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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 8, 2017 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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clock in front of you and i do. we see the president and his entourage. and i'll hand it to the crew down in washington. >> this is a fox news alert. you're looking at live pictures, we just saw the president and first lady board air force one in hamburg, germany. shortly afterwards, ivanka, trump and her husband jared kushner. they're headed back to the united states after a very, very busy g20 summit. a lot of highlights coming out of that trip. certainly, we saw quite a few protesters, but we also saw a lot of successful meetings with the president and also some world leaders. a lot of talks about the bilateral meetings that he had with russian president vladimir putin and a meeting that lasted a little more than two hours, so, we're seeing the president here as he is boarding air force
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one, headed back to the united states. he'll be back, if i'm not mistaken, around 8 p.m. local time tonight. >> the president takes off here. the support planes just landing there, at the airport in hamburg, as the president prepares to take off. you alluded to this, liz, he had a couple of meetings that really overshadowed anything that happened related to climate or trade, which is the two big things, the g20 wanted to talk about and that was the meeting with the russian president yesterday and the meeting with the china president today about north korea. and you get the feeling that while these meetings lasted a couple of hours in each case, the ramifications of them, we really haven't figured out yet. the spin is still continuing. we heard from russian president vladimir putin earlier today. as the kremlin begins to spin this, secretary of state rex tillerson, yesterday, sort of spinning it for the american side and we're still waiting to
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hear what comes out of the meeting with the chinese president. president trump has been pretty tough on twitter especially about the chinese. we'll wait and see, does the chinese behavior change. >> i'm curious, it's funny you should bring that up. a tweet in heart july 5th, trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter, so much for china working with us, but we had to give it a try. this was only just a few days ago ahead of this meeting that happened this morning. so, like you said, we're very curious to see the reaction from both sides of the aisle. similar to what we saw after the meeting with russian president vladimir putin, like you said. both sides would have tried to spin it and we heard sort of two sides of the story although they had some similarities and now we await to hear how it went with president xi of china and obviously, north korea because that's a huge, huge topic,
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especially with the missile launch on tuesday. david: air force one is taking off. so our viewers understand how it works. in the very back of the plane, is the press cabin. and wherever you're seated you can move back wards, but never forward. the press loads through the rear doors there. especially on the flights home especially from big trips. the president or senior officials will come back to the press cabin and have a chat. sometimes that's onto record, sometimes it's off the record and sometimes with the president we've gotten video. it's an eight and a half hour flight from hamburg back to the united states and one can imagine the president might have a few things to say. some other administration officials might have a thing to say here. noon eastern great to be with you. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann. great to join you this morning.
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>> and now to john roberts travelling with the president. john, work backwards for us here. start with the administration's spin coming out of the meeting with china as they sort of wrap up the summit. >> there hasn't been any since the meeting. let's look ahead to the trip back to the united states. we expect that three top administration officials, gary cohn, the president's chief executive advisor, national security advisor, and steve mnuchin, treasury secretary will come back to the press cabin and address what happened during the meeting with president xi. we know going in the president's rhetoric has become much more strident against china. he believed, the president, believed he had a partner after the meeting. and president trump thought it should have been going down
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because he believed that they should put the squeeze on pyongyang. and after the bilateral meeting with president jinping. >> the very substantial problem that we all face in north korea, a problem that's-- created a big issue for the united states now because over the years, over a long period of time, many things have happened that have led to great imbalances and we're going to turn that around and china in particular, a great trading partner, we will be able to do something that will be equitable and reciprocal. >> the president is looking to more level with china. the trade deficit in 2016 is not
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sitting well with the president. the idea there's a greater urgency to do something on north korea. north korea was a big topic with the president's meeting with vladimir putin. and at the beginning of the meeting, president trump challenged vladimir putin about russian interference in the election. putin said the russians had nothing to do with it and lavrov thought that the president accepted what he said. but rex tillerson said that the president wasn't buying what he was saying. >> the president pressed president putin on the russian involvement. president putin denied such involvement as he has in the past. the president at this point pressed him and then felt like at this point, let's talk about how do we go forward. and i think that was the right
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place to spend our time rather than spending a lot of time having a disagreement, that everybody knows we have a disagreeme disagreement. >> tillerson was saying that basically the meeting could have gone two ways, could have had an argument for two hours and 15 minutes or agreed to disagree pan move on to pressing issues. we did hear from russia's president vladimir putin about this as he gave a post g20 press conference. he said in regard to his denial that russia had anything, and he in particular, i think he noted it, and he agreed with it, though you better ask him what he thinks about it. putin came back to a later on and said he thinks he was satisfied by his answers. we haven't heard from the president directly yet whether or not he was satisfied with the answers. we had hoped he would have a press conference at the end of the g20. that didn't happen and i'm sure that questions will be be put to
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mcmasters on the way back. during that bilateral meeting yesterday he got a much different impression of president trump before saying the president trump you see on tv is the much dinner -- different from what we see in person. david: you've alluded to that, john. back to the cease-fire in southwest syria that the united states is pointing to as kind of a win, pa gift-wrapped win, i think one person termed it, coming out of this meeting. as you and i both know, russian cease-fires are about a dime a dozen. if we had that for them, we had be in the maladies instead of here on a saturday. is there some teeth the u.s. worked into this to keep russia to their word on anything they agreed on yesterday? >> as tillerson, there's a lot
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of details to be worked out. it's going to bement in effect in 24 hours. they haven't worked out a lot of the defense. as you said in that area of the world. cease fires come and go quickly. this one was brokered over the span of months and involved the u.s., russia and jordan and had more promise than other ones. the proof is in the pudding and we'll see. >> we've seen cease fires there and have a great trip as we watch air force one rolling down the runway at hamburg, just about to take off here as it heads back to the united states and president trump headed back to a very busy domestic agenda, and liz, a senate that's not exactly, shall we say playing to president trump's tune. >> this is nice as we watch the president take off from hamburg.
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he has his plate full. lawmakers at home have been facing constituents and they have a number of town halls. they want to get to the bottom of the health care. you can't move on from the rest of your agenda until you get that done. senate republicans are ready to get back to work on monday on health care. president trump said g.o.p. leadership want a major push to repeal ab replace obamacare. congress has a tight deadline as the august recess quickly approaches. >> when it comes to health care, right now it's one of most unpopular pieces of legislation in decades. senate majority leader mcconnell says it's complicated. >> litesen. >> we're in a big discussion among ourselves. that is senate republican conference about the way forward, and i don't have the answer to that yet. i think every republican is in favor of association health plans. the problem is whether it can be
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included from a parliamentary point of view and what we're trying to do. it's a very complicated procedure. >> senate republicans expected to do this by july 4th. instead they received opposition from the democrats and members of their own party. now, some see hope coming from ted cruz. republicans are reportedly considering a proposal from the texas senator that changes the plan's insurance companies, himself. the idea is to allow insurers to sell some stripped down cheaper plans. >> obamacare repeal, that's obviously a big topic right now, one that i'm, very, very active in helping lead the efforts for republicans to honor our promise, to repeal obamacare, and then for us to pass patient centered reforms that drive down the cost of premiums, make health insurance more affordable. >> senator chuck schumer calls cruz's amendment a hoax under the guise of lowering premiums,
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makes health care for expensive. co-pays and deductibles are ownnerous and americans would p more than today. and one of the few republicans greeted by protesters, senators are headed back to work in d.c. on monday unless the president in a tweet, suggested repeal it now. >> which would be unpopular. and senator cruz is holding another town hall and we'll see what people want. let's bring in the oversight committee, jason chaffetz. we appreciate it. >> dwrad -- glad to be here. >> it's unpopular, 28% of folks in the united states are saying that this is what they want.
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my question to you, are republicans losing this fight? >> well, i think the idea that obamacare is imploding is something that's widely held. they look the a -- in at the number of insurance companies that are pulling out. the rising premiums and unbelievably high deductibles. it's imploding before our eyes. we have to dismantle it in order to repeal it and introduce something that will help drive down the premiums and give people the type of choice they want and deserve. yeah, that clock was ticking and that's the reason that republicans were elected. >> you talk about dismantling. and i want to talk on a timeline. i'm curious, what do you think is it the biggest sticking point in the senate. senator cruz's proposal, consumer freedom amendment. the medicaid expansion, a huge sticking point and the cbo
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turned off a lot of senators and we heard proposals from senator paul. there are so many proposals, how do we come to consensus? >> first of all, they're seven months late in the timeline. we were supposed to have this done and on the president's desk. ann coulter is the first one i heard, allow the law of the land, so that insurance companies can sell alternative products across state lines. if about you get rid of the individual mandate, if you get rid of the onerous taxes and allow insurance companies to sell across state lines, then you're actually going to have competition. i think that's where senator paul is going. i think that's senator cruz is going and these are types of open market opportunities that will create competition and actually help drive down the cost of health care. >> okay, my question to you is if one of those proposal could be either senator does get approval from at least 50
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members of the senate, what are the chances that the majority of the house are going to go for that. there's a whole other hurding. >> since the house has dealt with this and did get north of 218 votes. why don't we have the senate vote on that and put it on the record. it's frustrating to americans when they have legislation that they don't vote on it. if it gets voted down, it's voted down and goes back to the drawing board. if the senate would pass something, i think the house would be very, very open to actually endorsing that and voting for it and look, if you can pass something in the senate, then you have something in the house that you can actually go to conference and work out the differences, but the timeline is quickly. >> do you agree if something goes through the senate it could go one of two ways. we heard something from majority leader mitch mcconnell, we hadn't heard before. we may bring democrats on board.
9:16 am
that bill would look wholly different, than just the republicans. if we get that version of bill, do you think that could get through the house? >> that's going to be difficult through the house. you have enough conservatives bodies and members that would have a difficult time with that and the about ill would look very different if they have to go get democrats in the house and in the senate. now, that's, i guess, one of the options out there, but i think that would really be highly disappointing because republicans were elected on this whole premise that they would repeal and replace obamacare. here it is mid july and they don't have a plan. >> you have expertise from being in the house for so long. we appreciate your insight and boy, we'll see what happens this month. >> thank you. >> coming up, more anti-capitalist riots disrupting the streets of hamburg during the g20 summit. our own greg palkot as he always
9:17 am
is, in the thick of it. what these folks are angry about and-- the state ordered frenzy in 20 # 1 when kim jong-il died. and today north koreans are ordered to remember his father. and we'll tell you about that. and senator ted cruz holding a town hall on veterans issues. and there live ahead of the town hall. >> this is the final event in a series of town halls across the state of texas drawing both supporters and a live report from houston coming up next.
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or a little internet machine? [ phone ringing ] hi mom. it makes you wonder... shouldn't we get our phones and internet from the same company? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. [ laughing ] so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. call or go to introducing xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. >> overnight, b-1 bombers flew practice combat missions at the base in guam up the korean peninsula. it's the second night in the wake of kim jong-un's defiance and the president's frustration that we saw play out at the g20. >> this mission was in direct
9:22 am
response to north korea's launch of an intercontinental mission. as you mentioned two american b-1 bombers with south korean escort jets, flew for a precision strike training exercise. the bombers, which can carry up to 42,000 pounds are the would of explosives each practiced attack capabilities by dropping inactive weapons on the isolated range in south kree. following the commission, saying north korea's actions are a threat to our eye lies, partners, in the homeland. let me be clear, if called upon we're trained and equipped and ready to unleash the full capability of the our allies forces. while the u.s. shows they're willing to take military action against north korea. james mattis made it clear that diplomatic efforts are continuing to be the focus of u.s. leaders to address north
9:23 am
korea's nuclear ambitions. >> missions are diplomatically-led international effort to stop a worldwide threat that they are bringing to bear. so it's led by diplomacy. the united nations efforts underway, as you are aware, and certainly our secretary of state. we also see economic aspects to the diplomatic effort to divert them from this wrong path. >> u.s. defense officials say they're planning to conduct a flight test of the thad missile defense system in kodiak, alaska, which would shoot down short and medium range missiles. >> garrett tenney give there. thank you. to give us perspective, bruce klinger, the heritage foundation. former deputy director. b-1 bombers flying up to the dmz, the thad systems, also in south korea. the north koreans care about
9:24 am
this? >> that's really this kind of military response is really more of a signal of resolve for our allies rather than a hope that north korea will be deterred from their actions. the b-1 is not nuclear capable, but in the past we've flown that along with nuclear capable b-52 to the area. leland: where does this go from here? we saw the president in hamburg with the chinese president. at one point he felt confident, that was the chocolate cake meeting in mar-a-lago. and now he's sitting back hoping they'll do something? >> i think there's been flip-flopping. during the campaign, he was critical of china saying they could solve north korea overnight. then at mar-a-lago meeting he thought that president xi promised to take action.
9:25 am
china has promised the game to every previous president. and now they're hoping that they'll have a heavy blow. leland: is the issue that china doesn't have the ability or they don't think it's worth it? >> it's a little bit of both. they have the economic engagement with north korea. they fear any increase in pressure could cause an explosion of north korea latching out or inability with regime collapse. leland: they're not the ones threatened with the north korean weapons. you've noticed that part of the team is ex-officials that have the talks before the talks. i want your thoughts on charles lane and the piece he wrote. if the past 25 years taught three generations of kims anything, potentially adversaries are divided and will tolerate threats and blackmail
9:26 am
and even and conventional attacks rather than the effort it would take to end the game once and for all. he's implying there's a way to end the game and simply the united states, whether it be from my president, really going back to clinton didn't have the will to impose america's will on the rest of our allies. agreed? >> well, right now, there's an international consensus that negotiations is not the way to go. we've had eight international agreements that did not succeed in getting north korea, never build the nukes or to give them up. so, right now-- >> wendy sherman is holding out hope and everybody else is where you're at. >> well, especially after last year's nuclear test. the international consensus is targeting measures. we've been pulling our punches. the u.s. has pulled its punches even on the unilateral actions. i'm hoping the president's imposition of sanctions on one
9:27 am
chinese bank about two weeks ago, i'm hoping that's the first shoe of many to drop. leland: is it fair to say if the president of the united states decided the gloves come off there's a lot more options other than war, that we haven't used so far? >> i think so. i think rather than jumping into an attack. preemption is where north korea we believe is going to attack us so we go first. some are advocating, take out a missile or the entire missile industry in north korea, to prevent them from completing development of that program. i think we're far too early for that. >> so very quickly, options for the next couple of months. what do we watch for? what are the trip-wires for people to go, okay, the trump administration decided to get serious and do things the obama administration hasn't been willing to do? >> if you talk to people in the government who have been working sanctions for a long time. they'll say i've got to list of north korean and chinese entity
9:28 am
in my drawer which i have evidence for and can impose sanctions on for tomorrow. they've always been held back. there are a few more entights to be sanctioned. i think if you tell the government, say, folks, whatever evidence you have, let's implement sanctions against those entities. suffice to say we'll watch and see if the trump administration decides not to pull their punches. appreciate your service. liz. elizabeth: a great interview. back home republican senator ted cruz is getting an earful as he crisscrosses the lonestar state this week. a lot of questions about the republican health care plan. today he's talking veterans health care at a town hall in houston with a group, veterans concerned for america. casy stegall is there. hi. >> these have been dubbed defend and reform town halls and people
9:29 am
are starting to arrive here at the event in houston. let's take you now to inside the room where the event will be going on. it gets started in 30 minutes or so. the stage is set up. and we are aawaiting the senator. senator cruz is holding the public meet and greets with the concerned group, republicans for america to hold for their experiences when it comes to getting health care. to identify what's broken with the system and how to fix it. one talking point, senator cruise has brought up repeatedly, the idea of introducing competition to the va, giving people more options. listen. >> so you look at things like wait times. you have va facilities that are telling veterans, well, you know what? you're going to have a six-week wait time to get this particular treatment. if veterans have the ability to go somewhere else, a lot of vets are going to decide to do that. >> town halls like this one have already been held this week in
9:30 am
dallas and the austin areas. while the to he-- focus has been on veterans, dozens have shown up to see the repeal of obamacare for all americans, and the fear that millions of people would lose their health insurance under a newly drafted plan. >> what i want to ask ted cruz is how can you be a pro-life politician when you are essentially sentencing people to death and that's not hyperbole, that's exactly what's going to happen. >> ted cruz said not repealing obamacare would have quote, catastrophic consequences and he says that republicans have been promising voters this repeal for seven years and they need to get to work. liz wet. elizabeth: all right, casey, thank you so much. coming up, we'll talk with a policy director. a retired marine how the new mment administration is tackling
9:31 am
the big budget fight looming ahead. leland: ahead, the anarchists in hamburg clark with police on the site of the g20 summit. our greg palkot, where else would he be, on the ground in the middle of it. >> behind the lines, between the police and protesters here in hamburg, we got up close with clashes a short time ago, we'll have that for you coming up. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances.
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start where there's a commitment to analyzing the latest research and conducting clinical trials-to help each patient get the personalized cancer care they deserve. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> well, as night falls on germany. people are taking to the streets to protest the g20 summit. we've seen it almost every evening. greg palkot has the latest. have things calmed down a little bit tonight? >> a little bit elizabeth. we are, in fact, behind the police lines. we're not too far from where the g20 summit leaders were meeting. our cameraman will show you the
9:36 am
police line and then the protesters who are basically sitting down in a peaceful gesture towards the police, but it was anything, but this a short while ago. take a look, what we saw, what we heard. >> it's a sign of just how tense things are. a peaceful protest in hamburg has turned dangerous and violent. we're looking at police, confronting the protesters. there are bottles being thrown, there are water cannons being shot and the people here are very angry. it has been violent and people have been taken away. we're hearing the police, we're hearing the protesters. it's going to get uglier now. that was the scene a short while ago. it was a bit of a clash at the end of what was a peaceful march. something like 40,000 people taking to the street to protest the g20. capitalism, fascism, you name
9:37 am
it, even, yes, president donald trump. as we say it got violent, but last night we saw even more, bonfires set in the streets, stores being looted, molotov cocktails being thrown by the protesters. police responding with water cannons and more. the figures we're getting, 200 policemen injured. 114 protesters arrested. again now though, elizabeth, things are a bit calm. the g20 summit has wrapped up basically. only a half mile from where we're standing right now, and the hope here is that things will stay calm tonight after literally three days of violence. it's been a risky gesture holding this g20 summit in the center of one of germany's biggest cities. frankly, it hasn't gone all that smoothly, but the police here are hoping the worst is over. elizabeth: greg palkot reporting live. stay safe.
9:38 am
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>> the department of veterans affairs has fired more than 500 employees since january. we know that because the department posted the data online yesterday. a step towards making the va transparent and accountable, three years after a whistle blower exposed mismanagement and manipulated wait times at va facilities. that's one of the issues being talked about today at a town hall in houston. let's bring in dan caldwell. thanks for being with us. thanks for all you do. >> thanks for having me on today. >> start with this, are the veterans you're hearing from and
9:43 am
talking to at these forums seen a significant difference in their care as a result of these changes? >> well, i think overall, that veterans are optimistic about a lot of the changes that are being made by the new administration and we have concerned for america have said so far, both secretary shulkin and president trump have done the job, but it's a massive system. a lot haven't trickled down across the country and veterans are running into problems. the difference is now you have an administration and va secretary that acknowledges those problems and are proposing real solutions to fix them. leland: are there real ability to fix them? these are enormous
9:44 am
bureaucracies. are there people willing to make necessary sacrifices to effect real and positive change? >> why he -- yes, absolutely. i think that senator ted cruz we've done three town halls with is one of those politicians. he's willing to step up and increasing for bad employees and increasing health care choice for veterans who are trapped in a system. and we think there's in congress to make the changes. leland: so often in government when there's a problem they throw more money at it. as reagan said, if you've got a problem, subsidize it. to that end, the va's budget increased 84% under president obama and seems the problems got worse. do you cut the funding? what do you do to fix it if it's not a money issue.
9:45 am
>> i think you hit the nail on the head. it's not a money issue, that you saw a massive increase in the va's budget under the bush administration and the obama administration, that did not get better. they need to step out of the mindset, that this is a fix-it and some of the proposals i talked about earlier. increasing for bad employees. incentivize the va to improve itself. you could actually save money instead of having to dump more and more money into the system. >> savings is something that's always a good thing, we don't have enough of it here in washington. last question for you, ted cruz has been somebody whose been extraordinarily vocal about obamacare. he was run of the original senators who came out against the repeal and replace bill. right now that's in front of the senate they're negotiating on. what's the intersection between caring for our veterans and obamacare if there is one? >> i think that's an excellent
9:46 am
question. i think the intersection is that the va shows what happens when there's too much government control of a health care system. and that should be the lesson to the senate and the house and the president of what happens when a system is completely controlled by the government and there's no competition. so, a lot of lessons from the failures of the va can be applied to the health care vector. >> the va is what the original term red tape came out of. so, there's some lessons there that you talk about. dan, appreciate your insights and what you're doing as well down there. we'll come back and we've got a camera inside and we'll take a listen in a few minutes. >> i appreciate it and thank you for having me on. leland: thank you, sir. elizabeth. elizabeth: coming up after the break, a u.s. show of force in response to a military test this week. what options the u.s. and our
9:47 am
allies have against the regime. memories of a somber milestone still fresh for many in this reclusive communist nation. we'll explore the current and diplomatic options for both sides in the escalating security crisis.
9:48 am
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9:51 am
>> with north korea again at the center of global security crisis, another one, look back 23 years ago today and the death of that communist leader's first quote, great leader, kim il-song. you'll recall the grief followed by days of mourning. and mod more subdued displays as they go to large statues of kim and his son and successor kim jong-il and now kim jong-un. >> and many leaders believe that kim jong-un belief that he has a military posture that's reckless. here is general jack keane. thank you for joining us.
9:52 am
>> thank you. elizabeth: and after the 4th of july. and many say the united states was caught flat-footed and watching the advancement and doing nothing. i want to hear about the criticism. >> and there was a policy of taking no action whatsoever and patience, and some tough sanctions was a failed policy. and this kim jong-un gets a lot of publicity because of the reckless rhetoric. he really has changed the strategy from his grandfather who we showed here. her grandfather believed nuclear weapons were need today preserve the regime and if they developed it in secret the united states would acquiesce to that capability and that's the fact. what what they did. they developed in secret and acquiesc acquiesced. and this leader doesn't think that. he doesn't think that a nuclear weapon on north korea would save
9:53 am
the regime. he believes that the united states would take him out. he's changed the strategy. the outcome he believes would be the same that we will eventually acquiesce to the capability and do nothing about it because we do know the want to go to war on that pence given the horrific nature of what that war is, that's what he's counting on. elizabeth: you talked about the united states acquiescing to some of his move. my question was in 2003 the international community sort of came together. there was this six-party talks and included china, u.s., south korea, japan and russia and fast forward to 2009 north korea walked because they didn't feel they wanted to meet the demands. going forward do we need to see that group of countries get together and say, here, here are your options and do not let them walk? >> where the trump team is now, they're moving to a policy that they refer to as maximum pressure and going to the international community diplomatically, everybody that's
9:54 am
doing business with north korea, they want them to stop. whether that's a commodity, or whether it's using workers from north korea, stop. they have also begun sanctioning china. we'll see what manies could -- what comes out of the meeting our president had with the president of china. he got a commitment in the past that's not working. what they'll do with china, if he doesn't get a commitment he believes is real we'll begin a sanking program of china that will begin to take down some of their major banks. this is serious, it will have adverse impact on the relationship between the united states and china, but the trump team has made the decision, the strategic decision that this is a prudent step to take, short of going to war. elizabeth: what's the ripple effect in that? you're right, they did have a meeting this morning. we've been watching on twit tower see if there's any type of response. the last tweet we had in regards to china was on july 5th where he said listen, it's gone up 40%. and we know that that's probably addressed in the meeting.
9:55 am
what's the ripple effect if we put sanctions on china and how are we able to do that? >> well, we'll do it in a sense that the banks are participating in world financial systems. the united states financial system. they're also participating in european financial system. we would ask our allies to shut them off. we would shut them off from ours. there's other business entities, that are in china, that are militarizing north korea. they have ties around the world. we'll shut them off. we have never given north korea the kind of sanctioned overloads that we did with iran or even that we've done with russia, with i i don't think are all that tough to begin with. so, we have been rather timid with north korea for a long time. i think the trump team has taken the gloves off here, they're going after this thing in earnest. they're going to give it everything they have because they know the alternative could possibly mean war on the peninsula. >> all right, general jack keane, interesting. we hope to have you back, sir. thank you so much.
9:56 am
leland. leland: much more ahead in the next hour of america's news headquarters. a busy saturday, president trump celebrated after a plan to repeal and replace obamacare through the house and now the push to get the bill through the senate, well, they've had some problems. we'll tell you how the white house is whipping votes and we're just a few minutes away from senator ted cruz taking the stage in houston for a town hall on veterans issues. live to hear the senator when we come back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... with reduced redness,... thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you're allergic to any of its ingredients.
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10:00 am
>> america absolute records from washington, nice to be with you, busy saturday. neil: here's what making news, donald trump in the air headed home after a busy g 20 summit in hamburg, germany including a sitdown with shine's president just hours after a military message to north korea. leland: republicans in congress push to repeal and replace obamacare before the august recess, can they overcome major differences to get the job done? what is at stake? fair and balanced political panel coming up. elizabeth: ted cruz in a town hall talking about how to help
10:01 am
our wounded warriors, life picture as soon as he takes the stage we will take you there live. that is a wrap on donald trump's first g 20 meeting. he is capping off the summit with a face-to-face meeting on the sidelines with chinese president xi jinping as the us ramps a pressure to keep north korea in check. john roberts has the latest. >> we should here in the next few minutes a little more about donald trump's meeting with chinese premier xi jinping because we have three senior administration officials, the chief economic advisor, national security advisor hr mcmaster and steve mnuchin, treasury secretary, aboard air force one, the thorny issues between the united states and china include trade, the president wants to level the playing field, reduce $347 billion trade deficit we had with china and get china
10:02 am
more on board to reign in the nuclear program. the president got more strident in his language on twitter suggesting china had given up on the idea, but sounded and optimistic note a little while ago. >> i appreciate the things you have done. very substantial problem, has to be done. it creates a very big issue for the united states. many things have happened. a great threat to do something.
10:03 am
>> reporter: the second big important bilateral meeting for donald trump in as many days, yesterday the news was about his first sit down with russia's president vladimir putin. it led to a disagreement over russia's meddling in the us election. we heard vladimir putin said he wasn't responsible. his foreign minister said the president accepted that position. the white house said wait a minute, we didn't expect that position. a short time ago the russian president himself addressed it, listen to how he put it. >> he asked questions, he was genuinely interested, i as far as i could, i answered him in detail. he asked me questions, i clarified and he was satisfied with my answers. leland: satisfied didn't mean he accepted the answers. the media could have gone two's, to hour and 15 minute argument
10:04 am
whether or not russia was responsible for the hacking or they could agree to disagree and move on to other issues, they chose the latter of those prospects, they got some things done. something else making news earlier today, a meeting of the g 20 on african migration and health, donald trump went after one of those bilateral meetings, ivanka in between xi jinping of china and teresa may of britain to the consternation on twitter and a battle between republican strategist navarro and donald trump junior, given the choice between president donald or president it ivanka i would take her, she is smart and eloquent. to which donald trump junior responded she is very smart and eloquent, you can be litter all you want with your snark, what
10:05 am
1-on-1 she is out of your league. a very protective brother. ivanka setting with her father a couple times, none of the times did she address the g 20. elizabeth: appreciate it. leland: let's bring back to hamburg, from the g 20, nice to see you, sir. >> good seeing you. leland: a little bit of a delay to work with understandably so. in so many g 20 summit in the past there was the united states president and everybody else and it was clear that is not just first among equals, he was almost a first as president of the united states. did that hold true in the summers or are we in a new era? >> we are certainly in a new era
10:06 am
and this was unmistakably angela merkel's g 20 summit. she is the german chancellor. her profile has only risen in the trump era. she was the host of the summit so it is understandable she would set the agenda but she set it around issues like climate change, trade and migration, on issues donald trump is divided with the rest of the developed world on. leland: were people dismissive of donald trump about that or was there a uniting among other g 20 nations against the united states over the climate issue? so many in the united states viewed as a giant jan where in europe it is enormously important. >> one of the stories out of the g 20 today, so much news to come out of the summit, the g 20 nations signed onto a
10:07 am
communiqué, they included a passage on climate, it was the only area of disagreement. 19 countries made a statement at the paris climate agreement is irreversible, the united states is alone now, the united states fossil fuels is part of the equation, trump driven us energy policy. clearly is a statement was the us will go it alone. angela merkel said we can't wait, it is important for these other 19 countries to get on record supporting the paris climate agreement and she ended up with a dissenting opinion from the united states which is very unusual for a g 20. leland: the news and the discussion of the meetings between donald trump and vladimir putin, and his chinese counterpart. this comes out of what john
10:08 am
roberts was saying, hamburg, germany associated press, trump believes in denial of russian meddling but better to ask trump himself and eli blake, a noted foreign policy expert analyst hear from bloomberg in the united states, noteworthy in the past the president retweeted his articles, this vladimir putin guy is making you look like a chump. there was a couple hours before the president headed back to the united states. is there a feeling among the folks you talk to not just in the united states but other countries that vladimir putin got the upper hand here? what is the ringside score from the g 20? >> we don't know word for word what happened at that meeting. we will hear more from the white house on this. we heard mostly from vladimir putin and his foreign minister.
10:09 am
>> i'm interested in a general view among the other delegations, we started with is the us president no longer king, did they outmaneuver him in the early round? >> one of the other things to come out of that meeting is the syrian cease-fire and that is not nothing. a revamping of the relationship with russia can lead some specific policy goals. and on the issue of interference in the united states election and remember that is not just an issue for the united states. russia has been accused of middling elections across europe, the french presidential election, other european leaders would like to see a stronger united states response to russian malicious fiberactivity
10:10 am
and subversion of democracy and the sense that donald trump did not get admission from vladimir putin that was happening but only someone's a vague agreement in the future and not to middle and each other at elections. that feeds into the vladimir putin era, even though russia didn't do this, even if it did, i don't think we made any progress, what we have to see is what comes out of the agreement. leland: the russians don't have a great track record in going along with it. more spin from the white house, air force one makes the flight making a gaggle john roberts talked about. keep it right here all weekend long for news on that gaggle and for the latest on the impact of
10:11 am
donald trump's overseas trip, chris wallace, sits down for an exclusive interview with reince priebus talking healthcare, the trip, domestic policy as well and on media buzz, talking to kellyanne conway about coverage of the president's trip and the controversy over the president's recent tweets, 11:00 eastern tomorrow. speaking of domestic policy, pushing vote to repeal and replace obamacare can the senate had home for the august recess, they are weeks away from getting a bill on the floor. some in the gop, forget the august recess. >> it is safe to say the republican road to health care has been paved with potholes and does not look like it is going to be a smooth drive according to analysis.
10:12 am
this is the most unpopular major piece of legislation in the past 30 years. mitch mcconnell says it is complicated. >> the senate republican conference about the way forward and i don't know the answer yet. have republican -- what the problem is, whether it can be included from a parliamentary point of view, very a complicated. >> the republicans expect it to pass healthcare legislation by july 4th. instead they receive opposition from the plan from democrats and members of their own party. some see hope from ted cruz, allow insurers to sell stripped-down plans. >> are you assured they will push it so far to the right you will push away moderates? >> not at all. we support print senator lee's
10:13 am
efforts. the transpired in the house. we hope it is part of the process of bringing everybody together. >> chuck schumer called the amendment a hoax saying it makes healthcare more expensive because deductibles and copayments would be so onerous that many americans would pay more out of their pockets then they pay today. moderate republicans as well, and iowa public radio, concerned about proposal is subterfuge and could annihilate the preexisting condition requirement in the existing bill. >> one thing republicans have been united about, allison barber, thank you very much. >> a contributor to the hill,
10:14 am
and the democratic strategist. senator mcconnell was in kentucky. and i want to get your reaction. >> >> medicaid expansion, packed on that for a number of years. >> i want to get your reaction in the short-term, and the long-term hundreds of thousands of people just in kentucky stand to be affected by the change to the senate. >> mitch mcconnell needs to look at what people are saying in the states, west virginia and other states, this impact would impact their citizens, some are on medicaid, they need to get more in touch with details of this bill and be more involved,
10:15 am
leadership saying things like we might move on and paul ryan, they need to double down and make this work out otherwise they need to move on. >> also reaction to this soundbite we just heard but also the fact that this week he may be interested in bringing in democrats when you hear soundbites like that, when you democrats get on board. >> democrats get on board, we are not going back to a time and place where preexisting conditions weren't covered, people had to rely on going to the emergency room's for basic healthcare. we are going to move forward and there are three easy ways to do that. number one, if we look at cost shares, if those are guaranteed that will put the marketplace in position, if we look at the state of maine and what alaska did and having high risk employees be funded by the state and they issued a reinsurance, that is the second perfect thing. third, if we incentivize insurers into the marketplace, more stability and bring premiums down.
10:16 am
>> in alaska, it does sound great but that is a lot for states to pay for. so many states, the federal government to pay for it. >> which is true. the federal government will be spending less money. let's be honest about this, and national securities. >> former house oversights chairman jason chaffetz was on the show and i asked him the biggest sticking point, medicaid or ted cruz's consumer freedom act or the cbo score turned off a lot of senators. he particularly said making it an open market where insurance can be sold across lines, i am curious from your perspective what you think senators are stuck on this week.
10:17 am
>> it is are they are stuck on anything. if the president wants to spend time on capitol hill, i want to step back on one thing. the va has done very good with specialty care, primary care, a government run healthcare system has numerous primary health, this idea that there are not problems with the law that need to be changed. this is their opportunity to do it. they will find some common ground and make something happen, got to get it done. >> mitch mcconnell said he may do that. democrats will be on board and that being said the bill has to go back to the house. >> it does have to go back to the house and it is imperative on paul ryan to work with democrats, not only making its
10:18 am
way to the senate but make its way through the house. talk about something that affects every single american and there has got to be a way to come together and make sure everyone is protected because of the end of the day we are all one bad day away from being financially insolvent, that is not the american dream. >> we say they need to work together, it sounds idealistic. thank you for that uplifting debate. >> senator ted cruz speaking at a town hall
10:19 am
10:20 am
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an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> you see senator ted cruz has taken to the stage. is in houston speaking to a group of concerned veterans for america. dan caldwell spoke on the show earlier. >> things get marginally better. and why do we keep hearing about
10:24 am
these problems. >> it is a great question. they are organizing people on the ground, terrific work in washington. the impact is really significant. it is understandably frustrating. the va has wonderful professions. many are veterans, a lot of men and women compare -- care about the mission they have. providing for and caring for, the va is a gigantic government bureaucracy. it is larger than the united
10:25 am
states navy and government bureaucracies by their nature are in efficient, are often responsive or cumbersome and that has been exacerbated in recent years, where we all have seen the scandals that broke out, va facilities, phantom and fake books denying veterans care, denying the care they earned and deserved and in some cases denying life-saving care that was desperately needed. in my view there are two significant reforms that need to happen. we need substantially more accountability, accountability and the va like any government institution and it is exceptionally difficult for them to be consequences for bad behavior. that is one of the things helping lead the effort in the senate, to provide more accountability so if we have an
10:26 am
employee who has broken criminal laws they should be prosecuted. [applause] >> if we have an employee wrongfully denied care contrary to law they should be disciplined or if the facts merit it, terminate it. [applause] >> we have seen some progress in expanding accountability in the va, very active in pushing for that but we need to do more. the second piece, this is the broader structural reform, we need much more choice in the va. i am a strong believer that veterans, every veteran out to choose your own doctor. [applause] >> if you want to go to the va, you think that is where you will
10:27 am
get the best service that is your right, you have bled forward, you have earned it and we need to protect that. elizabeth: you are speaking live to ted cruz speaking to a group of concerned veterans for america, dan caldwell posed the question, talking about two reforms he would make. terminate and prosecute anyone denied care or break the law and the second was choice which is what we have been hearing from senator ted cruz. we will keep an eye on this town hall and as news warrants we will bring it to you live. some other stories making headlines today north korea after recent successful success of an intercontinental ballistic missile was a dramatic escalation of tension in our region prompting tough diplomatic talks from washington in much of the world community and the us is backing it up with a military show of unity. gary joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it is important to
10:28 am
remember every time north korea conducts one of these missile tests their goal is to develop a nuclear missile capable of hitting the united states. this morning they wanted to send a message of their own and that is we are ready. us, japanese and south korean forces just -- conducted a precision training exercise in what would be a simulated attack on north korea. two us bombers from anderson air force base in guam to just outside the korean demilitarized zone. japanese and south korean fight adjusts escorted by was the practiced attack capabilities by dropping inactive weapons on targets in the isolated range in south korea. the deputy commander of us forces said us bombers and republic of korea fighters or two of many lethal military options at our disposal. this mission demonstrates the us are okay alliance remains prepared to use full range of
10:29 am
capabilities to preserve the security of the korean peninsula and region. the us is focused on diplomatic efforts to curb north korea's nuclear ambition and that meant pressuring china to use its influence on pyongyang, something that hasn't happened to the extent us officials like to see. >> our experience with china has been, i said this to others, has been uneven, china has taken significant action and for a lot of different reasons they paused and didn't take additional action. >> officials hope that will change following the president's meeting with china's president today. rex tillerson said earlier this week they don't have a lot of options. >> i'm curious what comes out of that meeting, thank you so much, appreciate it. leland: face-to-face at last, the meeting between donald trump
10:30 am
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10:34 am
>> the anticipation of the handshake between donald trump and vladimir putin is matched only by the spin after, foreign-policy talks firing back on the us administration saying donald trump got played. for example this from steve hayes at the weekly standard. in the unlikely event that there was any remaining confusion about us capitulation, response to reporters, questioned ended do. i think what the two presidents rightly focused on how do we move forward from here? leon aaron, director of russian studies at the american enterprise institute joins us
10:35 am
now. place to move forward. sometimes there has to be a price paid for behavior. >> we don't know what is in the black box. looks like they covered a great deal of ground, four types longer than anticipated. there were two things trump should have done to shake our relationship. you have to discuss with vladimir putin in detail what it is that concerns us. very forceful diplomat in a frank way. syria cyberattacks, estonia, ukraine, and the second thing is to offer him carrots or sticks
10:36 am
for moderating behavior or continuing financial interests. looks to me there were no sticks offered. >> think about the trump administration so often called vladimir putin now and especially on the campaign trail strong, all these things and made fun of the president obama for being played by vladimir putin, getting bad deals from vladimir putin. did we see anything that indicates the russians feel as though they need to fear a tough and equal donald trump? >> that is exactly the point. when jack kennedy went into summit with the russian leader nikita khrushchev in vienna, very wild french guy said need to impress on him is being willing to fight if necessary. kennedy didn't because khrushchev put nuclear missiles in cuba next year. has trump done that?
10:37 am
that to me would indicate if the summit was successful or not. >> steve wrote about important implications on the wind that the administration is talking about. embarrassment wasn't limited to interference in the us election. where rex tillerson claimed american and russian objectives were the same as we have seen discussion of this cease-fire that is supposed to go into effect in 24 hours but they don't know anything about it and as we discussed the russian cease-fires are not worth a couple of rubles. >> do you know who will enforce the cease-fire? russian military police. we have nothing to worry about. >> such friendly folks. >> they will grab a few volunteers. this is not just a nonstarter. this is a little bizarre.
10:38 am
>> is there a test now that vladimir putin gives to donald trump to see where to take advantage of this relationship? >> it looks like trump would have had to do that. or proffered vladimir putin continuing to damage our national interest. russia vetoed any sanctions on north korea. doesn't seem to be any discussion or as rex tillerson said, we see things differently. how about creating a wrecking ball on cyberattacks? like having a burglar in your house, you take this but not that. >> the next test is whether vladimir putin's.-- appreciate your time.
10:39 am
thank you. elizabeth: donald trump's nominee to head the fbi takes the hot seat, what makes them up during his conservation hearing, we will discuss that coming up. . add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+.
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use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. >> a new picture twitter of ivanka trump sparking controversy, this was taken during a session of the g 20 and you can barely make her out sitting next to the chinese president and the british prime minister, right in the middle, you see her eyes and her blonde hair, sparking a lot of controversy on twitter why the president's daughter was sitting in for the president, a lot of questions whether there were additional leaders or designees at the same time. more on this with john roberts, white house correspondent at the top of the hour.
10:44 am
elizabeth: just over a month since donald trump tweeted do -- the fbi director, james comey. ray will go before the senate judiciary committee paving the way for a full senate confirmation vote before the august recess. what issues may come up wednesday? a partner at rapp's firm and former right-hand man for the permit of justice, thank you for joining us. i want to start first and foremost not about his experience, we can talk about his experience, he has the resume. what are folks in the american people talking about in what they want for a new fbi director? >> let's think what is at stake. there are tremendous threats facing the united states. the fbi plays a key role and what the american people are looking for is a director who is
10:45 am
principled and fearless and will face those threats with maturity and sober mindedness. elizabeth: when he goes in front of the judiciary committee there will be lawmakers who will want to get under his skin, see him rattled and can he be independent? do you feel there is anything that will be brought up that could be a point of contention? >> i don't think there are points of contention material to the judgment, chris ray come a there is a general consensus that he is the right man at the right time for the fbi. what this hearing will focus on is making sure the questions and assurances are given, and an opportunity for chris to make the case and explain his
10:46 am
principles facts and law approach to all things. when he approaches the case, investigation or issue he will look at the facts, look at the law. elizabeth: a senate confirmation timeline when we see james comey and robert mueller, between nomination and confirmation of james comey, 15 days. the reason i bring that up his he could be talking about what is soon to be christopher ray at the helm of the fbi. in your experience with him does he know what it is like to be an fbi agent? can he relate to the men and women, what leader he is going to be? >> when he was approached to consider the nomination and it became publicized he immediately received a tremendous outpouring
10:47 am
of support. and at the senior leadership at the park. chris has been in the trenches with these men and women investigating the case personally, in the court room in key and critical security briefings at the fbi. he was with them on 9/11. he has been with them through thick and thin. chris has the experience and background, immense respect for the men and women of the fbi to lead them very well. >> my last question is the balancing act, what he is going to be facing, the fbi has more on their plate than ever before. can you balance that? >> chris's mantra is keep calm and tackle hard. if anyone can he can.
10:48 am
elizabeth: thank you for joining us. we will cover the hearing on wednesday. leland: this first in-flight female throwing history for a loop. new evidence about the disappearance of amelia airport nearly 100 years later. ♪ there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> radiations amelia ehrhardt vanished in her attempt to be the first woman to fly around the globe. the unsolved mystery taking a surprising twist as potential evidence is revealed. gary is the executive producer of morningstar entertainment with a new special amelia ehrhardt:the lost evidence airing tomorrow night on the history channel. >> great to be on the show. elizabeth: the picture we are talking about, the author of amelia, the last eminence, when he saw this photograph, you can see her here, focusing on amelia and her navigator in this photograph, it cannot be real
10:53 am
but then it was authenticated by the fbi and two people matched this description. i want to ask you do you agree with that? are you first in disbelief and do you now believe? >> when i first saw the photo i was underwhelmed. i didn't see what was so special about it. on closer inspection, start realizing there are two caucasians in the photo. one of them is obviously a woman. she is wearing pants which was very rare for any woman in the 1930s. her hair is too short to be a local native woman and too long to be a man and she looks like amelia ehrhardt. the other gentleman is looking at us, fred noonan, her navigator with a distinctive widows peak and he is looking at us. we believe it is amelia ehrhardt. elizabeth: there are so many theories that she was taken
10:54 am
captive? >> there are many theories what happened to her including that the u.s. navy first stated after the search that she died at sea. it is interesting to note they never found the plane, no wreckage, nobodies so you can't say that theory is absolute. what you believe is they crash landed in the marshall islands. we believe that is what this photo proves. elizabeth: if folks tune in tomorrow and i what will they learn? can you give us a teaser? >> the show is called amelia ehrhardt:the lost evidence. it premieres on the history channel at 9:00 eastern at 8:00 central. we think people should tune in and see our evidence and judge for themselves. of the 6 is there one thing that surprised you the most when you learned about this new piece of evidence? >> so many people in the marshall islands have been saying this is what happened,
10:55 am
they identified the ship that took them away and that is in the photo. >> we will be tuning in tomorrow night. this takes the case, thank you. leland: i am watching this. runners take part in spain's annual run. why? this guy is asking himself that question as well. we will tell you what happened coming up. ♪ sarah is confident. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully.
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it always has a predictable american man coming towards and is now in the hospital after being - in the annual running of the bulls today. the 22 year old is in serious condition after the bull impaled his arm and dragged him several yards before stomping him. several others sustained injuries.>> would you ever be able to be talked into doing that? >> enough is the first time maybe say i understand but every year we show this video and every year more people do it! >> i think it is just that common sense that you can both
11:00 am
take on a bull. so question, where is his mother? we hope he is okay. in the meantime, a lot more news coming up. see ya! >> we begin with a fox news alert as the president wraps up his second trip overseas as commander-in-chief.air force one taking him back to washington just a short time ago. after a final jampacked session at the g 20 summit in hamburg, germany. good afternoon to you. and hello i'm julie bender welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> hello to you , and the president having yet another high-profile sitdown with vladimir putin. also with the president of china


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