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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 13, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> julie: will see you back here in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, a pivotal moment in the g.o.p. is long push to repeal obamacare. republican senators are meeting behind closed doors right now. we are told they are talking about making amendments to their health care bill that they think they can live with and agree on. some of the party seems to be split over the prospect of getting something done and whether we could see a vote as early as next week. stay with us for complete coverage of the issues that affect every american. and this fox news alert, president trump is in paris this hour, said to hold a joint news conference with his french counterpart. that's a site happen minutes from now. the president is stepping up to defense of his sons meeting with
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a russian attorney. president trump sang holier-than-thou democrats would have done the same thing. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner coming here today, coanchor of after the bell, melissa francis, host of kennedy also on fb on, kennedy herself, commentator and fox news contributor, rachel campos-duffy and today's #oneluckyguy, the opinion editor of the washington times and fox news contributor, charlie hurt is here. you're outnumbered. >> charlie: great to be here, thank you for having me and so much news. >> harris: the president abroad, we'll cover that as it happens. let's get to the news now. as we wait that news conference in paris, the swelling controversy here at home over donald trump, jr.,'s meeting with a russian attorney said to be offering dirt on hillary clinton. we anticipate reporters will ask the president about it. he's tried to get ahead of that yesterday by giving two separate interviews. in one of them, the president defended his son. he told reuters "i think many
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people would have held that meeting. you have to understand when that complacent, there was no rush if he were back then. most of the phony politicians who are democrats who i watched over the last couple of days, most of those phonies that act holier-than-thou, of the same thing happened to them, they would have taken that meeting in a heartbeat." john roberts traveling with the president. the president is on point with this and he no doubt will be asked about it. >> good afternoon to you. we are seeing a bit of the sausage being made as we are making our way into the press conference. we are told as we are about to go and that we cannot bring our cameras in, so the camera has stay outside. we'll go in shortly. president trump arrived and the heart of paris a short time ago. he actually gave president macron a ride over from the hotel where they were and we'll show you that video in just a second. it's interesting to note the body linkage between the two.
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first of all, the president gave him a ride, that's unusual. that doesn't happen very often. then we saw the handshakes and slaps on the back and a very friendly looking relationship. it's a little different than how things were when it appeared that president trump was taking the side of his opponent, but did tweet out congratulations to macron when he won the election. we'll show you some video from a famous paris landmark. a lot of military history for france. there's a big museum there, napoleon's tomb is there as well. again, the body language looking very warm between the two. in the bilateral meeting that's going on right now, it could be a little less friendly than that because there are some stark points of disagreement between the two leaders, particularly the u.s. intention to withdraw from a peer is claimant accord in the president doesn't like what france is doing, the
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president wants to level the playing field. during this press conference which will be happening very shortly, as soon as we get in there, the president is expected to be asked by the media about the meeting that his son don, jr., had on june 2016 with that attorney, natalia veselnitskaya apparently on the offer of having some sort of information that may be helpful to the trump campaign and damaging to hillary clinton. the president talked about that in an interview with reuters yesterday and sort of downplayed the whole thing saying it was only a 20 minute meeting, nothing really came of it. what was presented initially wasn't what it turned out to be because apparently natalia veselnitskaya wanted to talk about the magnitsky act as it related to russia. the president in another interview yesterday with pat robertson on the christian broadcasting network talked for the first time in public about the bilateral meeting that he's having with president putin at the g20, suggesting that putin
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would have rather seen hillary clinton won the election then him. listen here. >> what i keep hearing, he probably would not have rather had trump because she would not have spent the money on military, but when i went to build the military and tremendous energy, we are opening up coal and natural gas, we are opening up fracking, all the things he would hate, but nobody ever mentions. >> president trump was also asked in an interview with reuters whether or not he bought went bladder input was saying when he had nothing to do with tampering with the u.s. electio election. the president was not definitively saying whether or not he expected what putin was saying, only that something happened and we need to get to the bottom of it because i need to make sure that sending like this never happens again. he also talked of the budding relationship suggesting that it seems that their initial contact could have a good relationship with each other which could be
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beneficial. listen here. >> i think we got along very well and i think that's a good thing. it's not a bad thing. most people said they shouldn't get along, but the people who are saying that, i think we got along very, very well. we are a tremendously powerful nuclear power and so are they. it doesn't make sense not to have some kind of a relationship. >> we expect to hear a lot more about that from his press conference. we are waiting to get in to talk, but we are on our way in now and we'll see you in about 20 minutes. >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much. you can see that's a very active scene right now. this will be a highly anticipated news conference for so many reasons. you heard john laying out those sticking points, but the bigger issue is with the president may be asked about with regards to home.
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>> he was in line to go in, he wasn't allowed to take his camera and, he lost his place in line, everyone got ahead of him. he continued to talk to us. i thought that was pretty funny, but not letting them take their cameras in. i did think it was funny to see the two leaders together. i know we are talking about what questions he will get, you know the president loves that. he totally screwed up the security, the whole thing. i wonder, are there drinks in the car? >> harris: they've got a lot of serious stuff to get to. charlie, it's critical at this point, with the president does with regard to what's going on in home because you've got the whole narrative of health care playing out while he is abroad and he has told senator mitch
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mcconnell get this done in the senate. >> charlie: the health care debate and the optics of this trip worked very much to his advantage because he's being very presidential, he's saying we need to get the stuff done, i'm ready to sit here and sign a new health care bill that repeals obamacare and puts something else in place. and also being there with the president of france, and makes them look very presidential. meanwhile, over here coming of democrats going crazy, freaking out yet again. in the media freaking out over all this russia stuff. and helps a lot to have that presidential standing. >> harris: eve said he needs to cover it for a long time. >> rachel: the quote he had when he was talking to pat robertson. most of those holier-than-thou democrats would have taken that meeting. it reminds me during the
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campaign, and to remember when there was all of this with people who brought up his taxes and of course i'm trying to pay as little taxes as possible, doesn't everybody? i remember being in a green room with van jones and him bragging about how hillary paid more than she was supposed to pay for taxes. that's why people don't think she is. the way he's speaking about it so frankly, the way his son is being very transparent. we know that the professionals professionals -- >> harris: by professional you mean hillary clinton. >> kennedy: "the new york times" is about 30 seconds away from releasing, so optically, it was better for him to release it. it was very revealing and it is in this context more problematic than it has been for the administration, although we know that don, jr., is not an official part of the
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administration. to your point, it's always good for him to go overseas. these foreign trips allow him to push the reset button and this is his third trip to europe. for some reason, when americans see him through an international lens, he appears as more presidential and he can perhaps sidestep some of these question questions. >> harris: president obama tended to look more presidentia presidential. there is a lot of grandiose preparation and behavior when he was out. what's so interesting is one of the key point of making america great again was repealing replacing obamacare. that is playing out while he is in france. if those reporters don't pick up on that as far as domestic issues aside from russia, i'm
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disappointed. that's something that affects every american. if you're going to talk about russia, let's talk about what is really happening today. >> charlie: one of the reasons president trump has such a strong hand with that as he is able to sit back and keep pressure, but also blame on republicans in congress from a distance who have been a part of a problem. >> rachel: very true. don't expect that they're going to ask him about health care. >> melissa: and works for the democrats narrative because they are saying there's been a plot all along and it helps president trump with his supporters because to them, they hate hearing about it.
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there are two very different lenses that people are looking through. in some cases, and helps discredit the media when they talk about with all the people who support him. >> harris: no matter which lens you look through, two things are true. there is no crime. attorney after attorney is saying with regards to donald trump, jr.,'s meeting with that russian attorney, it's not like he broke the law, he may have shown some judgment that he wishes he would not have shown. >> kennedy: that's why he's not part of the administration. that's why jared kushner and ivanka trump our senior advisors and don, jr., is in. you can make the argument that he is such an adept businessman, but i am an independent. the clinton foundation was a one-stop collusion shop and
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that's what they're doing the entire time with concentrating money and power for them. >> harris: chris plante was on with me yesterday and i said -- he was saying, we have to double down on this. >> kennedy: at the clintons? may be. the president himself has said that he is not going to move. when you talk about specific individuals like loretta lynch and what she may have been doing and her position of power to aid the hillary campaign, i think it's very problematic. >> charlie: if you're going to have collusion, you have to have two people involved and the idea that this russian lawyer was colluding with don, jr., and was let into the country under very special circumstances, i find it
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absolutely hysterical. >> harris: i can tell you what is going to happen while the president of the united states is in paris and he'll be meeting with the new president of france, macron and will cover it live when it happens. meanwhile, is there a double standard in mainstream media coverage of the russia controversy? are you laughing? the accusations from team trump that may hold weight. and back in the fray, or president obama and hillary clinton are rallying democrats. will it help or hurt? we'll talk about it. and we can't wait to make more for you online. we'll pop up with click on the overtime tab. you can also log onto facebook we do overtime people and we tweet all who the show. tweet tweet little bertie.
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can see they're going to come out and stand there and take questions and we'll bring you that live just as soon as it happens. in the meantime, president trump defenders whipping hillary clinton and fellow democrats over what data is described as a double standard when it comes to the team's alleged coordination with a foreign government and the 2016 campaign. the president tweeting "why are the same standards placed on the democrats? look at hillary clinton may have gotten away with. disgraceful." also president trump linking to a washington times article with the headline democrats have willfully used moscow disinformation to influence the presidential election against donald trump. in the meantime, the president's defenders putting to the media's failure to highlight a report and political that democratic operatives colluded with ukrainian officials to help hillary. watch this. >> i do know for a fact that
9:20 am
democratic party operatives went to the ukrainian embassy to coordinate oppositional research and attack against our campaign. that's a story. >> the double standard is there every day. i would love to rant and rave about it. but with every thing else going on, i think you will see it. >> is anyone else saying why the dnc had their operatives meeting? why is that not one standard and this is another? >> melissa: and may have this, kellyanne conway. >> they are being added and myopic, lemminglike mentality on this story. there's a sculpture of the sameness. do you realize the president of the united states sat with the president of russia less than a week ago for two hours and 15 minutes and yet, we are talking about this and not that? do you realize that you've got people in the media, they talk more about russia than america?
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>> harris: that's a great point. >> melissa: ants on a sugar cube. i love the image. i know exactly what that is. what do you think? >> rachel: don, jr.,'s point was right on as well where he said, the american people -- i don't need to rant about this anymore. the americans do see the hypocrisy. if anybody believes for a second that the democrats really do care about russia, you got bernie sanders, he honeymooned in the soviet union. and obama said, ye '80s want their foreign policy back. >> harris: he also said when i'm elected, things will be different. >> rachel: exactly, but the point is that nobody believes for a second that the liberals are at the media cares about russia, this is about taking don donald trump. >> kennedy: i think she's absolutely right. that's why we need to have this
9:22 am
cohesive policy on russia and right now, we don't. the fact that democrats are now conveniently coming out against russia and it's not a trustworthy actor, i'm sorry. every president, doesn't matter if they're democrat or republican, they all want vladimir putin to be some thing and he's not and that's a straightforward, good person. i understand there are a lot of fans of the president who thinks he's such a transformational figure that he's going to be able to mold and craft a different relationship. you're not going to change liver spots. one of the weaknesses the administration has is on communication, i think they could do a better job putting in a straightforward way, what is our policy with russia? if you ask some people, they are an untrustworthy foe. i'm not talking about senators john mccain and lindsey graham, but people within the president -- >> rachel: he's acting very
9:23 am
diplomatically and maybe you are right, he has to have a more clear policy, but look at the actions taken. he's making america an energy leader which is a threat to the russians. he is building with eastern europe, he is doing all these things, building up our militar military. >> kennedy: he's benefiting the russians and aside >> harris: how do you get that done without saudi arabia and iran at the table? i want to ask a question question, charlie hurt. it really dovetails off of what kennedy just said. if we don't have a policy, does it help or hurt to have the president told pat robertson or whoever that things would have been different had hillary gotten in, he would have liked to that, putin. is that a missed opportunity? >> charlie: i think it's an
9:24 am
important point for them to make an he's been making it, he's done a good job of making it throughout. one of my favorite stories in the past week, if democrats want to find russian collusion, there is obviously ukrainian embassy. if you want to look for russian collusion, you can look at the dossier that went through all of this stuff. democrats have been mimicking and repeating it at every turn since then. even though it's all been debunked, my goodness, listed throughout the dossier is a fact that all this information came from the kremlin or people working for the kremlin. it's one of those things that are so obvious, but the media completely ignores it. as you are saying, they just want to go after donald trump. >> melissa: if you look at the response on social media, smart americans know better. the first thing they're talking
9:25 am
about, boy that sounds an awful lot like that dossier story. it was another trap, another situation. >> kennedy: we should be factually accurate about that. buzzfeed published it as quick bait and other organizations basically quoted the bus speed story. >> rachel: they were repeating it as if it were true and i got legs. >> kennedy: i understand, but the thing is people are sophisticated enough to understand what fake news is in that story died pretty quickly and it ultimately didn't hurt the president who was elected president of the united states. >> melissa: i don't think it didn't not hurt the president. it was out there, everybody was talking about it. people are still talking about it. >> charlie: that was the thing that spawned this whole ongoing
9:26 am
nightmare in particular, with jim comey, this was the conversation that jim comey had with the president that first meeting, and he's sitting there, this is insane. >> melissa: you saw the joint press conference is coming up in france. we'll bring that to you with the french president and president trump. republicans are huddling in a closed-door meeting to talk about health care bill. mitch mcconnell is hoping to vote on it next week, despite opposition from some members of his own party. the question remains, can they pass this bill? ♪
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>> harris: as we continue to watch the situation is taking shape in paris, france, right now, and that's where our president, president trump is and he is expected to join the
9:31 am
president of france, macron at the two lecterns that you see there to the left of your screen for their bilateral news conference. as that happens, we'll bring it to you live here on fox news channel. remember, a lot of issues brewing here at home, but also abroad with president trump may be indicating that he would be willing to pull out of that parents climb accord and that being a sticking point, perhaps bring a little chilled to the early relationship between him and macron, we are watching all of it as they stepped to the left turns on your screen. >> kennedy: the senate republicans releasing their revised health care bill as a closed-door meeting on capitol hill continues. and maintains some obamacare taxes on the wealthy and includes additional help covering out-of-pocket costs and allowing health insurers to offer lower coverage plans. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell is hoping to be able to vote on a revamped bill next week. vice president mike pence says he's confident senate republicans will be able to make
9:32 am
that on their promises to the american people. watch. speak of the president and i believe when the time comes, senator mitch mcconnell and senator rand paul will do the right thing together and we will pass legislation to repeal and replace obamacare. an end the obamacare nightmare once and for all. >> kennedy: republican senator rand paul is not happy with the new plan. watch this. >> unfortunately, the new plan doesn't repeal obamacare, it keeps about half the obamacare taxes, keeps most of the obamacare regulations, keeps most of the obamacare subsidies and it creates a giant insurance bailout. i can't vote for a bill that creates a $200 billion fund it to bail out insurance companies. i'm not for that. i promised to repeal obamacare, not to continue obamacare. >> kennedy: meantime, lindsey graham and bill cassidy release their own proposal today.
9:33 am
it would redirect much of the federal funding for obamacare to the states to use for health care spending. we have a lot of issues going on here and there are several senators who are trying to work it out and move it into a more free market, including senators cruz and lee and also, lindsey graham and bill cassidy have their own solution that would allow states to have more control over their health care dollars. is there a solution in here somewhere? >> charlie: the problem is that basically, rand paul is right. at the end of the day, there is still going to be a lot of obamacare in this. there may be a lot of good ideas out there and there are a lot of good ideas out there. if it still has -- if it's still a government run health care, it's still obamacare. that is a huge problem, there are some things that are very appealing about it, but at the end of the day, --
9:34 am
>> melissa: better is better. >> harris: if you go to what the bill has in its language, it's better. if you get there, it doesn't matter what version of better you get? one of the options now? nothing. >> charlie: know, and my position is, when obamacare past, it was very easy for people to sit back and say it will have government run health care for the rest of our lives. we are having this fight again and i think it's terrific because people should be reminded that i don't want the federal government involved with my health care. >> harris: too late, it is. >> rachel: with charlie on this. i want to challenge lawmakers in this country. is it possible to roll back an entitlement in this country question are especially bad one ones. >> rachel: guess what, first of all, the bill -- this passes, and you still have more so that tom price can do through hhs to
9:35 am
deregulate and all these other things that can happen across state lines. you've got rand paul and susan collins. somewhere in the middle -- >> kennedy: if you're giving that money to the state, i think you have a better chance of bringing those on board. >> melissa: here's the problem, you a group of people who spend a ton of money on health care made to pay for it. they're not going to support themselves. it is just a fact. if the government doesn't pay for it, they pay for it in a different way because those who will go to the hospital and not pay the bill. no matter what, we taxpayers are going to pay for those people. i hate that. i wish it weren't the case, but it's only a question of how
9:36 am
efficient. >> kennedy: that pool of people that you just named is so big in this progressive landscape that it's impossible to ensure all those people. bernie sanders medicare is $40 trillion over ten years. >> melissa: when they're talking about these risks pools, you lay it off to insurance, it's too much math for everybody out there. it's what lloyd's of london does, there are algorithms, there are people chomping at the bit to get in on this market because you can make a lot of money. you can mathematically predict how much it's going to cost and you can lay off and make money. >> kennedy: the federal government is chopping up insurance companies. that's corporal welfare, that is being passed on to taxpayers. >> harris: i know you love the juicy metal you talk about those families who have loved ones and who are sick and who are facing higher
9:37 am
prices now as insurance companies take a look at what they can pay and the new enrollment is just a few months away. i want to get to what you are talking about. how does that work and can you call them on capitol hill? >> melissa: i think you have to separate the people out and let them pay less. i think you take the people who use a ton of health care and not pay for it, they have to go in this pool together. i'm so sorry taxpayer dollars -- the most efficient ways to do it through insurance bills. as for the people who opt out and then when they get back in, i know that feels like welfare. >> harris: it feels like a bailout.
9:38 am
>> these are the people who think i have some thing wrong with me. >> melissa: they are sick and that's why they're going. >> kennedy: the federal government is paying which means taxpayers are paying, so there's lots of money to be had. that is theft. >> charlie: none of this changes the bottom line which is that you cannot point to anything the federal government gets involved in. i'm saying, they screwed up. it can be done better. >> kennedy: everyone's talking at once, there is no shortage of passion. we will certainly continue this discussion on the couch and everywhere else because it is critically important. also right now, we are waiting the news conference between france and the united states.
9:39 am
the two presidents are set to take side-by-side questions and i wonder if they'll talk about russia. and, they're back, former president obama and hillary clinton returning to the political battlefield, but will accommodate cost for democrats? trying to regroup after losing the white house and a series of special elections. we'll debate that coming up in a moment. ♪ think again.
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>> harris: things are changing in paris. you see the president of the united states, donald trump walking into the room now stepping up to those lecterns that we've been watching for a bilateral joint news conference with the president of france, macron. let's watch and listen together. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. first and foremost, i would like to thank president trump for his visit to paris this afternoon and tomorrow morning. i was very pleased to be able to welcome president trump to paris today. he accepted the invitation i
9:44 am
extended a couple of weeks ago in order to invite him to join the families on the 14th of july, tomorrow. i think it is both a symbol and very important that the president of the united states be with us tomorrow on the national day and attend a military parade to which the american troops will take part. we will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the american troops joining world war i with the allies and france. i think it is important because beyond daily news, we live in countries which are deeper and go further and beyond who we ar are. the presence of president trump is only natural.
9:45 am
earlier today, we bonded by sharing part of our joint history in that we had a working session and i shall say that i'm extremely pleased about it. we've been able to talk about a number of topics of joint interest and we have shared convictions and most importantl importantly, look forward to working together in the coming months. we will implement fair and free trade in the field. we want to work together in order to come up with some efficient members to tackle
9:46 am
dumping anywhere in the fields by sharing information that we have and making sure that we are letting the united states take necessary measures to protect within the fair free trade and we can protect the activities. we then had a long discussion to cover all of the topics, all things international, policies and challenges. when it comes to finding terrorists, from day one, i can say that we are surely determined to take any necessary measure and to eradicate no matter where that is. on the internet, we agreed on our action and cooperation in fighting against propaganda. we want to get all the major
9:47 am
interest and limit propaganda. i do hope that we can negotiate trade between both of our countries and reach a lot of satisfaction. i heard from president trump, the very same man and it will be working together in the coming weeks and months. regarding the situation in iraq and syria, we agreed to continue to work together in order to be able to launch together and initiative to put in place a broad map and what will come after the war. we talked about initially wanting to put in place contact to be more efficient and having people support what is being
9:48 am
done by the u.s. and united nations in order to support the political map for syria after the war. it is important to put that in place. we know where destabilization comes from and the road map will secure and we'll ask our diplomats to work within those lines is that in the coming weeks, some initiatives can be taken. we also share the same intentions regarding libya. like i told president trump, i very much want to take a number of diplomatic initiatives, given the situation that we are in. it requires more stability and control over the region. be it libya, i can say that we
9:49 am
have a good understanding of the situation in the same willingness. with climate, we know what our disagreements are. we've express them on a number of occasions. i very much respect the decision taken by president trump. as far as i'm concerned, i remain attached to the paris accord and will make sure that step-by-step, we can adhere to the accord. regarding trade insecurity, i
9:50 am
can say that we have a sheer determination. i would like to thank president trump for everything that's been done by the american troops, but i would like him to know that i'm fully determined to act together with him in this respect. fully determined. i want both our countries to take action in the coming months because a threat we are facing as a global one. our enemies are trying to destabilize this. i believe this is at the heart.
9:51 am
thank you. thank you. >> president trump: thank you very much president macron, melania and i are thrilled to join you and mrs. macron. this is a wonderful national celebration. tomorrow, the steel day. we are honored to be here in your beautiful country. with its proud history and its magnificent people and thank you for the tour of some of the most incredible buildings anywhere in the world. it's a very beautiful thing to see, thank you. when the french people rose up and stormed to the, it change the course of human history. our two nations are forever joined by the spirit of revolution and the fight for
9:52 am
freedom. france is america's first and oldest ally, a lot of people don't know that. ever since france joined lafayette, our fates and fortunes have been tied unequivocally together. it was a long time ago, but we are together. we are together perhaps more so than ever. this visit also commemorates another milestone. one century ago, the united states entered world war i. when the president called me, and mention that fact, 100 years ago, i said mr. president, i will be there. that's a big, important date, 100 years. we remember the tens of thousands of americans who gave their lives and that valiant and difficult struggle.
9:53 am
we also paid tribute to the heroic deeds of the french troops whose courage at the battle of mind and other battles will never be forgotten by us. more than 1 million french soldiers lay down their lives. french and american patriots have worked together, bled together, and died together in the fight for our countries and our civilizations. today we face new threats from rogue regimes like north korea, iran, and syria and the governments that finance and support them. we also face grave threats from terrorists who wage war on innocent lives. tomorrow will mark one year since a joyous bastille day celebration in nice, turned into
9:54 am
a massacre. we all remember that, how horrible that was. we also know about the lives were stolen and we pray for their loved ones. we also resolve to stand united against these enemies and to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks and ideological support. today, president macron and myself discussed how we can strengthen our vital security issues. we just had a meeting with generals and our representatives and it went very well. france has excellent counterterrorism capabilities. the french troops are serving bravely in places like nally to deface these forces of destruction. we strengthen our commitments for terrorism. we are also making tremendous progress.
9:55 am
earlier this week with the strong support of the united states and the global coalition, now he must work with the government of iraq and their partners and allies in the region to make sure that the victory stays a victory unlike the last time. last week, the g20 leaders also affirm the right to sovereign nations to control their border borders. we must be strong from within to defend ourselves from threats from the outside. the nations of the west also face domestic challenges of our own creation, including vast government bureaucracy that sets the strengthen economies and from our societies. for this reason, i applaud president macron on his courageous call for that less bureaucracy. as a good chance. less bureaucracy.
9:56 am
we can use it too. and a europe that protects its citizens. we do not become great through regulation and in the united states, mr. president, we are also at a level that we've never seen before. we're very proud of the last six months. but by allowing our people to follow their dreams, that's what it's all about. to achieve these dreams, however, we must also confront unfair trade practices that hurt our workers and pursue trade deals that are reciprocal and fair. both president macron and i understand our responsibility to prioritize the interest of our countries and of the same time, to be respectful of the world in which we live. we live in a very complex world, we have to respect it. the united states remains committed to being a leader and
9:57 am
environmental protection while we advance energy, security, and economic growth. the friendship between our two nations and ourselves, i might add, is unbreakable. our occasional disagreements are nothing compared to the mortal bonds of culture, destiny, and liberty that unite us. so strongly unite us. as long as we have pride in who we are, where we've come from, how we got here, and what we've achieved, as free and democratic nations, then there is nothing we cannot accomplish together. france helped us secured our independence. a lot of people forget that. the american revolution, thousands of french soldiers fought alongside american troops so that as lafayette's liberty
9:58 am
would have a country. ever since then, courageous heroes from both nations have fought for the same noble values in the same righteous cause. tomorrow, the french tricolor will once again waved proudly alongside the american stars & stripes. our brave soldiers will march side-by-side and we will all be inspired to protect and cherish the birthrates of freedom that our ancestors one for us with their sweat in with their blood. president macron, thank you for inviting melania and myself to this historic celebration and to you and your spectacular country, may god bless france and may god bless america. thank you very much. thank you and god bless you.
9:59 am
>> president macron: we will be taking full questions. neither the president nor myself have them on the microphone. >> president trump: he's getting first question? >> reporter: the question is regarding what you said at the press conference with angela merkel. do you still hold that president trump or do you still hope that president trump will remain in the paris accord and now president trump when you come back to the paris accord? next, regarding your relations, how would you describe it today?
10:00 am
is it between friends? >> president macron: regarding climate >> regarding climate, we have a number of disagreements. during the presidential campaign, so did i. i'm aware of and we have talked about our disagreements and we actually discussed the matter even before president trump reached the decision. should that have an impact on the discussions we are having on all other topics? no, absolutely not. the reason why we share the same views and some of the major common goals on many other topics, which we have been discussing today and we will move forward together


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