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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 25, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> that does it for us. >> julie: as we begin with a fox news alert. good day to you. a dramatic turning point for health care, just minutes away. the stakes cannot be higher. hello everyone, i am julie banderas. the senate gearing up for a key vote open debate on health care as senator john mccain returns from his cancer diagnosis to cast which could be the deciding vote. his surprise announcement came last night. meanwhile, president trump expected to make some comments at this hour as well before a white house meeting with the prime minister of lebanon. we have team facts covered for you. kristin fisher at the white house, but first, chieftain correctional quest want to come up mike emanuel. mike, how big is senator mccain's return? >> it is potentially huge.
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they can get too close to 50, he could help get to 50 to pass this vote. his return to the senate is lifted the spirits of a lot of his colleagues. >> we all know senator mccain is a fighter. that is by his remarkable life, public service. just as again it is evident of his quick return to the senate this afternoon. i know he is eager to get back to work, and we are all very pleased to have him back with us today. >> republican sources say one idea being floated to rank-and-file senators is passing what is being described as a skinny bill. it would repeal the obamacare individual and employer mandates. it also scrap the medical device tax, and then house and senate lawmakers would have a conference. to pass the miller minimum , and hammer out a final deal. >> julie: how are democrats fighting this bill ahead of this
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critical vote today? >> they are out in force trying to attack this bill ahead of the critical procedural abode, and dare warning the final package could be quite conservative. >> we all know the ruse that is going on. the ruse is, send it back to the house, and then we will see what they send us. we know what they will send us. we may not know every detail. it would either be full repeal without replace or something far too close to that. >> the bolt later this hour has been very hard to read, yet, it is a procedural vote, but has been really difficult to see where the votes are to see if they get the 50 or not, julie. >> julie: we will wait and see, mike emanuel, thank you for watching it. meanwhile, president trump is waiting to meet the prime minister of lebanon. they are expect to have a news conference. around the same time that the senate key vote is coming in on health care reform. all of this is the president has stepped up his attacks on
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attorney general, jeff sessions amid reports he may fire him. kristin fisher is live at the white house. kristin, what are you hearing, and how close is he really to firing his ag? >> too close to say julie, but senior officials are not denying there is a lot of friction between president trump and the attorney general. in fact, the new white house communications director, anthony scaramucci, just told reporters earlier today, obviously there is an issue with this relationship. the president wants his cabinet secretaries to have his back. get to a resolution shortly. now, what that resolution is, we do not know you. it's president trump going to fire him connect with the attorney general resigned, or is her chance for these two coto come together and be friends again and improve the relationship. that last scenario seems increasingly unlikely. even the president tweets and the incoming or new white house
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plexus i know he is frustrated and disappointed in the attorney general for recusing himself as we've said, this is a decision that if the president wants to make, he certainly will. he is continuing to move forward and focus on other things. that frustration certainly has not gone away. i don't think i will. >> that last part is key there. frustration certainly has not gone away. and i do not think a will. tensions have been building for the last week or so, ever since president tubb told "the new york times," had he known that jeff sessions would recuse himself he would've hired to somebody else to fill that job. then this morning, president trump set on twitter, attorney general jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton's crime. where are the emails, dnc server, and intel-leakers? this prompted some heavy criticism from some including
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senator lindsey graham. pursue prosecution of a formal political rival is highly inappropriate. he goes on to say that jeff sessions is one the most decent people i've ever met in my political life. he's a rock, concerta. he believes in the rule of law. a lot of republicans rallying around the former senator from alabama who is now the attorney general, and that is underscoring just how big of a deal this is. do not forget, julie. jeff sessions lost his seat in the senate to take this job. >> julie: this could all be part of a larger strategy, kristin. to ultimately fire the special counsel and a metal the blow that will bring down. >> it certainly is a possibility. a lot of folks are speculating in washington. those republicans and democrats. in fact, senate minority leader,
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chuck schumer, addressed that very possibility on the senate floor. listen. >> many americans must be wondering if the president is trying to pry open the office of attorney general to appoint someone during the august recess, who will fire special counsel mueller and shut on the russian investigation. >> you have the ongoing saga around jeff sessions. russian sanction bill. the president's son-in-law and senior advisor meeting again today on capitol hill. all this happening, and overshadowing what is happening right now. that is the prime minister of lebanon arriving here at the white house. >> julie: kristin fisher, thank you so much. this just in fox news alert. we are just getting word that senator dean heller of nevada is
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no. in the left side of your screen, we are waiting senator john mccain's arrival as well for the motion to proceed. joining me now, kai was john duffy, republican from wisconsin. all right, this coming in. we have a definite no. your reaction? >> i think it is troubling, sad, julie. we are in a situation that all we are asking the senate is to proceed to the debate on health care bill. that can be amended. the fact that we have republicans who are so afraid of their shadow, they will not say yes to go to a debate is troubling. the american people voted for repeal and replace of obamacare. they are saying is too bad. >> julie: dean heller seen a statement, he will vote for it. he obviously is among the many that have been a part of some
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pretty strong arming within the senate could first of all, he went from a "no" to i guess in a matter of an hour. seconds, hereunder. >> now we are happy. to my earlier point, all we are asking the senate to do is to proceed to debate. make your argument to the american people as a conservative or a little liberal. let the american people see the future of health care. whether it is conservative or obamacare, or of liberals want to go with the single-payer system. let's engage in that conversation, and this is the first step to getting there. >> julie: and that is something that democrats have said. they would go to a single-payer system and they can come to some resolution here. let's be clear. this is a vote to proceed to a debate. this is not an actual vote. if they vote yes, 820 hours to debate it. then they can go ahead and vote on it. i want to know why we are in this mess in the first place? mitch mcconnell has said he
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wants to bring a 2015 repeal only billed to the floor, and the whole point was to repeal and replace. how is it that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell got a vote to with repeal, when nearly every sitting republican voted for the same measure back in 2015? >> same situation where we are playing with live ammunition. the senate's repeal, answer to their constituents. mitch mcconnell has been a tough fight. he is fighting all different kinds of health care repeal or replace packages that can get 51 senators. he spent weeks doing this. it sounds like he has the right to bill, skinny bill, that will come up to the boat to proceed today. that will at least get the debate started. this is not perfection. this is compromise, happening in the senate right now. you can nickel and dime with the senate has had to do, but this
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is, can they get the votes to go to the floor and opened this thing up for debate. sb 12 of the three republican senators refusing to support , voted exactly by this measure. a year and a half ago be exact. >> rand paul says, i want to repeal it. let's start from scratch. hopefully he can make that amendment. if we go to the floor. mitch is going to let amendments come up, and rand paul can make the amendment, and see where the chips fall and republicans stand. >> julie: what about senators like susan collins of maine. she has been actually against it, hundred% a "no." shelley moore west virginia, lisa capitol, and west virginia, lisa makowski. they said they will vote against
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it, even starting a debate, but only repeal the aca. why would they put a roadblock and not allow this to go to debate? if they want to get democrats to come and meet in the middle somewhere on this, and it means that much to republicans to get some kind of replacement. they need to bring it to a debate. do they not? >> i think the argument is, we need to go to debate, but every house member has contingency. our states are different, districts are different, and decent senators are trying to do what they think is best in their home state. what i think is best for america is, we move forward on the debate for repeal and replace obamacare. you have good senators, who are freaked out about changing the current health care package of obamacare, but julie, we have to recognize that obamacare is failing the american people. we have this debate about what the republican party is doing, we have to look at democrats who have been obstructions in the
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process in our pricing american families out of their ability to purchase health care. now once a driven health care car into the ditch, with obamacare, down the sidelines and obstruct. you have a two-party system that is at fault, not just republicans, but democrats that sit there as well and say, we will not help you unless you go with a single pair government run system. california is going to try to have a model, of single-payer. they could not afford it. they scrapped the package. it will bankrupt america as well. ill empower government. not families. the package that the center republicans are talking about is the only pathway forward that is market, and freedom. >> julie: we are moments away from a very critical senate health care vote we will bring it to as it happens. it was supposed to happen sometime around 2:15 eastern. any minute now. this will come down, we'll have it live.
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>> julie: a turf battle on capitol hill right now. julian russia investigation. they set their sights on paul manafort. president trump's former campaign manager. the senate judiciary committee issuing a subpoena for his appearance tomorrow. he spoke to people of the senate intelligence committee. cheap intel correspondent, katherine harris is live. to try to explain all of what is going on on capitol hill for a spirit hello, katherine. >> to begin with, i am over on the house side, where jared
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kushner answered questions this morning for little over three hours. he met by closed doors with staffers from the democratic side as well as republican side. and some of the lawmakers. he did not speak to reporters as he left, but we did get our brief statement from committee leadership. >> was a very productive session. we had a chance to ask about the arrange of issues that the committees had been concerned about. we appreciate his voluntary ability to be a witness to a. >> able to answer every question. we are going to follow up on questions that we did not get asked this morning. >> based on what we heard from the committee leadership, we anticipate that jared kushner will be called back at sometime in the near future, julie. >> julie: also big development on the senate investigation with the formal trump campaign chairman. >> that is right.
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this morning we got confirmation that the senate judiciary committee leadership, republican chairman, chuck grassley as well as ranking democrat, diane feinstein issued a subpoena to the former trump campaign manager, paul manafort. does bill at horse trading in the second committing to try to get out how they will get his testimony. this is really part of this big bargaining process. that is going on. the issue of a subpoena is very dramatic, because it is coming less than 24 hours before tomorrow's public hearing. >> we want paul manafort to come like we want donald trump, jr., to come in other people that we want to call in. the point is we are willing to give up all sorts of accommodations, but we cannot miss a around and playing of oe
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committee against another. >> just as senator grassley was speaking, in fact, we had paul manafort in another part of the senate speaking with staffers under senate intelligence committee. we did not get pictures of him, but he may as well be back here tomorrow on capitol hill in a position, where he would have to take the fifth. again, a big negotiating tactic. >> julie: a fox news alert. we have democratic senator, chuck schumer, house minority leader there. senate minority leader. talking before the actual vote. it's supposed to happen to proceed to a debate. some time about 215 eastern. they have not actually began the vote. here, let's listen to chuck schumer. >> and now, here we are after so much cloak and dagger legislating about to vote on proceeding to a debate on one of the most important issues of our time. one-sixth of the economy.
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tens of millions, health and life affected without knowing exactly what will be debated on. perhaps nothing could sum up the process that's gotten here, that it's gotten here quite as well as this. the best that the majority leader has been able to cook up is a debate plan to do whatever it takes to pass something, anything to get the bill to a house and senate conference on health care. my colleagues, plain and simple, it is a ruse. the likeliest result of a conference between the house and senate's full repeal of the affordable care act or something very close to it. it will certainly mean drastic cuts in medicaid, huge tax cuts for the wealthy, no help with
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those with pre-existing conditions, and tens of millions losing health care, particularly in poorer and rural states. >> julie: the key senate health care procedural vote expected to happen anytime soon. whether or not to debate the health care bill. if it does vote yea, you have 20 hours for the senators to come forward with some sort of resolution and a belt that can be voted on as early as next week. we do have president trump meeting with the lebanese prime minister moments ago. let us listen. >> it is great to have prime minister saad al-hariri with us. we have watched a tremendous progress in lebanon. it is not easy. it is not easy. he is fighting many fronts, and they have really developed a great relationship with our
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representatives. the prime minister, it is an honor to have you. >> it is an honor to be here. fighting isis, and it is ongoin ongoing. i hope you have much more to talk about. >> president trump: we will. >> julie: that much about health care come up but meeting with the president of lebanon, and he has been very, very vocal. let us just be clear on health care, putting a lot of pressure on republicans to get this thing done. all morning long, tweeting about it, tweeting also about jeff
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sessions. we'll get to that in a moment. let's bring in simon rosenberg, president and founder of progressive think tank and the former advisor to the bill clinton campaign. also, match lap matt on the center for, and boy come and talk about all the pressure, especially on this man, and mitch mcconnell. let's listen to him. he is number mown to make one man who wanted to get through it's a choice, it would go up. choice plummeted. now, obamacare is years long lurch towards total collapse is near it seemingly inevitable conclusion. it will hurt even more americans on the way down. this, my friends, is the obamacare status quo.
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this is the status quo. we had to accept her for a long time. we do not have to accept it any longer. the american people elected a house with a vision of a better way on health care. then they elected a senate, and then they elected a president. now, having been given a responsibility to govern, we have the duty to act. the president is ready with his pen. the house has passed legislation. today, it is the senate's turn. that starts with the vote that will take momentarily. the critical first step in the process.
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the motion to proceed. it is the boat to determine whether this debate can proceed at all. whether we will even take it up. after four straight elections in which this was a huge mitt meant to the american people. it's the vote that determines whether senators of both parties could offer their amendments and ideas on health care. well, i told the people in my state over this. that i vote to move beyond obamacare. and that is what i will do today by voting yes. i ask all my colleagues to join me in doing so. is responsible to put
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legislation on the president's desk to move beyond obamacare. we did that years ago. president obama vetoed what we passed before. president trump will sign what congress passes this time. i want to think the president and the administration for all they've done on this issue already. they work with us every step of the way, and day, like us, know the consequences of failing to act. look, we cannot let this moment slip by. we cannot let it flip by. we talked about it for too long. we've wrestled with this issue. we've watched the consequences of the status quo. the people who sent us here expect us to begin this debate.
11:27 am
to have the courage to tackle the tough issues. they did not send us here to do the easy stuff. they expect us to tackle the big problems i'm see, we cannot get around to it if we do not start the debate. that is what the motion to proceed is all about. many of us on this side of the aisle waited for years for this opportunity, and thought it would probably never come. i'm a little surprised by the election last year. with a surprised election, comes great opportunity. to do things we thought were never possible. all we have to do today is have the courage to begin the debate. an open amendment process.
11:28 am
let the voting take us where it will. that is what is before us. , colleagues. will we begin to debate on one of the most important issues confronting america today. it is my hope that the answer will be yes. mr. president, senator mccain will be recognized to speak up to 15 minutes only, and the time not count on hr-1628. >> is an objection to make my move to proceed to account number one, hr-1628. speak out motion to proceed. calendar number 20. hr-1628. act to provide for
11:29 am
reconciliation. pursuant to title ii of the current resolution on the budget for fiscal year, 2017. >> sergeant arms will restore order. [chanting] [chanting] sergeant arms will restore order in the chamber.
11:30 am
[chanting] >> julie: there is a lot of drama as the senate is about to vote on whether to proceed to a debate on the health care bill. as you can see, chanting there'll come, "kill the bill." protesters making their way. not the first time we've seen protesters get in. they are taking a pause in trying to get rid control and regain decorum, if you will come up before they can move forward on whether to proceed to a debate. with the snow is alaska senator dan sullivan. during the no, never a dull moment. we'll get things in order, and then they would get to proceed on the vote. what say you are and what is going down right now it
11:31 am
regarding this vote to proceed on a debate? >> julie, it is time we had the debate. it is to get on the bill. it is to make sure the world's greatest deliberative body starts debating a critical issue. i'm going to cast my vote in a couple minutes. to start the debate, which i think most americans wants. >> julie: they are beginning roll call as as we speak. let us talk about us some of the republican senators that refuse to support the bill, because one of them actually have changed their mind. two of the three republican senators refusing comment senator susan collins of maine. no surprise. shelley moore cap toe and the idea of even starting a debate that only repeals the ac aca. this is just no end.
11:32 am
that capito has released a statement that she will go ahead and vote to proceed to a debate. i will read part of her statement today. i will vote to begin to repeal and replace obamacare. it is interesting. her wording that appeared replace obamacare. that is 1 of 3 options. you either repeal, get to it later, or repeal and replace obamacare. that boat doesn't seem to have the votes to happen, doesn't or doesn't not? >> we will see. will have an open debate. what is important for everyone watching, either on the floor on fox news right now, this is what the senate should be doing. debating a critical issue. you are allowed to bring up amendments. we'll have his straight appeal amendment. an amendment there relates to the broader bill we have been working on. it lets us do this. we need to remember, many of us, all of us made the promise as candidates that will move forward to do that. keeping our promises. it is critical in regards to
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that is one of the reasons why i will go down and vote yay on it. >> julie: it is inexplicable why anyone including democrats would not vote to allow us to debate and offer amendments. senator grassley said, it is irresponsible for anyone in the majority party, do not let the senate majority leader set the agenda. i want to play the tape. >> i think it is really irresponsible for anybody in the majority party not to let the majority leader set the agenda of the united states senate, which has been the custom of the united states senate going back to lyndon johnson, at least. and consequently, it does not look like our leader has been able to do that. >> julie: how irresponsible is a? for republicans to block this
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bill, and even supported back in 2015? >> i think what is cute here, if you are a candidate or somebody and you said you're going to do this, and does what your voters, the people in your state expect of you, keeping commitments that you make on the campaign trail is important. we also need a debate. right now, health care in many states including alaska is not working. our premiums on the individual market in my state have gone up over 200%. 200% since the enactment of obamacare. individual alaskans play over $1100 a month for health insurance. we need to bring relief. for me, the status quo is not acceptable. let's get the bill on the floor, and lead us start the debate among democrats, republicans,
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different fractions of the republican party. start the debate, keeping premises. i think it is key. hopefully, you'll see that happen in the next couple minutes. >> julie: i have to bring of the fact that arizona senator john mccain is coming out of a personal crisis after being diagnosed with brain cancer, and obviously being a huge powerful player in washington to return to a vote. we do not know which way he will vote. however, his voting is key. here's why. it gives him a little more wiggle room. now, only being able to afford one section before he steps back in, mitch mcconnell can have two. we need to make clear. this is still a very narrow margin. how do you believe mccain's vote will play into all this? >> first off, john mccain is a very good friend of mine. a mentor of mine. an american hero. a fighter.
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me and my family, we have been praying for him ever since we heard the news. i would humbly ask all of your viewers to pray for this great american, fighter, so, john mccain is going to do what is best for the country. that is for arizona. he's a man of deep principle. i have no idea how he will vote today, but i have not seen them yet. i am looking forward to seeing him in a few minutes. he is a great american, great senator, and i have the deepest, deepest respect for john mccain. >> julie: as do we all. we are all praying for him. he is a true hero. >> he has. soon alaskan senator, dan sullivan. president trump tweeting about john mccain. it is so great that he's coming back to vote. brave american hero. thank you, john. we will see how that boat goes just moments from now. let us first go to peter doocy. he joins me and i don't live on capitol hill with the very latest.
11:37 am
peter, how much of an impact did the vice president visit heaven today? >> as lunch with the vice president and skeptical senators started to wind down, where it started trickling out from the dining room that some of those who had been noncommittal on this health care bill to fix obamacare are now going to vote to proceed to debate. that does not mean they will back the final bill, because no one knows with the final bill will look like, but we are getting a lot of debts from senators like dean heller. if the final product is improved for the state of nevada, then i will support it. shelley moore capito who was an unknown, i will vote to begin the debate to repeal and replace obamacare. i will make decisions that are in the best interest of west virginia. the bill that they will proceed on today is going to look totally different by the time amendments have been added in the final vote is called.
11:38 am
senator rand paul said, he has been promised that one of the amendments will be a clean repeal of obamacare, so he is going to back leadership in the effort to move forward today. senator orrin hatch said, he expects a number of people to vote with leadership, who have not voted with leadership on health care before. louisiana senator, john kennedy, has a very colorful way of describing why that is. >> talk is cheap. there's an old expression. the site of the gallows concentrates the mind. when you have a vote, it causes you to say, how do i feel about this. >> senators that we have seen in coffee shops, hallways, elevators, they do not know how this vote to proceed is going to go. we are in a few minutes away from finding out. we are now -- we may seek senator john mccain at a podium outside the senate floor, where he is expected to talk to
11:39 am
reporters about his heroic return to this vote, and also for a handful of other big items that he looks forward to take the next couple of days. >> julie: peter doocy, thank you very much. i'm getting breaking news right now. in fact, we are getting word. just before i welcome my political panel here, to republican senators are voting no. susan collins of maine and lisa murkowski of alaska. mitch mcconnell needs a 50 out of 52. that means he cannot afford one more defection. join me now, simon rosenberg, president and founder of progressive think tank and former advisor to bill clinton campaign could also matt schlapp. >> i am not surprised by susan collins. a little surprised by lisa murkowski. i think one of the reason why john mccain, literally got off
11:40 am
his hospital bed to get to the senate is they need his vote. looks to me like they probably have the votes on the motion to proceed, and it is very open question on what will carry the day on this boat. where you will see a series. >> julie: lisa makowski, surprise. they wanted a full repeal, and replace. however, the one that potentially could save all this is shelley moore capito of west virginia. she is saying, she will vote to go ahead and allow this to go forward for a debate. however, she wants repeal and replace. i guess we'll have to see how she votes come next week. do you believe, they have the votes to go ahead and move forward on this proceeding to a debate? >> it appears for right now, they have a shot at getting to 50. let's remind the reviewers what
11:41 am
they are voting on. there are voting to proceed to a debate for bill we do not know what the bill's. they do not have the votes to pass the bill that tried to come up a few weeks ago. something similar to the hospital. this is been a train wreck for republicans. they never struggled to get to 50 on a motion to proceed. this is a procedural vote. leadership always gets to 50 on this. the fact that they're struggling to get to this shows the weakness and mitch mcconnell, and they cannot pass anything that looks like the house bill. i do not know where this is going to go. they may have to have a skinny bill over the the week. we're going back to where we were two weeks ago, where they can't get anything through the senate, because their stated opposition to anything that will strip tens of millions of people off of health insurance. >> simon, i think the question is this. there is no question you get that procedural vote. i think mitch mcconnell will get the vote to proceed. what do they do.
11:42 am
the question is, most likely they will have another vote that passed the united state senate with all the same republicans minus susan collins. obama did not sign the bill. there's no excuse for any republican who voted for reconciliation repeal in 2015 do not have that copycat vote done exactly the same way and supportive once again. if they don't, i do think simon is right. if those republicans failed to vote as they did two years ago, to really confirm their campaign promise that they would repeal obamacare. there will be hell to pay out there. republicans and conservatives cannot understand why for seven years, republicans win around the country and told the american people they thought obamacare was so obnoxious, they would vote to repeat repeal it. this is the time to do so. >> remember, matt. last week, mitch mcconnell brought up what you just said.
11:43 am
the straight repeal. >> no -- >> mate, you are not right. >> no -- >> they connected to it. >> i do not agree, let's say this. we do not know where the votes stand on this 2015 repeal on a skinny repeal or senate alternative. i will make a prediction on national tv. whether they pass repeal or not, they have a chance to. there will be a senate alternative house bill that will pass the senate, and we are going to go to congress. and i think mitch mcconnell, who's in a masterful job. if they do not get this done, there is no argument to keep a republican majority in the united states senate. >> julie: i want you to stand by. i want to bring in utah congressman chris stewart, member of the house intelligence committee. let's just talk about what is going down right now. we understand that this, there
11:44 am
are two no's. they make it to get a debate. >> how can you vote against having a debate? i do not understand why any republican would not. let's have his vote. move forward. it is complicated. on the battle he had on the house, where it took us a couple times to do it. we did move forward. last thing, this narrative that has filled up. the mean, old republicans are out to health care. anyone are designed to help people. let's help the american people. you can only do that if you have the debate and then have the vote. in >> julie: how big of a potential meltdown could receive for republicans if they do not get this to a debate. if you cannot debate it, you can pass it.
11:45 am
as we mentioned earlier, senator grassley spoke about how irresponsible it would be not to bring it to a debate. the democrats even would want this to go to a debate. they were complaining about at the very beginning of all this, when republicans were having a closed-door meeting and they said no, let us debate appeared big out they asked for. i cannot understand how you would not want two to go forward on the debate. how disappointed are you in the republican senate such as susan collins or lisa makowski but do not even want to seem to move forward to a debate. >> i will not call them out individually. >> julie: we have to. that means that mitch mcconnell cannot afford one more know. they could kill this thing right today. >> that is right. even right now. you call it a meltdown. is it is a volcano, not a meltdown. friendly, the american people would be so frustrated if the senate, let's just not talk
11:46 am
about it. it is too hard. let's just move on. we owe it to the american people to have a debate, and then to stand up and say, this is how i will votes. this is what i believe. we think that obamacare as we exist is better than the republican alternative, designed to help millions of americans. oh my heavens, here at the house, we would be so frustrated. if the senate does not have a conversation. >> julie: the senate intelligence committee. i want to switch to jared kushner and a paul manafort. the house intelligence committee. do they have plans to do the same? did you get any information out of the q&a today? >> i think the democrats simply want to subpoena everyone in washington, d.c. look at the potential witnesses. the conversation with us before was very good. it went much longer than expected. he answered the same questions again and again and again peered by the way, if any of the
11:47 am
members come out and say, he was now forthright or did not answer questions, that is not to. he stayed there until they were answering the same questions over and over again. if someone thinks that president trump is going to be impeached because of the testimony or activity of jared kushner, they will be sorely disappointed. he is very credible. very sincere. he simply did not have much to say. when you talk about collusion, he was adamant. there was not any. >> julie: i also want your take on jeff sessions. the president has said his frustration saying, he would not have appointed then, knowing he would recuse himself in the russian investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign. next, you called him beleaguered. now, he has leaks on criminal acts by hillary clinton. i would say, it has gone south
11:48 am
for these two. what is next? there are rumors that he will final the ag? i want to take on all that. >> i certainly hope not. mr. sessions is one of the most sincere public servants that i know. i think the american people see that. when they see his testimony, you think, this is a good man. i support the president, i support his goals. jeff sessions should remain as attorney general. there's no reason in the world what i could see why he wouldn't remainder. part of it for me, is being a military god. there's something about being loyal to your troops. loyal to your team. it feels like the president owes that to mr. sessions as well. thank you so much for talking to us. we really appreciate it. you can go back and there and get some work done as we continue to watch as this unfolds. what an exciting day. senators, thank you very much. we can also report, this just
11:49 am
in, vice president pence is presiding over the senate vote as we await senator mccain to arrive and cast his vote. fox news anchor, bret baier. he hosts "special report with bret baier." now we await this vote. we are really not surprised with the noes. >> comes onto the next few minutes. yes, to vote john mccain. senator john mccain and ron johnson from wisconsin. the vote is 48-2. none of the democrats have voted. they are sitting on their hands, waiting for the rest of the republicans to vote. this is sweating out the numbers. if john mccain and johnson vote yea to proceed, then there will be vice president pence who is presiding over the senate currently, it will be the
11:50 am
tiebreaker. you see how crucial it was for it senator john mccain to be back here in washington. every last vote counted, and the fact that after that surgery and he got back on the plane, he is back here, and now johnson and mccain are the final two. >> julie: john mccain coming back, it has not proven that he saved this thing. he really did. >> or he will kill it. >> julie: i believe, and you agree, he wants us to go to a debate. if you were to vote on let's say, the house bill, he would get es, but to move forward to a debate is something i have a feeling, if you want to happen as most do. no? >> i think you can expect them to vote yes, but again, i don't think we can say it until it happens. i do believe there's the other side to this, the collins-lisa murkowski side. what they are voting on, arguing
11:51 am
about or not, is destabilizing the insurance market. there is not a lot of certainty about what will happen and come out of it. and while matt jeff sessions say they want to work it out. senators do not like to do that. they want to know what the voters going forward they think that this is something that will be uncertain for the markets and for insurance. >> senator moran will be supporting full repeal. three g.o.p. senators, johnson, mccain. talk about where you see this going forward. we only reported senators dean heller came out, voted no. many republican the democrats even have basically said, this will be responsible. not to go ahead and allow this to go forward to a debate. what is the word in washington
11:52 am
as to why they would want to put a hold on this and not allow for this legislation to go through? >> what they do not believe in that legislation as it is written peered to go to a piece of legislation they would agree to, it would require amendments in a process that they have to . that is their argument. not going to proceed. do i think they'll get these final two coat votes? yes. in the next minute, you'll see john mccain and ron johnson vote yea to proceed. i cannot tell you that 100%. once that happens, you have a bill on the floor that you are debating, and you are going to go to a series of amendments. the question is then, are senators going to agree to pass and then through the senate in the hopes of whatever passes could be fixed in a house and senate conference committee. that is a lot of trust in the leadership of the senate and house, and there is not really been, julie come a lot of trust in front. >> julie: i want to talk about some of the amendments. your rand paul, ted cruz,
11:53 am
michael mike lee. they've not been revealed. i want to get a sound bite from rand paul so i can play it for you. we will not have it. here's what he says but i will read appeared a problem. it has not been scored by the cbo. that is important, because if it is not scored by the cbo, it cannot be presented as an amendment. ted cruises amendments, we do not know if they'll be allowed. whether to buy, we do not know whether or not that will be allowed. by the boat when terry end. and parent do is anyone even know what they are voting on? the house bill? >> it is a motion to proceed to the hospital. the house bill will be the vehicle by which they are voting on a series of amendments. the trouble that they are talking about their all the members have to fit under
11:54 am
reconciliation, which is a specific budget rule. they have to make that determination in order for the vote to be 50 plus one. not 60, the usual majority that it requires to move forward to closure. what you are seeing is a lot of uncertainty about the next steps what is certain if this does not go through, and they will quickly move to the national defense authorization bill. that is senator john mccain's funding of the pentagon. that is really john mccain's wish that that whole thing move forward. no matter what happens, with health care, they will keep on trucking and tried to get through funding the pentagon. eventually to the sanctions bill that likely will be voted on this afternoon in the house. >> julie: on the right side of your screen, the rose garden, the president expected to speak there at 3:00. at 6 minutes from now. speaking of these amendment, rand paul has an amendment to allow people to buy across state
11:55 am
lines, and you haven't ted cruz and mike lee. both have said, and this is interesting. something that i believe might perhaps resonate these senators who were against it from the bat, because they did not want to repeal without a replacement. and this is what ted cruz has said. start with the language in 2015. every republican voted for in both houses, past that. have a go to it to affect in a year or two years from now. spend the time debating the replacement. republicans, if they cannot get this done right now, then honor the promise on repeal and spend more time to get it done. the question is, will that resonate today? >> i think it will resonate with some. however, with others, there will be this sense that it will create such havoc in the health insurance marketplace with the insurance companies not knowing what the end result will be. that the interim chaos of those
11:56 am
two years will be detrimental for their constituents and their state. they have a problem with this two year, figure it out, repeal it all and figure it out. they are thinking, people will fall through the cracks. it would be very tumultuous for their state, especially for the people who just got coverage this pastime. i do think there are those who will push for amendments that may be do not fit under reconciliation, but that could move forward with the 60 votes. if democrats, who are in states that donald trump won by 80% or more of the counties. there are 13 democrats up for reelection in 2018. and states that donald trump won 80% or more of the counties. some of those amendments may actually be something they think about her closely, and if they can get to 16, it changes the bill inherently. >> julie: we are still
11:57 am
awaiting the bill for the debate for the motion to proceed to debate. we are waiting for that to come in. bret baier, thank you. we will see you at 6:00 for complete coverage. you have all the breaking news of course by then. let's bring back simon rosenber rosenberg, matt schlapp real quick. we want to get your word, first of all final word. matt, as far as this proceeding with the amendments that bret and i were talking about. do you believe that those amendments will make or break the vote to proceed to a debate? >> totally. this initial vote, i believe they will get there. once you proceed, it is all about what happens. i don't think anybody has a firm handle, including the whip of the united states senate, exactly how this will go down. today or whether they will pass or not. i think it is very close call. throughout the entire process,
11:58 am
and the one thing i'm very confident of the publican's insurers have gotten the message loud and clear over the course of last week that failure to get this done will have devastating consequences. >> julie: and we are watching. here is to to watch. we are still awaiting three senators to vote on this. so far, we have lisa murkowski of alaska, no. senator mccain is just now arriving on the hill. he is the man of the hour. his vote is crucial. mitch mcconnell cannot afford to lose another vote. he needs all 50 at this point. first of all, simon. how much of his vote does write on this. in the fact that he did appear for vote which was a shock and a welcome to those republican senators when they made the announcement that
11:59 am
john mccain's office released a statement yesterday. he would leave his home, where he had been recovering from the surgery that we have all been praying for. he will come back and make a vote. the question is, whether he will vote yes on this proceeding to debate. bret and i were just debating. this is something he would do, it seems. assignment? >> it it appears, let's say ron johnson, and senator senator mccain vote to proceed. we go next to considering the bill. the republicans are starting at 50. because of lisa murkowski and susan collins. shelley mork's between when can i vote yes on any vote. given what she has already said in public. my view, we will get a "yes" to proceed, and in the bill will fail. >> julie: ten seconds, math? >> i don't think we know that you be the case. negotiating right now. and i think mitch mcconnell
12:00 pm
needs to get this done. >> julie: matt schlapp, thank you simon roseburg. let's listen. >> shepard: good afternoon from fox news in new york. those of you watching on fox television stations and fox news channel around the world, this is fox news coverage of the motion to proceed, the motion to take up debate on the new healthcare bill. john mccain has just entered the senate floor. diagnosed with brain cancer and treated and made his way to the capitol and will speak after the vote is complete. that applause for john mccain who our viewers on fox news channel know just walked into the senate chambers. the vote on the republican side is all but complete. they're now voting -- the democrats are now voting. here's what happens. the republicans have


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