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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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to go there and then i'll get angry about it. and my 85 and no one told me? greg: no one would ever call -- no one would even call people that. kat, your old. thank "watters world" starts right n now. jesse: "watters world" is on. >> president putin and i have been discussing various things. i think it has gone well. it's an honor to be with you. jesse: the heavyweight showdown. president trump and vladimir putin go one-on-one. kellyanne conway and eric bowling here with reaction. one professor calling for a college course to understand white people.
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what did you think of the trump cnn wrestling video? "watters world" heads to wwe summer slam to see what they think of cnn's boondoggle. how the west was won and news lost is the subject of tonight's watters' word. >> the fundamental question much our time is whether the west has the will to survive. do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? just as poland could not be broken, i am here to declare the west will never ever be broken. our values will prevail, our
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people will thrive and our civilization will triumph. jesse: the president also spelled out a geoeconomic policy to pull them away from their dependence on moscow. >> we'll help with your access to energy so polled and other countries are not tide to a single supplier. >> it's tough to be leader of the free world and king of the trolls at the same time. >> it was a tedious speech. jesse: the president held a press conference with the prime minister
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when you are in the company of president trump you realize it's a special place to be. you are with the most powerful man this country, if not the world. >> reality has a way of intruding on the press narrative narrative. >> president macron invited
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president trump to france next week ban the president is going. so i think this is very significant and it's a leader to leader level. there are issues discussed, and ideas presented, and matters conquered together that are way above what everybody else is discussing. jesse: north korea. it looks like china in my opinion doesn't want to see a unified korean peninsula. they want to keep a divided korean peninsula because they are not doing anything to show they are going to make progress on deknew deknew delahrization. having china use its vast
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influence. to calm things down on the peninsula through trade. >> president trump met with all these leaders. we have beef going over to china for the first time. at the same time he met with the leaders of south korea, mr. moon and mr. abe of japan. and so everybody is serious about focusing on the fact that north korea launched a missile that seems to have different capabilities. as secretary of defense james mattis said, we are exploring different channels. and everybody should take a look
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at that. >> i appreciate everything you have done. it's a very substantial problem we all face in north korea. i'm sure that whether it's on north korea or many of the things we are discussing, we'll come to a successful meeting. >> let's see the media cover these issues. they cover russia 50 times more than healthcare or infrastructure. limits see how seriously they take the threat. jesse: it's a threat that should unite all americans. nypd officer gunned down by a cop hater.
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black lives matter is listed as a terrorist organization. a fiery debate coming up. >> he's a loose canon and will give us in trouble. jesse: one college professor wants to study these strange white americans who voted trump. he joins me next.
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>> my partner's shot! my partner's shot!
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the 67th officer to die on duty since january. a nearly 20% jump this year alone. there was zero coverage on msnbc and only 90 seconds on cnn. the increase in cop killings is no surprise with black live matters protesters chanting things like this. [pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon]ness here to debate. , when you hear death chants like that, do you link those to any of the violence on officers? >> i couldn't quite make out what the chant was saying.
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jesse: pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. >> that sounds like a nonsense chant. jesse: i agree it's nonsense, but it's real. >> it's real nonsense. when you talk about is black lives matter responsible for the uptick in violence against police. black lives matter is not an organization with dues-paying members. it's an uprising that came out of police officers killing blacks. when we look at the fact that this organization which isn't really an organization, it's a few people who started a
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hashtag. ess just because it doesn't have a headquarters doesn't mean it's not a vibrant and loud organization. dana: i'll go to you. police officer deaths are up this year, almost 20%. and last year was the deadliest in the last five years for on-duty police killings. do youling black lives matter to any of that? >> yes. this is a group that was invited to the white house and given a platform at the democratic national convention. let's not make it out like it's a couple guys on a street corner who invented a hashtag. this is the one that gets me. what do we want, dead cops. when do we want them? now. this isn't guilt by association,
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it's actively calling for violence against cops. jesse: we all don't want innocent lives to be taken in an exchange with law enforcement. no one wants that, black, white, hispanic, but there are four studies to show there is no racial bias in lethal killing. and lethal force is used against white suspect twice as much as on white suspects. the whole premise that white officers are shooting black suspects is just wrong. >> if you look at the percentage. 13% of america are african-american. 30% of incarcerated women are black women when they only make up 13% of the population of americans.
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straight numbers and percentages can be manipulated to show whatever you want. jesse: that's because african-americans commit more violent crime as a percentage of the population than white americans. they are f.b.i. statistics. as a percentage of the population. but i have to run. and i think we can all agree nobody want to see anybody unfairly targeted by law enforcement. thank you very much. the college professor who says white trump voters are so mysterious, they need to be studied in class. it was the wwe video seen around the world. what do wrestling fans think of this? what did you think about this
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introducing xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. jesse: november 9, 2016, baffled pollsters and members of the main supreme media woke to the reality that president trump had been elected president of the united states. many of his votes came from white working class americans. heartland engagement is an effort to help the left connect with voters in middle america. now a professor is giving a course understanding white americans who don't have college degrees. here to discuss this proposal,
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can't you just walk the streets to find out what white working class americans think? >> apparently it doesn't work. so many of these people who have four-year degrees, the pundits, the politicians, the professors didn't understand the white working class. they don't understand it. since we already have black studies and female studies and gay studies, it seems we should study this group, too, so everybody, republicans, liberals, democrats and conservatives will understand. we have to understand it. also, something i came up with after i made this call, it's already being picked up with by the way.
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life expectancy is a basic measure how well we are doing. since the revolutionary war life expectancy has gown for every group. but recently it has been going down for every white working class. they are suffering from what the experts call diseases of despair, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and suicide. jesse: that's why the opioid crisis is such a big issue for president trump. let me save you have a little paper on the study tip used to go out on the street in "watters world" and talk to regular americans. i will explain why i think they voted for donald trump over hillary clinton. obamacare was hammering them. a lot of good-paying jobs left to go overseas. the open border situation was having hispanics come in and undercut their wages.
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they didn't trust hillary clinton and couldn't relate to hillary clinton. donald trump's america first policy they could relate to and he was funny. and he's someone they believe could make america great again. that's pretty simple? >> it should be. why is it everybody else doesn't understand it. and i don't think that's quite true. if you look at blacks and hispanics many of them are suffering from the same problems the white working class are. their life expectancy is going up and they are not suffering from diseases of despair. you could be the first chair of white working class studies. jesse: i will be the white man chairperson. democrats put refugees over
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veterans. they put illegal aliens over police officers and celebrate black lives matter. >> republican sources are saying republicans have to do this also. both parties have got to do it. jesse: lindsey lohan come together defense of president trump this week. dean cane is here to share first-hands experience of the bullying effect of the left. mobilize financing for the paris
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jesse: the tsa failed 95% of its security tests. and i can't even bring my toothpaste. controversial activist linda sarsour is calling for jihad against president trump. she called on muslim americans to unite against the white house. >> i hope when we stand up to those who oppress our community that allo that allah accepts frs as a form of jihad not just in other parts of the world, but here in the united states of america where you have farbists and islamaphobes reining in the white house.
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jesse: lindsey lohan tweeted out, this our president. stop bullying him and start supporting him. >> how much trouble did you get into for telling him a that? >> a lot. jesse: a hawaiian-themed restaurants was forced to close its doors. the owner apologized saying it was an whom aag an an homage toe he loved. the animal rights group peta staged a promotional event where
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women in bikinis handed out treats to the crowds. the "new york times" strikes again. a parody twitter account was used as an actual twitter account. it claimed the north korean government belittled the exercise. the times was forced to publish a correction. the white house is pushing back to a story from "the daily beast." senior white house officials say it never happened.
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that will be the first time or the last time. joining me is actor and coast of "masters of illusion." >> i could sit here for an hour and a half. your whole show could be that. they just keep coming. i just think it's stupid. some people take it as real and that bothers me. i say that's ridiculous. but it's insane. jesse: when you had conversations with your left-wing hollywood press, do they trot out fake news as real news and do you have to correct them? >> that's a constant thing that happens. no, they haven't proven collusion. it's not something.
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no he doesn't work with putin and he doesn't have a hammer and sickle. jesse: do they listen to you? >> they lisp but i'm not sure they hear me. here is the thing for me. i'm an independent. if your argument is better than mine and can convince me, i will believe it. jesse: cnn taking more heat for threatening the person behind the video of president trump body slamming the cnn logo. they threatened to reveal his identity. when you hear of a company as big as cnn going after some little guy on the internet. >> it's disgusting. it's a very bad look for cnn and it's hurting them a lot. they guaranteed there will be
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900,000 memes of donald trump. jesse: the ratings in the last two weeks since the fake news has gone down for cnn. and it's unfortunate for cnn. >> everything on that channel, that show, it's all attack trump. that gets boring after a while. look at way he shook hand. did you see the tweet, oh, my god, my god, my god. jesse: we had that at the front of the show. jesse: the next time you are in the hollywood walk of stars. >> walk of fame. jesse: if you see someone defacing donald trump's star would you give them a thump for me?
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>> if i saw someone burning the american flag, they will hear my opinion. jesse: if you see dean cain at the hollywood walk of stars or walk of fame, don't deface the star, he's coming after you. "watters world" gets the coop on what wwe fans think of cnn blackmailing a reddit user over the viral video. eric bolling is here with his take on the importance of going nationalist. >> our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism of any kind. you won't see these folks at the post office.
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>> americans, pols and nations of europe value individual freedom and sovereignty. we must work together to confront forces whether they come african side or out, from
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the south or east that come together to undermine these values and culture of faith and tradition that make us who we are. our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism of any kinds. we cannot accept those who don't share our values. jesse: some say the was his best speech yet. something we should all agree on, but as usual the mainstream media disagrees. check out his headline. "newsweek" wrote this. defend the west. trump speech
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eric: he tweeted about the book. i think the biggest thing trump can do. i talk to him continue to look at the oval office like a board room.
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and steven mnuchin working for us. when did you hear a president say how much did that cost? he's trying to cut the cost for the taxpayers. >> i'm glad we are taking cash out of these fat cats. whatever you want, eric. eric: i want the beer nuts. jesse: i want the pea nuts and i want the beer. cnn lengthed to out the reddit user who created the trump-cnn wrestling video.
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jesse: after a meme of the there are vent viral body slamming a loco of cnn. we wanted to see what wwe fans thought. roll the tape. what did you think about this trump-cnn wrestling video? >> i thought it was great. i love everything trump does. best president we ever had. >> pretty damn stupid. >> whoever did it did a wrong job. >> donald trump is showing the world how fake mainstream media is. >> he attacked cnn the way he attacked great news and pell
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make america great again. jesse: did the trump cnn video make want to do try lens to anybody at cnn? >> of course not. the president has never inspired violence. jesse: cnn is blackmailing the maker of the video. >> that's terrible. it's absurd to try to break someone's first amendment rights. jesse: what's more fake, cnn or wrestling. >> wrestling. jesse: wrong. >> wrestling, i'll never say that's fake. >> most of the stuff on there is pure anti-conservative [bleep] jesse: pretends i'm on cnn and take me down.
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i'm not going to push if you a headlock because i don't want to necessary your hair. do you know who i am? >> watters, no question.
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jesse: time for your tweets of the week. first you are. i tried to rob the pop collar look and my girl friend shot me down. the only thing about watching "watters world" is watching it again. jesse watters, you are a kook, don't change. hashtag proud american. nice rock. i like that. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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remember, i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: president trump lead the g20 summit. >> she was on duty serving this city. judge jeanine: and she was murdered in cold blood. why did you stop out of the city to join anarchists. also tonight, tomi lahren on the president's trip and his meeting w


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