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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ >> neil: welcome everybody, i am neil cavuto, how do i feel about the market? it is not moving much, on the fact that i am leaving the white house, not really much moved by this, before we got word that scaramucci was coming in, of course, shawn was setting out, but it is what it is, john roberts at the white house on once went down on a fairly busy news day, john. >> took place over the course of about 24 hours, it was lightning quick by washington standards, scaramucci came into visibly present yesterday, the president was talking to him about all the normal things that they talked about, and said you know it? i'm not really happy with the way that things are going in
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communication, would you like to be my communications director? to which scaramucci cap said sure, why not, and steve bannon and reince priebus were all voicing some questions about it, after scaramucci returned it to the white house for what would be a final meeting wasn't happy with what was going on and decided that he had better leave the playing field for the president to bring in his new team, so sean spicer decided that he was going to vacate the president, now to this relationship with priebus, there was some tension earlier this year, shall we say, and scaramucci looks like he was up for a big job at the white house, and he was blocked out of that, even after he had sold his hedge fund, skybridge capital, but today, scaramucci play down any rift between the two men. listen here. >> there has been some speculation in the press about
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me and reince, we have an personal friends for about six years, we are a little bit like brothers where we roughed each other up once in a while, which is totally normal for brothers, a lot of people have brothers, so you get that. but he is a dear friend, he brought me into the political system, he brought me into the republican national committee network, he introduced me to governor walker, he spends many times together socially. >> neil: while a scaramucci did say some different things about the present back in august of 2015, he has since become a staunch supporter of him, he is a real loyalist, and while there was a lot of tension and tumbled when it was announced that he may become the communications director, it looks like after he made his decision, neil, everyone decided to get on the same page because the one guy you don't want to upset was the guy who lives in the house behind me. >> neil: you know, it's interesting, and maybe you can help me out, that politico was
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reporting that steve bannon and priebus were among those in that scaramucci getting that job, that it would happen over their dead bodies. so what happened there? >> as far as i know, neil, they are still alive and well and continue to breathe. again, the president decided because he has had this long relationship with scaramucci, which at one point got a little bit tense, scaramucci said that the president to remind some about every 15 seconds, he wanted him there. he thinks he's a fighter, you think that he is a very bright guy who is going to carry forth the white house's message. again, he hasn't been happy with the messaging, so he thought that scaramucci, despite the fact that he hasn't really had any communications background, is enough of a fighter, that he can do what the president wants them to do. we should point out that in the whole shakeup that sarah huckabee sanders became the press secretary as well, so congratulations to her. >> neil: they did have a briefing today, the first of since the end of june, i know
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that you kind of expressed frustration with that whole process, is there a sense now of going back? >> i think there's going to be a lot more, though we don't know for sure, scaramucci was asked about that a number of times, i think he would like to see that happen, but he said before i make any kind of commitment here, let me talk to the big guy who lives in the house back there, the guy who don't want to upset, particularly on your first day of the job. >> neil: allred, john roberts, thank you very much. at the white house, sean spicer is saying that's the white house could benefit from a clean slate, as someone who knows how they white house works, and whether a change like this will really change anything. the cohost of "the five" ," forr press secretary under george w. bush, welcome to my nerd world. >> thank you, i love nerd world. >> what really happened it today, do you think? >> i think there was consternation for sean spicer,
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who i remember in january, when he was named white house communications directory and white house press secretary, and he and i had a chance to speak before he started and the president was sworn in, i said those are two very different jobs, and they are both monstrous. but he had a plan, he thought he could be able to handle it, the thing is there is just a so much news and so much in common, and we all know what has happened to sean spicer, he had some very tough assignments, and he has taken the brunt of the humiliation that has come from "saturday night live," and he really took that with a smile, he laughed about the gum thing, but it does take a toll. he and his wife rebecca are parents of 25-year-old children that they adopted five years ago, and i know that that took a toll on them, there was a rumor that he was going to be fired, he stuck the root, and he took that first foreign trip, and it went very well. he says that that was okay, i don't know, maybe one day we'll
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find out. >> neil: he is a remarkable human being, i will never forget his kind of certainly just getting business included on all of the debates. he orchestrated and made that possible. leaving that aside, i know that doesn't get you any metals, but your thoughts on whether any process secretary, any communications director can have the frankness that is needed to sit down with the president. >> anthony scaramucci might be able to do that, i do want to offer my congratulations to sarah huckabee sanders, she is the third woman to hold a job, the second republican woman. >> neil: we go through a lot of press secretaries, don't we? >> we didn't use you. serves four or eight years. sean spicer was there for six months and one day, but you know, you cover this everyday. six months and one day feels like six years. >> neil: when we were looking
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at this on fox business, we had 13 going back to the first bill clinton. so we averaged less than two. >> i think that two and half to three years and this time. especially in a 24/7 news cycle, imagine nine years ago, when i was leaving the white house, i didn't even have a twitter account. >> neil: when you were there, if you wanted to tell president bush something, or i don't know how much input you could have, just say this is not a good idea -- after the inauguration, when he wanted sean spicer to talk about crowd size, and how much pushback do you think this present allows? how much pushback it did you see he allowed? >> well, i don't know what happened that day when sean spicer came out, we were live on the "the five" will not happen, and it's like what do you think, it's like imagine if you drink caffeine, because he was out there punching so hard, and i think the president wanted that, he wanted them to be
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attacked dogs, so you have to find the right calibration, what works for him. but if the president had asked me to do that, i would have said sir, i'm not doing this. it is not good for me or you, the inauguration was great. >> neil: but you would have set a lot of people were there, of course it will not be anything like barack obama's, move on. >> and i think i would have been backed up by the white house communications director and the chief of staff, by anybody -- >> neil: people say that people are afraid of him. >> i don't know. >> neil: or that they are like hostages if they're not careful. >> there is something to be said about having the ability to make people want to do good work for you if you think they are going to get frustrated if you don't, there is a good management style and that, i don't really respond well to it, but others probably would. >> neil: but if you feel that you are not free to speak your
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mind, i could see on camera, a reluctance to do that, but -- >> i don't know, i've never been there. >> neil: so what do you want to see out of this arrangement? >> here's the thing, i don't think that the white house administration only has a communications problem, i think that they have a small communications problem that can be fixed on the edges, i think that they have some additional problems, which is that they have a party that has yet to come together, and i think the president as a dealmaker should put a little more muscle behind that, because if he wants not to make america great again for four to eight years but in the long term and to remake this party, then i think he has to step back from the day-to-day and lets and let's anthony scaramucci and sarah huckabee sander rain and on that while he focuses on the bigger picture. my motto since we won the election was embrace the chaos because that is what you're
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going to get, and it is disruptive and not how washington usually works, you are five steps ahead of everyone else and not quite sure what to do, there is followed from that. not only do we have this change, but it comes just three days before all of the testimony next week that jared kushner and paul manafort are going to be doing, that's a lot, here's the other thing i would encourage them to do, when there is a big change like this, when we went from scott mcclellan to tony snow, that was a change that was not welcome, you have to reassure the younger staff that everything is going to be okay. >> neil: you set embrace the chaos, is part of that also putting the president to know it's okay about the suites, i said, by all means, tweet. >> i think twitter is good for him. >> neil: stay on message. stay on the things that you want to talk about, and don't get sidetracked by the things that your opponents -- >> i think one of the things that he could have been doing as his health care bill is going through, i would have asked him,
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sir, would you be willing to smile for where these members are kind of wobbly and do you need to give them some air covered so that they feel confident that they can vote positively, the way that you want them to. >> neil: he is very good at it. >> exactly. to have something like an exchange in personal, for his scaramucci to come in and say i've got an idea. communication and press are very different, sales and marketing. they are symbiotic, but they have two different roles, white house communication should think longer term, press conferences during day-to-day combat. >> neil: in some administrations, it kind of depends, it is very tough for a president to be told something that doesn't make him look good. i'm sure it would be very tough for someone to tell john kennedy at the bay of pigs, boy this makes you look awful, you can blame the generals, kennedy chose not to do that.
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and his poll ratings went up when he acknowledged that it was on him. and you know, harry truman famously said to the buck stops here. ronald reagan was very good at saying that there is a false delivery or getting something out there that was on him, just made a mistake and moved on. >> i remember one time in particular, the president did a press conference, and he was talking about the iran thing, and it did he think it would pass? and he said it better pass or else they are looking at world war iii. now i know exactly what he meant, which is that if you don't try to do something now, in the future, we could have a problem with iran. but i knew that all of the headlines would say that george bush is calling for world war iii. yeah, there is just one thing, you said world war iii, and he said no one will notice that. so three hours later, i get a phone call, you can tell when it
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is from the east wing, it says i just wanted to call and say you are right because he had just seen the news and it was all about world war iii, and my job was to say here's what we're doing in order to address that. so you're not always going to have good news for the president, i found that what he wanted was to not be surprise, he expected that things were going to happen but stories would happen, he just wanted to know how we were trying to address it, so i always went with the no surprises rule, and i would have something positive to say, that is why i called my book "and the good news is." >> neil: we know that he never lets on, ronald reagan was said to have a similar temper about certain stories, but he never let on about it. so if you want to give your enemies that ammunition? >> it doesn't hurt sometimes for people to know that you can get mad, right? >> neil: but i heard that he gets mad a lot. >> maybe it is a new york a characteristic, i am from
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wyoming. >> neil: oh, that is fine, i am italian irish, so my point is not to make fun of it, just to say would a new press spokesman in any capacity, sarah or anthony working in conjunction with each other, would they be able to tell the president to pick your battles. pick them carefully. >> well, even if they do, the question is will he? >> neil: what you think? >> i doubt it's because i believe that he thinks he is is best spokesperson, and he is, but if he could let that go, have the clean slate, sarah has been doing a great job, and slipped them run with it. what do they have to lose? >> neil: dena and the rest of "the five" all over this, and at 10:00 p.m. sean hannity, he will be talking to sean spicer and
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reince priebus, he will not be talking to scaramucci, i thought such maybe he would, but not ye yet. meanwhile, has the media now met its match? after this. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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wait 15 minutes after use before inserting contact lenses. the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. your eyes. your tears. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose. >> neil: that's a another politician who calls him a hack. >> wow, you're in trouble. >> going to make elizabeth warren his nominee. >> you can tell donald i said this, the queens county bully association, you have to cut it out now and stop all this crazy rhetoric. >> does he know what you said about him back in 2016, he said he was a hack politician? >> he brings it up every 15 seconds. one of the biggest mistakes that i made because i was an unexperienced person in the world of politics, i should have
1:19 pm
never said that about him, so mr. president, if you're listening, i personally apologize for the 50s i'm for saying that. but here's the wonderful thing about the news media, that's was 3 minutes on my left, he does never forgot it, you've never forgot it, but i hope that someday, mr. president, you will forget it. >> all right, that is the way that you hand sold something like that, >> neil: the question is whether that will do him well, he was the one planting these angry seeds years ago. i noticed just the same thing. what did you think of day one of communication director scaramucci? >> anthony is a brilliant guy, a great marketer, great self promoter, i thought he did pretty well up there. my issue with him is our his skill sets what is needed for
1:20 pm
this job? and in getting rid of -- is he what the white house needs in terms of a communications director? you know, a lot of this has nothing to do with the people who are in these jobs, it has to do with the president, and also, his other sort of issue is that she is an incredible marketer and self promoter, does that jive well with this job? maybe he will do a 180, and it will, but what kind of got him into trouble with priebus, with steve bannon, all these people who objected to his employment, were all of these off the cuff remarks, when he was first running, slated to have a different position. >> neil: be careful with that, steve bannon -- i understand, what you are saying, but when you think about someone who is very good at marketing something, himself or others, but at a crucial time, when a
1:21 pm
lot of what they want to do is getting tax cuts through and all, he is actually just the person for that moment, right? the question is whether he can translate that to being frank with his boss and tell them want to focus on something and when not to. the latter is the issue here for president trump. >> no one is going to tell trump want to do, okay? no one will tell him to stop tweeting, mark castle with couldn't tell him not to, his ex lawyer. his inside lemon lawyer, he could not tell him to stop talking about robert mueller, so scaramucci will not really have that kind of impact, one thing i do know about steve bannon, he is not like talking out of term every day, and he does have that ability to put his foot in his mouth. >> neil: so does the present. >> well, do you want two of the them? >> well, may be in someone is
1:22 pm
eventually going to get it to the presidency that that kind of thing is a distraction. >> you don't double down on bad. >> neil: all right, thank you very, very much. we will have a lot more after this ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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>> in the oval office with him earlier today, we were talking about letting him be himself, letting him express his whole identity, i think he has some of the best political and sinks in the world and perhaps in history, when you think about i it, he started his political assent two years and two months ago, and he has done a phenomenal job for the american people. >> neil: so i think that is scaramucci's way of saying what the president be the president, is that the strategy here? political consultant, fox news
1:26 pm
contributor, gillian turner, is that's the strategy here? there is a limit to letting him be who he is. there is a message. >> there actually is, in that will be his new job, i would say about the press conference that we just saw here in washington, d.c., we like to talk about trial by fire, this is truly trial by fire, he was appointed to this position for hours before he stepped in front of the podium to give his first press briefing, i was completely floored that they had him do that on his first day, but you know, it was was a big gamble,s probably turned out, he is getting a positive reception overall. >> neil: he did handle those inquiries very well, so i am wondering how long he can sustain that, after all, he won't be conducting these briefings, but he will be the guy who presumably has the president's ear more than any of the immediate staff, so i'm wondering does he have the ability to tell the president today, boss, i don't think
1:27 pm
that's the thing with jeff sessions and whether you should have hired him or not is valid. today, you should be doing this, with the president to listen to that, coming from anthony scaramucci, anymore than he has his predecessors? >> i can only hope so, and i think that they are a couple of things that scare him scaramucs going for him, he like many of us was surprised when the president started running, he was a walker supporter, he turned it to job supporter, and he finally understood that he would be the next president of the united states, so he understands what it is like to be a skeptic, he understands what it is like to be a supporter, we have seen that he has had his ear, they have a trusting relationship, and i think that is going to go a long way. they also just seeing him up there, he is a natural, he is very comfortable, and he is soothing, he is not antagonistic, he counts people down, and he is able to answer
1:28 pm
in a very positive way, i think that his background as a lawyer is going to help them. >> neil: yet, he is a smart guy. you know, one of the things that i noticed was how quick he was s remarks that he made on fox business to sizing then candidate trump, we have the tape. but then to laugh him off, i thought when i was hearing that if they present were able to pull that off, make fun of himself, some of his best predecessors, john kennedy, ronald reagan, were effective at doing that at key times to acknowledge a mistake or a screw but. >> you know, i am hesitant to try to change or influence the president in anyways, he is who he is, and for two years into months, as he so clearly laid out, he people have been soundg the alarm, he needs to be doing something different, yet lo and behold, he is the president of
1:29 pm
the united states, and the democratic party is in free fall, they can't even raise money, they are struggling to pay their bills. >> neil: yet, but you can't count on the other side to implode, he is there, it is an amazing accomplishment, but now, you have to do stuff, six months and, no legislative win's. the market value, the new jobs, all of that's, you are quite right, but he needs to stay focused on the stuff that's can win him some very, very big gains here. >> neil, you are right, but he needs to start talking about it, and he is, but this is the role of the communication teams, and meanwhile, i think it is important to shine a light on the democratic party, 33 governors, only 17 democratic governors, the democratic party is in free fall, and they are not able to articulate any sort of response to the trump administration. >> neil: well, you may be right, you are quite right to
1:30 pm
say about the good accomplishments that are not getting in there, he is on a roll, and he is very effective, as he did about the health care thing and working and joking with some of the senators about what they have got to do now, he is very effective at that, but in the same time in the middle of all that, and your regrets that is essentially your attorney general, that gets way off message, and by the way, it takes off a guy who is very loyal to you, and others who are trying to be loyal to you wonder if it works both ways. >> that is why you may have seen that i made a face when he said that it is the job of the press secretary to counts of these successes, and yes, it up slowly as, but is equally important of the press secretary more than everyone, to be the communications director, find a way to package the unpalatable part of policies, of realities, of harsh truths, in a way that
1:31 pm
to make sense the american people and if you are not going to change their mind, at least gets them on board and sympathetic to their perspective. and that is hard. >> neil: and i agree with him in this respect, but my point is you certainly don't want the president to be anyone other than who he is, but you want him to stay on message, he does have on some of these key policies and economic policies, he has a message. he is the one who steps on it a lot of the time. >> there is no question that when he stays on message, almost no one is better, make america great again, america first, he did the made in america campaign, when he is focused on the things that matter most, that is when he is winning, and as scaramucci said, he is a winner, so let's focus on the things that we can win. what i am really looking forward to know is that we can actually sell something, sell the health care plan to the american people, he can sell something.
1:32 pm
>> neil: these are very good marketers, guys, i want to thank you. in the meantime, we are getting worried here that there is going to be a concerted effort to move on taxes, that that is a front and center concern, and now with a guy like scaramucci, even more so. new bike? yeah, 'cause i got allstate. if you total your new bike, they replace it with a brand new one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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i like russo. his on/off splits are the best here. yeah, but his offensive win shares didn't even break 4. come on, check out that stop-and-pop! what do you think? my trade-off analytics indicate no one creates more space on offense. this allows him to nail a jumper from a densely populated urban area. what you're trying to say is from way downtown? i am still learning. i can see that. >> neil: all right, big shakeup, but it didn't amount to a shakedown, the markets unmove unmoved, scaramucci coming into
1:35 pm
run things, what does that mean? we are back.
1:36 pm
>> neil: all right, time for us some perspective here, ben stein, who is therefore a change in communication directors when george washington was president, so who better to step back? ben, of course, is a genius, i love him. he is one of the best business writers on the planet, here he is. but ben, your read on this development today, will it change much? what do you think? >> well, there is a wonderful song that goes -- he is going to have to do one hell of a fandango it to get the press to like mr. trump, i don't think that -- they will hate to trump, no matter what he does, the word is an experienced, i don't see what he is going to d
1:37 pm
do. the press hates trump, there is nothing that's mr. scaramucci can do, mr. scaramucci, obviously, an intelligent, pleasant, incredibly capable gu guy, black is white and white is black it, the press hates trump. he is not going to be able to change that. >> neil: all right, he could do well, i take back all of the stuff i said, i often think i'm kidding, but i also think that's a good communications director has to have such a frank relationship with the president, that he or she has to be able to tell the president that they should do something different. i wonder if president trump is open to that, or doesn't always go back to i became president, i am not listening to guys like you, so why should i listen to you now? and then the discussion is over
1:38 pm
and he doesn't listen, and we know that yeah, you got elected president, great job, it is historic, it is incredible, but now, you have to proceed with which we think is a promising agenda, what do you think? >> i think there is a promising agenda, i especially like cutting the corporate tax very, very much, but there is just nothing he can do, whether or not he shows himself as he is, as he is him, and i don't think he is capable of showing himself as he is him, i don't think he is that good of an actor, he is who he is, no matter what, mr. scaramucci is facing in my opinion a hopeless task it, and god bless them, let's hope he can turn things around. >> neil: you are telling the president we don't think that you are resurrecting the jeff sessions thing with "the new york times" in the middle of this push for made in america week or you are going to redo the health care thing, you don't think that he is the guy who could do that, who could have that frank conversation, tell the president not a good
1:39 pm
idea? >> i frankly don't think that he is because i don't think that anyone can tell mr. trump anything, he has his own ideas, they are fixed firmly in his head, i think he thinks no one knows better than he does, he is a self-taught multimillionaire or billionaire as he claims to be, i don't think he is capable of being educated about how to deal with the press, and i don't think he is capable of really getting along with the press, and they don't want to get along with him. it wouldn't matter if he suddenly became -- they don't want to get along with him, they want to crucify him. >> neil: so it has nothing to do with the fact that you don't like italian. >> i love italian. i love italian. i love italian. >> neil: i was just checking because they have just been tweeting me. it been signed, thank you very much. he is a genius, many times over. meanwhile, the grand old party and house and senate need a shakeup as well.
1:40 pm
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>> neil: we still don't have a health care alternative, we still don't have the tax plan yet, so what is congress up to right now to get on that point? on capitol hill with more of that, hey, mike. >> neal, things are pretty quiet, but the pressure in this intense as we try to get everyone behind a health care reform, meetings this week, including some of others, meaning together, talking about health care reform ideas, the white house is asking outside pro-life and conservative groups to put pressure on senators and to keep it on them if they vote next week fails. >> i think we probably have 45 or 46 yes votes right now, we need to get to 50, so we are close, there are a handful of senators who are holding out, you know, i have always believed what ronald reagan said, he said what you do if they offer you
1:44 pm
have available? you take it. and then you come back for more. >> they should not hold out for the perfect deal, majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to call for a procedural vote next tuesday, and there is intense pressure to put points on the board. >> we've got some big consequential items on this tax reform, and the infrastructure bill, a bunch of things that we need to get done. >> if it sounds kind of quite apparent capitol hill, both the senate in the house are not in session today. neil. >> so much for that sense of urgency. incorporated you very, very much, my friend, sean spicer is out, so the obvious question is what is "saturday night live" going to do now? liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely.
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>> when it comes to these decisions, the constitution gives our president lots of power, and steve bannon is the key advisor. okay? and our president will not be deterred. >> neil: what happens to melissa mccarthy now? he won't even joke about himself on "snl," but they won't get that opportunity now. all right, let's ask the wingmen, producer at fox news headlines 24/7, what do you
1:49 pm
think? >> i guarantee you that's one "snl" has their first episode in the fall, spicy will be there. whether it is the revenge of spicy, she will be there in full force and doing the same stuff because it is still going to be a topic for them when they start up. >> you know it, this was one of the most popular characters that the show has seen in years, and i don't think that sean spicer really liked it very much, but importantly for him, i agree with you, i think that's what they are going to do now is how melissa mccarthy dress up as spicer trying to break in. >> neil: the exact same thing. >> we are putting a bet on the table right now. >> they absolutely have to keep it's because this was their most popular season. >> neil: 22 and emmy nominations. >> i didn't think it was that
1:50 pm
funny. >> the show isn't great, but those characters were. when "snl" was doing the politics, -- they had to outsource, they had to bring in alec baldwin and mccarthy. >> what a listener will play a scaramucci? >> you know what they will do? >> sure. >> neil: bottom line is i think that if you are a in the entertainment community, you still go after donald trump, right? alec baldwin isn't going anywhere. >> it is also giving them ratings. >> alec baldwin said that he is going to pull back on the trump character because he thinks that people have experienced it trump fatigue. >> he will be there until -- >> everything -- >> neil: yeah, well, we will
1:51 pm
see. all right, meanwhile, there is a new study that shows people waste more than one day a week on nonwork activities, this does not apply to sean spicer, but what do you think of that? >> i think that people need to get off of this thing. i think that if it was like in school, that would be cut down in half. >> they said that people spend about 56 minutes on their phones during the workday, so you are right. on their phone or on nonwork related activities, but i don't see a problem with that because if you are getting your work done, and you need a little bit of work-life balance. >> i am sure he we have all been to a retail store, and you go to the counter, and they are just -- >> nobody is ever >> >> who is the bigger idiot? >> i think you hit it on the head, as long as you're getting
1:52 pm
your work done, it's fine, there have been other studies that show -- >> you are a lawyer, right? >> i would kill for time to even look at my phone. >> ten years ago, this was the internet, oh, you have internet access, and now that we have it on our phones, -- >> neil: it just seems very high to me. >> no, it is low. >> what do you do? >> i go, oh what is i think? >> neil: this brought to mind this is going through the roof, bacon prices are just crazy. and it reminded me of a certain homer simpson moment. take a look. >> i will have these smiley face breakfast special, but could you add a bacon nose, plus bacon
1:53 pm
hair, big and mustache, 5:00 shadow made of bacon bits, and a bacon body? >> how about if i just shove the pig down your throat? >> neil: that is now the new white house press secretary. you know what is going on, the high demands and the bottom lin line. >> chocolate bacon? >> neil: people apparently are paying this happily, even one prices in some areas were doubling. >> how could you ever say no to bacon? >> i think bacon is actually cool now and is the reason behind that is that restaurant started serving more bacon as a counterculture to the healthy food trend. i can smell bacon right now. >> it has become the school thing. >> we had like the whole explosion of food tv shows, and we had all of these chefs, like they are saying, they were doing
1:54 pm
all of these products with oh, i have to do this, you know what i learned from all of this is that we have a bacon reserve in this country. it is at its lowest level in like -- >> neil: more people are worried about that than -- >> almost 18 million pounds that we have. >> we can do anything, bacon and cookies, on ice cream. >> and there is nothing wrong with that. >> neil: there is a level, one milk prices went up, wind bread prices went up, people stopped buying the bread into the milk or not as much. but with a bacon? >> nobody stopped by bacon. >> neil: really. we are going there. so i am just wondering what is it about bacon? >> is an essential. you need it. and how can you go to a classic if there is no bacon? >> study said that people eat 3 pounds of bacon -- >> clearly, you needed. >> she is eating all of the bacon. >> neil: this one blew me away
1:55 pm
because elon musk wants to build something that could take as little as 29 minutes to get between the two cities. first of all, i don't understand how this would work, it would be underground, and 29 minutes. >> so what i have gone from it is that it is somewhat like a water slide, and you are like a pot inside of it. >> butts on a serious note, we really have to start re-examining the infrastructure that we have here because it is over 100 years old. >> you are in a doughnut. >> i could take a train moving faster, may be like 90 minutes, but i do not want to be in this hyper magnetic pod. and then i am self combusting. >> that is a fast train. >> years ago, people were saying
1:56 pm
i don't want to go on a horseless carriage. >> i don't know what that means. >> from the white house, i could see the president really being interested in this, though, because one of his campaign promises was revamping infrastructure. so quite possibly. >> maybe entice them with bacon. >> it is like the water table, going under bedrock. >> neil: all right, guys, wow, that was great, ending on their own. good luck with the bacon. you guys have eaten at all. all right, we have a lot more after this, including the dow, not exactly sizzling.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
aircraft carrier. this thing is a monster. and, of course, it launches tomorrow. as well as our live programming, 10:00 a.m. eastern time on the place for news and business. that matters to you. it matters to us ♪ hey, everybody i'm eboni williams and eric bolling and kat timpf. sean spicer resigning as house press secretary his decision coming as anthony scaramucci communications director. fast-moving developments. we will go to chief white house correspondent john roberts who has more. john? >> eboni good afternoon to you, this happened very quickly in the space of 24 hours. anthony scaramucci was at the white house yesterday talking to the president, the subject of the communications job came up. the president said hey, i like you. you are a great guy. you are very loyal. i like the way you get out there and you battle. the president referring to the battle that


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