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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  July 9, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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and to increase driver awareness to minimize environmental impacts, while enjoying. >> i had been scuba diving i diving in the case. it's only in the keys could something like that happen. under the sea. and with that. >> chris: i'm chris wallace and president trump is back in washington after his first meeting with latimer putin. what should we look for in relations with u.s. and russia? >> i look forward to a lot of very positive things happening with russia in the united states and for everybody concerned. >> chris: in the wake of the g20 summit we will discuss where things stand and the trump agenda. when we sit down with white house chief of staff, reince priebus. it is fox news sunday exclusive. then, the senate returns from recess still confronted with
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what to do about obama care. is repeal and replace going to happen? >> we will ask. plus, as north korea gets closer to a nuclear icbm, president trump reaches out again to chinese president. >> i'm sure whether on trader north korea, we will come to a successful agreement. >> chris: we will ask our panel if there's any way to stop kim jong-un own and his tracks. all right now on fox news sunday. hello again from fox news in washington. president trump is back at the white house after the g20 summit where he seemed to get along better with russian president putin then some of our long-time european allies.
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where do we stand now on foreign hotspots, trade, and climate change? what about a newly disclosed meeting in 2016 between the president sun, trump campaign officials, and a russian lawyer? in a few minutes we'll break it down with an exclusive interview with the white house chief of staff, reince priebus. first, let's bring in kevin cork from the white house with the latest. >> chris, no matter how far away the president travels from washington, for example the 400, this white house is never far away from the russian meddling story. it was one of the topics heading into the g20 and is one again coming out. the president is talking and tweeting about it. this time talking about his meeting with president of vladimir putin. he vehemently denied it. i have given my opinion. later the president tweeted on sunday, putin and i discussed forming a cyber security unit so that election hacking and other negative things will be guarded.
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this, as fox news confirms that donald trump junior arranged a meeting with the russian lawyer with connections to the kremlin. that meeting he failed to disclose on his federal paperwork it but have been noted by other attendees like jared kushner upon manafort. we've heard from the trump legal team that the person who took part of that meeting may have misrepresented herself and who she worked for in may have had ties to dnc operatives. an interesting twist in that story. as for deliverables in the g20 summit, a cease-fire is an obvious one. the presidents tweeting out the time to move forward to working constructively with russia. another deliverable, he announced an agreement with china to develop --'s concerts to the have over the north. on trade in the final committee which acknowledge to seek more equity abroad, mr. trump tweeted this, g20 summit a great success for the u.s. he explained that the u.s. must affix the bad trade deals they
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have made and it will get done. also america's decision to back out of the paris climate accord which it called irreversible, according to the white house it is nonbinding and we are out. >> chris: kevin, thank you for that. joining me now, president trumps chief of staff, reince priebus. welcome back. >> i'm happy to be here. >> chris: must are with breaking news that in june of 2016 there was a previously undisclosed meeting. let's put up the players on the screen. donald trump junior, this was during the campaign. jeff fisher, the presidents son-in-law and senior visor and campaign chairman, paul metaphor. they met with a russian lawyer with ties to the come on. why did they mean and why are we just learning about a? >> i don't know much about it other than what i have communicated with various members on the screen. it was a short meeting about a russian adoption. after about 20 minutes the meeting ended. that was in debate.
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as far as nondisclosure, look, chaired kushner put in his pre-disclosure prematurely and has since amended it. it was a nothing meeting. what is developing if you look at the article that circa put out, set the individual who set up the meeting may have been involved with fusion gps ways which is an opposition research firm which is being subpoenaed and talk to by the senate judiciary committee about their role in putting together a phony dossier that people know about in regard to the president. it's a developing story. i don't know much except it seems to be on the end of the trump individual, big nothing burger but might spin out of control for the dance in democrats. >> chris: in terms of the dnc, are you suggesting that this was somehow a set up by democrats to link them or compromise them with the russians?
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this was before there's any russian interference with the election. why would they have done that? >> why was in the gps and involved in putting together the dossier. i don't know. however what i can tell you is for my communication with our team on the subject, there was nothing to it, it was a 20 minute meeting. it ended after everybody was decidedly sitting there said there's nothing happening here. they moved on. in the end what will you will find in the story is that there are more questions on the democrat side than anywhere else. >> chris: one must question about the meeting. why would donald trump junior, jared kushner, and campaign chairman, paul manafort want to meet with the russian lawyer about russian adoption? >> i have no idea. you have to talk to them. talking about issues of foreign-policy issues relating to our place in the world,
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issues important to the american people like adoption is not something unusual. when you go through a campaign you're not just talking to a particular group of people, in this case adoptions in russia. you have policy teams talking to about asia, policy teams that run the gambit. apparently so. >> chris: i want to clear up what really happened in the putin trump summit in hamburg on friday. russian foreign minister says that after putin denied meddling in the election, he, trump, this is his quote that he accepts these assertions and president trump said, this is laugh off quoting trump, certain circles in the u.s. are still exaggerating although they can approve this, the topic of russia's interference with your selection. is that true? >> no. the president absolutely do not
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believe the denial of president putin. but the president it was he immediately came into the meeting, talked about russian meddling, one after that issue at least two separate times, this is not just a five-minute piece of the conversation. this was an extensive portion of the meeting and after going out it with president putin more than once, two times maybe three times the president at that point after spending time on the subject moved on to other topics. >> we will get to that. >> chris: he does not accept princeton isle, he believes the russian metal. >> he's answered it very times they probably meddled in the election. one thing he also says which drives the media crazy is that others have as well. that is true. china has, north korea has, and they have consistently over many years. so, yes. he believes that russia probably
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committed all of these acts that we have been told of. he also believes that other countries also. >> chris: let's move to the next subject which is, what is the response and the consequences for doing that? i want to put up a tweet that your boss has been busy on twitter today. now it is time to move forward in working constructively with russia. does that mean they're off the hook as far as russian meddling is concern? >> no. what it means is we are not going to forgo progress simply because we have a disagreement in regard to the meddling in the united states election. it means we need to move forward with things like a cease-fire in syria which is going to save lives which were doing starting today in southwestern syria. we need to move forward with working together with isis. we need to move forward on resolving the conflict in the ukraine.
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you can walk and chew gum at the same time chris. >> chris: how do you respond to democrats like chuck schumer who are saying it's disgraceful that the president comes out of this meeting basically says will move forward. >> we could solve world peace a world famine and senator schumer would say the same. it's programmatic when it comes to trash in the president. when you look at what president trump did in europe and recommitting ourselves to the nato allies and partners across the world. committing ourselves to the values of the west and delivering a speech in poland which many have set are the best speeches since ronald reagan. look at what he did in hamburg. other than are small disagreements on trade in the paris agreement, we have unification with our allies. >> chris: let's talk about another aspect of the trump putin meeting. in that syria. they did discuss it.
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here's how secretary of state tillerson described it afterwards. >> by and large our objectives are the same. maybe they have the right approach we have the wrong approach. >> chris: the secretary of state says the u.s. and russia have exactly the same objectives and that may be they have the right approach we have the wrong approach, russia, putin are backing aside who has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians and they may have the right approach? >> what he might've been referring to is that barack obama put a red line in the sand and did not follow through with the threat he may. we find ourselves behind the ball in syria because nothing happen for many years. and now with the outside looking in. that being said, we need to move forward. and actually maybe work with russia bringing peace to syria. that's what you're seeing the beginning stages of happening. >> chris: but they want assad,
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who is slaughtering hundreds of thousands. >> maybe not long-term. certainly is a butcher and all bad person and you seem president trump act decisively when it comes to syria. do not take them long to pull the trigger in regard to a response to the chemical attack. that's a decisive leader. that's what the g20 leaders on hamburg. somebody who's decisive and not afraid. and he stands up for himself when it comes to issue disagreement. >> chris: let's talk about that subject. generally at the g20 summits, the meeting of the world's leading economy the u.s. sets the tone. a lot of times and you just refer to it, sharp disagreement over climate change. the complete disagree and the kind of tapered over the disagreement a trade which is still there. does the president have any
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trouble when his one against 19? >> the american people should look at that as a positive. if a president who doesn't just show up and sink into his chair and suddenly agree with all the european leaders across the table. when it comes to issues he disagrees on. the president has made it clear that he doesn't believe the paris agreement is fair. it's really not a disagreement on the environment. it's a disagreement on the agreement itself and the fact that we don't want to be hamstrung by an agreement that will hurt the american worker across the country that the president has pledged to support. we disagree in regard to trade a little bit and the fact that the president believes trade should be fair. that's something the president is standing up to the american people. >> on trade the president may decide in the next two days weather not to impose tough
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restrictions on steel imports coming into the country. talk about a possible 25% tariff. the head of your pain commission says, we are prepared to take up arms if need be. is president trump ready for an international trade were? >> first of all the president does what he says he's going to do. he's been talking about steel, aluminum, cars for 30 years, practically my entire life. he believes of the things he believes in. there's actually a national security piece to this. if a country loses its ability to produce steel it loses something in regards to national security. country cannot find itself importing steel from china subjected to dumping of steel from other countries. >> chris: i don't mean to
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interrupt. >> this is an important issue for trade and national security. >> chris: but you're making the assumption that is going to make tough deals on trade for imports but then the europeans will impose tougher. >> maybe they will maybe they won't. many of these countries have been taken advantage of the united states. part of the reason trump is in the white house is because he told the american people the time is over for the rest of the world to take advantage of the united states. >> chris: what happens when they impose tougher restrictions? and that americans lose jobs. >> other than a few countries you can find a trade surplus going the opposite direction from the united states. that being said, this was a positive meeting. the president set the stage in europe. the leaders of the g20 came to the president.
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he was a star in hamburg. no one can take that away. the fact of the matter is i think he's place in america first. without strategically aligning our allies the making sure our objectives are being met. >> chris: i have about one minute left. the senate coming back this week going to take up healthcare, mitch mcconnell is acknowledging he may not pass repeal and replace it might have to work with the obama care. more senators coming out against it, how much trouble is repeal and replace in? >> i don't think it's in half as much trouble as the media wants it to be. just like when we went through the house bill the second time around everyone said it was over. a few days later pass. that's what you're seeing now.
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members of the senate putting their wish list together. you have a leader in mitch mcconnell who could get it done. if anyone could get it done, mitch mcconnell of president trump. >> chris: can it pass? >> yes. they will get a repeal of the place built done. >> chris: before the august recess? >> maybe before, maybe into it with the president expects him to get this done. the president of expect the senate to fulfill the promises it made to the american people. >> chris: always good to talk to. up next will bring in the sunday group to discuss president trumps latest turn on the world stage. meeting with vladimir putin and other leaders. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new it's about moving forward, not back.t. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now.
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>> chris: it is time for sundayl analyst. columnist for the hill, ron williamson donna edwards and former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, author of the best-selling book, "understanding trump". g19 was trending on twitter this weekend because of sharp differences between the president and all of the other leaders, especially on climate change but also as you heard my discussion with reince priebus entrée. is that good or bad for the u.s.? >> the president has a simple prop promise. there's a agreements that are bad for america.
11:22 am
so these guys get good deals are saying you actually want to change the agreement? will same thing with nato. we went out said pay your fair share including germany by the way. all of a sudden there shock that we want to defend themselves. if you're going to go in and serious about changing trade deals, the other side was headed good rider going to be mad. if you're serious about changing it on economic grounds, it's very clear that he thinks this is a bad deal for america. if you the germans and the chinese you think it's a great deal for you. so, i think he did what he promised to do. i think that's what the campaign was about. if they think they can get along with out the u.s. and the paris accord, let's talk about a six months from now. the truth is germany is not that big. those people don't have that much clout. and they start by going to warsaw so between theresa may in
11:23 am
the polish government he's also reminding europeans, the europeans are split on issues. >> congressman edwards, let me bring you and because while there were differences in the european leaders are not happy about this and in many cases have said it's one against 19, i'm sure there are trump voters who said play nice with the rest of the world has not helped them in the case of jobs i've lost. >> i don't think it's a question played nice it's a question of being the leader in the world. one of the perceptions coming out of the g20 is the united states is not standing in a leadership position. i was not a big fan of many of the trade deals. i think it's important for us to look at ways that we protect the american worker and we strengthen manufacturing. i think it's appropriate to look at those things but it doesn't mean leaving the rest of the world behind.
11:24 am
>> your hearing this from congresswoman and many others which is the president is out of step with the leaders in europe. if he refuses to follow them is therefore not leading. to me that doesn't make sense. he has taken a different path, there many nations will be with him. certainly the reception he got a warsaw indicated that. and because he's had with certain leaders doesn't mean he's giving up leadership role. >> chris: it's an interesting conversation i had with reince priebus on this question of spirit steel imports he said that he's going to impose limits on steel and you get the head of the european commission saying good will impose limits on some of your exports. >> c get into a trade word situation. inside the white house you people saying this will appeal to our base to feel they have lost jobs because of the unfair trade deals but then you get people on the economic counsel
11:25 am
say we don't want to trade war, we don't need that kind of static right now the economy seems to be going along well, we had good numbers this week why would you want to disrupt that? for many people this question extends to the leadership because your hearing my take on this is that when you talk about american leadership you need to understand that we have the biggest economy in the world and the biggest military in the world. we can set an example for other countries. at some point in might be were taking more aggressive steps that are being imposed another country so that's not fair but guess what, we are the big boy. >> i want to turn to the highlight of the summit which is the meeting between trump and president putin. here's the tony said at the beginning of the meeting. >> we look forward to positive things happening for russia, the
11:26 am
united states and for everyone and it's an honor to be with y you. >> i'm delighted to be able to me personally and i hope as you have set our meeting will yield positive results. >> how much do we make of what the two men said about russian meddling. now you have trumpeted tweet saying i'm to move forward, syria, north korea are we overstating the importance of this meeting? >> will know and six or eight weeks. if they have a cease-fire which works which involves israel and jordan, that's the first time in the syrian civil war that you have had a joint american russian agreement that survived. you'll know more about that in six or eight weeks. if they create a relationship where they can get a genuine cease-fire in eastern ukraine, that's an enormous step in the right direction.
11:27 am
if they can create a relationship with russians and understand that we would defend the three baltic states and they cannot threaten them, that's enormous. >> chris: there are a lot of if's there. >> that's right. given putin's track record i can't sit here and say it's a breakthrough. i can tell you the tone is probably right. the fact that it lasted over to your hours is probably right. putin is a tough guy, but i think he might have been surprised by tillerson intron. they are very tough guys. if you end up with two sets of tough guys and one has the largest economy in the largest military, the greatest reach of the world, probably back i ends up winning if he is determined. ultimately putin is going to deal with trump. >> chris: congresswoman edwards, want to talk to you about the country' controversy. a lot of people are hitting trumpet and your colleagues in congress the idea but moving forward.
11:28 am
to some degree, do we want to hold the entire relationship hostage? just assume the worst that the russians meddled like crazy in the election, don't we still have to do business with them? >> there is moving forward and then there is doing sanctions. i want to hear what moving forward means. the fact is, the trump administration actually has been engaged in congress trying to loosen the sanctions. they're not happy with the bill that came out of the senate. i want to know what moving forward means. designing that we have to have a relationship at some level to deal with syria? yes. but our interest in syria very different from the trump administration in surrey. we are not going to prop up the assad regime. i think russia has that interest. >> it might i suggest that if the president had had a very tense meeting centered entirely on the alleged meddling in the election which appears to have
11:29 am
happened, and the meeting broke up and disagreement with other issues on the back burner, the president's critics it would not have like that better than what had happened. this at least moves to diplomacy in an area where the diplomacy has been at a chill for some time. we'll see what comes of it. it's too early to judge. i cannot help but think that it's probably worth a try at least to see if diplomatically some things can be accomplished. >> chris: we have to take a break. we will see you later. i'm, the gop's healthcare agenda is in trouble. how much trouble? will discuss the fate of repeal and replace with republican senator and doctor, bill cassidy, who has his own plane. plan.
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>> chris: a look outside the beltway at new orleans famed french quarter. the senate returns from recess tomorrow with republican still hoping to keep their promise to repeal and replace obama care. but, how realistic is that goal? try to me now as louisiana senator and doctor, bill cassidy who has his own health care plan. senator, welcome back. >> thank you. >> chris: you are one of the few republican senators or congressmen to hold an open town hall during this last recess. you got a near full on healthcare. let's take a look. >> was rude is taking 22 million people off of healthcare. [applause] you can afford it. you know what people are like at their lowest so by stepping on their next by kicking them off of their healthcare. >> chris: strong message to follow.
11:33 am
has he went around the state of louisiana last ten days, how concerned our borders? how concerned are folks when they read and obviously this fellow was aware of the cbo report that tends a million people could lose health insurance under the plans republicans are putting forward. >> there were concern. your hearing arguments of foxing listen campaign $1700 a month for insurance before obama care was pain 800 and i have 6000-dollar deductible per family member. for you folks with disabilities were concerned they will lose their coverage for the disability. that shows healthcare is like no other issue. touches people in the most personal area. we have to get it right. >> chris: and they're not happy with the current situation. >> people don't like change from worst to better.
11:34 am
there's a lot of things that are not true about the health care bill going on. by the way, i have reservations about the senate bill. nonetheless, some of that which is of concern does not need to be a concern. >> chris: let's talk about the plan. you and senator collins, republican senator collins of maine was set at this point that he's against the bill, the senate bill with your plan putting forward and hear some of the highlights. keep most obama care taxes to pay for a replacement. allow states to keep most of obama care if they want for states that one a new system, they are general people in insurance so they have to opt out, not opt in. it's an interesting plan. but, how many of your colleagues in the senate, and particularly republicans, have signed on to a? >> six total, more than any other plan out there. by the way that's the only way we can go forward. >> chris: but you need 50 plus the vice president. >> i get that. if the president likes and this is a plan he wishes or that leadership says this is a plan we want and that's a plan that will go forward. some people will sign on as a
11:35 am
lesser president trump does. let's first talk about why there has such a problem passing any plan. they're trying to combine tax reform with healthcare reform. we take care of that. we say let's do healthcare reform first, and then address the tech situation and comprehensive tax reform. don't mix the two. we don't mix the two. secondly, i was serious about keeping donald trump's campaign pledges to cover all, care for pre-existing conditions, eliminate the individual and employer mandated lawyer premiums? if were serious about a cassidy collins is the only way to get there. >> chris: here's the criticism you here quite frankly, i don't mean to be negative but this is the reason it doesn't seem like cassidy collins is going anywhere. we basically saying is it's a federal system, each they can say what fits them, that's a good, conservative federal argument. if new york and california
11:36 am
decide they're going to retain obama care with all of the benefits, most of obama care with federal taxes, which is what your plan would do, conservative senator say in their states which will do away with obama care, then the folks in their states are pain so new yorkers can have bigger, better, richer healthcare coverage than they can. >> that's a misunderstanding of the bill. every steak it's an equivalent amount of money based upon the population and a couple of other factors, customer care, et cetera. every state would get their fair share. new york and california will continue to get the sure they want minus, by the way the penalties on the individual and employer mandates. we repeal the mandates. the state would have to reimpose individual and employer mandates. frankly i think they goat the other option. >> chris: the hot idea right now is ted cruz's plan that he is offering under which each exchange and assure could offer what are called skinny plans, cheaper plants with your benefits that people can buy, as
11:37 am
long as there for one plan that has all of the benefits under obama care. the argument against that is that you will get healthy people buying the cheaper plans with less coverage because they're healthy and that means the middle income people who are not covered by medicaid, where pre-existing conditions are serious problems are going to have these expensive comprehensive plans they will not be able to afford. you basically have a two class insurance system and for the people who really need it, no insurance at all. >> first, i am all for people being able to choose the insurance plan that best suits their needs. we should absolutely do that. you're right, if useless off the older and sicker in their own plan with her own risk pool you just re-created the obeying obama care exchanges with federal taxpayers putting billions into subsidize the expense of a few. we need to have a common risk pool where everybody chips and a little bit for the young person
11:38 am
gets in a car wreck. for example, if we do it then the cruise amendment it's a good one. >> chris: as it now stands, it is a nonstarter for you? >> i don't know the limit. if it turns out it's two plants. >> chris: that's what he's described. >> that's okay, with two risk pools, then that's bad. >> chris: that's what he's described. >> no, he has not yet designated if you have a single risk pool or two. if it is a single risk pool, that works. if it is too, that is the obama care re-created. we need to do something different than obama care. >> chris: at least ten republican senators have not come out formally, you have not as though you have expressed doubts about it, that expressed doubts about the mcconnell plan as it was offered the last week in june. is that planet? >> we don't know what it is. >> chris: it was submitted. >> chris: the draft plan is in serious rewrite. clearly the draft plan is dead. is the serious rewrite plan dead? at i haven't seen it.
11:39 am
>> chris: that's a heck avoid to do business. >> chris: it is. by the way go back to cassidy collins. the nice thing about cassidy collins is that is the conservative federalist approach which give the states guidelines in every state there pressure and allows them to come up for the answer for their state. it takes the decision-making away from us, returning it to the patients in the state, that's where we should be. >> chris: then there's the idea that president trump offered in a tweet a few days ago a must but this up on the screen, if republican senators are unable to pass what they're working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date. what you think of that? >> nonstarter. it will be an uncertainty in the insurance markets, romance will rise for middle-class families. it gives all the power to people who don't believe in president trumps campaign pledges. who actually don't want to continue to cover in care for pre-existing conditions. it gives them the stronger hand. i think it's on.
11:40 am
i think it betrays president trumps campaign pledges. >> chris: so i come away with this thinking that repeal and replace is in real trouble. >> in the current pathway, and has been. i know some like a broken record. we should go back to conservative principles where we devolve power to the states and the patient and allow them to make the best decision for them. >> chris: what i'm asking is, if you look at a rewritten and i understand you haven't seen it all, but what you have heard about, there's nobody clued in the missing you are in the senate. if you look at what mcconnell is talking about cruises talking about, forget cassidy collins for a moment, how much trouble is repeal replacing? >> if really talking about the draft plan it will not pass. on the other hand, every time they come up with a new ration that becomes more conservative
11:41 am
in the giving power back to the states we move little closer to passage. if we continue we come up with a bill that passes that fulfills president trumps campaign. >> chris: will this get passed by the end of the month? >> i don't know that. >> chris: to put odds on it? >> i put 5050. -- 50/50. we have to do something to stabilize the market for those middle-class families currently groaning beneath obama care. going forward, our american people want more freedom to make the decision that matters to them and not have somebody in washington, d.c. to tell them what the decision should be. obama care tells them what the decision should be. it may take a while but we will get to a point where that power goes back to the family. that's where should be. >> chris: it might not happen on this legislative calendar. >> it may not happen completely in this legislative calendar but the process will begin. as it begins it will be
11:42 am
inevitable that it will eventually occur. >> chris: thank you for coming in. it's good to talk with you. >> thank you, chris. >> chris: i'm will bring back our sunday group to see if mitch mcconnell can put together the 50 votes he needs to pass a bill. plus, what would you like to the ask the panel about. go to twitter on fox news sunday and we may use your question on the air. things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell
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>> to repeal and replace the plan that is falling apart. mitch mcconnell did not want his gop colleagues to go over this recess. concerned that spending time with their brothers at home would only we can support not strength and support to repeal and replace. how much trouble to republicans and now? >> i think the bill is in trouble and will need to be revised. if it can be revised to the point where he can gather majority in the senate is a question. what is troubling about this is that at the heart of these repeal and replace efforts is the form of medicaid. not to cut spending but reduce the spiraling rate of growth. if the republican cannot do this on this matter, signals that retirement reform which rebuts to terry reasons and for the national economy needs to happen, cannot happen. that, in my mind is alarming, disturbing, very worrisome.
11:47 am
>> chris: we asked you for questions on the panel. on this weather not the senate is going to be able to repeal and replace obama care we got this on twitter from ron powell who writes, why, if they had eight years a multiple house votes to repeal did you not have an alternative ready fee took power? it's clear they had zero. speaker, how do you answer wrong? >> they did have a plan of what they learned painfully is the kind of plan you have when everybody assumes it will get vetoed gets one level scrutiny. the kind you have when it becomes law it skyrockets. sound to be harder than i thought. my personal bet would be that mcconnell will find the votes. i think it's possible to get a package that can run from the most conservative to the most moderate it will be passed. i think people want to get this
11:48 am
done and i think just now you have a senator who understands the issue and was able to outline the right direction, they will keep churning, the deadline is good for them. the senate operates best one is faced with a big deadline. i think they'll get something done before the august break. >> one of the big concerns with obama is that they expanded medicare and cover people who were not previously covered. while it is true, that it does not cut medicaid, it slows the rate of growth, some people who now have coverage would eventually lose coverage. it states that didn't expand medicaid there is a concern that they will be stuck with an inferior position. how do you make them whole? >> talk about governors who love free money. we have more than say we want
11:49 am
more of this, 90% of the cost will be picked up by the feds. which discriminates with the americans with disabilities because they only get 60%. some states re- raked second, look at what mary made it in maine where they passed reforms that said if you are an able-bodied adult then you ought to be required to work if you have no children. medicaid has expanded to read dramatically. i think the american people would support reforms to those. >> what you think are the chances that republicans failed to pass anything on repeal and replace which i think there's a growing sentiment. if they fail to pass it after seven years of promising they would was the backlash they face? >> your questions on target. it looks to me like what the republicans are up against his
11:50 am
embarrassment, they're not in a position for repeal and replace after so much rhetoric and votes onto obama care. you have lobbying groups here in town or pressing hard, insisting they must repeal and replace her there pay a price. the fact is ultimately mitch mcconnell has expressed outs of having it. president trump said the house bill is mean. so what you have is a question of how the base reacts. i think the base and a polarized electorate will not revote for democrats, the problem is a political one. were not talking about a good plan. even republicans with their polled don't think this is a good plan for them. that's what you saw the town hall meeting. you don't have repeal and replace, nobody's building a
11:51 am
border wall, no tax cuts reform. dreamers still here. you have to think hey republicans did you buy a bag of goods or what? >> chris: the folks at home [of their heading go back to sleep. in the open clip we played might be overstating but obama care as it currently stands is in trouble. premiums are going up, deductibles are going up and let me put this on the screen. in 201685% of enrollees had a choice of three more insurers. this year only 58% have that choice. and just to take an argument, a lot started before trump became president. >> first while the rate of increase is not the rate of increase that we would've seen had we done nothing at all. medical costs were skyrocketing. now the trump administration has
11:52 am
done things to destabilize the system. >> chris: allow was already in trouble. >> over this past year we've heard messages about the need to repeal and replace and it has created instability in the system. i think insurers rightly do not know what's going on. we know there are things that can be done to strengthen the affordable care act that republicans and democrats can agree on things like removing the excise tax and make sure we provide greater incentives for young people to be in the system so we have a greater pool. any number of things can be done on a bipartisan basis. that's why would like to see this go. making sure people like me with pre-existing conditions are able to get affordable healthcare. >> chris: republicans face the
11:53 am
problem of doing nothing and seeing this collapse. make no mistake, they will be blame. they control everything. if it collapses and people are worse off that's a least as big of a problem. >> and it's meaningful that if we can't pass repeal and replace will have to work with democrats to fix it. thank you panel. of the, power player of the week. one of the greatest answers ev to washington. men is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. it's fast, powerful relief with no chalky taste. [ sings high note ] ultra strength, new from alka-seltzer. enjoy the relief. >> chris: it happens to all of us, the point in your career when it is time to move on. as we told you last fall, one of america's most celebrated dancers is on to her next chapter. she is our power player of the week. >> leaving the stage was traumatic, heartbreaking, one of
11:57 am
the most difficult, wonderful things i have experienced in my life. >> and julius talking about the moment in 2015 when she decided to retire. after 30 years as a star of the american ballet theatre. at age 45, she could peel her skills declining, and there was another. >> at the end of the day when sarah peter retire i figured i had to go to. they were my guys. so if they're not going to play, guess i can't either. >> chris: the question is, what to do next. the washington ballet asked her to become the artistic director. >> as i said to some of the directors, the next best thing to creating beautiful art, is watching it. >> chris: so she now spends hours in the studio helping dancers realize their dreams, just as she did.
11:58 am
>> it is home. it is just home. the bar, the floor, the piano, the ambience. >> chris: she wants to expand the company and -- >> my goal is to take this company to a place where it has not been before. >> chris: part of her job is to oversee the washington school of ballet. it has more than 1000 students. is that a concern of years that that may not translate into being a great teacher? >> i always say to them, i do not want you to do what you think i would do. i would rather do it myself. i want to see what you are going to do. i have no memories in life before dance. >> chris: she started dancing as a child. at aged ten her first professional performance was alongside a master. >> to be this close and sharing
11:59 am
with rich -- >> she would become one of the celebrated dancers of her generation is a glamorous? >> it's everything. >> chris: while she is not retires she doesn't close the door entirely on a possible encore. are you going to perform with the company? >> that is [inaudible] the plants. no. if it made sense for me to perform, then i am a very logical person as far as method and if it makes sense, that makes sense. >> chris: she understands after 30 years in the spotlight that she is taking on a new role. >> i loved it. i still love it. i was still do it if i felt like it was the right thing to be doing. but, you have to get the light to the next generation.
12:00 pm
>> chris: she is busy the summer preparing for her second season with the company. she has had to return to the stage herself. that is it for today. have a great week. will see you on the next fox news. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report", i am paul gigot. the trump administration is weighing options for its response to north korea's


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