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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 19, 2017 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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joining us next time. >> bill: good morning everyone, fox news alert. it president trump is not willing to give up on health care. he has invited senators to the white house to try and repeal obamacare. what a story this has become. so do thanks for having me back. republicans may be staring down the failure of a obamacare repeal.
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>> if you're not willing to vote the same way you voted in 2015, you need to go back home and explain to republicans why you know longer want to repeal obamacare. >> the majority leader mitch mcconnell could have brought a procedural vote today, however he got a call from the white house, the president and vice president would like more time to plead with skeptical republicans to get on board with repeal. so the vote is expected to be early next week. the majority leader would like to get the vote over with, even if it looks like it's going to fail. right now it doesn't look like he has the votes. there is not enough appetite in his own party to repeal obamacare. also with mccain being absent,
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he deferred the vote until next week. mccain does not necessarily need to be back in town for vote to happen. he would start looks like the repeal will fail, the g.o.p. may bring a bill to the floor. and would signal the start of more collaboration. if this attempt goes down in flames, republicans could not fix obamacare by themselves. so they hope when they come back, they will have new resolve and a plan. >> bill: thank you for that report. >> sandra: let's go to the white house and latest reaction from the trump administration.
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this is changing minute by minute. >> one thing the president talked about yesterday, perhaps the best thing was that obamacare failed. this was the best thing politically for the republicans. he hasn't really taken that attack on policy. the senate has wanted to repeal obamacare and replace it later. listen to what he said. >> let obamacare failed, it will be a lot easier. we are not going to own it, we will let obamacare fail and then democrats will come to us, and say how do we fix it. >> so the president saying that
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he nor congressional plug-ins will own the failure of obamacare. the republicans had been pledging for seven years to do that. so the president is inviting all of the republican senators for lunch at the white house. he says, they must keep their promise to america. the republicans never discussed how good their health care bill is, it will get even better at lunchtime. it'll be interesting to see how many senators come over here today. >> sandra: it will be, indeed. where are we with reports that president trump and pruden met for a second time? >> all of the g20 leaders got
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together for a g20 dinner. the president was there along with the first lady. he was seated next to prime minister of japan. the first lady was seated beside vladimir putin. the leaders got up and circulated, and started talking with each other. the president went over to where the first lady was sitting, and spoke for some period of time to vladimir putin. only one translator per couple was allowed to be in the dinner. they used the russian translator to translate. the president said the conversation lasted a few minutes, not an hour. fake news story, the secret leader with pruden was quite
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"sick." he tweeted that fake news is becoming more and more dishones dishonest. so what do we know about the timeline? we do know that the press pool was informed by the secret service. that the dinner had begun, and that the motorcade started rolling at 11:53. so that's over two hours, plenty of time for dinner and conversation. what we don't know, how long president trump spoke with vladimir putin. >> bill: good morning steve. it addresses the level of trust in the american voter. what will you do when you say you will do this, and what
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happens when you do not? it's called trust, what do you think of that today? >> when you look at the level of trust in the government, it was low during the water gate days. i think the republicans will exacerbate that lack of trust. they promised to repeal again and again. they failed to do that. i think the difficulties for republicans and the hit to public trust and government is going to take another major hit. >> bill: also another factor, he did not mince words as expected. >> this is an epic fail.
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this is seven years of arguing going down the drain. >> bill: he was talking about a fundamental principle of government. when you do and entitlement program, you cannot pull it back. >> i think he is exactly right on that. you look at what everybody agrees, analysts that look at the federal debt, say entitlements drive the debt. instead what we seen, is democrats create a new entitlement and medicaid extending to able-bodied working adults. republicans unable to pull it back or unwilling, despite these arguments year after year.
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and you have in the future, this debt crisis. when you have $20 trillion in debt, it's hard to imagine anything more irresponsible from our public officials. >> bill: how high on the scale do you measure this tremor for the g.o.p.? >> it's an epic fail. i think it will follow them up for years. they ran repeatedly to do something they are unable to do. despite having the majority in government. if they cannot rescue this, they will have to answer for it for years. >> bill: thank you. the lunch is around noon. we will see what happens there.
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>> sandra: there is a lot more news coming up. president trump catching heat for a meeting with vladimir putin. trump calling it fake news. >> bill: also donald trump juniors situation, all of those big stores next, and it newt gingrich who has a lot to say about all of this today. we >> sandra: also a shooting of an unarmed woman in minnesota. and now. >> they can shoot or do anything if they are afraid for their own lives. and that's not justifiable in my mind.
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6:14 am'll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. >> bill: the fact that you have this kind of meaning in front of all of these leaders, that's exceptionally unusual. it's disconcerting for american allies around the world. and that trump tweeted that its fake news, it's a real story. >> bill: that's ian, and he's been on the story a lot. and newt gingrich, number one "new york times" bestseller.
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it's great to have you back on the show. the white house doesn't think this is a big deal. a lot of people in the media are screaming. is there truth in the middle? >> i actually don't understand it. the story i saw, was that the german chancellor invited the heads of state to a dinner. and that melania trump was seated next to pruden vladimir . what do you think was going to happen? where's the beef? this tendency to say, i know donald trump did something terrible, what was it? they had a regular dinner party. there were no negotiations going on. they were in front of 20 or so
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other heads of state. >> bill: the story seems a little cloudy, should we have known about it? >> did they release the list of who sat where? i think they did. i think any reasonable smart reporter would've looked at the list, and said this is where they're sitting, and will they talk? this is the kind of thing, a public meeting in front of other heads of state, secretly becomes a weird event. >> bill: he stated that fake news is becoming more and more dishonest. we will see with the white house as to say later today.
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also donald trump's, jr., has been cleared to testify publicl publicly, what does that mean? >> i assume it means the special counsel doesn't think they will say anything that will affect the investigation. i wouldn't read it as exoneration, but if he had to do it over again, he would do it differently. there is no evidence of collusion or official ties between the campaign in russia. there was one meeting one time. initially, no one thought it was a serious meeting. >> bill: this deal is with the ability to govern or not.
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"wall street journal" ," the obamacare republicans become from both the conservative and moderate wings. they spent nearly a decade on repealing and replacing obamacare. and they have a president that would sign any bill, in the clutch, they choked. can they govern? >> i don't think that's unfair. i think they can govern but they have not govern. this is a baseball team i would like home run hitters. they have people that can hit singles and steel bases. you have to design the plan for the team you have, not the team you wish you had. i think they tried something bigger than they were capable of. they need to take a serious reassessment.
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if they don't like how the first six months work, what will they change? they have got to pass a very simple, very clear tax-cut big enough that it really creates a very powerful economy. if they can't get that done by thanksgiving, i think they are in real trouble. >> bill: you can blame the centers for or mitch mcconnell mcconnell, but take this on. >> may be the strategy of trying to change one fifth of the economy and one bill was wrong. maybe what you need, is six or seven different smaller bills. you can eat it at one piece at a time. what they need to do is go back,
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and figure out what are the easiest pieces to dismantle and stop the process. even if they are just winds that are part of the deal. but is not practical to take one fifth of the economy, life or death of every american, and try to pass it in one bill. >> bill: what is his responsibility of the president >> he is the head coach of a team that managed to not win. i think the house and senate republicans ought to take a deep breath and slow down. get in a huddle, and figure out what they are going to change. if you keep doing the same, that's a sign of insanity. they have to rethink the way
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they approach these bills. >> bill: that starts today at noon with lunch at the white house. >> they need to remember that they are up against a news media and democrats. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: we will be following more on the story with president trump meeting with the russian president. more details about the meeting. plus, decision day for o.j. simpson. all coming down tomorrow. is the "juice" about to be a
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freeman? >> we just got robbed by a gunman.
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>> bill: an american college student detained in china for attacking a taxi driver. he was visiting his mother when he had a dispute with the taxi driver. his mother was saying that this is a shakedown. and the police are demanding thousands of dollars for his release. the state department says they are aware of the situation. >> sandra: o.j. simpson said to have his parole hearing
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tomorrow. he served nine years of his 30-year sentence. he will make his case in front of the nevada parole board from prison. the big question here, is he going to be a free man. >> i've been covering simpson since the murder trial. we all would like to think this would be it. he was paroled on some of the charges, that he was found guilty of in the armed robbery trial. he has been a model prisoner. according to legal experts, that is all that should be judged on.
6:27 am
has he been a good prisoner since he was put away on the charges of armed robbery and kidnapping in vegas? the problem is that it's never just about one thing with o.j. simpson. the parole board should only consider the robbery charges, they may have the murder charges in the back of their mind. >> there's so much that goes into play, and he such a toxic personality, i think most other people have a decent shot. we are going to have to see. does he really mean it or is it staged? >> if he is given paroled tomorrow, we expect the decision to come pretty quickly after the hearing which is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. eastern. he will stay in prison for a few more months.
6:28 am
the earliest he would get out is october. >> sandra: and if he does get out, what will he do next? >> that's always the big question. obviously he's going to get a lot of offers to talk. many media organizations already lining up trying to get that first interview with o.j. simpson. the big question, did you kill nicole brown simpson and ron goldman? we all remember the way this played out in the murder trial in 1995 and so many unanswered questions. the advice that oj is getting from some of those who represented him, turned down every single offer you get. go away and be quiet.
6:29 am
live the rest of your life out of the spotlight. >> he lives for the spotlight. i think he enjoys being a celebrity. i think the sociopathic narcissistic personality will probably not follow my advice. time will tell. prison has a way of changing people. >> we will find out if he is a changed man. by a video link from prison. >> sandra: thank you for that preview. we will have full coverage of o.j. simpson's parole hearing. shepard smith will be anchoring the news. stay tuned right here on the fox news channel.
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>> bill: remarkable story. we've been on this for 20 years. new developments, a deadly shooting in minnesota, an unarmed australian woman is dea dead. an officer's account of what sparked his partners shooting. >> sandra: also what's at stake i had it with a big lunch happening at the white house. >> obamacare is a disaster, if it collapses, that's the end of obamacare. we should repeal what we can, and the democrats are welcomed to join us after we do what we can. i don't know why i didn't get screened a long time ago.
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>> bill: we have new details on the investigation of the shooting death of an australian woman in minnesota. she called 911 to report a possible assault.
6:34 am
the mayor saying that is not acceptable. >> i wish we could make him make a statement but is not. >> bill: what is the new information on the moments leading up to this tragic shooting? >> according to state investigators, his partner was startled by a loud noise and that may have caused him to fire his weapon. they were responding to a potential sexual assault in her neighborhood. his partner was in the driver's seat, and tell investigators they pulled up in an alleyway with their lights off. they were approached and that's when he fired his weapon. over the driver's seat and struck her and killed her.
6:35 am
both officers are not talking to investigators. both officers are on administrative leave. she was a spiritual healer and originally from australia. >> we only ask the light of justice shine down. >> friends laid flowers and had a visual. the prime minister of australia called this shocking. >> how can a woman out in the street in pajamas be struck like that. it is shocking killing. we are demanding answers on behalf of her family and our hearts go out to her family and
6:36 am
all of her friends and loved ones. it's a truly tragic killing in minneapolis. >> the officer who pulled the trigger was on the force for 21 months. none of this was caught on body camera or -- camera. that is being investigated. >> sandra: fox news alert, president trump will try and circle the wagons on health car health care. he invited all republican senators to lunch at the white house. a vote on a clean obamacare repeal is likely next week. that is drawing a world wind of different reactions from lawmakers. >> the affordable care act is so interwoven within our system, to
6:37 am
repeal it completely and have no idea what is going to be replaced with is not the right approach. >> if it's a process to get to a replacement, i'm willing to work with members of my party and democrats. >> i think we need to find an alternative to obamacare, not just repeal it but replace it. we need to offer a viable replacement. >> a lot of members did not want to vote on a straight up repeal. we will see where the votes are. >> sandra: former deputy assistant to george w. bush, thanks for being here. as i understand it, you are in agreement of what we heard from susie collins there. you say that if republicans
6:38 am
don't repeal obamacare, they will be sick next election. >> it's really bad news. you have to give confidence to people like me who are victims of obamacare. you have to give some confidence to the insurance markets were offering these plans. you don't have confidence for the consumer or supplier. the american people demanded that donald trump and the republicans do what they say they promised which is repeal and replace obamacare. nobody should leave this town without getting the work done for the american people. a repeal and replacement of obamacare. you cannot repeal without having something in place instead. in 20183 weeks before the midterm elections, rates come
6:39 am
out again. what do you say to the american people? >> sandra: we will be waiting to see what comes from that meeting. the president has been busy tweeting. the republicans never discussed how good their bill is. it will get even better at lunchtime. >> this is part of the problem. that republicans can get the votes. the republicans are not in the the driver's seat. mitch mcconnell cannot figure it out. the party is split. and yet moderates were saying that medicaid expansion works for people in my state. and you have the far right was saying, we think this whole bill is bad, that's repeal it.
6:40 am
i want to warn republicans about this idea of repeal but not replace. that was the idea behind it the sequester. we would have this looming deadline and democrats and republicans would work together. and then we had these awful cuts to domestic spending and the pentagon. we know this looming clock is not the answer. >> sandra: this is no doubt sparked a lot of division within the g.o.p. does this raise serious questions about congresses ability to pass any further legislation? >> you bet. for seven years we warned the american people about obamacare
6:41 am
we have to do it and we have no choice. this was something brought on us by the democrats. now donald trump is that president and we have the majority in government. the american people could not give any more power. if we don't act, it's a shame on us. every republican has to come to the table in good faith and compromise. >> we are willing to work with republicans to say that we will fix the affordable care act. we know a young girl who has asthma now can get health care at which couldn't get before obamacare. we are willing to work with republicans on fixing the affordable care act. the idea that repeal, is
6:42 am
unworkable. you don't need democrats to get this done. if he wants to repeal and replace, he should be talking to his caucus. >> sandra: i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it, we will let obamacare fail and the democrats will come to us. >> where is the democratic plan by the way? >> your wish is that the republicans fail. you're not thinking about the american people. you have no plan. >> that is not true. >> sandra: a big day, we will keep watching this unfold with
6:43 am
the presidents meeting with the senators. >> bill: obama officials will face intel committees. and will follow the facts. >> the facts are what they are. we are working diligently to get all of that. >> bill: the investigation of the unmasking of americans will expand it. we will have that live in a moment. >> sandra: we will show you what happens when the balloons crash into power lines, and it is not good.
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>> bill: another former obama
6:47 am
official, has agreed to testify before the house intelligence committee about russian election meddling. good morning and thank you for coming back on our program. what do you want to know from samantha powers? >> i want to know exactly how much information the u.n. ambassador need to have? why would she need that kind of information, what were the topics? this is information that if it were collected inside the united states, it would be illegally collected. this is surveillance of americans. there is no warrant, i want to know what samantha power did and
6:48 am
i want to know what's going on in the intelligence community. this surveillance state has been growing for the last several years. they believe they were surveilled, they want to know if they were unmasked. this question should be answered in 24 hours. i think they've asked this question over the last 4-6 week weeks. >> bill: the deputy attorney general is rosenstein. you will see the full interview tonight at 7:00. she was asking him about the relationship with comey and bob mueller. >> does his relationship give
6:49 am
you any cause in terms of the appointment of that post? >> i made the decision to appoint director mueller. it was with bipartisan support. >> bill: is their cause for concern, or are we making too big of a deal? >> he noticed he didn't answer the question. yet, there should be concern. a deep friendship between these two individuals, we know there's tension between comey and at the trump white house. his been to crimes that have been identified so far, the unmasking and the leaks. it appears that james comey released classified information to the media.
6:50 am
see one >> bill: thank you for r time. >> sandra: it is his first national tv interview since he has been in this position, tune in at 7:00 p.m. >> bill: the u.s. government is paying for space at trump tower. the details may surprise you, coming up next. you don't let anything
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>> bill: this is what happens when a balloon hits a power lin power line. that explosion caused a power outage for hours in california.
6:54 am
people warn about the dangers of balloons hitting power lines. i'm giving that a lot of consideration. you don't want that in your neighborhood. >> sandra: there is a new report out from "the wall street journal" ," the u.s. government is paying more than $130,000 per month to rent space out in trump tower. what are we learning? >> president trump as we know is not step foot in trump tower since becoming president. it doesn't mean the white house it doesn't need to be here and represented. the government is paying more than $130,000 a month to lease a office.
6:55 am
white house military operations is separate from the secret service and provide medical, food, and transportation. they safeguard as it what's known as "the football." the president is not making any money off the deal because it's privately owned from outside health administration. we reached out to the gsa this morning and they responded with a statement. >> they required this space for use of a specific agency. they worked to ensure all contracts they execute and support, and provide the best value for the american taxpayer. the secret service also have increase costs of visiting the presidents properties.
6:56 am
about traveling, especially to new york. >> i love new york, because going back is very expensive for the country. i i live in trump tower. which is right smack in the middle of everything and i always feel guilty about going there. >> there's no plans on the horizon for the president to return to trump towers. >> bill: a remarkable statement, you spend your whole life building that place. something we did not expect. there are tourists lined up every day. and in a moment, house lawmakers trying to tackle tax reform. >> sandra: and the white house disclosing a second meeting
6:57 am
between president trump and the russian president. what was that all about? the man who broke the news will join us.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> bill: fox news alert, health care reform is now on life support. the house budget committee is marking up their bill as the republicans are working on tax reform. hot morning today. thank you for being with us today. >> sandra: what a big day and week, indeed. the republicans seeking a resolution that can set a motion that can satisfy both moderates and conservatives. >> we will continue to work for tax reform here in our house of
7:01 am
representatives. >> are members are more about the budget as a come to the floor as we have extra incentives this year. i think members will come around and vote for it. >> we have this complicated system where you have to navigate all of these forms and deductions, and the irs. it's too confusing and expensiv expensive. we want to signify the tax code and bring down rates. >> bill: mike, good morning. what is the next move? >> the chairman of the house ways and means committee are focusing on tax reform now. >> we want to lower rates for americans. we want to encourage more savings and investment for
7:02 am
americans. if we do this, i think we unlock the economy in a major way. >> bill: there is clearly pressure on leaders to get tax reform done. they are trying to deliver on a another major priority for the white house. instead of needing 60 votes, congress must finish up a budge budget. they are trying to find the right balance between moderate and conservative republicans. there's still work to be done on the house floor. some house conservatives are withholding support before they see what savings they can deliver for constituents. >> we want to open up the playbook a little more on the
7:03 am
tax page. we want to make sure that rates go down to get a real path for the economy. >> pressure is on for leaders on capitol hill. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: republicans still seeking a victory they can take home to voters. raising the question, can the g.o.p. govern? >> they can govern but i don't think they are governing the way they can do it. they are like a baseball team that really wants home run hitters, but they have people that can hit singles and steel bases. you have to design the planet with the team you have, not the team you wish you have. see >> sandra: that makes a lot
7:04 am
of sense. they can govern but not the way they are trying to. >> they have been striking out. they have not had the team in the same dugout. they can, and they can get around something that is talked about and explained to the american people, and they build consensus. that did not happen with the health care bill. it was not an elevator pitch, on how they can make their health care better. there is not a unified message. expect that you change with tax reform. we are told that they have things together. it will be a rollout in mid-august. it will be a coordinated effort
7:05 am
to tell personal stories of how this affects businesses and the economic boom that they expect from this move. there will be major push but they will have to find a major revenue stream if they cannot figure out health care. >> sandra: the president base versus the republican party. he writes that trump supporters are less concerned about his policy agenda and more interested of having somebody who understands them about occupying the oval office. g.o.p. lawmakers must face the voters next year and want some legislative victories to campaign on. to them, this is because for concern. the white house usually drop seeds during midterm elections. how badly does the g.o.p. needed
7:06 am
win? >> they need a w. trump supporters are unique and they just like the style and brand of this president. part of the appeal is getting there to be able in a china sho shop. so far they haven't been able to break the bonds of bureaucracy that washington is. that requires working with the party to be able to get something different than what we've seen for years and years. >> sandra: as we await with the senators to meet with lunch with the president. some republicans don't want any part of the presidents agenda. >> they don't want tax reform,
7:07 am
they don't want a lot of the president's nominees. they don't want to repeal obamacare despite campaigning. >> i think if you would take a poll of most congressmen and senators, they for the most part sign on to the agenda of sweeping tax reform. most republicans feel that's what's going to fuel the economic boom. there's a large faction that needs to see a replacement, not only for the constituents, some of them who oppose the health care bill, but also for the insurance companies for some certainty of what's next.
7:08 am
there's a wing of the republican party that feels that way. >> sandra: the meeting will happen today at 12:30. thank you. >> bill: another big story, the white house confirming president trump had a meeting with vladimir vladimir putin. ian bremmer, live in d.c. with more information. good morning and welcome back. the president said this last night, the fake news is becoming even more dishonest. they made this look sinister. >> i don't think this is sinister, i think this creates a vulnerability for the american president. the translator was in that
7:09 am
meeting, no one on the american side. the russians probably have a read out and tape that meeting. that's coupled with the fact that we didn't have national security advisors advise him. we wanted to advance our national security against the country considered to be an antagonist. many american allies think that relationship is not as good as their relationship with president trump. they do behave on whether or not they can trust the united states on trade, climate, and nato. they are getting unnerved. i know a lot of people that were a part of that dinner.
7:10 am
>> bill: all of the leaders were there with their spouses. the first lady sitting next to vladimir putin. what do you expect would happen? what's the difference between this and a private phone call that would happen in the oval office? >> i was never implying that the meeting was private, i was implying that the reason i knew about this was because the leaders of the g20 were watching it go on for about an hour. very engaging and very charismatic. a lot of hand motions and they didn't know what was being discussed. a lot of american allies feel that his personal relationship
7:11 am
is not with them, but with a country they consider to be one of the leading antagonists, so that does worry them. >> bill: what's wrong with having a good relationship with the russian leader? also knowing, this administration came into office trying to peel moscow away from china. that was the grand strategy which still may be in play. >> obama had a visible relationship with russia. i think the concern is less about wanting the u.s. and russia having a functional relationship, it's more about the dangers of trump by himself without a lot of foreign policy and expertise in place. think about when trump met with the saudis, trump has improved that relationship.
7:12 am
people in the southeast used trump's visit to go after qatar where the u.s. has a lot of intelligence support. the danger is, is trump giving away the store to putin, and as a consequence, they will have to go back to the russians and say that we are not just going to give you those two buildings back. >> bill: we will see how the white house addresses that later today. thank you for coming on. >> sandra: former obama administration officials will testify before the intelligence committee into the illegal
7:13 am
unmasking of americans. with us, former nsa susan rice. we will get reaction plus this. >> everybody is scared, you never think something like this would happen in your town. >> bill: thousands of fleeing a wildfire, more on that report when we return.
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7:17 am
>> this is surveillance of americans, their conversations overseas. i want to know what's going on in the intelligence community. this surveillance state that has been growing and developing over the last several years. >> sandra: former obama officials being asked to testify hoping to learn if they improperly unmasked identities of trump associates. former utah congressman was chairman of the house oversight committee. he is now a fox news contributor. he's certainly qualified to respond. oh come from this? >> i do think there will be.
7:18 am
why is it the ambassador to the united nations is looking at this information? why was this information unmasked, it's really suspiciou suspicious. i'm sure the committee will want to know how frequently this happened and how easily this happened. i do think they will get some answers. >> sandra: we know samantha power has agreed to meet with this committee. this is what her counsel has put out. ambassador power is looking forward to providing any assistance to bipartisan efforts to address the serious threat to our nation's security. there are some who say they will not learn anything and nothing
7:19 am
will change as a result of this. >> you always have to laugh when someone says they look forward to testifying before congress. she is going to have to answer these questions. there is is very serious classified meetings behind closed doors. did you ask for it, was it unmasked, who did that for you, why did you do that? she will have to deal with a paper trail. and those people on that committee will have some very serious questions for her, and then for susan rice and some others. why is he looking at unmasked data? that doesn't make sense. >> sandra: will we eventually hear her testifying?
7:20 am
>> she's very eager to go on national television and tell her story to reporters. it's a whole different ball game when you have a bipartisan group of senators and lawmakers. i do think you will hear from her. i don't know at what point do you see a public hearing. i think the right way to do this is behind closed doors first. and then put out something publicly. >> sandra: trump has nominated huntsman to be ambassador to russia. fox news and friends this morning responding to that. >> if confirmed, he would be the first ambassador to russia and china which is fascinating.
7:21 am
he said, you never ask who you are serving, you stand up and you do it. >> i think it's a brilliant pig. i had the pleasure and honor of serving. he was ambassador to singapore and china. i think it's a brilliant choice. it's a very difficult assignment, but i think you will see broad bipartisan support. i think he will make us proud. >> sandra: thank you for joining us, good to see you. >> bill: terrorist rehab, that was a sentence to a man trying to join isis. does this work, or is that a danger to us all?
7:22 am
>> sandra: and also a collection of porkbarrel spending. you don't let anything
7:23 am
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this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. >> bill: new congressional pig book is out today, costing taxpayers $17 billion. president of the nonprofit grou group, how are you and good morning. you found some doozies. nearly $6 million to an
7:26 am
organization that promotes better relations from pacific and asian nations. where does it end? >> unfortunately it is not only ending, is increasing. there are members in the house trying to push for exceptions to the earmark terms. it's a pretty dumb thing to do after a drain the swamp election. >> bill: why is it difficult to do this? >> there are several people or groups in washington that control spending. it's politically a bad idea, corruptive and costly.
7:27 am
>> bill: this is also what you point out, 500,000,022 additional fighter airplanes. >> defense in the bill, the biggest problem with earmarks is that they take away from higher defense priorities. >> bill: weren't you the one that brought up the shrimp on a treadmill? >> it was something that was mentioned, it exemplifies how wasteful spending happens. there's a lot of wasteful
7:28 am
spending in washington, the admission stomach administratio. the house unfortunately hasn't gotten the message yet. taxpayers need to pay attention to this, this is unfortunately something that is hanging over us and still going on. >> bill: thank you for sharing. back on the treadmill we go. >> sandra: just hours from now, defense secretary james madison will be breathing all senators on the isis strategy. where we stand now on the u.s. effort to crush those terrorists overseas. >> bill: also thousands forced from their homes and raging flames headed their way. >> it's amazing how erratic the
7:29 am
activity of this fire is, it's something we have not seen before.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
>> the u.s. have profound priorities in syria and iraq appeared want to make sure the defeat of isis is the utmost priority. >> bill: secretary matus giving us a briefing on the battle on terrorism. how are you and good morning. >> good morning. it's a hot, humid summer day. >> bill: how was his briefing on how the fight is going? >> she will warn everyone, it's
7:33 am
a long way to go. we we will be fighting terrorism for years. but the tide has been turned. with iraq close to falling and muzzle almost all over, the recruiting tool and incentive to join is mixed. they will still get crazy recruits but this is a huge victory. he's saying we shouldn't be
7:34 am
overconfident in saying we've done it, and we should move on. to be fair, this is essentially obama era strategy. what president trump did was left restriction on our militar military. we are able to fight much more aggressively. the overarching design created by the pentagon over the years has been the right wing. we will provide the support, intelligence and logistics. but the locals have to give blood on the ground. and they've done it. the kurds have been magnificent fighters and we had to stand by them.
7:35 am
>> bill: a man in minnesota trying to join isis, sentenced to rehab. do you think there is something here that's worth pursuing, or is it just flat out bad logic? >> bill: is like that song by amy winehouse, it may work for drug addicts but it doesn't work for hardened terrorists. when you get a terrorist, you kill them on the battlefield before they have a chance to strike. within our country, when we have legal citizens trying to join terrorist groups, rehab it just doesn't work. the only thing that does work is when sometimes these fanatics see reason themselves. self rehabilitation does work,
7:36 am
there are arguments. young americans or residents of our country needs you know that if you try to join a terrorist organization, you are going to go to jail for a very longtime. punishment is underrated in our society. a rehab terrorist, letting them back in the street is like turning loose a rabid dog in a petting zoo. rehab it doesn't for terrorists. >> bill: thank you for your time. >> sandra: fox news alert, california's governor declaring a state of emergency. thousands of more people evacuate in a town in
7:37 am
california. flames are threatening 300 structures and power lines that feed into a yosemite park. with the latest there. >> this area is about 80 miles east of san francisco. this place is usually filled with tourists this time of year. this traffic is causing problems for firefighters. the fire exploded yesterday, burning 39 square miles so far. eight structures destroyed and another 1500 threatened. also at risk, power lines that serve the popular tourist area. >> everybody is scared, you don't think this would happen in
7:38 am
your part of town. >> i want to give my dog up. she deserves to live on. >> bill: summer heat, this makes for a fast moving fast-moving and stubborn fire. it's an old mining town during the gold rush era. they stopped water drops that were protecting home fearing a midair collision. >> when you watch the drone, we try to apprehend it. >> bill: they are looking at about 90-degree temperatures with winds about 8-9 miles per
7:39 am
hour. >> bill: the trump team and taking first steps to enforce greater election integrity. the man leading the effort claims that's nonsense. >> how a commission study a problem because someone not to go to the polls that day. it doesn't even make sense. >> bill: details on that story when we come back. >> sandra: also will o.j. simpson walk a free man. >> we were just robbed at gunpoint by o.j. simpson.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> bill: there is a high-profile meeting discussing voter fraud. top democrats asking for the removal of the vice chairman. >> i guess they don't want someone heading the commission as vice chair who knows this issue and that the problem why wouldn't you want someone with experience to study the issue. >> bill: claims of voter fraud it back in the election. >> sandra: o.j. simpson said to be a free man. his parole hearing set for tomorrow. he has served nine years i was 33 year sentence. in june of 1994, he was accused
7:44 am
of killing nicole simpson and ron goldman. simpson was acquitted of murder charges. 12 years later, simpson and five other men confront sports memorabilia dealer. he was found guilty of kidnapping and robbery. in 2013, he won parole on some conditions. last month, the parole board set up a hearing scheduled for tomorrow. more on this, criminal defense attorney and prosecutor. set this up for us. what does tomorrow look like?
7:45 am
>> there's going to be a large number of people in the room. his grand stomach there's goinge representatives on all sides. there will be recommendations from the parole board. that will be based on his conduct in the prison over the last nine years. regarding his behavior while being incarcerated. >> sandra: does he walk? >> i believe he walks. he doesn't have any complaints, he helps other inmates. he's made the most of other programs in prison. he's kept a low profile. i think he walks.
7:46 am
there is a set of criteria, they will look at the nature of his crimes, his behavior in prison is very important. whether or not he's joined again, used drugs and so forth. also he is 70 years old, and doesn't have a lifelong history of crime. >> he's been in custody for nine years. he is not had one right up. age is a factor in that. also he is not a career crimina criminal. i think he's going to have testimony from both sides. there are reports that the victim will support o.j. simpson and asked that he will be paroled.
7:47 am
>> sandra: it seems the consensus is that he will walk. >> of course she will get parol parole, a suspect they got away with double murder was dumb enough to come here and pull this silly robbery. the o.j. simpson gets sentenced to 33 years. >> i think he's definitely going to walk. his behavior shows that he's going to walk. they threw a lot of charges at him, and they can bring up the double homicide through a civil case. but the support that oj has, he's deftly going to walk.
7:48 am
>> sandra: they might have in the back of their mind the murder charges. is that a possibility? >> that's always a possibility. i think he's going to have to convince the four-person panel. even if one does not support parole, they will have to consult others. they will need a unanimous consensus among the parole panel. >> sandra: unbelievable, we will have more coverage tomorro tomorrow. thank you. be sure to tune in tomorrow on n
7:49 am
fox news. >> bill: how new drone programs are being used to solve crimes, but not everybody is thrilled about it. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here.
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>> 8 minutes away on "happening now" ," the president is holding a meeting on election integrity. plus the attorney general is set to do a reversal on one of obama's policies.
7:53 am
we will have it for you live. >> sandra: eight aaa restaurant sets to reopen in wa. health authorities work to find out the cause of the illness. this is not the first time that chipotle has suffered foodborne illnesses. >> bill: using drones to aid in everything, from search and rescues to crime, is raising privacy concerns. what are they saying? >> good morning.
7:54 am
we are talking with a police department with a drone program. we have several officers training on an active shooter scenario. they are using drones to clear the area if, in fact, there was a gunman inside that school. we are watching a feed from that drone on the ground and inside their command vehicle. there are monitors in their and they can watch monitors back at the station house. they can monitor vehicles, the crime scene and more. recently re-visited a department in maryland using drones. where stolen construction equipment was being stashed, they found the stolen merchandise within minutes and
7:55 am
it got a search warrant. >> it was flawless and the flight went off very well. >> but there are privacy concerns and the aclu wants more checks and balances. >> what we don't want to see is drones become a tool for warrantless surveillance. >> police say they operate with far greater restrictions, and if it's in an area where there is private citizens, police say they will need a warrant. >> sandra: guess who's coming to lunch at the white house? president trump invited all
7:56 am
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7:59 am
we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> sandra: a woman in grapevine, texas thinks she's being pulled over for a traffic violation. instead, her boyfriend pops out of the cruiser and pops the question. >> congratulations. >> oh, my god, are you kidding? >> sandra: i'm a sucker for this stuff. he purposefully left his phone at home so she could bring it to him and he could track her. he was writing with an officer in a control vehicle using the spy my phone app and they found her! and made that lovely stop. >> bill: that's what that app is for. >> sandra: with the golden arches in the background, of course. >> bill: i guess she said yes. >> sandra: assume so.
8:00 am
>> bill: a lot of tears there. make it a great wednesday, remember tomorrow is oj day, so we'll see what happens. we've got to roll. >> bill: anyone start right now, bye-bye. >> jon: the gop's next move after what conservatives are calling a historic political failure. this is the president gets ready for a working lunch, you might call it. with republicans senders of the white house, good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> heather: working lunch and then some. >> jon: maybe he's taking them to the woodshed of the white house white house. >> heather: will find out. i'm heather childress. we are of course live on capitol hill for you where republican senators are about to head to the white house as we just said with a white palace president to just let obamacare fail altogether. he urged mitch mcconnell to


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