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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 15, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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"hannity" up next. >> many hanks to our friends on "the five." breaking news. a stunning new report from hill tonight, ties democrats and republicans to the very same lobbyist who met with trump jr. it's a busy friday breaking news edition of "hannity." also a "hannity" investigation into what is real collusion between democrats and the media, that they're not telling you about. that is tonight's very important opening monologue. >> several reports tonight that increase the number of people who attended meeting of donald
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trump jr. had with this russian lawyer in 2016, including a russia lobbyist, and, by the way, some outlets are reporting the man has ties to russian intelligence, although he denies it. this comes as the hill is breaking another major story tonight about who donald trump jr. met with and how they're tied to the democrats. that's right, the democrats. according to the hill, this russian lobbying effort has ties to three russian buysmen, and the lobbying team included a former democratic congressman and former government official. now, the report also details how these pro-russian lobbyists, including one of the people who met with donald trump jr. also tried to meet with democrat and republican members of congress. so in other words a lot of people involved in this. we're also learning tonight that back in march, senator chuck grassley published a complaint, where he detailed how a russian lobbyist in this story worked with that group we've been telling you about. fusion gps. remember they published the fake
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document about president trump, and that goes to the ritz carlson, and that goes to hookers. remember all that? they were there to lobby congress on the manisi act. also how several obama agencies allowed this russian lawyer to enter the u.s. back back in 27 2015 and stay through her meeting with donald trump jr. sounds like they have explaining to do tonight. because after all of this russian lawyer was such a threat, like the left and the media is claiming, well, then, why was she allowed in the country, given a special waiver and allowed to stay? once again as we begin to peel back the layers of this onion, learn more about truth and facts, this is boomeranging back on to the democratic party. plus a stunning new revelation about the clintons, their financial ties to russia and more potential evidence of a
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major pay-to-play scheme with million dollars of lars. in a wikileaks email from john podesta, her in box, a staffer actually bragged about stopping a story that tied clinton to the magnitsky act. back in 2010, while hillary clinton was secretary of state, the "wall street journal" reports, quote, bill clinton participated in a question and answer session at a renaissance capital investors conference where he was paid $500,000, and after the appearance mr. clinton received a personal thank you call. from who? vladimir putin, then the russian
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prime minister. the government news agency reported that. in the same article, a clinton spokesman did push back against that connection, but this is the only evidence of pay-to-play and wrongdoing from the clintons they've gotten a pass on. we'll expose that in a second. but first, the democrats, the destroy trump media, have for months breathlessly, hysterically, have been pushing the black helicopter conspiracy theories about collusion, when in fact they've been colluding the entire time, to damage, delegitimize, and ultimately overturn an election of you the american people and destroy the president. let's go back to the campaign. remember wikileaks? they exposed this unholy alliance between the clinton campaign and the press. there was a highly orchestrated plot between the clinton campaign, the media. why? they wanted hillary elected.
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the evidences overwhelming incontro varietyible. remember cnn? oh, yes, fake news. remember they gave the clinton debate team questions ahead of time. bernie sanders was railroaded, and it was a rigged prime minister. this is why that clinton was given a free pass by the media despite a mountain of evidence of felonies, crimes, wrongdoing, inexcusable behavior, and it's why now the media refuses to even cover massive scandals that you, the american people, need to know about. they don't care to search for answers. they're not looking for the truth. they have political, ideological interests, and of course that's advancing that radical all left wing agenda and hurting president trump. just take a look at this disgusting display from democrats earlier today. some of them, they've been doing this since november 9th, talking about the president, impeachment. watch this. >> so many of us are attempting
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in every way that we possibly can to unveil the criminal activity, the unconstitutional activity, of this president and his family. so i have dubbed them the criminal clan a long time ago. >> i've always been reluctant, because i think impeachment that has an impact on country. when the facts are clear, the law is certainly clear, when the facts are clear, at that time we'll make a decision. >> here's thing, when it comes to democrats once again calling for impeachment, it doesn't matter what does or doesn't happen. this has been their goal for a very long time. all these cries, impeachment, impeachment. all the hysteria, all the conspiracy theories, it's really about distracting you, the american people, from real scandals that they're not reporting on that we're
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investigating, and of course we will continue to investigate. we will continue to expose them, because you deserve answers, the truth, and people need to be held responsible for their actions. for example, back in january, we've been telling you, politico uncovered a massive, huge scandal, much bigger than trump-russia. here's the headline. ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump, oh, a foreign government backfired, key officials scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost clinton. that story, as we've been telling you, it details how a dnc paid operative, alexander chalupa, spearheaded a plan, along with the ukrainian government, ukrainian ambassador, to hurt donald trump's campaign and boost hillary clinton. politico highlights in the please, how chalupa worked for the clinton white house,
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including meeting with the ukrainian diplomats and the ukrainian embassy and chalupa said the ukrainian diplomats were helpful when it came to finding information. they were researching it, disseminating that information, and the bombshell quote about chalupa, well, she shared her findings with officials from the dnc and clinton's campaign. oh, that's called collusion. but chalupa's efforts didn't end there. remember, she also said she would help, quote, a lot of journalists, willing accomplices in the media and writing stories about mana port to try to hurt the trump campaign. we've reached out again to chalupa, but haven't heard back. shocking. as we said last night on the program, she needs to be called in by republicans. they have the power to do this. put her under oath, make her testify to congress, what did she know, when she know did it, who did she share the information with? and congress needs to hear from the ukrainian ambassador she was meeting with.
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remember, she that the down in the ambassador. we can't stop there. the didn't, they were briefed. debbie wasserman schultz needs to be put under oath and tell you, the american people, what she knows about the scandal. on top of that, if they briefed the campaign, put john podesta under oath and have him testify. robby mook as well. this is a major scandal, but only the tip of the iceberg of what needs to be investigated. we still have christopher steel, the former intelligence agent of great britain, that wrote the fake news dossier about donald trump, and, by the way, paid for some of the information, that cited russian sources, and then the group connected to hillary that's fusion gps, remember, they were sending it around, and the democrats were using that phony information to attack then candidate/now president trump. they need to be brought from congress under oath and answer questions. then the former fbi director,
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comey, he wanted to pay this guy 50 grand, and his removal of government information from the fbi, legging it to "the new york times," helping his friend to be a special counsel. let's put him under oath in this. the special counsel ended up becoming comey's buddy, robert mueller. oh, okay. then he hires hillary clinton's attorney. we've been saying this over and over again. it's time to investigate the investigator. you're not hearing about this from the mainstream media. mueller may be breaking out the law by carrying out this investigation when his bff james comey is the key witness. and members of the team donating thousands and thousands to obama and clinton. take a look at the graphic. his investigators have donated tens and tens of thousands of dollars to the likes of hillary and obama. what's even worse, one of the lawyers of mueller's team was working for clinton and the clinton foundation. we've also learned that the former obama attorney general
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loretta lynch influenced the investigation into the email server scandal, pressure james comey to call it a matter instead of an investigation. then the 40-minute tarmac meeting with bill clinton. when are we going to put these people under oath? it's got to happen sout sooner n later. reopening -- this is most important part. if we're going to have equal justice under the law, reopen hillary clinton's email investigation, since we know, well, in that particular case lynch influenced that investigation. only a matter? not really. there's also hillary breaking the law, have secret, top-secret, special action program, classified information on her server. that's mishandle by definition. then destroying stuff. then the corrupt deal, serve as secretary of state, approving the transfer of up to 20% of america's uranium, a russian controversy, going to vladimir
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putin, going to the russians. and people involved in that deal, kicked back as much as $145 million into the clinton foundation. that's called bribery where i grew up. while bill clinton doubled his speaking fees in moscow, nobody else is telling you. it's outrageous the double standard beyond anything i've seen in my lifetime. joining us former governor of new hampshire, john sununu, and fox news anchor, bob jarrett, and the president's attorney, the chief counsel for the american center for justice, jay sekulow. have you ever seen a double
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standard like that? >> you're right about a double standard. we have to keep up at it. a couple points are more serious than you made them. the ukrainian folks are puppets of putin. they provided opposition research, and therefore provided a campaign contribution. so the clintons were guilty of not reporting that campaign contribution. if they want to play this game, we have to be specific, be sharp, we have to be focused, and we have to point these things out. i'm not a lawyer. you got two other lawyers on with me. i'm sure they can tell you how serious that is. the other point that i think is -- >> do you think that -- >> go ahead. >> no, no. go ahead. >> the other thing that's important to understand here is that there is also the uranium one situation, i think, has not been investigated properly.
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and a contribution of $100 million to the clinton foundation should explain how clearly beneficial that uranium one deal was to him and to the russians. so if you want to point to the russians, there's two examples where i think there's illegallality. >> okay. now, i agree with you. i think that's very well said. jay, let me go to you. let's separate fact from fiction. governor sununu is right. in the ukrainian deal there was a meeting in embassy, with the ambassador, information was exchanged, passed on to the hillary campaign. okay, that didn't happen that anybody knows of with trump and russia. then you have fusion gps and their ties to hillary clinton's campaign. this phony dossier, information coming from russia. so separate fact from fiction for us here. >> yeah. well, the first fact from fiction is what was the purpose of the meeting in russia according to the people from
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russia? the you know, the lawyer that was there. what was the purpose of the meeting actually? when it actually took place. it was information about the maginissky act. >> the email suggested otherwise. >> sure. they thought they had opposition research. guess what. that's part of a political campaign. what happened here -- and this is important. what happened here, it was a basically lobbying campaign on the magnitsky act. >> all right. so you're breaking up a little bit. let me go to greg jarrett. if you look at trump/russia as
2:16 am
one issue. you look at issue number two, ukrainian ambassador paid dnc staffer passing on information. >> right. >> you look at a third issue, fusion gps getting information from russia -- and again who's funding them is also tight with clinton -- of the three which is the worse? then add uranium one to the mix. >> rainy one by far, because it's a crime. to use your public office to confer benefit to a foreign government in exchange for money, it's called public corruption, bribery. the meeting with donald trump jr. vladimir putin, former kgb, could have sat in on that meeting and it wouldn't have been a crime. the constitution gives us the freedom to associate with anybody, including russians, and the freedom to exchange ideas and information from any source, including russians. but there's this myth somehow
2:17 am
that every russian is the boogeyman, and if you dare talk with one of them, it's a heinous crime. the fact is there are no crimes here. >> we're talking to left and right, getting information from them. >> right. there's no treason as all of these democratic lawmakers, including pelosi, seem to imply, because we're not at war with russia. it's not conspiracy. it is not a violation of election laws as pelosi said, because the laws specifically allows foreign nationals to volunteer information and their personal services. the law says that is not a foreign donation. the media never asks the tough questions here. >> governor, welcome back. greg, as always. thank you. we lost jay sekulow. when we come back, ari fleisher
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will respond to tonight's opening monologue, and the left's obsession, the double standard. and patrick j. buchanan here tonight. also tonight -- >> you used that line on monday, and it was sort of -- >> yes. 4 million viewers. you barely scratch 200,000. >> reruns beat cnn. anyway, dr. gorker talks you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust
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yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. >> frankly, you know, when i was campaign manager in those last several months, you know, when i needed negative information about hillary clinton, i didn't have to go very far. i looked at hillary clinton. she was a treasure trove. she was, like, a treasure box of negative hillary information with arms and legs. >> that was counselwoman to the president, kellyanne conway earlier today on "fox and friends." joining us now larry elder, form white house press secretary, fox news contributor, ari fleisher. ari, i guess from a pr standpoint, i can sit here all day and i can point out the duplicity, the double standards,
2:23 am
there's not equal application of standards as it relates to ukraine and a dnc operative, being made by the dnc, passing on information to the clinton campaign, meeting in the ukrainian embassy. i could talk about fusion gps, where their money comes, their connection to some these same russians. but the media won't even touch it. why? >> sean, everything you said is true. it's so much easier to be a democrat talking to the media than it is a republican, because the democrats and media see thing the same way. for the most part, they hate trump. >> yeah. they're sheep. >> i still have to say it was a mistake -- donald trump jr. almost said had this himself on the show -- to get that email and hold a meeting. when you get an email from a foreign government, particularly the russian government, saying they have dirt on your opponent, they want to have a meeting, it's sponsored by the government, this meeting, you don't take the meeting.
2:24 am
i think donald trump jr. would have been stronger if he said on your show, the critics are right, i shouldn't have had the meeting. >> okay. he said in retrospect. again, the circumstances were different. you've been in the middle of campaigns. you know the flurry of meetings, everything going at a rapid pace. the only thing i would say in their defense is, if you have a dnc staff member that's paid, that's passing on information after meeting at the ukrainian embassy, and dirt is disseminated by the ukrainians, in that particular case against trump, that's far worse than anything donald trump jr., or anybody in the trump campaign, up to this point, that we know about, ever did. i guess to me it's beyond -- you know, you accept a double standard. i'm not willing to accept it. >> i think the other thing that's important that needs to be said here, we still to this date have seen zero evidence that anybody from the trump campaign was involved in the
2:25 am
fundamental issue here, which was the russian hacking of the democratic national committee. >> good point. >> the two are unrelated. the entire controversy really does hinge on latter, not the former. the former, the meeting, was a bad judgment. it shouldn't have happened, but crime -- which it would be a crime in my book for anyone to cooperate, steal emails, and an attack on one political party is an attack on all political parties. there's still no evidence that anybody from trump world was involved there. >> none whatsoever. and julian assange, talked to them, had him on radio, and he denies that it was the russians in particular. larry elder, both about the double standard, i think democrats have gone so much further on this, zero coverage of that. what do you think? >> i'd also say this, in addition to the double standard. one of the reasons that people don't like to go into politics
2:26 am
is because politics, it is rough, tough. i find it hard to believe if the circumstances were reversed the clintons would not have taken this meeting? i've got dirt on my opponent, dirt that may hurt my opponent's campaign in a tough campaign. >> but the ukrainian ambassador was working with dnc. >> i find it flabbergasting to hear this holier than thou, i would not have taken that meeting. are you kidding me? the clintons wouldn't have taken that meeting with their shenanigans? the clinton server, the espionage violations and the -- >> larry, you're really good. >> give me a break! >> let me ask you this. maybe ari is right. i'll give larry first crack at this. maybe ari us right, there's a double standard, and it's flagrant, but there shouldn't be a two-teared justice system. there needs to be equal justice
2:27 am
under the law. if mueller investigates this regarding donald trump jr., should shouldn't we bring in podesta, mook, hillary clinton? don't they need to be put under oath? the justice system should be separate from politics, right? >> i couldn't agree with you more. but you heard the line in washington, d.c., if you want a friend get a dog. the unfortunate thing is there is a double standard. republicans are treated differently. barbara boxer said it's very difficult for any republican to win, because she believes the media are against us. that's the case. we have to deal with. >> thank you guys for being with us. next, patrick j. buchanan is here to respond to the hysteria. and also tonight -- >> in the last nine months, you and your colleagues, the fake news media, cnn, msnbc, "new york times," "the washington post" -- >> no, sir. >> i'm going to finish. >> dr. gorka's takedown of the
2:28 am
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i'm jackie ibanyez. now back to "hannity." >> i think we got along very well. i think that's a good thing. that's not a bad thing. >> of course not. >> people said they shouldn't get along. who are the people saying that? i think we've got along very, very well. we're a tremendously powerful nuclear power. >> uh-huh. >> so are they. >> that's right. >> it doesn't make sense not to have some kind of a relationship. >> that was president trump this week defending his attempts to nortnormalize relations with ru. joining us our friend patrick j. buchanan. the irony this week, the russians are so bad, you can't talk to them, pat, but as soon as two russians start saying anything bad about trump, they're the most credible people on earth and we need to listen. that was before tonight when we
2:34 am
learned that the democrats were also targeted by them. what are your thoughts on all this? >> my thoughts are the president of the united states is correct in wanting to deal with russia after the problems of the obama administration, sean. they got 6,000 or 7,000 nuclear weapons. vladimir putin is a tough customer, an autocrat. he's not pope francis, but he's not stalin and he's not -- i mean, he's not brezhnev. american presidents ever since truman have tried to get along with russian leaders. now we have a russian leader who's not a communist, and we ought to try to get along with him. >> he's former kgb. nobody likes what he did in ukraine or crimea, or other instances. at the end of the day putin is trying to set up a system where
2:35 am
energy-wise, which is the lifeblood of the economy of everybody, that western europe has an option beyond russia. that's in case he goes nuts and wants to turn off the spigot from there. >> you know, take syria, sean. i mean, there the russians and ukrainians, like it or not, the syrians, won the civil war. hemmed us to a degree kill isis in raqqa and syria, and they want to affect the peace which will stop the horrific slaughter, in probably one of the worst civil wars since the spanish civil war of the '30s. this is a real world. i commend the president for trying to deal with it. >> there's been one narrative, but yet there's far more evidence of real collusion, the dnc paid operative, passing on information, meeting with the ukrainian ambassador at the embassy. then you've got fusion gps,
2:36 am
false information gotten in russia, regurgitated by democrats. media doesn't even touch it. it's far worse. if you're the trump white house, how do you deal with it, pat? you've lived under fire pretty much your entire life. >> well, let me tell you, you've touched on a valid point here. they're not going after hillary clinton for a variety of reasons. one of them is she's irrelevant. she's gone. secondly, the media in this town, the deep state, are determined to bring down donald trump. they got a bit in their teeth, smell the blood in the water. for a lot of journalists, this is their watergate time, their hour. >> is it going to work? >> sean, it's an obsession, morning, noon and night. is it going to work? let me say this, looking at it -- i follow the cable and news daily, with five newspapern this ends or how it right now, but i don't think it's going to
2:37 am
end well. when things come along, like what happened in new york, with donald trump jr. at that meeting, not giving the whole truth, it simply feeds this. i think this battle is really a fight to finish for the control for the destiny of the united states politically. >> that's chilling. i don't want disagree, but i will make it sure that the duplicity, the hypocrisy, is out there. >> do you have the identities? >> i'm asking, do you believe that -- >> no. i'm asking you. >> well, i can't answer that, sir. >> dr. gorka, his beat-down of the liberal media, and did it to the anchors, right to their faces, all week. that's straight ahead.
2:38 am
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ow. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> welcome back to "hannity." so this week, one brave member of the trump administration went into the lion's den over and over again to do battle with the destroy trump media. now whether he was appearing on cnn or msnbc, dr. sebastian gorka took the president's message to some pretty dark corners of the fake news sphere, and came out on top. this is entertaining. take a look. >> more people watch "nick at night part 2" than cnn. >> our ratings are doing fine. >> you're in 13th place in
2:42 am
national ratings, behind "nick at night" which is at 11:00. >> you used that line on monday. >> yeah. 4 million viewers. the fake news media, cnn, msnbc, "new york times" -- >> no, sir. >> i'm going to finish. do you know who leaked the information, the identities? >> i'm asking you. >> no. i'm asking you. >> well, i can't answer. >> you've seen the leadership from the southern border, to nato, to the stock market, we're crushing that, and he can do that anywhere. >> the white house doesn't crush a stock market. >> it's a common phrase. it means winning. >> thanks for helping with a common phrase. >> you're welcome. >dr. sebastiangorka joins us. i want to point out factually,
2:43 am
50-year reruns of "yogi bear," 25-year reruns of "full house" on nick at night, beating cnn. you're factually correct. you took it to them. i'm glad you did. why did you decide to do it? >> because sooner or later somebody has to push back. we have women like kelliane, somebody has to take it to them. they had a reputation, cnn in the war zone, msnbc. it's gone like a puff of smoke. they have a credibility crisis. think about what they're doing. they've been in this collusion delusion for nine months, not one piece of evidence of illegal activity, and they spin and they spin. they're tanking. somebody has to make them wake up. i'm glad to help them. >> listen, it's something we do on this program almost every night, giving news and
2:44 am
information that i argue you can't get anywhere else. i even watched about eight minutes last night of a cnn program, so bitterly partisan, factually inaccurate, i couldn't take it anymore. people tweeting, we know it's fake news. here's the issue. we know there was collusion, there were meetings with paid dnc operatives, and the ambassador of ukraine, and information is passed on to the hillary clinton campaign, and dnc. then the christopher steele, russian dossier, money paid out, russian information given in that particular case. comey even wanted to hire the guy. there's so much evidence of collusion on other side, and nobody else is talking about it. this isn't funny at this point. >> sean, they've made a decision. my white house colleague coined the phrase last week, the fake news industrial complex. there's two ways to be
2:45 am
successful in your business, sean. one way is to go after the ratings with sensationalism, with lies, lies about what mueller is going to testify. just spin, spin, spin, so you make more money. >> everybody has been lied about. >> right. >> they've gone after you. they've gone after the first lady, first daughter, even an 11-year-old kid, 10 at the time. they've gone off both brothers, reince and bannon and kellyanne, and steve miller, and people that support the president, agree with his agenda like me. there's nobody had gets a pass here. they want to kill anybody associated with the president, politically speaking. >> it's a psychological issue. they cannot believe that the american people chose donald j. trump to be president. as a result they're in a bubble, a psychological crisis, they're tanking, so they spin, they spin. they want to make more money on
2:46 am
rate, so their corporate owners are happy. the only way to be successful in the long term, the only way to be successful, it's about truth. just conservative, but you're interested in the truth, whether it's benghazi, the irs scandal, or -- >> absolutely. >> think about the lack of their professionalism. imagine a walter cronkite, or edward murrow, they insult the guest when he can't defend himself. that's what anderson cooper did this week. >> and, by the way, used the guy that recently died to do it. >> yes. >> a line in the sand. it's about time people start calling them out. good job, dr. gorka. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> up next on this busy breaking news friday night on "hannity" -- >> we've become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing,
2:47 am
litigious societies on the planet. it's almost an embarrassment. >> j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie dimon unloads on the swamp. i have another message for washington republicans in particular. that's our mini monologue. also tonight -- >> there's two things in this world that i cannot stand. blondes and liberals. they're always cry in their milk, every time you disagree with them. >> all right. he's back. he's been here all week, conservative social media twitter sensation terrence williams gets the last word of the week tonight on "hannity."
2:48 am
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>> welcome back to "hannity." bureaucracy, red tape, taxes, are ravaging american businesses, stifling entrepreneurs, and stunting the growth of wages across the country. you know what, it's time for the government to get off our backs. that's why we're putting washington on notice in this important mini monologue tonight. all right. so the federal government is now spending more than $400 billion of your hard-earned money per month for the first time in
2:52 am
american history. what you getting for your hard-earned dollars? let's see. a huge, controlling, inefficient, bloated bureaucracy, that just wants more and more and more. now during a quarter earnings conference call jpmorgan chase chairman and ceo jame jamie dimn went over the confusing red tape that we have to jump over to earn a simple living and provide for our family. listen to what he had to say. >> we've become one of the most bureaucratic, confusing, litigious societies on the planet. it's almost an embarrassment to be an american citizen traveling around the world. we have to get our act together or we won't do what we're supposed to do for the average america. people write about it's for corporations. it's not for corporations. competitive taxes are important for business and business growth, important for jobs and wage growth. >> that's right. jobs for us, the american people.
2:53 am
jamie dimon is right. the president has signed over a dozen laws rolling back the stifling obama-era regulations and implement ag i new rule to make lawmakers eliminate two regulation for every new one regulation they impose on us. sadly there's one regulation that some could claim that's more harmful to american businesses, american people, and that's obamacare. earlier today the president tweeted out republican senators are working hard to get their failed obamacare replacement improved. i will be at my desk pen in hand. under the leadership of mcconnell, get healthcare plan approved after seven years of obamacare disaster. this must happen. after all the years of suffering through obamacare, republican senators must come through as they have promised.
2:54 am
well, guess what. all of you in the senate, it's time for you to keep that promise and start working for the american people. oh, this is hard. okay, you've been promising us seven years, repeal, replace obamacare. it's not only necessary for the health and well-being of our citizens, but also for the health and well-being of this economy. we give, what, the government hundreds of billions of dollars every month. it's time for you in congress, in this particular case the senate, put your money where your mouth is. get your job done. we're getting tired of waiting. up next, on this busy breaking news friday night on "hannity" -- >> there's two things in this world that i cannot stand. blonde and liberals, always crying in their milk every time you disagree with them. >> conservative twitter social media sensation terrence williams gets it's something that's always present. you're always thinking about it.
2:55 am
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2:58 am
mouth they run to their momma's basement to cry and it complain about life. you can't even have a real debate with the liberal. they don't care about that. they don't know why they want trump impeached. half of the snowflakes complaining didn't even get out there and vote, you know what? you ask them why they are mad at trump, they will say well cnn told us to be mad. [laughter] they need to go to bed. got >> sean: you have got to love that laugh. b terrence, thank you so much. you have been great all week. we appreciate it. that's all the time we have this evening. thank you for being with us. this show will always be fair and balanced. have a great weekend. we will see you back here monday. ♪ [national anthem] ♪
2:59 am
[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
3:00 am
♪ [national anthem] ♪ >> president trump is back in the u.s. right now after a quick, and what the white house describes as a very successful trip to france. >> mr. trump's presence at my side is a sign of an enduring friendship and i want to thank him. nothing can ever separate us. >> continues to brew over his son's meeting with a russian lawyer last year. we have now learned there could have been at least 8 people in the room. >> this is a fishing expedition. it's clearly designed to delay and stop the donald trump agenda. >> i find it glabler gassing to hear all this holier than now to say i wouldn't have taken that meeting. are you kidding me the clintons wouldn't have taken that meeting?