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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 1, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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watching fox and friends first on tuesday morning. the first day of august. ibly20 summer has gone too quickly. thanks for joining us. our top story, new information on anthony scaramucci, he is out. john kerry firing anthony scaramucci just 10 days on the job. >> the latest on the administration shakeup, already moving on to make america work again. >> not even officially on the job yet. >> reporter: 10 days and he is out. john kelly taking raines as the
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chief of staff, bringing order to the white house showing the communications director the door is donald trump tweeted it was a great day at the white house and predicted general kelly will go down as one of the greatest. >> we respect what he has done, what he has done nothing short of miraculous. i predict general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff one of the great ever. we are going to make america great again. it is all about making america great again. >> reporter: the change brings a new chain of command leveling authority rights priebus did not, even steve bannon, jared kushner will answer to him. sarah huckabee sanders said he will not have a role elsewhere in the administration as his profanity laced comments were inappropriate. >> he does not have a role at
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this time in the trump administration. the president felt anthony's comments were inappropriate for person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly with that. >> reporter: no official word on his replacement but the daily caller is reporting senior advisor to the president abca19 may be the next commerce director, getting back to business, the president holds a meeting with small businesses today at 3:00 pm in the white house as the senate begins to craft a tax reform bill including proposals easing tax burdens on small business. never a dull moment over there. ibly20 one thing the president said was he didn't want to burden the new chief of staff as he came to the white house, he did say comments anthony scaramucci made, were
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inappropriate. abca27 john kelly taking over and donald trump seems to be willing to give somebody the ability to control the show. the only person kelly needs to respond to is the president, kelly is in charge of everything else, we will see if that writes the ship. the administration is doing some amazing things but gets rid of this turmoil that clearly even if you are trump supporters. ibly20 the good things that are happening, here is what the president had to tweet yesterday, highest stock market ever, best economic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border security, south carolina, no white house chaos. border secure. obviously now the movement to talk about things that are working moving forward with abca27 so many things this it
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ministration can point to. referencing supreme court, neil gore such, if you only focus on the changes in the administration, who was hired and who is fired you lose sight of all the good that is being done. next step is the infrastructure and we talked about this, interesting comments. >> there is a new sheriff in town. general kelly's first day on the job put a stamp on his reign at the white house and he is someone who is coming in with a strong position, he is a commander of men and women and people follow him. that is what he is expecting from everyone on the white house staff, for them to follow his lead. there is a new chapter, new chief of staff, put together an incredible career of public
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service and sacrifice and he is coming in to work as a team member, leader of the team for donald trump. >> what white house changes do you expect to see with john kelly as chief of staff. we will share that later in the show. >> i'm going to vegas. another fox news alert just income a us military helicopter has crashed in and isis hotbed in eastern afghanistan and the mission to recover the aircraft is underway. two soldiers suffering minor injuries after mechanical issues brother black hawk helicopter down, this is the same region two army rangers were killed. the us dropped the mother of all bombs on a hideout in april.
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the united states ready to respond when the north korean arsenal to strike anywhere in the us. launching a new missile as early as tomorrow, the response to the rogue nation offering a rocket to the sea of japan last week. north korean dictator abca9 says the united states is no longer safe from attack. >> we are going to be able to handle them. it will be handled. we handled everything. >> reporter: the pentagon could not confirm they could strike the united states but the latest test was the longest flight of any north korean missile to date. >> the trumpet ministration urging sanctions after the power grab in venezuela spiking deadly clashes with protesters, aimed at the country's oil industry and freezes any assets maduro may have in the united states,
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maduro slamming the sanctions as desperate as hand hateful. the trumpet ministration sending a new warning to the rest of the world. >> maduro is not just a bad leader, he is now a dictator. the united states stands with the people of venezuela in the face of the suppression. abca27 this is triggered by a sham election giving the socialist party a limited power. ibly20 a suspected murderer behind bars, leading to a desperate 3 day manhunt, lucifer guinn is charged with killing everly glory. he also robbed a woman at gunpoint and broke into an assisted living center across the street from the murder screen. they do not believe he knew his victim. the murder is unknown. search intensifying in alabama, escaped inmate, we are learning peanut butter helped that
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criminal and 11 others break out of jail. officials say they took peanut butter and sandwiches and smeared it over a number identified in his outside door. do you understand that? a guard was confused and let the man out and most escapees will be captured in a matter of hours but ray kilpatrick, jail on drug charges, is still on the loose. abca27 the deadly police shooting of an officer, lieutenant aaron allen was shot 14 times trying to help people in a rollover crash. the suspect, jason brown, opened fire as he sat in the car upside down and distracted by his seatbelt, he allegedly kept shooting as alan tried to crawl away. brown facing murder charges. capital police officers responded to the wrong site in the moments following the congressional baseball shooting. and investigation now underway
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to figure out why officers were originally directed house minority leader nancy pelosi's house and not the baseball field miles away. house majority whip steve scalise was seriously hurt in that shooting. two offices on the security detail killed the gunman. ibly20 tropical storm emily weakening overnight, battering the sunshine state. abca27 locking up our 218,000 homes in florida in manatee county. ibly20 the coast guard rescuing these two brothers, their fishing boat was sinking, rescued them in the nick of time as they cling to a navigation light in tampa bay. ibly20 janice dean is tracking the storm. >> reporter: it came out of nowhere, one of the short-lived tropical storms, it was named yesterday morning, crossed the florida peninsula. it is now a tropical depression
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and it is moving towards the atlantic but his legacy will be heavy rainfall, looking at potential for more heavy rain in south florida, close to disneyland over the next several hours and we saw 6 inches of rain in a short time and four to six inches in south florida along the coast. otherwise the rest of the forecast is very hot on the west coast, heat advisories up and down california toward washington and oregon and scattered showers. we will be tracking the remnants of emily throughout the day today. ibly20 attempting to repeal obamacare, attempts are not dead yet. donald trump has anything to say about it, the president fuming at the senate since last week's rocky results they released on healthcare but senator lindsey graham is urging his colleagues to keep working on alternatives.
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graham offering legislation that could get 50 republican votes. >> i'm 1000% for donald trump on this. we should be politically horse whipped if we don't try again. the best idea we brought up, take all the money under obamacare and send it back to the states eagleing single-payer health care, the government closest to the people is best, the healthcare closest to people is the best healthcare. ibly20 don't miss the senator live on fox and friends later this morning to talk about the plan. abca27 democrats plotting to tie the hands of donald trump as lawmakers go to recess, chuck schumer planning pro forma sessions, the committee meets for a few seconds every day, technically not in recess, blocking recess appointments, democrats trying to keep the president from replacing jeff sessions with someone who will fire the special prosecutor in the russia investigation.
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ibly20 a top contender to unseat the democratic senator in montana. >> the rancher, businessman, will stand up to washington and get him out of our backyard. ibly20 matt rosen dale will challenge john tester as republicans are looking to hold control of congress to advance the president's agenda. he held the seat since 2007. >> sounds like one of those movies own voices. let the games begin. >> the olympics coming back to america. >> 2028, bringing games back to la. >> donald trump bringing the games to los angeles saying for the first time in a generation the olympics coming back to the
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united states and i am proud to support la 2028. >> first-time summer games we on american soil since 1996. meantime the navy's top-flight team preparing for a huge performance this weekend. >> blue angel taking over the seattle sky for the cedar weekend festival, navy pilots will soar through, starting on saturday. ibly20 the time is 13 minutes after the top of the hour. we will show you an out-of-control driver colliding head on with a semitruck. just learned about the driver. >> a member of the deadly ms 13 gained known for violent burglaries, now off the streets thanks to donald trump. >> that you make breakfast? >> sure. it is mother's day. >> what is the catch? ibly20 a popular sitcom popular with some folks set for reboot, but there is a catch. why rosanne won't be the way
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breathe right. >> 60 minutes after the top of the hour. the justice department causes illegal immigrants illegal. doj using the term illegal aliens showing up when the justice department announced the rules for sanctuary cities. advocates call the term illegal a racial slur, and illegal and dangerous member of the ms 13 gang, and one of the 5 men entering the us border patrol, a history of burglary and immigration violations. for reentering the country as a felon. donald trump vowed to destroy
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the ms 13 gang. many of the dangerous gangs are illegal immigrants and ice is teaming up law-enforcement to keep dangerous criminals off of streets. kelly wright joins us now. >> an executive order that donald trump, called for beefing up a thorough program to crack down on dangerous illegal criminals. the plan is known as the federal 287 program, as part of the illegal immigration respond. it work with and perform after immigrations or aspects. they will work under the jail enforcement model. >> the purpose of it was to
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identify and remove from the street dangerous criminals, not to detain hard-working families or innocent children. i appreciate the strong support. >> reporter: the acting director of ice says the partnership makes good sense to protect public safety. >> we have 8000 law-enforcement officers, stepping up to the plate in certain communities, more resources to arrest people who committed a crime. >> hundreds of people prepare to march on city hall in fort worth today, protesters trying to join a lawsuit against the new sanctuary cities law. the law takes effect september 1st and will give law-enforcement officers the authority to ask about personal immigration status during the
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routine police interactions. ibly20 a law allowing students and staff to carry handguns in college buildings is expanding. licensed gun owners can carry concealed pistol that community colleges all over texas. the law went into effect or four year universities last year. private colleges can opt out. people must be 21 to obtain a license in texas. open carry is still illegal. abca27 rosanne returning to tv but not the same show you remember. >> that you actually make breakfast? >> sure, it is mother's day. ibly20 the sitcom will include a controversial plot point. it will have a new gender creative character. according to the show, producers are looking to cast a child after who can display qualities of both young female and male traits to play rosanne's
2:21 am
9-year-old grandson. grandson but gender-neutral. abca27 support for the flag under fire, times his home targeted with hate mail for flying old glory. what the homeowners plan to do about it. ibly20 game of thrones, how hbo was hacked.
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ibly20 making america work again. donald trump keeping a campaign promise to get america back on track. >> the next item on the agenda, $1 trillion infrastructure. >> reporter: even with healthcare and tax reform yet to be worked out the president says he is committed with working with congress on $1 trillion
2:25 am
infrastructure bill pointing to a strong economy as he looks to move forward with his economic agenda. >> the highest stock market in history, gdp on friday, 2.6 is a number people thought they would not be for a long time, and employ it the lowest they have seen in 17 years, business enthusiasm as i as they have ever seen. >> reporter: gop leaders say the infrastructure package yet to be unveiled will flip into the next year. rob: have you driven on roads and bridges in our country? heather: should have started with infrastructure instead of healthcare. heather: hbo hacked and game of thrones fans not happy. hackers broke and linked unreleased episodes for a number
2:26 am
of shows as well is the script for next week's game of thrones. variety magazine, hbo working with law enforcement and outside security firms and data protection is a top priority. it is not clear who is behind this hack. it is a growing trend in hollywood. rob: people love to find utterly. when is starbucks doing with beef jerky? >> reporter: something different, starbucks is selling a drink topped with beef jerky called pepper nitro with a jerky twist, using a nitro quilt brew with black pepper sarabande on top honeycomb, pink peppercorn and beef jerky. it is only available in seattle. a drink or a snack? rob: the words you just used -- heather: it sounds very fancy but also expensive. rob: the time is 5:26, general
2:27 am
john kelly taking reins of the trump white house. >> i'm a great lever in a strong chief of staff. you are going to see a very different white house. rob: what changes will the general make? your emails pouring in. heather: the a bombshell report alleging obama era spy agencies changed the rules to spy on members of congress. could this blow the unmasking scandal wide open? ♪ shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get.
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rob: a look at avenue of americas. you are watching "fox and friends" first. >> 3 minutes after the hour, top story this morning, another white house shakeup, general john kelly's first day of chief of staff, anthony scaramucci ousted as communications director. heather: making america work again, the details. >> reporter: marine general john kelly establishes order at the white house, showing the direction the door. donald trump said it was a great day at the white house. starting with a good base. >> interesting situations that
2:32 am
will handle north korea. lots of problems we inherited from previous administrations, we will take care of them but we are doing incredible, the economy is doing incredibly well. we are starting from a good base. >> everyone goes through kelly, steve bannon, jared kushner, daughter ivanka will answer to him. >> he does not have a role at this time in the trump administration. the president felt anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and he didn't want to burden general kelly with line of succession. >> reporter: no word on the replacement but the website the daily caller is reporting senior
2:33 am
advisor to the president kellyanne conway might be the next indications director, the president meeting at 3:00 pm at the white house against work on tax reform and yesterday the legislative director at the white house with the idea of 15% tax rate for small businesses. heather: kellyanne conway would be a good choice, she has been doing a good job not in that. rob: donald trump calling his cabinet together for the first time since john kelly's wearing and. rob: john sununu who was chief of staff under george hw bush says it is now going to be a very different white house. >> i think the president deserves credit for knowing he needs someone like general kelly there and general kelly has enough confidence from the president to do that. i'm a great believer in a strong
2:34 am
chief of staff, service the president well. if they mesh together, the chief of staff understands what the president's agenda is. i think you will see a very different white house. rob: a call for a special prosecutor in the russia investigation to resign. trent franks says robert mueller cannot legally serve because of his relationship to james comey, congressman frank saying those who worked under them, he and jim comey have a close friendship and have delivered on the records payments using praise of one another, congressman saying mueller hired three lawyers who donate to hillary clinton's campaign. than a republicans attempt to repeal obamacare not dead yet at least not if the president has anything to say, fuming at the senate since last week's failed vote on healthcare but lindsey graham believe they are getting close to repealing obamacare.
2:35 am
>> john mccain said the process was broken. we voted on amendments we didn't know anything about. i really do believe likely and ted cruz, if we took a principled position on healthcare we should send money home closest to the patient and had hearings and votes in the normal course of business, we could get this done. rob: don't miss him live on "fox and friends" this morning. heather: another top priority is tax reform. mark short says the white house is prepared for a long battle to get the job done. >> that i think is an aggressive schedule for that timetable and also more opportunity to get the budget passed. we think the budget in september or october. heather: they hope to have legislation by august past by
2:36 am
november. the white house opioid commission urging donald trump to declare a state of emergency on the drug epidemic that causes 140 deaths every day as a report shows more than 11 million americans abused prescription opioids in 2015. at the boston medical center the epidemic stems from doctors overprescribing allowing extra pills to be used recreationally. rob: targeted for patriotism, homeowners receiving hate mail for flying american flags on their own properties. many residents finding anti-american and antigovernment flyers in their mailboxes. >> the typical ignorant flag supporter, clearly they have no
2:37 am
patriotism. rob: no word who is leaving the mail but people receiving it say it will not change the way they feel about our great country. heather: a deadly explosion caught on camera. a pickup truck driver taking off on the utah highway before veering into an oncoming lane and hitting a semitruck head on causing an explosion. the suspect died at the scene, the semi driver is in serious condition, he is a reserve police officer. rob: severe weather, tropical storm emily slamming the sunshine state as it weakens to a depression overnight, powerful storm knocking out power to 18,000 homes in the sunshine state. heather: tractor-trailer losing control driving on a slick road in tampa, dangling over the highway overpass. janice dean live in the weather center tracking the storm. >> reporter: we are almost done with emily, a depression now, enhanced rainfall in portions of
2:38 am
south florida and the space coast but almost done with this storm system, very short-lived one but a lot of damage with heavy rainfall, four to six inches in a short time. we still have some showers and thunderstorms affecting the sunshine state but the rest of emily will be long gone tomorrow. forecast highs for the west, dangerous heat not only today but wednesday and thursday. 100 ° towards portland and seattle. that is something we will be monitoring, heat advisories posted for millions on the west coast. as we look at the forecast it will feel like summertime in much of the country, a cold front moving across the northern plains thursday and friday. heather: a little rain, a lot of heat, cooler temperatures.
2:39 am
maybe -- is thinking voter helps fight a grass fire by slashing it with his wake. this canadian boater spring into action after seeing black billowing smoke rising along the shore. >> when firefighters arrived he continued on his way but onlookers say he kept it from spreading. 39 minutes after the hour, global tensions reaching an all-time high, is it time for talking officially over? our next guest says maybe not. heather: does this calf look familiar? the baby cow resembling a rock legend going viral. rob: best story of the day. ♪
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heather: a professor who taught classes on beyoncé undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. rob: the outrage. >> his name is kevin allbread best known for teaching a class on politicizing beyoncé at rutgers university. he was fired from rutgers after he made controversial comments on twitter and he is back at it again with this tweet. trump is a joke, this is all a sham. i wish someone would just shoot
2:44 am
him out right. that is what he has disabled he did later delete that tweet and issued another tweet saying he does not want to shoot the president. he had this to say on social media, saying you wish donald trump was dead is different than making a direct threat against him. defending himself but folks on social media slamming him for making this remark. alice says kevin is suffering terminal trump derangement syndrome and needs a house call, this from julia, let's see what the secret service thinks of that distinction and flashback on social media says to truly wish death upon someone shows you are severely unbalanced and in need of psychiatric care. he was supposed to go to montclair university this fall, he has since been let go. heather: the medal of honor. a beautiful moment at the white house, vietnam veteran jim mccool became the first person to receive the medal of honor from donald trump.
2:45 am
take a listen to this. >> he gave it is all and kept giving. jim fought with all the love and courage in his cell. his brothers in arms could live there is. >> social media responding. i agree with you. becky saying thank you for your heroism and other service to the usa and claudia said what a brave human being. >> on the show yesterday we need more ceremonies to honor these men and women. switching gears quite rapidly. to rock and roll, this looks like gene simmons, every time they try to take a picture he sticks his tongue out.
2:46 am
they name the cat jeannie and gene simmons with an official twitter account said this is real folks, born in texas ranch and looks exactly like kiss rocker gene simmons. how funny. that is unbelievable. >> needs to come on the plasma. city of ducey, on friday. >> the crazy mars rover on the plan is a today. you saw this video. and airport stepmom shares her -- gets ready to his marine dad.
2:47 am
>> to be a good citizen. i know that you and i -- rob: the mom, dad, the stepmom of the family will join us with their first interview. 13 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news, "fox and friends" first. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, filler paper just one cent with five dollar minimum purchase. ♪taking care of business. how to win at business. step one. point decisively with your glasses. abracadabra! the stage is yours. step two. choose laquinta. where you'll feel like the king of the road. check out our summer rates now at
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>> the report changed the rules making it easier for members of congress, the hill reports 2013 director of national intelligence james clapper
2:51 am
revised, under his guidelines names to be unmasked if an intelligence agency that the identity was necessary to understand associated information. a watchdog group says it is time to investigate desi wasserman schultz after her and tried to flee the country. facing a federal bank rod charge but he was suspected of other wrongdoing for months and banned from the house computer network as a security risk. the claim filed by the group fact is asking if debbie wasserman schultz violated house ethics rules by continuing to keep them on her payroll until his firing last week. a lot more to go. heather: the time for talk is over. nikki haley sending a clear message to north korea following the rogue regime's leaders
2:52 am
nuclear test, china and russia putting their military might on display looking to catch washington's attention. is the time for talk over? rebecca heinrich, thank you for joining us. let's begin with the latest north korean missile launch, the longest in the history of the rogue regime, 2300 miles into space, took 45 minutes. what are your thoughts on that? >> north korean this have been trying to perfect this capability for many years and whenever something happens, it blows up on the launchpad, there has been something in the think tank world or the intelligence community that says they are not that good at building rockets. every time they have a failed test they take the technology and apply them and get it right the next time so we have been watching them march towards this capability. now they have the capability many of us believe to reach the entire united states,
2:53 am
pennsylvania, ohio, new york, the whole united states with a nuclear capable icbm if they can get a nuclear warhead on the missile. we are watching it happening and we haven't done enough to stop the program. heather: we have been talking about this was one of the things that has been discussed is more pressure on china because china has the most power over north korea in terms of sanctions and trade. here's what donald trump had to say. he was disappointed in what china has done. the tweet that i am very disappointed in china. our foolish leaders allow them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade but they do nothing for us with north korea, they just talk. we no longer allow this to continue, china could easily solve this problem. you said the same thing. >> china, north korea, 90% of north korea's trade.
2:54 am
if it wasn't for trade, north korea would have no money to spend on its nuclear program and missile program. this is a country that is willing to starve its own people, they have prison camp so large you can see them from space. they repress their regime. the money is not going anywhere but there missile program so china is the one that has the most if not the only leverage over north korea apart from a threat of force from the united states and we do not want to go to the military route, it would be tragic and we need china to squeeze north korea so we have to squeeze china through secondary sanctions. >> china displayed military force celebrating the 90 anniversary of the people's liberation army and russia a similar things already their annual navy day but you say the shows of strength mean nothing if there's nothing to back it up. >> reporter: both of these countries conduct massive shows of force and are meant to
2:55 am
intimidate, to demonstrate their capabilities. the united states does them too conducting wargame exercises, shows of force with nato to show our adversaries the united states can meet them and dominate them if it comes to use of force but the trumpet ministration has to do something different than the obama administration did which is back up talk with action. we cannot talk tough, nikki haley was right when she said the time for tough talk was over, we can adjust they we condemn these activities, we have to back that up with sanctions, a credible threat of force, let our adversaries know that we mean it and we are not just all talk. heather: when you talk about the red line hold to it. thank you for joining us. we are not done, we will be right back. commendeax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief.
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heather: now the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good. boarding a plane got more fun thanks to this aadorable toddler. >> that's so cute. >> boy fist pumping his way down the aisle plane in kansas city. >> next the bad. law school apologizing after listening former anthony scaramucci as dead in the alumni directory printed in 2011.
3:00 am
he graduated in 1989. full-time. heather: finally the ugly, this driver ramming his car into another driver in los angeles at this intersection after taking off the road rage driver took off. he was taken to the hospital and of course to jail. todd: not good. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> a new chief of staff sworn in and incoming communications director escorted out. >> the president announced on twitter that there is no chaos at the white house. >> if you want to see chaos come to my house with three preschoolers this doesn't hold a candle to that. >> general kelly will go down to position of chief of staff. one of the great ever. >> people are getting hammered on obamacare. >> i am like 1,000% with donald trump on this. we should be politically horse whipped if we don't try again. >> the united states ready to respond after shocking reports that united states arsenal could potentially strike anywhere in the u.s. >> america is a goliath.


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