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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 31, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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communication director after only about ten or so days on the job. healthcare reform, tax reform. we're all over it. here's sh pe. >> shepard: it's noon at the west coast. we just learned that anthony scaramucci of colorful language fame is out as the president's communications director. details how it went down coming. earlier today, the president insisted there's no chaos in the white house as he swore in his new chief of staff. can general kelly bring military style order to the west wing? seems he took down scaramucci. there's other obstacles. we'll go through those and the strategy. one of general kelly's first tests, dealing with north korea. defense analysts say that kim jong-un could reach east coast cities with his missiles. president trump calling out china not doing enough to
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diffuse the situation. china is not having it. the president about to honor an american hero. a former army medic that risks his life and ignored his own wounds to save his fellow soldiers in vietnam. nearly a half a censutury from e battlefield, a medal of honor for a man that represents the best. that didn't take long! word that anthony scaramucci has just left his job as white house communications director just after a week in the job. an outside adviser to trump says the move came at the request of the new white house chief of staff, general john kelly. a bit of irony as scaramucci got credit for former out the former chief of staff, reince priebus calling him a effing
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schizophrenic. so this news most feel like karma to him. so what next for the communications team? one thing we know there's no chaos at the white house. we got that assurance from the president's twitter this morning. john roberts is live with more. >> they're clearing the decks here at the white house. they've probably got the cleanest decks politically at least. anthony scaramucci out as the communications director. the way it went down, the way john kelly came in, he wanted his own chain of command and team in place. sources tell fox news that scaramucci said, i understand, if he wants to bring in his new team. sean spicer said a little more than a week ago he understands the president wants to bring in scaramucci as the communications director. so scaramucci requested to go back to his position at the export import bank, which
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apparently sources say the president aseeded to those witches. what we don't know, will scaramucci still be in line for the ambassadorship to the organization for economic cooperation and development. looked like he was going to paris. now what happens to sean spicer? spicer said to me as early as this morning that he was going to wind down his tenure here at the white house in coordination with the closing of the west wing for a couple weeks for renovations. officially the end date was supposed to be august 15th. looked like he was going to push that up a little bit. now the president is without a communications director. in a white house where the flow of information moves so quickly as this one does, you need a communications director to keep the pieces of the puzzle from coming flying apart with the centrifugal force. so it may be that sean spicer hangs on a little while longer or that the president has somebody else in mind for the communications director. what is shocking about this,
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shep, is the president a week ago friday, last friday, brought in scaramucci over the protestations over steve bannon and reince priebus, who was on his way out and said, i want scaramucci as the communications director. not only do i want him as the communications director, but he is going to be the first person in the chain of command between me and the communications shop, which sort of left sean spicer reporting to scaramucci. spicer said to the president, look, i appreciate the fact that you want everybody to work together and get along, but the chain of command that you're proposing is not going to work, so i'm going to bow out as the press secretary/communications director. clean that slate. clear the deck. whatever you want to say and let the president get his new team in there. so you can see sarah huckabee sanders behind scaramucci there. when he came out to meet the press late that friday afternoon. we expect she stay on as the
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press secretary. will sean spicer stay on. that's the questions of the hour. shep? >> shepard: we just got a statement from the new communications director, sarah huckabee sanders and i'll read that for you. from the press secretary, sarah huckabee sanders. she writes, "anthony scaramucci will be leaving his role as white house communications director. mr. scaramucci felt it was best to give the chief of staff, john kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team. we wish him all the best." so they sent him to the wishing well. his own people, his own supporters, the president's own supporters -- there's general kelly there as we wait for this medal of honor ceremony. it's his own supporters none other than the editorial board of the "wall street journal" saying this isn't a communications problem, this is a presidential problem. are they addressing that at all, john? >> the only thing we've heard on that front, you have to let trump be trump. anybody that tries to make the
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president something other than he is going to fail and fail miserably and likely won't have a very long tenure here at the white house. we know that john kelly's work at dhs, the senior military adviser to leon gates and from the marine corps is one tough cookie that likes discipline and organization and will do what it takes to get it. there's sean spicer talking to h.r. mcmaster. i don't know that anyone can reign in president trump. nor does anyone want to reign him in. they think that his greatest strength is him being him. if they can, let's say, channel some of that strength, channel some of that personality into a positive direction, i think that that might be something that kelly tries to do. kelly is someone that is used to having a lot of firepower at his fingertips. it's not what you got, it's how you use it. so he may try to mold the
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president a little bit into a positive direction. we'll see. many have tried in the past and failed, shep. >> shepard: kellyanne conway there, spicer along with h.r. mcmaster. spicer, he's around for another what? couple weeks? >> he was supposed to, as i said just a moment ago, he was going to try to use the occasion of the closing down of the west wing this coming friday for a couple weeks of renovations to start the exit process. his official out date had been listed as august 15. but who knows. with the changes happening as quickly as they are, his exit date could be pushed back substantially. i haven't had an opportunity yet. >> we've seen steve mnuchin there and just got this alert from the reuters news agency that orrin hatch is said republicans can cut the corporate tax rate from 15 to 35%. that would be another promise they can't get together. they're having a disappointing
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on their own stretch here, john. >> yeah, the president has said that he would like to see it cut to 15%. but maybe might accept 20, which is the figure that is in paul ryan's plan. i don't think there's many people on the republican side of the fence that think that you can cut it past 20%. that's what the president may have to deal with. one of the other things to look at and consider here in terms of the tax reform plan is steve bannon, who granted is an outlier on this, would like to increase the top tax bracket among people making $5 million or more a year to 42 to 44% from 39.5%. why he wants to do that is to give more money and a tax break to the middle class and to investment, people that make their living off of investment income. they want to slash that to below 20% as well. you wouldn't get argument from many people in the middle class, nor on the democratic side to increased taxes on the wealthiest individuals.
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again, people making $5 million and above. so that may be a play to get some bipartisan support in the idea of tax reform. steve bannon is probably an army of one when it comes to a tax increase even on wealthiest americans, shep. >> shepard: john, stay with us. let's go to amber phillips from "the washington post" who is live as well. did anybody gets a heads-up on this? did anybody see this come something. >> nope. we were running around going oh, my gosh! this is a total shock. like everyone has been saying, this is a total power move by general kelly saying i'm the boss, no one else. and just a couple days ago, we weren't sure in the white house chain of command who was the boss. and this suggests to me the president has given his new chief of staff leverage to do whatever he wants. the president, seems like he feels like the six months in, just hasn't been working for him. he's like bring in a new staff. we tried scaramucci.
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fine, if you want to fire him, fine. just get us back on track is the message i'm hearing today from the white house. >> shepard: they are looking for order. there's no question about it. the one thing that people who have covered the white house for years around years, a real difference here is this open-door policy that the president has had with the family in and out and a lot of people whom boasted they had open door privileges. if general kelly can come in there and restore order, can you imagine a world where a member of the family or someone else goes in to the president's office and he looks at them and says does general kelly know you're here? that's what they're looking for, right? >> right. i think that's next battle. you're absolutely right. it's tough when you're a staffer, when you're a lobbyist and member of congress, a foreign official. who do you talk to, in whose -- who do you talk to who has the ear of the president? the president, listen, we know he's loyal. he's loyal to people that are loyal to him and vice versa and
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he loves his family. i feel like nowhere is he more loyal to his family and vice versa. so that's going to be a big challenge for general kelly. can you broach the next level of connection between the president and his family who also blur the line between his advisers. >> shepard: amber, the other thing they said they could use a dose of is message discipline. you wonder if the next person that takes the communications job, whoever that may be, goes to the president and says look, am i going to be in charge of the message? if we set out this is budget week and we have a bunch of events designed to get people on track and designed to get on pace to get a new budget and spending under control, if he will say to him, mr. president, tweet about whatever you want, but not about what's going on in the white house. talk about something you've done, a medal you've bestowed, whatever it is. let us take care of the messaging. if they can get those two
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things, the president's defenders seem to think that would right this white house, give it a chance, amber. >> you're absolutely right. what i hear from the same presidential defenders and i hear from trump supporters in middle america is that they love the president says what he wants when he wants it. they love he's connecting to them over us, if you will. so once again, just like trump, i have a hard time seeing him giving up his family. i have a hard time seeing him giving up his phone and freedom to communicate in a new way that no president has ever done before. you hit on right there, two massive challenges for general kelly. scaramucci was scratching the surface. >> shepard: john roberts at the white house. when you lose so many of your defenders, you have a congress saying we don't have time up here to confirm another jeff sessions. we won't have time for that.
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by the way, you need to settle down and start acting right. when you hear that from your own defenders, does that give him an opportunity to make these changes? >> well, the president can make any change he wants at any time. clearly, shep, there's been more pressure to bear on the president from members of his own party than since this time in the election campaign last year. let's not forget the president will do what he wants to do. the one thing that reince priebus used to complain about, thinking about the conversation you had there, the number of inputs that the president has. in a typical white house, you have five or six people that have direct access to the president reince priebus, to hear him tell us, that number was more -- the president is coming -- said the number is higher than that, around 11 or 12. that was frustrating for him. while he had a sense of who the president was meeting with, as they play "hail to the chief" he
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wasn't sure what was being said in the oval office. so kelly is going to try to tighten that ship down. >> shepard: john, thanks. let's listen. ♪ >> let us gather in these sacred words, "no one has greater love than this to lay down one's life for one's friends." let us pray. almighty god, we thank you for the gift of this day, of this time. and for all living lives devoted and service to you and to our country. our hearts are especially grateful today for the courage, honor and extraordinary service
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of specialists james mccluen whose repeated acts of bravery convey to us a true understanding of the value of life. as his service demonstrates your faithfulness and unconditional love for all humanity, we ask you, lord, continue to inspire and guide others to their own acts of selfless service and grant us all now hearts eager to seek your will and all acts that preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. amen. >> amen. >> thank you very much. please, be seated. thank you, chaplain hurley, secretary mnuchin, secretary t
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mattis and members of the armed forces, thank you for joining us as we award our highest military honor to specialist 5 james c. mccluen. today we pay tribute to a veteran who went above and beyond the call of duty to protect our comrades, our country and our freedom. joining jim today is his wife, sherri, his brothers mike and tom and his sons, jamie and matt and many other members of his very large and beautiful family. we're also gratified to be joined by eight previous medal of honor recipients. now, jim's name will stand
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forever alongside theirs in our history and in our hearts. i want to take a few minutes to tell you about jim and how he earned this place among legends. jim was raised in bangor, michigan. his father built their house from scratch and worked 40 years at a piano factory. jim's dad taught him a simple but powerful lesson. never do anything halfway. always do your best. jim took that lesson very much to heart. he played for four varsity sports in high school and three in college in august of 1968. jim was drafted into the army. within six months he was trained as a medic and arrived in
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vietnam. right away, jim poured all of himself into his duties treating the sick and the wounded. before long, all of his fellow soldiers called him "doc." on may 13th, 1969, jim was one of 89 men in charlie company to embark on a mission to secure a transportation route. as jim and his men jumped out of the helicopter, it quickly became clear that they were surrounded by enemy troops. within minutes, two choppers were shot down. one of his men was badly wounded in the middle of an open field. jim did not hesitate. he blazed through 100 meters of enemy fire to carry the wounded and the soldier to safety. but this was only the first of
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many heroic deeds jim would perform over the next 48 hours. after tending to the first wounded soldier, jim joined a mission to advance toward the enemy and advance they did. before long, they were ambushed. again, he ran into danger to rescue his men. as he cared for two soldiers, shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade slashed open the back of jim's body from head to foot. but that did stop him from pulling the men to safety, nor did it stop him from answering the plea of another wounded comrad and carrying him to safety atop his own badly-injured body. he was badly injured. so it went, shot after shot, blast upon blast as one of his
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comrades recalled, whoever called medic could immediately count on mccloughan. he's a brave guy. as dusk came upon them, they had to make it back, they were finally within their night defensive position except for one soldier whose plea jim could not ignore. aga again, doc did not hesitate. he crawled through a rice patty thick with steel rain. that means bullets, all over the place. as soldiered watched him. they were sure that was the last time they would see doc. they thought that was the end of their friend, jim. after several minutes passed, jim emerged from the smoke and fire carrying yet another soldier. he immediately badgered and
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fixed and worked but he got the wounds fixed and lifted the soldier to a medevac helicopter. his lieutenant ordered jim to get in, he said. "get in, get in" he said, but jim refused. he said "you're going to need me here." as jim said, he would have rather died on a the battlefield than the men not having a medic. jim fired at enemy soldiers, suffered a bullet wound to his arm and continued to race into gun fire to save more and more lives. and yet as night approached again, after nearly two days of no food, no water and no rest, jim volunteered to hold a blinking light in an open field
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to signal for a supply drop. he would not yield, he would not rest, he would not stop. and he would not flinch in the face of sure death and definite danger. though he was thousands of miles from home, it was as if the strength and pride of our whole nation was beating inside of jim's heart. jim did what his father had taught him. he gave it his all and then he just kept giving. in those 48 hours, jim rescued ten american soldiers and tended to countless others. he was one of 32 men who fought until the end. they held their ground against more than 2,000 enemy troops. jim, i know i speak for every person here when i say that we
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are in awe of your actions and your bravery. but let me tell you one thing and one more story about jim. on the second day of that bloody fight, jim found a few soldiers and a fellow soldier who had been shot badly in the stomach. he knew the soldier wouldn't make it if he flung him on the back so he lifted him up and carried him in his arms. as jim carried the soldier, a thought flashed through his mind. it wasn't since he was a young boy that he told his dad those three very simple but beautiful words. "i love you." in that moment jim offered up a prayer. he asked god, if you get me out of this hell on earth so i can tell my dad i love him, i'll be
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the best coach and the best father you can ever ask for. as he prayed, a great peace came over him. if it was god's will for him to live, he would keep his promise to god as soon as he had the chance. jim made it out of that hell on earth. he made it. here he is. and the first thing he did when he arrived back on american soil was to say those beautiful words. "i love you dad, i love you." jim said those words over and over again for the next 22 years until the last time he saw his father the night before his dad passed on. today i venture to say his dad is the proudest father in heaven. jim fought with all of the love and courage in his soul. he was prepared to lay down his
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life so his brothers in arms could live theirs. with us today, ten of the men that fought alongside jim and five of those he saved. to bill, randy, mike, joe, kent, robert, john, charles, michael, morestes, thank you for your service and sacrifice. stand up wherever you may be. where are you? [applause]
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thank you, fellows. that's great. for over two centuries, our brave men and women in uniform have overcome tyranny, fascism, communism and every threat to our freedom. every single threat they have overcome. we've overcome these threats because of titans like jim whose spirit could never be conquered. that is what this award is, and jim's life represents so well. america's unbreakable spirit. it's been 48 years since jim's bat until vietnam. he's now a husband, a father and a grandfather. he coached high school football, wrestling and baseball for 38 years just like he said he would. he brought together every member he could find of his beloved
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charlie company. to many people in this room, specialist 5 mccloughan has always been their friend, jim. to others, he's been coach. to those that bravely served with him in vietnam, he still is called their doc. to his parents, scottie and margaret, both watching from heaven, he will always be their son. but today 320 million grateful american hearts, private mccloughan carries one immortal title. that title is "hero." specialist 5 mccloughan, we honor you and salute you. with god as our witness, we thank you for what you did for all of us. now i would like the military aide to come forward and read
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the citation. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by act of congress, march 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to private first class james c. mccloughan, united states army. for conspicuous gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. private first class c mccloughan distinguished himself by acts of gallantry at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty from may 13-15, 1969
12:29 pm
while serving as a combat medic with the charlie company 196th light infantry brigade, americal division. the company air assaulted into an area in new yong hill. on may 13th with complete disregard for his life, he ran 100 meters in an open field through heavy fire to rescue a comrad too injured to move and carried him to safety. that same day, second platoon was ordered to search the area near new yong hill when the area was ambushed and sustained heavy casualties. with complete disregard for his life and personal safety, private first class mccloughan led two americans into the safety of a trench while being wounded by shrapnel from a
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rocket-propelled grenade. he ignored a direct order to stay back and braved an enemy assault while moving to the kill zone on four more occasions to extract wounded comrades. he treated the injured, prepared the evacuation and though bleeding heavily from shrapnel wounds on his head and entire body, refused evacuation to safety in order to remain at the battle site with his fellow soldiers who were heavily outnumbered by the north vietnamese army forces. on may 14th, the platoon was again ordered to move out. private first class mccloughan was wound add second time by small arms 4 and shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade while rendering aid to two soldiers in an open rice patty. in the final phases of the attack, two companies from the second north vietnamese army division descended upon charlie
12:31 pm
company's position on three sides. private first class mccloughan again with complete disregard for his life went into the cross fire numerous times to extract the wounded soldiers whiles will fighting the enemy. his relentless and courageous actions inspired and motivated his comrades to fight for their survival. when supplies ran low, private first class mccloughan volunteered to hold a blinking strobe light in an open area as a marker for a nighttime resupply drop. he remained steadfast while bulleted landed around him and rocket-propelled grenades exposed around his bare body. private first class mccloughan knocked out a rocket-propelled grenade position with a grenade and treated numerous casualties, kept two critically wounded soldiers alive through the night and organized the dead and
12:32 pm
wounded for evacuation at daylight. his timely and courageous actions were instrumental in saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. private first class mccloughan's heroism, competence and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the americal division and the united states army. [applause]
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[applause] >> bless us now, oh lord, as we depart our separate ways. may the memory of this occasion, may our participation here unite us all in compassion for service to all the members of our
12:34 pm
families, our military, our country. strengthen us in faith and renew us in spirit and send us forth with your peace. amen. >> amen. >> jim, thank you. god bless you. god bless your family. god bless the united states of america. thank you, jim. [applause] >> shepard: a moving ceremony for an american hero. john roberts at the white house. to you. >> quite a citation, i think, too, shep. those days in may 1969, 48 harrowing hours when james mccloughan went above and beyond
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the call of duty, wounded three times by shrapnel and small arms fire. as you heard in the citation, to rescue nine members of his company that were pinned down there in the horrible hours there in vietnam. the first time the president has awarded the medal of honor to one of our nation's heros. it was a period of 48 years between the time that mccloughan performed his heroic acts and the time he was recognized. many times it takes time and i'm sure it's appreciated by mccloughan and his family. we're awaiting the daily briefing here. sarah huckabee sanders, the newly minted press secretary, will be here. you can bet the first questions will be about anthony scaramucci's rather rapid departure from the white house. his tenure lasted some ten days. we're told that john kelly, the incoming chief of staff, did not necessarily want scaramucci to be in his chain of command. scaramucci offered his resignation, asked to go back to
12:36 pm
his position at the export import bank so we have another shakeup here at the white house. the two big questions that are left to answer, who will be the communications director. will it be sean spicer or will it be someone else? how will john kelly, the incoming chief of staff change the chain of command? one of the things that reince priebus, the previous chief of staff had complained about, the president had so many inputs, more than any other president that priebus knew about that it was difficult to manage them all and difficult to know what was being said. so may be that john kelly tries to trim down those so-called inputs to just a handful of people who have direct access to the president. it would appear, shep, as though this move is an indication that he wants things to flow through him. one of the things that scaramucci was so proud about when he came in here to the white house, he would have direct access to the president and would not report to the chief of staff's office. i imagine that john kelly came in and said, i'm not going to have a communications director
12:37 pm
who does not report to me. to which scaramucci then said, well, let me go back to the export import bank. we'll see. >> shepard: was scaramucci at the white house today? >> he was. i said hello to him in the oval office ceremony this morning for the swearing in on john kelly. i expect because of this was precooked over the weekend, he knew when i shook hands with him in the oval office that he was on the way out. but he gave me no indication of it, shep. he seemed to be his typical self this morning. >> shepard: you know, john, it's interesting to me that the timing of everything. it was ten days ago today that sean spicer left and the rele e releareleas release, he wants to offered a clean slate. that was july 21. now it's july 31 and the mooch is loving to offer a clean slate. >> we got some very clean slates. i don't know if it's a typical black board that your tipper
12:38 pm
used to take. but we have a clean slate here twice in a row, shep. >> shepard: you could make the argument if you're this white house, we're going to make this turn now. i was thinking over the weekend, this was to be budget woke and we got this series of tweets from the president that altered the news environment and the news landscape and now this. seems to -- doesn't matter what they plan, twitter and chaos overtake everything. >> that's one of the big problems that the incoming chief of staff will have. you talked earlier this hour about message discipline. i've seen a number of people that are supporters of this president who are died in the wool republicans. people like laura ingram that say message discipline, message discipline when they tweet about this white house. the biggest problem for the chief of staff is the person that seems to have the least message discipline is the president himself. they'll be on track to have a good week on made in america or infrastructure or something like
12:39 pm
that and the president will get up and issue tweets to take them off message. so whoever the new communications director will be under john kelly, has to be a nimble person. somebody that has five different game plans ready to go just in case the president decides to go off on tangent. the president likes to do that though. he likes to keep people off balance. he thinks that he gains by that and he likes to talk directly to his constituents. i don't expect as much as john kelly may try to channel as i talked about the president's enthusiasm for his own messaging, he will probably have to deal with a president that take the white house way off message at the most inopportune time because that's the way he works. >> shepard: unless the crazy continues, they'll have to turn their sights on money, from the budget to the debt ceiling. so much of that sort of thing.
12:40 pm
>> tax reform. >> shepard: tax reform. it's about the money and the message couldn't be more important as you try to get congress on board. >> the one thing the president has been disciplined on is tax reform. the healthcare bill seemed to be all over the place because one day it was repeal and replace and then repeal and then back to repeal and replace again. the president has been very disciplined, very consistent on this issue with tax reform. the only thing that has really been sort of pliable is where the corporate tax may land. the president said somewhere and 15 to 20%. the paul ryan plan calls for 20%. some people have suggested you can't get it below 25. i've been told by people in the white house that's crazy. you can get it below 25 and maybe 18 to 20. 15 might be adventurous. you're right. we have the budget in september. tax reform they want to do. the white house still wants to get healthcare reform done. i was talking with the legislative director, mark short that told me they think they might re-visit this in
12:41 pm
september. it's probably terms in getting it done before the august resort. short feels there's a lot of pressure from republican governors across the country that like this idea of block grants for medicaid to control the money. they like the idea of massaging health plans so that they can give coverage tailored to an individual. the members of congress, members of the house and senate will go back at some point for an august recess. they'll hear from constituents, wait a minute, haven't you been promising to repeal obamacare? you combine that with pressure from the governors and maybe the white house believes they could come up with some sort of solution. they still want to get healthcare done because that will give them a pot of about a trillion dollars to apply to tax reform. if they can't get that money, tax reform won't be as big as the president wants it to be. >> shepard: stay with us. moments away from the daily press briefing. you know, scaramucci turned the lights back on. we can only assume the lights
12:42 pm
will roll. they're on for today. i should tell you there's other news breaking at this moment, it's quite serious. the election in venezuela, the sham election in venezuela as clearly that nation plans to be headed to civil war. the treasury department just sanctioned venezuela president or leader, maduro freezing his assets and specifically, john, calling maduro the dictator that he is. they used the word today. talk about problems all over the world. there's numerous and plentiful. this is right here in our own back yard in venezuela, a walking disaster this hour. >> the president has talked about that many times, shep, in the past few weeks as he looking at the deteriorating situation there. you have that, you have russia, expelling 755 -- not really expelling because there aren't that many people to expel. removing 755 diplomats from the u.s. mission there there russia.
12:43 pm
many of them may be russian citizens. then you have north korea firing off another intercontinental ballistic missile. the president has got a lot on his plate. he needs to have a disciplined white house, one that is operating like a finely-tuned machine. he doesn't need these competing factions and power bases vying to protect their turf. that's why he brought in kelly. he said kelly was an emerging star in the administration. the president love what's he did at dhs. he's been engaging in policies that are potentially very controversial without much controversy at all. there was the controversy over the immigration ban. but what kelly has been doing in terms of enforcing law and deporting people here in this country illegally really has been carried out without a lot of controversy. so the president looked at his track record there, he knows that he's got vast political experience here in washington because he served as the top military aide to leon panetta and bob gates. he has the commander experience and the sort of guy who
12:44 pm
president trumps think can run a tight ship here. again, the big question here is how many lines, district lines of communication will be there to the president. will everything or most things flow through kelly or continued to be these parallel tracks for the president listening to different people? the one thing that i hear from some of the president's aides is that he will do whatever the last person who was in the oval office suggested he do, shep. >> shepard: we hope to hear from sarah huckabee sanders on that matter and more moments from now. we have reason to believe this is going to be a couple minutes before the daily press briefing starts. the shakeup will be the topic when sarah huckabee sanders takes to the podium. we'll bring you that live. and how the latest change at the white house could affect the president's agenda. that's next as breaking news continues. the white house press briefing is next on fox news channel. s, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof.
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>> shepard: breaking news. still waiting for the white house news conference to begin. there's the podium on the left. the reporters on the right. this was scheduled to begin awhile ago. timing is obviously changed today because of all of the developments that we've gotten from the white house. the mooch is toast as we told you. anthony scaramucci officially submitted his resignation to give a clean slate to general kelly who will be the chief of staff now. "the washington post" amber phillips is with us live this afternoon. i mean, again, this is supposed to be budget week, or think that's what this was. we have three or four more things before that. >> again, we're starting another press briefing talking about white house internal drama, which is exactly not what the white house needs six months in without a real legislative win and what congress and republicans there want the white house to be talking about. so you know, it's sort of ironic in general kelly trying to
12:49 pm
implement a broader strategy that we have to assume includes message discipline, we're veering off of that reporting to get there. >> shepard: anything yet on sean spicer? >> not yet. obviously eagle eyes all on what sean spicer says. he's there at the white house right now. no reporting yet to see what this even means for him. we just have no idea. perhaps it's up to general kelly to say you know what? i get to pick my communications staff right now and would you consider staying or leaving? we have no idea if that conversation happened. >> shepard: stay with us a second. in february, it was michael flynn. in march, katie walsh. in may, it was mike dubke and then michael short. on the 28th, it was reince priebus. and today it's anthony
12:50 pm
scaramucci. clean slating. bret baier, host of "special report" is with us. i know they want to get order in there and this is an attempt at that. >> yeah, shep, i left the bureau one hour. but you can't get out of here. you don't know what will happen. this is quite something to see anthony scaramucci really not even get to his job. he was officially slated to start at the white house august 15th. this is not starting before you're starting. and now we will see what sarah huckabee sanders says about all of this. obviously it's an example of general kelly exerting some power and being empowered by the president of the united states to make some changes in the way the white house operates. that, for the people on the outside, that looked at the white house and said this is what was needed, is a good thing. now we'll see if that continues. president trump makes all the calls about how general kelly is
12:51 pm
operating. >> shepard: has he said anything that has worked its way around to reporters about this flow in and out of the oval office and if it will be changed? >> not officially. we might hear more from sarah huckabee sanders. the word was that everyone was saying we agree and we're going to go through or advise with general kelly on the in and out of the oval office. that's the key. if you have people walking in and out, if the president is kind of pulled off of what he's talking about. you talk to the best chiefs of staff and they he tell you that is the management of the white house. who can get in to see the president, how many times somebody talks to him, who is talking to him and keeping him focused on the issues of the day. and this president obviously operates differently than others. general kelly is in there to
12:52 pm
establish order. >> shepard: really quickly, bret. in a world without last week's colorful language, this probably will be different. i'm wondering what the inside scoop is, what they're saying about washington about the words that scaramucci used and if we know any idea how the president felt about it? >> privately, there's a number of officials that said that he liked the aggressive push back. i'm not sure of the specific language he signed off on. but it was an eye-opener in washington and the talk of the town last week. and then you had the switch-out of reince priebus. that seemed to suggest that anthony scaramucci was on the inside track and perhaps close to the president. this is an indication that general kelly has power now. i think the real question going forward is how this messaging of this white house is going to work. because the president obviously in 140 characters or less dominates the news con forecast
12:53 pm
starting early in the morning. i think the question will be, will policy be coming out in those tweets like the trans-gender, the no trans-gender and the u.s. military. that went out in a tweet, but it has yet to be policy. so far the pentagon has not moved forward all we can tell >> shep, good afternoon, a lot of lawmakers have been frustrated by the white house drama at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. so if scaramucci's ouster is a sign of a more disciplined operation down the street a lot of lawmakers that want to get the president's agenda going would be in favor. makes them crazy on capitol hill
12:54 pm
when they turn the corner and asked about the president versus his attorney general or the russia investigation or a number of other dramas, fake news and the like. so a lot of folks on capitol hill will be relieved if there's more order and discipline at the white house, a couple lawmakers putting out tweets, taking swipes at anthony scaramucci. california democrat adam schiff tweet ago short time ago, thank you, anthony scaramucci, for your service. i speak for a grateful nation when i say has it really only been 11 days? then there's lee zeldon of long island, new york. tweeted 864,000 is an impressively large number. that's the number of seconds that mooch spent as coms director. it's almost as if a four-star general just took over as cos, chief of staff. a couple swipes on the way out the door, shep. >> shepard: it's not surprising. twitter loves -- twitter is a love festival.
12:55 pm
it is loving anthony scaramucci like -- well, for the next few minutes. bret baier is back with us from capitol hill. just feels like they can't get out of their way. maybe they're turning a corner today. i don't know. >> well, i know. listen, you said twitter had the guessing in the new york headlines. all kinds of phrases there dealing with the mooch. i think the other thing we're not talking about here is the comfortable nature of having a general that is war hardened next to the president and how that makes something like jim mattis or the secretary of state, rex tillerson, who had his own problems with the white house, how that makes them feel. if you look around the world at the hot spots, north korea, every day, venezuela, syria, the standoff with qatar, russia, china and the belligerence there as well as not working on north
12:56 pm
korea, it's a hotspot world and having a general who has some war experience i think comforts those folks, the defense secretary and the secretary of state. >> shepard: last time something like this -- speaking of kelly -- bret, i think it was al haig, right? >> the last general to be the chief of staff, al haig, 1973. president nixon trying to shore up a very chaotic white house. >> shepard: i remember he was very much in charge. that shore up didn't go well. you wonder about the sort of similarities that people could draw. i mean, everything i read about this particular general, he's a law and order kind of guy, a country guy. makes the trains run on time. the president said he will be one of the greatest ones ever. the only way to do that is day in and day out, minute in and minute out the president allows it. >> that's the key. any chief of staff will tell you that he's only as good as the president allows him to be. i think this president is
12:57 pm
indicates at least that he's going to empower general kelly to do just that. i think the first move or one of the first moves with scaramucci is a sign that he is installing some order into the white house. there's a lot of questions yet to come. there are a lot of things that this chief of staff is going to have to deal with as far as the difficulties of family, the difficulties of personalities. this president likes to get on the phone and talk to people. i think that there will be an effort to clamp down and try to focus. they're really going to make a pitch, shep, for tax reform. that roll-out will start next week in earnest. >> shepard: that's something that our viewers are interested in. we get the feedback what are the general thoughts going into thie
12:58 pm
expecting to use to be able to drive down those rates. so they want to make it as big as they can as long as it can and ideally in a bipartisan way. if not, moving forward with what they can get. they think that is the thing that is going to turn the engine on even further than the taking a tough regulations and the things they have done so far. >> shepard: and the support level, do they believe that the -- does the whip believe -- is there a belief that they can get this done? >> there's more organization on the tax reform than healthcare clearly. but they also were indicating that sean spicer was going to be the message guy on the roll-out. now, i don't know what they're doing and who is going to run point. i know the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, the commerce secretary intimately involved. i assume sarah huckabee sanders will be a part of this. there's an organized tax reform roll-out that will include
12:59 pm
capitol hill and the white house and the president on the road doing those campaign-style speeches that we've seen so many times, shep. >> shepard: the budget is a big and complicated matter. what about the can be heading for another situation that we've seen before. >> we have. bret, great to see you. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: we're waiting for the news conference. neil cavuto is coming up in the next hour. there will be updates on venezuela and the situation with north korea, which is clearly
1:00 pm
saber-rattling down there. in addition, we've gotten word, it's confirmed, you may have seen it, los angeles gets the 2028 olympics. the olympics coming back to the united states for the first time since atlanta back in 96. the final bell is ringing on wall street. it's an update on wall street and another all-time high. cavuto starts now. >> neil: you're right on that, shep. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." minutes away from a press conference where it's always who's new on a given day. out as the communications director, anthony scaramucci and what happened and how did it happen so fast? john roberts? >> people are asking, neil, but the way it went down, john kelly was named the white house chief of staff on friday. over the weekend, he said look, i have chain of command. the person that is the communications director does not fit within that chain of command because he had a direct line of access to the president. so over the course of the weekend and this morning,