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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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contemplating. can you for the betterment of the senate republicans working with this white house on a lot of issues put to rest once and for all the status of the attorney general? he is not going to be fired? there is not going to be a need for a recess appointment and this issue can be laid to rest for the country and senate republicans who appear, based on their public statements, to be anxious about this process? >> i guess i'm not sure how many times you have to lay an issue to rest. i have tried many times. >> when you don't say the president has confidence and the president says time will tell as he said earlier this week, i'm only telling you what senate republicans who are in a position have to deal with. >> i have answered your question and yesterday you probably saw a statement come out from here that that was more fake news from "the washington post on the exact that we were considering a recess appointment. i think that sums that up pretty clearly. >> thanks, sarah. this is a little, maybe just a little bit off topic. i want to run it by you anyway. is the president aware --
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>> -- probably good if we mix it up a little bit. >> right. >> is the president aware of the it staff, congressionallity staff who most recently worked for debbie wasserman shultz who was recently arrested attempting to leave the country although he said he was not trying to flee the country. is the president aware of that particular circumstance and is he satisfied with the pace of the investigation? >> i haven't had a conversation with him specifically about that. but i do think it is something we should fully look into and there should be a thorough investigation. kristin? >> since we only have one question, i'm going to ask you about the voice mail. >> you better make it count. >> she wrote this to family members who were at the president's events earlier this week. i want to extend my sincere apologies to those scouting family offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jam bore rethat was never our intent. we sincerely regret that
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politics was inserted. >> i was at that event. and i saw nothing but roughly 40 to 45,000 boy scouts cheering the president on throughout his remarks. i was pretty excited that he was there and happy to hear him speak to them. >> did the head of the boy scouts know there was a problem. a lot of parents have frustration. felt the need to write a letter. does the president owe them an apology? >> again, i was at that event and heard nothing but a lot of cheering and probably one of the most energetic crowds i have seen in front of the president and so i don't have anything to add. i haven't seen the statement from the boy scouts. so i can't comment any further than what i saw firsthand. and that was a lot of individuals, roughly 40 to 45,000 as reported cheering the president on. zeke? >> two for you real quick.
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>> one, remember there is a rule. >> real quick. first on anthony scaramucci on cnn this morning a conversation with attorney general jeff sessions but these supposed leaks, that would appear to violate doj guidelines. out of alaska local paper there is reporting that senator murkowski received a phone call from the secretary of the interior zinke threatening -- essentially threatening the services and federal dollars that the toward people of alaska if she voted a certain way on the healthcare bill. i'm hoping can you confirm that and whether that conversation happened. >> i will answer both of your questions with one answer so it keeps it somewhat fair since you kind of broke the rules. i'm not going to speak about conversations between cabinet members and other individuals that i wasn't a part of and haven't ha chance to talk to either individual about. francesca? >> thank you, sarah. you suggested on reince
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priebus. and anthony scaramucci coming into the administration. at this point, based on what we have seen quite publicly playing out though, do you think they need to sit counsel and talk as house speaker paul ryan said and get whatever this is out of their system so they can start off on the right foot here. >> i don't know if he has an opinion on what she should do between the two of them? i think the president as always enjoys. sees that as such. i got to wrap up here because the president is getting ready to do an event which i all know you probably want to attend. and i want to leave you with just one last thing before i close out on an important development. you guys love to talk about russia and there has been nonstop coverage in the one day that there might have been a question on russia, there wasn't, often we have a lot of media with russia first but today there was public testimony that further discredited the phony dossier that's been
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the source of fake news and conspiracy theories. we learned that the firm that produced was being paid by the rusts. this is latest the latest piece of evidence that vindicates what the president said this is a witch-hunt and hoax. it's a shame that the president and the country have had to go through this charade continually and hopefully this will help us move forward in that process and with that, thank you guys so much and see you >> shepard: sarah huckabee sanders and the daily press briefing. the lights are back on, the cameras are back on as the new communications director, scaramucci, told us they would be. it's five minutes past 3:00 on the east coast. first from the fox news deck this afternoon, senate republicans could vote sometime today in their latest effort to pass a healthcare bill. a live look on the senate floor now. gop leaders say they're considering what they call a skinny repeal bill, what the
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white house called just ten minutes ago the freedom bill. that's brand new. the truth is, it doesn't repeal the healthcare law. it does, we're told, defund parts of obamacare, but leaves much of the law in place. president trump has repeatedly blasted republicans for failing to pass a healthcare bill. today he tweeted, come on, republican senators. you can do it on healthcare. after seven years, this is your chance to shine. don't let the american people down. gop senators have already failed to pass two healthcare bills because of opposition in their own party. the president yesterday singled out the republican senator lisa murkowski of alaska for her votes against the gop healthcare effort. he said she let down republicans and our country. the alaska dispatch news reports ryan zinke called senator murkowski and the other senator, republican dan sullivan. according to the newspaper, secretary zinke said that one of murkowski's no votes had put
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alaska's future with the trump administration in jeopardy. here's what senator murkowski said about that earlier today. >> i did have a conversation with the secretary. and he told me what i already knew, which was that the president wasn't pleased with the -- sorry. looking for which room i'm going to -- wasn't pleased with the vote i had taken. and i knew that. i had had a conversation with the president. >> did he threaten you? >> i don't think it's appropriate to use words like that. >> shepard: senator dan sullivan told the paper that the call from secretary zinke sent a troubling message. senator sullivan said i'm not going to go into the details but i feel the strong economic growth from alaska who were part of those policies are going to
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stop. what he is describing is presidential retaliation for a senator's vote. we can't confirm that's what's happening. the senator said he tried to put back on behalf of all alaskans. the reality, this, republicans tried to repeal and replace and failed. they tried repeal and delay and filed. the skinny bill is next. it's not yet public. its contents are a secret. we did get an indication of what it does. fox news is told it repeals the individual mandate and the employer mandate, repeals the medical device tax and defunds planned parenthood. the congressional congressional office scored the bill. it said 16 million people would lose their insurance. a senior democratic aide tells fox news that the cbo has told senate democrats that premiums would go up 20% each year.
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20% higher than under obamacare. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. shep? >> there's intense pressure on capitol hill after years of talking about healthcare reform, this is a time when there may be some action, particularly pressure on the two moderate senators that oppose their leadership and even discussing healthcare reform. lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of maine. collins was asked about reports of a threat. >> if the reports are true, they're very disturbing. lisa murkowski has the most integrity, doing her best to represent her constituents. that should be respected and honored even if it is not in line with what the administration wishes she would do. >> other republicans say they're not feeling the heat. they say it's time to go. >> you can do whatever you want to me. the only thing you can't do for
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me is talk about my momma. other than that, you can say or do what you want. >> the bottom line is they can pass the so-called skinny repeal. the message from the white house is president trump wants this done and we heard from sarah huckabee sanders just a short time ago. >> the president looks forward to seeing the senate fulfill the promise later tonight when they repeal obamacare and end the nightmare its caused for american families and businesses. >> so we're hearing from the white house after years of talking about this, this is the time for action, shep. >> shepard: my understanding and we heard a little bit of this in the white house briefing a short time ago, mike that the freedom caucus folks, the more conservative of the republicans, are against this skinny version. what do you know on that? >> that's right. they don't want to essentially have the senate force a bill on them that they have to just
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automatically rubber stamp and sign into law. they want to renegotiate. they're saying we don't want to take that. we want to get to the bargaining table with senators and hammer out a deal. so that's the most likely scenario we're hearing. majority leader mitch mcconnell and paul ryan have talked about if they can pass something tonight or tomorrow morning, they will go to the table. meanwhile, democrats, we're hearing urgency from them. they realize if mitch mcconnell can get 50 republicans to vote on anything, could be a significant step. >> we democrats aren't going to go alone. mr. president, this isn't a game, it's not a joke. it's not hot potato. we're talking about people's lives. we don't have time for phony amendments or phony bills. you don't play games with the healthcare of the american people. >> the so-called voterama which should start this evening and then republicans and democrats will be put on the record on a
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variety of ideas about healthcare reform, shep. >> shepard: mike, thanks. president trump about to award medals of valor to first responders from the shooting at the republican baseball practice in june. lawmakers that were there say police saved lots of lives when they shot and killed the gunman. the shooting wounded four including steve scalise. yesterday doctors announced he's out of the hospital and starting rehab. back to mike. this ceremony to begin presently. >> absolutely, shep. should be a touching moment when two capitol police officers who were wounded that day and three alexandria, virginia police officers that were quick to respond to the scene get the presidential medal of valor from president trump. it was on june 14th, republican lawmakers were at baseball practice for a charity baseball game when the gunman started shooting at republican lawmakers. those first responders were quick to get to the scene. of course, gop whip steve scalise was critically wounded in the attack. the good news is that scalise
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fought off infection and has gone on to rehab at this point. bottom line, should be a touching moment as some other people that were wounded that day at the ball field are expected to be on hand for the presentation, recognizing the valor of the first responders. we expect a bunch of republican lawmakers on the baseball team, at the field that day to also be on hand to pay tribute to those that undoubtedly saved their lives, shep. >> we'll have coverage live next on fox news channel right after this. hey!
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win a free treatment. >> shepard: the demeaning of jeff sessions continues today. he's just spoken to fox news moments ago. we'll have that for you for the first time in just a second. the white house will not say that the president has confidence in jeff sessions. 20 minutes ago after given the opportunity, sarah huckabee sanders declined. jeff sessions is set to sit down with tucker carlson, which he has in a prerecorded interview. you'll see the entire thing tonight at 8:00 eastern here on fox news channel. the president has called sessions beleaguered and weak. president trump said his disappointed in the attorney general. one of his earliest supporters, the first senator to endorse him from recusing himself from the
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russia investigation. the president said he could fire sessions but he said, we'll see what happens. time will tell. time will tell. on capitol hill, lindsey graham has come out guns blazing. warning president trump to lay off the attorney general as well as a special counselor, robert mueller. >> if jeff sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay. any effort to go after mueller could be the beginning of the end of the trump presidency unless mueller did something wrong. right now i have no reason to believe that he's compromised. >> a senator in his own party. the white house press secretary says she hasn't asked the president about the senator's comments. graham, a member of the judiciary committee says he's 100% behind jeff sessions. he's also working with a couple of democrats on legislation that would prevent the firing of special counsels without judicial review. that would include mueller who is investigating russian
12:18 pm
meddling and possible trump team collusion. no word on when they might introduce that. also new, the "washington post" reports that president trump is discussing with advisers to use a recess appointment should jeff sessions step down. the thinking is because lawmakers would be on vacation, there would be no messy confirmation. now let's here from jeff sessions speaking to tucker carlson a short time ago. >> you've seen the president's criticism of you. do you think it's fair? >> well, it kind of is hurtful. but the president of the united states is a strong leader. he's determined to move this country in the direction he believes it needs to go to make us great again. he's had a lot of criticisms and he's steadfastly determined to get his job done and he wants all of us to do our jobs. that's what i intend to do. >> shepard: it's kind of hurtful but says he will continue to do his job as long as the president wants him to.
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in other words, mr. president, if you want to fire him, fire him as the senator from south carolina lindsey graham put it. you can fire him if you want to, but sounds as if he's not going anywhere. "the washington post" cites officials that say the president is just mulling all of this over. a recess appointment and the rest and there's no plan in place. in response to the post reporting, the white house said "more fake news from the amazon "washington post."" of course, amazon's chief jeff bezos owns the post and the white house moments ago said once again, the recess reporting is "fake news." now to that ceremony at the white house now. the white house introducing the president. the president will make the awards. let's listen. [applause]
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>> steve, i know you're watching. let me say we're inspired and relieved by your recovery. it's an answer to prayer. we're especially honored to be joined today by your remarkable and courageous wife, jennifer. [applause] jennifer, you will remain in our prayers until steve is back to work. jennifer wanted me to recognize two medical professionals that cared for congressman scalise from the very moment that he arrived at the hospital and the others that were wounded that day. dr. jack sava saved lives and we're honored by your presence today. [applause]
12:21 pm
finally, here on american heros week, we gather in particular to honor five truly remarkable americans. they rushed into harm's way and prevented a greater national tragedy. join me in welcoming five american heros here to the east room at the white house. officer kevin jobe of the alexandria police. [applause] officer alexander jenson of the alexandria police. [applause] officer nicole bataglia of the
12:22 pm
alexandria police. [applause] officer david bailey of the united states capitol police. [applause] and officer crystal griner of the united states capitol police. [applause]
12:23 pm
as you will hear more in a moment, these five officers exemplify the best of law enforcement in this country. and they honor us by their presence today. before we welcome the president, would you just join me in showing one more round of applause to five remarkable americans and all the men and women in law enforcement that they represent here at the white house today? [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> please sit down.
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thank you. thank you to vice president pence for doing a fantastic job and for the introduction. we welcome you all. members of congress and distinguished guests, we're gathered here today for a very, very special occasion as we pay tribute to real heros whose courageous actions under fire saved so many lives in alexandria, virginia six weeks ago. on the morning of june 14, several members of congress began their day on the baseball diamond practicing for one of this town's greatest traditions, the annual charity congressional baseball game. it was just another beautiful morning until the unthinkable happened. the familiar sounds of baseball were suddenly interrupted by
12:26 pm
loud, vicious gun fire. mad mikah, zachary barth and steve scalise were each shot during an attack. others were injured trying to evade the incoming bullets of which there were many. fortunately from the moment that gunman began to shoot, he was met by return fire. capitol police, special agents, david bailey and crystal griner raced through the bullets, and that's exactly what they did, raced through the bullets. immediately engaged the gunman. minutes later, members of the alexandria police department arrived on the scene.
12:27 pm
officers nicole bataglia, kevin jobe and alex jenson joined the fight. special agent griner was shot in the leg, visited her in the hospital. she was hurt badly. shrapnel injured special agent bailey as bullets swirled all around him. despite their injuries, both officers heroically continued to face down the gunman until they brought him down. he had rifles. they had handguns. a big difference. these officers saved the lives of every innocent person on the field that day. many of them friends of mike and myself. they're american heros, and we salute them. [applause]
12:28 pm
that is so beautiful. thank you. we also salute the members of congress who acted with such bravery in the face of danger. shielding each other and caring for the injured. we honor today the emergency dispatchers who directed the first responders to the scene within seconds. they really acted quickly.
12:29 pm
i especially want to recognize all of the personnel from the alexandria fire department and the u.s. park police aviation unit for providing life support in a crisis where every second mattered. thank you for what you did that day and for what you do every single day. thank you very much. [applause] we also express our deep appreciation for the paramedics, doctors, nurses and surgeons from med star washington hospital and george washington university hospital for saving the lives of the wounded. joining us today is congressman scalise's medical team. dr. jeff sava.
12:30 pm
stand up, come on. [applause] medstar's director of trauma, surgery and dr. robert golden, the director of orthopedic trauma. doctors? congratulations. [applause] they were a lot more worried that night at the hospital, weren't they? great job. you have the gratitude of the entire nation. thank you for caring for the victims and for your dear friend, steve. he is our dear friend. steve is a fighter. we've known that a long time, this week he was discharged from the hospital and is now beginning weeks of intensive rehabilitation at an inpatient
12:31 pm
facility. he will recover. we're praying for him. we're pulling for him. we're sending his family our support and our love. steve's great wife, who i've gotten to know, jennifer is here with us today. and we applaud the strength and courage that she has shown throughout this incredible ordeal. thank you, jennifer. [applause] [applause]
12:32 pm
thank you, jennifer. other americans responded to this tragedy in ways that remind us how much stronger we are when we're united. when the congressional baseball game was played just one day later, nearly 25,000 turned out. by far a record. they raised more than $1.5 million for charity also by far a record. the citizens of steve's home parrish organized a blood drive in his name and vice president pence donated his blood at the congressional blood drive. thank you, mike. [applause] just recently house republicans and democrats introduced a bill to provide support to capitol police officers who are injured on duty.
12:33 pm
people have been looking at this a long time. jennifer, you can tell steve that he pulled it off, okay? that's better than being a whip. [laughter] i hope it gets to my desk soon. i will sign it immediately. [applause] the assault on june 14th reminded us that evil exists in this world. but it also reminded us that heros walk in our midst, that love triumphs over tragedy and that our resolve is stronger than ever. we praise america's law enforcement, and i've been praising them for a long time. they are unbelievable people. for being tough, for doing the tough jobs, the dangerous jobs and sometimes thankless jobs
12:34 pm
with tremendous integrity, devotion and courage. i want to thank law enforcement generally. thank you. [applause] i can only tell you from the campaign, the people love you, they respect you and they admire you. i know you go through a lot. but they have great admiration. so just remember that, please. today i'm deeply honored to present our nation's highest award for a public safety officer.
12:35 pm
the medal of valor to special agent crystal griner, special agent david bailey, and alexandria police department officers nicole bataglia, kevin jobe and alex johnson. the medal of valor is reserved for those that go above and beyond the call of duty as each of these men and women did that -- on that fateful day and they did it with great courage and they did it with instinct. when our human instincts tell us to run, there's danger, our police and first responders run straight add it. standing in the breach, protecting the innocence and keeping our loved ones safe. now i would like the military aide to read the citation as these great american heros step forward to receive the medal of
12:36 pm
valor. >> special agent crystal griner. medal of valor presented to special agent crystal griner, u.s. capitol police, district of columbia. for bravery and composure while engaged in an active shooter incident. despite being shot, special agent griner placed herself in mortal danger during a charity softball practice at eugene simpson memorial park in alexandria, virginia.
12:37 pm
[applause] special agent david bailey. medal of valor presented to special agent david bailey, u.s. capitol police, district of columbia for taking brave and decisive action to subdue an
12:38 pm
active shooter. special agent bailey was shot during the exchange of gun fire, but continued to advance the shooter without benefit of cover until the active shooter was subdued saving the lives of members of congress, attending family members and congressional staff. [applause] officer nicole bataglia. medal of valor presented to
12:39 pm
nicole bataglia, alexandria police department, virginia for saving the lives of two u.s. capitol police officers, members of congress, their families and congressional staff. officer bataglia engaged the assailant, exchanging gun fire at close range and ultimately neutralizing him. [applause] officer alexander jenson.
12:40 pm
medal of valor presented to officer alex jensen, alexandria police department, virginia. for swift and valiant action in responding to a shooter. officer jensen put himself in harm's way moving without cover and drawing fire from the assailant until the assailant was subdued and the safety of the members of congress, their families and congressional staff was ensured. [applause]
12:41 pm
officer kevin jobe. medal of valor presented to officer kevin jobe, alexandria police department, virginia. for placing himself in grave danger, to protect two u.s. capitol police officers, members of congress, their families and congressional staff. officer jobe engaged in an active shooter, neutralizing a volatile gunman and prevents injuries to innocent bystanders in the park. [applause]
12:42 pm
>> very brave people, great people. congratulations to all of you. we are forever in your debt. thank you, god bless you, god bless our truly amazing law enforcement and god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. [applause]
12:43 pm
>> shepard: there we go. the medals have been awarded. phillip bump is with us from "the washington post." when this happened, the shooting, for a hot minute, it seemed to bring people together. >> yeah, for a minute. there was a period there, hours or days when there was the sense of calm on capitol hill that evaporated quickly. >> shepard: the reason you're here today is to talk about jeff sessions in an article in "the washington post" which the white
12:44 pm
house just called fake news. >> as normal, yes. >> the idea here, the president wants jeff sessions gone. you don't beat up a cabinet member every day in the way he has if you don't. doesn't appear he wants to fire him because he hasn't fired him. you give some reasons for that. >> yeah, it's hard to know exactly what is happening here. obviously the business of predicting what donald trump is doing has proven to be difficult. here there's probably one of two things in play. either donald trump doesn't want to be the one to pull a trigger, he has been averse to firing people. he's dispatched others to do these things in the past or it's possible that he recognizes that by firing sessions he limits his ability to replace sessions. there's a law called the vacancies act. if he accepts his resignation, trump could move anybody else in that spot. >> shepard: the paper uses rick perry as an example. >> sure. he could move in, be the acting attorney general if trump
12:45 pm
wanted, potentially fire robert mueller, the special counsel. the law says that that happens in cases of resignations or inability to perform duties. that doesn't specify if he's fired. it's unclear if donald trump were to fire sessions, use the rule, it would be challenged from the courts. >> sounds like it would be challenged from his own party hearing from lindsey graham and others. >> that's right. >> shepard: the idea is he wants the russia thing ended and he can't end it with robert mueller still there. had sessions not recused himself, sessions would be in charge, we wouldn't be in this position. but mueller works i believe technically for rosenstein, the deputy, right? >> that's right. because sessions recused himself and a lot of reasons sessions recused himself, we should be clear about that, it's not just simply about these meetings that he didn't report to the senate. a lot of issues there. but because he recused himself, it came to rosenstein and he appointed the special counsel.
12:46 pm
if someone else came into the attorney general's office, there could be tension if rosenstein didn't feel that they should take over. that is a black box. >> shepard: but there has to be a resignation. but from everything we're hearing, we just heard from jeff sessions a moment ago talking to tucker carlson, didn't sound like a man that is considering resignation. he sounds like a man that said it was a bit hurtful. insiders say he's angry. >> right. yeah. which is totally fair. it's clear sessions likes the role he's in. he's doing a lot of the things he's talked about for years. he wants to stay in that position. he recognizes that donald trump has his hands tied. he doesn't want to fire him or he would fire him, which would be a unique thing. truman fired his attorney general. it's clear that jeff sessions is taking advantage of the situation. >> shepard: this is untenable, this predicament? to hear from white house insiders, it is. you can't have a president hating on his attorney general
12:47 pm
in this way. >> one has to wonder what the mood is like in the department of justice. you have this boss that just came in. all of a sudden, the president is bad-mouthing him. seems like we're on this guide path where donald trump doesn't like jeff sessions, can't do much about it, isn't going to do much about it. this all depends on the russia invest gauge. it's under donald trump's skin. if somebody else spikes with the russia investigation, this changes the dynamic. >> shepard: donald trump knows more about this invest again we do. every time something like this comes up, you wonder what did he just learn? >> very true. some speculation when he first started going after jeff sessions that perhaps he asked sessions to try to intervene somehow in the russia investigation and sessions said no. a lot of these rules in place in terms of how robert mueller is fired, when jeff sessions can recuse himself. these are guidelines as opposed to rules. there's a lot of interpretation that comes into play. a lot of nuance.
12:48 pm
if donald trump wanted to force jeff sessions to do a particular thing, he could do it and it would have to come down to what the courts say about it. there's more that makes it trickier. a lot of options at play depending on the risk trump wants to take. >> shepard: we appreciate the work of you and your colleagues at the "washington post." enjoy it all day long. good to see you. the white house communications director anthony scaramucci less than a week into the job and not really entirely actually into the job yet, but apparently already getting into it with the white house chief of staff, reince priebus. a photograph for the ages is on your twitter machine. scaramucci tweeting about what he called a leak of his financial information and tagging priebus in that post. it read "in light of the leak of my financial disclosure information, which is a felony, i will be contacting the fbi and the justice department #swa
12:49 pm
#swampreince45. then he deleted the tweet. scaramucci was apparently referencing a politco report about his finances. politico got the information from public record. 30 days after you submit such a thing, you can go up and ask for it. it's a financial disclosure. the word "disclosure" means you're disclosing it. if you want to work in the private sector you don't have to do that. if you want to, you have to disclose it. and scaramucci said he used his twitter handle to show that the white house senior officials are working together to stop leakers. >> everybody is making the assumption that it's him because journalists know who the leakers are. so if reince wants to explain he's not a leaker, let him do that. >> the "wall street journal" posted a picture, this picture, and like i said, one for the ages. priebus and scaramucci staring each other down. their apparent feud could be
12:50 pm
bigger than the leaks. trace gallagher has more. what do we know about how the feud started? >> we know, shep, it started after the election when anthony scaramucci couldn't secure a job in the white house and blamed it on reince priebus. when scaramucci was hired last week, he was told that he would report directly to the president and then bypass the chief of staff reince priebus, which reportedly is the genesis of this new clash in the west wing. the day scaramucci was named to the white house, he said that he and reince priebus were like brothers that fought at times. today he amended that statement. listen. >> if you want to talk about the staff, we have had odds, we've had differences. when i said we were brothers from the podium, that's because we're rough. some brothers are like cane and able. other brothers can fight with each other and get along. i don't know if this is repairable. that will be up to the president. >> of course in the bible, cane
12:51 pm
and able were the sons of adam and eve and cane murdered able and lied about it. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live with us. ahead, the joint chiefs versus the president. one day after president trump said he blocked trans-gender troops from serving in the military, the joint chiefs chair said nothing is changing, at least not now. the reason behind this next. as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> the president is on notice. you can't govern by tweet. the president tried yesterday saying trans-genders can not serve in the military in any capacity but today the military leaders are calling foul. the joint chief of staffs sent out a memo to commanders.
12:55 pm
part of it reads, "there will be no modifications to the policy until the president's directives have been received." in the meantime, we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect as importantly given the current fight and challenges we face, we will all remain focused on accomplishes our assigned mission, treat our personnel with vice president" implying the president did the opposite when he treated that trans-gender people would no longer be allowed to serve in the military. he says the military cannot deal with the costs that the trans-genders create. but fox news was told until formal guidance was issued, everything will stay the same. in june, the white house did say this. >> our president trump's tweets considered official white house statements? >> the president is the president of the united states.
12:56 pm
so they're considered official statements by the president of the united states. >> shepard: statements yes, policy, no. general mattis was on vacation and has not spoken publicly. the "new york times" said mattis was appalled that president trump chose to unveil his message in tweets because of the message they sent to those active members and those deployed overseas, that they were suddenly no longer welcome. again, that from "the new york times." worth noting, the rand corporation released a study last year that found that there were up to 11,000 trans-gender active members in the reserves and active duty. it further notes no problem with integration. the chairman says for the moment, those thousands of troops can focus on service instead of being burdened and their careers. the final bell is about to ring on wall street. it is an update on the session. we're up about 55 points. and we now have a new richest
12:57 pm
man in the country. neil cavuto will have a little bit of that. if news breaks out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto starts in three minutes. ♪
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