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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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her whole family loves "the five" and fox news. "hannity" is next. >> laura: this is a fox news alert. president trump restoring america on the world stage. the commander in chief is in t germany for the g20 summit. he will meet face-to-face with russian president vladimiror putin. earlier today, president trump was in poland. >> we've come to your nation to deliver a very important message, america loves poland and americans love the polish people. i am here today not just to
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visit an old j ally, but to hold it up as an example of those who seek freedom. and those who wish to summon the courage and will to defend our civilization.. it is unfortunate for them because they have experienced some very unfair problems. we don't want fake news. we urge russia to seize its destabilizing activitieses in te ukraine and elsewhere and its support for hostile regimes such as syria and iran. we must also confront the threat from north korea. president obama drew a redline and i was the one who made it look a little better than what it was. they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner.
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something will have to be done about it. i declare today for the world to hear that the west will never be broken. our values will prevail, our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph. >> laura: joining us now for reaction is vice president pence. keeping the home fires burning. he had a great trip today, and examined our space program. it was an unbelievable day. what poland represents for eastern europe and freedom. it is incredible for me after seeing how optimistic that speech was to watch the commentary afterwards. "washington post" calling it
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dark and provocative. he said we will not be broken but it's dark and provocative. >> that is unapologetic american leadership. it's unbelievable to think in the last administration, they were more or less apologizing for our nation around the world. today in warsaw, poland, thosend elegant words that your viewers just heard again, president donald trump reaffirmed our nation to be the leader of the free world. after having been in florida today, in the kennedy space center, the enthusiasm were seeing the kind of leadership president trump is displaying, and his commitment to our space mission.
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i think is invigorating the american spirit all across this country. >> laura: he was criticized for attacking the press in a country where a lot of people think our free press is endangered. heer also went after those criticizing our intelligence community. would you have gone to europe and criticized president obama? would you? speak out this president is always going to favor the media and the public with candor. the press conference that took place earlier today he responded to those questions. i think looking at that speech and that historic square in warsaw, the president lay out a vision for the west. and we have a shared alliance
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for more than 75 years. and he called on our nato allies to c live up to the commitments they've made to our common defense. in the same breath to call on russia the day before his meeting with president putin to cease their activities, and stop supporting hostile regimes. it was an example of embracing, direct, and candid leadership that people across this country welcome as theyos are welcoming the presidt of the united states and who is ni leader his role of the of the free world. and america is back. >> laura: he had a hostile relationship with some world leaders.
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and it was announced that the e.u. and japan are forging a new trade deal. and they are seeing that the president is not friendly toward trade. they will say that they will do the same inbox also. >> the president will put america first in diplomatic terms and economic terms. america is open for business but we want a win-win trade for relationships.s. i think you're seeing the world respond to that.
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very good discussions with president moon, and what we saw today. we are talking about beginning to discuss amendments and negotiation with countries. we have a president that wants to engage the world, and have the interestst of american workers and jobs and sovereignty. >> laura: it seemed like they were having another presidential side discussion with south korea. i found that to be unusual to say the least. president bush certainly never did anything like that. >> we've been hearing a lot about president obama and people can be the judge about that. what i saw in the meeting with
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president moon at the white house was a lot of candor and a lot indirect engagement, and a renewal to strategic engagement with that country. i was in europe myself representing the president earlier this year. what i keep hearing from leaders around the world is how grateful they are that america is leading again on the world stage. i don't know if it was the speech in saudi arabia, or hiswo historic speech today in poland. i think leaders today are welcoming the president to embrace that role of being the leader of that free world. >> laura: vice president pence, thank you for joining us. and a powerful moment earlier today. >> our defense is not just the commitment of money but it's a
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commitment of will. as the polish experience reminds us, the defense of the west ultimately rests on not only the means but the will of its people to prevail and be successful. and get what you have to have. the fundamental question of our time, whether the west has the willnt to survive. do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? dosu we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? do we have the desire and encouragement to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it? >> laura: joining us know, author and fox news contributor, newt gingrich. i'm so glad you're here, when i first saw him speak in poland,
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the only thing that came close in my mind, is ronald reagan. i'm not saying donald trump is ronald reagan, but i thought the speech both captured an optimistic tone, a challenging tone, hopeful and faith-based as well. did you get a little bit of reagan in what he was saying there? >> i thought it was very much like reagan's speech. of trump is describing in a way, almost as no president has, this is a war about civilization.t we are in a struggle. i thought he was courageous in pointing out that not only are we in a struggle with terrorists, but bureaucratic secularists.
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i thought it was a really remarkable speech and covered an extraordinary amount of history. it's a landmark. people will be able to see philosophically a lot better who donald trump is with the speech and i think from the standpoint of the polish people, it was great to see that they have a president with them.t and so openly tough about communism and russia. >> laura: we have an enemy and those who wish to vanquish freedom. it was this moment with trump and the shared interest we havea in defeating the terrorists. >> we must stand united against these shared enemies and strip them of their territory, funding, and networks and any form of ideological support they
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may have. we will always welcome newew citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism ofof any kind. >> laura: i was wishing that the audience was miked up better. the audience was going nuts. they were cheering for many parts. they are feeling the brunt off the criticism they are gettingg now from other european elites by not taking in more of the refugees. donald trump clearly gave support for their vision of protecting their common interests in common enemies.
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>> it's a huge gap between the values of central europeans. which includes not just poland, but hungrier, hungary, romania, and bulgaria. and the values of germany and the scandinavian countries. what trump has done is come down decisively on the side of those who worry about national identity, survival, practicality, and that set the stage for the meeting in hamburg. it'll be very interesting to see how that works. speaking of the german chancellor today, >> laura: they talked about the strength of europe and the successes of europe. it depends on open societies. that's what the elites believe.
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i didn't hear that in the speech where he reaffirmed our commitment to article five and nato, t and our important alliances we have with our european counterparts. she felt the need to push the open societies line today. >> there was a real strain after world war ii after facing the horrors of world war i. the only way to avoid war is to subvert our national identities, for us all to basically become europeans. it's turned out not to be true because the bureaucrats in brussels represent differing worldviews. what we see is a struggle
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between local nations and it's the kind of globalism that the presidentob of germany represen. >> laura: speaking of faith and the polish people, we are going to talk more with newt gingrich right afterit the break. later, tonight on "hannity" -- >> the election was in november, there was a lot of time he did nothing about it. why did he do nothing about it? >> laura: president trump slamming president obama on failing to act about russian interference. thereng is more coming up on "hannity," stay with us. (woman vo) is now a good time to refinance? (man vo) yes! mortgage rates just plummeted. the time to refinance your home is right now. get started at lendingtree dot com. the only place you can compare up to five real offers
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>> laura: welcome back to "hannity." presidents remark on russia got the most attention today. he also struck a note on faith, and the first polish pope is now aor saint. >> your oppressors tried to break you, but poland could not be broken. and when the day came in 1979,
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and 1 million polish people gathered around victory square in their very first mass with their polish pope, that day, everyone in warsaw must have known that their oppressive system would soon come crashing down. they must've known at the exact moment during pope john paul ii sermon when men, women and children raised their voices in ase single prayer. a million polish people did not ask for wealth. they did not ask for privilege, instead,h 1 million polish peope saying three simple words, we want god. >> laura: we continue with
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newt gingrich, with that moment which didn't get a lot of play in the mainstream media. i think that moment said more to people in eastern europe then most anything else because that hits people in their hearts. a lot of people didn't think there was hope for eastern europe, but they believed there was hope. i thought that was very important for him to go back to that moment. >> it's very important, and the speech gave as much to america as poland. the president has decided that his time is come to engage the secular left, the atheists, those who force god out of our lives and take them head-on.
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there's place after place in that speech, where he calls on the polish experience. reminding the world that poland ceased to exist for 200 years because russia had torn it to shreds. there was no poland on the map. when you begin to realize the depths of this and the polish people largely through their belief in god and the structure of the catholic church,ou survived, identified themselves of people of faith. inin a way that's truly one of e great stories in the last couple hundred years. in that appeals and says to the rest of the world, faith can defeat our enemies. faith can bring our civilization together. it's important to recognize that our rights come from god, not from the government.
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>> laura: donald trump,, billionaire new yorker, doesn't attend church all that regularly.yo and he gets up there and gives a speech, and a pro-life message in the speech in warsaw, poland. let's watch. >> we put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy at the center of our lives. we challenge everything. we seek to know everything so we can better know ourselves. and above all, we value the dignity of every human life protect the rights of every person, and share thect hopes of every soul to live in freedom. >> laura: optimistic, pro-life, protecting the most vulnerable. all people have human dignity.
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>> it's deeper than that. donald trump tweeted about a baby being sentenced to death by the british court, there's a real desire to confront and ease the power of government. to strip us of our dignity, religious liberty. once the program that the president had in the white hous white house. do you remember the little sisters of the poor and the key protestants? president trump understands that for our civilization to survive, ot has to keep his roots as a civilization based in a belief in god. if it loses that, our civilization will disappear. >> laura: coming up next on "hannity." >> president obama found out
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about it in august regarding russia. the election was in november, that's a lot of time he did nothing about it. why did he do nothing about it? >>d laura: president trump calling out president obama about doing nothing about the russian interference. >> what cnn did was unfortunate for them. they have some pretty serious problems. they have been fake news for a longtime. >> laura: president trump blasting cnn and the fake news media. that and more straight ahead on "hannity."
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investigators now looking into the hospital that treated the man who shot and killed an nypd officer wednesday. just days before the shooting, his girlfriend took him to the emergency room at saint barnabas hospital after he started acting paranoid. the hospital released him after an hour. state health officials review the hospital's actions. and how safe is it to study abroad? america's parents are calling on the u.s. educational institution to do a study. the number of students studying overbroad has doubled over the last decade. no such deaths are only briefly mentioned in local media. now back to "hannity." for all of your headlines, log on to >> laura: earlier today while overseas, president trump had some harsh words for obama,
10:31 pm
regarding the russian meddling in the election. >> barack obama found out about this in terms of if it was russia. he found out about it in august. paul there's a lot of time he did nothing about it. why did he do nothing about it? he was told it was russia by the cia. he did nothing about it. they say he choked. i don't think he choked, what happened was he thought hillary clinton was going to win the election. had he thought the other way, he would've done something about it. >> laura: joining us with reaction, an attorney and author, fox business host. this was a fun day. i'm half polish, and i just have
10:32 pm
to say, i'm very proud to be half polish today. great event and speech by president trump. this reminded me of the 80s when reagan would go over. and today, the left went crazy. cnn and msnbc, criticized president trump. he had the nerve to criticize president obama. you don't do that. >> the former president in indonesia taking on the president. this was just basically, fair and balanced. this was a president just over five months into his presidency who has command. he's the leader of the free world. all of those lefties they can get over themselves have much
10:33 pm
more to get over now. he is among friends in europe and it showed. >> the moment when he said, he thought hillary was going to win. there's no love lost between barack obama and donald trump. you might as well thought barack obama had been showering president trump with praise over the last several months. >> i have polish heritage myself. what's so interesting about this, we know that president obama knew that there is some kind of russian interference.
10:34 pm
we also know he did nothing. he thought hillary clinton was going to win. now we have a special counsel investigating whether in fact there was russian hacking or interference. which is actually information that the previous administration already had. based on information that was already out there, why is there not a special counsel trying to figure out that president obama did nothing. >> on the campaign trail, donald trump said it right. we need the investigation of the investigators. what happened with the dnc, as
10:35 pm
far as we know. the fbi does not have definite knowledge, nor does the cia as far as we know. they are relying on crowd strike. why did the dnc deny access to the fbi and cia, and whyke did e fbi and cia permit the dnc to tell them to go tofb hell? it's a matter of national security. >> laura: i want you to address what was said on cnn today. he made the case that donald trump was going to poland, and in his speech, did not stand up for american values. he did not stand up for free press, and that he did not go far enough to criticize russia,
10:36 pm
and not standing up for american values. the polish people showed up. >> the president said that russia has been a destabilizing force, and they have to stop siding with dictators. the president also affirmatively stated article five of the nato accord. they may not like what he said, it was a pro western civilization speech. this was a dynamic speech, and addressed the russian threat, and took it a step further. t what was it they didn't like about that speech? >> it connected with the average working european who's afraid od what's coming down the line.
10:37 pm
>> this president continues to make those like cnn and left wingg activist groups divide themselves. >> a president speaking about how great america is. >> he believes in american exceptionalism. what a unique thing. >> larua: coming up next on "hannity." >> it's unfortunate for cnn news. right now they have some pretty serious problems. they have been fake news for a longtime. >> larua: president trump hits cnn once again.lo we have reaction next. and later. >> as far as north korea goes, we will see what happens. i don't want to talk about what i have planned.
10:38 pm
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10:42 pm
dishonest way. do you have that also, by the way, mr. president. msn is equally as bad despite the fact that i made them a fortune with the "apprentice." cnn and others, i will say thatt they have taken it too seriously and i think they've hurt themselves very badly. >> laura: that was president trump in a press conference in poland. the folks over on msnbc has been quick to criticize the president and his trip abroad.ks just another day of their unfair, anti-trump, frothing at the mouth, biased coverage. watch this. >> the first half of his speech was packed with platitudes and tripe with talking points. a very disappointing speech in terms of policy. >> when the president
10:43 pm
delegitimizes the media, this is good for the putin's of the world. >> you have to acknowledge that the bar so low, it's buried beneath the ground. >> laura: u.s. editor and fox news correspondent, geraldo rivera. geraldo, he is trump. he's going to hit the media and obama. obama has gone overseas and trashed trump. the polish people loved him.m. >> he reaffirmed article five and nato saying we are here for you and an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.
10:44 pm
he reaffirmed the basis. i don't like all of the stuff with the media. it exposes the seedy underbelly domestically. we need to keep our dirty laundry at home. >> laura: is there something to that? the critics today went on and on, giving aid and comfort to dictators around the world. who put down a free press. is that what he did? >> no, i don't believe that at all. it was really an afterthought. the idea came when i asked the question.ou i followed up and asked the president of poland to defend his own actions by actuallyd repressing the press corps there.
10:45 pm
he has determined which outlets are allowed to cover the parliament at all. that's press repression. the president of the united states, i don't think that's part of first amendment danger, i think that's part oft his personality. >> laura: this speech was a big speech. this was not a little speech. you heard all of these suspects from msnbc, cliche filled. there is no policy. he hit the issue of faith, pro-life, terrorism, trade, reaffirming nato. he had all of the big issues. but i guess it's just one big bromide according to msnbc. >> he left one of the key
10:46 pm
issues, energy independence. as a result of energy, poland doesn't have to depend on russia anymore. make america an exporter, and get your lines. that's a huge part of what the xppresident is for. the president is exposing a rift inss europe. there is a gap of the people of eastern and western eastern europe, which was under soviet oppression understands what it's like to struggle for freedom. and to hear a populist nationalist message resonates. that's a well perceived message and uplifting. democrats want to make nationalism something evil, it promotes peace and economic advancement.hi they understand a sovereign means against russia. >> laura: we appreciate all three of you, thanks for being here tonight. coming up next on "hannity." >> as far as north korea, we will see what happens. i don't like to talk about what
10:47 pm
i have planned. but i have some pretty severe things we are thinking about. >> laura: no great options there on north korea, but military options clearly on the table. that on "hannity" when we continue. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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>> as far as north korea is concerned, we will see what happens. i don't like to talk about what i have planned. but we are thinking about some pretty severe things, but that doesn'tnn mean we are going to o it. i don't draw out redlines.e it's a shame they are behaving this way, but they are behaving in a very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about b it. >> laura: was president trump issuing a warning to the rogue regime after they test launched an inter-ballistic missile? >> great to see you as always. he says he is not a big believer in redlines. but he did have a redline in syria with those chemical weapons. it seems some of those other advisors say they do have a
10:52 pm
redline when it comes to north korea. we are obviously concerned with what would happen with a military response in the region and back here in united states. >> whatever we call it, a redline,ck president trump and vice president pence are extremely focused on north korea as a threat.nd vice president pence has already been to the region to talk with our allies. there is a need to intermingleng foreign affairs and the united states toolbelt. i think we are at the point where we need to implement serious banking sanctions. we haven't been able to sanction north korea enough to change their behavior. we clearly have a problem with
10:53 pm
it. now we have to sanction countries that allow their business community to do trade with north korea. they should immediately not have access to the u.s. banking system. that would have a cost to us. and we should not do it lightly. >> laura: we've already acted against one chinese bank that has been giving support to north korea. and helping facilitate the transfer of money and business in north korea. clearly, that only went so far. don't expect a lot from the chinese, and the chinese will do what's in the chinese interest. if it's not good for them, why
10:54 pm
should they help us out? >> moral arguments don't work with the russians or chinese. you have to get them where it counts.ra they are interested in expanding their economy, not shrinking it. if there's a way for us to targetnt the country, the problm is they will just switch banks. i think you have to up it, you have to go specifically to the ucountry. i wouldn't be advocating for unilateral sanctions. idn don't think they work, exce, banking unilateral sanctions in the u.s. banking system -- >> laura: we have an enormous amount of leverage, we are already seeing countries in europet and asia behave differently in trade practices. just the threats of a more popular nationalist approach on
10:55 pm
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>> laura: welcome back to "hannity." unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this >> welcome back to "hannity." unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. follow me on social media, and twitter. and now, are you ready? time for the big reveal. a sneak peek at the cover of my new book, which will be out in october. are you ready? there it is! "billionaires and barricades, the populist resolution." get yournd preorders in now. you're going to love the book.
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populism, how did it start, where is it taking us. i will be filling in for sean tomorrow night. we will have a lot of fun. make sure to tune in men. we will see you night. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." massive protests in hamburg, germany, where thousands graveled to protest. a g20 summit attended by the president. police used fire hoses to maintain order. 15 police officers were hurt in the ensuing chaos.


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