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tv   Outnumbered  FOXNEWSW  July 17, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> we are back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, delayed, not deterred. senate republicans putting a vote on the health care bill on hold. this is a white house remains confident that the g.o.p. can get the job done. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith. her today harris faulkner, cohost on fox business, melissa francis. fox news contributor jessica tarlov is here. and #oneluckyguy, the couch first timer, republican congressman ron desantis of florida, he is "outnumbered," great to have you sir. >> sandra: it is so great to
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be here. i am outnumbered at home. i have a wife and daughter. it is great to be here. you have a wonderful studio. >> sandra: i wanted to make sure that our thoughts are with meghan mccain. she is with her family, and we look forward to seeing her soon. >> ron: i wish the senator the best. a navy legend, and we want him to make a swift recovery. >> harris: he has a fighter. meghan reached out yesterday to let me know what was going on. and i reached out on twitter to the senator. things are going to be okay, but it is always helpful to have those prayers and love, so we send it out to her and her family. >> sandra: senate republicans delaying a vote to that was expected this week on their health care bill as senator mccain recovers. expected from the noncongressional office today postponed as well. but health answer versus secretary does not seem too bothered by the delay. >> do you think that they are going to be able to get this
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done? >> i do, because the senators know that what is out there right now is not working. in terms of the medicaid system, a third of the physicians who ought to be carrying for medicaid patients who aren't, that is not because they have forgotten to take care of those patients. it is because of the system. the government may work for insurance, but not for patients. >> sandra: one holdout senator rand paul explains why he is still a "no." >> the real problem we have, we won four elections on repealing obamacare, but this keeps most of the obamacare taxes, most of the regulations. and the subsidies. and create something that republicans have never been poor, a giant insurance bailout super fun. i think the entire 52 of us could get together on a more narrow, clean repeal. and i think it still can be done. >> sandra: senator paul also sees the delay as an advantage to buy time. the leader of the senate democrats, chuck schumer
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believes that all the time in the world will not help republicans. >> time is not the problem in the present health care bill. the problem is the substance. it slashes medicaid which has become something that helps middle-class new yorkers, millions of them, literally. and millions of americans. >> sandra: congressman desantis with us today. what does all of this -- where does all this go? >> ron: we have had a party that has won multiple election cycles, we are going to repeal and replace this law, and you have to put up or shut up. i am old-fashioned. i think if you run on policies, you get elected, then you do those policies. but we seem to be having a difficult time of following through. >> sandra: what is the sticking point? >> ron: we saw the struggle in the house, now the senate, oh, you have had seven years to come up with a replacement. that is not a problem. we do not have an agreement on
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repeal. some people want a repeal, then they get there, you repeal it, but you don't repeal the subsidies, the regulations. once you start saying that, then you are not repealing it? >> harris: if that is a case where senator rand paul is, karl rove had a good question this morning, if it is not perfect, can you still go forward? maybe you do not get a complete rip the band-aid off, but does that mean that the doctors are not going to do surgery in -- on the patient? >> ron: this is not a perfect bill. i would rather have a partial repeal then no repeal at all. so paul is saying do exactly what we said. my view is if it is not possible to do 100%, i will take 75%. >> harris: do you think you can convince him? >> ron: no. >> jessica: i think that everybody is spinning the message the way they want to present it. i guess that is politics, but chuck schumer is saying that we are cutting into medicaid. everybody knows that that is a complete lie, not cutting
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medicaid by passing the bill. all it would do it slow the growth over time, and rand paul is wrong, we are not creating a huge super fun, we are trying to figure out a way to pay for the most expensive peoples -- you are not going to pay for themselves. if they had no insurance, they were going to the hospital, and then those hospitals would take that as a loss on their taxes and taxpayers would pay for it. at the bottom line no matter how painful it is that there is a bunch of people out there, we all have to pay for, we have to figure out how to do it efficiently. >> jessica: one on the medicaid getting slashed, even though objectively -- speed through slowing the growth. >> jessica: that means that less people will have medicaid. that is the fact. i completely agree with you, we should be means testing all of our entitlements. that does not make me popular in my party. but that is where the sticking point is, because if we do slow the growth, we are going to end up with 60 million less people who have medicaid today who will not happen in ten years. and to the point about why
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repeal and replace it so difficult now and why it worked so well in elections, obamacare used to be unpopular. remember when approval rating was in the 30s, now over 50% because americans are so concerned about losing their health care because -- >> ron: you have had seven months of nonstop media shriveling for obamacare. so cnn is not bringing out people who have been harmed by obamacare. the narrative is different. i would say that chuck schumer just said that medicaid is helping middle-class new yorkers, that's not what medicaid is supposed to do. it is supposed to help poor kids, elderly, disabled, you start saying a middle-class entitlement, it will go bankrupt very quickly. so it actually ends up hurting the people who really need it. >> harris: with all due respect, there are media members that should stand up and do more. but this does fall in the hands, and on the shoulders of all of those in congress right now. we have been waiting all of these years as an american public to see something better. and you did not get any help
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from an outgoing president who told his party not to help republicans get to the end game which was to give us all something better. we knew that it was broken. he tried to fix it by executive order more than two dozen times. >> ron: this bill has in many ways been an orphan, the democrats in the media don't like it. conservatives like rand paul say, this is not enough. you do not have people making the case for it. i think that is part of the reason why it has not been a good public relation. >> sandra: i just realized that the congressmen wore his cowboy boots today. >> harris: i have on my ankle boots. >> sandra: moving on, president trump touting the g.o.p. bill in his address. the obamacare nightmare will soon be over. >> the senate health care bill stops the obamacare disaster. expands toys, and drives down costs. so it will be good for the federal government, and it will cost you less money by a lot, and it will be a much better plan. you cannot do better than that.
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>> sandra: senator rand paul cautioning the president on overselling the g.o.p. plan. >> i would caution about overselling what is going to happen. i have been in health care for 20 years as a physician. it was in terrible shape before obamacare, got worse under obamacare. the republican plan admits that it will continue. but they say, hey, guys, we are going to subsidize it. we will dump billions of dollars into the insurance companies and say police charge less and try to counteract the death spiral, but the republican plan does not fix the spiral of obamacare. it simply subsidizes it. >> sandra: does rand paul go too far? >> ron: i think he has a point. if you look at the regulatory structure he of obamacare, it is a perverse system. that's why healthy people are dropping out. you have to fix the underline system. i think both the house and senate bills, they do not fix it. they say, states can wave out and try to create solvent markets. if you do not have solvent
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market insurance, a lot of the discussions we have our academic. i thought a full cream filling unclean repeal was the easiest way to do it. i do agree with paul in a certain extent. but there is a lot of problems with the health care system. we are not solving the third-party players getting in between patients and doctors, and if you have that coming you're not going to be able to rein in the cost of health care. >> melissa: some of the things it is doing sending so much back to the states make sense. they know how to spend the money on their people. also the idea of letting people by just a plan that they want and not having to buy all of the junk, the healthy people already were not paying in. so let's get them off to the side on the insurance that they are using appropriately, let's focus whatever revenue that we have in that pile on the people that are using a ton of health care. i don't know -- >> ron: the health savings accounts also so that people will have low premium, high deductibles. so some of the routine care will be done dr. -patient directly
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with tax-free dollars. i think that will help bring some market forces. >> jessica: what about the preexistence existing conditions. this was a major concern round one, people like susan collins, they were republicans saying absolutely not. we cannot take back on pre-existing conditions. >> sandra: i would be shocked if that happens. who is going to approve that waiver? >> jessica: >> harris: the trutt where we are, we are not at the point where the senators are ready to vote on the bill yet. we are still trying to get to the debate. so that is something that would come up, as i understand as a deal breaker on the floor. if anybody try to flow to know pre-existing conditions. >> ron: the way the house dated to coming you have to do pre-existing conditions if you do the waiver, but differently than obamacare does. >> jessica: but that allows for certain states to undercut the full coverage for people who need it. a certain states will cover certain things and others won't.
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and i think that is dangerous. i also would like to add, where's insurance across state lines? that was a key promise in the house in the senate that that would be taken out. it is in neither bill. no one likes me. i get it. i am a very unpopular democrat. >> harris: here is one thing we have not talked about, the congressional office score. that has been delayed as well. at the cbo said we won't more information from the white house. but i'm not completely clear. >> sandra: they want to do further analysis. >> harris: but i know jim jordan is one who is pushing for using part of that august recess if it spreads to the house to talk about things like the cbo and the meaning of it. trying to make a more relevant, what is the journey of the cbo? >> ron: one, we should work through the august recess. >> sandra: i can hear your people right now. >> ron: the cbo, wrong about a
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lot of different things. it is supposed to be a budget office, getting into the health care numbers, it does not do a very good job of that. the obamacare estimates, it is not that people are going to lose coverage, but they are predicting massive recesses going forward under obamacare. 18 million people on the exchange next year. you know how many there are right now? 10 million, and it has been declining. no way in heck it will be 18 million. >> sandra: but the huge hurdle, you mention susan collins, she just said 8-10 republican senators have serious concerns about the bill. >> ron: look, some support obamacare, at least in parts. that is the reason that others like rand paul wanted to do more. but you have to come together and get 50 votes. >> jessica: or talk to democrats. there are centrist and moderate democrats and red states like claire mccaskill, heidi high kim, they need help getting reelected as well. they want their people to have good affordable health care. she showed up for an interview.
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>> sandra: president trump now firing back, defending donald jr's meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. was that meaning just standard politics or is it time for those who attended to testify? the top lawmaker is now demanding. why james comey's memos of his private conversations with president trump may be one step closer to being made public. and of course, we will always remind you after the show you can join the live chat by going to, or go to the facebook page you can tweet us during the show. harris is on her phone. >> harris: i am tweeting to meghan. saying that we love her. ♪ is this a phone?
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meeting that would have taken place even if it was about the topic of an opposition research paper from a russian lawyer is illegal. or a violation of the law. by the way, i am not the only lawyer, you know this, chris. most lawyers, many, a vast majority of lawyers that have been interviewed on your network and other networks have acknowledged that the meeting itself, and the discussions would not have been of the election of the law. >> harris: he is right about that, but mark warner says that trump, jr.,'s emails about that meeting delivered -- to undermine the clinton campaign. he wants answers. speak a very troubling, moves the whole entire investigation into a new level. i want to hear from everyone in that meeting. and get their version of the story as well as, we may find out that there have been other meetings as well. we don't know that yet. >> harris: in an interview, hedging on whether it involves
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collusion. >> i have learned that there is a wide gap between what is called in the espionage business, a useful idiot, and full-fledged collusion. where all of these conversations fall, that will be something that we try to reach some conclusions on. >> harris: it is like we have been saying, evidences a problem for democrats, and hp subject for them. alan dershowitz. we know that name, right? famous broca's attorney was on with janine over the weekend, talking about how democrats are on constitutional in their argument with donald trump, jr. full throated, this was not illegal what he did. and this will be like equating information to money in terms with the exchange of valuable things. you don't do that. words don't get that. and he is a sconce level. your thoughts? >> ron: there is no crime and taking that meeting. there's just not. even when talking about collusion coming look at the federal statute. the only time collusion is an offense, antitrust.
9:20 am
if you look at the collusion offense, no, what they have to prove is a conspiracy which means that there has to be an underlying crime. simply taking a meeting is certainly not a criminal offense. the democrats are so up in arms about this, as if the clintons would not have taken that meeting. the democrats are shocked that there is gambling going on in this casino. >> harris: we will talk about the clintons later, we can talk about the money versus the words, that is an actual valuable thing being exchanged. fairly quickly before we move on, i went to press in on one point, do you feel that those in your party are doing enough to come to the aid of this president on a whole host of issues since he has been under attack by the media, many of them for months? >> ron: no, i don't. we are doing more on the russia stuff and we do to investigate the clinton investigation -- administration. never one subpoena, never one hearing on that. and now you have this, and i think that they are not enough republicans who are standing up and supporting the white house on this.
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>> melissa: the other problem as we are learning who is present, that is turning into a story on its own, but i will thw this out you because it is something that you hear from the left quite often as we discussed, is it possible that the president did not really know about the meeting? >> ron: sure, presidential campaign coming to you know how many times these things are happening, even me as a sitting member of congress, i don't remember who i met with last week. so it is just the way you go. from meeting to meeting, you're taking phone calls. no, it is not a criminal offens offense. >> harris: what i understand from others who are saying now about constitutionality, we as free citizens, we in the media have the right, a candidate would have a right to get information no matter what the source and come back and use it as opposition. if that changes, they want to change the law, we could watch that happen. >> melissa: one thing going on, we are getting afraid in information and how campaigns work. maybe we did not know about all
9:22 am
the people behind the scenes that try to go in and have influence, whatever else. all i know is that most people in america are really sick of hearing about russia. they would like to hear about health care and tax reform. they would like everybody to get back to work. i'm not saying that it is a nonissue in that it does not deserve attention, or whatever. but the dominance over it over the work that needs to be done is embarrassing. >> jessica: i agree with that point. america would also like the president to get off of his twitter account. over 70% of americans say that his twitter account hurts -- yes, the polls were right at the election. they said she would win by two points, that's what she won by. it is true. >> sandra: news flash, did not win. >> jessica: no, i didn't know. i mean that she won the popular vote. the fact that the president went on twitter to talk about john, jr., talking about make america, the u.s. manufacturing. i know that we will talk about
9:23 am
that later shows how distracted he is and focused on little things that should not matter right now when you have a health care bill in triage when you need to get tax reform done. >> sandra: that is how he keeps his people following him. everybody who is successful in social media has a very specific crowd following them. they understand the psychology of the people following them and they feed them everyday. he is great at feeding twitter and keeping his people following him, everybody who does not like him hates his twitter account. that's how that works when you are really popular and polarizing on social media. >> harris: all right, okay. that was the microphone that got dropped. okay, speaking of rushing in the investigation, the top democrats on the senate intel committee also refuses to say if the fbi director james comey's emails with the contacts on the president had any evidence of obstruction. president trump's attorney says that there is no indication the special counsel is investigating the president. and around and around we all go, where it goes next?
9:24 am
president trump on hypocrisy. watch, accusing the mainstream media of focusing only on him and his team while ignoring hillary clinton's deleted emails. yes, we are going to go there. whether there is a double standard, we will debate. ♪
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9:29 am
also refusing to say of the memos revealed any evidence of a obstruction. adding that special counsel robert will decide whether any crime was committed. meanwhile, member of the legal team says that there is no indication that trevor moeller is investigating the president. watch this. >> nothing has changed since i was here, but nothing when james comey told the president he was not under investigation on three different occasions. we have no notification of any investigation with the president of the united states. >> melissa: i'm not the least bit surprised by this. i feel like i was called chatty cathy, james comey, because i never have seen in fbi director who chatted so much of my life. it was a ramp up to get excited about a book deal. if you like we know what this was about. >> ron: he is somebody who is concerned about his image. he did that with a hillary clinton case. he really did that handling the russia stuff where he was inviting speculation that the president was under investigation for privately telling the president you are
9:30 am
not under investigation. but i think he may have some issues to answer for with the memos. he admitted that he leaked that memos in order to trigger a special counsel. and now we have reports that there may have been classified information in the memos. so was the question about classified info leaking in order to trigger special counsel, that would be a main deal if true. >> harris: i think he was only triggering up things that we would see in the book. of the best rollout of all time. >> jessica: the bidding is next week or this week. i don't think it was all about the book. he has issues on both sides of the aisle with what happened last summer when no one agreed with what he did. finishing up with the october letter, the surprise that i think was the final nail in the coffin for hillary clinton, who i do know lost the election. but what i would say is that mueller who has gotten praise from republicans and democrats is doing his job and quietly. as to the that i think --
9:31 am
>> sandra: quietly? different from james comey. >> jessica: james comey about a year ago, no one knew about him. he has only gotten out the last year. i think that he does have a lot to atone for in terms of what he has done on both sides. but i do think that the investigation is hopefully rolling on in a bipartisan way. >> melissa: do you believe that it is? >> ron: the mueller investigation, he has hired all of the democrats to be prosecutors. he subcontracted out the legal department at the dnc. hillary donors, none of them are republican donors, and i'm not saying if you donate to democrats, you cannot be a good prosecutor. isn't it odd that you get 14 prosecutors and they are all either democrat donors big time or no political, no republicans on the record. >> sandra: one of them did donate to jason jay pitts. >> ron: a big democrats, and that's guy is a democrat, he is a big hillary supporter. >> harris: i did have a chatty
9:32 am
kathy doll growing up. it did you have one of those? and i think that we had a little bit of the sound of him talking about the book deal. i don't know if anybody is surprised by this, though. he had a twitter account. this is the director of the fbi, not just someone in government. even the president has a twitter account, but he is not a director of the investigative arms of government. he is not part of that -- >> melissa: he also has something to promote, his agenda. james comey is the director of the fbi. what is he trying to promote? jessica, you want to say something? >> jessica: it's not like he is a prolific promoter, i think there was a secret account. >> melissa: are you defending james comey's social? okay, that is interesting. >> jessica: i think it is about his long career in service that people think quite highly of. last year has tarnished that. i don't think that you know, floating that he is leaking
9:33 am
classified information to get those memos out there, what he gave to the law professor is responsible or reasonable at this point. i think the fbi director knows what is classified and what isn't. i don't think he ever have done that. >> harris: it's less about that to them whether it was government property that he was sharing. paraphrasing. so how much can you really put in a book? accusations of a double standard now rocking the russia investigations, president trump is criticizing the mainstream media for its coverage of his son's meeting within the attorney. linked to the kremlin. link to being aware that no one has proven yet. and wondering why reporters are ignoring hillary clinton's emails part of the president tweeted this... meanwhile, the presidents lawyer, jay secular, we have seen him a couple of times defending donald trump, jr., comparing his meaning to another where a dnc consult and exchange
9:34 am
information with members of the ukrainian government. watch. >> there are two situations to the situation with the ukrainians, the dnc coming into the clinton campaign. >> the moment there is an fbi investigation, into ukraine and the dnc coming on the clinton campaign, i'm happy to discuss it. that is not what is going on right now. >> isn't that interesting that there is no one, but go ahead. >> harris: that's consultant denying any wrongdoing as the clinton camp does. and how adam schiff blasted the comparison. >> well, it would be problematic to get any kind of support from a foreign government. but i think that to compare the two is like comparing bank robbery with writing a check with insufficient funds, both appropriate money from the bank if properly used, but a very different degree of seriousness and involvement in this case by a foreign government. >> harris: i had not heard you chuckle until that? what is funding? >> ron: it is a double
9:35 am
standard in terms of what is the media, what are they really after versus things that they don't really care to look after. and there were a lot of things with foreign contacts with the clintons, not just with the ukrainian stuff, they had a lot of contacts with russia, the government, bill clinton getting half a million dollars per 20 minute speech. but none of that stuff was bedded. so i think opposing it -- the president gets frustrated that there is a different standard to him than everybody else. >> sandra: what is a strategy to combat that? >> ron: i will tell you, the people that i talk about at home have had it with the media. they don't trust the media. they view it as being agenda driven. they have always had that view to a certain extent, but the moment that donald trump won the presidency, it has been constant. no honeymoon. at all. not even one day after the election. it has been on nonstop, nonstop. >> jessica: but he did not take a break himself from the onslaught of attacks.
9:36 am
hillary clinton lost because of those emails paid because of the media coverage about her being a liar, because of the private server. those scandals broken by "the washington post" and "new york times," two outlets at the president criticizes for being fake and the pocket liberals. so i don't think that is fair. there was an amazing gal at study about the words associated with hillary clinton and donald trump read with her was a liar, and with him it was speech and president and immigration. not even illegal immigration, this was after you said things about the criminals and rapists and calling for a ban of all muslims, which i realize he has revised. so him being the only one getting the short end of the media's is ridiculous. she is not the president, he is. move forward. >> ron: was it fair to talk about her emails? i would say, of course it is fair. she did -- >> jessica: was it fair to talk about his foundation? the rights was going crazy about
9:37 am
it. >> harris: this is on the record, you are blaming her emails or the coverage about them, not the existence of them being on the -- >> jessica: i have a laundry list, not hanging on my wall, but i think about all of the reasons why she lost, first and foremost it was an incredibly flawed candidate. she should've gone to wisconsin instead of arizona, there were things that we could have done. but did say that the media coverage of those scandals were revolving around her emails and that private server did not contribute to that loss is fals false. >> melissa: let's go back to the sound bite where one is like writing a bad check, or whatever, i had told laugh, because it is the clintons that did the bank robbery. the entire business plan of the clinton foundation is foreign influence over the u.s. and the trading of money. it is so straightforward. it is so plain when you look at the deal with the airways, you're talking about the speech for 20 minutes, half a million dollars, all of the sentence in the next week, approved to fly into the u.s. it is like, that's comparing
9:38 am
that to what is going on now, it is like robbing a bank. >> ron: raising money since she has lost. >> melissa: to be clear, no one should be dealing with foreign government, but come on. >> harris: the white house is now launching a multiweek made in america campaign to refocus attention on the president's agenda. that is interesting. how will it work. as the president's team doing enough to hammer home the issues that got him elected? ♪ ♪
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agenda. making talks around the country including marine one. this could be a helpful strategy as recent polling showing the majority of voters approve of the first message that president trump ran on. slamming a new poll, showing his approval dropping since the spring tweeting... but another new poll from nbc in "the wall street journal" painting a different picture showing the president's job approval at 50% in the counties that fueled his 2016 victory. jessica, remember, he won? i'm teasing. >> jessica: i'm so glad that you reminded me today. i'm in hillary land. >> harris: she hallucinated that hillary won. >> jessica: why one that he tweet about the good poll? they both came out around the same time, tweet about the fact that you are over 50%, we know
9:44 am
it is an electoral college win that matters here. so focus on that. i think that the focus on manufacturing, bringing jobs back here is a great thing, energy week. have a week and focus on it. i'm just wondering when ivanka, the president, and his five all manufacturer away from home. why are you not bringing that out from china if it is so important to your agenda? >> ron: though polling right now is not that significant. what is going to be significant is a year-round, two years outcome of the american people seeing tangible benefits but i think you are starting to see some economically, his -- small businesses have some relief, they do not feel a regulatory onslaught. >> sandra: there is huge optimism in the small business environment, ceo optimism is way up when you look at large corporations. if you are going to use an indicator coming look at the stock market sitting at record high, the president, can he tell
9:45 am
to that? is that because of his rolling back regulations and pushing his agenda? >> melissa: it is, but he has to deliver on it. he has to deliver on keeping regulation down, lowering taxes, keeping the economy moving part of the larger point it really is that saying what you are counts before the election, after all that matters is results and how people feel. it does not matter what the polls say, does not matter what he is tweeting. it is a function of if your household is doing better the next time it comes to vote, you will vote for the person who is in. >> ron: by the way, on this, his polling was worse on election day when he won the presidency. >> sandra: let's talk "made in america," here we are in the first of a three week stint of this "made in america." this is what he promised voters. >> harris: i want to take the question that you put out on the
9:46 am
floor about why certain products with the trump family may have been made out of the united states. one of the things that the president has told us time and time again is that he wanted to make the atmosphere here in america one that would attract businesses to do more and more of that. in my understanding, not estimation, that by making america great again in that aspect, even he would do that. he said it is a business first, he was tasked with doing what was best for his businesses. can you make it a better environment in america? that is what he is trying to do. i don't know what will happen in the future. >> jessica: i hope so. i am for easing regulatory. i'm not a betting person, but i would bet on america, i find it curious that someone who is now the president of the united states of america, who loves to cut deals. that is what he is good at. he would not have taken a little financial hit and him and his family when you are sitting there on pennsylvania avenue to bring those jobs home so that you can show up at a carrier plant and say, not only am i saving 1000 jobs, but i brought
9:47 am
back my own jobs. >> harris: democrats want to have it both ways. no hands from the white house, nobody having hands on their business is coming at you want him to change his businesses from inside the white house. >> jessica: he is a president of the united states of america. >> harris: i'm confused by that. >> sandra: democrats trying to take back the senate in the midterms, one democratic strategist says that dems can probably forget about retaking the senate. we hash it out on the couch next. ♪ no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. >> harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's go to jon scott, what is happening in the second hour of "happening now." >> more controversy over donald trump, jr.,'s connections to russia, and the involvement of several of the presidents family members, how that could be impacting his administration. plus, terrifying moment sparking a demand for answers after a young woman dials 911 for help and is gunned down by police. in embracing kidnapping in broad daylight. how police tracked down the suspect and what she said when they slapped the cuffs on her. all head at the top of the hour. >> harris: interesting. thank you. >> melissa: longtime democratic strategist casting doubts on democrats ability to regain the senate in the 2018
9:52 am
midterm elections, watch. >> i would say that we have a pretty good chance of taking the house back, the senate is very, very good though. there is a good chance may be 50% chance that the democrats would make the house. the problem in the senate is that we have a large number of seats that we have to hold that donald trump carries. >> melissa: here are the democratic senators that were referred to in that clip. all ten are up for reelection in 2018, immigrants would have to pick up another three seats in order to contribute -- regain control in the senate whereas in the house, democrats need to flip 24 seats to get to the majority. congressman, i will ask you. i assume that congressional math is one of your specialty is. what do you think about this? >> ron: i think it is too early to know what the political environment will be like next year. i've been there for seven months this year since trump has been inaugurated, i have not seen the
9:53 am
democrats offering any new ideas, any ideas that resignation with the american people. what they have talked about is russia, tax or terms, anti-trump, anti-trump. that is not going to be enough to win states that he may have won 20 percentage points. so the lack of an agenda that really speaks to middle income voters will ultimately be what syncs the democrats in 2018 20n these senate races. >> sandra: do you think that is true even though it is a midterm election? a lot of referendum on the sitting party. it is working out or not working out? do you want to respond? >> jessica: i agree completely with what the congressman's head there, and to james cargill's assessment. a 24 seats is doable, but the general ballot is going in her direction. but this is something that joe biden and president obama spoke to recently, saying that there has to be a message in an economic one. this is one of the main reasons that we lost, no one knows what stronger together meant,
9:54 am
hillary clinton slogan, we know what to make america great again means. if we do not start messaging and doing it well and in the middle of the country with all of those voters who either stayed home or may have switched parties" of her donald trump, we are going to be in a lot of trouble. i don't think we are going to see that. >> melissa: do you think democrats are divided on what the message should be? >> jessica: absolutely. there was a message that have been at the dnc, the first speaker tackled the issue of trans-rights instead of an economic message. and everybody cares about pocketbook issues. right now we have a toss up here. we have bernie sanders, a ton of cloud and elizabeth warren, trying to bring the party further (on economic inequality. then you have the more centrist side of the party, barack obama is going to get more involved in that, will -- >> harris: the man cutting in?
9:55 am
>> jessica: he has other attributes, but he does gives a dirty word or two in the settings. >> melissa: you are asked who is in control of the party right now, from this vantage point it seems like the wealthy are. when you look at nancy pelosi, you know, incredibly wealthy, all of the donors, incredibly wealthy from california. from new york, you really have, it really has become of the party of the 1%. and kind of the party of people that are -- >> harris: president trump has a lot of money. that does not make you tone-deaf to the message of what the people need to hear unless you choose to be. >> ron: i think the thing is with some of the wealthy donors, sometimes like silicon valley, you mention the different coasts, they are kind of immune to how government policy can affect people's lives in a negative way. because they are not small business people. every new regulation has a crushing effect. they are people that can afford it.
9:56 am
or they can pay when new york raises taxes, they can pay it. no big deal for them. sometimes they are little bit immune from some of the challenges that the american people are facing. >> sandra: all right, more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:57 am
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thank you for joining us today for the first time. >> you were a lively bunch, thank you.
10:00 am
>> there is more of this, stay right here. i find us on facebook. we will continue a conversation there, send us your questions. "happening now" starts right no now. >> julie: we start with a fox news alert, emergency crews in arizona now searching for one person who is still missing in those devastating flash floods. >> jon: at least nine people died after heavy rains unleashed virtual wall of water there. >> even on the basis of emails, donald trump, jr., laid them out, were not violations of statute. >> jon: the president's attorney defending donald trump, jr.,'s controversial meeting. or did he the law? in a police officer opened fire, killing a woman who called 911 for help


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