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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 24, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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falling in a trash chute. had to be rescued. he found the phone called 911 in the trash chute. responders had to pump in fresh air so he could. i wonder why he thought looking in the trash chute would help at all. >> we are going to vote to repeal and replace obamacare. it's not a question of if, it's a question of when. >> an horrific human smuggling effort in texas. hundred people found dead in a sweltering truck. >> anthony scaramucci vowing to sure up the leaky pipes. >> we got to get the leaks stopped. i'm a business person, i will take dramatic action to stop those leaks. >> i think he will probably do a really good job, particularly because the next business phase is going to be tax cuts, economic growth. >> today's democrats are going to rebrand their party. >> we're going to role out different pieces here that are quite different than the democratic party you heard in the past.
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we were too cautious. we were too namby-pamby. >> new stepmom shares a very sweet message for him at her sweating. >> i want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person. don't cry. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older. ♪ all this time. steve: we should have woke up brian because apparently he overslept and in his place as he comes up the stairs to the mezzanine level come around and take a look, it's ed henry. ed: good morning, thank you
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for having me. ainsley: brian daughter has gone to the finals for national championship for soccer. he said if i'm not here on monday my daughter about d. really well over the weekend and going to the national championship. one game left. ed: i'm here until wednesday so maybe she going to keep playing. play all week. at least that's what brian told us. ainsley: i think it's on the other side of the united states. we'll see. steve: we will find out soon enough. ed, great to have you. ed: good to see you. steve: lots to talk about. the president of the united states has called out democrats in the past. he has called out obstructionists. now he is taking on his own party. essentially what he said in a series of tweets was hey, we are on the same team, republicans. why don't you act like it. ainsley: he did tweet out this. if republicans don't repeal and replace disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. so what does he mean? does he mean you are going to
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lose your senate seat and house seat if you don't vote for this or does he mean obamacare is going to fail? maybe he means both? steve: or, there is some suggestion, for instance, jeff flake, senator from arizona. super pac came out and started ads against dean heller. is he really steamed that they have not stepped up to the plate and said we are yeses on obamacare. it sounds like the president is going to put out a statement today at 3:15. is he going to feature some so-called victims of obamacare. and then see that woman right there, shelley moore capito. ed: capito, yes. steve: is he going to fly to west virginia on air force one and she is going to be with him. you have got to figure there is going to be talking. ed: a little face time and lobbying time. what's interesting and you may see this more and more with anthony scaramucci. not just the communications inside the white house,
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dealing with leaks, the daily press briefing but getting this president out in the country more. as you mentioned he is going to west virginia today. is he going to the battle ground state of ohio tomorrow. this was on the books before scaramucci was brought in. but i think the point is you have a president now hes going back to communicate with the american people who elected him. he is also pressuring these republicans who said for six or seven years they were going to repeal and replace obamacare. and for a while here, it's been the president trying to go along with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. let's all work together on this. if they are not going to get it done from these tweets, he is going to start saying you guys are not doing it let's get moving. ainsley: scaramucci did a good job yesterday. he was no nonsense. i like the fact he was supporting his boss, the president. he was very loyal to him. moving on to healthcare and russian collusion.
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is he slamming the republicans and democrats. democrats lashing them over the russia investigation. it's a witch-hunt. he is mad at the republicans because he is saying they are not doing much to protect him. steve: he tweeted this out as the phony russian witch-hunt continues two groups laughing at this excuse for a lost election taking hold. democrats and russians. carried over the line on my back do very little to protect their president. ainsley: who is that message to, steve? that's a no? ed: some of the nos? ainsley: who dogs he carry across his back. ed: house and that the republican candidates, incumbents last time around who mocked donald trump in the beginning, said this guy is never going to win even after he got the nomination. how do we triangulate here we have to deal with hillary clinton as president. i have got to save my hide and save my seat. the president wins the presidency and battleground
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states. now he is saying why don't you have my back? steve: plus, i think there is also the component of everybody at the white house is of the opinion, they are supposed to be, that this russia thing, there is nothing to it he would like to see you have got the democrats in the mainstream media stirring things up it would be great to see the republicans, as well, saying there is nothing to that. we are going to go ahead and investigate there is nothing to it let's move on to get some stuff down. instead washington a paralyzed. some of the location. ainsley: speaking of getting things done, it's hard to because the american people want to focus on the things that matter to them. it's jobs, it's keeping our country safe. you have the mainstream media, democrats continue this russia, russia, russia narrative. and anthony scaramucci yesterday. i think the message when he talked on all the sunday shows yesterday they were fired up. he was handling himself beautifully. i thought the overwhelming message was we are going to find out who these leerk leakers are.
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i don't think we have a sound bite from it but he said. steve: he did. he said whoever has leaked in the past, we are going to give you amnesty for your past leaks. but your job in the west wing is dependent on not leaking anymore, if you don't stop, as a businessman, we will take drastic efforts and pare down the staff. ainsley: very unprofessional. he said i am new to the meetings and make sure this doesn't happen anymore. ed: listen to the president's tweets about republicans not defending him on russia. republicans not helping him on healthcare. he has had people in his own white house undermining that agenda, healthcare, taxes, rebuilding the economy. infrastructure. because they are leaking out negative stories about russia and other matters about this array inside the white house. they're going to have to fix the problems they have inside the white house. it's clearly not running as the efficiently as this president wants. when you have people on the inside making it worse they have got to put a stop to it.
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steve: who is the guy in charge of running the white house. ed: the chief of staff. steve: the president hired reince priebus to be his chief of staff because the president was going to do what the president could do. and to get stuff done up on capitol hill, he needed a guy who got all those members of congress elected and reelected. he needed reince priebus to help push everything across the finish line. and so far reince priebus has not been able to deliver on one big thing for the president. you have got to figure if sean spicer is out, the meter could be running. ed: on top of that you have reince priebus, as well as sean spicer objecting to the idea of scaramucci coming. in the president completely overruled his chief of staff. not good. steve: meanwhile, we have told you how the democrats -- remember, in the run-up to the election essentially hillary clinton her slogan was i'm not donald trump. and they thought she could win with that. well, instead, she lost. donald trump within. and since then, they have come
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up with a strategy and it has been resist. whatever he suggests, let's just resist. you know what you? look at the polls, now the democratic party is regarded as the party of no. so they have decided it's time to change things. and what they're doing is coming up with a new slogan. ainsley: so this is chuck schumer talking on this week, which is one of the sunday shows. listen. >> we will have tomorrow a very novel idea of create 10 million jobs. there are'10" million americans looking for good-paying jobs. we will show them how to find them. that's just the twinning. week after week, month after month. we're going to roll out specific pieces here that are quite different than the democratic party in the past. we were too cautious. we were too namby-pamby. ainsley: i always like to listen to, i was at the airport yesterday and listening to conversations and talking to people over the weekend and i love to hear what their reaction is.
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they are not eat, living and breathing the media. got to get over it everything they say is so, negative, negative, negative. with the resisting so negative. maybe they are changing it to be more like president trump. new slogan is a better deal, better skills, better jobs, better wages. we were laughing last week because it sounded like the pappa johns commercial. better skills, better jobs, better wages. isn't that the when president ran on? steve: apparently three parts. higher wages, less costs, and tools for the 21st century. straight up economic. it is not social or foreign policy. it's just about bread and butter issues. ainsley: do you think it's going to back fire on the democrats because negativity? ed: worked for them in the short-term because they have frustrated this president. hang in for the mid terms. there is this washington narrative that the president is going to do horrible. that's the same thing they said about 2016 that he was going to lose. yet he won anyway.
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democrats are just resist, resist that could back fire. ainsley: mainstream media is complaining about this president. yet this president is putting so much money in their pocketbooks because ratings have been better than ever. or more people are watching the news more than ever because of this president. ed: other thing is the key is don't sit too chose to ainsley at the airport. ainsley: i'm going to listen and tell everyone. steve: all right, in the meantime. ainsley: i didn't name my sources. steve: some head lanes with jillian. jillian: the weekend flew by like that. good morning. one man in arrest and one more could be in cuffs after human smuggling attempt goes wrong. 9 illegal immigrants found dead in a truck parked at texas wal-mart. due in federal court today. unclear if he is the driver of the trunk where nearly 40 illegals withstood 100-degree heat with no water or airconditioning.
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some of them from mexico and guam. the truck discovered in san antonino, may have been headed for houston. in just a few hours, president trump's sopresidenttrump's so my out four meetings with russian officials before and after the election. in a statement he says quote did i not collude or know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded with any foreign government. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector. donald trump jr. and former campaign manager paul manafort will give private testimony later this week. and jordan speaks becomes the youngest american who win golf's oldest major. [cheers and applause] >> he is the open championship. champ i don't know golfer of the year right there. ainsley: 23-year-old coming from behind to win the british open beating matt kutcher
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three shots in electric phiing final round. take a look at this, this is spieth celebrating drinking out of the jug with fellow golfer: spieth has really had meltdowns before you are thinking is this going to be another one? he was five under in the last five holes. it was incredible. ainsley: we are all pulling for him he is so young and cute. jillian: so fun to watch. ed: he is so cute. ainsley: i like to watch the end when the girlfriends come out and he has been been with her in a long time. steve: the girlfriend was the wife of matt kutcher who looked like he was going to win for a day. they flew in and surprised him. jrnd spieth says i feel so bad. ainsley: he'll win money. steve: he'll do okay. what a show in england. coming up, have you ever heard of fusion g.p.s.? that's is the group, the lobbying firm behind the fake trump does i didn't.
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that fake trump dossier. why is its founder glen simpson now apparently planning to plead the fifth in the russian probe. ned ryun is a former speech writer from george w. bush joins us from our capitol to weigh in. good morning, ned. >> good morning, steve. steve: what is fusion g.p.s. >> they claim opposition research firm. i call them disinformation firm. they have been around since 2009. because of this fake dossier, the steel dossier or some know the golden shower does way 35 page memo that fusion g ps paid christopher steele, a former mi-6 agent to put together. that dossier, steve is, really nothing but a collection of google search terms. conspiracy theories from left leaning web sites. weakwikipedia clips. and intelligence agents. the things that's troubling
3:19 am
about, this steve, somehow this dossier found its way into the hands of john brennan and the cia. brennan put it into a top secret file. got it to the obama administration white house. put it into the bloodstream of the obama administration. then james clapper and john brennan felt the need to brief people on this fake, unsubstantiated dossier. and, gotten, then you have the question are they terrible intelligence agents or were they politically motivated? then, steve, this dossier finds its way into the hands of the fbi later in the summer. steve: that's right. >> they use this as proof -- as part of their justification to surveil carter page. the thing we found out a couple days ago the fbi is still using this unsubstantiated dossier as a checklist to tick off as it's talking to witnesses. steve: sure. >> ongoing russia investigation. there is something very wrong about this. steve: ned, apparently this group has a connection to the russian lawyer who met at trump tower. >> 1 hearse%.
3:20 am
steve: with donald trump jr. why on earth would this mr. simpson guy be planning to plead the fifth in front of congress? >> there is a couple interesting connections. again, the russian lawyer, fusion g.p.s. was working with russian lawyer on the tha act. russia to promote its interests. there is a lot of different interesting connections. they ever linked to the that der are a regimmadera regime in. christopher steele end of april filed documents in british court system saying this document should never have been made public. fusion g.p.s. should never have passed it around. steve: a lot of people didn't realize that and you just put that out into the nation's bloodstream. ned ryun, founder of american majority. we thank you very much for joining us live, ned. >> thanks, steve. steve: coming up on this monday a huge day in the case
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of charlie gard will the courts decide to overrule the mother and father and end his life today? plus, we telling you about democrats unveiling new slogan today. many liberals already attacking it will the rebranding actually work? a debate next. booking a flight at the last minute doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go. and while i'm gone i can even check on my baby with this doggie cam. oh jack, you're such a good boy. no, jack, what are you doing?
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that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. steve: quick monday morning headlines for you. american soldier accused of supporting isis expected to plead not guilty in court today. army sergeant accused of trying to share classified military information with the terror group. kang arrested in hawaii earlier this month and faces dollars up to 20 years in prison. and now an update to a story we reported over the weekend. general tony thomas, who leads
3:25 am
the special operations command telling our own catherine herridge last week that the u.s. military was close to tracking down isis leader al baghdadi after a 2015 raid that tons of intel. he ended up getting away. >> there were points in time when we were particularly close to him. unfortunately there were leaks about what we were up to about that time. when we went out after aby saef he didn't live but his wife did and she gave us a treasure trove where she had just been with baghdadi in raqqa within days prior and so that was a very good lead. unfortunately it was leaked in a prominent national newspaper a week later and that lead went dead. so, that challenge we have in terms of where and how our tactics and procedures are discussed openly. there is a great need to inform the american public but
3:26 am
b. what we are up to. also great need to recognize things that will absolutely undercut our ability to do our job. steve: on sunday the "times" sent a lengthy statement saying it described 2015 reporting to the pentagon before publickization occasion and they had no objections and no senior american officials have ever complained publicly until now. if you want to read the entire statement it was posted on ed? ed: thanks, steve. democrats unveil economic plan with the tag line better deal, better skills, better jobs, better wages. they say it will help them focus on the economy. even some liberals already criticizing the tag line. can democrats really turn this into a winning message? here to debate democratic strategist steve lesser and spokesperson for the campaign katrina peer sen. good morning to both of you. i want to speak with you, the frustration among. so democrats has been among the bernie sanders supporters who say this is sort of not enough. >> one of his advisors says she liked the approach.
3:27 am
the focus on these sort of progressive economic messages that the democrats, you know, have always had but seem to get lost in the shuffle when, you know, we got into the nitty gritty of the 2016 campaign and people were focusing on trump and how bad we democrats thought he was and things like that. that didn't end being inawinning message on us. ed: katrina it, seems like everything has been resist, resist, resist for six months. are you concerned at all as a supporter of the president that democrats may finally find a message here. >> no, i'm not concerned at all, ed, there is no question that the democrats need to rebrand, particularly after the spanking they received in november. but i don't think that copying an american pizza chain is the answer to that because what they're actually doing by saying better jobs, better wages, better future, et cetera, is saying that the last 8 years of obama's administration have failed the working public. in fact, they have taken it further. because president trump is already doing a wonderful thing with the economy.
3:28 am
so wants better when they have the best? ed: steve, you ar laughing. i want to get your reaction to katrina. she is comparison to papa johns ad. chuck schumer said over the weekend of "the washington post quote when you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity you don't blame other things, comey, russia, you blame yourself. so what did we do wrong? people didn't know what we stood for, just that we were against trump and still believe that steve, how can your party leaders say that now when people like chuck schumer have been blaming comey and russia for the election loss month after month? >> i don't think it's a contradiction. i think that any time your organization, political, business, whatever, has a failure like we had in the election, you have to have the leaders of that organization take some measure of the blame. they can't shift all the blame away. that doesn't mean that some of these other things didn't play a role. entire intelligence community
3:29 am
believes that russia tried to influence our election, so i don't think that's completely off base to suggest that. but, what katrina is saying, you know, look, we had 8 years of really good economic growth under president obama. trump has really done nothing to effect that it is still pretty much the same as it was from march of 2009. i think the democrats' message is if you elect us we will continue to do that and we will see if that resonates with the american people. the key is we are not just trump is bad. >> better than that what? >> if you want to make fun of our slogan that's great that's free publicity. any publicity is good publicity. >> better than what? this is 8 years of barack obama's policies. president trump has only been in office for six months. what are you guys talking about that's supposed to be better. when we look at what president trump has done in the last six months. the stock market has been very positive. he has already signed executive orders for apprenticeships which is something that chuck schumer himself said was going to be a part of the new democrat policy. not to mention fighting back
3:30 am
on illegal immigration which does suppress wages in many areas. president trump is already on the road to making america great again which will always be the best political slogan that will go down in u.s. history. >> we are not concentrating on president trump. whatever president trump is doing has got himself 35% approval level. we don't think we have to worry going against him. we have to worry about our core message the things that democrats have always stood for. ed: we appreciate you coming in this morning. what do you think about the democrats' new slogan and messaging. email us what bernie sanders is saying about another run for the white house. plus, more than 2 million people are living with m.s. that includes our own janice dean. our next guest is at the forefront of m.s. research. she joins us with a huge update on a drug that could help millions of people. we will tell you all about it. it would have been the race of the year. olympian michael phelps versus a great white shark. that's what they told us.
3:31 am
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♪ ♪ steve: that's it. it was gold vs. great white. people tuned into the discovery channel last night because for a very long time they have been hyping the fact that they would have michael phelps race against a great white shark. and they did.
3:35 am
57 minutes into the show last night, what they did was they put a computer generated shark and they super imposed him next to him and then the shark won by like two seconds. ed: i thought it was going to be real. steve: we all did. ed: they behind this thing who is fast erman or shark. michael phelps is the man with all the gold. gold medals coming out of his pockets in the swimsuit. yet, they tell us after all the hype. ainsley: after 57 minutes. ed: oh, by the way we can't actually have michael phelps race a real shark. ainsley: i thought when i heard it maybe they have some sort of a tank that the shark is in or just like a lane, a caged lane. steve: that would have been fine. ed: you wouldn't have them in the same pool because michael phelps may not come out alive. ainsley: of course not. ed: some way to keep them safe and have them race. that's what they promised. ainsley: not only the fact that you learned this 57 minutes in it's not a real shark but the fact that the shark beat him.
3:36 am
fake shark, why don't you slow him down so it looks like man is stronger. ed: having michael philops come in and beat the shark. ains apes beat his own world record. steve: the people at discovery said look the average shark swims 25 miles per hour. the average human 6 miles per hour. the shark is always going to win. so it looks like for last night, it was shark weak, w-e-a-k on discovery. ed: you have been building up to that all morning. ainsley: high school teacher said if the gisele and cheetah race each other, cheetah is the fastest animal. the gazell guy -- ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good morning you guys. i have to follow up that the
3:37 am
parents of little charlie gard back in court today for a two-day hearing to decide whether the terminally ill child should be treated by a specialist in the u.s. u.s.. [chanting] ains. jillian: protesters showing support for the 11 month old. the high court will decide tomorrow whether charlie can come to the states or if he will be taken off life support. the mayor of minneapolis heads back to work today in the wake of the fatal shooting of a bride to be. protesters upset with betsy hodges handling of the city now pressuring her to step down. the chief of police has already resigned following the death of justine daymond. shot by a rookie cop after she called 911 to report a possible crime. we now know that officer was fast tracked through the police cadet program. he is on administrative leave. bernie sanders is keeping the door open for another white house run. the associate close to the
3:38 am
vermont senator says he has no intentions to, quote, step aside and let joe biden take it in 2020. 75-year-old independent lost to hillary clinton in the 2016 democratic primary. sanders reportedly thinks he would have won it all if he ran against president trump. jillian: senator john mccain spending time with family following brain cancer diagnosis. he posted this photo to twitter with the caption enjoying zebra falls in beautiful oak creek arizona. his daughter and fox news host meghan mccain posting a photo of a hike together. world war ii veteran just diagnosed with aggressive form of brain cancer. he is being tweeted in arizona. this is a look at your headlines on this monday. send it back to you guys. ainsley: 2.3 million people worldwide living with multiple sclerosis. including our own janice dean diagnosed in 2005. janice: in january we telling you about a new drug hailed as a medical break through. but was held up by the fda.
3:39 am
>> it was supposed to come out in december and supposed to get the approval. from what i understand i don't understand all the details that they back to get some figuring out how it's manufactured but it has nothing to do with the efficacy of the drug. also the first drug that will help people with the more chronic progressive. nothing has ever been help people with that. janice: exciting news. because back with us for an update with the chair woman of the race m.s. organization a woman who i have known for a number of years nancy davis. nancy, tell us. >> it's very exciting march 28th we did get the approval on the drug which is going to change the whole world and landscape for people with m.s. general january why is it different? >> this one expresses your b cells. i know there is a molecule on the b cells that activates the t cells as opposed to already active stops it before it starts.
3:40 am
it's pretty amazing. 90% of the people relapsing. studies got better up to 95%. also interesting it's the first for people with the more primary progressive m.s. first drug to help that kind of ms. ainsley: would it help you, janice? have you taken this drug? zan january i'm very lucky i have been on the same therapy for a number of years. when i was first diagnosed they put me on a drug that has been tried and true for me. i have been stable all of these years knock on wood. for folks that there are different forms of m.s. there are people like me who live with it and deal with it and have minor set backs. but there are also people that go down hill very quickly. that's why this is an important drug. >> it's important. it might be important for a lot of diseases because with every autoimmune disease the t cells attack each other. everything that we were developing up to this point is trying to reverse what was already active in your body. really exciting it stops it
3:41 am
before it starts. they are now testing it all the autoimmune diseases. janice: my neurologist once we find the puzzle piece for ms it will open up therapies for all kinds of autoimmune diseases. >> studies are really amazing. we look at it different way. people had to have had to have at least two incidents of ms attacks before they can start treating you. they do this before it gets progressive. ainsley: if someone is watching and they have m.s.or someone in their family does talk to the doctor. white house the approval. >> it doesn't up the approval. make sure your doctor gives you a prescription. and you get the prescription done. it's an infusion. have you it twice a year. that's all. every six months have you infusion. janice: your big gala 25 years coming up. >> april 20th our race to end ms.
3:42 am
we want to cross the finish line and be done with this disease already. ainsley: you have watches? >> i'm wearing one and janice has one. ainsley: i would like to have one. i have to buy one. >> go on evine. great gift. they cell for 52 and $58. ainsley: or big version. >> like have you seven different watches with you all at once. janice: nancy, thanks for putting a face on this disease. important to let people know you can survive. >> ladies, women get it way more than men do. three times as many than metropolitan do. looking at women, oh you are imagining it i have numbing feelings, i couldn't feel different parts of my body. oh, she is being hysterical. it's not so. we are going to find a cure.
3:43 am
it's exciting. janice: thank you for your help. love you. ainsley: thank you for being honest about it alex and annie. buy the charm. in the fight with ms as well. she has a t-shirt you can buy. some of that money goes to ms. we. janice: we will beat this in our lifetime. >> fun ways for people to get involved. everybody knows somebody who has ms. ainsley: that's true. god bless you both. praying for you both. horrific human smuggling tragedy after 8 people found dead and 30 others hurt abandoned inside a brutally hot trailer in texas is this all the evidence that lawmakers need to crack down on border security and to save levees? details on that next. janice: technology usually used to track pets. now one company implanting microchips in their employees? ♪ somebody's watching me ♪ and i have no privacy
3:44 am
♪ i always feel like hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom every day we hear from families who partnered with a senior living advisor from a place for mom to help find the perfect place for their mom or dad thank you so much for your assistance in helping us find a place. mom feels safe and comfortable and has met many wonderful residence and staffers. thank you for helping our family find our father a new home. we especially appreciate the information about the va aid and attendance program. i feel i found the right place. a perfect fit. you were my angel and helped guide me every step of the way thank you.
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steve: today the driver of an 18-wheeler, that one right there, due in court after nine people died packed among dozens more in this abandoned sweltering truck in the parking lot at a wal-mart. apparently victims of a human trafficking crime. ed: unbelievable. lawmakers now ramping up their calls for, yes, immigration reform and stopping sanctuary cities once and for all. here to react fox news contributor, trump hispanic advisory member steve cortez. steve, good morning. first thing that jumps out at me is what in the world is happening? this was in the san antonio area? >> right. you know, ed, what a terrible human tragedy. there were two children in that truck. i guess what i would point out is that border security is first and foremost an issue to protect americans. we need to secure our border for the economic and national security of american citizens. but it's also, boy the way, a
3:48 am
very good idea for mexico and latin americans because a porous and lawless border which is what we have had for decades in this country is also bad for them as we see in this very human tragedy that unfolded in san antonio. steve. steve: , are we to believe inside that trailer there are 100 people apparently and at midnight ther there was no water and somebody popped out and said we need some water or something like that. are we to believe that that semitrailer wherever all you would have to do is open the back gate to see 100 people. just drove in from mexico and nobody stopped it. >> right. it's incredible, steve. here is the good news though. our president, president promise keeper president trump has already largely gotten our border under control. isis tells us illegal crossing are down 70% year to year. they need to be down 100 percent as we seed from this human tragedy. it's not just a human tragedy. this is also a national security wake-up call.
3:49 am
because while there is no indications that any of these people had any ill will towards the united states that very well could have been a truck full of terrorists it could have been isis fighters, anybody in there if it's that easy to get a truck full of human people into the united states, we have a problem that needs to be addressed. we need a wall. we need ice unshackled which is already happening in this country and we need to end the madness of sanctuary cities. ed: is there an open door that maybe since this was a truck that if goods are shipped across the border there are people maybe looking the other way? we think of the crossings going underneath fences and coming across in tucson. is there another loophole where trucks being shipped across the border for 100 people in that truck. as you say that could have been isis fightsers in that truck. >> that should be frightening to all of us as americans. thank goodness though we elected a president who means it when it comes to border security. things are trending aggressively in the right
3:50 am
direction. we need to continue as this shows us our work clearly isn't done. by the way it's not anti-mexico to be in favor. as i mentioned this isn't a tragedy of the united states it is also for mexico and latin america where these people came from. i think mostly guatemala and mexico. sometimes good fences make for very good neighbors. i believe that will be the case for the united states and mexico. we will both be more secure and more prosperous and we are going to protect legal immigration which we all love in this country. we want people to come here. we are a nation of immigrants. it has to be con the legal, proper way. steve: well, this was just an unspeakable tragedy. it's awful. steve cortez we thank you for joining us today from the city of chicago. >> thank you. ed: walking down the street on a phone seem racist to you. one writer thinks so. he is calling out white women in particular saying when they're looking at their phone and not him on the street they are racist. steve: stunning news just breaking moments ago. president trump thinking about abandoning his campaign
3:51 am
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3:54 am
ainsley: does walking down the street on a phone seem racist to you? one writer seems to think so, calling out white women whose name is greg howard writing in the "new york times." white women are in my path. they almost continue straight forcing me to one side without changing their course why and only specifically white women do they refuse to acknowledge me because they have been taught that they should fear black man and any acknowledgment of black men can invite danger? here to react is amy holmes.
3:55 am
amy, if he says that all white women in new york are racist, that is a generalization. so is that racist in and of itself? >> indeed it is a generalization. when i first read this i first thought how did this self-absorbed race baiting make it into the "new york times." jane goodall is not. all white women, foreign white women. white women on soho whit women from escalators and white women in -- probably something you would read college blog or the onion. ainsley: if you are writer for the "new york times" and employer writes this big generalization. what do you as the boss what do you do? >> first of all i wouldn't have allowed it into print is the first thing. secondly i would send him out to report. not just to stare at his naval annavel.
3:56 am
ainsley: make america great gown, remember her, she has a sound bite. i think we have a quote. can we put that up on the screen? have a tweet of her put it up on the screen please because i don't have it in front of me a gentleman would not let women have right a way not play victims. she says he is playing the victim card. do you agree with that? >> what about chivalry. i'm kind of old fashioned. i think men should give you the right-of-way. but, ainsley, when was this idealick time when everybody was nice to each other passing each other on the street. new york city is a very busy populating. we have all had the experience of being shoved to the side. and, frankly, i don't think it has anything to do with racism. ainsley: white woman in new york, i love you, i am not racist. you can't generalize all white women. i wish you the best and i'm sorry had you a bad experience. >> i'm concerned for this writer every time he leaves
3:57 am
his apartment it is a mine field of white women apparently. this must be psychologically exhausting. ainsley: thank you, amy. dr. sebastian gorka joins us from the white house to react next. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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4:00 am
you need to shut that card off-- [woman 1] it's off. [woman 2] what? [woman 1] i can turn it on and off in my wells fargo app. [woman 2] huh! i feel better already. [woman 1] good. >> president of the united states is taking on his own party. he tweeted this out as the phony russian witch-hunt continues. it's very sad that republicans even some that were carried over the line on my back do very little to protect their president. ainsley: who is that message to? >> nine illegal immigrants found dead crammed inside the back of a truck in what is believed to be a human smuggling attempt gone ron. >> got to get the leaks out. i will take dramatic action to stop those leaks. ainsley: in just a few hours, president trump's advisor andson jared kushner will meet behind closed doors with the senate intelligence committee.
4:01 am
>> democrats will unveil our economic agenda. it's called a better deal. >> president trump is already doing a wonderful thing for the economy. so who wants better within when they have the best? >> jordan spieth becomes the youngest american to win golf's oldest major. >> champion golfer of the year right there. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ let get it started in here ♪ ainsley: let's get it started in here. if you be just weighing up, it's a monday morning. it was raining it's not raining anymore outside. 7:00 on the east coast.
4:02 am
ed: let's get us started with tweets, right? steve: no kidding. first, let's talk about in the last hour we received the 1-page prepared statement that jared kutcherner is going to be delivering before the house intel committee. what's interesting is the whole thing everybody is talking about. the intel committee. everybody is talking about the russia thing, right? and this meeting with the lawyer. turns out this meeting was such a nothing burger as somebody from the white house had said that he actually, mr. kushner, about 10 minutes in, sent a text message to his assistant. ainsley: this is what it said. can you please call me on my cell. need excuse to get out of meeting. ed: that he is what is he testifying. if this was really such sensational meeting. the goods on hillary clinton are being delivered to the top people like jared kushner. i think and if he was trying to collude with russia. jared kushner would have
4:03 am
stayed. ainsley: knew we knew she lured us in here on saying she had information about hillary clinton. clearly she didn't. she started talking about the adoption thing. we were all trying to get out of meeting. bannon didn't stay and kushner got out and now that explains what his reason for getting out. ed: paul manafort was there not bannon. manafort. steve: other headline is he said he did not collude. anyway, this is probably what the president of the united states has been thinking about this morning given what he and mr. kushner is going to be testifying up in front of congress. he just in the last 10 minutes tweeted this out. ainsley: drain the swamp should be drain the sewer. it's much worse than anyone ever thought and it begins with the fake news. speaking of, if you read the testimony that jared kushner is going to give today. he says that reuters news agency had reported that he had had two phone conversations with the russian ambassador. he says that is not true.
4:04 am
they have gone through all of my phone records and my cell phone and reviewed my land line. it does not reveal those calls. steve: all right. let's dial in the deputy assistant to president trump, sebastian gorka joins us from the north lawn. so, dr. gorka, turns out you are not living in the swamp. you are living in a sewer. >> look, it's pretty swampy today but, yes, there are issues and that's why we have a man who has never held public office before become the president of the united states. we're not going to let the swamp stop us steve or the sewers. ed: dr. gorka, what do you make of this. this is a big week. built up by many in the mainstream media finally you have jared kushner and donald trump jr. and paul manafort all paraded before the senate as early as this week and that the heat is getting hotter. but, as we listen, in fact, to what jared kushner is saying first, could this be something much different where some people in the trump inner circle finally get to tell their side of the story and maybe it's not the narrative
4:05 am
we have been hearing all along? >> bottom line is we have nothing to hide there. the reality is this is still a nothing burger. we are almost 10 months into this cavalcade. this collusion delusion. and we're just going to continue to press on to make america great again agenda will not be stopped. if this is the best the other side has, when they don't have a platform, think about it, they have no platform. and instead of a platform, they keep these spurious myths alive. they are really in the long term irrelevant. ainsley: dr. for can a, the democrats plans, -- as the phony russian witch hunt continues laughing at the lost election taking hold. democrats and russians, it is very sad that republicans even some that were carried over the line on my back do very little to protect the president. who is that a message to?
4:06 am
is that to all republicans or what are your thoughts? what's your reaction? >> well, the first thing i would say is that the president is absolutely right using the phrase witch-hunt. why? remember, there was no such thing as a witch. witches didn't exist. it's hysteria. on top of that it's a message to everybody who simply cannot get over psychologically can't deal with what happened on november the 8th. we won the election. the president, with less money, with really a tiny fraction of the establishment capabilities that the dnc had. won an election, trounced hillary clinton. this is how those people who do not wish to recognize the legitimate new leader of the most powerful nation in the world, how they create a smoke screen. so the russia -- it's not concussion. i like kellyanne's russian concussion. it's just an excuse for having lost. steve: we heard the story out of washington last week,
4:07 am
dr. gorka, was that as congress prepares to sign this new thing about russian sanctions where it would make it much harder for the president to undo any of them. now we hear from the white house what are you talking about? the president is willing to sign that. so, what's that about? >> well, we had very good communications with both the senate and the house, and they have made -- it's not ideal yet but they have made amendments to the draft bill, we had serious concerns that there would be very negative consequences for u.s. companies because of their lack in specificity, and also the new sanctions package would have had a damaging effect on the existing multilateral sanctions package that we have put in place with our allies. so those issues have been partially addressed. and not all fixed. but we're very happy that the hill is starting to listen to us. and the bottom line stands. nothing will change with regards to sanctions against russia until they reverse their behavior with regards to
4:08 am
the ukraine and crimea. ed: dr. gorka, have you a new colleague inside the white house there anthony scaramucci who has been very direct as you are in dealing with the mainstreamedia, pushing the pres agenda. i want to play a bite for you. he was very direct in saying something i have heard you talk a lot about. the frustration with leaks inside this government. here's anthony scaramucci. >> first thing for me is i want to hit a cultural reset button. second thing is we have got to get the leaks stopped. if we don't get the leaks stopped, i am a business person so i will take dramatic action to stop those leaks. i'm going to be very, very clear with people. as far as i'm concerned, that staff has amnesty. if the leaks don't stop, i'm going to pare down the staff because it's just not right. i'm not going to be able to stop the leaks in the intergovernmental agencies and all that other stuff. that's a whole different ball of wax. something is going on inside the white house that the president does not like and we are going to fix it i'm just
4:09 am
focused on the communications team. as far as i'm concerned, it's a new start for everybody in that team. and everybody in that team can stay as long as they follow the protocol of not leaking. because of at the end of the day the president is super upset about the leaks. it's unprofessional. that's going to be one of my first steps. ed: what do you think, dr. gorka, new sheriff in town? >> yes. and he has a new broom. anthony scaramucci is a serious man. he gets things done. you cannot represent the president. you cannot represent the national interests of the united states unless certain things are held in confidence. remember, leaking is leaking some of the most sensitive things in america in general. so, you know, it's a serious start. this man knows what he is doing. he speaks like the president. he knows how to speak to the american people who elected him. yes, he is the new sheriff in the com shop in the white house. ainsley: last week the
4:10 am
president was rolling out new products made in america. this week is hero's week. what can we expect? >> jam-packed week. today the president will be addressing the national scout jam bore rein west virginia. is he going -- the end of the week law enforcement of first responders. then on tuesday he is going to be in ohio at a vets event. and then i think on wednesday or thursday he will be addressing american legion, boys and girls nation. time to recognize the future heroes a and current heroes and those who have done so much for this great nation. steve: dr. sebastian gorka, thank you for your time. have you got to go now and help drain the swamp. >> and the sewer. ainsley: bi, dr. gorka. steve: i don't know about that one. ainsley: i ran into him at the airport this weekend. i was getting my nails done. ed: this is a very interesting airport visit.
4:11 am
eavesdropping on people. ainsley: coming out of the salon. i had two hours. i was trying to beat the hampton's traffic. i got to laguardia two hours in advance. what am i going to do? i actually need to get my nails done. passed by that salon, got my nails done and there he is. ed: that hampton's traffic was so hard. ainsley: i wasn't in the hampton's traffic. i was trying to get home to south carolina. steve: there you go. let's go to jillian. ever done that? jillian: i'm thinking i need to travel to ainsley. i have knew there was a salon at the airport. one man under arrest and one more could soon be in cuffs when apparent human smuggling attempt goes wrong. at least 9 illegal immigrants are dead after crammed inside a sweltering truck parked at texas wal-mart. bradley is due in federal court today. it's unclear if he is the driver of the truck where investigators say nearly 40 illegals withstood 100-degree heat with no water or airconditioning. some of them from mexico and
4:12 am
guatemala. the truck discovered in san antonio may have been headed for houston. a massive manhunt now underway for armed and dangerous man who police say is willing to shoot. investigators scouring the national forest in north carolina for this man you see right here. philip stroup, it all started on saturday when police say he broke into a home and stole a bike at gunpoint and vanished into the woods. stroup has a history of violence and resisting police. how about this video going viral for all the right reasons. son of a marine overwhelmed with emotion as his new stepmom shares a sweet message at her wedding. >> i want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person. don't cry. jillian: that's little gage in tears as he wraps his arms and his new mom. joshua and senior saying i do in new york.
4:13 am
the newlyweds are both on active military deuteronomy. isn't that adorable? >> so sweet. i love those moments and can you feel the emotion. can you experience it you are not even there. steve: now comes the happily ever after part. ainsley: they are waiting to go on honeymoon. they are active right now. ed: coming up senate won't pass a clean bill. the house will. steve: president trump sending a strong warning to iran. free detainees or else. mark levinson. his son is hopeful this president can bring his father home ♪ i'm only one call away y. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling. it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
at the lexus golden opportunity tesales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ steve: president trump doubling down on republicans in congress to get healthcare done. he tweeted if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. is a clean repeal bill the answer? the house freedom caucus thinks so and they are trying to force a vote, perhaps this week. north carolina congress person mark meadows is the chairman of the house freedom caucus
4:18 am
and he joins us live from our nation's capitol. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. it's good to be with you. the president is exactly right. there will be unbelievable fallout if we don't get something done. steve: is he frustrated and a lot of people are frustrated, congressman, they see the republicans controlling the house and the senate. they see a republican in the white house and they see salute stalemate. >> you are right. they are frustrated. i'm frustrated. the president is frustrated and they have every right to be. i can tell you the people i talk, to steve, say why was there not something on the president's desk on january 20th and here we are just past july 20th and we have still yet to do anything. so that's why just the other day we put forth a -- what they would call a discharge petition to force a vote on a clean repeal and let's put at least on president trump's desk the same thing that we put on president obama's desk. it's time for action. steve: we have heard that suggested in the senate.
4:19 am
but there are a number of senators who pass that last time who di to land on president obama's desk. that was then, this is now. i'm not going to vote for that. >> that's a very difficult position to hold as you might imagine, steve. here they were a little more than 18 months ago voted for something. almost every single senator except for one over there, voted for a straight repeal. send to to president obama and now we are saying that's not good enough for this president? as we know, the negotiations are still going on over this -- in the senate. we hopefully will get a repeal and a replacement done. but i fully expect in the next 48 hours they dual what they call a motion to proceed. have enough votes to say that at least they need to take it up, debate it in the senate. and hopefully get this finally resolved before we go home in august. steve: it does sound like mitch mcconnell is trying to make some of those nos yeses. apparently he is backing up the brinks truck and there are
4:20 am
a lot of members going to get a lot of money if they will turn no to yes. >> well, they are looking at sweetening the pot. it's not really members getting the money as much as their constituents. steve: true. >> they are trying to make sure that everything -- there is enough money to make sure that those preexisting conditions are taken care of. and the negotiations have been going on around the clock over the weekend. so i fully expect that we will see some real results this week. but most americans are saying it's about time. and the president, i know, no one has worked harder than the president to try to get this done. people don't realize. i mean, is he making phone calls in the middle of the night. early in the morning and saying we have got to be all hands on deck. and we have got it actually deliver here. steve: all right. it's going to be a big week. he is going to be talking about it today at 3:15 in the afternoon. folks can see it right here live on fox. congressman thanks for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. steve: what do you think about that email us at
4:21 am a message to iran free our prisoner or wells. this son is hopeful the president can bring him home. the son's story is coming up next. it's a good thing we brought the tablets huh?
4:22 am
4:23 am
yeah, and i can watch the game with directv now. oh, sorry, most broadcast and sports channels aren't included.
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and you can only stream on two devices at once. this is fun, we're having fun. yeah, we are. no, you're not jimmy. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. xfinity gives you more to stream to more screens. ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. listen to this. a company wants to surgically implant little microchips in their employees so that they can go and buy snacks. three square market in wisconsin will become the first in the u.s. to use this technology. the implant can also be used to open doors and log into your computer. 50 workers have already actually signed up for this. you guys say no. right? unless it's a chocolate chip, they said. do you ever wish your dog could talk back to you?
4:25 am
>> hi there. [gasp] >> did that dog just say hi there? >> oh, yes. ainsley: it could be reality within the next decade that according to a report backed by amazon. researchers now raising money to build cat and dog translation device so can you find out what your dog or cat's meows or barks really mean? ed: penalties against iran as president trump warns of serious consequences unless all u.s. citizens in prisons there are free. this includes robert levinson a former cia contractor now missing for more than a decade as his family joins those testifying on capitol hill. joining us now his son. dan, good to see you again. we have spoken to you before here on fox news on the 10th anniversaries we spoke of your father gone missing. where is the family right now. what do you expect your brother, when he testifies on capitol hill, what is new that he can report to the american
4:26 am
people. >> my brother is going to be testifying. he was 13 years old when my dad was taken in iran. he was arrested and nobody knows that at this point. and he has globe over a foot. is he taller than my dad now and working on capitol hill. we want to show how much my dad has missed many weddings. newest grandson was just born three weeks ago. is he missing these things. i think my brother being on there and talking about our story and keeping the pressure on iran and keep pushing our government to keep the pressure on them. ed: important to keep the pressure on iran and also keep the hope out there that he is still alive because there was an a.p. article as you know just this past week citing an anonymous u.s. official saying quote many u.s. government officials believe robert levinson is no longer alive. the fbi importantly put out a statement two days later that said something much different, quote: this characterization is not accurate and diminishes the u.s. government's resolve to safely return robert levinson home to his family. does that live you some hope that the fbi stepped up and
4:27 am
said that? >> yes. we met with fbi officials. white house officials and state department officials all last week. a number of my family went over there they were very adamant saying they are going to do everything they can to get him home. they have no reason to believe he is not alive. they will keep pressing his case. they came out with a white house statement on friday which was very strong. strongest language our government has ever used in the 10 years. we're very encouraged to see that yeah. i think it was encouragin encouf the fbi to come back and make -- ed: last question. you have been critical before when we spoke about the obama administration feeling that they had not pressed hard enough and you were hopeful at the beginning of the trump administration that it was going to be much different. with that statement from a few days ago, do you think president trump is following through. >> it's a great first step. we want to see him follow through on this and make sure that the iranians know there is going to be consequences. that's really important. there is going to have to be some sort of deal. they have to know there is going to be pressure and we're not going to go away. the u.s. government is not
4:28 am
going to go away and drop this. ed: we are not going to let this story go away. we thank you for coming in and pray for your dad for his safe return. >> thank you. ed: coming up, outpouring for support for senator john mccain after his brain cancer diagnosis. one professor is not happy about it is he actually calling mccain a war criminal. you're not going to believe this. and the democrats are ready town vale their new slogan today. many liberals already attacking it. yes, people on the left. will the rebranding actually work? jason chaffetz is here to react next ♪ pappa has a brand new bag ♪ for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want... a chance to live longer.
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4:32 am
♪ never stop ♪ start me up ♪ ainsley: former republican congressman and fox news contributor now jason chaffetz. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: you a former republican congressman you are not a former republican though, right? >> true conservative right here. ainsley: did i forget to say congressman? steve: the president of the united states is blasting republicans, including you, apparently, although you just got out of town. he just tweeted out, congressman, if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. we just had mark meadows on and he understands the frustration with people. looks like congress isn't doing their job. >> this is the one big promise that we h now it's in the hands of the senate. understand what's coming up for a vote. it's a motion to proceed. the most deliberative body on the face of the planet, the question, and 100 percent of republicans should vote for this is should we have the debate? that's the vote that's up.
4:33 am
>> bill: not a specific bill. >> nobody knows what bill they are ultimately going to be voting on. should we have the debate? i can't imagine that susan collins and capito and go down the list, these people have to vote. ainsley: is he saying you are going to lose your re-election if you don't get on board or is he saying that obamacare is going to fail and millions of americans are going to be without healthcare. >> it's all of the above. pretty obvious. number one thing we campaigned on we were going to repeal and replace obamacare. he had said there risk for the president to call out his own party. >> no. he is calling out the obvious. understanding the consequences the leader of the republican party i think he is doing them a service. steve: talked about the fact that jared kushner has released 11 pages of testimony he is going to deliver before congress later this week. and you said, regarding jared kushner, republicans need to grow a backbone. >> republicans need a backbone. every time they say jared kushner. call out chelsea clinton.
4:34 am
there we have a inspector general issues report stating actual crime. bill clinton the former president taking millions and millions of dollars from countries that hillary clinton, who is then going in and doing business. soar time a democrat says i have got to talk to donald trump jr. go up and bring chelsea clinton in there because she was involved in the benghazi situation. she was involved with the foundation. i mean, when i tried as chairman of the oversight committee to bring in ben rhodes to talk about the iran situation. nobody knows what the deal with iran was. they claimed executive privilege. i think the trumps need to get a lot of credit for openness and transparency. they didn't delete their emails they provided their emails. when they said we need to talk to you they talked to them. rather than a stiff arm. steve: congressman, you know there is a double standard in washington, d.c. and mainstream media. >> double standard with the united states senate republicans because they are holding them to a much higher standard with very little evidence than they ever did
4:35 am
the clintons. that investigation, why did it end? just because there was a political election. i think that's why. ainsley: people all up in arms about that meeting with donald trump jordan russian lawyer. jared happened to be in on that meeting and so did paul manafort. jared is going to go in front of the committee today. 1 pages. we have it here we have been reading it one point he shook hands and made pleasantries with the russian ambassador. the kiss lee ache guy. he said it lasted less than a minute. reuters were supporting that he had two feign calls with russian ambassador. he said that didn't happen. they have gone through all the phone records. sent a message later on asking someone within the campaign what is the name of that russian ambassador meaning they are not friends. ed: i forgot. ainsley: what was interesting is that meeting with the russian attorney he said that he realized this was not a meeting with information about hillary clinton. ed: 10 minutes in. ainsley: 10 minutes in she pulled us in to talk about adoption. they have this proof in a text message. he writes his assistant can
4:36 am
you please call on my cell, need excuse to get out of meeting. ed: havhave you've ever done tht congressman? >> there is an app. for that make your phone ring to get out of it. ainsley: what's your reaction? >> senate staff should have done this research. absolutely ridiculous is he coming to capitol hill. he has a lot of important things to do. they would never ever do this to the clintons. that is what is fundamentally wrong with this. they could have easily, of all the people in the world, they could have easily claimed executive privileged on this one. proximity to the president. it's his son-in-law and closest advisor. he could have easily pulled that of o. there he is he is going to go in there open book and get a lot of credit for it. >> talking about republican backbones president tweeting over the weekend. as the phony russian witch-hunt continues, two groups are laughing at this excuse for a lost election taking hold. democrats and russians. it's very sad, the president said, that republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their president. do you think mucks on the hill should be speaking out more in his defense.
4:37 am
>> well, look, it's not the role of, you know, of rank and file republicans to protect the president. but, when you look at what's going on on capitol hill, particularly this investigation, it really is infuriating. because we never did finish the investigation. and part of this son the trump administration. there are 300 or so people who mishandled classified information in this hillary clinton scandal and yet the state department still has an open investigation. you never read an article about it. you never hear the senate involved and engaged in this. where is that investigation? where are they going to do with those people? steve: so much of that information has come to the mainstream media through these leaks. we have got a new communications director who said in the comm shop, the communications department shop, everybody got amnesty with me coming. in anybody leaks going forward they are going to get canned. >> anthony scaramucci i love him because he speaks native trump. he actually stands how this is going to work. he is a fighter and i think he will do a very good job of translating and doing this on a daily basis on behalf of the president. ainsley: congressman, thank
4:38 am
you so much for having me. welcome to the family. >> thank you. ainsley: jillian has headlines for you. jillian: good monday morning to you. get you caught up on the news you need to know before you leave the house. parents of little charlie gard bark in court today for two day hearing to decide whether or not he should be treated by a specialist in the u.s. [chanting] jillian: protesters showing support for the 11-month-old battling a rare general nit particular condition that causes muscle weakness. the u.k.'s high court will decide tomorrow whether charlie can come to the states or if he will be taken off life support. rescue workers in arizona working overnight to save two hikers trapped on a ledge surrounded by raging flash floodwaters. the condition is too dangerous for a helicopter to fly them to safety. earlier sunday first responders air lifting more than a dozen people after heavy rain pounded the wilderness area east of tucson. among those rescued, a 4-year-old boy. a college professor takes aim
4:39 am
at senator john mccain as he battles brain cancer. professor jonathan grabart steves at san diego state writing on facebook says quote i find myself annoyed at the the amount of well-wishes and quote mccain is a war criminal. he also says he finds it troubling that people are sending well-wishes to strangers since it implies that some lives are more important than others. that was just a small tid bit of what he wrote. nicholas cage is known for his action movies. but take a look at this. the action star is now in kazakhstan. according to the new york daily news. is he pictured here with the country's first lady while attending the 13th international film festival. and as you guys can imagine, twitter is going absolutely wild over this picture. particularly the actor's facial expression.
4:40 am
christian tweeting i think he thinks he left the oven on back home. and mark photo shopping this picture writing cage, trump, pope. what do you think of that picture? i saw that going all over the place yesterday. very funny stuff. steve: now over here with the weather on the other side of the studio is j.d. janice: i told them my hair melts out in the rain that's why i'm inside today. take a look at the weather happens maps. tropical storm greg, tropical stormer win and hillary clinton hillary. remember we were talking about hillary last week? we didn't think it was going to survive? look at that hurricane hillary is going to become a major hurricane. the good thing about this storm it's moving out to sea. it's not going to effect everyone. take a look they radar. temperatures cooler across the northeast and great lakes. that's because we have a lot of showers and thunderstorms. that's going to cause delays at the airport.
4:41 am
l.a. and up towards boston. flash flood warnings in place. ainsley steve, back to you. steve: all right, ainsley, thanks very much. are democrats trying to influence the independent russian probe they demanded. jonathan turley here to discuss that coming up next. ainsley: it should have been the race of the year michael phelps versus a great white shark. viewers across the country are outraged over how it ended. steve: shark weak. ♪ welcome to the judge dwell ♪ out type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. you didn't know that. no. yeah. but, wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill
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ainsley: news by the numbers. jordan spieth become the youngest american to win the british open. 23-year-old coming from behind to beat matt kutcher by three shots in electric phiing final round. next, 26 months, that's how long it took to restore the
4:45 am
oldest commissioned war ship still afloat. uss constitution returned to boston. george washington saint the naval armament act. finally $55.5 million. that is how much money did you know kirk took imoney dunkirktoe box office. >> we shall never surrender. ainsley: the film tells the story of the dunkirk evacuation into world war ii. steve? steve: all right, ainsley, thank you very much. did you catch this? on the sunday program yesterday's? it's leaving some people to wonder are democrats trying to influence the independent investigation that they have demanded? >> the president is clearly worried that bob mueller is going to be looking into allegations, for example, that the russians may have laundered money through the trump administration.
4:46 am
that is really something, in my opinion, he needs to look at because what concerns me the most is anything that could be held over the president's head that could influence u.s. policy. that would be among the most powerful form of compromise. so i think it is something he needs to look at. steve: it is something he needs to look at. that is here to react is george washington university law professor jonathan turley. jonathan, good morning to you. >> thank you. steve: okay. so the democrats say we want an independent investigation. in that sound bite it sure sounded like the democrats were telling the independent investigator what to investigate. >> i think they have to be very careful about this. they have their own investigation. and they determine what their jurisdiction and scope will be for those investigations. but the greater cross pollennization that you see between congress and the special counsel, the greater the concerns are as to the course of the investigation. this is not the normal type of special counsel investigation. the mandate again t given to bob
4:47 am
mueller is look into the election controversy. a lot can be put under that. and when you graft on to that these types of helpful suggestions from political opponents, it undermines the credibility of the investigation. steve: surely. you used the word cross pollination: law which is clear and politics which is always in the eye of the beholder. >> schiff is a very good lawyer. he was my opposing counsel in the last impeachment trial in the senate. he is very, very good. too good in my view, given the outcome of that trial. but. steve: no sour grapes there. >> he actually knows the law very, very well. i think that the democrats need to be very, very careful. i think that you have some
4:48 am
mission creep that comes in any special counsel investigation. that's natural. when you have this type of broad mandate it can be a serious problem. the credibility here is significant as the democrats are criticized president trump for some of his tweets and some of those tweets are valid points of criticism. they also have made statements about the course and direction of the investigation. i think people need to step aside. either they want an independent investigation or they don't. steve: sure. jonathan, what have you heard what's happening with the special counselor and his investigation. i know it's a small town washington, d.c. you hear stuff. >> i'm actually the only person not under subpoena or not referenced in any of these meetings and quite frankly i feel hurt about that. steve: it's early. >> thanks. you know, it appears that the investigation is turning into the issue of financial transactions. and as the investigation
4:49 am
expands, clearly the risks expand with it. this is a very precarious period for these core players. they are going to be appearing before congress. they have to keep a consistent and coherent narrative because these are when the risks are the highest. but, by including these transnational agreements and tractions for people like manafort and kushner and trump jr., that increases the threat. you know, these people have huge portfolios and a great number of transactions. these federal investigators, if they find any criminal conduct, they can investigate it or hand it to the fbi. steve: right. well, there was a story over the weekend that paul manafort was being investigated for money laundering and trying to flip him so he would testify against the president. but then it was roger stone who is a long-time friend of the president said something like that's not going to happen because there was no collusion. there is nothing to flip over. >> well, first of all, collusion itself isn't a crime and there is not really a very
4:50 am
strong prima fascia case for any crime thus far. that raises some of these concerns. but, you know, the fact is mueller has put on his team some heavy hitter who are known for flipping witnesses. i wouldn't be surprised if they look for something that could give them leverage against some of these key individuals. steve: all right. stay tuned. professor jonathan turley. sir, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: all right. coming up on this monday, anthony scaramucci vowing to take action in the white house. >> we got to get the leaks stopped. if we don't get the leaks stopped. i am a business person. so i will take dramatic action to stop those leaks. steve: what does that mean? we're going to talk to corey lewandowski. he will be here in 10 minutes. plus, women now represent the administration in the west wing, the pentagon, the department of justice, and the state department. so why isn't this getting more attention? the leading ladies of the trump administration coming up.
4:51 am
this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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4:54 am
house press secretary. women represent the administration at the west wing, the pentagon, the justice department and the state department. why aren't these washington power players getting the recognition that they deserve? kerry pickerington is a political reporter for the daily caller and she joins us now good morning, kerry. >> good morning. ainsley: how do you answer that question? why aren't they getting the recognition they deserve. >> let's go over the names of
4:55 am
course you mentioned sarah huckabee sanders at the white house. your former colleague heather nauert at the state department. dana white who heads up the comms department over at the defense department and you have sarah isgur flores over at the justice department. if you remember, going back to the clinton administration, dee dee myers was the first white house press secretary who was a female. and that was to great fanfare. and you had back during the reagan administration you had when he appointed sandra day o'connor, she was the first female, you know, justice to the high court. and even though that certainly got some recognition, he was still thought of as, you know, that republican, misogynistic, sexist and so on and so forth. still, this someone of those things that ultimately no, matter, what as long as there is an r. next to a republican's name, they are
4:56 am
going to just get that sort of stamp of disapproval from the public as well as specifically the media, sorry, we're not going to give that you sort of recognition. ainsley: will that ever change, do you think? >> i have a feel that if it's going to change, it's not going to change for a very, very, very long time. ainsley: what would it take to change that perception? would it just be putting a republican female in the white house? >> well, you know, it's funny you should talk about that. because, remember, when sarah palin was running for vice president, even with that specific element in there, it was still sort of looked at as no, sorry, you are a traitor to your gender. so, that's not going to change much either. i hate to sort of put that in there. ainsley: what was your reaction in sarah huckabee sanders was given her new position? >> well, my first reaction was that was sort of expected. if you remember, when she was first put in front of the podium, people thought wow,
4:57 am
she is really handling herself really well. especially with those questions and
4:58 am
. . .
4:59 am
people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark?
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because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at steve: president trump is take on his own party. >> the president is exactly right. there will be unbelievable fallout. heather: nine illegal immigrants crammed dead in what is believed to be a human smuggling attempt gone wrong. >> it's that ease to get a truck full of people in the united states, that could have been truck full of terrorists. >> jared kushner will meet behind closed doors with the senate intelligence committee. >> they would never, ever do this to the clintons and that is what's fundamental wrong with this.
5:01 am
>> this is still a nothingburger. >> it's called a better deal. >> who wants better when they have the best? >> the son of a marine overwhelmed as new stepmom shares a message for him at the wedding. >> i want you to try the hardest. don't cry. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city. hour three of "fox & friends" from washington, d.c. and new york city and from washington.
5:02 am
>> good to see you. >> great to have you here. brian took the day off. national championship game today. steve: brian took the day off but the president hasn't taken the day off because he's been tweeting up a storm. ashley: drain the swamp should be changed to drain the sewer. it begins with the fake news. >> who knows the sewers better than corey lewandowski. corey, is it changing now, is there a transformation going on from the swamp to the sewer? >> what you've seen is the president has been resolved in the fact that he wants to get things done and things aren't getting done fast enough and haven't been achieved because congress has been slow to act. what you need to do is change the culture in washington to make the people responsive to the american public and they
5:03 am
sent donald trump to washington to be a change agent and that's why he's going to change the culture and bring people from the outside to get that done. >> we see him going to west virginia. a state he did very well, obviously, and ohio, talk about veterans issues, talk about health care, big issues that are on the agenda right now. get him out of washington where sometimes he could be couped up, go directly to the american people? >> i love when the president is on the road. he christianed the gerald ford on friday and he's in ohio tomorrow. the president is always his best messenger when he goes to the american people. i think the new press team understands that. what i like to say, let trump be trump. that's what he's going to do. let him go out and talk to the american people, tell them, remind him why they sent him to washington which is to change the culture, to get rid of the
5:04 am
obamacare, to make sure that we are giving middle-class relief, to make sure we have infrastructure spending bill and build a wall in the southern border. that's what he does when he's on the road. steve: when you say change the culture of washington, d.c., here is how it breaks down though, both houses of congress are run by republicans and it looks to a lot of people looking in, i talked to -- we all talk to folks all across america, why don't they let the president do his job, he has a republican senate and republican congress and they can't get the health care thing passed? >> you know, steve, i think the president is going to get the bill done. we want john mccain for sweedy recovery. we wish him the best. he needs to get back to the u.s. senate because he's going to from what i hear support the repeal bill which is very important. the president is a great deal-maker. you guys reported the senate from west virginia is on the plane flying with him today. he's going to work her to mick
5:05 am
sure she's supporting the bill. it's very important that the president fulfills campaign promises and if he doesn't, i hope the american people hold congress accountable moving forward. ainsley: speaking of congress you have jared kushner in front of senators today and be transparent because there's been so much conjecture and fake news stories about the relationship that the trump administration had with the russians and that participation in the meeting with the russian lawyer, so in this 11-page document that we have, this is his testimony, what he's going to say to senators, here is a snipped of it. reviewing emails, this is about the meeting that he had with don, jr. and that female russian lawyer, okay, he says reviewing emails recently confirm my memory that the meeting was a waste of our time and looking forward a polite way to leave, i actually let in assistant and wrote, can you please call me on
5:06 am
my cell, need excuse to get out of the meeting, so what does this say to you? >> it tells me like every other person that has a busy schedule, show up to a meeght and asked to attend by someone that they respected, in this case donnie, swrr, the meeting is a waste of his time and texts assistant to get me out of this thing, this is a disaster, i want nothing to do this. i've done this, get me out of here and there was no follow up. there was nothing relevant in the meeting to discuss. jared was there for a very short period of time, he clearly wasn't waying attention and found out this was not a meeting of any value to him and he said, get me out of here. all of a sudden, the phone rings, i have to to go, see you guys, that was tend of it. >> he addressed a -- the fake news said he met with embassadors, he talked on the phone, he addressed all of the news stories and went into detail if you read the 11 pages, what was your reaction, is there
5:07 am
any evidence of collusion? >> look, there's no i have had of collusion and there's no evidence whatsoever that anything that the russian government tried to do materially impacted the outcome of the election. democrats continue to run a narrative that hillary clinton lost because of russian interference. hillary clinton lost because she was a terrible candidate, she couldn't find a michigan on a map, she lost to north carolina, she lost in florida. it had nothing to do with anything. why don't we give donald trump the credit the he deserves and destroying the second coming of jesus himself which was hillary clinton, donald trump destroyed her because the american people want a new path forward and that's what donald trump is providing. >> sounds like the president's frustration is expanding to the fellow republicans. as the phoney russian witch hunt continues, two groups are laughing at this excuse for lost election taking hold, democrats and russians.
5:08 am
it's very sad that republicans, he wrote, even some that were carried over the line on my back do very little to protect their president. you talk to the president frequently, is he frustrated that there's not enough republicans in the house or senate, a, backing him on health care and, become, standing up for him and defending him on russia? >> well, ed, i think you're exactly right. what i think is this president has come to washington, d.c. to get an agenda done and that agenda is to get repeal and replace done and i think there is a frustration level with the members of his administration because we are six months into the administration now. the senate hasn't gotten the bill done. we have to get tax reform done so we can provide middle-class tax relief. we have to get infrastructure spending bill done. we have to get a wall built, all of these things were part of the president's agenda and if we squander this opportunity with the republicans controlling the house and senate and the administration for the first time, there should be accountability, so i do think that the administration is a little frustrated that congress
5:09 am
hasn't moved quickly enough to get his agenda done and rightfully so. >> if they do proceed with the vote tomorrow in the senate and from where it goes, stay tune. meanwhile the new communications director anthony scaramucci reminds a lot of people, corey, of you because his message is let donald trump be donald trump which you are famous for. he made it very clear yesterday that one of the problems with this -- with the situation right now in washington is the -- there are people in the west wing who are blabbing to the mainstream media and scaramucci says i'm going to give every amnesty but if anybody leaks forward, they will get canned. this guy means business, they will figure out who it is and you will lose your job? >> he's a man that's very serious when he says something. what i have said and what i have said many times, anybody who is
5:10 am
not on the president's agenda, whether it's the person who open it is door, the person who is running a government agency needs to leave. if you are speaking to the media out of turn and leaking information, you should be fired and when i think he's going to do, he's going to do in, everybody gets a clean sleight. he's going to hold people accountable because the president has been very clear, leaks will not be tolerated, find the leak, eradicate the leak so that we are on the president's agenda. and all these people who decide that they want to give out information to make themselves more self-important and aren't supporting the president and his agenda, they can go do it from elsewhere and anthony will get to the bottom very quickly. ainsley: you say it with such a serious face but you're calling it mooch. steve: i believe he's the only
5:11 am
person in the administration that has his own emoji, the wink and kiss because he blew a kiss on friday. corey, thank you very much from chicago. ainsley: headlines for us. >> i don't think i can do speaking in emojis. good morning to you. let's start with this news right now. one man is under arrest and more soon in cuffs when an apparent human smuggling attempt goes wrong. at least nine illegal immigrants are dead after being crammed inside a sweltering truck at texas wal-mart. it's unclear if he's the driver of the truck where investigators say 40 illegal withstood 100-degree heat, some from méxico and guatemala.
5:12 am
truck in san antonio may have been headed to houston. millions of americans waking up to aftermath of severe storms in the midwest. look at this video. in iowa downpours destroying bridges and out west rescue crews working overnight to help hikers. flash flood trapping a dozen people in wilderness area. and the video going viral for all the right reasons, we love this story, the son of a marine overwhelmed with emotion as his new stepmom shares a sweet message at her wedding. >> i want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person. don't cry. [laughter] >> that's little gage in tears as he wraps his arms around new mom. u.s. marine joshua and emily
5:13 am
saying i do in new york. the newlyweds are both on active military duty. i can't get enough of that video. steve: adorable. ainsley: she loved her son so much and both of them receiver in the military. >> a smooch right after the mooch. steve: there's an emoji. ainsley: that's cute. steve: coming up on monday, while republicans in congress are working to make health care better, some democrats want our system to look more like this. >> the country is canada, russia, a lot of places in this world spend half of what we spend per capita and better health outcomes than we do. steve: mercedes schlapp with that reaction. >> are you ready to feel the
5:14 am
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5:18 am
ainsley: while republicans in congress are working to make health care better for americans, democrats like deputy chair of the dnc and congressman keith ellison wants to make our health care system more like cuba he said. listen. >> the countries like cuba or canada or russia or a lot of places in this world spend half of what we spend per capita and they have better health outcomes than we do. ainsley: joining us to react former spokesperson mercedes schlapp. >> that's correct, both of my parents came from cuba. ainsley: why was that important for them? >> when the castro regime came into power and my parents fled cuba, actually my father was a counterrevolutionary and tried
5:19 am
to protest against fidel castro and ended up in jail for six years for speaking up against the dictator and, of course, it took away the properties and what we have seen in cuba has been the overtake of government, we are seeing this happen in venezuela where it's the national system, whether it's a nationalist system on health care, on education and obviously on a private property and it's all government owned and government run and so for my father it was very clear that with his freedoms being suppressed and being in that regime it was not an option and when he received his time in jail as political prisoner he came to the united states. ainsley: so what is your message to chuck schumer when he talks about single payer or message to congressman ellison when he talks about how good the health care system is in cuba compared to the u.s.? >> the ignorance of democrats is astonishing, when you look at the cuban health care system, it's very much two-tiered, both
5:20 am
party elites, military, foreign tourist who is get the best medical care in cuba and then what are the cuban people left with? left with hospitals in disarray. unsanitary hospitals where they have to bring in their own linens and toilet paper and the cuban people and cault of health is diminishing and diminished under the nationalist system. so when i do hear keith ellison make the comments about praising the community system and health care, it really makes me think that they really do not have a clue. when they visited cuba and some of the democrats have gone over to cuba, some republicans have too, obviously what the communist do is only show the best of their hospitals, but they don't really show where the cuban people are -- are going and where they are getting their services which are deplorable services for the individuals.
5:21 am
ainsley: that's why it's so important that republicans an democrats get the health care bill right. >> there's no question. thank you. ainsley: democrats unveiling brand-new slogan but already attack from the liberals. one democrat who helped craft the slogan for months is here tl defend it next. $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. ageless.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> bernie sanders reportedly keeping the door wide open for another white house run. associate close to the vermont senator says he has no intentions to, quote, step aside and let joe biden take it in 2020. the 75-year-old independent lost to hillary clinton in the 2016 democratic primaries. the potential run could be great news for bernie supporter michael moore who is already working to take down president trump. the hollywood film maker celebrating 5 million twitter followers by cutting 5 one
5:25 am
thousand dollar checks to be donated to groups working against the president. steve: a better deal, better skills, better jobs, better wages, that sounds like it's going to be the new slogan democrats are going to unveil later today. >> week after week, months after months we are going to roll out specific pieces that are quite different than the democratic party you heard in the past, we have cautious. steve: tell that to the voters who still say that democrats are still more focused on resistance against the president. democratic david has spent the last few months hashing out the new agenda and joining us live from the nation's capitol. >> good morning, steve, thanks for having me. steve: is that going to be the new slogan? >> the democrats will release our agenda, that agenda is really a better deal for the american people, it's better jobs, better wages, better future and it's really focused
5:26 am
on how we raise people's incomes, folks are struggling, we want to make sure we have proposals that will reduce cost of daily expenses and prepare them for jobs of the 21st inch say -- century. the system is rigged against them. they are working hard and not getting ahead and we really want to focus on things that are going to raise incomes an create good-paying jobs, address some of the fundamental challenges they face in daily lives. steve: okay. when you talk about the system rigged against them, until six months ago, there was democrat in the white house for eight years before that, so essentially -- >> the system -- no, no. the system is rigged against hard-working people. we have multinational corporation that is have a tax code that gives them tax rates
5:27 am
for shipping jobs overseas and that hurts american workers and subsidies photo sill fuel companies. people understand secret money being spent in our elections to -- steve: congressman, you're starting to sound like bernie sanders. >> the people know the system isn't working right that the economy is not working for them, that there are too many powerful lobbyist and special interests are getting in their way and not benefiting the american people, a better deal is about working on behalf of hard-working americans who are getting a raw deal from a rigged system and we are committed to making sure we create good economic opportunities, good f-paying jobs, making sure that folks can afford child care and reduce expenses in lives and have the skills and training prepared for the jobs of the 21st century. we listened a lot in this process. our colleagues went out and listening to constituents all across the country and this is a bold economic agenda which i
5:28 am
think will address the needs of working people. steve: chuck schumer was on i believe speaking to washington post responsibility. hillary clinton lost the election, he said, rather than blame comey and russia, et cetera, time to move on. that's really what you guys are doing, isn't it? >> look, i think this is absolutely the case that democrats we allon this, we all have responsibility for not effectively communicating the agenda to the american people. this is an opportunity for us to work together, house and senate and democrats, a very bold agenda that came from the american people, through our constituents, what they saw as their priorities and, of course, the ongoing investigations and all the conflicts of interest, all of that stuff is important, we can do two things at once while we pay attention to that, we need to focus on addressing the economic anxieties of americans across the country. steve: which is how donald trump
5:29 am
many say was able to carve about the presidency. >> he spoke about it. our actions steps and respond. steve: he's trying to get something done in washington but congress is slow to help him including the republicans. before you go, though, i know you were in on the new slogan, better jobs, water wages, better future, you know that sounds an awful lot like the papa johns commercial, you know that? >> obviously they don't have an economic agenda. this is an second that is about raising people's incomes about making sure we reduce expenses in their lives and prepare them for the jobs and the changing economy of the 21st century. there's a strong economic agenda and the last time i checked papa john doesn't have an economic agenda. steve: papa john does.
5:30 am
meanwhile still ahead on monday, anthony scaramucci coming out swinging during debut on sunday shows as communication's director. former education secretary bill bennett said he couldn't have done a better job and you will hear it from him why. technology use today track pets now a company implanting microchip in the people that work for it if they say okay. but don't worry, they promise, they are not going to track you. do you believe them
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5:33 am
>> such a treat for us on this beautiful morning. a little gloomy.
5:34 am
wonderful place of colorado. bill, what are you doing out there in aspen? >> i got in on a quota, you know, you're supposed to be a beautiful person. [laughter] >> they let in about one out of ten who is not. i was the driver. i don't really belong here. i understand. i'm enjoying the views. a gorgeous place. >> we wonder what you think about all of the stories about the collusion, collusion, russia, russia and then now we learn, wait a second, maybe the president is going to sign into law this sanction's package aimed right at russia. >> yeah, that's not very nice if you're close to the russians, is it, to sign sanction's bill against them? but also in addition, ed, think of the other things, the beefing
5:35 am
up of nato, can the russians be pleased with that, speech in poland, missile defense, building up missile defense. when obama leaned over and said, i will have more flexibility after reelection, he was talking about missile defense and one can reasonably assume can mean cutting down on missile defense, developing oil patch, letting the fracking go. we undercut them of that, these are all from the view of the russians, aggression, strong action which is are not helping them any. the sanctions thing is fine. ainsley: why do the dems, mainstream media, why do they continue the narrative of russia if they are not friends of the russians? >> we came here and believed it and still believe it because that's the story they're telling. and so they turn over every
5:36 am
table and talk to everybody they possibly can, because that's the narrative that they think they can win on. it's been a long time, there ain't much there, but they think this is the -- this is the song they sing to prevail. but, you know, it remains very hard for me to believe that the russians looking at -- the appointment of jim mattis and general kelly. these are tough guys, russians can't be happy about that. >> one of the president's tweet, frustration over the weekend was not aimed at democrats, it was fellow democrats, why are you not standing up to the commander in chief? >> i'm for that. look, i think they should be standing up to the commander in chief. there's a little confusion, we never had a president like this before, guys. i think you know that. [laughter] >> very different way and, you know, people are still getting used to it and they're wondering what's the next step, what's the
5:37 am
next tweet but he deserves defense. he won the election, he's moving forward on a lot of important fronts. are there missteps, of course, there are missteps. this is the most impressive cabinet that i have seen. steve: we've never had a president like this and we've never had a communications director like the mooch anthony scaramucci who if he's not a billionaire, close to it. i tell you what, bill, he made it very clear, i know there are leakers in the west wing, they need to shut up or find a new job, watch this. >> first thing for me is hit a cultural reset button, second thing is we have to get the leaks stop, i am a business person and so i will take dramatic action to stop those leaks. i'm going to be very clear with people. as far as i'm concerned, that staff has amnesty, if the leaks don't stop, i will pair down the staff because it's just not right. i'm not going to be able to stop the leaks or in the
5:38 am
intergovernmental agencies, that's a whole different ball of wax, something is going on inside the white house that the president does not like and we are going to fix it. i'm just focused on the communications team, as far as i'm concerned, it's a new start for everybody in that team and everybody in that team can stay as long as they follow the protocol of not leaking because at the end of the day, the president is super upset about the leaks, it's unprofessional. that's going to be one of my first steps. steve: bill bennett, the mooch. >> i know the mooch. it has to make them a little nervous to hear from a guy that sounds from the goodfellas. look, he's a very skillful guy. he's very depth and
5:39 am
communicator. i saw the shows on sunday. he would say, he would preempt the tough questions. i know you want to batter me and beat me up and go after trump, but let me try to get this point out, makes it difficult for the questioner to batter him. he's very smart in this way. he knows how to talk and argue. i think he will be a great asset, interesting team, sanders and the mooch. ainsley: we know spicer, i'm going change it. when anthony scaramucci was asked about sunday shows he said i'm all for the cameras being in there. if the president tells me, he doesn't want the cameras in, i will, of course, honor wishes. do you? >> i'm in favor of having the cameras. i'm in favor having the cameras when the person conducting the
5:40 am
conference has confidence. i like sean. anthony scaramucci, he knows who he is. blowing kisses to the media and all sorts of things that you chuckle about. you will see where this goes, this is a guy who is not lacking in self-confidence and with good reason. he's real good and real adept at what he does. ainsley: he likes hair and makeup team. for him. not for sarah huckabee sanders. for him. >> i won't comment on that. by the way, ask me about russia, on the way to the studio in aspen, you know what i saw, a saw a big bear. he said no sanctions. steve were you colluding with it? >> i colluded with the bear. no, i'm used to squirrels. >> long journey, from brooklyn
5:41 am
to aspen. bill bennett. ainsley: you have to get up super early, 6:40 there. steve: it is, indeed. time now for some news and julian starts with news from the president. >> yes, we do at this hour, good morning to you and to you at home as well. president trump warning iran serious consequence ifs they don't release detainees, tomorrow his family will testify on capitol hill. his son dan joined us earlier with the preview. >> we want to see him follow through on this and make sure that the iranians know that there will be consequences. that's really important. there's going to be some sort of deal. they have to know that there's pressure and we are not going to go away. the u.s. government is not going to go away and drop this. >> the family will be joined by others who also have loved ones held captive in iran. in minutes parents of little charry will walk into london's
5:42 am
high court to decide whether the terminally-ill child should be treated by a specialist in the united states. the court will decide tomorrow whether charlie can come to the states or taken off life support. it would have been the race of the year if it were an actual race, olympian michael phelps versus a great white shark. the drama, the shark beat phelps by two seconds. social media melting down because the shark wasn't a real shark, it was computer generated. you guys have been sharing thoughts all morning and i'm sure that the comments are coming in fast and furious. [laughter] >> 57 minutes into the show. >> i know. daniel writes, first it's fake
5:43 am
news and now it's discovery's version of fake hype. glad i watched something else. >> we thought the show was very informative, phelps must have set some sort of record. freezing cold water at 38.1 seconds, good point. steve: if you finished second to a great white, you don't get a silver medal, you get eaten. [laughter] >> at least geraldo's safe was real. someone actually wrote that in. ainsley: i was thinking. i was not going to say it. he's a friend of mine. >> we should actually greg norman, the shark to go against phelps. ainsley: what do you think would win on the water on that? the golf course might be different. i think michael might win in that case. a blind world war ii
5:44 am
veteran beaten by a group of vandals trying to destroy the american flag and we have a update and live report coming up next. >> technology use today track pets, one company is planninghi. microchips to employees. ainsley: give me your arm, ed. give me your arm. markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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5:46 am
when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night,
5:47 am
so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ainsley: big update for a blind world war ii veteran who is -- who was beaten outside of his house by a group of vandals. >> wow, marines across the country coming together for a major surprise. steve: watch this. fox affiliate joins us live from kaufman, texas. >> good morning, guys, howard banks is a 92-year-old veteran of world war ii. a couple of weeks ago as you say he was assaulted while someone was trying to steal the american flag that flies outside of his home. banks enlisted in the armed fors
5:48 am
when he was 18 year's old and he was left blind by a flair during the battle for hiroshima. howard was home and heard what someone someone trying to lower the american flag that flies in the front yard. he knows the sounds distinct, someone tried to had successfully vandalize the american flag one time before, shredded it and tossed it in a ditch and howard went to investigate and someone knocked him to the ground twice and he heard what sounded like more than one person running away. anyway, yesterday afternoon, howard was visited by some of the fellow marines, vets of iraq and afghanistan, they swapped stories, spent quality time together and the vets let howard know that he would be receiving an honor flight to washington, d.c. so he could visit the national world war ii memorial. that flight set to take place on
5:49 am
september 23rd, the marines also gave howard a new marine flag and a new stars and stripes, back to you, guys. ainsley: that will be an emotional ride for him. thaw awesome. steve: thank you, dan. 11 minutes exactly till the top of the hour. over here we have janice dean. janice: is there a price behind the door? ainsley: kitchen and living room are connected, we are open. janice: this studio is amazing. i want to show you the map because it's cooler than average across the great lakes and we have rain in the forecast. refreshing. we had heat wave, 60's and 70's across the map. across the gulf coast, northeast if you're traveling, you might want to check ahead because we will have delays from new york city up towards boston and
5:50 am
portland, area of low pressure and potential for not only shower and thunderstorms but flash flooding as well. stuck in traffic, mrs. doozy. steve: thank you. would you let your employer implant a microchip in your hand ? one company that we know of is doing it, the big question is would you? >> first let's check in with shannon who is trying out the chip. >> no, no, no column. big week ahead for the president and republicans in capitol hill as they scamble -- scramble health care bill. both expected this week and the presidential adviser jared kushner to talk to the house intelligence committees this week. we have a sneak preview of what he's going to tell them.
5:51 am
the senate top democrat tells clinton stop blaming comey and russians for your lose and we could soon have a decision in the charlie case. america's newsroom.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
steve: here is one of the things of our new studio. folks out there standing and waving at us. ainsley: hi. steve: to get into the studio you have to wave your company id. ainsley: ten million times before you can get.
5:55 am
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6:00 am
>> keep your emails coming. we will talk it out in the after show. tomorrow, who do we have? >> newt gingrich plus rachel campos duffy >> bill: good morning, breaking news this morning. the president son-in-law will tell lawmakers about a meeting with russian officials. senior advisor, jared kushner, because those meetings are a waste of time. he will talk to senators behind closed doors this hour. close to president trump, who we questioned this week. good morning everybody. how you doing, shanna kim asked me to good to see you. >> bill: i am bill hemmer. welcome back. speak i am shannon bream. along with palmetto fort is


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