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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 29, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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this evening. >> i don't think i would do the pickled ice cream. leland: i never had a reason to go to pittsburgh and this is not changed that. more on that tomorrow. we will see you tomorrow. new york, take it over. >> donald trump has a new chief of staff following a shakeup at the white house. reince priebus is being replaced after a rift between himself and the communications director anthony scaramucci. >> welcome to america's news headquarters this afternoon. the president is filling the vacancy left by priebus with a familiar face. john kelly will take on the new role starting monday and there is a cabinet meeting. the president making the announcement on twitter calling
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mister kelly a great american and star of his administration. mister priebus telling sean hannity he understands the president's decision. >> hitting a reset button is a good thing in the president did that so i think he is happy. is a little mixed when things like this happen. i generally feel pretty good. >> doug is here with the latest, what is it? >> it is a chaotic week for the white house and the administration. it began last friday when sean spicer was out as press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was brought in as press secretary. spicer without his interim communications director. anthony scaramucci brought in as communications director and reince priebus out as chief of staff, john kelly in. what we are told and trump loyalist corey lewandowski indicated earlier is trump seems
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to be moving away from washington insiders and going back to a core group of loyalists whose experience is outside the beltway. >> reporter: the president wants a fresh start. he and general kelly will make a great combination. time to make sure general kelly will do this with everyone working in the administration is on the president's agenda. no more personal agendas, nor back fighting, no more backstabbing. >> reporter: big questions about how kelly will fit in, his military spirits and military achievements remain unquestioned, he turned around the department of homeland security which was at an all-time low. the white house chief of staff is unique. >> not a question of being a gatekeeper. it is a question of driving the
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agenda, making sure the agenda is coordinated, driving the calendar to be sure. and there will always be people who need one on one access, if you are going to be there, get your own job done. >> many believe all these white house problems have nothing to do with backstabbing among staffers but have to do with one man in particular, the president of the united states. peggy noonan writing online in the wall street journal in the published editions of the president's primary problem as a leader is not that he is impetuous, brash or naïve but not that he is an experienced, crude and outside, it is that he is weak and sniveling, he undermines himself almost daily by ignoring traditional norms of american masculinity. that is not from some left-wing blog but a highly respected and sober voice of american conservatism. we will see where the latest move goes. many people speculate there could be a lot more changes as
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we move into the quiet month of august in the white house in preparation for the fall season. elizabeth: perhaps more pink slips at the white house. arthel: more background on secretary john kelly. he is a retired united states marine corps general who served in the military for four decades. he is the former commander of united states southern command and recipient of several awards including the defense superior service medal. general kelly spent the first six month of the trump administration as homeland security secretary and on monday kelly will replace reince priebus as chief of staff, priebus saying he couldn't have picked a better man for the job. >> i can think and if anyone better than john kelly who was a good, decent, tough guy, exactly the type of person the president needs. arthel: his son died in
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afghanistan in 2010 making general kelly the most senior member of the military to lose a son or daughter during the war in afghanistan and iraq. eric: the failure to repeal obamacare, a skinny measure, donald trump urging the chamber to change its rules to a simple majority to pass legislation, the president tweeting a quote about that, republican senate must get rid of 60 vote now, killing the republican party, allows eight dems to control country, 200 bills that in senate, a joke. what are the chances of that? chief congressional correspondent from the washington examiner. the legacy of harry reid, what are the chances of a procedural change? >> the filibuster at higher threshold than a simple majority goes back a century and the current majority leader mitch mcconnell is pretty conservative about it as are many republican senators.
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they don't want to change the rules because they know if they are in the minority the democrats and ran through their agenda. i don't think that threshold will change. they did it for the supreme court and other judges but i don't think it will happen for regular legislation at least not right now. >> does the president have a point? he says the senate democrats ever got a chance they would switch to a 51 majority vote in the first minute, they are laughing, make change. eight democrats totally control the senate. many great republican bills never pass like kate's law and complete healthcare, get smart, republicans in the senate would never win if they don't go to the 51 vote majority. they look like and are wasting time. >> he is right that they can't through the big agenda items without democratic participation unless they were to change the rules, he is right about that. i asked for health care, they still have the 51 vote possibility if they try to bring
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it up again and there is a possibility they may do that. they have a couple weeks to get a score from the congressional budget office on key amendments that may be attractive enough to bring a special majority in their own party. it is not completely out of the realm that they will get their health your agenda reform done but the other stuff you are talking about you are exactly right and you are right that democrats may change the filibuster rule if they are to get the trifecta of power in the white house past the senate again. they have a chance to move their agenda so trump is right about that but in this senate with the majority leader in power i don't see it happening. >> what are the chances of another bailout, you have the cbo score, 60 million americans would lose their health insurance, premiums would go up 20%, what do you see going forward, to have a bipartisan conclusion to this? or some type of bipartisan arrangement if that is possible
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at all? >> weight a couple weeks, see if there's any revival of the healthcare proposal. if not something has to happen, each party there is a political danger they could be blamed if cost-sharing stuff doesn't go through and premiums go up, republicans i worry they will be blamed, that will use the bargaining chip for some kind of reform, not clear what it will be but no way republicans will give away the cost-sharing money without getting something out of it from democrats so look to that cost-sharing issue and being part of a larger deal potentially in the future. this year obviously because it needs to happen but it is not going to be throwing money at the problem. majority leader say don't do that. that could be the key to a bargain in the end. whenever money is involved people want to extract reforms on the republican side. that is what i think will happen. >> talking about medicaid expansion, 19 states, that is looming but people could lose
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their health care. >> there is a chance it will be left alone and medicaid expansion will stay as is. if the healthcare proposal is revised and includes giving the states flexibility but allowing states to use money, we will see reduction in growth over time and that will reform the program but it will only happen if there is revival of brought healthcare proposal by republicans, the only way medicaid will get changed, otherwise we will see medicaid expansion under obamacare remain as is. eric: there is a threat from the president another tweet, the subsidy. if a new health care bill is not approved quickly, bailouts for insurance companies and bailouts for members of congress will end very soon. is he referring to the 7 billion-dollar subsidies and what specifically is he referring to when he talks about bailouts for members of congress? >> he is saying they are not going to put money into
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cost-sharing aspect of this which is what democrats are demanding. what we want initially is cost-sharing on the table and they wanted to be permanent, a permanent expansion of subsidies under obamacare. they won't get that. republicans said even though their health care bill failed the other morning, they are not going to pop up the system. they want something out of it. trump and the republicans in the senate are not far apart on that. they will extract something from democrats if they are going to put the money forward. they have to keep the system going because they don't want everyone to lose their health insurance, they could be blamed for that and they don't want people to suffer but they want something out of it. trump is saying that it has republicans on board. democrats know it and i heard the minority leader say friday, chuck schumer, that he realizes this will be a give and take situation and it will boil down to the cost-sharing subsidy. the 15 there are calls for bipartisan measures, mark
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meadows saying by september, so might want to recess and work when we are done. good to see you. arthel: fox news alert undo tensions between the us and iran. according to iran, islamic revolutionary guard, an american aircraft carrier fired warning shots near its ships. the guard claiming the uss nimitz and another ship got too close to an offshore oil platform in the persian gulf. let's go to john huddy in the middle east bureau with more. >> reporter: this is the second such incident in a week. the us naval vessel as you mentioned firing warning shots at any rainy and naval vessel. there are no hits or injuries or damage but a dangerous situation. the latest encounter happened friday in the persian gulf, this according to iran's revolutionary guard.
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the revolutionary guard said the uss nimitz aircraft carrier and another us naval vessel fired warning flares any rainy and ships close to an oil and gas platform in the gulf while a us helicopter according to the revolutionary guard hovered overhead. iran calls it a provocative and unprofessional move. on tuesday i mentioned the second such incident, the uss thunderbolt, navy patrol vessel fired warning shots off of any rainy patrol book of the navy official said came between 150 yards of the thunderbolt in the northern part of the persian gulf and navy official said shots were fired to avoid potential collision. he rainy and naval vessels coming at high speed towards the thunderbolt but both incidents come as the us hit iran with new sanctions following the successful launch of its most advanced satellite carrying rocket into space on thursday
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and sanctions applied to anyone or any company involved in iran's ballistic missile program or programs that today iran's deputy foreign minister said will continue despite the us sanctions calling as a us sanctions a vicious and hostile act. not only concern on the sea but space as well. arthel: certainly convoluted, thank you very much. we 15 another hotspot overseas. amid growing security concerns about north korea's latest situation the in pyongyang, they launched another ballistic missile, a potentially able to reach the west coast of the united states, even as far as chicago and the heartland. that prompted south korea to say it will hold negotiations with us in order to make its missiles more powerful in the wake of the
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escalating threat of ebola to diminish kim jung un's regime. >> reporter: not surprisingly north korea has claimed the latest missile launch to be a success. it now believes that missile is reliable. state tv showed footage of north korean leader kim jung un overseeing that test at the launch site. that was launched on a steep trajectory and fluid height of 2300 miles 47 minutes before landing in the sea. experts say this launch shows technical improvement in the middle's development from earlier intercontinental ballistic missile launches in july this year. they believe yesterday's test could potentially reach places in the us if this type of middleware to fly a lower trajectory. rhetoric from kim jung un is escalating, the lunch sense, quote, a stern warning to the
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us, donald trump described the test as reckless and dangerous. he says it further isolates north korea. the country has continued with missile test in defiance of the un band and the leadership appears undeterred by sanctions imposed as a consequence of this. secretary of state rex tillerson condemned the launch calling for china or russia to address the growing threat from north korea. the us and south korea flu exercises in response to the test lunch from north korea yesterday. eric: we will have more analysis what we can do and what we can expect in this escalating crisis. arthel: jeff sessions getting back in the good graces of donald trump after he very public critique, can mister sessions with his boss or this relationship beyond repair? the panel will debate still ahead.
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will seek his party's nomination to be nominated to challenge the president in 2020. the former banking entrepreneurs one of the wealthiest members of congress, 54 years old and says donald trump is taking our country backwards. arthel: jeff sessions trying to mend fences with donald trump after a week of bruising attacked by his boss, the president slamming his own attorney general for days over his decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. joined me of the former federal prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney, thanks for being here. i would like to get your take on the public denigration of the attorney general by the president of the united states and what appears to be these two men communicating by twitter and television. >> it is unprecedented. i have never seen it before. the attorney general plays a key role in any administration in
11:21 am
advancing policy, making sure the legal groups are met and being the legal spokesman for the administration. you see a close relationship between the president and the attorney general. this is never happened before where you have a relationship that is in tatters and being played out in public which is unusual. arthel: how does it make you feel as a former prosecutor? >> i was in the department of justice when president reagan was president, there was a mutual admiration society, none of that going on and you had a sense in the department the attorney general had the trust and integrity to move forward in the administration. that is not the case right now. arthel: what is the impact on law and order if this relationship is not meant it had not mended very quickly, this could disrupt the system? >> i think it does. it causes a lot of concern in the department of justice whether the attorney general has confidence in the president. that is extremely important because the attorney general has a leadership role in the
11:22 am
department. right now there are places where there are not us attorneys so this is very disruptive to the department. elizabeth: do you think jeff sessions is a good attorney general and should he stay? >> i do. by all accounts he is a very honest and decent man. if there is a disagreement the president has with the attorney general, the thing to do is call him in and have a discussion and talk it through. it is unfortunate this is playing out in a public way. he is getting a whipping in public and not responding in any way which is appropriate. it is terribly undermining to the department of justice and because of justice in the united states. arthel: dana perino is white house secretary under george w. bush and host of the five and she said something interesting on her show last night. >> i is was set up for a few
11:23 am
weeks because the president has been so upset about jeff sessions at his recusal in the russia investigations that republicans and conservatives that came to his defense all said he is doing the best on the issue we care about the most which is immigration. where can jeff sessions do more on immigration? as secretary of homeland security. >> she went on to say perhaps the president would reassign the ag to be homeland security secretary and put another ag in place who would be more in step with what he wants to hear and see play out in michigan in regard to the russian investigation. if that is what took place what do you think? >> i think donald trump was frustrated with the fact the attorney general recused himself but the issue is a matter of ethics in the department. according to attorney general sessions he contacted, consulted
11:24 am
with ethics experts. he had no other choice because issues involve the president himself and he had to appoint a special counsel. arthel: have you spoken to any colleagues at the doj or federal prosecutors? you and they are very committed to the law. how do they feel about serving under this president? >> i have spoken to people outside the government looking in. people inside the government very concerned about saying anything. there is a great concern that this kind of public display of displeasure with the attorney general is not doing because of justice good in the united states and is hurting the department in terms of morality and people who donate their lives to the cause of justice. arthel: if this relationship is not mended quickly what happened? >> it is terrible to the united states because the chief law enforcement officer who by all accounts doesn't have the confidence of the president of the united states, that is
11:25 am
devastating. arthel: inside the doj, how could this backfire on the president himself and his position? >> it is already backfiring on the president in public perception. you have the attorney general taking a leadership role in import dishes including law enforcement, violent crime, immigration issues. all of that is affected by the president's relationship with the attorney general. arthel: you are a very measured prosecutor. getting emotion from you is not easy but i do want to try a little bit. i want to find something that strikes you at the heart to see this play out the way it is playing out. >> it is disgusting to me because there's nothing more important than americans feeling there is integrity and the department of justice. where do you look for justice other than the department of justice?
11:26 am
it is devastating. arthel: thank you for joining us and appreciate your expertise and perspective. eric: north korea raising alarms around the globe with its latest ballistic missile launch. experts say the western united states and even cities in the american heartland could be in reach of >> mark: -- kim jung un's thread was more on that and what we could do about it. we are learning more about that tragic murder of an indiana police officer who was shot repeatedly when investigating a car crash. live report on this development just ahead. elizabeth: terrifying what the world is coming to. >> we are all in the brotherhood, not be able to do something like this. ♪
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arthel: eric: the indiana police officer shot to death, court documents revealing police lieutenant aaron allen who was shot 14 times when responding to the scene of a car accident in downtown indianapolis thursday. investigators looking for a motive in this strange shooting. >> reporter: the officer gunned down was responding to a bad car crash. the vehicle was flipped upside down, two people dangling inside with their seatbelt still fastens. aaron allen had a background in nursing and according to his police chief was a medic trying to help instead of police mode and one of the people inside the car started firing shooting lieutenant allen a dozen times. officers on the scene returned fire injury one person in the car, jason brown, the reported driver was arrested and charged with murder, lieutenant down was pronounced dead in a nearby
11:32 am
hospital. >> he responded with urgency to preserve life, tragically his was lost. >> reporter: lieutenant allen his nightmare -- whose nickname was teddy bear was an officer with 20 years of law-enforcement experience. he was named officer of the year after saving a man's life at the fairground, a husband and father of two boys. one man nearby where alan was killed. >> being a vet i was in service in the brotherhood. we are not going to walk our kids down the street because of foolishness like this. >> reporter: 22 offices have been shot and killed in the line of duty this year after we saw a spike in officer deaths compared to 2014-15, and they are still trying to figure out the attack.
11:33 am
eric: an example of the danger and sacrifice law-enforcement officers face every day as they protect us. arthel: marine general john kelly will lead the way as donald trump's chief of staff monday. kelly had been serving as homeland security secretary until reince priebus stepped down. time will tell how much general kelly can change the white house culture. a true national security project political expert and obama legislative advisor and the chief political correspondent for conservative review and fox news contributor. i will start with you, what should general kelly do, what would you expect? >> this is about discipline, general kelly who is a marine by
11:34 am
training bringing discipline back to the white house and this is to reinforce the importance that it is about the mission of the forgotten men and women of america. that is what donald trump ran on. the forgotten men and women and to highlight the point that when you look at the mission, individuals in the white house, not on board with what should be done to move the country forward because they are more concerned about themselves. general kelly can bring discipline back to the white house. >> reporter: can the general do that? do you general kelly will have operatives and detractors holding onto whatever they are doing inside those walls has 1600 and can he get anthony scaramucci to get with the general's program? >> i certainly hope general kelly will be successful in
11:35 am
bringing order to the white house. the white house is not only the most predominant and venerated institution in the united states but in the world. it is a disgrace that we have seen so far especially with the terrible comments anthony scaramucci made to the new yorker reporter earlier in the week brought down the level of class and dignity for our highest office in the country and the world. i'm very hopeful general kelly will be successful in restoring dignity, grace, respect and order. arthel: how does he do it? sitting at a memo, putting everybody in the room, there is a new sheriff in town, this is how it is going to be. >> he needs to hold a meeting monday and he himself personally so they can see the presence of four *military general has. he is a very intimidating man
11:36 am
and there are a lot of egos that need to be put in line because the white house is not only about serving a president of the united states and being loyal to his mission but serving the interest of the american people and when we have this gerri springer back and forth between members of the staff it is disgusting, it is a distraction from the president's agenda and demeaning to the white house as an institution. >> you have establishment and nonestablishment ideology advising donald trump and he has gotten rid of two non-establishments, priebus and spicer he so you need a unified message to the president, the message is all over the map. needs to be a unified message. to get back to the mission which is the forgotten men and women and what is best for our country to move the country forward. >> i agree that having unified
11:37 am
mission, unified message is extremely important. it is discouraging to see the newly appointed white house communications director have a conversation with a reporter. >> we know how it played out. let me turn to you specifically, we addressed the variables. donald trump can general kelly impose discipline on the president? >> i think he can. discipline has been lacking and to provide a discipline and talk to donald trump about his advice. >> will the president do it? one moment, i will give you the final word. continue -- >> advising the -- >> important to have discipline
11:38 am
to move the country forward. it is about the forgotten men and women of the country. >> he has exhibited respect for generals, i am staying with you. >> he put it there for a reason. i think he knows what he is going into and what is on the agenda in terms of what he has to do to move things forward for the country. arthel: you can have the last 20 seconds. >> smart policy is not made in 140 tweets. i have utmost confidence in general kelly and i wish them to be successful. if a four *military general is unable to get the white house in line no one can. arthel: thanks to both of you and see you both again.
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for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> the man charged with carrying out a deadly knife attack in hamburg, germany is known to german security forces, german officials say the palestinian man who is not publicly identified was registered as a radicalized islamic. authorities say he had no known terrorist ties and was not considered an imminent threat. he allegedly killed one person and injured six others in a supermarket yesterday. he was arrested after being overpowered by bystanders. authorities don't know the motive for the attack.
11:44 am
eric: venezuela is getting ready for a fairly contentious vote tomorrow. if it passes, the government of president maduro could rewrite the constitution and a lot more than that. protesters have been opposing the measure, not -- some violence and death in venezuela because of the problems there. it is more of a dictatorship than a democracy. steve harrigan has been following this life. >> this collision course comes to a head between the president of venezuela and the opposition. they have been on the streets fighting each other the last few months, opposition protesters throwing rocks and bricks, getting hurt by water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas from government security forces. 100 demonstrators have been killed for the last we for months and opposition says the stakes could not be higher. what is on the line?
11:45 am
sunday, democracy in venezuela. the president wants to rewrite the constitution and dissolve the opposition parties. he has received a lot of criticism not just from the us but around the world. colombia won't recognize this vote, the us has imposed sanctions on venezuelan officials, they say if this vote goes through sunday the us will take swift and decisive economic action against venezuela. >> critics call it a sham vote because you go to the polls, you vote for a delegate that is already picked, you don't have power to reject this. is like the soviet union. >> they are taking a page from cuba as well. it is wrong to even call this a vote. you can't vote no. you can only vote for the people the government put on the slate. eric: what can be expected to
11:46 am
counter this? >> we import half of venezuela's oil, that is what the country depends upon. the risky and powerful move would be to put an embargo in venezuela's oil but it is risky because that could mean total economic collapse and major refugee problems. it might be effective but going overboard in the short term. eric: getting the legislature is a move toward abject dictatorship. what is the mood? i was at the hotel in the ballroom. all day hundreds of young couples streaming into the ballroom. it was the government of australia signing up venezuelans to leave venezuela to move to australia. what are your chances and do you think the forces of democracy can succeed? >> there is a real sense of
11:47 am
desperation. when you see protesters on the street it is not just the middle-class or college kids but hardened people with gas masks, the opposition is ready to fight government forces, i think this will end violently in venezuela. eric: it has been a decline of that nation. thanks. arthel: a major staff shakeup at the white house. will this stop the leaking and streamline operations? parts of the mid-atlantic soaked by heavy rain. the emergency response to those floods, all that straightahead. (vo) pro plan bright mind
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arthel: a powerful storm dumping heavy rain on the mid-atlantic causing major flooding. national weather service issued a flood warning in parts of maryland and west virginia's governor declared a state of emergency for northern parts of the state. the very latest on this. >> reporter: the national guard mobilized in west virginia, ordered the evacuation of communities in north-central
11:52 am
west virginia. and flash flood watches and warnings up and down the mid-atlantic, and dc causing rivers and streams like rock creek, the rains causing a basement to collapse, 11 people are displaced from their homes, the national weather service had flood warnings like prince george county, places like alexandria virginia making that from the heavy rain. important people pay attention out there. don't drive on flooded roadways, the weather services people should be alert the saturated drenched ground, shallow rooted trees there, the good news is the national weather service says all the flood warnings and watches should be over by now or later this afternoon. >> there will be some aftermath.
11:53 am
thank you very much. adam is live in the extreme weather center. >> i want to get into that storm system beating up and down the east coast. it has been a slow mover continuing to be a slow mover. talking about an area being hit the hardest, the backside of the system doesn't want to push into the atlantic. it eventually will but it is taking its time. an hour by hour forecast, you can see the timestamp, 7:00 pm, still seeing the tale end of rain pushing its way offshore. it does wrap up, is there is any area it will stall out it will be where a hot one in texas.
11:54 am
that rain is calling us off a little bit. that will not be the case. incredibly warm for folks, no
11:55 am
relief in sight but that rain along the coast will be pushing off and we will be drying off in the next 6 to 8 hours. arthel: we will talk to you again. eric: the model for the electric car from tesla hits the road. employees got the first edition of that car designed as the first mass-market for them and the long-awaited model 3 is tesla's most affordable yet starting at $35,000. i guess they got the money, go buy one. elon musk says half 1 million folks around the world put down deposits. arthel: people who have them love those cars. the long-held republican dream of repealing obamacare is dead but is it over for good or will the gop try again?
11:56 am
more on that had with kelly right. keep it right here. eric and i will be back at 5:00 pm eastern for two more hours. eric: a few hours from now. all the news throughout the afternoon. stay cool wherever you are. at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing.
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>> hello, everyone, cel wright, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm julie banderas. good to see you. i feel like we have been apart for a long time. i've missed. topping the news this hour, north korea testing another ballistic missile that experts say has the range to hit major cities in the u.s. how the white house and u.s. allies are responding. kelly: in venezuela there's political crisis, demonstrators making a final push as country plans to vote that gives president sweeping power. julie: leaving trump administration with few options forward. so what is the next step on the agenda? ♪ ♪ ♪ kelly: we begin with the white house with another major shake-up.


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