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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 3, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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he was a good sport and he let the shark go. >> i would do that but you can't do that with big striped bass. ♪ >> president trump stepping up his attacks on the media this holiday weekend, sparking criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> great to be with you this holiday week, the president really slamming news outlets and touting his accomplishments in a tweet this morning, saying -- that tweet came out about 8:00, a little bit before the market opened. currently the dow of 187 points,
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as the president noted, there is a lot of ground to cover for senate republicans who are under pressure to reach consensus on health care, something the president wants done when they return from the fourth of july holiday. there are just three weeks until the august recess, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live in washington. we have heard these calls possibly for them to work through the august recess, any more on that or do they think they can get it all done in three weeks? >> they are hoping to get it done in three weeks, some of the ranking members are saying they should perhaps either cut that recess short or perhaps scrap it altogether. meanwhile, the congressional budget office is analyzing a couple different versions of the senate health care bill. that will get lawmakers of price and impact estimate for the proposal. repeal and replace at the same time as the current strategy and a republican senator said they recognize it is important to get this done.
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>> we are certainly not going to see a vote by july 4th, no doubt there might be a vote next week by the end of next week. difficult to say, we do need to get this thing done, we need to get it done quickly because the american people are struggling to keep up with their health care payments and to find health care they can actually use. >> fellow conservative senator ted cruz has offered an amendment to the health care package. that should make some insurance premiums are a lot cheaper. they key is, leadership can only lose two g.o.p. senators and still pass the bill so they are trying to strike the right balance. >> there is a big effort to get everybody on board, we owe it to the american people to move in a different direction, obamacare has failed us. it continues to fail. we need to move in a different direction, this bill takes a big step in the right direction, i am hoping we will get the
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consensus we need so we can pass this after the fourth of july break. >> president trump is working the phones, trying to win over the final critical senators. some on the other side say they would like to work with the president on repair instead of repeal and replace. >> work with us democrats were willing to meet you in the middle. who have always been willing to meet you in the middle, i am the most centrist, moderate person they are going to find in the senate was going to be willing to work on anything in a more progressive manner that basically fixes the problems we have. i'll work with it. >> some are suggesting it is time for the president to make a more public sales pitch to pass this bill. >> leland: really quick before you go, interesting to hear a centrist democrat from a conservative estate, have you heard any rumblings of the president reaching out to democrats and testing the waters of what may be possible? >> we have not heard any of that, bottom line, a lot of the
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republican leadership types are saying that if they rejected democrats, that will give democrats leverage. with the democrats wanted of health care reform will be very different than what the hell republicans have promised. they are suggesting it might be heading towards a single single-payer, medicare for all. that is something their constituents and they certainly do not want. at this point, they have not done outreach but perhaps if they cannot get a deal and the next couple of weeks, they may be forced to go to both sides. >> leland: mike emanuel in washington, thank you. molly has more. >> molly: leaders of both parties coming out against a controversial weekend tweet from president trump. the president tweeting this video that shows him tackling and punching a man with the cnn logo covering his face. >> sometimes it takes people to understand a way in which they are supposed to lead, what i would hope, and i have been saying this now for a long period of time, i hope he grows
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into this job and understands you need to be a unifier. i am hoping his family will talk to him, they'll say it knock it off. >> molly: also a senator saying he has been troubled by the president's attacks on the media. >> there is an important distinction to drop between bad stories and the rights that citizens have. and trying to weapon eyes distress. the first amendment is the beating heart of the american experiment, you don't get to separate the freedoms that are in there. >> molly: let's bring in a political editor for "the washington times," thank you for being here. we appreciate it. cnn has responded "is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters." you just heard that language from a nebraska senator, calling it "weapon eyes distress." what do you think about all of that? >> you sort of wish the
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president and the media would both learn from this exchange and learn from the first six months of the president's experiment. take the president first, last week you had the house passing two major immigration bills, if they become law they would be the biggest changes in immigration crackdown in more than two decades. 1996 was last time we had a big immigration crackdown. you have networks, newspapers already covering this and that money you have another trump tweet about the msnbc hosts that completely changed the entire narrative of that day. those immigration bills, one on sanctuary cities and one on kate's law, one that president trump single-handedly put on the front pages. that should be a day when all he is talking about his kate's law and the very important house action, bipartisan vote. instead his own tweet left the media with a lot of coverage of all these other issues.
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there is a study done that night, the major television broadcast network newscast spend an average of 4 minutes on the president's tweets that night and only spend an average of less than ten seconds each on the immigration bills. that is a warning for the president, but also for the press. we have to look at that and ask what is more newsworthy, the tweets about food fights with the msnbc host or this major change in immigration legislation that could be comin the pipe? >> molly: a lot of complaints about the tone of his tweets. there are some issues, a lot of bad energy, but when we talk about immigration, regardless of how these tweets are being perceived, there have been some major movements on immigration in the last week or so. top officials in ten states threatening to take legal action against the administration if they don't and the program
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created under the obama administration. that is something the administration should be concerned about. >> so much to talk about on immigration, let's start with what the president said this morning. there has been a major success on the border, rates of illegal immigration across the border, we only have one yardstick which is how many people we apprehend on the border, but that is supposed to be a good judge of how many people are coming across. rates are down 60%-70% from or where they were before he took office. that is a major success and it does lie with this administration. the issue you just mentioned is very important. the program, daca, president trump continues to approve them. texas has said look, that program is just as illegal as the bigger, broader deportation
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amnesty program the supreme court held a strike down of a year ago. they are saying either you give up on the dreamer programmer we are going to go back to court and we think we have a good case for striking that down. the administration has a really tough job there. the daca program is at least as illegal as the broader amnesty program that president obama put in place. they have a really tough decision, do they try to defend this program in court or do they give up on it and anger all the immigration rights advocacy groups out there? >> molly: the trump administration beginning to arrest parents and relatives of people paying suspects to bring children across the border. the argument is being made that this keeps families apart, but the idea is that the surge initiative is a humanitarian effort, it goes after the smugglers. >> it's a really difficult issu
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issue, this is probably the most difficult and immigration. a secretary kelly takes a very interesting approach to this. he says "my main goal is to keep these children from making this brutal journey up to the u.s." we've been reporting on this, they get beaten, robbed, some of them get killed. the issue is this, when they get to the u.s., homeland security -- they knock on the windows of border patrol vehicles and show up. they know the border patrol agents and the officers are going to take them, process them and deliver them to their illegal immigrant relatives, usually parents, sometimes uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters. dhs is literally continuing or finishing out the human smuggling route there.
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secretary kelly's point is if we can stop these parents from sending for these kids, we can protect the kids from ever making that dangerous route in the first place. that's the humanitarian aspect. that is the logic behind that they are doing. >> molly: thank you for joining us, a very complicated issue and it will be interesting to see how the progress is going. we appreciate it. >> leland: overseas, china's president saying negative factors are hurting china's relationship with the united states. all of this since meeting with president trump less than three months ago. one of those factors, a u.s. destroyer sailing within the territorial waters of china as well as several other countries claim as their own. >> it was my colleague lukas who broke the story at 3:00 a.m.
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sunday morning. one day after the u.s. navy dispatched a warship to sail off the coast of a contest island claimed by china. beijing's foreign ministry accuse the united states of stirring up trouble in the region. it's the second time since president trump took office that the pentagon dispatched a warship. sailing within 12 nautical miles to protest china's claims to the island. the guided missile destroyer sailed off the coast of triton island. there are signs that the trump administration is growing frustrated with the beijing's reluctance to reign in north korea over its nuclear ballistic missile program, following those meetings between president trump and his chinese counterpart in april. president trump spoke to
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president xi last night. last week, the trump administration approved a $1.4 billion arms deal to taiwan and sanctioned a chinese bank tied to north korea's nuclear missile programs, angering beijing. the state department also dropped china to its lowest designation of human trafficking, accusing beijing of failing to stop what basically accounts to modern slavery. last week, china wants launchew kind of worship that analysts say is on par with the u.s. navy guided missile destroyer. president trump will meet face-to-face with his chinese counterpart in germany later this week, expect a cooler
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meeting this time around compared to the last time they met. >> leland: we'll be watching, thank you. >> molly: a new controversy for governor chris christie, over photos that show him lounging on a beach that was close to the public this holiday weekend. how governor christie is responding to his critics. and a frightening moment for passengers arriving in denver's airport, what caused this jet to catch fire on the taxiway. whoooo. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the hotel you want. lock it in. tripadvisor.
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>> molly: new jersey governor chris christie taking some heat for his family trip to the beach this weekend during a state governments shut down. someone snapped these pictures of him with his family on an empty beach that was closed to the public because of a budget deadlock. >> i said last monday, that no matter what happens, we were coming here as a family this weekend.
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this is where we live, i'm sure they are going to prove that they caught me doing what i said i was going to do with the people i said i was going to be with. >> molly: matt, when you look at these photos, is this what drives people nuts about government? >> this is bad optics, terrible optics for the governor. we all knew he was going to be there, the governor was actually taking heat a couple of days ago about him being on the beach, he was taking some grief for it. the fact of just being photographed sitting out there, i can tell you it's made this an international story based on the responses we've gotten today. >> molly: police were turning families away from the beach saying sorry, you can't go there. i'm sure there were people out
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there who have vacation plans that were ruined and then to see this photo, what sort of reaction to you after that? >> i know the reaction is fury, folks are very upset. we are in this budget impasse right now, there is finger-pointing, the governor is blaming the assembly democratic speaker for the gridlock and the speaker is blaming the governor. this is putting a real image to it that i think those folks are going to try to throw back at the governor. he's not going to be on the ballots, i don't know that that really changes the discussion when it comes of the current impasse in this legislature. >> leland: he appears to be a governor who does not care much about what his numbers are in the polls. that is governor christie in the center of the screen, he is kind
8:20 am
of looking up if you will at the plane that is taking the picture of him on the beach. i don't know if we have the much larger picture that shows that vast open beach. he is sitting in front of what appears to be a large beach home, is that the governor's beach residence? explain how it works that he is able to go to the beach when the beach is closed to everybody else? >> if you are elected governor, you have two official residences that you can use, they are owned by the state. they are your full-time residence if you use them. we have the governor's mansion in princeton new jersey and we also have this beach house on the shore. the governor has said, he didn't want to change his plans, he had plans to go there because it was his son's birthday and that was what they were going to do, but they don't have any state workers coming to take out the trash, they don't have any
8:21 am
lifeguards coming to monitor them, they said they are solely there by themselves. which is their right to do. >> leland: he has state employees, his security detail, others there, stop at the house as well, right? >> they are saying there is no staff at the house, but the state police detail is always with them and that would be considered essential government employees. they would never get called off, they were always going to be getting paid to stand next to the governor. >> leland: let us know. i suspect we are not going to hear the end of this story today, i suspect there is more reporting for you and your paper to do. >> molly: the plan unfolding on capitol hill when it comes to repealing and replacing obamacare, why they may not happen at the same time. and immediate reaction to the
8:22 am
president's latest attack on the press, why some are worried about why it could spark some real violence against reporters, but are they overreacting? our media panel weighs in. here you go little guy.
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>> leland: new fallout from president trump's latest attack on the media. the tweets that had everybody talking this weekend. we will show it again for you, showing doctor to video of president trump flattening a man with a pro wrestling move. the man had a cnn logo over his face. some in the white house are now defending the tweets that the media can't take a joke. judy, let me get to chris really
8:26 am
quickly on this because chris, i know you are dying to tell us how much you love to this video. >> i laughed so loud when i saw that, that guy with the cnn logo over his face is donald trump's old friend. this is a video, it's got fake wrestling and it is a fake doctored video. there is nothing to take seriously here but donald trump has a real knack for not taking people seriously but taking himself very seriously. he's always constantly controlling people and i'd like to see a return to his sense of humor here than some of the anger we saw the day before. >> leland: i know you have many thoughts on this, how can you be upset with something that makes chris so happy? >> [laughs] that's the only argument i've
8:27 am
heard in this video's favor. look, come on. if people who saw that video did not respond to the way chris did, a lot of people thought it incited violence, that it was ugly and vulgar. on presidential. >> are they perhaps taking it a little too seriously? >> no, i think what donald trump is doing is very serious, he is distracting us from the fact that last month, june was supposed to be policy month. of his 121 tweets, only three related to policy. what he really wants to do is distract the american public from the fact that he is not getting his agenda passed. that his health care bill was a disaster, that mitch mcconnell had to pull off the floor rather than permit of votes. the fact that the rollout of the travel ban was such a mess that
8:28 am
it had to go all the way to the supreme court, on and on. he had a very good foreign policy trip to the gulf, and then he tweeted his way into a huge faux pas which was to send qatar away from the gulf state. >> leland: you clearly both came prepared with a list of things and facts to support you. we found this in "the new york times" this morning. central americans "scared of what's happening in u.s." a major and well sourced and well reported story in "the new york times." is there a separate narrative here, that in many ways it is not happening as fast as trump or the republicans promised, but
8:29 am
there is a lot of things of the president and his administration are getting done? >> they have done more than i expected. of course, things get more complicated when their jobs are on the line. president trump had a huge impact through his executive policies, and part of that because barack obama put through so many executive policies. things like regulations that have been able to be scaled bac back, the travel bat eventually went through. part of the problem and part of the reason why people were so upset over a wwe video that may be insights some wrestling amongst kids. part of the problem is he is getting so much done that it is driving people completely crazy and it's driving people to distraction. >> leland: i want to get to this, take a listen on cnn.
8:30 am
>> this is the greatest journalistic challenge of the modern era, to report on a malignant presidency and what it means and where it is going. this president is not in control of the presidency in no way that it is functioning. >> leland: when you are getting that level of vitriol from the mainstream media, for lack of a better term, does the president have a point that he doesn't have a choice but to fight back, whether it be through humor or direct attacks? >> every president faces opposition and donald trump is a tough guy, he knows how to slog back and he is perfectly able to defend himself. this assessment is what many people who cover the white house think of this administration, the problem is, the word they
8:31 am
use to describe it is utter chaos. the fact that he hasn't even stabbed his administration, that many of the jobs he needs to fill in order to implement his agenda and fulfill his promises to the american people have not even been nominated, this is chaos, this is dysfunction. the name of donald trump's game right now is distraction. and that i have to agree he does brilliantly. >> leland: on that note, i wish you both a very happy july 4th. judy got the last word, chris got the first, great talk with you guys. >> molly: iraqi forces come close to victory in mosul, terrorists are trekking back in a last stand. in syria, there is progress in taking back their capital. to the latest military moves against the islamic state next. ♪
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8:36 am
battle for mosul itself, but there is a sense with the suicide attempts, as they lose more territory, that is exactly the way they are going to go. amid all this brutal fighting, the real sign of their desperation is now that they are using many more women to blow themselves up. on monday morning in mosul's old city, two female bombers hid among a group of civilians before targeting iraqi troops. the terror group has even been targeting displaced families on a scale unlike before. on sunday evening, a suicide bomber dressed in women's ropes killed 14 refugees. the death toll would've been a lot higher had an iraqi colonel not been suspicious, dying himself with saving many others. after days of intense fighting, the militant held territory of mosul is not drinking rapidly. there are estimated to be only a few hundred isis fighters left
8:37 am
but tens of thousands civilians still being used of human shields in that small area. in northwest mosul, police have found the disintegrating bodies of 17 more people, mainly women and children who had been shot trying to escape the clutches of the terror group. we are hearing more stories pointing to the horrors committed under the terror group in that city. >> molly: thank you. >> leland: in addition to major progress against isis and iraq, the syrian democratic forces report they have made inroads in raqqa, isis self-proclaimed capital inside of syria. joining us now, nice to see you. forgive me if this feels like a bad case of deja vu all over again, we have been talking about the liberation of mosul for longer than it took the allies to invade on d-day and
8:38 am
for berlin to fall. why? >> a few things, one is the quality of the forces we are working with on the ground. to run with your analogy, we had the greatest army in the world with the greatest generation then in the american army, british army, now the united states is acting as advisors to an iraqi army and then kind of a compilation of other forces. it's going to take longer, it is brutal house to house fighting, you saw how the soviet army just literally leveled entire towns and villages, which we are not going to do in this modern age. but i'm worried about is the day after, what next after the isis state falls? who is going to deal with reconstruction, with governance, with safe zones for refugee return and how are we going to
8:39 am
handle a very aggressive iranian regime and a regime backed by russia? >> leland: in so many ways, isis was an answer to the united states leaving the power vacuum coming in and taking over. now they are back, we are already seeing atrocities currently committed by isis, arguably committed by some of these iraqi forces as well. this issue hasn't been solved for a better part of two millennia now. any reason to think that the day after we are going to get it right this time? >> in iran, before i answer your question, iran is about to achieve something that hasn't achieved since the persian empire. it is going to have a land bridge is stretching all the way from iran to iraq, through syria to lebanon, to be able to affect the middle east across its entire landmass. and to be able to affect its
8:40 am
operations against israel. that is something we have to be very concerned about right now. >> leland: that crescent goes north, the u.s. marine corps just put out some video this weekend for their main firebase outside of raqqa, coming from the marines. these are united states marines on the ground in syria, firing into raqqa. does that give the u.s. a foothold to try and if nothing else maybe head off a little bit of this iranian influence? >> what are our rules of engagement going to be? militias try to push into -- back to your analogy, this is like when everyone saw the regime about to fall and everyone began racing to get their territory that it wanted so it had a strategic seat at the table post fall. it is also about oil in the sense of the small pockets of area along the euphrates river valley, that isis still controls is some of the most oil rich in
8:41 am
syria. why should americans care, why should we be involved? we can't let the conditions continue and pull out like the obama administration did and let the islamic state come back at again or another organization. we can't let russia and iran be the leaders in the middle east, the united states has to keep out leadership. >> leland: you just mention some of the players fighting for that power vacuum. iran, russia, thanks so much, i appreciate your insight as always. >> molly: tomorrow is the fourth of july, republicans have not met their goal of passing a health care bill before the holiday. now they are considering a new strategy. plus, heroic firefighters saving two funds from dangerous flames. .
8:42 am
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>> lets do clean repeal like we promised, you can have a bill that they can call replace. >> when you put too many things into one piece of legislation, we've got to reinject forces into this environment. >> let's try to get 60 out of 100 senators. >> molly: senate republicans reportedly considering two-tier threat. and a separate bill to replace it. joining me now, a former pollster for the ted cruz campaign and ceo of one of the largest republican polling firm firms. thank you both for being here. chris, let's kick it off with you. this is a new strategy to basically chop this in half, repeal and replace to make things work and get things started.
8:46 am
>> if they don't repeal it, it will be the biggest broken promise. it would demoralize our base, i think it would be absolutely catastrophic if we don't do thi this. it's kind of like saying there is no atheism in foxholes, if you repeal it there will be no one against replacing it because something else will have to be done. that what gets us to this level, bringing the senators together. it would be nice to have more votes together on something, that gives a good option to do that and allow states to keep the obamacare compliant insurance. at the same time, having plans that are not fully obamacare compliant but would still be able to get premiums down and expand coverage. it might be a nice sort of compromise solution to bring more than just the republicans
8:47 am
together, to allow the others to get on board. >> molly: looking at this idea, does this sound like for a lot of people like taking the easy part, getting it done first and leaving the hard work until later? >> the problem is really what it actually does to real people in america that are dependent on health care. like the parent to has a sick child who is dependent on the subsidies, they are already stressed out and worried about their cared and how to get them healthy again, now you are going to add this. that is much worse to do a repeal for and then are replaced, we have real people that will be affected, millions of people. over 10 million people right now are subsidized on obamacare, and you are saying let's pull the rug out on them and will learn how to fix that later. that seems like a very nasty approach to it.
8:48 am
>> molly: moderates are balking at some of the cuts, conservatives want to see more cuts. is there concern that they won't get the second part done or it won't be done well and that won't make anyone happy either? >> i think they have to get it done and that is the point. there are contingencies being put in place to protect people. but people were already being hurt because of losing their insurance due to obamacare. let's face it, this is already impacting real people's lives and the only way we can get to a solution that helps everyone is to get rid of the obamacare requirements and move to a replacement plan. until we can get everyone together to work to do that, i think we have too many people trying to hold onto obamacare. they want to protect barack obama's legacy more than they want to protect real people and that is the way that we have to move. >> molly: the argument is being made that the insurance
8:49 am
companies don't know what is coming next, all these people involved in the industry can't predict what is coming down the road. >> absolutely right, chris is a really smart guy, he also knows that part of the reason everything is collapsing is because of president trump's executive order withdrawing subsidies to the insurance companies, of course they aren't pulling out of the market. there are already issues that needed to be addressed with obamacare. business executives want some idea of what is coming in the future. all of this uncertainty makes them uncertain and reluctant to invest or commit resources in any way. what we know is we need people involved in school, that is how insurance works. the bigger the pool, the better it is for everybody. removing people from the risk pool shrinks it and will end up making it more expensive but for
8:50 am
those who need more health care and those who have a lot more invested in insurance plans. >> molly: we will see if a compromise comes to pass. happy fourth of july. >> leland: millions of americans are hitting the road or catching a plane this fourth of july weekend, will tell you why it is expected to be a record-setting weekend for holiday travel. and these folks have a story to tell, what went wrong on a flight from aspen that ended with an engine on fire and them on the tarmac. can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever,
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>> leland: all those traveling this july 4th weekend have got a lot of company, a record number
8:54 am
of americans are expected to hit the road or the skies this independence day weekend. some travelers are already facing some frightening experiences, and that is before all of the delays. a lot of travelers out on the west coast as well. >> a skyway's flight aspen to denver yesterday landed when a fire started in one engine. a 60 passengers went down the stairs as firefighters arrived to apply the phone. another disaster was averted on sunday afternoon when an amtrak train derailed, first three baggage cars fell off the track but did not tumble into the water below. no serious injuries, because under investigation. 260 passengers just happy to be alive. >> all of a sudden i feel shuddering and slam on the
8:55 am
brakes. all of a sudden, we are tilted it. it is everything that my husband had on the tray table goes sliding down. >> the train started to break really hard, there was a lot of people saying what is going on. >> there was one girl we saw with some leg wounds, it wasn't severe. we were really fortunate. >> in july 4th on a tuesday, 14% of our population to hit the road over the fourth of july holiday's, the highest number ever thanks to low gas prices, competitive airfares and an improved economy, which means we will spend $7 billion on beer, $500 million on one, 65% of people will be going to a picnic and consume about 150 million hot dogs, that is probably going to be one for you. >> leland: with that, you need a billion dollars in beer.
8:56 am
i appreciate you breaking it down into numbers we can all understand, thank you. >> molly: gasoline and hotdogs. coming up in our next hour of "happening now," president trump honoring veterans in his first fourth of july speech but he also took aim at the media. we will take a look at the criticism and whether press relationships with the white house will ever improve. president trump has seen success with the epa, the environmental changes the administration has made in its first six months. ckh glucerna made with carbsteady to help minimize blood sugar spikes you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress.
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>> molly: they are an elite crew fighting wildfires in arizona but the hotshots just made a very different rescue as they battle a fire north of phoenix where they rounded up to go baby deer. the farms were found a little too close to that fast-moving wildfire there, firefighters took the the refer to a habitat nearby, where the little ones
9:00 am
were reunited with their mother. >> leland: i thought i had seen firefighters save just about everything in a fire, but i had never seen deer. kudos to them. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> of fox news alerts, a showdown looming on capitol hill over the future of health care in our country, some senate republicans now pushing a new strategy to finally end obamacare as they have been promising voters for years. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith here today, democratic strategist and fox news contributor jessica karloff, form a national securities counsel staffer gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, david avella is here and he is outnumbered.


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