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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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what have you set it to him about the need to know what he is thinking and where he stands as it relates to policies? >> i'm not going to speak on behalf of the president. i just know i have a close relationship with him. sarah has a close relationship with him. i think it's important for us to let him express his personality. it has been a very successful life experience for president trump to be president trump. let's let him do that, and let me just finish, let's see where the chips fall. when something happens that you don't like, or you don't like. you can talk to me or sarah. >> will you speak with him everyday? >> listen, i don't want -- i am not one of these people that needs to have a necessary stage time with the president. i do have the office privileges is what you're talking about, and i do have the opportunity to meet with him because they will be the comms director and he told me he will put me in charge of this. i want to make sure i'm relating
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to him and syndicate it with him in a way he wants. i don't want to waste his time sitting in the oval office. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, anthony. obviously, i would have been happy for him to stay up here all day and continue to exalt all of your questions. i figure i should probably answer a couple today and also the president has an event here shortly, so i want to try and work through as many as i can. with that, i can actually start with jeff mason. i believe it is your last day and my first. with that, jeff, take it away. >> can you talk a little bit about how this change will affect the press office? can you speak a little bit to
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sean about how he's feeling? how he made the decision to resign? >> i'm not going to speak for sean. i can say that he understood that the president wanted to bring in and add new people to the team, and shawn felt like it would be best for the team to be able to start with the totally clean slate. i want to execute to mike echo what anthony says. and to be able to allow anthony to come in with the brand-new starting slate and i think he serve the president loyally and admirably. he's going to continue to stay on for the next several weeks through the transition. i'm sure he will be happy to answer those questions directly. >> first of all, congratulations on the job. can you clarify where the president stands on the issue with pardons? is he considering pardons in the russia investigation?
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does the president believe he has the power to pardon himself? >> i refer you to the comments that have already been made by the outside counsel in terms of their actions. the president maintains pardon powers like any president would, but there are no announcements or planned announcements on that front whatsoever. >> does he believe he has the power to pardon himself? >> i don't have anything to add other than what the outside counsel has already said. >> does robert mueller endorse his legal team's efforts to undermine robert mueller's credibility? >> again, the president has absolutely nothing to do with any of the allegations that are being made. i think he's maintain that. he wants them to complete their process as quickly as possible so that we can move on the ridiculousness of all things russia and russia fever. >> the question that i asked, does he endorse his legal team's
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effort to undermine the credibility of the special counsel? >> i am not aware of those details and that's something you would have to ask his legal team. i'm not part of that process. >> on health care, what does the president want the senate to vote on next week? >> i think as marc short stated earlier this week and is that he has repeated many times before, the president's preference is to repeal and replace obamacare. we haven't been shy or quiet about that in those attentions, and certainly not saying that. >> in the health care bill, the vice president had a lot of conservative groups over and they announced that they would actually be having both next week on the motion to proceed which i believe is unprecedented. >> i don't think anyone here has made it a secret that this is a big priority. congress should do what they have been talking about for the last seven years of my time for them to get in there and repeal and replace obamacare. these groups recognize that.
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their constituency that supports the groups that they hand, certainly recognize that. they are supporting the mission of their organizations and pushing and putting pressure on members to get the job done. >> just about the organizational structure now that anthony is coming in, at the press secretary becomes press secretary used to be colegal before the chiefs of staff. will remain that way? there was some move to making the communications director sort of deputy chief and the comms director would point to that person? to report to reince or do you report to him? >> i think that anthony said it better than i can, and that we plan to work together as a team. certainly, our goal is to work together to promote the president's agenda and it to do that, not just with the two of us in our press comms offense, but as well as the entire press staff. we all serve at the pleasure of the president.
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>> when you talk about comments made by officials me this morning on television talking about the motivations of people who are part of bob mueller special counsel, do donations to political parties, not the president's party, does that disqualify those people from being pardon? >> i don't know that we are putting out a litmus test. questions regarding that, i would directly to the outside counsel that's running that. >> does the president have confidence? >> i have no reason to believe otherwise. >> the president says he doesn't want special counsel to look through his finances, but intelligence committees are already looking into finances. is there anything the white house can do to stop that? >> once again, the president's point is he doesn't want special counsel to move beyond the scope and outside of his admission and he has been very clear of his
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accounts and teams that he has no financial feelings with russia. i think he's been extremely clear on that. >> in the house in the first go-round of the health care bill there that was going to fail, it was pulled at the last minute, at the last hour. when you look at both the repeal and replace potential, the number suggest that they don't have the votes. why does the white house believe this time around the boats will receive? >> we are continue to be focused on repealing and replacing obamacare. we are not going to stop until we can continue to move that forward and get that done. not only have we wanted to commit to that, but frankly, a lot of the peoples in the senate and the house have not only committed but campaigned on that. it's time for them to step up and get that done. >> vote should take place at some point next week. >> i don't think you can repeal and replace obamacare without a vote. it would be pretty necessary
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part of the process. >> thank you, sarah. i just want to get something straight. earlier in the week, you indicated the white house was not opposed to outright repeal. and then based on your remarks today and marc short two days ago, you seem to favor repeal and replace it. does that mean you are against the outright repeal bill in congress? >> not against but again, as he said earlier this week, our preference is to repeal and replace. >> two questions for akamai can you take us to the process of how the president has decided to hire his nuke medications director, anthony scaramucci. what were his rolls beat in terms of objectives that the president wants them to meet? >> as anthony said, he's on the president a long time. he's been a loyal supporter of the president. anthony is somebody who has come from nothing and built an
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incredible -- i think several incredible companies. he is one of the most successful, smart people that the president can put on his team. the president recognizes that and wanted him to be a part of this process a very on. he was a very strong advocate throughout the transition. this has just been part of the process to bring him inside the white house. >> follow up rob mueller. does president trump have confidence that he will conduct a fair investigation? >> at this point, i don't have any reason to see otherwise, but i had not had a chance to ask the president and i would want to get clarity on that before i commented. >> starting january 20th, there've been several big departures of the staff. several other roles inside the building and across the street. what does that say about the efforts to staff this
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administration? what has the presidents learned about his team, himself, and as president? he's been playing some of that high turnover rate we've seen the last few months. >> you would have to ask the president what he's learned in that process. i can tell you, i think we've all learned in that process is working together and working to accomplish things the american people elected the president to do is our focus. it's what we come here every day to do. we are a lot less focused on the who and/or what, and we will continue doing that every single day. i don't see it as chaos. >> is the white house cancer -- >> if you want to see chaos, i think you should come to my house at early in the morning when my three kids are running around. speak out the news this week concerning the attorney general and the resignation of mr. spicer could have the effect of alienating or demoralizing trump loyalists both in and out of the administration? >> i think that trompe l'oeil
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lists, particularly within the administration and certainly across the country are energized by the accomplishments of his first six months. the stock market at a high, jobs are growing, regulations are coming off, countries are becoming more secure, immigration is down. i think we have a lot of things, a lot of things to be excited about. i will take one less. thank you. >> as you approach this new role come up with apprehension, trepidation? if he couldn't on the last six months on what you have learned about how it is to speak to the president? have you found it easy? >> i think it's probably one of the greatest honors anyone could ever have two work in any capacity in this building and to get to do that appear in such a public way and speak on behalf of the president is absolutely an honor and something i will
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cherish and hope to do my very, very best every single day and be as open, honest, and transparent as you all as humanly possible. we will always work to operate at the highest level and certainly with the most amount of integrity as you can. with that, i think that's a great place to end today. the president will be having an event here shortly. thanks so much guys. >> melissa: on this news path friday afternoon, we have just seen few people at that lecture. sarah huckabee sanders is the brand-new white house secretary and announced at the last 45 minutes or so, joined by the incoming director of communications by the white house, anthony scaramucci. he he took questions for quite some time. huckabee sanders at the very end they are talking about why the change needed to happen.
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why did the president need to choose some difference makers and has white house in terms of communication? she says, we wanted to have good news that comes out of the white house more effectively. economic news, border security is stronger, she had several things to talk about in terms of changing the narrative, making a stronger coming out of the white house about some of the things that were happening that the presidents want a stronger message on. sean spicer is leaving his job in the white house. fox news confirm that earlier today. he resigned as press secretary. in a major white house shift, chief white house correspondent john roberts before spicer quit and anthony scaramucci was >> harris: before we get to him,'s research we did this: >> it has been an honor and a privilege, the president of the united states and this amazing
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country, i will continue my service through all of this, scare mucci is a defender of president trump on television, has served as press secretary since the inauguration, after leaving his post for the republican national committee, four months there have been reports that president trump was unhappy with sean spicer, he had even been doing double duty for the past few months, also serving as communications director, after the last person in that job quit, now scaramucci has a job. it was apparently eight tenths situation inside the white house earlier today. we were looking at today, what was happening a couple of hours ago, pulling into position inside this briefing room, they had been sitting for hours to wait for this to happen. right after the news broke of his resignation, you can see the reporters huddled in the corner, trying to get a response from the communications director, going into an area where you can get into the communications offices. chief white house correspondent
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john roberts is now also the white house. john, 182 days in office for president trump, and he just change the game. why? >> he has not been happy with the communications shop for a long time now, this whole thing transpired, he called anthony scaramucci in yesterday, he has been trying to find a place for him in this administration, he spoke with scaramucci about communication, he said yeah, i think we should go for it, i will throw my hat in the ring, the president made the decision at 10:00 this morning that scaramucci would be the new communications director, sean spicer, who we understand was a poster that idea, thinking that he didn't have the right background, said you know, the president has made this decision, he need some room to have a clean slate, so sean spicer presides. steve bannon was apparently not on board with this, priebus as well, who pushed back it,
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scaramucci add to the podium said we have been friends for years, scaramucci did allow that the two of them are like brothers and maybe once in a while, brothers can have fights, but in the overall, they get along. scaramucci does have a big job because if you take a look at what the white house is trying to do in terms of policy versus what has been happening in terms of communication, the shift is listing rather badly, in scaramucci's first order of business, he wants to get the ship it back on course. i asked him about that this afternoon. >> what is the first thing that you are going to change to try to write to the ship and get it on course? >> again, i take issue with that, i think that the ship is going in the right direction, i think that just need to change the direction very clearly, i like the team. i love the team. and so i am an incrementalist,
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most entrepreneurs will find that to say something overly bold or dramatic is unfair, but what we do is start the day and go through the process, the navy seals will tell you that's if you want to eat an elephant, you want want to eat it one bite at a time. >> a bit of a comical moments this afternoon, when scaramucci was reminded about what he said about the president in august 2015 when he called them and "hack politician, very decisive, ," he said well, the president reminds me of that about every 15 seconds, i was an experience, i should have never said it, he has never forgotten it, i hope someday, mr. president, you will forget it. >> harris: john, i will ask you just to stand by because we have this breaking news, huge it shifts in communication coming out of the white house. big news on this friday, our affiliates on the fox broadcast station. we want to let everyone know who
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is watching across the station that will we will continue to cover the story, flip on over to fox news channel for that, now we will continue to our regularly scheduled programming on fox broadcast broadcast network. all right, let's bring back john roberts, you know, part of what happened today that was so different was hearing someone at that lectern professed love and support for this president. this was not only a different tone coming out of the communications people for the white house, these were different words coming from them, as well. anthony scaramucci talks from a place of knowing about this president. >> he does, he has been friends with him for a long time, despite the fact that in 2015, he said some negative things about him, he has been close with him throughout the camp income also works closely with him during the transition. the two of them are really cut from the same cloth, they come
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from a dog eat dog world, and scaramucci does not have any background in communication, he has a harvard law degree, he has built some very successful businesses, and i think you saw here at the podium earlier his ease with the press in terms of taking questions and answering them to the best of his ability, also staying clear of potential landmines that are being laid by the press. but again, there is this idea that bringing scaramucci and is definitely going to add some sense of tension here, even though everybody is saying the right things, because there has been some rivalry, there was some tension during the transition, however scaramucci from the podium this afternoon kind of brushed that all off. listen here. >> i don't have any friction with sean, i don't have any friction with rice, this is the best in the united states of america, i want to make sure that our cultural template is that we put the president's agenda first, which is for the people, and we serve his interest. so we have a little bit of friction inside the white house
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as part of that, that's okay, we can live with that. i'm used to dealing with friction. >> so there you have the scaramucci saying that there is nothing to look at in terms of this, but it has been game affirms from time to time, earlier, he expected that he was going to get a rather prestigious job, sort of the valerie jarrett a job for this administration. he had been boxed out of that, but now he is here in the west wing, and he plans on making his stand as early as possible. >> you heard sarah huckabee sanders speak about that's that she had to get to that event, with the uss survivors, that was a beautiful moment, i am seeing some of the pictures that are coming out of this, the president it took a shouted question at the end about what he hoped to accomplish with his shakeup by saying only make america great again, so he was asked in arizona -- of the uss arizona, a chance to really celebrate those people who walked out years ago, we know
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that we want the mic lost over 1,000 people on that shift, so this was a huge moment of leadership for a commander in chief, and at the very end, a question appeared to be shouted about what happened today with the changes in the white house with it this white house press secretary quitting abruptly. he said only "make america great again." back to you. >> clearly, the president hopes to get back on track now with the messaging. this really all started the needs that to james, he was fired, the president expected his communication shop to whip up an appropriate response within the space of about 45 minutes to an hour or so, the president often feels poorly served by those around him if he doesn't get the instant response that he wants. but having known scaramucci for the song and knowing that scaramucci will likely set up a cot in his office and never leave here, the president has deftly got someone on board who will put his full attention on getting the president's message out. >> harris: john, the news is
12:22 pm
being made, so as soon as i said it, we are now trying to show everybody that's back and forth that that was you know, unexpected at the end. this is a present to you never know if you will take a question or respond to one, but you heard something from the lectern today with anthony scaramucci. one of those reporters asked wile, are we going to see the president at a white house press briefing? and did you hear what he said? yeah, i will ask him, i will work on that. he says that he is going to have a different and better relationship with the media. all right, john roberts has just walked away, and we will bring him back as we continue to do more, let's now go to "fox news sunday" anchor, chris wallace, so you heard my question to john, i will post it to you now, this is really different what we are hearing out of anthony scaramucci, he is not just going to leave the communications division at the white house, he is now one of the faces that we will see, and he embraces that opportunity to
12:23 pm
make a better relationship with the media. >> we will see whether it is a better relationship or not, the key points that scaramucci made today, harris, was he said that we see a disconnect between how we see it, we at the white house see the president and how you and the press corps see the president. we want to try to close that thread. now there are all kinds of ways you can do it, perhaps by just doing a better job of advocating, some of its may be more combative, i don't think that scaramucci in any way of limited how the president is going to want him to lead it the communications effort indirectly and directly through sarah huckabee sanders who is going to continue to be the press secretary in terms of how they engage with the media, even if he thought he could, donald trump is going to do what he wants to do in that area, and when he thinks that it is fake news, when he thinks it is a witch hunt, you can be sure he is going to continue to advance
12:24 pm
the point of view, so i don't think that we are going to see all sweetness and light snack, but clearly, the present wasn't satisfied with the communications message, he wasn't satisfied with his standing, dominic in the polls, or with the way that things are going up on capitol hill, and he thinks that scaramucci will be more effective in leading the communication strategy. i will say that as a spokesman, which is not primarily going to play with which the better part of an hour, he was enormously effective, and may be the most effective person they have had in the podium in these last six months. >> harris: what difference do you think he made in terms of being effective? >> you are talking about how he talks differently, he talks like trump, he talks like a new york streets guy, he talks like a businessman. >> harris: he has all of those things. >> and it seemed to me that it was pretty effective. one of the things i was held during the campaign was that when the president, then canada trump, talked about how i am not
12:25 pm
like these other politicians, but often times, when he would see him on a stage, for instance in the debates, when you heard some of the governors and senators, they would soundly politicians, and candidate trump sounded like a real human being. and it to a certain degree, i think sometimes with some of the people who were at the podium, they speak in sort of official speak. washington speak. and scaramucci didn't. scaramucci talks like what he was, which is a guy from new york, who comes from the street, he has made a ton of money, and has confidence in himself and his ability to express his point of view. i thought it was a really effective performance. >> harris: you know what is interesting about what you're saying, it is what i called the translation of the people at the lectern, people try to translate for the president, and today we just got his words the way that he normally speaks on through a friend who has speak in the for him for a very long time.
12:26 pm
anthony scaramucci, nicknamed the mooch, his dad worked in construction, we saw a lot of love during the news conference, and i am not joking about that. anthony scaramucci set i love the president. multiple times. and then he said the president loves that sarah, he thinks he is a phenomenal job, i agree with him. so now you've got consensus even around the players. it will be interesting to see, it is not so going to be perfect right off the bat, or maybe it won't be going forward, who knows? but it seems like they are on the same page at least out the gates. what do you think? >> yeah, but i want to make one really important point here, that is this. somebody asked the question at one point to near the end, they said it sometimes politicians say they've got a communications problem when what they really have is a policy problem. it barack obama infamous for that when they talked about all the problems of obamacare and they would say what is the
12:27 pm
trouble? he would say well, i don't think we have done is get enough of a job in communicating the message, that wasn't a problem, the problem was a relative of the original web site didn't work, a lot of the original promises about keep your plan, keep your doctor, were not true. i don't think so this is just a communications problem for this president, it's a policy problem, i mean they are not voting for repeal and replace in the senates, as some of those republicans and senators because he's not sending a good message, they don't think that the plan works for them when he wrote back medicaid or some of the other things that are being done, and that is the key, it comes down to policy, if you want to get it through congress, you have to solve their policy concerns, and nice words and good messaging isn't enough, it has to be sound policy. >> harris: but it does help to have control of the narrative. one of the things that was reported was that the presidents it didn't appreciate the fact that his white house press secretary was ending up on "saturday night live" on a
12:28 pm
regular bases on parity, that's fine, but if it sort of overcast the message, it becomes complicated, so you have that is one point, but you've had situations, chris, over the last 182 days, where one person would be saying something different than somebody else and something different than someone else, so that has been complicating for them. >> welcome of the biggest problem in that regard, i have to say, is the president himself, because how many times have we had people come out to the podium or come on the sunday shows and say something, and then the president undercuts it, a couple of days later. i will just take one example. >> harris: i'm going to step in, once i can, if you'll let me. i had spoken moments ago that the president was in the oval office, with the writers of the uss arizona. watch. >> thank you all.
12:29 pm
>> make america great again. >> harris: so that shouted question, with that shakeup at the question, you heard him, chris, to make america great again. so it is interesting because not every president would have even responded, those questions being shouted, and he took that and ruled that back into what this week was supposed to be about when he started it, remember the message on infrastructure and a whole host of other things about the overlying message, make america great burn? and he got right back to it. >> yeah, having said that, the whole made in america, you and i are probably the only people in america who remember that, because it's been about health care. >> harris: well, i'm telling the people anyway. >> and jeff sessions and now anthony scaramucci, the only thing i was going to say is
12:30 pm
this, when comey was fired, all those people started coming on the sunday shows and started saying on the shows afterwards and said this was because of the recommendation of the attorney general and the deputy attorney general that comey had missed on his job so badly, and then the president did his interview saying i was going to fire him anyway, and said i was thinking about russia, i mean, that is one of the keys, and that is going to be a challenge for anthony scaramucci, i know it was a thing that probably turned a lot of hair on sean spicer's head grade, is you get a line, and that is what you are going to sell, and then the president says what he really thinks, and those can sometimes be in contradiction to each other, and i don't think that is sean spicer's fault by any means. he had to deal with the problem. >> harris: yeah, it is interesting hearing all of these principles go back and forth, you saw the tweet from sean spicer, seeming to really
12:31 pm
support this president on his way out the door, you saw reince priebus saying that he is 100% behind anthony scaramucci coming in, so the principal kind of supporting each other even as one of them exits out the door, i am looking now at the dnc's response, we are going to get into that this error as well. about to the dnc w chair saying wall street continues to move into the white house with anthony scaramucci, we will be talking about that. i want to brag on you a little bit and thank you for being with us as this breaking news continues to develop. chris wallace will have more on this "fox news sunday," also, the latest with john thune, the number three republican on the senates. watch for it all with my friend chris, that is the sunday on your local fox nation, check the tv listings in your time and area. a stellar political panel to digest all of this, white house press secretary sean spicer's
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>> harris: a fox report now, more headlines from the fox news desk, two are dead after an earthquake in greece and turkey, emergency workers say budget to tourist died on a greek island after a building collapse, the 6.7 quake hit overnight, sending people running out of the building, others even jumped from their balcony. thousands of firefighters are trying to control the flames from a wildfire burning in california, nearly 5,000 people have had to pack up and leave their homes. it they say that the fire grew slightly overnight and it is nowhere near containment, officials say that the flames destroyed many homes and are threatening 1500 others. a cleanup is on the way, boy, is it that time of year, hundreds
12:35 pm
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extra savings on products from aleve. >> harris: fox top story, sean spicer inspired some memorable moments in his six months as white house press secretary, he became a household name, known for his intense exchanges with reporters. he also became a popular character parodied on "saturday night live." >> right from the get-go, sean spicer made it clear that he end of the media were bound to have a very confrontational relationship. it is shameful and wrong for the media to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration. >> intentionally framed in a way in one particular tweet it to minimize the enormous support
12:38 pm
that had gathered on the national mall. this was the largest audience to ever witness in inauguration, period. >> for the record, it was not the largest audience to witness in inauguration, and then remember "the washington post" accusing sean spicer of hiding in the bushes to avoid reporter reporters? spicer complains that "the washington post" corrected the post it to say that he was near the bushes, not in them. and here is a bit smart gentle jousting with the media. watch. >> shannon. shannon. glenn, this is a tv program, okay, you don't get to just yell out question, we are going to raise our hands like big boys and girls. john roberts. john roberts is always helping with this. >> our own john roberts, then there was the bullington's mistake like his hitler comments in reference to assad, using gas
12:39 pm
against civilians. >> you have you know someone as despicable as hitler, who didn't even think to using chemical weapons. >> spicer later amended the statement and apologize, but without questions of the daily briefing was televised daily, it was must-see tv. during the week and on saturday nights. watch. >> i would like to begin today by apologizing on behalf of you to me. for you have treated me these last two weeks. and that apology is not accepte accepted. >> and today, of course, melissa mccarthy might be lamenting the end of one of her most beloved characters. >> harris: yeah, what will she be doing now in regard to this? well, my goodness, you heard the president speak about in the past the ratings during the daytime for sean spicer, it was
12:40 pm
really appointment television until they stopped airing them on television and audio only. thank you. a democratic reaction now is popping, i have been checking my phone every 2 minutes because the dnc has got its words and its reactions now overly abrupt departure of the white house press secretary, let's bring in our political panel. we have a former democratic minority leader in the ohio senate, she is currently in residence at the university of public affairs, good to have you. >> thank you. >> and former advisor to president george w. bush, blake, thank you for being here as well. let's start out where democrats are coming into a blanket, i want to ask you about this, this is from the dnc w chair, he promised to drain the swamp, but wall street continues to move into the white house. talking about wall street financier anthony scaramucci. >> is that the best they've got? >> i can read to the rest. >> come on, this is so
12:41 pm
predictable. it democrats are not shy in taking wall street's money, they have taking multi-million-dollar gifts, as a matter of fact, a lot of hillary's income is from wall street speeches, scare scai has not been on the governments before, but now he is serving in a capacity that is much-needed, he needs a great communications team in order to make a america great again. chris wallace was right and what he said earlier. policy is the key to successful presidency. it is sold on main street and made in washington. and that is where the real challenge is going to be, to sell the policy that hopefully will pass muster. >> harris: it is interesting how they jump so quickly on scaramucci as wall street, but what he had on a full display today was that he can speak with the president, he is effective,
12:42 pm
and then messaging may be a little bit more on point. >> well, it was very clear to me, and i certainly had an opportunity to see him speak at the briefing today, he is someone that comes off you know very disarming, very charming, having a similar kind of tone and tenor to the president of the united states in kind of being a straight shooter, he seems to be no spin, and i think that is really going to change the dynamic of how this administration communicates its message to the american public, it will be interesting to see it next tuesday, as a matter of fact, brad mentioned main street, i represented main street usa up for a decade in the ohio senate, next tuesday, trump will be in my home area. and it will be interesting to see how that's message to us is delivered because they believed
12:43 pm
in his economic message, how will they be able to get through all of it? and i think that will be the challenge that anthony scaramucci and sarah will have to deal with, how will they get through russia and all of these external factors, mueller, et cetera, to bring them out there? made in america, which is going on this week it, that is what ohio cares about, that no one is talking about. >> harris: well, that is something that a lot of people talk about. hillary hillary clinton skipped wisconsin, skip some of those places. >> agreed, and that is why she lost places like ohio. >> harris: she is blaming a lot of other things. >> don't get me started. don't get me started. >> harris: let's move forward with what is happening with this administration if we can, talking about what will be going on with the messaging for next week, people talking health care, we will see a vote of some kind on repeal only, instead of majority leader mitch mcconnell says coming up, how do you forecast a question mark
12:44 pm
>> well, it is my hope that the president and his meeting with the 52 republicans will step on their spine, prospect that my promises made must be promises kept, every republican that stood for election that made those promises to repeal and replace obamacare. >> harris: can i step in real quickly? our time is short, i want to assess. did you see him the other day call out senator heller? if you want to keep your job, if you want to get hired again, you better get on board. what do you think about that? >> he was stating the obvious, if you don't do your job, how can you ask for more time in that job? so every republican who was standing for office, what are they going to say to the american people if they're promises are not cap? >> in order to get rehired again -- >> harris: whatsit were democrats in? are they going to play ball to? >> i think they should, i have been saying that for days and days and days, we need to be
12:45 pm
part of the solution, parts of the solution, chuck schumer seems to have intimated that we would be willing to come together, we need to make sure everyone comes to the table. >> harris: thank you, have a great weekend, we are coming right back.
12:46 pm
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and choose the loan that's right for you. our average customer could lower their monthly bills by over three hundred dollars. go to right now. >> harris: continuing coverage, we are joined now, george w. bush's chief speechwriter, someone will be writing some new documents for communications because they get shifted inside the white house, you're skeptical, why? >> i am a former communicator, so i have a little sympathy for mr. spicer and so forth. when i was in the bush white house, i remember one meeting where people were complaining that the war wasn't going well, they were complaining about the speeches, and i remember saying, give me a better work, you will get better speeches. often, the problem with messaging is the message, rather than the messenger, and it is so
12:49 pm
easy to change messenger, you saw how everyone was into it, sort of a feeding frenzy, but the real issue is that there is a problem at the white house, lack of discipline over what their messages is. i am not a guy who always dumps on donald trump or so forth, but it does come from the top. >> harris: interesting. it's although he was parodied, sometimes changing the messenger cannot do that. >> if the next guy still has to defend things that contradict efficient policy, i'm not sure what you can do. the message that you have to be disciplined about, look, i will say another thing, i think that in the choice of messaging, i think that twitter is an incredible asset for the president. he has used it well, right? >> harris: you have got to be in the minority on that one. >> you don't say that's the answer is no drinking at all, it is to drink moderately and not in excess. i think that he could use it in the wrong way, i think where he
12:50 pm
didn't communicate currently is on the health care, i think in the bush years, we would have had an oval office address, and what he could have done is focus on medicaid, and say this idea is that republicans are cutting medicaid is not true, it is just cutting the rate of increase. >> harris: thank you, will be right back. nah. not gonna happen.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
he got on board the trump train, if you will, in 2015, anthony was very much a critic and had this to say to our own charles about what he thought about donald trump. >> you called donald trump a hack. he would've made a elizabeth warren his nominee with comments like that. it is very, very divisive. i will tell you if you he is going to be president of, the queens county bully association, you got to cut it out now, and stop all this crazy rhetoric. the politicians don't want to go at trump because he has a big mouth, and you can light him up on fox news news in all these other places. but i'm not a politician. a guy from queens county, bring it, donald. >> not to be fair, obviously context there is every four
12:55 pm
years, whether democrat or republican operatives fundraisers out there, they sometimes pick the wrong horse, if you will, and have to eat their words, and anthony scaramucci was very clear in the briefing room about apologizing and trying to move on. watch. >> one of the biggest mistakes that i made was that i was an unexperienced person in the world of politics, i was floating a another candidate, i should have never said that about him. so if you're listening, i personally apologize for the 50s time for saying that, but here's the wonderful things about the news media, that was r forgotten it, and you've never forgot it, but i hope that someday, mr. president, you will forget about it. >> he showed his savvy on this one point, which is that the most important person that you are speaking to you from the podium, who is watching the briefing, is the presence of the united states, and that is something that sean spicer struggled with because it doesn't seem like he fully had the president's trust. >> harris: yeah, that's really interesting, when you talk about 36 and who he had raised before,
12:56 pm
he raised a lot of money for scott walker, the governor of wisconsin, and then he back to jeb bush, and that is how you kind of work in politics, he was doing a lot for those people who he was backing. >> yes, that happens, you pick one candidate, they drop out, you move on to someone else. you mention that i spent a lot of time that white house press briefing room, one of the things that i saw was that in the press secretary, at large they can get in trouble by getting on their skis and commenting on things that they don't know about, scaramucci there did something very smart, he apologized for a mistake in the past, he seemed very humbled throughout the briefing, and when asked things that he did not know a lot about, he just that i'm not going to make a mistake here. >> harris: i'm not going to make a mistake here, but you heard them talking about the legality with the russian
12:57 pm
investigation and so on and so forth. >> chris: >> he can't get away t forever. >> harris: him i am harris, in four shepard smith, you know what is next? "your world" with cavuto dad: flash drives? yup. that's dad taking care of business. laptop setup? yup. but who takes care of dad? office depot, office max. this week, all hp ink, buy one get one 30% off. ♪ taking care of business tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, buy one get one 30% off. you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite.
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dizziness, or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ >> neil: welcome everybody, i am neil cavuto, how do i feel about the market? it is not moving much, on the fact that i am leaving the white house, not really much moved by this, before we got word that scaramucci was coming in, of course, shawn was setting out, but it is what it is, john roberts at the white house on once went down on a fairly busy news day, john. >> took place over the course of about 24 hours, it was lightning quick by washington standards, scaramucci came into visibly present yesterday, the president was talking to him about all the normal things that they talked about, and said you know it? i'm not really happy with the way that things are going in