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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 25, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> and the democrat like jesse's family. >> he probably does. >> >> senate republicans, this is their chance to keep their promise. over and over again they said repeal and replace, repeal and replace. >> madam president, it means voting to proceed. and that will occur tomorrow. >> the vote is on. this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington. u.s. senate preparing to vote tuesday to at least repeal obamacare. president trump is a lashing out at g.o.p. senators who are wavering, saying it's time to act. the future of a plan to repeal and replace obamacare remains uncertain. this on the same day the
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president's senior advisor and son-in-law makes a rare statement defending himself before a senate committee on capitol hill and then to reporters outside the white house over his contacts with russia. >> the record and documents i have voluntarily provided will show all of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of a very unique campaign. >> bret: morand jared kushner's defense today in a few moments. first, the president puts republicans' feet to the fire over the stalled effort to repeal and replace obamacare. in a short but pointed statemen statement, president trump decried democrats for passing what he says was a big fat ugly lie and then turned on republicans, accusing them of not doing their job in something they've promised for seven years. congress isn't the only one facing harsh words from the commander-in-chief. president trump also called out his attorney general on twitter,
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saying jeff sessions is beleaguered. fox team coverage. peter doocy on capitol hill. we begin with kevin corke who is traveling with the president in west virginia where president trump is scheduled to speak in a few minutes. good evening, kevin. >> you are right. whether he's at home or on the road in the mountain state of west virginia, the president is obviously content calling out those he feels like our standing in the way of his health care agenda. in many instances, that includes members of his very own party. >> now it's up to us to get great health care for the american people. we must repeal and replace obamacare now. >> in an effort to steal the public conversation away from the russia investigation and back toward health care, president trump met with a group of americans who believe they've been hurt by the affordable care act. >> behind me we have real american families, great
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families. just spent a lot of time with them, who are suffering because seven years ago a small group of politicians and special interests in washington engineered a government takeover of health care. every pledge washington democrats made to pass the bill turned out to be a lie. it was a big fat ugly lie. >> today's meeting came hours after mr. trump warned republican lawmakers there would be repercussions if they fail to act on health care reform. republicans have a last chance to do the right thing on repeal and replace after years of talking and campaigning on it. that tweet, one in a series about health care over the week, each meant to ratchet up the pressure on senate republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. >> every member of the senate, i say this. the american people have waited long enough. there's been enough talk and no action. now is the time for action. any senator who votes against starting debate is telling
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america you are fine with the obamacare nightmare which is what it is. >> while health care has consumed much of the president social media of late, he's turning his attention toward attorney general jeff sessions whom the president has previously criticized for recusing himself from the russia investigation. why aren't the committees and investigators and the beleaguered ag looking into cricket hillary's crimes and russia relations. this as anthony scaramucci is a warning that the leaks that have beset the trump administration from the beginning will end on his watch. or else. >> they are going to get fired. i'm going to make it clear. you keep leaking, i'm going to fire everybody. >> scaramucci rejected the notion that the president may be looking into hardening himself as a result of the russia probe. >> we are talking about the
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investigation. he says he doesn't have to be pardoned. the reason he doesn't need to pardon himself is because he hasn't done anything wrong. within the hour we expect the president to speak at the boy scout jamboree, the eighth sitting u.s. president to do that. tomorrow it's off to the buckeye state of ohio for a big rally where once again health care is expected to be front and center. >> bret: live look, glenn jean west virginia. not just the summer heat getting to washington. tensions are running high in the middle of what many see as growing fighting within the publican party that could derail efforts to get a repeal and replace filled to the president's desk. even the president seems to be out of patience. peter doocy reports.
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>> by this time tomorrow, senators will be asked to vote on health care measure that could help or hurt their odds of reelection and the midterms but very few know the bill will end up looking like because the motion to proceed will be on the bill that passed the house in may. it's about to undergo a major makeover. >> i would expect maybe 100 amendments. republicans, democrats will bring amendments. president trump said make it more generous. >> to get to the amendment stage, republicans must succeed with a motion to proceed and not everybody wants to do it. senator susan collins says she'll only vote to take a step backwards. >> if there were a motion to proceed to a resolution, sending the bills back to committee, then i would be for that approach. >> while senator john mccain is absent, republicans can only afford one no vote if they want to move forward. senator collins isn't just listen to republicans anymore.
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today she met with a democratic senator, joe manchin. susan collins and i met today. >> another republican senator warren his party's leaders he will vote no if he is asked to vote on the most recent bill. senator rand paul writes "i won't be a part of that. i won't vote for it, and if that's the bill for leadership intends to return joe, i won't vote to proceed to the floor. it's that simple." president trump tweeting: "it's very sad that republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their president." tweets like that are noticed but they aren't seen by senators as the most important part. because we had a meeting with the president, a very productive lunch on wednesday. we need to get to 50 votes. we are working on it. the president has been helpful. >> late were tonight
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senator john mccain may return here to vote tomorrow. the arizona senator has been home recovering from brain surgery. the top republican vote counter, senator john cornyn of texas, said this afternoon leadership is awaiting final word about whether or not mccain's travel arrangements have been approved. stealing peter doocy, thank you. the president senior advisor and son-in-law says he did not collude with russia. jared kushner was the first of president trump's inner circle to answer questions before senate investigators today and even though the meeting was behind closed doors, kushner made sure to get his side of the story out. catherine heritages on the hill with what we learned today. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign did. >> fresh off the heels of his capitol hill parents, jared
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kushner was adamant his meetings with russian officials last year were inconsequential. >> i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. >> in this statement, kushner provided details about meeting with sergey kislyak and other diplomats at this april 26 campaign event. "each exchange lasted less than a minute. some gave me their business cards and invited me to lunch at their embassies. i never took them up on any of the invitations that was the extent of the interactions." kushner claims he forgot kislyak's name. in december he agreed to meet with the investor along with mike flynn. the group wanted to do a call with russian military commanders on the ground in syria. kushner said the call was abandoned because of logistics and denied media reports he suggested a communications back channel.
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june 2016 trump tower meeting with donald trump, jr. and paul manafort, a russian lawyer and others, kushner said he came late. the conversation was about adoption. "the meeting was a waste of our time and looking for a polite way to leave and get back to work, i emailed an assistant from the meeting after i had been there for 10 minutes and wrote, can you please call me on my cell, need excuse to get out of meeting." days before the election, kushner said he received an email from an account threatening to reveal candidate trump's tax returns and demanding money. "i brought the email to the attention of a u.s. secret service agent on the plane. asked what he thought. he advised me to ignore it or not reply which is what i did. the sender never contacted me again." democratic lawmakers say kushner needs to do more. >> what was released publicly
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was lawyerly, incomplete. extremely important this witness to testify in public. >> fox news confirming that jared kushner will be back on the hill tomorrow before the house intelligence committee. he will be meeting with staffers as well as lawmakers. the session tomorrow will be closed to the public and is expected to last two hours. it's going catherine heritages, thank you. how could jared kushner's testimony today affect the russia investigation going forward. brit hume joins us. pretty detailed. >> it was. pretty specific and i noticed with some interest that senator wyden was saying it was lawyerly. it certainly was. no doubt carefully lawyered. bear in mind jared kushner is represented by one of the sharpest criminal defense lawyers in town, abby lowell. this behavior of his, volunteering to come forward, volunteering to testify, issuing
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a detailed statement ahead of any testimony, is not the kind of thing any smart defense lawyer would ask you to do unless the lawyer were pretty convinced you were telling the truth. otherwise you expose the client to the potential of perjury. this is the kind of move that would be considered risky. what you get here is some guy coming forward, bringing this information, obviously gone through and gone over by him and his lawyers. it's an unusual strategy and it suggests to me that you never let your client do this if you thought he were guilty of anything. yes, he's going to end up testifying that we know, a sense of what he'll say and i would be surprised if senator wyden would find much more to ask. he could ask a million questions but i'm not sure how much further he could go with jared kushner. >> bret: today was not under oath but --
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>> once you submitted to a committee, you are locked in. when you are called to testify, it's what you're going to have to testify to. >> bret: if we are to take all the details in the 11 page report on face value, does it change the dynamic? >> suggests to me that the jared kushner piece maybe in terms of the lead toward some collusion conspiracy might be a blind alley. that doesn't mean there weren't others involved in the campaign who did things either kushner didn't know about her was not involved in. doesn't completely clean the slate but not only does he say he was not involved in the collusion, he says he doesn't know anybody who was. as close as he is to the inner circle with mr. trump, then candidate trump, you have to believe if it was going on, he would've known about it. if you knew about it he's not going to put forward a statement
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that's going to end up under oath. i think this statement, this is not a blanket, vague statement of innocence. this is different and it strikes me that it's entitled to a measure of credence. >> bret: if you did say something that was not true, you are out on a limb. >> you are in trouble and no good lawyer would let you do that. >> bret: thank you. ten months after democrats lost the presidential election, the party is trying to regroup and find a way to beat the grand old party next time around. today they ruled out a new plan they hope could be the building block for future success. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports. >> a trillion dollar infrastructure program creating 15 million jobs, lower prescription drug costs with expanded access to the minimum wage and paid family leave and a 21st century trust buster to police big business. >> democrats are unified.
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>> unveiling their agenda, a better deal, congressional democrats sought to bring focus to a party sharply divided into 2016 between hillary clinton's establishment here in goldman sachs wing and bernie sanders insurgent wing. >> better jobs, better future. a better deal founded on strong values that we share, strong values fueled by fresh ideas. >> republican national committee pronounced the ideas recycled talking points. beyond dispute is that the democrats have lost a series of special elections. >> when you look back at the last ten years, we've lost roughly 900 seats in state legislatures. 60 democrats in the senate when barack obama took office. we are 48 now. we had 30 governors in '09.
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we are in the teens now. the list goes on. >> one new ingredient in the messaging is the jettisoning of the claim still proffered by mrs. clinton that it was the conduct of james comey or the russians or wikileaks founder julian assange or all of the above that sank her campaign. >> president trump campaigned on a populist platform, talking to working people. that's why he won. >> schumer was more blunt, telling "the washington post" "when you lose to somebody was 40% popularity, you don't blame other things. comey, russia. you blame yourself." the goat no matter what you do, it all comes down to who is the leader quick thank you can't do anything unless you have a leader that people like. >> the so-called autopsy republicans produced after mitt romney's defeat call for greater outreach to women and latinos. that victory offers a cautionary
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word about the postmortem spirits doing more on this but the panel. major roadblock in the investigation of a cyber security breach of the house democrats campaign could finally be giving in and giving up her laptop. fox news has learned former party chair debbie wasserman scholz is in talks to allow investigators to search your computer as part of a probe into allegations of computer theft, overbilling and possible email hacking. chad program joins us with details. good evening. who are authorities probing. who are they looking into? u.s. capitol police, fbi, looking at a series of pakistani i.t. workers who worked for house democrats. it's a procurement scandal. they are looking at whether or not they overbuild for laptops and ipads and keyboards. there is some question as to
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whether or not sensitive information was put in the cloud from house servers. house democrats who employ these i.t. workers, they fired them. debbie wasserman schultz retained one. he has not been cleared to go back on the house forever. basically he's getting paid for doing nothing. these folks have been working in i.t. for years. they've collected hundreds of thousands of dollars. there are some democratic sources i've spoken with have indicated this is a railroad based on their ethnicity. >> bret: why is this taking so long? we've been hearing about this for a long time. >> this is getting under the skin of some lawmakers. they want prosecutor sufficient or cut bait. there's so much equipment they are sorting through and somebody receipts and each time they find something new it takes them to own another rabbit hole. they want some clarity on this soon. i should point out there was an
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unrelated case not too long ago where they indicted two former house staffers. this just came out in february. i'm told there's probably going to be some criminal charges at some point but it's unclear if and when it would get to that point. one important issue is the computer belonging to debbie wasserman schultz. she had a tete-a-tete with the u.s. capitol police chief at a hearing. that computer is something investigators want to look at. debbie wasserman schultz is not under investigation but there is something in the constitution called the speech and debate clause. prohibits authorities from going into official papers, in this case a computer, of lawmakers. she says she wants it back. she is not implicated this whatsoever and if the -- at the hearing, they said there were
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"extenuating circumstances." >> bret: is it tied to the dnc hack? >> i've asked repeatedly about it and i've been shooed away. >> bret: thank you. chad is the most followed by lawmakers on capitol hill on twitter. a death trap on 18 wheels. a horrific case of human smuggling in texas and a driver who says he didn't know. later, the parents of little charlie gard make a heartbreaking decision in a medical case that capture the medical case that capture the world's
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truck. ten people packed inside the truck died and police say the death toll could rise. casey stegall reports on the case from our dallas bureau. >> these people were in the trailer without any type of water. >> outside temperatures soared above triple digits. up to 100 illegal immigrants were crammed at the back of this semi. court documents say the victims struggle to get fresh air. from a single hole in the trailer's because they were reluctant with no air conditioning. >> fortunately we came across this. >> they made the discovery in a san antonio walmart parking lot. when the police arrived, eight victims were already dead, two moore died at the hospital. more than 20 were transported in critical condition.
1:25 am
>> i prayed, i just wanted them to know we cared about them. >> the community gathered to hold prayer vigils. federal law enforcement and immigration officials interviewed this man. prosecutors believe 60-year-old james matthew bradley, jr., of clearwater florida was behind the wheel of the semi. today he made his first court appearance before a federal judge. bradley claims he did not know he was transporting human cargo. >> this is not by happenstance. it's organized. that's why we have to shut down this safe haven for people to come here illegally. >> lieutenant governor of texas wasting no time to bring politics and, saying this is why sanctuary cities like san antonio need to be shut dow down. acting i.c.e. director released a statement which reads "by any standard, the horrific crime uncovered ranks as a stark reminder of why human smuggling networks must be pursued,
1:26 am
caught, and punished." police tracked down the owner of the trucker says he sold it to amanda mexico recently and that bradley was supposed to be dropping it off this past weekend. the on casey stegall in dallas. mixed bag on wall street to start the week. down down 67. s&p 500 off nearly 3. nasdaq finished up 23. senior pentagon officials say the pilot of a navy surveillance plane had to take evasive action to avoid colliding with a chinese fighter jet in the east china sea. two fighter jets buzzed the plane sunday. u.s. commanders say the behavior was characteristic of the chinese military. comes days after the u.s. navy's top admiral called his chinese counterpart to discuss next steps in putting pressure on north korea. up next, the parents of charlie gard take the decision over his medical care out of the courts hands.
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>> bret: the taliban claiming responsibility for suicide bombing in afghanistan that killed at least two dozen people. the attack comes as president trump's administration continues to weigh its strategy in afghanistan where u.s. troops have been for nearly 17 years. greg palkot. >> an explosive filled car rammed into a bus filled with government workers and the afghan capital. the suicide bomber left at least 24 dead, over 40 wounded. vehicles and shops destroyed, civilians were among those hurt, including women and children. >> translator: you could see bodies everywhere, several shops were on fire. it was horrific. everyone was trying to run away. >> taliban claimed responsibility for the carnage, saying intelligence agents were victims. afghan officials denied but
1:31 am
admit the death toll following this and other attacks across the country is growing. nearly 7900 civilians killed this year. the u.n. weighed in. >> deliberate targeting of civilians constitutes a grave violation of human rights and international law and may constitute a war crime. >> all of this, as the u.s. is weighing sending more troops to the country. some 8500 are there now, down from earlier levels. afghan security forces often seem overwhelmed by taliban fighters. insurgents over rent districts outside the capital. >> our enemies will shake with fear. >> pledging -- president trump uncertain about sending additional troops. >> people are going to say if after 16 years of helping the afghans we haven't gotten them to a point where they can take
1:32 am
on the taliban, why would few thousand more troops make any difference? >> broking institutes michael o'hanlon notes that kabul hasn't fallen yet. a reason perhaps for the u.s. to hang in there. >> bret: greg palkot in london. thank you. breaking tonight, israel has agreed to remove metal detectors from the entrances to jerusalem's holy site. that angered muslims. the move comes after jordan's king abdullah and benjamin 19 benjamin netanyahu spoke. two is really officers killed at a sites. it was a case that capture the attention of president trump and pope francis. tonight the parents of 11-month-old charlie gard are ending their court battle to get experiment told treatment for their critically ill son outside of great britain. benjamin hall reports from london on the parents' decision
1:33 am
to, as they say, let charlie go. >> we will let him go be with the angels. >> charlie gard's parents have called it the hardest decision they've ever had to take after what will be their final appearance in a british courtroom. >> has charlie's devoted and loving parents, we've decided it's no longer in charlie's best interests to pursue treatment. >> the news came as a surprise to many supporters. additional scans showed the damage to charlie's muscles and tissue was irreversible and he also had irreversible brain damage. according to charlie's parents, despite the prognosis, a doctor from the u.s. came to examine charlie was still willing to treat him, though with less hope of success. they claim there's only one reason his muscles deteriorated to this extent. time wasting.
1:34 am
he was born with mitochondrial depletion system. >> having a review by independent experts, we know, had charlie been given the treatment center, he would've had the potential to be a normal, healthy little boy. >> the hospital treating him disputes this ad and a written statement maintains further treatment one of her charlie. other specialists agree. >> i think it's rather wicked to give the parents the idea that somehow, have they been treated earlier, had this little baby been treated earlier, it would've made a difference. that's actually not our experience with this sort of disease. >> charlie gard will be taken off life support and will pass away soon afterwards. there remains huge ethical, moral, medical, legal implications. who has the right to choose their child care? the parents or the state. a big debate is whether or not
1:35 am
the legal wrangling cost time. the parents have been asking for treatment since november. >> bret: thank you. this is a fox news alert. president trump on the road speaking before the 2,017th national scout jamboree in the glen jean west virginia. streaming live on as we had to break, getting ready for the panel. let's listen in to president trump. >> thank you, mom and dad, troop leaders. when you volunteer for the boy scouts, you are not only shaping young lives, you are shaping the future of america. the united states has no better citizens than its boy scouts. no better. the values, traditions, and
1:36 am
skills you learn here will serve you throughout your life and just as importantly, they will serve your families, your cities, and in the future and in the present will serve your country. the scouts believe in putting america first. you know, i go to washington and i see all these politicians. and i see the swamp and it's not a good place. in fact, today i said we ought to change it from the word swamp to the word cesspool or perhaps the word sore. but it's not good, not good. and i see what's going on and believe me i would much rather
1:37 am
be with you. that i can tell you. i'll tell you the reason that i love this and the reason i really wanted to be here is because, as president, i rely on former boy scouts every single day. and so do the american people. it's amazing how many boy scouts we have at the highest level of government. many of my top advisors in the white house were scouts. ten members of my cabinet were scouts. can you believe that? ten. secretary of state rex tillerson is not only a boy scouts. he's your former national
1:38 am
president. the vice president of the united states, mike pence, good guy. was scout and it meant so much to him. some of you here tonight might even have camped out in the yard when mike was the governor of indiana. the scouting was very important. where are the indiana scouts where are the indiana scouts tonight?
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including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts.
1:42 am
i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. and i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. donald trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that's by he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him. >> bret: you don't often hear from jared kushner but he is speaking to reporters outside the white house today after talking behind closed doors to the senate intelligence committee. he will do so with a house intelligence committee tomorrow. his father-in-law and the man he works for as a senior advisor tweeted: "as the phony russian witch hunt continues, two groups are laughing at this excuse for a lost election taking hold, democrats and russians!" "drain the swamp should be changed to drain the sewer. it's actually much worse than anyone ever thought, and it begins with the fake news!"
1:43 am
why aren't the committees, investigators and our beleaguered ag looking into crooked hillary's crimes" mollie hemingway, charles lane, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> the most interesting thing was what kushner said at the end, the russia conspiracy story line is ridiculing trump voters. good day for jared kushner, good day for those who don't think there's a lot to this story. not what we might've anticipated a couple weeks ago. obviously jared kushner is not ground zero of the russia conspiracy but if people are interested in russian meddling in the election, i think they need to start looking at fusion
1:44 am
gps, the democratic opposition research firm. they were behind the dossier, had ties to the meeting, running interference for the company involved in sanctions. it >> bret: he's not going to testify. he is taking the fifth. >> told the senate intelligence committee he will refuse to answer questions about his dealings with russia. >> bret: chuck, the president tweeted today after one year of investigation with zero evidence being found, chuck schumer just hated the democrats should blame ourselves, not russia, referring to the senate minority leader talking "the washington post," sanguine... somebody was 40% popularity, you don't blame other things. comey, russia. you blame yourself. people didn't know what we stood for, just that we were against trump and still believe that. that was quite a statement. >> chuck schumer saying
1:45 am
something a lot of democrats say privately. the more forthright, democrats should never have lost this election to somebody like donald trump. but for many reasons, many of which were their own fault, they did. now it's happening is in the middle of this scandal or whatever it is about russia, some of these senior people in the party and their pollsters and focus group people are getting together and trying to learn some lessons and pivot to a positive message aiming toward winning back some seats in november of 2018. perhaps the bad news is what they actually produced today was pretty tentative and talked about things that are very familiar, infrastructure, minimum wage. nothing new and it was interesting there was nothing in it about trade. obviously that's an issue that
1:46 am
divides the party because bernie sanders has a position almost like donald trump but hillary was more of a free .. issue that really played favorably for trump in the election and they haven't reformulated it. >> bret: still splits the party. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders citing almost with donald trump are your thoughts on jared kushner and the detailed statement. brit hume said if you're going to do that, you have to be pretty solid on what your putting out there. >> his defense was i was naive, inexperienced, careless at times, clueless at times, rookie and all of this. true, not the greatest of defenses. not exactly the one you want to go to but you have to in this case, and i think he comes out as a guy who's being fairly open about what he did.
1:47 am
there are a few phrases in there that are very lawyerly, like "i never relied on russian funds in my business." rely is an interesting word, implying there might've been loans or other stuff we don't know about. overall, i thought it was a good statement and it looks like he's clean. as for sessions, i set on friday he was a wounded man walking. i would revise that after the tweet today about, from trump, i think he's an extremely dangerously wounded man walking. now it's only a matter of time. the only reason possibly for trump to refer to the ag the way he did is that he wants his resignation. seems to me he will get it fairly soon. stay when there was a rumor the president wanted rudy giuliani. giuliani said that's not true.
1:48 am
and sessions says he's planning on staying on. mollie, i want to go back to the democrats and the rephrasing of the rollout. >> i think it showed they understand they have a problem with working-class voters. for a lot of people, when they think of the democratic party, they are thinking fringe elements. it's not attractive to middle american voters persuaded by trump. i think they need a much stronger message than what they put out. it compares unfavorably to what donald trump is already doing with his strong, defensive america. it is suggesting they see they need to fix things. >> bret: next upcoming republicans under pressure over health care. the president telling them to start doing their job. will that work? .. whoooo.
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.. >> by the way, are you going to get the votes? he better get them. he better get them. otherwise i will say tom, you are fired. >> bret: that was just moments ago, as he is talking about tom price, the secretary of hhs if he doesn't get the vote in the u.s. senate as the president continues to talk. that is streaming live on earlier today the president held an event at the white house where he also pressed g.o.p. senators. >> any senator who votes against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare which is what it is. for democrats this boat is a chance to make up for the
1:53 am
terrible harm they've inflicted on americans and for senate republicans, this is their chance to keep their promise. >> i know many of us have waited literally eight years for this moment to finally arrive. at long last it has. i would urge every colleague to join me. >> bret: so, the senate vote is scheduled for 2:00, sometime before 3:00 tomorrow. senator john mccain is said to be getting an mri tonight to see if he is okay to travel. if he is, this of course related to the diagnosis of brain cancer, if he is okay to travel, he may very well travel and drive or fly, but if he drives it's 33 hours. he would have to take off tonight. that's what the status of play is as we are counting heads up on the u.s. senate. we are back to the panel. charles.
1:54 am
speak of the something heroic and dramatic about it, but there's an easier way around this. i would suggest to susan collins or rand paul to say that they are going to vote the way john mccain would vote. they would take his proxy even though everyone understands they oppose proceeding to the debate is a way to say you don't have to get on a plane. i think if you are after surgery in the brain, you don't want the pressure changes of going up and down on an airplane. he really shouldn't do this. if it was life-and-death and the fate of the republic hung on him, a war and peace vote, but there's a very easy way to do this, and have someone take his proxy. it's easy to do. it should be done. >> bret: this first vote is to start debate on the bill that then opens up amendments that can go a lot of different places. >> they call it a vote, and this is a variation on that. it's interesting the role the president is playing on this. he is doing something that a lot
1:55 am
of the republicans on the hill have been demanding that he do, which is putting his political capital on the line here in terms of supporting a bill. it's also no coincidence he did it in west virginia where one of the senators is a big swing vote in this. in west virginia is also a state where he enjoys his highest popularity, 60%. he has some clout there. furthermore, it's an interesting state because you have a lot of people who are in medicaid and benefiting who are not victims of the number but got a medicaid benefit out of obamacare. yet he is going to try to sell them on repeal. >> also i think it's helping that republicans are realizing that failure to handle the situation is endangering their ability to do anything with their agenda and that's going to be very important in the year to come. they won't be able to get anything done on tax reform, which is absently important for the midterm elections until they deal with this. they may have thought that trump would take the entire blame for
1:56 am
failure to deal with it, but if they thought that they no longer do. >> bret: it's a mystery tonight what exactly they are going to be voting on. senators are waiting to see. also waiting to see if there's a congressional budget office core that comes up. we will cover all elements of it and have life coverage tomorrow of the u.s. senate vote. when we come back, a tiny cop ..
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> bret: finally tonight something uplifting. check out this future basketball star. 2-year-old chet of texas, watch this. he is already hitting the shots. watch this. oh. his dad showed this video on youtube. it's getting tons of views. nailing long distance shots, standing on the counter, one-handed. watch this one. boom. his dad said his interest in basketball peaked after watching youtube videos of people making similar baskets, and i was on his way to becoming a basketball master. there you go. thanks for inviting us into your home separate that's it for this >> it is tuesday, july 25th and this is a fox news alert, shocking revelations of the
1:59 am
human trafficking horror in a texas parking lot, what the driver is saying about the people inside the truck and the severe steps smuggling survivors took to stay alive. >> senator senator who vote against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare. >> all lies on the senate floor facing pressure from the president to repeal obamacare, live in dc where that vote is hours away. >> nobody deleted emails, nobody destroyed cell phones with hammers, there was no collusion. heather: round 2 of questioning on russia. what the president had to say about it. that and more, "fox and friends" first starts right now. ♪
2:00 am
>> the sun is not up yet. 5:00 on the east coast, you are watching "fox and friends" first on tuesday morning. heather: some lights should be on in the capital because work needs to be done. thanks for starting your day with us come all lies on the senate floor where in a few hours a vote to repeal obamacare will take place. rob: donald trump turns up pressure on republican holdouts, senator john mccain announces his return to washington flying in after being diagnosed with brain cancer to cast what could be the deciding vote. rob: