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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  July 10, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> chris: she is busy the summer preparing for her second season with the company. she has had to return to the stage herself. that is it for today. have a great week. "mediabuzz" with howy kurtz is up next. howie: on the buzz meter, with president trump ratcheting up his attacks on the media. from washington to warsaw where he went after cnn. >> they have been fake news for a long time. they have been covering me in a very dishonest way. chris: i'm not sure the american president should be bashing the american media when he's overseas with a foreign leader who tried to suppress the free media in his own country. >> a free press is even
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important thing. in other president would say such a thing. >> it sounds like something vladimir putin would be happy with. >> the press keeps losing this fight because they are out of practice. nobody has come at them about their biases or assumptions. howie: should the president have slammed cnn and nbc fake news oversea. the wrestling studio and the posting and punditry is decidedly mixed. >> he seemed presidential today. >> the trump administration offered a mixed mess and suggesting done there are talked to putin about russian interference but the very
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interference itself was a question. >> the president of the united states is saying my people are concerned about this, what can you tell us. it seems idiotic. >> it was a high stakes meeting and i think donald trump made the country proud. howie: a "new york times" columnist compares twitter to porn. i'm howard kurtz and this is "mediabuzz." president trump escalating his attacks here and home and overseas. i sat down with kellyanne conway. the president criticized cnn and nbc in poland in response to a question, yes. but there was a hand wringing of
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the press. kellyanne: the president said he would like a fair, media. he has been treated very unfairly and dishonestly. not by all media. i have been paying close attention to reporters, networks, the cable stations. there are a few journalists who have done a great job. and i think those folks are doing what traditional journalism has always done. look at the screaming headlines. look at the lower third, the chryons and what they say. i think the media spends too much time talking about themselves and covering the issues they want the american public to focus on. howie: after this presser in
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warsaw cnn's jim acosta says because the president took the question about cnn from a friendly reporter that he granted a fake news conference. kellyanne: that's unfair. cnn has had a bad couple of weeks. by any objective standard that would be true. that particular reporter used the term fake news and had to backtrack on his claim that 17 different agencies had come to a conclusion it's 3 or 4. so the upshot of this is none of this is helpful to the viewers. because the viewers are americans who need to know what's happening from this administration. the media, if they are not going to acknowledge their responsibility to be fair and honest about this presidency they should at least acknowledge their role.
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their role cities to be the connective tissue between the information and people who deserve to hear it. if you are one of these outlets, you are not connecting veterans with information about their 24/7 hotline at the white house. this president has made it easier for a veteran to access medical care. he signed into law the whistleblower and accounts built act. he made it easier for a veteran to access care and information. how the * when he posts a video showing him tackling a cnn blockhead guy, doesn't that take the focus off the substantive agenda? kellyanne: we know from the
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statistics if the media weren't covering that individualio and that tweet they would be covering russia. there was and report from the center for media research and what they showed is the networks spent 353 minutes on russia, 70 times the amount of minutes they spent on jobs and the economy. they spent 5 minutes on that. one minute on tax reform. these are the issues of the day. what do you think will affect americans. the fact that 220,000 jobs created in june? i'm going with jobs. howie: when the president tweets about mika brzezinski and her looks, isn't he doing what you
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are saying the media is doing? distracting from them? kellyanne: every single day's helping people. the stock market loves his presidency. the stock market is up. isis is on the run. you have got unemployment among teenagers and african-americans is down for the first time in quite a while. you have got hold builder confidence. manufacturer confidence. where are the stories? why aren't the media telling america that the president's views on healthcare are important because healthcare has failed. it got 17 minutes. howie: cnn president jeff zucker telling the "new york times," he's trying to bully us. kellyanne: they had to fire three reporters.
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one of them had been there for 15 years, for going with a story that's journalists admitted to me was thinly sourced. but do we have objective standard anymore? you read the "new york times" article during the campaign. donald trump just compels responsible reporters to suspend these objective standards. you have got -- his opinion, but many followed suit. the a.p., "washington post," cnn and washington times had to recall or retract stories. everyone makes mistakes. but everybody makes mistakes. but it's a rush to judgment. we are going to go with a single source because we want to be first. we don't want to be right. we want to try to diminish what
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this president is trying to do for americans. howie: these media outlets and commentators are trying to diminish the president, is that for ideological reasons? they don't like him personally? kellyanne: there could be a couple reasons. i think the media were afraid enough not to challenge the last administration, and i don't think they are showing respect to the current occupant of the white house. i'm. >> person in the west wing who doesn't say fake news. but i would say to my friend and allies in the media. if you have disposable incomes and you are kid are in nice
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schools and you have enough to eat and money to put in your gas tanks, if you can make the mort gaining payment, god bless you but you are unique. it's about job creation, healthcare reform and tax reform. howie: you told george receive stephanopoulos all this criticism is unpatriotic. kellyanne: i said a lot of the haters in the media make it about them. i think to chalg earning the president on the issues, to challenge the president on his actions, to challenge, to probe, to question, terrific. that's one of the he accepting roles of the fourth estate.
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they question so much about this president. howie: i see it every day on the air, in print and on the web. kellyanne: if we are showing disrespect to the office of the presidency, then that is disrespectful towards our nation. it's not unpatriotic to question a president's position on issues or actions as president, even though all of that seems ideologically charged. so people's speaking fees and readings go up for a lot of clicks. but it does seem to cross the line when the questions are personal and disrespectful to the office of the presidency. you gave the example of jim acosta of cnn in poland. that speech by donald trump was roundly applaud and lauded as
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his best since he has become president. howie: that's true. kellyanne: why didn't jim acosta say that. howie: some would say his criticism of cnn and nbc detracted from it. kellyanne: i'm here for the country. howie: in the runup with the meeting with vladimir putin. the biggest issue was, was president trump going to bring you be russian interference and hacking in the election. kellyanne: the media were saying that should be a topic of conversation. i heard that 50 times for every one time people said what does president putin think of assad's actions gassing his own people. can we rely on.
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should they be talking about energy. can they band together. can russia and the united states have a role together jointly where they are joining together to try to put isis in retreat if not defeat. why aren't those questions being asked. howie: more of my questions with kellyanne conway when we come back. should the president be bashing the media in a foreign capital you know what's awesome?
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led to a new round of media bark on foreign soil. >> since you started the whole wrestling video thing. what are your thoughts on what happened after. cnn went after you and threatened to expose the person who did it. >> cnn is bad and nbc despite the fact i made them a fortune on the "apprentice." i think cnn has hurt themselves very badly and has taken it too far. howie: meghan mccain co-host of "outnumbered," ed henry, and mo elleithee. is there something unseemly
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about president obama ripping the press in a foreign country. ed: he was asked a question and he answered it. how many stories cnn is retracting or running from, people resigning. maybe there was a calmer point in american politics where president's didn't beat up on the media this much. i remember when i was overseas with bush 43 and president obama and mayors didn't go over there to the g-20 summit to give earn alternative view of what's going on, making it seem like he's i am a thiegs with these resisters. howie: did that trouble up at all? meg requirmeghan: i was more imd with him making a speech of and
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revival of american exceptionalism. i was impressed with his speech in poland. he was asked a specific question he chose to answer. cnn is doing this to themselves. they are in an all-out war. i don't care if it was on foreign soil. howie: the president can choose to deflect a question if he doesn't want that to consume a lot of oxygen and keep the focus on other foreign policies. mo: i'm not one who believes the media is immune from criticism. i think the media has made a lot of mistakes as someone who was a communications director in politics for 20 years, i have done by share of battle with the media. i think there is something unseemly to me with the
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president standing next to a leader of the free world who murders journalists. my bigger issue is this continued escalation of trust -- escalation of an assault on trust in the media. but the president standing at this venue escalating that. criticize, but turn down the temperature a little bit. howie: after this news conference he had this to say about the news conference itself. >> for the president to go off on cnn as fake news made this entire spectacle seem like a fake news conference. this was not an attempt by the president to seek out a question from somebody who would
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challenge him on the issues. howie: a fake news conference? ed: a cnn reporter asked president trump what enchanted you about the presidency, among other things. was that a fake news conference? obama didn't call on fox that often. meg there are crystal put out a tweet oh my god, oh my god, because of the first lady of poland shaking the first lady's hand before president trump. and it happened a second later. we have a journalist for cnn implying the first lady of another country refused to shake our president's hands.
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it sounds like a 12-year-old girl at a justin bieber concert. howie: later kellyanne conway on sexism in the media.
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howie: donald trump's tweets about mika brzezinski's looks, some journalists ramping up their own criticism of the president. >> some of these words are pretty nasty. if this language and these actions would be used by a president of another country our state department would say that country is inching towards authoritarianism. greg: people lost their minds.
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>> these national personal tweets, i'm not sure how that serves the soldier in harm's way other hungry child in 9 city or happen lay cha or the factory worker in a decimated town. howie: the tweets about mika brzezinski and the face lift were not a good idea. meghan: a good rule to live by is not talk about cosmetic surgery in general. but going after someone who made the wrestling video and blackmailing them and threatening to expose their personal information, that's a dangerous residence. you are going to have national organization calling you saying
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i'm going to expose your information to the internet unless you apologize to us is very dangerous. howie: some critics were using words like blackmail. he's a user of reddit. he created this wrestling video that trump retweeted. he also put up racist and anti-i anti-semitic posts. ed: it was a self-inflicted wound for cnn. when you go to jim acosta getting some of the facts wrong, how many intelligence agencies came up with his russia assessment. then sloppy with what the president said about look, the "new york times" had to correct that there were 17 intelligence agencies that made the determination it was actually four.
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it sounds like the president was more right than wrong. i will say something positive about someone at cnn. jake tapper is right in that last point and feeds into what some are saying. media bashing can get dangerous. there are people at cnn saying let's be careful with all this. but do youths any of this help? that's what the president got elected on? >> the president also adding to the distraction. some people thought the cnn wrestling video was funny. jeff zucker telling the "new york times," he's trying to bully us. >> i think it was uncalled for. it was unseemly and unpresidential. we were talking about this in the green room earlier as well. there is a move right now towards overheated rhetoric that
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is pushing some people over the edge. we saw some bad behavior at trump rallies and the protest in berkeley. we saw the tragic situation with congressman scalise. and we are seeing more and more rhetoric like this. you can push back on the media without body slamming them. that was a visual representation of the same kind of rhetoric. howie: he wasn't threatening to body slam. it was a spoof. the media buildup to the trump-putin meeting. that's next.
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howie: the buildup for president trump's sit-down with vladimir putin, our journalists reduced to sifting through the information from both sides because we don't know what actually happened. ed: there is an example of these gifts and photos on the internet where cnn before the meeting was pounding this narrative, donald trump is not going to raise election meddling with vladimir putin. then he raised it. it will be debate, did he raise it hard enough? but it reminded me before the james comey testimony cnn was saying he's not going to back up the president that he told the president he wasn't under investigation. then he testified he did tell the president he wasn't under investigation.
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howie: lavrov said trump accepted the statements of denial by russia. mo: i think the media's spin about the dueling spin is actually off. this is where i think the media is getting it wrong. i don't think there is that much difference between lavrov's account and tillerson. to hear some of the media today, it sounds like these are two different radically different perspectives. lavrov said the president accepted our assurances. tillerson said he asked, pushed back a little bit then moved on. that's not that different. howie: do you think there was too much focus on that? and please spare me any analysis
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of handshakes and body language. meghan: if i have to hear one more body expert what was going on in this meeting, i'm going to kill myself. the thing covering this as a commentator, i'm not a journalist. it will be a bromance, every fear you ever thought been put around and president trump. i think optics are important. if they were hugging it would optically be bad. he said that's not important at all. i still think optics matter. howie: what did you make -- it started with a lot of outrage and twitter. ivanka trump sat in for a few minutes on african-american health because the president had to leave the room.
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it didn't seem like a big deal to me, but people are saying who elected her. meghan: angela merkel testified her. there is a rule if you leave, you can put your top surrogate in. she is a top white house official. this poor girl can't win for losing. people are going after her for every reason. i didn't love the fact she went on tv and said she is quote not a political person. but sitting in on a meeting where it's perfectly normal protocol to do so and getting attacked. howie: the "new york times" headlines. once come nantd the united states finds itself isolated at the g-20. he's pushing europeans on nato, and trade, on climate change.
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that word isolation has been like a dirty world as opposed to he's challenging these other countries. ed: if you look at the presume it covering. angela merkel will have to try to make sense of donald trump. she will have to lead the way. she is the lead dog. since when did a german chancellor lead foreign policy in the u.s. her views are important but she shouldn't have to drive it. howie: do you think particularly since the putin meeting was not a train wreck, and the media which had low expectations from the president moved on to other geopolitical issues. mo: i think the meeting was a
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train wreck for american foreign policy. howie: didn't they get a ceasefire? ed: it's not like the russians and the united states have the same objectives in syria. mo: but to the point about the isolationism that we were talking about, the president was the only leader there who pulled out of the paris accords. the president was saying thing on trade that could lead to some trade wars. so on policy, the youth is more apart. >> let me get megyn in. he said he was going to do these things and now it's being portrayed as america is his own ally. >> angela merkel came in an era of obama, and she is the last
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global figure representing that. so i think when people are looking to her it's because she is the last remaining figure. >> we are going to do this in 2037. howie: coming up. kellyanne conway on the subject of sexism and how the media treats her as the highest-ranking woman in the white house. and can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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howie: i sat down with kellyanne conway and the conversation turned more personal. there is a lot of media chatter about sexism. do you think you as the highest ranking woman in the white house are also the target of sexist attacks? kellyanne: sometimes, sure. but it doesn't get me off kilter at all. i say prayers for those people. they are so snotty in their own lives that they would have to attack a stranger or a woman in power. the tens of millions of american women who don't have jobs who pay well. who were lied to by the president of the united states
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that they can keep their plan if they wanted to. i'm here for the women struggling with opioid in their family. howie: where are the stories about you as a victim of this? >> you are not going to see these stories because i'm a conservative, i work for president trump and i'm pro-life. we hear from people all the time, thank you for being a role model or thank you for inspiring my daughters as a mother of four. howie: you think there are media criticisms against this president of making crude comment about women, of being sexist, and at the same time you feel somebody like you, a conservative of somebody who works for president trump are the target of such attacks and
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it doesn't rise to the level of being sympathetic. kellyanne: i wasn't elected to anything. i'm there to serve the people of this country. if i can provide a modicum of help to the american people. it happened to sarah palin. you seat attacks that are specious or gratuitous. and it comes from women. i'm not comfortable telling my daughters or my son for that matter. women are treated a certain way in politics. people say if you were a democrat or liberal you would be treated like this. you know i wouldn't be. because they believe in helping people. we are in a blessed position to do so and it doesn't matter what the haters say.
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it matters what we get done. howie: are we in a media cycle where there are harsh attacks on donald trump and people think we are all crazy. >> their ratings are very poor. they know the president is doing many things that don't get covered. it's not about biased coverage as much as incomplete coverage. you had two of the three networks not even mention the passage of kate's law. it's a huge moment for this country. thank you. howie: the house passed kate's law after the murder of kate steinle. tougher penalties for illegal immigrants if they try to
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howie: the "new york times," how twitter pornified politics. if pornography is about the naked grunting body, twitter is about the naked grunting brain. he announced he's getting off twitter. shana: i had to leave church early to get here. howie: is that too dark? shana: i think twitter provides relief for people. they can say whatever they want in short bursts, completely
12:51 am
uncensored and do it anonymously sometimes. it does tend to make for a dark, dirty place for people to live in, especially those targeted on twitter. howie: each's mentioned the president for bullying and he mentioned president trump. shana: i make a mistake on air and i get dozen of tweets about how ugly and dumb i am. twitter is a great place for good but it can also be a lot of piling on. ed sherran said he's leaving twitter because he got so many ugly tweets from lady gaga supporters. if they call us out for dirty
12:52 am
behavior of watching the humiliation of others on twitter. i think we have all been guilty of this at some point. howie: do they deserve the kinds of abuse, and sometimes they lost their jobs over this. there is a healthy aspect of twitter, too. a foreign columnist says it's making the news dumber. journalists tend to flock to twitter and there are so many conspiracy theories on twitter and sometimes they break through because journalists ping on proven garbage. shana: it's because they feel they are not doing their job if they don't cover what's being said on twitter. and the covering they give to
12:53 am
reaction to these stories. any joe smo can get carson daily to read their tweet. and news program giving reaction time to the stories. so it's one big dumb circle. howie: everybody wants to be true, so it's trending and twitter sow it must be cool, and it's not important enough, there is a fine line there. >> it's not one i think with the rights of twitter it's not one we'll solve anytime soon. howie: we love twitter but at the same time it can be a rough neighborhood. still to come, a firing at fox sports and suspension at fox business over allegations of improper conduct. constipated? trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief.
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i hawhen i think about beingght trelated to thomas jefferson,. it certainly makes me feel a sense of pride the tenacity of not only that he showed in his life but was given to me through the slaves that i'm birthed through as well. it makes me think that there's really no excuse for me in any area of my life to not be able to conquer anything. ♪ howie: fox business network
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suspended charles payne, the host of the program "making money" and will remain off the pair while the network investigates the misconduct. the matter is being thoroughly investigated and we are taking appropriate steps top reach a resolution in a timely matter. according to the lax time, a married analyst thatr who frequently appears on the program. she alleges that payne coerced her into a three-year affair and she tried to report the situation to executives at fox news. and the host offered a strong response on twitter quote. indianapolis an ugly lie, i vehemently dee my to my core. there is a mountain of prove
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that proves it is a lie. the national even enquirer said payne acknowledged an affair with the woman and said he was ashamed and apologized to his wife, family and friends. i will say this, fox's parent company 21st century fox has shown a determination to the move quickly in such cases starting with a lawsuit last year that lead to the ouster of roger ailes. jamie horowitz was fired over allegations 6 sexual harassment. staffers were told everyone at fox sports no matter what role we play or what 140 -- tore what show we contribute to are
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non-necessity negotiable. the attorney for fox the countered the termination was fully warranted and the lawyer's accusations are ill-informed and misguide. i'm not going to go ballistic over this "new york times" correction. but after the paper said if north korea's government tweeted the government's reaction to the miss. >>it -- keep us in the media and we'll
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continue the conversation. you can check out our podcast as well. we'll see you next sunday, 11:00 eastern, every sunday morning. . ♪ people are looking for a new brand of change. replace the public your populism here. the next revolution starts right