all video from press briefings. now president bush's press secretary ari fleischer tweeted out we support no live tv coverage of white house
10:43 pm
briefings. embargo it, let it be used, but not as live tv, better for the public, the white house, and the press. >> here with reaction, sarah carter and former white house press secretary ari fleischer. they all want to get their clip of the night of them being tough, them grilling in this case poor sean spicer or sarah huckabee sanders. it'san vicious. and i don't think it's productive and i don't think the american people arepr getting anything out of it unless you want to watch a remake of morton downy. >> the fact is most white house reporters get their news not from the briefing. they get their news from phone calls and other ways. the briefing is a tv show, and it's been one for years. we've argued this point, stop the live coverage, stop the red hot tv show from taking place in which both posture for the
10:44 pm
camera. >> is that what it is, peacocking? >> mike mccurry makes the point that when the cal raw camera was behind him, the obvious point was to get a reporter acting enraged or engaged. this was actually mike's idea to turn the cameras off for live coverage so reporters don't do that anymore, and i think he's right.. >> sarah, i actually have a different idea. it would be this: let the reporters send in the night before, early in the morning, 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., you know, their top questions of the day, top three questions from every person, you know, put them all together.n. get the top 15 or 20 issues they want answered, give the 40 some odd people in the press office time to give a thoughtful, well-thought out answer, passs these answers out before the press briefing, and then if they have questions specifically about what was sent to them, then they can get a little deeper into it.
10:45 pm
why not do it in an intelligent way that gives people time to respond, not gotcha. >> you know, that's what happens sometimes when we're working on stories. we give people time for fairim comment and you know, we're digging those facts. you know, sean, i don't think the white house press corps is going to buy they want to be able to ask whatever question they want, on the moment, on the fly. i have to agree with ari, it's turned into a train wreck and some kind of horrible reality td show. this isn't just about a mutual relationship where people are sharing ideas, or they're asking questions, and ari's 100% right. i mean most of the time, my idea of investigative reporting is going out there, hitting the beat, calling the sources. it's not going to a press briefing and getting an answer. the story's not s there. >> you know, i know it's beenot bad, i know you dealt with a pretty difficult time and there was bush dearrangement syndrome there. msnbc's morning host calls the
10:46 pm
president a schmuck, a goon, a c liar, a thug, an idiot, pooping his pants, and now has gotten into the music industry with an anti-trump anthem video that is almost psychotic looking. >> it's so much worse now than it was, and it was pretty bad when i was there. it's gotten worse. the point that mike and i are making is we need to have both sides take a break. there ought to be a truce now. and the truce is best - - . >> it's not going to happen. >> calming down the atmosphere. well, the point here is the briefing isn't on live tv, reporters have a lot less incentive to posture and showre they can ask the same questions 17 different ways and they're tougher than the next guy. they'll just move on. it's not live coverage anymore. >> the media is now invested in trying to take this guy down. when we come back, on this breaking news night we will reveal the long-time cnn host who is now joining his comrades a -t the fake news network to n whine about president's
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treatment of the press. you don't want to impress a very important mini monologue, that's straight ahead. delicious... fresh fruit.
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>> welcome back. now the sky is falling over at cnn. this according to a brand new narrative being pushed by the chicken little himself, cnn's fake news director the chief over there, jeff zucker.
10:51 pm
sadly, even long-time host wolf blitzer, he's sounding an imaginary line. - - we're calling out blitzer tonight, and everyone elsegh wrapped up in cnn's faux hysteria. that's tonight's mini monologue. last night wolf blitzer raised the possibility that treatment of the liberal media could be so dangerous. really? balm this. >> you've met with sean spicer, sarah huckabee sanders, meeting with the white house communications team, have you raised the concern that all of us in the news media have about the president calling all of us enemies of the american people? because that is a very, very harsh statement and potentially very dangerous. >> hey, wolf, i don't see isis poses, severed heads. of course blitzer's freak out is just the latest example of the c
10:52 pm
nn pundits that want to keep their jobs pretending america's freedom of the press is in danger. this naturally includes their chief white house correspondent, almost as unhinged as liberal joe, jim acosta. >> what we're witnessing right now is just this erosion of freedoms in terms of covering the president of the united states. i could hold up my phone tomorrow, and live stream, uh, that press briefing with sean spicer or sanders, whoever comes in there. that is just where technology is right now. to think that we're going backwards and not having things on camera is just - - . h >> i'm so sorry, uh, jim you're still whiningt about the camers in the press briefing room? well, maybe it's - - maybe you just need a hug. go see joe and mika. sadly acosta's constant whining and complaining and crying pales in comparison to one cnn morning host who actually believes the
10:53 pm
president is putting journalists in physical danger. >> at what point does this become dangerous? >> we're past that point. >> i'm talking about dangerous as in a journalist gets hurt because i can tell you working over seas in war zones, you know, people are emboldened by the actions of this administration, emboldened by the all out declaration of war on the media. >> it's not true. pretty unbelievable. and daily beat editor in chief john avlon believes the president is doing something sinister, evil. >> when you call critics fake news, let's just think about that for a second, when fakeis news is a real problem proliferating on social media. all of a sud want you're doing is a conscious orwellian switch of muddying the language of truth versus lies. o when that's emanating from the oval office that's something real sinister and we've got to keep an eye on as a country, as
10:54 pm
citizens. >> cnn is fake news. by the way, here's what's happening. this is all under the direction of jeff zucker, and now playing the victim. in reality, the fake news network cnn has been aggressively pushing the russia tin foil hat conspiracy theories and others, you know, there's other blatantly fake news stories. they've been doing it for a desperate attempt. will he ever respond to this? things unlikely. look what happened when james o'keefe actually tracked down zucker and asked him about cnn's abusive and bias coverage. by these way, fox cannot independently verify the footage, but you can see it yourself. >> james o'keefe, how are you? can you comment about the russia story? >> jeff, i'll invite you on the program. come on my show. we'll talk about your network and the things said on your
10:55 pm
network. by the way, they're the lowest rated network. they have a crisis and credibility, cnn and their elitist president, are they ever going to put aside their petty differences? it now seems personal on their part and maybe start covering him fairly. we report. we'll let you decide, fair and balanced. coming up, we need your help. and this is an important question of the day, that's next. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪
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>> all right, time for our important question of the day, it's a simple one: should the white house end these ridiculous broadcasts? we want to hear from you. i think they show. go to facebook .com/sean hannity. let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode of
11:00 pm
hannity. i'm off for a few days. kimberly guilfoyle will be joining u you tomorrow. god bless america. in case you are returning from new zealand and misty. here's what he wrote. i heard poorly rated @morning_joe speaks badly of me " (don't watch anymore). then how come low i.q. crazy mika, along with psycho joe, came.. mar-a-lago 3 nights in a row around new year's eve, and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a face-lift.