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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 11, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that news conference, we are bringing you the audio from the news conference, because the camera was on the wall. you're gaining here on fox news pair thank you for joining us. 2:00 p.m. our eastern, now let's head over to shepard harris >> shepard: it's noon on west coast. 3:00 in washington. an extraordinary news day. donald trump released the e-mail in which he agreed to meet with someone identified as a russian lawyer. it was indicated it was part of the russian support of candidate donald trump. today the e-mail itself. we'll bring you donald trump jr.'s explanation. we'll hear what lawmakers are saying now and look at what this means for investigators looking into trump team ties to russia. the president has just issued a statement on his son. we'll play that for you.
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breaking news, let's get to it. we begin with breaking news from the fox news deck. donald trump jr. met with a russian lawyer after a middleman told him that she was a russian government official who had information that was part of russia's effort to help donald trump win the u.s. presidential election. that's according to an e-mail chain that donald trump jr. himself released today on twitter. he tweeted it just minutes before he knew that "the new york times" was posting a story with all of the details from those same e-mails. in the message, a british publicist claims to be working on behalf of a russian pop star and the pop star's father who is a russian billionaire with close ties to the kremlin. the publicist claims the pop star and the pop star's father met with the russian lawyer and that she had dirt on hillary clinton. the publicist later arrange as
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meeting between the russian lawyer and donald trump jr. at trump tower in new york city. "the new york times" wrote news over the weekend. the newspaper reported that the president's son met with the lawyer in june of last year and donald trump jr. admitted that the meeting took place and that somebody told him she had information helpful to the trump campaign. that pop star and her father, real estate developers that helped trump bring the miss universe pageant to russian in 2013. in the e-mail chain from donald trump jr. himself, the publicist writes to donald trump jr. on june 3 of last year. she just called and asked me to contact you with something interesting. the crown prosecutor of rush met with his father, aris, this morning and in the meeting offered to provide official
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documents. information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and would be useful to your father. this is obviously high level and sensitive information. but it's part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. helpeded along aras and emin. what is the best way to handle this information and would you speak to emen about it. i can also send this information to your father via his assistant, but it's ultra sensitive, so wanted to send it to you first. documents show donald trump jr. replied to rob goldstone the same day writing, "thanks, rob, i appreciate that. i'm on the road for the moment. perhaps i speak to emin. seems we have some time. if it's what you say, i love it. especially later in this summer. could we do a call first thing
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next week when i'm back?" the documents show donald trump jr. and rob goldstone e-mailed over scheduling before deciding to hold the meeting on june 9, last year. trump jr. explained his brother-in-law, jared kushner and then trump campaign manager paul manafort would likely be there as well. donald trump jr. could manafort "the campaign boss." rob gold stone in the e-mail chain referred to the russian lawyer as a russian government attorney who was flying over from moscow. in an interview that aired today on nbc news, that woman denies working for the russian government or having connections to it. nbc news reports she claims a man she did not know called her and told her to come to trump tower to meet with the trump campaign. it also reports she says the trump campaign wanted information on the clinton campaign but she didn't have
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any. >> i never knew who else would be attending the meeting. all i knew is that mr. donald trump jr. was willing to meet with me. i couldn't recognize the gentlemen that was there for the first seven to ten minutes and then he left the room. it was mr. jared kushner. he never came back, by the way. the other gentleman that was at the same meeting was over looking at his phone. he was reading something. he never took any active part in the conversation. that was mr. manafort. it's quite possible maybe they were looking for such information. they wanted it so badly. >> shepard: that interview by nbc played on "today" this morning, a spokesman for vladimir putin says putin doesn't know the lawyer and has no knowledge of her meeting with donald trump jr. russia has denied meddling in the u.s. election even though current and former officials say
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there's no doubt at all that it happened and vladimir putin ordered the meddling. rex tillerson says president trump repeatedly pressed president putin on the issue during the leader's first face-to-face meeting in germany last week but putin denied it. president trump and his top aides have denied any collusion with the russians. donald trump jr. blasted claims that russians were plotting to help his father. here's what he told cnn just weeks after he met with the russian lawyer. >> well, goes to show you their moral compass. they'll say anything to win this. this is time and time again, lie after lie. just he won't say, well, i say this. we hear experts. his house cat said this is what is happening with the russians. it's disgusting, it's so phony. i watched him bumble through the interview. i heard it on audio. i can't think of bigger lies. that goes to show you what the the dnc and the clinton camp will do. they will lie and do anything to
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win. >> that from state of the union with jake tapper last july. president trump said he did not attend the meeting and did not know it took place. today the president issued a statement read by sarah huckabee sanders that was audio only until after the briefing was complete. >> i have a quick statement that i'll read from the president. "my son is a high quality person, and i applaud his transparency. beyond that, i'll refer everything on this matter to don jr.'s counsel and outside counsel and i won't have anything else to say beyond that. >> multiple recorders asked several questions. sarah huckabee sanders answered none of them. donald trump jr. said he hired a new york criminal defense attorney to represent him in russian matters. the others reported to be attended at the meeting with the lawyer, paul manafort and the president's son-in-law jared kushner have not commented.
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in summation, the e-mail reveals the president's son agreed to meet with a russian national with the understanding that he wod reive incriminating force from the russian government about the now president and then political opponent, hillary clinton. regarding that reported information, the first son replied "if it's what you say, i love it." the meeting took place june 9 of last year. that's after two russian spies had hacked the democratic national committee but before the stolen e-mails were made public. june 9. later that very day, candidate trump tweeted where are your 33,000 e-mails that you deleted? the next month, wikileaks began publishing e-mails for the democratic national committee. on july 22, candidate trump said in a news conference in florida, russian, if you're listening, i hope you can find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing.
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robert mueller is investigating whether the trump campaign conspired with russia during the 2016 election. we have team fox coverage. ellison barber is live from the white house. catherine herridge has more. >> strong reaction on capitol hill with new calls of the june 2016 meeting to meet with congressional investigators. >> nothing is proven yet. we're now beyond obstruction of justice for what's being investigated. this is moving into perjury, false statements and treason. >> we called donald trump jr. and everybody in question before the caucus and let them explain their side of the story and find the facts. if there's an e-mail suggesting the russian government wants to help, that is problematic. >> graham and others say the new allegations that trump jr. was told the information was from a russian government source underscores the need to get
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everybody on the record, donald trump jr., jared kushner and paul manafort. before today's release, the three men promised to cooperate, shep. >> shepard: we're learning more about the publicist in this matter. >> according to "e new york times," the british publicist, rob goldstone wrote to donald trump jr. in june of 2016 because they had a mutual contact. a russian singer who was the son of aras. the father is mentioned in the e-mail chain as to one who is alleged to have met with the russian crown prosecutor and it was at that meeting as you explained earlier that he learned there was incriminating information about hillary clinton and the key thing here is that it was in the possession of the russian government. aras is said to be deeply connected to vladimir putin and along with donald trump brought the miss universe pageant in
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moscow. a military intelligence contact said this afternoon as this was all unfolding, there were two things that caught his attention. the fact that this was a pre-existing relationship that dates back with the trumps about four or five years and that there appears on the surface to be a financial connection. that may be very important because as you know, the special counsel's office has loaded up on what would be described as forensic financial experts. a way of saying, they're following the money trail in this case. >> catherine herridge on capitol hill. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> team fox coverage continues. reaction from the white house. ellison barber there. what further is the white house saying, ellison? >> this is the first time president trump has commented on this. sarah huckabee sanders read that statement and then she did not say much at all repeatedly deflecting and saying she couldn't comment further on any
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information that reporters asked. take a listen. >> once again, you're going to get tired of it and not just sound like a broken record. on all questions related to this question, i refer you to don jr.'s counsel. i stand by everything i said yesterday. >> the latest story broke hours ago. we didn't hear from the white house until this afternoon when sarah huckabee sanders walked into the briefing room. this was not the first thing she talked about. the first thing she mentioned was the accident where 16 marines lost their lives in mississippi. she said she and the white house send their condolences to the family. then she spoke about healthcare and how obamacare is harming people and encouraged the senate to move on it. reporters brought the topic back to these e-mails. shepard? >> shepard: the matter of whether the president knew the meeting. he denied of the evidence is. there evidence to suggest that? >> not at this point. the white house as well as
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trump's outside legal counsel have been consistent saying the president didn't know about this and did not attend the meeting. let me read the statement for you for the spokesman for trump's outside counsel. he said the president was not aware of and did not attend the meeting. cut and dry there. yesterday sarah huckabee sanders said the same thing. she said the president had only learned of this meeting in the last couple days. shepard? >> shepard: ellison, thank you. more ahead on donald trump jr.'s e-mail. we'll speak with a reporter who has been investigating the trump team's connections to russia. we'll hear more from the lawmakers about today's development. we're expecting further comments from capitol hill. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this very busy tuesday afternoon. ♪ binders, done. super-cool notebooks, done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, get this ream of paper for just one cent after rewards. ♪ taking care of business.
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>> shepard: more now on the donald trump jr. e-mails. donald trump jr. agreed to e-mail someone described as a ruianovernmenttorney. trump jr. said he believed it was be politic opposition research and the woman was not a government official. julie has been covering this story extensively. is there anything new to add? the news cycle moves so quickly. thought i would ask. >> sure does. today has been a big day for developments on this. we started off the day as you pointed out by getting all of the e-mails directly from donald trump jr. in an extremely surprising move to everyone but
12:17 pm
"the new york times." they were preparing to report on the e-mails when trump jr. put out the e-mails himself. he since has been sort of applauding his transparency. that is a line that we're hearing a lot from the white house and trump supporters. >> his transparency came minutes before he had been made aware that "the new york times" would be publishing the same e-mails this released, correct? >> exactly, yes. that's right. >> shepard: so transparency is something that normally happens prior to learning that somebody else is about to document dump you. normally that word wouldn't be used in this circumstance. >> exactly. that gets out why this story line still persists. you've got many, many months of everyone related to the trump campaign, the trump family, the president himself saying that they had absolutely nothing to do with anyone in russian or anything concerning russia during the campaign. what makes this a big story and big development in what has been
12:18 pm
just a month-long sort of slog through trying to figure out what exactly went on and what is going on is that there's clear evidence now through e-mails that donald trump jr. put out himself that they were in touch with people affiliated with the russian government. it's unclear how that would have slipped anyone's mind for so long. again, just repeated sort of assertions over the months that the campaign had nothing to do with russia. doesn't square with what we're learning now from the e-mails. >> shepard: time lines matter, julie, as you as a reporter know. the timeline is this. on june 9 according to donald trump jr.'s e-mails, the meeting took place. later in the day on june 9, donald trump sr., the now president, tweeted, "where are your 33,000 e-mails that you deleted." that happened on the same day, correct? >> yeah, it's really important to remember that we just don't
12:19 pm
know everything at this point. a lot of investigations going on. the senate, the house, the special counsel investigating. no evidence whatsoever that there was any information provided by the russian attorney that met with donald trump junior at that trump tower meeting. certainly from the e-mails seemed as though they did have something important to share with the trump campaign. according to donald trump jr. and the other people involved, no information whatsoever was provided. there's more to learn. people's stories are changing as the news reports go along. if you think back to just over the weekend, donald trump jr. was describing the meeting one way. that explanation changed and culminated with the e-mail being put out today. >> each change in explanation happened after "the new york times" brought out more of this information. the story changes happen as the
12:20 pm
times brought out more relevant information. i know, julie, from my producers, you're working on the legal aspect of this. central to this is the following. you're not allowed to accept something of value from a foreign entity in the course of a campaign. the question is, is this information which you have received, this information that you might have had to pay for otherwise, is that something of value. if it is true that that something of value based on the statute, there could be legal problems. i must tell you that our satellite window with julie was booked until 20 minutes after the 15:00 just ended. i'll try to get an answer. more to come on this. we're live in washington with more reaction from lawmakers. 're hring from republicans and democrats alike. that's next. [music playing]
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>> shepard: 24 minutes past the hour now. we've re-established our satellite connection with julie. we booked a new window to raise the veil. i wanted to go back to her. julie has written a piece about the legal aspect of this for the associated press. once you write something, there's an editorial process so it's in that and will be released this afternoon. julie, from your reporting, legally speaking, where is -- first of all, where is donald trump jr.? >> well, this is actually been a really interesting topic to research. it's all new. never really been a scenario like this before. as you mentioned, there's a prohibition on soliciting
12:25 pm
campaign donations from foreign nationals. we get into some interesting territory here. is it fairly clear from the e-mails that we just received today from don jr. that he was interested in receiving materials that was discussed in the e-mails. we don't know -- there's no evidence that he got any material but several legal experts have pointed out to me that the solicitation doesn't need to culminate in an actual transfer of material. the solicitation could be enough. there's a tricky territory of what is of value. some of the experts i talked to have different opinions of providing opposition-type information. is that a thing of value, how would you value something like that. as i said, it's a really new legal angle here. lots of people want to weigh-in and lots of different opinions on whether this could be a crime
12:26 pm
or not. >> shepard: does it matter from your research, if the entity from which you're soliciting the information or which is offering the information is a rival, an enemy or friend to the state, or is that irrelevant? >> as far as i can tell right now, looks like just involving a foreign country in this sort of campaign work -- >> shepard: even if it were like england or israel, it would still be wrong? >> sure. normally applies to campaign donations. monetary donations. strict prohibitions on that. the question is, would this opposition research or information sort of rise to the level of what could be considered an in-kind contribution. something that is not monetary but does have actual value. >> shepard: it will be interesting to read and certainly to watch how legally this plays out. thanks, julie.
12:27 pm
great to talk to you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> shepard: one thing to watch along the way, it was only a couple weeks ago that the president supporters, those sent out to television networks to defend himself said there was no collusion, there is no evidence of collusion, there has been no collusion. we didn't collude. the word from the same people now is collusion is not illegal in and of itself. if you collude, that is not against the law. which it isn't. but it is a new talking point. lawmakers on capitol hill are speaking out about donald trump jr.'s e-mail. for that we turn to peter doocy in washington what are we hearing from republicans? >> they're trying to stay on topic. the 200 days that gave on themselves to get basic promises is almost up. right now, the problems are in the senate. >> that's the very things we don't need to be distracted by. we have specific things to do
12:28 pm
here. we have to have a healthcare outcome, a tax plan and a spending strategy and be disciplineed and not be distracted by things. >> the republican congressman from new york says on twitter "i voted for potus last november and want him and u.s.a. to succeed but that meeting given that e-mail chain just released is a big no-no." so republicans are not saying they're going to stop supporting the president but they're concerned about these new revelations, shep. >> shepard: what the from democrats? >> the top democrat, senator mark warner, says this jives with other evidence and testimony that he's seen and heard. >> this is a pattern we've seen from senior level trump officials that has gone back months where they deny these contacts from meetings with russians until the proof comes out and then they have to
12:29 pm
recant. >> donald trump jr. did not make a call last june and for him that is the big problem. >> that to me is an alarm bell that should have responded by notifying the fbi or law enforcement about this potential contact. >> democratic senator john tester said the e-mails are very disturbing to hip, shep. >> shepard: peter doocy on capitol hill. we're monitoring capitol hill and the corridors of power for more reaction on this. we're waiting for further breaking news out of the capitol. but first, there's another major story breaking in d.c. on healthcare. senate republicans have decided now or mitch mcconnell has to delay the start of their august recess as they try to pass a bill, any bill on healthcare that can get 50 votes plus the vice president. the details on that coming up from the fox news deck as we're
12:30 pm
now at the bottom of the hour and the top of the news is next.
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kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. >> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report and more of today's headlines, a funeral for a new york city police officer that died in a shooting last week. investigators say the officer was in her police vehicle when a gunman shot her in the head. the cops killed the suspect. the officer leaves behind three children. crews in california say rising humidity and low winds help to fight wind fires there. thousands of people had to leave their homes as two fires burn in santa barbara county. the fires broke out after a record-breaking heat wave over the weekend. crews fighting fires in colorado and new mexico. police say new video shows an officer used the door of a van to knock a thief off his bike. cops say the suspects stole from
12:33 pm
a car and tried to take off. the news continues with shepard smith after this.
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switching to allstate is worth it. >> shepard: breaking today, mitch mcconnell has made a momentous decision to keep senators in washington instead of going on break at the end of the month. the beginning of summer vacation is officially cancelled. mcconnell said he's delaying the recess until the third week of august in an attempt to pass bills and confirm the president's nominees. mitch mcconnell is blaming it all on a lack of cooperation and -- hear this -- obstruction by democrats. senate gop leaders are struggling to get enough support not from democrats, but to get support from their own party. remember, republicans control both houses of congress and the presidency. it's the republicans who cannot reach consensus. it's is not democrats.
12:36 pm
democrats are the opposition party. they stand firmly in opposition to the senate's bills. mitch mcconnell knows that it's republicans that are not united and at this point has nothing to do with democrats. earlier today, a group of senators called to shorten the recess to work on campaign promises. >> anybody thinks that we can get all that done from the -- by the end of the year, it's a testament to the power of human denial. we have got to work longer and harder. >> thus far they have no legislative accomplishments as promised in the campaign except for those that were put forward in executive order. mike emanuel with the news live on capitol hill. cutting the recess short by two weeks. what do they think they can get accomplished, mike? >> senate republicans say they had to do something. they say that healthcare reform
12:37 pm
has taken a lot of time. they say they have other critical bills on the agenda such as a defense authorization bill and funding the food and drug administration and the time consuming process of confirming president trump's nominees. >> we're getting zero cooperation on the personnel part of the senate portfolio, which is confirming nominations therefore, we'll be in session the first two weeks of august that we originally anticipated not being here. >> on healthcare, mcconnell is sticking to the time line we've been reporting, which senators will get the text thursday. the cbo will provide an analysis next week. his home is, a vote on healthcare reform by next week. also on the debt ceiling, the government's ability to borrow money, mcconnell said he wants that done before senators leave town in august. >> he blamed this onhe
12:38 pm
democrats. what is the democrat response? >> they're saying that republans have been working on healthcare reform for six months and have not been able to get there. they're saying chuck schumer is essentially saying give him two more weeks to it won't get enough votes to get it across the finish line. >> the problem the republicans are having with healthcare is not time, it's the substance of the bill. they can spend two more weeks, two more months, two years. as long as this bill continues to cut taxes on the very wealthy and hurt working americans, the bill will be as unpopular as it is today. >> schumer is suggesting republicans don't want to go home to face voters because their healthcare plan so far has not gotten a good reception. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. witnesses that saw a military plane crash and burst into flames yesterday said the aircraft spiralled downward with
12:39 pm
one of its wings smoking. another witness told "the new york times" that the aftermath was horrific with bodies everywhere. u.s. military officials said the crash killed everybody on board, 15 marines and one navy sailor. investigators say they won't release the names until the notification of the families is complete. according to the u.s. marines, the plane crashed in a soy bean field. you can see in the western central part of the state north of the state capitol of jackson, mississippi. the plane left from cherry point, north carolina and headed to california. this is a tanker fuel that can refuel other aircraft in midair. kristin lee is a reporter with fox 13 whbq in memphis.
12:40 pm
she's down south in greenwood mississippi about a mile away from the crash. what do you know? >> we're in front of the emergency management center they set up here in mississippi as they investigate that crash. in the last hour we learned that at least six of those marines and one sailor were part of the united states marine corps special operations command. that's new information that we gathered in the last hour. we're waiting here for updates from military personnel. in the meantime, we've been contacting local law enforcement agencies and of course the local airport here in greenwood to learn more about what happened. i've been in contact with airport personnel about the moments that led up to that crash. what we learned here this afternoon is that the crash seems to be unexpected. airport personnel tell me there was no distress call that they're aware of before this crash happened. there was a great deal of confusion here moments after
12:41 pm
that crash. there was smoke in the air, people could see that something happened. people were very unsure of what was going on. i talked to a pilot at that local airport. he told me that local law enforcement had him fly above the crash zone where the smoke was to see exactly what had happened. they weren't sure if this is a large plane, a small plane. the pilot told me he was able to tell them about how serious the crash was. of course, it was a devastating afternoon yesterday here in mississippi. not only for those military service men, but many of their families across the nation that are impacted by this, shep. >> shepard: kristen lee from memphis in the mississippi delta for us this afternoon. there's word that north korea could be two years away from being able to launch a nuclear strike against america's west coast. that's the word. it's a new report around we'll have details on it. a new test of a u.s. missile defense system. that's coming up from the fox news deck in just a minute. ♪
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>> shepard: north korea will likely be able to hit the united states west coast with a nuclear weapon within two years. who says that? well, it's being said by analysts at the u.s. korean institute at johns hopkins university. here's what they say. north korea's missile test last week shows that kim jong-un's regime is about a year or two away from being able to deliver a nuclear weapon. it could target cities including san diego and its naval base. the analysts say it's not going to happen tomorrow. but probably eventually. meantime, the u.s. military supported a missile defense test knocking down an intermediate range missile. it was the latest victory for the so-called thad missile system. the system cannot that i can out an intercontinental ballistic missile like the one that north
12:46 pm
korea tested last week. china is lashing out over calls from beijing to put more prsu on kim jong-un. the chinese foreign ministry said china is not to be blamed for the current escalation of tension, nor does china hold the key to resolve the issue. if china is striving to put out the fire while the others are fuelling the flame, how can china's efforts to achieve expected outcomes? how can the tensions be eased? how can a korean peninsula nuclear issue be resolved? absolving one's self of responsibility is not okay. tearing down bridges after crossing the river is not okay. and then this. stabbing in the back is even less okay. the spokesman didn't name names but comes a week after a phone call between china's president and president trump. according to the state media in
12:47 pm
beijing, the chinese talks about negative factors affecting the two nations. let's bring in gorden chang, author of "nuclear show down." did the chinese just say without using his name donald trump just stabbed us in the back? >> yeah. >> shepard: is that what they said? >> that's what they said. also in the context of what the foreign ministry spokesman said, it's clear he's talking about the united states and south korea. you never hear government officials use language like this in public. much less diplomats. >> shepard: from china. >> from anybody. this is just unprecedented. especially from china. so what we have right now is somewhat distressed and anger inside the chinese political superior. obviously they're directing it against the united states. there's a number of theories why this is occurring right now. indeed, relations between the u.s. and china are growing to
12:48 pm
spiral downward. the trump administration is going to impose costs for dangerous and de-stabilizing behavior. >> shepard: sounds like china is not going to take it. >> no. what happened at the end of june, the administration shifted from giving concessions to imposing costs. we saw that when they cut off a smile chinese bank from the global banking system. that was a signal. they were thinking in washington that they'll go after bigger chinese institutions. so for instance, bank of china has been named by the u.n. as devising and operating a money laundering scheme for north korea. you have bigger chinese institutions are in the cross hairs, this is an indicaon that beijing is worried about what the trump administration will do. >> shepard: and the chinese launder the money to create stability in north korea so the refugee crisis and the problems
12:49 pm
don't spill across into china. >> they have policy for decades of supporting north korea. what has changed in the last three or four years, they're starting to accelerate transfers of technology and equipment to north korea's nuke programs. so the missile that the north koreans launched on july 4 is carried on a chinese transporter, elector launcher. the chinese made that missile mobile which makes it's hard to find and makes it a threat to the united states. the president has to say that how come the chinese have all o these equipment and missiles in their inventory. >> shepard: stabbed in the bank. thanks, gordon. troops in iraq trying to clear out the final isis terrorists in mosul one day after the government declared victory there. that's the word from top u.s. commandner all of iraq. our next guest says there's still a lot of work to do before we take seriously the weakening of the islamic state. whoooo.
12:50 pm
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>> just a day after the prime minister of iraq declared total victory in the old city of mosul. gun shots and explosions echoed through the city. flames erupting in mosul today. the top u.s. general in the country says a couple of hundred isis fighters could stille there. u.s.-backed troops began the battle to take back mosul in october. now some iraqi lawmakers are warning that the fight against isis not yet over. they say that iraq must drive out the isis ideology that remains. we have a terrorism analyst with
12:54 pm
the george washington university center. he's a former cia counter terrorism analyst and joins us from washington. sir, thank you. >> how are you doing? >> shepard: are we close to being finished here? >> we're getting close. as you said, they've been fighting almost a good part of the year. now it's extremely hot in iraq and the middle east. people are getting tired of fighting all the time. in terms of destroying isis, the ideology or the organization, we're far from the end chap per, this is an organization that has been brutalized by the united states, by the iraqis, the iranians and they manage to survive and in one way or another. so for us to destroy the organization, you need a political understanding within iraq and syria where those organizations and those tribes and the sunni groups have a
12:55 pm
place at the table. if you can get these folks to come to an understanding with baghdad -- >> except, ak you and i could have had this conversation five years ago when they put in the new iraqi government, the new iraqi government said we will be inclusive. we will allow all different kinds of people across our country to participate in and be represented by the government. and then they did absolutely the opposite thing from that. they did not include those that had been left out. as a result, they fought. there is no indication of any kind, correct me if i'm wrong, that inclusion is coming. is there? >> that is a great point. yes, we could have had that conversation five years ago when the united states pulled out. we could have had it in 2004. what i hope -- and this is a hope and hope is not a plan -- is that the iraqi government in baghdad and the folks that help support the americans, other countries, including i'd say the
12:56 pm
iranians, realize that maybe they should try a different approach. maybe they should include 30 to 40% of its countrymen to create a stable working government in the contiguous country that we call iraq today. if they go back to forcing the sunnis out and marginalizing the individuals, you'll see the same thing in three or four years. >> shepard: they've had this opportunity since the fall of saddam hussein and they have not taken it. top of the day headlines moments away.
12:57 pm
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win a free treatment. >> shepard: on this day in 1804, alexander hamilton and aaron burr faced off in a duel. burr was vice president, hamilton the former treasury secretary. burr challenged hamilton to a
1:00 pm
duel. burr shot hamilton in the stomach. he died the next day, this is part of the play "hamilton" if you can. after politics turned deadly 213 years ago today. >> neil: that was one awesome show, shepard. this is reality. you can forget about a meeting last june. the focus seems to be on, well, lots of meetings. all meetings. all work at least for the first two weeks in august. they're cutting theiracation in half. rather than a month, took two weeks. generous. is it enough time to get what they want to get done. >> the dow rebounding on word of the senate delaying recess to get stuff that it wants to see get done or investors want to see get done including healthcare rework and the tax ts