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tv   O.J. Simpson Justice Served  FOX News  July 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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sunday. i'm i can for harris faulkner. thanks for watching. i'll be on capitol hill, o.j. simpson, justice serves starts now.
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>> juice on the loose, thespecie was served. when the parole board now here's the rub. we know the football great got away with double murder. when his ex-wife nicole brown and his friend goldman. here he is serving a sentence between nine and 33 years for a rinky-dink armed robbery in a las vegas hotel room in 2007. i don't mean to dismiss or demand diminish the crime. any stickup involving guns has to be taken seriously. this was mostly caper, notions 11, it was more like the keystone crooks. oj rounding up apostate house and confronting memorabilia dealers were was trying to sell his stuff. the star witness was also the
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guy set up the confrontation. the charming ex-con who secretly recorded the whole thing. >> are you are at? >> i do not think i'm around. the tape is what the tape is. the tape is a rat. the tape is the one explaining i'm not trying to say anything happened differently on the tape. i don't want to see anybody go to jail. that's a serious thing. but we talk about this, he wanted items back. he was supposed to go there until these guys look at buy stuff, he was confident they would get their stuff back, which they did. the first 30 seconds you could hear them apologizing. and then they assisted on the sky inging gs and it turned into an arm robbery. when you go into an armed robbery you do the crime you
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have to do the time. >> geraldo: some people believe that you should be frightened by that. maybe he will cut your head off. >> there's nothing i differ oj for him to cut my head off. maybe charles manson will come in, head off but i didn't do anything to him either. they can believe what they want. maybe they will, maybe both charles manson and oj will come to me. i don't think i did anything to either one of them. >> geraldo: what about bigfoot? >> take foot maybe two. i may be the abominable snowman. >> geraldo: simpsons highly anticipated hearing was held in two locations connected by close circuit. the commissioners and their modest offices in carson city, nevada's capital, the inmate about 100 miles away. simpsons adult daughter, arnel, his sisters and friends were there.
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so is 63-year-old bruce, one of the two victims of oj's heist. chris came to testify that simpson had spent enough time behind bars. >> nine and a half - 33 years is way too long. i feel like it is time to give him a second chance. it is time for him to go home to his family, his friends. he is a good man. he made a mistake. if you call me tomorrow said bruce, i'm getting out, will you pick me up? juice, i would be there tomorrow. i mean that. >> geraldo: he's slimmer than he was last time around, and older, but not the sold. >> we have that you are
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currently will very recently turned 90 years old. ninety, and sorry about that. >> i feel like that. [laughter] >> you a great for 90. >> geraldo: the daughter gave powerful testimony. >> as a family we recognize he's not the perfect man but clearly he has done his best to behave in a way that speaks through his overall nature and character, which is always to be positive no matter what. he has spent the last nine years at lovelock and has been a perfect inmate, following all of the rules and making the best out of the situation. it is truly amazing to me under the circumstances. the choice that he made nine years ago, that resulted -- it was inappropriate, wrong, and counter productive to what he tried to achieve.
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>> when simpson addressed the commissioners he knew he needed all four to vote in his favor. so the old pitch man made his pitch. >> i've done my time. i have done it as well and is respectfully as anybody can. as the word and they will tell you i gave them my word, i believe in the jury system, i have honored their verdict, i have not complained for nine years. all have done is try to be helpful and encourage the guys around me. hey man, do your time, fighting court, and don't do anything that will extend your time. that is the life i try to live because i want to get back to my kids and family. >> geraldo: at one point oj told them that if her old he planned on living in florida, not nevada. >> i can say nevada but i don't think you guys want me here. >> geraldo: almost nothing made it to the parole board about how he fared as a inmate. the simpson attorney --
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>> by all accounts he has been a model prisoner. in nevada, parole is based on how will you do in prison, staying out of trouble. >> geraldo: on the whole point about what goes around comes around, karma, to see how the nine years that he spent behind bars were to most americans an appropriate sentence given the fact that he was such a jerk probably a double murder? >> in terms of karma, i think there are not a lot of things about the case that i agree with you on that goes wrong comes around. >> geraldo: how did he manage to remain a model prisoner? this combustible character that we agree is so volatile that he could explode at any moment. how did he manage to keep it together? >> he is friendly and outgoing. he's jovial. in his personal life and relationships he doesn't look to be confrontational on the social
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side. i also think his celebrity status helped him with the guards. their instance he would get to the front of the line and be more protected by the guards and his roommates would protect him. i also think the state of nevada had a vested interest in making sure he did not get into any fights and was protected. that is all they would need is for oj to sustain some type of serious injury while in prison and then the nevada prison system would be under a microscope. i think he had a lot going for him. and primarily in his nature and celebrity status helped him. >> geraldo: final question, the attorney for oj here in the las vegas, nevada armed robbery case, o.j. simpson did nine
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years behind bars. he's a free man. has justice been served? >> yes, i think justice has been served. i think nine years was more than a sufficient sentence here. i'm hoping oj has learned his lesson, stays out of the spotlight. >> geraldo: at crunch time the fort commissioners present agree. >> my vote is to grant your parole. >> i agree. >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. that will conclude this hearing. >> tha you's. >> geraldo: when we come back, relive it simpson's notorious crime when we asked, was just to serve? experience unparalleled luxury at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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room? for years he had been selling his sports memorabilia to get by. he was tipped off that someone else was stealing and selling his stuff. >> don't call oj up because it stole from his trophy room. so i called him a. >> september 14, 2007, tom ritchie, a dealer and memorabilia, and armed game led by simpson enters a room at the palace station hotel casino and at gunpoint. forcibly removes items simpson claims as his own. i called oj and he claimed a lot of his items were missing and came up with the idea to have a sting to tell the sky we had a big buyer. and to meet him in the hotel room instead of just confronting and say is my stuff. he brought a group of thugs and
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turned it into an armed robbery. [inaudible] >> when he burst into that room, he was enraged. when the guns came out i really thought lives were in jeopardy at that point. i had no idea it would turn into what it did. >> the gang is a busted and charged with kidnapping d armed roery. the others plead to lesser charges. >> it was a scary situation. it changed to me from a nice charming guy to a guy that was capable of anything. i was afraid for my own life for a couple of minutes when things were going on. so scary. >> geraldo: you represented him on criminal cases, road rage and so forth. don't you think that he is a combustible character and an accidental crime waiting to happen? >> he is the kind of guy that is combustible. that's a great word. trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes. when he does get out, i hope that he is more low-key, that he
5:16 pm
is under the radar and spends time with his close friends and family. play some golf but really tries to stay out of the media spotlight. >> geraldo: whether not you agree with the board's decision to grant parole, many watching the hearing thought the commissioners seemed eager to grant parole to simpson. they were willing to over look obviously false testimony like this. >> i was that i was pretty good with people. i basically -- a free life. i've never been a guy that got into fights in the street with the public. i'm not a guy that has confidence on the street. i don't expect to have it when i leave here. but if you like a much better prepared. more so for my commitment for being a better christian. i've had problems with fidelity
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face charges with the death of nine people. all victims are found in the sweltering tractor-trailer this morning outside of san antonio walmart. eight were dead at the scene, the ninth died at a local hospital. thirty people were treated at local hospitals. officials say as many as 100 people may have been in the truck at one point. the u.s. house is set to vote on a new sanctions package as early as tuesday. the bipartisan legislation is aimed at punishing russia for meddling in the election of a military aggression in ukrainian syria. white house indicated that the president will sign the bill. now back to simpson.
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>> geraldo: the verdict was wash live by 91% of the television audience. and almost certainly guilty man. he had been acquitted of killing his ex-wife nicole and his friend ron goldman. >> when you came upon the murder scene, described the evidence to me. we've heard the expression, a mountain of evidence. was there truly amount and evidence? >> when you say mountain of evidence you're really describing from the very beginning of the crime to where the suspect got rid of the weapon, cleaned himself up on there is a clear path from beginning to end. >> geraldo: hiding his jealous rage and unhealthy obsession
5:23 pm
with his ex-wife, he was best known it is time for his football career. an engaging personality. >> she had two beautiful children from him. there are definitely good times. >> the good times between oj and nicole begin when he was 18. she married him a few years later and they have two adorable children, sydney and justice. after storm in violent marriage they divorced in 1992. >> 911 emergency. >> can you get someone over here now, he's back. >> what is he look like? >> he is o.j. simpson. please do send someone over here. >> what kind of cars in? >> a white bronco. he broke the back door down to get in. >> what is your name. >> nicole simpson. >> is he the sportscaster whatever? >> what is he doing? is he threatening you. >> he's going not. >> it has he threatened you?
5:24 pm
or is he just resting you? >> representing the brown family, corey all written, was she a battered woman prior to this. >> she made numerous 911 calls, at times it did not result in the arrest of o.j. simpson. but she did make a 911 call at one point and she was found bloodied, battered, terrified and hiding in the bushes outside of her home and o.j. simpson was arrested and prosecuted for sultan battery. unfortunately the judge did not give him a sentence that carry serious consequences. he only had to face a sentence of $500. and some charity work. >> bruises i feel bad about but putting the neon lights on at three in the morning she's going to look bad.
5:25 pm
i was responsible r the bruises is an i was wrong for it. >> hade gotten ser consequences at that time, perhaps that would've been a lesson to him. perhaps what happened later would not have happened. >> on punishable acts of violence he often stalked his ex-wife. on june 12, 1994, the evidence suggests he does just that. after telling nicole he's heading to chicago for hertz rental car promotion. >> we learned that this was his mo. when he would travel he would tell nicole that he would leave earlier than he did and spy on her. >> geraldo: cops believe he lies in wait is ron goldman, an actor model working part-time at a nearby restaurant puts himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. when he walked to nicole's house to return a pair of eyeglasses she had forgotten at his restaurant.
5:26 pm
>> you would hide in the bushes and stock her from outside the residence where he was. this is what he did. this is what he did that night. the one thing he didn't count on is a confrontation with nicole and then ron goldman showing up. >> a sample of blood hatching o.j. simpson was found in the ex-wife driveway and inside the ford bronco. a bloodsoaked glove was recovered inside his mansion. chicago what appeared to be blood stains were found on two pillowcases and a bloodied towel in his hotel room. >> everything pointed at him. his blood is all over the crime scene. it's in the bronco. nicole's blood is in his bedroom. there's no one answer questions here. >> this is a foxy special report. >> los angeles police department right now is actively searching for mr. simpson.
5:27 pm
>> o wherever you are, for the sake of your family and the sake of your children, please surrender immediately. >> this letter was written by oj saying, to whom it may concern. first, everyone understand i had nothing to do with nicole's murder. i loved her, i always have and always will. don't feel sorry for me, i've had a great life, great friends. please think of the real oj and not this loss person. >> i have oj in the car. >> where are you? >> i'm coming up the freeway.
5:28 pm
>> you have to tell the police to back off. >> his friend took the wheel of the brand, suicidal simpson uses his cell phone to reach out to his mom. his father-in-law, lou brown and his high school football coach. sitting in the backseat with a loaded gun in one hand and his cell phone in the other, oj gets a call. it's the detective lange got the number while questioning simpson at the headquarters after he returned from chicago. >> were watching this unfolding television and nobody was doing anything. so are watching this come he's not stopping. the police are trying to stop him. no one had control over the situation. fica get on the phone and talk to i can have some control. >> through the gun out the window. just thrown out the window, please, you're scaring everybody. oj, are you there?
5:29 pm
>> nobody is going to hurt you. >> i don't know what state of mind he was in, he did sound like he had all his ducks in a row. he sounded upset entire. >> my only reason for talking to him was to get him to throw the out of the car and turned himself in. my entire cus is on the gun and him to getid of the gun. >> think about everybody else. >> i was trying to appeal to him as a human being in just to say that his mother a family did really truly care for him. they didn't want him to do this. i was alluding to the possibility that he might commit suicide because it look like you may have. >> the drama and set a p.m. at his rocking him estate. with the incriminating evidence found in the evidences added to
5:30 pm
the amount of evidence. >> the cash, the passport, few changes of underwear, obvious implications of his so-called escape. >> by 10:00 p.m. he is booked into jail charged with murder. as one of america's icon flips from celebrity. >> coming up, will tell you how the dream team exploited racial tensions, and one a verdict that shocked and divided the nation. because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff. what are all these different topped & loaded meals? it's an american favorite on top of an american favorite, alice. it's like abe lincoln on top of george washington. yonder. get your favorites on top of your favorites. only at applebee's.
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click or call. >> ron was at the wrong place at the wrong time. nicole was at the wrong place for a long time.
5:35 pm
we think that evidence will show that he did not, cannot, would not commit these crimes. >> we have linked the defendant to the crime scene. we have linked the defendant to the victim. >> as the world watches one of the biggest case unfolds. under the cameras unflinching arm, the high-profile flamboyant defense is elevated into the dream team. funded by simpson's fortune. they have ample resources, prosecutors have the damning blood evidence. >> but, getting the black female inner-city jury to look past oj's race and celebrity will prove an impossible burden for the prosecution. even the history of spousal abuse will not be enough to convict. >> he overheard the defendant sam went to get her. i'm going to teacher lesson. >> she ran across and collapsed. she had a hand in print on her throat. >> when you lived with nicole
5:36 pm
did you actually witness oj's violence? >> below before she moved at one time of the trial there is a 911 trial. >> the doors were broken into in her home. i did not see the doors been broken into, but i realize they were broken before. so i was witness to him yelling at her being inside the house. >> the defense persuades the jury that simpson's blood collected as they were by suspect white cops could've been sprinkled on the scene. the dream seen challenge helps lead the attack on the state's case. >> the evidence was overwhelming. there was a mountain of evidence, it's rare to see a case when you have blood evidence and other evidence all pointing in the same direction. the problem was the prosecution overplayed their hand. they had one piece of evidence
5:37 pm
that they faked. the officer who had access to the blood, unauthorized access took and poured the blood from the test tube onto the sock to create a piece of evidence. had he not done that, they would've won the case. >> this is a ridiculous argument. everybody's at the crime scene, blood is everywhere. twenty or 30 officers are documenting this. pictures of it never thing else, simpson's blood is tripping there. we don't know it's his blood yet, but were documenting that evidence. meanwhile where is simpson? he's in chicago. so, how does they get is but if he's in chicago and wring it back if it's already there. it's a ridiculous argument even consider.
5:38 pm
>> the prosecutor's ill-advised intent in open court to have the defendant try and the glove found at the scene. that becomes a major catastrophe for the state's case. >> i was there, was 5 feet away. oj walked up to the jurors and said it's too small. at that point they has to put him on as a witness. they blew it. they save time. oj's agent has since admitted that he told oj to stop taking his arthritis medicine so his hands wouldn't swallow. oj listened. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> with the rodney king riots just two years before still fresh in the minds of many, the dream team plays the powerful race card. >> how do you feel about testifying today? holding losing hand their line about something that had nothing
5:39 pm
to do with the case. >> you say on your oath if you had not address any black person as a blank in the past ten yea years? >> this on saying. >> he hasn't used racial slurs for ten years will come back to haunt him. >> judge ito allows the defense to present what seems to be known as -- the conversations he had that were recorded ten years earlier by a researcher of a fictional screenplay. >> geraldo: the detective shamefully refuses to answer questions about having use the n word. >> i know enough about the laws to know when someone is supposed to say something. i looked at clark, my signal i needed an objection he did not. it doesn't absolve me of responsibility, the department could have dealt with me anywhere they wanted which is
5:40 pm
really what should've been done. instead, the made a circus out of the courtroom. >> and they made me the person that had to deliver the entertainment. >> for men makes mistakes, perhaps he didn't handle them correctly but this focus should not have been a mark furman. that's total nonsense. what cochran was an expert at infurig minority jurists and that's what hpened. he was gonna use the race card. >> everybody who had connections oj was asked their opinion of his guilt or innocence. even his friend, donald trump who invited oj to his lavish wedding. >> in light of what you know about his admitted acts of domestic violence, would you care to rephrase your feelings about oj being a nice guy?
5:41 pm
>> i can only say oj is unknown. nothing is guilty, and a center anything. what i see is appalling and what i see doesn't mean, for my viewpoint if i were a juror i would have a hard time with this one. i can only tell you that from a personal standpoint from someone who knows oj well, i found it really incredibly hard to believe he could do a violent act like this. he's a very different guys. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> to think he was innocent back? >> i think he was guilty and got away with the crime. i think it's a person of access control but who would think that would lead to the possibly killing the mother of his kids. >> at the time of the murders
5:42 pm
simpson was best known as the heisman trophy winning hall of fame football player. it was a minor movie star and a popular pitch man for a rental company. by the time his dream team of defense attorneys were done making them over, the celebrity who dated only white women and never associated with the civil rights movement was transformed into a symbol of the struggle of black men everywhere to find justice in a white man's world. >> the criminalization and dehumanization of black people. >> one of the most vocal activist was militia, an attorney and at the time, leader of the new black panthers. >> you cannot tell me that race was not the reason this jury almost found against the lapd. >> that's what was on trial, that's why mark furman could be so easily exploited.
5:43 pm
during think that johnny cochran, your hero perceive the racial divide in this country and ran a railroad train? >> i don't think he used race, i think you skill and it was a plato fall. plaques jurors rarely come to their verdicts for racial reasons. so no it was not a black power jury. it was a payback jury. i think it was a credible jury. i don't think oj was free for racial reasons. i do not believe oj simpson murdered ron goldman and nicole simpson on the day. >> at the time, the majority of african-americans agreed, as of 1130, guilty, 58% of why people think he's guilty. only 15% of black people innocent, 20% of white people say he's innocent, 62% of black people say he's innocent. the disparity on the basis of
5:44 pm
race is profound and disturbing. >> more than 20 years later, different story. the majority of acks, 57% suspect simpson's guilt. >> even african-americans that i come in contact with there's just such a bad taste in their mouth. it's like flaunting and shoving your face in it. >> the change happened in stages. the first, form of civil trial but by the victims family. february 5, 1997 a jury does something that downtown l.a. criminal jury did not, it unanimously ruled simpson responsible for the deaths of that his ex-wife and her friend. >> o.j. simpson has been found liable of question number one. defined by preponderance of
5:45 pm
evidence that he willfully and wrongfully cause the death of ron goldman? this jury has rendered the verdict, yes. >> i'm hearing cheers. he is liable. >> i'm sorry, question two is yes. >> geraldo: so he has caused the death, committed battery, it should be yeses from here on down. >> which is on this trial was truth and lies from the other side. >> the jury benefited from evidence not heard in the criminal trial come alike the fact that he failed a lie detector test. they had pictures of the former buffalo bills star running back in 1993 wearing a size 12 shoes that a year later would leave the bloodied shoe print on the walkway.
5:46 pm
despite this multimilln llar wrongful death judgment against him, for the next ten yes, simpson is free to play golf, date troubled women, itself up all memorabilia to support a comfortable lifestyle. now that he'll soon be a free man again, will ask what is next for the former football hero which started what became our first reality tv show. that is up next dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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>> geraldo: an estimated 150 million people stop what they are doing to catch the televised o.j. simpson verdict. it was an ultimate cliffhanger. what have become reality tv before there was reality tv. in this most-watched courtroom drama made stars out of the lawyers and witnesses. >> there was a time in 1994, ladies and gentlemen 175% of the people in the united states could correctly identify cato kayla. us in 25% could identify the vice president of the united states. that kind of notoriety, what you think? >> that kind of notoriety was something that someone want to achieve and i achieved it and the wrong way.
5:51 pm
>> is there an irony that comes from this? >> everything i'm doing now to prevent the footnote of may be in trial witness in the o.j. simpson case. everything i do know is what i want my legacy to be. >> geraldo: he has tried everything from multiple reality tv shows to a clothing line. it appears the oj trial will always be his foot no. even recently winning $12000 at a milwaukee brewers game, the headlines read, cato kayla, a key witness in oj trial, wins raffle at brewers game. >> oj's kids were just eight and five and their mother was killed. while they were sleeping inside the home. since then, both have tried to stay out of the spotlight. today, sydney and justin both live in florida and both work in real estate.
5:52 pm
>> la's prosecutor was forced out of the das office after they wanted oj to try on the glove which led to this moment. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. whatever happened to the man many say lost the trial of the century. after an endless dream of hate mail he turned to teaching and writing. now chris is back to practicing on l.a. however, it was marcia clark who bore the brunt of responsibility for oj's acquittal. she was loved by the tabloids in the country obsessed over her hair and makeup. after admitting she felt like she failed the family, clark left law and found some success as a novelist. the years of crime novels she is back in the court, this time as a defense attorney. the detective who found the body glove and served in the lapd for
5:53 pm
years was forced out after perjuring himself during the oj trial. he went on to have a successful career as an author and tv crime analysts. he will always be known for this. >> are you better? >> i am bitter. the dead day will be the lead to senses of my obituary in a newspaper. it won't be in think about anything that came before or after. that will be it. that's what i'm better about. >> geraldo: judge lance ito to let cameras in the courtroom retired in 2015. he has since kept a low profile. >> robert kardashian, the original kardashian died in 2003 from cancer. but the name lives on as you know and his three daughters, courtney, jim, chloe. and in the show, keeping up with the kardashians.
5:54 pm
and the head of oj's dream team, johnnie cochran spent years after the trial defending more famous faces like pdd, as well as many civil rights cases. when he died in 2005 from a brain tumor, his funeral was a who's who of hollywood. within 20 years later, the interest in these real-life characters is still strong. when the fx program, the people versus o.j. simpson aired in 2016, google searches spiked for everyone, including specific searches like marci marcia clar, and o.j. simpson's kids. now that simpsons incarceration and isolation has ended, we asked wind and what contacts will we be hearing from the juice again. that is next. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no!
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now that he has his get out of jail card from the state of nevada, simpson is likely to retreat from the limelight when he is released from prison. do we believe that? don't bet on it. driven by the commercial success of the tv series and the documentaries that put his acquittal in terms of race class and celebrity, it's nearly impossible to believe we've heard the last of oj. reality tv shows are reportedly chasing him whose lawyer was the first kardashian. it's talk of everything from pay-per-view events upon his release to another event where he really confesses to the brentwood murder. even jay-z and his current album sings about simpson's exploitation of the race card. then there is his temper. what happens the first time someone cuts him off in traffic or girlfriend gives him a hard time. whatever else he is or will be,
6:00 pm
he is part of our pop culture history. a fallen hero whose actions keep playing out on the world stage. from carson city the capital of nevada, geraldo rivera, fox ne news. >> everything is changing around here. technology has torn down barriers and the across the globe, power. from outside the beltway come you get a different perspective? i've seen it up close. from inside government while running campaigns and starting my own business. people are looking for a new brand of change. the place for positive populism is here. the next revolution starts right


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