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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 12, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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[laughs] >> sean: you just gotta love him. you can see them on social media. that is all the time we have left for this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we will always be fair balanced. stay tuned, a special edition of "the specialist" comes up on fox. ♪ >> eric: i am eric bolling along with ebony k williams and kat timpf, we are the "the fox news specialists." don't adjust your televisions, this is a special 11:00 p.m. eastern edition of "the fox news specialists" after dark. it is a big day of developments for the white house and the russia investigation, donald trump, jr., just responded to the acquisitions f collisions with a special sit down on "hannity." we are up to the minute analysis, stick around and you will be more informed than congress. there's a lot for us to sink our teeth into. we go to christians to measure standing by with the latest
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on the reactions to today's developments. >> donald trump junior kind of admitted that in retrospect he probably would have done things differently but he insists that there is nothing there. as for his father, he is defending his son and his decision to release those emails. he calls it an act of transparency. but the problem is, that active transparency just handed over a ton of evidence to investigators both on capitol hill and in the special counsel's office. so, here's the part of that email exchange that is probably going to cause the most problems for the right house. it is from rob goldstone, the british publicist to set up this whole meeting with trump, jr., and this now infamous russian attorney. he writes, "this is obviously very high-level and sensitive information but as part of russia and government support for mr. trump." he goes on to say that "it wouldn't incriminate hillary and
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her dealings with russia and be very useful to your father." trump junior responded, "if it's what your say, i love it, especially later in the summer." that has democrats like senator tim kaine using words like perjury and perhaps even treason. even some republican senators like lindsey graham are calling that email exchange very disturbing. donald trump junior says that he simply viewed that meeting as a routine opposition research and that his father knew nothing about it. listen. >> do you tell your father anything about this? >> it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i wouldn't have even remembered it until you start scouring through this stuff. it was literally just a way to 20 minutes, which was a shame. >> now, there are bipartisan calls for donald trump junior to appear on capitol hill and testify under oath and tonight, he has agreed to cooperate. eric, kat, eboni. any questions? >> eboni: my question is
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around the tim kaine statements around perjury or at the question of it. to your understanding, is that a result of the denial that initially donald trump, jr., gave around his meetings with the russians officials? >> i think so. this is been a really evolving story over the last four days. i started with one defense and has evolved to what we are now seeing. i think that is where that perjury remark came from. probably, the real big question, is this collusion or is this simply an example of political inexperience? that is really what a lot of republicans are pointing to. but the problem with that assumption is that, yes, donald trump, jr., is relatively politically inexperienced, so is one of the other people that was in that meeting, his son-in-law jared kushner. but paul manafort was the campaign manager at the time and he is no political novels. he has been in this for decades. a lot of folks here in washington state denied that he should have known better.
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>> kat: do you know anything about when we can expect to hear president trump talk about this a little but more? other than to say that his son is a great guy. >> i think everybody would love to know when we will hear from president trump on this. he has been unusually quiet the last few days, granted, he is coming back from his second foreign trip. now, he's about to leave tomorrow on his third foreign trip. he does have a lot going on behind the scenes, but he has been perhaps a little unusually quiet and hasn't been talking about this on twitter as much as usual. in fact, the only comment we got from him today was a one sentence i met we heard from the deputy principal press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, where she said that the president applauds his son's transparency, that is about it. she also said that he is just very frustrated by the fact that this is continuing to overshadow all of the things that he would like to accomplish on capitol hill. >> eric: thank you very much.
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let's meet tonight specialist. a poster, a senior consultant for applied technonomics. a former white house correspondent who covered ronald reagan for "the washington post," a columnist for the hill, and as a cohost on "the five," and his specialty is making -- juan williams is here. let's take this one out here with one of the big headlines from sean hannity's big interview of donald trump, jr., as to whether he has any regrets of the meeting with the russian lawyer last year. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done thinks differently. this is before the rush of mania, they were building up in the press. for me, that's was opposition research. they were probably underreported
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for years, not just during the campaign. so, i think i wanted to hear it ouch. it went nowhere and it was apparent that it wasn't what the meeting was actually about. >> eric: juan, if talking was a source to illegal or unethical, i would say half the people in d.c. would be in jail and probably most of the media would be out of work. >> this isn't just talking to a source, this is talking to someone who comes to you, advertisers connected to the russian government, and with information that has been developed by the russian government. so, this, in essence, then, leads people to have questions about knowledge, he certainly had knowledge. then, comes to the issue of collusion, that we have been discussing for weeks. it would seem at this point, then, that is no longer a question of whether or not it was collusion, the real question tonight is, how much did president trump know about this? that he know about the meeting? paul manafort, his campaign manager, was in the meeting, his son-in-law, trusted aide, jared kushner, is in the meeting. did he know about it?
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if he didn't know about it, what does that say? >> eric: the white house is that president trump just learned about it a few days ago. if he didn't know about it -- first of all, collusion to what and? doesn't there have to be in exchange of a thing of value, monetary value? >> collusion itself, it is not itself illegal, but the point is, unfortunately, the president's son, i think there was no malpractice here on paul manafort's part, because somebody has to be protecting the family and these campaigns. that doesn't seem to have happened. >> eric: you're allowed to meet with foreign nationals. >> eric, this is not a straight a straight opposition research. this is opposition research can't, coming from one of our primary opponents in the world. this is russia. we oppose pressure on almost every ground. if a foreign country comes to you with this type of information, you have an
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obligation to turn that over. and paul manafort knows that. that should not -- i really feel like if this sounded now, if eric didn't know, they should have been informed. >> eric: do you want to say something? >> eboni: i think she is touching on campaign finance law. >> probably the only place where he could be accused of violating the law. >> eboni: we'll get into it later. let's start with this, it is top on the mind for a lot of americans tonight. one of the things that is required as an exchange of something of value. we cannot accept or solicit things of value. so, the big question is going to become of this opposition research, is that valuable? >> eric: if that is the standard you are going to go by, literally anything could have value. if you go off to a campaigning say, i think if you go over there, there is a good voting block over there, you might want to -- >> i think people are split on
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it because there hasn't been a case like this before, eboni, has there? it's always been about money. they've never looked at in terms of a conversation. >> eboni: i don't know if we have never seen it, kat, certainly not -- the trial will determine it. >> eric: when the meeting took place, there was nothing of value exchanged. >> kat: the intention matters. >> eric: if i intend to speed, yet, i still do the speed limit and i think -- >> kat: that's not even close to the same thing. not even close. >> it striking to me that we have up until this point, until "the new york times" forced donald trump, jr.,'s hand, we were all debating, where is the smoking gun? it looks to so many people, especially those on the left, but i think even inside the white house, like, oh, my god, this is not good. this is chaos. no -- let me just finish up on this point because you guys were
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discussing it. remember that back in 2000, somebody actually sent some information, opposition research, to the campaign. what was their reaction? their reaction was to take it directly to the fbi. we don't even know that that came from a foreign nation and certainly not an adversary, but that was the correct response. >> kat: that the appropriate response especially when we are talking about a hostel for acto actor. >> eboni: donald trump, jr.,'s defense, he did say that if something had materialized, he would have -- >> we don't know yet. >> eric: you could -- you know this goes on, not as kat pointed out in the 5:00 hour, these are things that go want a campaign's nonstop. i will talk about this later on, just remember alexander to lupo. remember that name. we'll get to it later in the show. it is relevant. trump, jr., also explained why he was not particularly alarmed at the approach for this meeting with the russian lawyer at the
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time. >> this is 13 months ago before i think the rest of the world was talking about that, trying to build up the narrative about russia. i don't even think my sirens went up or the antennas went ou out. because it wasn't the issue that has been made out to be over the last nine months, ten months, since it really became a thing. i think there is an element of context to that. at the time, it wasn't this big news story. >> eboni: i think that's fair. we talked about that just a couple of days ago on the 5:00 show, because russia now, it is really, really high when it comes to russia and everything feels very alarming. but we go back a year, which is when this meeting took place, last summer, russian didn't have that cloud over it in the way that it does today, so, i can somewhat hear where he is coming from. >> kat: okay, but at the same time, you don't have to have been involved in this forever to see that if something is coming from a hostile foreign actor or there is -- they're trying to present themselves as a hostile foreign actor, a government
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lawyer, you have to think, oh, whatever -- that would raise alarm bells for anyone, i would think. if i got an email like that -- as everybody else getting emails like that but may? >> eric: may be every other congressman gets one at some point, saying, will you made with this russian foreign minister or a representative of russia. that is very, very -- >> eboni: of course it is. >> eric: collusion is happening at every level of our government. >> eboni: i am saying, if they are saying that we have this information on someone who was a top official in your government that we have, official government research, to try to help take down this person, you might stop and think, whoa. >> let's react to what we heard in the interview. i was very impressed. i thought sean hannity was going to be a whole lot nicer. i thought he went right after him. this is a response to what eboni was saying. he has had several months since he knew russia was hot to say,
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"oh, i had a meeting with someone who was sold to me as having information coming directly from the russian government." he didn't say a word! guess what, it's also a problem for jared kushner because jared kushner didn't put it on his disclosure forms. >> eric: there was no information exchanged. >> i don't know, eric. >> eric: wait, on the other hand, hillary clinton did get information from a foreign national. >> kat: i had a comment on trump. >> eric: hold on. let me ask a juan this question. hillary clinton did do this. she approached christopher steele, the british foreign national, who put together the russian dossier on donald trump. >> i think fusion, which was the word -- everybody, opposition research is commonplace in american campaigning. what is distinctive here --dash go ahead. >> eric: what? what is distinctive?
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>> i am trying to tell you. but you have here a foreign government seeking to interfere in american election process, and our democracy. >> can we be very clear? opposition research coming from the russian government is not what is standard practice in the u.s. campaigning. this is our enemy. we are opposed to them and syria. we are opposed to them in the ukraine. they are not even supporting us in north korea. this is an enemy of the united states, a foreign power, imagine if hillary clinton had done that. >> eric: she did! >> no, she did not! it's different. >> eric: the dossier that was given to them, it was by the russian people, the government. >> this is completely different. he received an email saying, we are active in your election. russia cannot interfere in a democratic election in the united states! >> eric: that is what the email said. he shows up, what did they get? a discussion --
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>> eboni: i hear where you are coming from, but you are putting a very sophisticated political lens on it. certainly, we can appreciate that. but if we give him the benefit of the doubt, i'm not saying i am, but we say that donald trump, jr., doesn't understand the level of sophistication, he just says, opposition research, classic politics, we might have a contested primary here, i am kind of desperate, i will go to whatever lengths to get rid of. >> kat: where is paul manafort saying -- i don't think you need to be a genius to think twice about that email. i don't think you need to be for my political family. i think you just need to be a human who pays a little bit of attention to things. >> eric: more reaction to donald trump, jr.,'s interview with sean hannity, which is aired on this very special edition of "the fox news specialists" after dark coming out. ♪ the future isn't silver suits and houses on mars,
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it's right now. think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> obviously, robert miller announced that he will be looking into it. you said in a tweet, you would fully cooperate with any investigation. >> completely cover 100%. >> turn over everything you have and you feel you already have?
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you have nothing to hide, that means that you will testify under oath, all of it? >> kat: welcome back to the special late edition of "the fox news specialists" ." donald trump junior telling sean hannity a short time ago that he'll fully cooperate with robert we are there special counsel investigation. is that the wise legal strategy at this point? i would say cooperating with an investigation is wise, eric. >> eric: i mentioned alexander rocha lupa, i will give you what this is all about. a dnc operative who worked in the clinton white house, who also worked with the ukrainian government last year to do opposition research on the trump campaign people who turned it over, which resulted in paul manafort resigning because he didn't want the optics of what she was bringing to the table. this is someone who worked directly with clinton, acquiring opposition research against trump. so, what happened here? what did donald trump exactly do with his lawyer? nothing. they got nothing!
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the clintons, however, did get something and they used it. so, there is a lot being made to face meeting with donald trump, jr. i think what you really need to do is go back and see what the clintons did. >> eboni: eric, whether or not he got something for the meeting are not actually doesn't really matter. it is the front-end that matters the most from a legal contracts. >> eric: are you sure? >> eboni: yes. here's why i know that. one of the elements -- >> eric: he didn't break any laws? >> eboni: i will get to the conclusion. one of the first things we have to get to is in agreement. the agreement between the trump campaign, whether that is paul manafort, donald trump, jr., and the russians, i don't think we have that, so, i don't think there is an agreement. what we have, we'll get to it later in the the show, donald p junior saying he is agreeing to a meeting but he doesn't know the context of which it is going to be at some point. eventually, he is told in its opposition research but we never have an agreement where he say, i will agree to go in cahoots,
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some type of collaborative efforts with the russian government to undermine the u.s. election. absent that, i find it short of collusion. >> eric: collusion is not illegal either, by the way. we do we have moved to even if there is collusion, it's fine. look, what i don't understand is why -- as juan pointed out, being transparent would be coming out earlier, and march, he said, did i meet with people that were russian? i'm sure i did. but none that were set up. this one was obviously set up. then, he said none that i can think about at the moment, then, he said, certainly none, representing the campaign in any way, shape, or form. some people might think that bringing a campaign bus to a meeting makes it look like you might be representing the campaign in some way, shape, or form. some people might think that. let's say that. why come if you want to be transparent, would he not say, yeah, i had some meetings but nothing illegal, leave it at
1:23 am
that. why give these specific dates of nations when this is the reality. that is what i have a problem with. i am not some crazy partisan hack on either side. when i see anybody changing their story, i ask questions, regardless of who's inside there are an. >> eric: to what end? he thought he was going to meet with this lawyer to find some opposition research created in the dubbing about adoption. nothing came of it. why should he have to say that he met with a lawyer about adoption? >> it wasn't about adoption. >> eric: it was! >> let's be clear. the adoption thing is something that is being used by vladimir putin quite intentionally to gain leverage because he doesn't like the sanctions being imposed by the u.s. government. he decided the part of the way to go at this with the american people is to say, hey, you are being held back from adopting russian children. it is a child, there is no problem here. what he is trying to do is the imposition of sanctions by the united states of america.
1:24 am
>> eric: she didn't represent the government! >> in the email, whoever is selling her to donald trump junior says, she has informatio information -- why would he agree to that? let me just a come of the larger point, this comes to with the three of you were just talking about. it seems to be that there is a pattern here and you heard sean hannity ask donald junior about whether or not he will cooperate with robert muller. he said he would cooperate. if i am robert mueller and i am looking into night and watching "hannity," donald, jr., i am saying, there is donald, jr., you heard eboni talk about paul manafort, who knows the law, knows the deal, and i'm i also thinking, wait a second, jared didn't disclose this. speak about is the problem. >> i'm also thinking about jeff sessions, the attorney general, he had to recuse himself because he didn't admit he had to the meetings. what about mike cohen? paul manafort? what about carter page? what about peter smith,
1:25 am
"the wall street journal" reporter who was saying, i got information? >> eric: those are separate investigations. i am guessing that they're going to end up being -- again, what law has been broken? none. what ethical violation has been exceeded? none. >> i happen to agree. i don't think there is evidence. i have been saying a long time, we talked about this before, we should take a step back and wait for robert mueller to do the investigation on the legal end of things. i don't think there is any evidence tonight that donald trump, jr., did anything illegal, to eboni's point. there is a huge political problem and to something of amnesia and the white house with these russian connections. if that is where i applaud the president's son for saying that he will be transparent. we need more of that so the american public can get back to the business of what we need to do, health care, immigration, tax reform, and be done with this investigation.
1:26 am
>> eboni: also, eric, i agree that we don't have any smoking gun. i think that is still outstanding but the cumulative effect of all of these parts -- i know it doesn't politically speaking, it matters. that is all. legally, i'm with you 100%. but politicals lee speaking, the consequences. >> eric: even though every campaign does it forget >> kat: we have a lot more to talk about, clearly, on this late-night addition of a "the fox news specialists" stay right there. ♪
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>> i think the reason we fought so hard during this campaign, whether it was my father and the work that he put into it, whether it was the rest of our family and the efforts we put into it, you know those efforts well, because we would do anything for this country, we will never put that in jeopardy, ever.
1:31 am
>> eboni: we are back with more analysis on sean hannity's exclusive interview with donald trump, jr. we are joined by juan williams and juan williams and jeanne zaino. will americans agree with the statement that donald trump, jr., made about not putting the country in jeopardy? at the end of the interview, eric, we saw the attorney jay sekulow talk about what is the legal, questioning what laws are donald trump junior break. i think it is a fair question. i want to break down the statut statute. this is the one that could possibly be in play. we talked about collusion generally, but let's get pacific. conspiracy to defraud the u.s. talking about 18 u.s. code 371. because of those elements of agreement, deception, defrauding, thus more specific things. i agree, eric, we don't have that yet. those are along the lines that will be looking if it would get to a place of legal collusion. as we went over a conversation with a lawyer who wanted to talk about adoption.
1:32 am
mann is groaning. i think i have solved the mystery of why this is such a big story. this one specifically. the liberal mainstream media is so invested in the russian narrative and they keep investing more and the returns have been at zero, juan. the return on investment has been zero, so, they will return because they are jumping all into the deep end of the pool but they keep getting nothing so they have to keep trying, looking for something. >> kat: i completely agree that many in the mainstream media have it out for trump. i completely agree with that. i completely agree that they get excited when they see something against trump. but that doesn't mean that every single thing that comes out about him or his family that might be concerning is nothing to be concerned about. those are not two of mutually exclusive things. >> eric: what happened to james coming? two weeks ago, it was going to blow the trump administration out of the water. now, they have this new thing. >> eboni: can we have a gross overreaction time and time again for certain people, and we also
1:33 am
have even donald trump junior admitting that if he had to do it over again, he would do it differently because there may have been a better way to do with that, maybe you disclose the meeting, may they be be general about the substance, but at some point you let people know. to speed when you think the media is not hyperventilating we the words "treason" in relation to this discussion that he had that went nowhere with the russian lawyer? treason, really? >> the media hyperventilates over everything, you know that. let's be clear. part of the reasons this is a story is because very early on, the trump administration, for whatever reason, has not felt disclosed these meetings. this is a drip, drip, that unfortunately we will see. to your introduction, i would say, i don't think many americans even care. they will wait for robert mueller to come out. we see this in almost every scandal. go back and look at bill clinton. people didn't pay attention outside of washington until they were real charges. people want the government to
1:34 am
focus on the business of the people and that's not happening, do your point. that doesn't matter that the trump administration should be allowing this to happen. get them all in a room, disclose, let's be done with it. >> let me make a point about where i think this is going. what we heard from donald trump, jr., was a suggestion that the american people understand, maybe it is the left-wing media, as eric bolling suggests, but i think a lot of people who are republicans now are starting to think, something is going on, and potentially damaging to our party and to this white house. john cornyn in the senate says that what you have is a young man who has made himself a witness. he has got to come up and testify about this meeting. he has put jared kushner in jeopardy because alt-right he didn't disclose the meeting, in addition to which -- you just like people who you would describe as -- but that's --
1:35 am
what about people like charles krauthammer who says, we have an epidemic of amnesia when it comes to meeting with russians all of a sudden. what about people like ari fleischer who said, you want opposition research, but you are not from the russian government. >> eric: another one. he hasn't been exactly approachable. >> the republican party is largely behind donald trump, eric brady >> eric: nonpartisan the answer this question. if what donald trump, jr., did could be construed as collusion or what not, want every single congressman be under the same accusatory veil as donald trump junior? they all meet with russians. all of them. >> they should meet with russians but they are not running a campaign! he was a central actor in his father's campaign and he responds to an email that says, here's information intended to interfere in the campaign provided by the russian government, come to the meeting, and he brings the campaign chai
1:36 am
chair. >> eboni: we will take a very quick break. we have a lot more to say. we will be right back. ♪ whoooo.
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will >> i think the mainstream media as has probably done themselves a pretty big for sere by going so far, like going so extreme, by being so sensational. i think it is pushing regular people away because i want to see jobs, they want to see the numbers that he is putting up, the stock market keeps breaking hits, we have the all-time highest employment, all these things that he promised to do, they are happening. they are actually happening and that is not getting any coverage. that is a real shame. that is a real disservice to the people of this country.
1:41 am
as the one let's continue the conversation on this after dark edition of "the fox news specialists." what is your reaction to what trump, jr., said about the media and that sound bite we played, jeanne? >> i agreed with him completely that people want the administration of the government as a whole to get back to the business of the people. the one thing that he missed is that they are complicit in this drafting people from that. that is the frustration for republicans, as well, who are watching this and saying, this constant drip of these stories is problematic. they have to get the information out and they need to then stop talking about it, let bob mueller do his job, and get back to the business of governing. i didn't understand, for instance, the president's tweet on russia as he came back from the trip. it is these kinds of things that distract from the business of the people that should be going on. the president has a lot on his plate. let bob mueller to the investigation, get this information out, and move on.
1:42 am
>> eric: we haven't heard that 153 million people are now employed in america, the most ever come all-time, brand-new record. you wouldn't know that because if you listen to the mainstream media, it is all about these meetings. >> eboni: this is what i would advise the president. i would literally not tweet a single thing about russia until mueller comes back with something concrete. every tweet i would have from donald j. trump, his twitter account, would be about jobs, the economy, whatever is going on with the national security, and those issues. that is what i would do. i would strangle the narrative. >> eric: that will not be very much fun, what it? [laughter] congresswoman maxine waters has been calling for the impeachment of donald trump for months, said come on twitter, "at this point, "the new york times" could release trump leaving a voice message thanking pruden for his services and the g.o.p. would still say nothing burger." really?
1:43 am
kat, your thoughts? you may agree with some of that. >> kat: you would have a problem with this if there was a voice mail? >> eric: there are people who would agree -- i'm just saying there was no collusion. >> kat: i think that there are people who will excuse everything. i also think that maxine waters is someone who has been calling for impeachment over everything. it makes me frustrated that those seem to be largely the main two groups of people out there without much room for individual thought in the middl middle. >> eric: eboni is on both sides of those. there are issues that you will take. push back a little better. >> kat: i have been that wake up also. >> eric: all right. juan, your thoughts on maxine waters' thoughts, it doesn't matter, the g.o.p. will excuse it? >> when you look at the numbers, the polls are overwhelming. donald trump still has tremendous support, close to 80%, may be over 80, of republicans, despite the drip
1:44 am
that we have heard described, despite all the problems. you think about people like sean hannity who did the interview tonight, you think about the leading talk show host, rush limbaugh, all these other guys, they are still saw the lead with donald trump. you look at the u.s. congress today, you have major players, mitch mcconnell, and others, people whom you would expect would have some response, he went silent, and then, of course, you have the reaction on the internet, which was to say, wait a second, he busted "the new york times." donald trump, jr., just blew "the new york times" away because he was transparent and he put out the email. this is a defense in my mind, that invites people to say, republicans blind? >> let me say this, juan. i hear what you are saying and i agree subsidence to leave. politically, many people would say that the republican party owes a whole lot to donald trump, their efforts to get into the white house removed
1:45 am
it didn't get them there. maybe that is why we are not hearing very much from them at that point. they are staying in their lane and they know they don't have much political leverage. >> the question is, 2018, midterms, when democrats lambaste this president, if the republican brand to damage independence and republican leaning democrats, because what you see is the president's approval rating, very low. three when i was hoping you would say that. he is on 52, 53%. >> the realclearpolitics average -- >> eric: oh, this guy -- >> what about "the new york post" headline tomorrow? >> eric: editorial. >> a conservative paper. >> eric: is a conservative? >> "the new york post"? [laughter] you know what, i will stop right
1:46 am
there. i quit. i quit. >> eric: more of this very special live eat edition "the fox news specialists" after dark right after this. ♪ .. ..
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>> if there is information out there, you wanted, and then you make what you do with it. if there was something that came from that was shady, a danger to national security, i would obviously bring it to someone. i didn't know, it turns out there was nothing. there is nothing to talk about. >> kat: more now on this late-night edition of "the fox news specialists." reaction to donald trump, jr.,'s exclusive interview with sean hannity. we heard what trump, jr., just said about this russian meeting and that it similar to the meetings done in business. but does that apply here? what you think, eric? >> eric: again, i will repeated, there is nothing illegal, this happens hundreds -- hundreds of times a day in d.c. a russian businessperson or a representative of government wants to meet with one of our business people a representative of our government if there is no
1:51 am
collusion, no problem, we'd be wasting billions of dollars in robert buehler's time. >> i am very sensitive to the physician met donald trump junior finds himself in. i teach campaign management. one of the things that they are supposed to do is protect the family of the candidate. to me, that -- there was a problem here. this is not someone who is familiar with campaigns. he said it himself. while i don't think that that meeting should have ever occurred, i am sensitive to the fact that somebody should have been protecting the family and i have to say -- >> eric: they are not politicians. >> the campaign manager, a phenomenal campaign manager of many decades, somebody should have protected the family. i'm not saying that excuses the meeting but i think there is some sensitivity. >> let me ask you a question, jeanne, if chelsea clinton had
1:52 am
said yes to an email that came from somebody overseas, let's say the trainees, who are not our friends in many cases, and said, we have information on donald trump, and we want to have a meeting and talk about it, what would your reaction be? you guys would go ballistic ask mike >> eric: again, i have talked about christopher steele, who would put together the russian dossier. >> you don't want -- you know that if the shoe was on the other foot, you guys would be kicking high heels and saying, this is evidence of how democrats -- >> eric: how often does this happen? somebody says they have information on your opponents. >> eboni: come on, you know that's not what it's about. >> kat: come on! >> eric: it is a, not illegal, and let her become a common practice. >> kat: there's a difference! >> eboni: using drugs is
1:53 am
common practice but that doesn't mean it's legal. >> eric: nothing illegal happen here. that is the difference. speak with a specific thing, from everyone that i have heard who knows more about the issue than i do, this very specific sort of meeting is not ordinary. it's not an ordinary thing. it's not normal opposition research. >> it is coming from a foreign government. i think the big question -- i knew you were going to say that. >> eric: it is some bozo music promoter -- >> she is real. she's not imagined. >> eric: she's not part of the russian government. >> one word, niet. [laughter] >> the one thing that has been moved on, no longer can defenders say that there is no evidence of any collusion. that email trail, that suggests collusion. >> eboni: i'll put a human
1:54 am
element on a parade of my mother was running for president of united states and somebody sent me a note, i don't care where they are from, i'll be honest with y'all, and they said that they had evidence or some material thing that could make her likely had better of getting elected, i would likely probably go. >> kat: i would tell my mom, though, if someone said it was a russian government that had secrets, and i would definitely -- she would say, go do that, kat. >> eboni: girl, go get it! [laughter] >> kat: when we return, we'll circle back with our specialists, jeanne zaino and juan williams. ♪
1:55 am
1:56 am
1:57 am
>> it's time to circle back with our specialists. i want to throw to you. how does it feel to be up this late my friend? >> juan: at my age this is not good. i like hanging with the young people. >> i've always wondered what it's like to be juan williams on "the five" ." >> juan: i wanted you to look good. pump you up, my friend. >> especially when you have taken down all of my arguments. >> juan: it's all right. this is your show, eric bolling. i'm honored to be invited. >> ready see the score story gn
1:58 am
the next few days? >> i think we're going to see more of a drip drip. i hope that's not the case. we really have to move on. >> juan: oh, come on. even people on the right who hate the media know the story is taking off. >> thank you to our specialists tonight. and thank you all for watching this specialists, live addition after dark. make sure you follow us on twitter and facebook. 11:00 will never be the same. good night, >> would have done differently. did you tell your father anything about this? >> nothing to tell. just a waste of 20 million.
1:59 am
>> donald trump junior speaking to fox about his meeting with the russian attorney as his father stand by his side. the exclusive interview you will only see right here. heather: he has been deported 7 times so how was this man able to get behind the wheel drunken-driving at 100 miles an hour killing a father of three. >> her elderly mother and her own three children. >> new york city police commissioner blasting black lives matter during the funeral for one of his own, the powerful message that police sent mayor bill diblasio. "fox and friends" first starts right now.
2:00 am
heather: good morning. you are watching "fox and friends" first on this wednesday morning. the sun not quite up yet. thank you for joining us. heather: donald trump applauding his oldest son for his transparency over a meeting with the russians. >> donald trump junior set the record straight in a fox news exclusive interview with sean hannity. >> reporter: good morning. donald junior taking every question sean hannity had about the meeting with that russian lawyer during the campaign and acknowledging someone had damaging information about his opponent he