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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 13, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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play the two leaders will be looking for common ground on issues including the battle against terrorism and the six year war in syria. it is the start of a jampacked scandal.
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after an official welcome ceremony that marked 100 years since the start of america's involvement in world war i. almost one year after the deadly bastille day. that was nice 2016 before the fireworks. also now all across france, head of the bastille day celebration. john roberts following the present live in paris as that meeting still continues. >> good morning. the president and french president macron arriving just a short time ago. interesting to note that president trump president trump gave macron a ride as they were
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coming over from their previous location. the body language between the two of them, obviously it's all very choreographed, but they are old friends. handshakes, pats on the back as they go in for their bilateral meeting. a short time ago, the two of them were at a very famous french landmark, and serve as a hospital for military members during the wars, it also serves as a retirement home and a museum. the tomb of napoleon is buried there as well. it's the body language that slaps on the back end to people getting together who genuinely seem to like each other. this, despite the fact that there were ideas that macron wasn't pleased that trump wanted to pull the united states out of the quietness deal. the meeting may get tense from time to time and there may be some short differences over the u.s. withdrawal from the paris
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climate accord and the fact that president trump -- there will be common ground on security, defense, likely nato as well and what to do. it will give us an opportunity to ask the president in public for the first time about the meeting that his son, donald trump, jr., had with that russian attorney, natalia veselnitskaya in june of 2016 at the request of a friend of his. he said that russia had some information on hillary clinton that they thought could be useful to president trump. president trump did weigh in on that in an interview with reuters saying he didn't fold down, jr., for having that meeting, it was in the heat of an upstart nontraditional campaign. nothing came of the meeting. in an interview yesterday with pat robertson, the president
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talked for the first time about his meeting last week with resident vladimir putin, suggesting that while the u.s. and russia may agree on some items, there is a lot that they will continue to disagree on. listen to what the president said. >> he wants what's good for russia. and i want what's good for the united states. in a case like syria or we can get together into a cease-fire and many other cases where getting along can be a positive thing, but always, putin want russia and trumbull want united states and that's the way it is. >> tomorrow is going to be a special occasion for the president because he will be a guest of honor at the bastille day parade. of course, every 14th of july, it's a military parade. it's very special this year because of the 100th anniversary
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of the entry of u.s. troops into world war i. in defiance of terrace to reach wreaked so much have it >> leland: we do all remember that. john roberts traveling with the president, obviously back to france as news warrants. thanks. >> julie: as we wait for president trump to join the news conference with the french president macron in paris, washington lives of the ring brand-new the relevance of the russian investigation including mcclatchy. looking into -- this
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"wall street journal" headline, russian officials overheard discussing trump associates before campaign began. let's bring in bob cusack, editor in chief at the hill and stephen dinan, a political editor for "the washington post," thank you gentlemen for talking to us. first i want to talk about this press conference that we are waiting between macron and president trump, the first time these two will be meeting and a newly elected president in france, a newly elected president in the united states does give and open a door to a lot of opportunities to make or break some ground here considering macron has been an outspoken critic. how could this overshadow the russian meddling and the revelation of donald trump, jr.,'s emails? >> i think overall, you look at
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president trump's trips abroad, he is generally done very well. he's meeting with a lot of allies. on climate change, you'll see some fireworks. publicly, they seem to be chummy and trump likes to engage and talk to foreign leaders. however, on other issues like fighting terrorism, there can be an alliance. russia is going to be something -- this is the new normal for the trump administration. these investigations are going to be ongoing for a year-2 years. he's going to have to try to move his agenda despite this being there. it's not going to go away and that's what the president has to deal with. >> julie: we're looking at mitch mcconnell and right now, there are protests which have been pretty much ongoing for weeks now on capitol hill regarding this health care bill and it is understood that mitch mcconnell will be laying forward some kind of bill today and hopefully they'll get more information as to whether or not this will come to a vote next week.
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let me ask you, as far as this meeting, and we want to go back to what's happening in paris how much is the fight against isis and syria and russia's involvement might be dragged through muddy waters in this investigation into russia sort of plays a role and how we actually deal with russia. >> the deal that the president and president putin reached on this cease-fire in russia, that's going to be the real test for president trump. we are still very early in this administration, but that's an actual deliverable, a deal that he negotiated. in fact, it buys a space for further negotiation, that's going to turn into a building block, a real substance of
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success. obviously too early to say that right now, but that is certainly going to be part of the conversation over there in france today. as i said, it's so early in the trump administration, it's probably too early to expect a lot to know a trump foreign policy into the outcomes of it. that's the first part of it and we'll see where it goes. >> julie: let's talk about the mcclatchy headline here. trump-russian investigators probe kushner-run digital operation. his name hasn't really been brought up so much, other than the fact that he was in that meeting with the russian lawyer along with paul manafort and donald trump, jr.,, but jared kushner who also has an attorney has been rather silent. what say you first of all on this headline and basically, it's looking into whether the president's son-in-law helped the russians target voters with fake news during the campaign. >> that's quite a charge and if that's true, then kushner could be in a lot of trouble. a lot of people in washington
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think that even all the focus has been on donald trump, jr., and those emails this week, that kushner and his business dealings abroad and this new revelation report on a fake news, that is a big deal. remember, you have several congressional committees as well as robert mueller who has brought in some very aggressive investigators, some who have given to hillary clinton and democrats and their publicans have criticized that, but this is going to be looked at very seriously. very serious allegations. >> bob is right. very serious allegations. i'm more of the mind that we've had -- what is this the sixth, seventh, perhaps eighth different allegation against russia that's been lodged so far. maybe half of them turn out to be overblown, partially or mostly overblown. i'm of the mind. there are half a dozen investigations and putting special counsel and congress looking at those. i'm of the mind that we should just let them figure out what they're going to figure out. at the end of this, we are going to know what happened and see
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what charges get leveled and what sort of political damage there is. at this point, we don't know how to evaluate this. >> julie: there is also "the wall street journal" headline. russian officials overheard trump associates before campaigning began. do you see a smoking gun and all of this? obviously, at this point, with the fbi investigation, since james comey was hired, since robert mueller's appointed special counsel, this investigation has turned up no evidence of collusion. now we've got evidence of what you could call attempted collusion that he wanted to help and aid this trump campaign. with all of this said, when is the next shoe going to drop question work >> that's a great question. i think that as far as the smoking gun, the males were the closest thing we have received to it. do i think it's a smoking gun it's going to take down the entire administration?
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no. trump, jr., said he would have son dominic dominic dominic this is the problem for the white house. there are leaks, there've been a lot of leaks in the other problem with the president is that he said it's a witch hunt in the new fbi director said it's not a witch hunt yesterday. it's going to be very difficult to move health care and taxes and infrastructure amid these daily controversies. >> julie: bob cusack and stephen dina, thank you very much. of course, will be waiting for the president in the news conference. will carry that for you. >> leland: live pictures outside of senator mitch mcconnell's office. that is the senate majority leader's office. he sailed the capitol police there. there are protests going on and we've seen this in the past where people all either lie down or try to block the hallway there in the senate and the capital police come in. these folks are not happy with the republicans attempts to
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overhaul obamacare and not happy with the republican proposal so far. the senate republicans are meeting behind closed doors this hour to go over those revisions to their plan to see if they can take another stab at it. the g.o.p. plans to unveil the legislation today, although it still remains unclear if the bill has enough support to pass. some republicans say they think there is a better third way. >> i want to give democrats an opportunity to at least have input, but i may be wrong, but i think this will unite every republican and any democrat who believes that states are that they're able to handle health care than washington. >> leland: adam shapiro joining us. we just heard from lindsey graham, he's a saying we should start talking to the democrats, does republic and leadership agree with them? >> mitch mcconnell actually
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said last week that they might have to do that as a plan b. just in case plan a fails. plan a is revising the better care reconciliation act. those are the official details will get later this morning, but already, we know some of the details about what's being amended in the original plan. it's pretty much the same as before, but some of the affordable care act taxes on wealthy people like that 3.8% tax on net investment, that remains. they are also going to offer up a $70 billion on top of the $112 billion that allows states to help people who might get caught short when they try to buy their premiums. the key is the ted cruz amendment. it is a part of the plan. we know that they're going to score this with the cbo different versions. we've been without the ted cruz amendment. concerns with republicans as it will drive up premiums for people of the older age group as well as people with pre-existing
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conditions. >> leland: adam shapiro on capitol hill, more after the break. thank you. >> julie: coming up, the mysterious disappearance of a young woman, where she was last seen in what police are doing to find her.
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>> julie: fox news live from pennsylvania where police have made an arrest in the disappearance of four young men. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo is now in custody after investigators made a grisly discovery on his father's farm, about 30 miles north of philadelphia. >> we have found human remains an end approximately 12 and a half foot deep common grave that we have painstakingly dug with a lot of care so as not to damage any potential evidence. i'm very, very sad to say that we can now identify dean phenoxy
8:19 am
arrow, 19 years old of middletown as one of the people that was found buried in that grave. >> julie: rick leventhal is live and pennsylvania with details. i rick. >> good morning. the discovery of those remains, not a surprise for authority to have been heavily focused on the dinardo farm. they told me they were very suspicious that bodies were buried there because cadaver dogs were acting so positively at the site. after four days of painstakingly careful digging, the fbi's response team found those victims bodies, as you heard, 12 and a half feet below ground. the first to be identified is 19-year-old victim. >> there are additional human
8:20 am
remains inside that grave. this painstaking process will go on. we're not done yet. this is a homicide, make no mistake about it. we just don't know how many homicides. >> 20-year-old cosmo dinardo his parents on the farm where the bodies were buried arrested yesterday afternoon on charges of auto's death. he tried to sell the car belonging to tom mio for $500 just a couple of days after he vanished. dinardo is now being held on $5 million cash bail, the highest that the judge has ever set. he could face more charges soon, his parents reportedly appearing before a grand jury here this morning with prosecutors trying to build a more complete timeline of defense and to possibly tied dinardo to the murders of those men. >> julie: rick leventhal, thank you. >> leland: a verizon now doing some major damage control after a massive data breach that has
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> leland: fox news alert on a busy day on capitol hill. we are awaiting the cbo score on the budget. this has beget new details about the senate's new health care bill, which keeps massive cuts to medicaid and obama era taxes on the wealthy. senator mccain weighing in on the new bill in this process that's been leading up to it. >> it should have gone through the committee's oversight so that the democrats had a role to play and then we probably could have gotten this thing done. now i think prospects are dim,
8:25 am
but it is what it is. >> leland: senator rand paul explaining why he won't be voting for the old bill or this new bill. >> unfortunately, the new plan doesn't repeal obamacare, it keeps about half the obamacare taxes, keeps most of the obamacare regulations, keeps most of the obamacare subsidies and it creates a giant insurance bailout and i can't vote for a bill that needs a $200 billion fund, i'm not for that. i promised to repeal obamacare, not to continue obamacare. >> leland: nice to see you, thank you. bringing you and our viewers up to date, and the last above minutes, senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy have printed out a third plan and this from adam shapiro on the fox business network from capitol hill.
8:26 am
no democrats are part of the grand graham-cassidy bill. i understand you're a member of the house, not the senate. are democrats willing to throw republicans a lifeline yet on health care, are you still going to let them flounder? >> we've been waiting for our colleagues to reach out to us, and hasn't happened on any issues quite frankly at this point. especially on the issue of health care. i can't believe what's happening in the senate, i do know they have a history of working sixes and aides to come together in bipartisan ways. i haven't seen them materialize, i know that some agreements said, we haven't seen them materialize. i do think there is a body within the senate who would like to strike a path forward. i know senator mcconnell has said, if unable to reach an agreement in their own party, they'll have to talk to democrats and work with
8:27 am
democrats. since when is being bipartisan such a bad word? i hope at some point rather sooner than later, they get to the point where they can work together in the senate. >> leland: that brings up an important question where mitch mcconnell is saying that they may have to reach out to democrats. the implication in that is that it would be a much less bill for republicans if they have to essentially buy votes from democrats by watering down their version of repeal and replace. what's the judgment for democrats? what's your balance of the right time to step up with your own plan is and perhaps try to pull some republicans over a question mark >> we already have a plan that's in place, the affordable care act. it's about mending the affordable care act, not ending it. i do think that it's important to note that it's always better to try and find a bipartisan
8:28 am
solution. whether it's health care, whether it's taxes, whatever that issue may be, it's always better to have a bipartisan solution and that's what i'm hoping at some point that we have a my bipartisan attitude. >> leland: those orders have been said before by the minority party, whether it be republicans or the democrats. i want to get your thoughts on this as we look now at a picture awaiting president trump's news conference in about an hour over in paris. it's going to be the first time reporters have a chance to question the president about his son's meeting with that russian lawyer and the emails surrounding it. first, senator tim kaine, former vice presidential nominee on that meeting and the revelation revelations. >> we are now beyond obstruction of justice. this is moving into perjury, false statements, and even
8:29 am
potentially treason. >> leland: are we a long way from trees in? is this a pretty major jump to make? >> the problem that we are facing is the dumbing down of americo with the issues of truth telling. the american people don't trust elected officials because they tend to live. we've taken this to a all new level now. i do think it's incredibly troubling, the denial that any meetings have ever taken place between russian officials or russian agents or spies, quite frankly, and anyone associated with the trump campaign and her here, we have the son of the president, donald, jr., having met with a spy of the russian government. >> leland: i want to get you back to what you just said at the very top of this answer, isn't one of the reasons that
8:30 am
americans are becoming blase, if you will, to your point of the truth is that all of a sudden you have some circumstances that may not look all that great and suddenly, you have a very senior senator calling it treason. there's a difference between the cup and the lip, don't democrats bear some responsibility for your talking about? >> it's a meeting between an american and an official of a presidential campaign. and and a foreign emissary and t or spy on the russian government constituting a treason, that's a question of law. >> leland: most people i talked to his say that donna's stomach >> it's a question for the special prosecutor. there are laws in place. i've not used the i word, i
8:31 am
refrain from using that. but we want a full vetting of what took place, not only with the special prosecutor, but by the establishment of an independent commission to get to the bottom of this. i'll tell you, this isn't just about the here and now, this is about the future. whether russia actually did try to intrude on our election process, where were they successful, where did they fail, what do they learn from? we need to know a way to stop that. >> leland: we appreciate your time and i'm sure this will be the last time we are, appreciate it. >> julie: we are waiting for senate republicans to unveil their new health care bill, the legislation is similar to the original, but with a few key changes, so will they get enough to get conservatives and moderates on board? we'll debate it next. e! shake! ! e! shake! ! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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>> julie: fox news alert and right now, president trump and the french president macron are many behind closed doors. we are awaiting a joint news conference from the two world leaders to come out and face the world. we'll be carrying it for you live here on fox. of course, also this hour, house speaker paul ryan will be holding his weekly news conference and will likely be fielding questions about the amended senate health care bill which republicans will release today. we've got more information on that in a second, but the new bill may be already dead on arrival. listen. >> only look to the bill a week ago or two weeks and i said i
8:36 am
couldn't support the bill as it was, now they've taken the bill and made it worse. they've taken any pretense that this is a repeal bill and they've made it a bill that basically is a spending bill. i just came from the republican caucus, many other members behind closed doors are willing to admit that is not a repeal bill. >> julie: before we get to health care, i want to talk to about something that had pretty much crossed our wires moments ago, there are apparently calls by the possible senate judiciary committee by basically calling for trump, jr., to ask him to testify after his release of emails. i want to ask you first, what does this tell you? >> i think trump, jr.,'s story
8:37 am
included two revelations, very important to senators and the special counsel. the first, which the public and reporters have been focused on is that the supposedly innocent part of that meeting was the part about sanctions. there is a reason why the russians want trump to win and hillary to lose. getting under from sanctions is a big part of that reason. donald trump wanted to open a hotel in moscow, but he couldn't because the economy was suffering and it was suffering because of sanctions. the other thing senators are interested in is this prospect of false statements being made possibly by jared kushner, possibly by others on security clearance filings. keep in mind, senators themselves do those kinds of filings, so do senate staffers. they are familiar with that process and they are very familiar with the amount of care that has to go into doing it correctly. >> julie: i also want to tell you and maybe our viewers so they understand what he was just
8:38 am
talking about, regarding this meeting with the russian lawyer because she has come out and said she has worked for the russian government, she is not affiliated with the russian government, vladimir putin has said he had nothing to do with it. at this point, it seems as if a ross alvarado who is the father of one of their acquaintances who is behind wanting to set up this meeting in the first place who was a russia luxury real estate developer, he had much in common with president trump. estimated to be worth $7.9 billion, but he claimed that he and trump, sr., were going to be building a trump tower in russia. he also happened to have and his family had quick ties to putin's government. that's where this comes into play where people are calling this attempted collusion because this was somebody who is tied to the russian government, maybe not sent by putin himself, but nonetheless concerning. >> the fact pattern is not
8:39 am
great, obviously and i think the issue comes back to this, it would be great if there could be full accounting of stuff that happened during the campaign, that's part of the reason there is an investigation, part of the reason that all this is going on. at the end of the day, it is important for president trump in the white house to focus on the legislative agenda, to focus on the reason why many republicans sent the president to the white house and that is to repeal and replace obamacare and deal with tax reform, infrastructure, that's the place he's going to capture support and that should be the focus of the administration to the extent that they can, they need to be pushing on that message. that's the important thing. >> julie: i want to talk about health care because that is something these lawmakers need to tackle and this comes as the g.o.p. is a wrangling to pass the health care bill before the abbreviated august recess and also now breaking this hour, we are hearing that senator lindsey graham and bill cassidy have just unveiled details of their alternative health care plan to
8:40 am
replace obamacare. let me clue you win on a couple of the details that we are now just getting. basically, it gives much of the obamacare era taxes on wealthy which sends that money to the states to control instead. the taxes essentially apply to individuals with income of about $200,000 and married couples making more than $250,000. does that appeal to democrats for example? >> sure it does, but the bigger issue for democrats is going to be coverage and when you're talking about, the bill that leader mcconnell unveiled today includes some version of the cruise alternative which allows insurers to sell these scampi health insurance plans, which would cause the market to split into a market for healthy people buying cheaper insurance and unhealthy people buying cheaper insurance much less coverage. it's coverage first and foremost and it's the maintenance of the medicaid program and its current
8:41 am
form that democrats care about much more than they care about the tax cut issue. the tax-cut issue underscores the bigger fairness questions, but it's certainly not the biggest issue in health care reform. >> leland: some twitter users now suing the president. we can tell you the issue he had with his account in the first amendment role played in this case. our legal panel and that, plus live pictures over to paris in a minute as we are waiting president trump to hold a joint news conference with the french president, that coming up in a little less than an hour. be right back.
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>> julie: paul ryan holding his weekly news conference, let's listen. >> that's why you see so much more support for this bill than the last bill. it's a big change, here's the problem with the faa, we are in the 20th century, we have a 20th
8:45 am
century system and the 21st century, we need to upgrade the entire air traffic control system for lots of reasons, for safety and efficiency. chairman schuster put together together -- we are whipping it probably today is my recollection. we'll see how that goes. >> speaker ryan: the president's support help. [indistinct question] >> speaker ryan: that's part of the effort and the broader effort is to make sure that they are well-equipped. the whole point is to give all levels of law enforcement the tools they need to be able to enforce these laws. [indistinct question]
8:46 am
>> speaker ryan: i don't actually know the full extent of that question. i support reciprocity, but i don't know if all of our members support it. there are issues that conservatives have on that. we've got to be treated under the same like everybody everybody else. no special exceptions as far as i'm concerned. thank you. >> leland: speaker paul ryan holding his weekly press conference and obviously they are not say much about the health care bill which we are supposed to be getting some time today, there is a coming out from sender graham, basically indicating that they are going to be keeping some of the obamacare taxes in there, which could potentially likely to satisfy some moderates and even democrats. will be getting more on that bill later sometime today and we'll of course bring it to you
8:47 am
live. >> leland: right now, a lawsuit involving the presidents social media and you guessed it, the constitution. a group of twitter users mr. trump has blocked are now suing. they are arguing his account amounts to a republic forum and barring them from reading or replying to his tweets, the president is violating their first amendment rights. the suit filed in federal court also named a defendant, sean spicer and dansk vino. joining is now, wendy patrick. great to see you both. doug, start from the top here. if the president wasn't the president, he can block whoever he wants, right? because he's the president, then it gets into a different area. >> i like how you put that. it's a rule an exception. the rule is that a private entity like twitter and individual subscribers can block people anytime they want.
8:48 am
the exception to the rule is what we call the public forum doctrine. if the president of the united states, and the complaint on the other side is that it's a private account, but if the president makes it an account which is essentially de facto the equivalent of a government forum for discussion, a digital town hall as it were, a digital town square, then the first amendment comes into play. >> leland: if there were protesters inside of one of the presidents rallies are making a disturbance, he has a right to ask security or people to leave. what's the difference question speak of difference has to do with the fact that the people bringing this lawsuit are arguing that you've got a public figure on a private server, he is translated into a public forum. that doesn't seem to carry today when you consider what's happening. these users are not and potentially blocked.
8:49 am
they can greet another account. i know it's a comp located work around their argument. they can re-follow him, but they have to be silent. in other words, they can be workers, but not trolls. it would be like so many getting kicked out of a town hall forum and entering through disguise. their argument is they want to be able to interact. here's what twitter says, they allow us to block users and those users who have been blocked if you read the 25 page lawsuit, they are engaging in provocation, not conversation, taunting, not talking so trump should be able to block them as the law. >> leland: we'll see what the court decides on this and i we have to move on to this case, simply because we can show you this picture right now that everyone has been waiting for. here's a picture of a monkey, what makes this so unusual as the monkey actually took the picture himself. does he own the rights to this selfie or does the copyright belong to the nature photographer of the monkey used to take a shot?
8:50 am
surprisingly, not, peter says the monkey owns the picture and the rights and therefore the royalties, do you agree? >> i think it looks bad for peter from the outset that there client didn't care enough to show up in court. the monkey wasn't there. this was a 45 minute hearing and the issue was authorship. peta wants a broad authorship. we can't get through this story without laughing doesn't bode well. >> leland: on some level, this is a smart monkey if he can figurehead take a selfie, shouldn't he enjoy some of the benefits of his brilliance? >> monkey see, monkey soup. joking aside, this happens all the time. the point is, the monkey can actually have some type of trust fund, where that trumps fun owns the rights to the photograph in my opinion.
8:51 am
>> leland: monkey see, monkey sue, monkey trust fund. thank you. >> julie: is one of the most iconic bridges at our nation's capital with a rich history, so how did it fall in touch in a state of despair? we'll talk about it next. whoooo. going somewhere? here's some advice. tripadvisor now searches more than 200 booking sites to find the hotel you want and save you up to 30%. trust this bird's words. tripadvisor.
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>> julie: a bridge connecting arlington cemetery to the lincoln memorial falling to a state of disrepair. it is so bad that the department of transportation calls memorial bridge the most vulnerable in the federal system. >> without a repair, the arlington memorial bridge could be closed within five years. time and neglect shuttering the bridge with a lot of symbolism and a lot of history. >> this bridge carries the
8:55 am
weight of history on its arches. >> jonathan horn, says the arlington memorial bridge is a bridge that connects us as a country. on the washington side, you've got the lincoln memorial and on the virginia side, you have the house where robert e lee lived. >> this is the bridge that defines north and south togethe together. >> unfortunately, it's a binding that's coming apart as the posts are rusting away. the concrete and a nine arches fans has been deteriorating for next decades. all of this according to lauren lyman. right where we are walking is most critical. >> correct, the posts are corroding and then could eventually crush from the weight of the structure. >> a nightmare scenario that prompted the national park service to close the bridge to vehicles during donald trump's inauguration.
8:56 am
possibly one reason the trump administration has put repairing the bridge high on the list of infrastructure projects. the estimated cost is $250 million to repair the bridge, what are they going to get for that? >> it will be a total overhaul of the bridge. it will be a complete new bridge all the way across. >> it's important to our past and our future. >> this is not just another piece of infrastructure, this is a bridge that connects our union, hold it together and aims to be saved. >> he says given the current political climate, we need the bridge and all the more than ever. that's it from here, back to you. >> julie: thank you very much. >> leland: the next hour of speech anyone, the big controversy over the women's open golf tournament, why one group calls the choice of venue straight up offensive. we are live at the club hosting it. plus, rex tillerson wrapping up
8:57 am
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>> julie: will see you back here in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, a pivotal moment in the g.o.p. is long push to repeal obamacare. republican senators are meeting behind closed doors right now. we are told they are talking about making amendments to their health care bill that they think they can live with and agree on. some of the party seems to be split over the prospect of getting something done and whether we could see a vote as early as next week. stay with us for complete coverage of the issues that affect every american. and this fox news alert, president trump is in paris this hour, said to hold a joint news conference with his french counterpart. that's a site happen minutes from now. the president is stepping up to


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