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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 1, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> are big thanks to colonel west for being here. we are outnumbered over time on . marie harp just said under some circumstances if her party doesn't get it together, she's going to write in john kasich. tune in. >> a fox news alert. will today be the day the dow hits 22,000? major record territory taking your 401(k) with them as corporate earnings overall have been better than expected. >> investors shrugging off the grid lough in our nation's capital while donald trump calcination's climb. we are covering all the news happening now. >> general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the greatest ever. >> jon: president trump hailing his selection of john kelly to bring some order to the west wing. the former homeland security secretary has a lot on his to-do
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list. >> i think he's got to sit down with the legislative liaison's letter in the office and put a strategy together. >> jon: also, the incredible heroism one pilot displayed after a freak storm did this to a passenger plane broke his windows. and a hollywood ending for the l.a. bid to host the olympics. it's all to be 20. but we begin with a fox news alert. vice president mike prince overseas of visiting allies who may feel threatened by russian aggression. good morning, good afternoon i should say now. some of you would still morning. welcome to the second hour of "happening now" ." >> massive military drills near mato members at the end of summer. the vice president just arriving in montenegro. the newest nato member while he will meet with balkan natives there. early today, vice president pence pledge
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support for the former soviet republic of georgia which has seen russian aggression on his territory. >> at this very moment just 40 miles from where we stand, russian tanks sit on georgian land. today, russia continues to occupy one fifth of georgian territory. the united states strongly condemns russia's occupation of george's soil. >> jon: meanwhile back at home, the white house has a new chief of staff and president trump is hoping he will bring more order and discipline to the west wing. we have live fox team coverage. a barber at the white house but we begin with kristin fisher in montenegro traveling with the vice president. >> the vice president just touch down here in montenegro. nato's newest member after taking off from a country that would love to join the alliance. georgia is a second stop on the
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vice president swing to eastern europe with president trump voice assign a sanctions bill, the vice president had been talking tough on russia and continue today while addressing hundreds of georgian u.s. troops currently taking part in a military exercise. it was as i'd helped her get closer to nato standards and send a message of the russian troops that are occupying georgia territory just 40 miles away. that's nearly 6,000 miles away from the staff shakeup in washington, the earlier today, i had a chance to ask the vice president what he thought about the president's decision to appoint general john kelly as his new chief of staff here with the response. >> are always whatever decisions the president makes and both of us know that general kelly is going to be an outstanding as the new white house chief of staff. >> you at all concerned that the president mastic difficulties either through tapping also barred inability to pass
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health care with the shakeups inside his own house, inside the west wing, are you at all concerned of that being seen by foreign leaders as a sign of weakness? >> i haven't seen it on this trip overseas, i'm not concerned about it. i think with the world season president donald trump is a strong american leader. who is bringing about real change. america's place in the world and bringing real economic growth and strength at home. because of the game plan from here, dinner with the president and prime minister of montenegr montenegro. tonight, then meeting tomorrow and heading back to washington that night, he'll be heading back to a very different west wing when he returns to washington tomorrow. >> we will talk more about that in the moments ahead. kristin fisher traveling with the vice president, thank you. >> president trump looking to refocus the white house agenda as his new chief of staff general kelly shows anthony scaramucci the door.
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one form or term campaign advisor says moving on to tax reform should do the trick. as the president welcomes small business owners later this hour. also barbara's live at the white house. >> white house sources tell fox news that scaramucci was removed from his position at the request of general john kelly. the new white house chief of staff. the white house official statement on this is a short one. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders did make one thing very clear at the press briefing yesterday saying that scaramucci is good conversation with a reporter at the new yorker did him in. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession as i think we've made clear a few times over the course of the last couple of days to several of the
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individuals but general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house and all staff will report to hi him. >> former press secretary sean spicer is set to leave the white house next month. he resigned 12 days ago because of the president's decision to hire scaramucci. sanders says that plan has not changed, but the administration is ready to move on from all of the talk about staff shakeups. >> what matters most to us does not who is employed in the white house, but who is employed in the rest of the country and we are focused on the president's agenda of growing the economy, creating jobs, that's what we are going to do and that's what were going focused on. >> meanwhile in the report in "the washington post" claims washington drum dictated the first statement about the june 2016 meeting with the russian lawyer. at this point, the white house is not commenting on that. "washington post" reported they are leaving it to his outside legal advisors and trumps personal lawyer said the
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characterization and the reports are misinformed, inaccurate, and not pertinent. molly? >> jon: week and here the construction but don't worry, we can hear you as well. thank you for that report. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the greatest ever, and we are going to have a good time, most important, you're going to work hard and we are going to make america great again. >> that's president trump praising his new chief of staff, general john kelly and giving him full authority over the white house. that's raising new questions about the president's family and whether they will be answering to general kelly as well. presidents daughter tweeting looking forward to serving alongside john kelly as we work for the american people. general kelly is a true american hero. the key word being alongside. let's bring in james oma,
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national political correspondent for "the washington post" an offer of the daily two oh two. also, kaylee healy burns, national political reporter for real clear politics. caitlin, do we have any indication whether john kelly comes between jared kushner and ivanka trump and her father, the father-in-law when they report for duty in the west wing? >> you certainly heard the president and the last clip setting a pretty high bar for his chief of staff, john kelly. yesterday, sarah huckabee sanders said that the chain of command will start with john kelly, that all white house staff will report directly to him. there is concern that kind of hierarchy won't be tenable in this kind of environment. the keyword that you just mention there from the ivanka trump, alongside, it's kind of important here whereas were leading tea leaves were everything seems in terms of john kelly's management of the staff seems to be successful so
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far in terms of ousting scaramucci and getting things in order. it's important to remember that the chief of staff role here. he is able so far as we've seen just in the past day, which again, is still early, able to show some kind of management and post discipline on the staff segment that he is able to do so on the president's part remains to be seen. we haven't seen anybody be able to do that. the president tweeted that there is no chaos at this white house, look at the stock market. it's hitting new highs. one has to wonder if they are absolutely were no chaos at the white house, where the stock market be then? >> no question. i think if health care had gotten through, who's actually moving along, the white house could actually stay focused on the agenda, things like tax reform, the markets would certainly be doing even better.
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i think to some degree, people are willing to shrug off some of the uncertainty. they have kind of price set into the market at this point, this just to donald trump is. he's not going to change. he is who he is. the lexus chaos. it worked for him in business. work for him on the campaign. he got elected and there's a presumption that he's not going to change even if there's also a hope that john kelly can sort of turn the page and not become his own center of power in the white house. we have three or four different powers that are all kind of dueling with each other and i've been talking to people in all three of those power centers. they all hope kelly doesn't emerge as a zone but is able to sort of referee and umpire these different conflicting ideas about which direction the president should take the administration. >> jon: talking about power centers in the white house, one of them that is no longer represented really as the republican establishment has represented by reince priebus and sean spicer. they both resigned when anthony
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scaramucci was brought in and one almost wonders whether he was brought in as a hatchet man is sort of sever ties to longtime official republicans. >> there were certainly no real relationship between donald trump and reince priebus, and stands in contrast to john kelly, for the president speaks very highly of, talks about how much he is respected and it's clear that unlike reince priebus, kelly does enjoy for now the respect and confidence of the president. but the severing of ties so to speak between the white house and the republican party in many ways, the president ran against the republican party in the way of doing things, and now with his legislative agenda in limbo after the health care defeat, you can see through a series of tweets that he is still running against the republican party, calling out these different senators who voted against the bill, calling out the republican
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party for not completing or making good on its years long promised to repeal and replace obamacare. so i'm wondering if that's the strategy heading into 2018 and whether we might see more outsiders running for congress perhaps embrace that sentiment one is difficult to run on the agenda. >> jon: part of the reason that reince priebus got the job was because he had ties as former head of the republican national committee. two members of congress, does general kelly enjoy the same closeness, and if he doesn't, is that going to do to the presence legislative agenda? >> that's the big question. john kelly this weekend before he even started, reached out to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi spoke with them, expressed a desire to work together on things like tax reform, even if we sort of know that at the end of the day, not going to happen. john kelly hopes that he can work with democrats. a year ago, he gave an
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interview, he did endorse either candidate and that he would work for a president trump or president hillary clinton. that he is not ideological. he is very different in that way then the reince priebus, who very much was sort of born and bred of the republican party. think because he is gone, we are going to see is mike pence more and more take on that role as the administration's conduit to republican members of congress at least until kelly is able to build some of those relationships. >> jon: james homan and caitlin healy burns, thank you very much. we will found out in the coming days whether ivanka trump is working alongside general kelly or somewhere a little further down the white house hierarchy. also waiting for the white house briefing set to start at the top of the hour. we will take you there live when that begins. molly? >> causing some damage in the sunshine state. as the worst of it over? more where that storm is heading next. plus lots of pressure on g.o.p. lawmakers even after last week's
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health care vote failed on a set of floor. it was some replicant senators say it's time to move on to other issues. >> build health care and we have 50 votes for something. health care is not dead. the issue is not going away. we have to figure out how to get the magic number and we do, we will get back on it.
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are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. >> tropical storm emily came as a surprise to most people in the sunshine state. it downgraded to a tropical depression now is moving across the atlantic with some of south florida still getting drenched with rain. the storm caused power outages and flooding yesterday from coast-to-coast. winds range from 30 to 50 miles an hour. it's expected to weaken significantly over the next 48 hours. >> president donald trump telling g.o.p. senators not to give up on repealing and replacing obamacare after months
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of negotiations ended in failure on the senate floor. some are public and lawmakers now say it's time to switch gears and concentrate on tax reform. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with more. mike? >> good afternoon. republican senators say in terms of passing a health care reform bill, they have a simple math problem. 49 yes votes is not enough. >> right now, we can finish health care until we have 50 votes for something. and hopefully we will at some point and we do, we will come back to it but at least for now, we are moving to other things on the agenda that we think are good for jobs and economy. >> lamar alexander is the chairman of the senate health committee. he is expected to sit down with a top democrat on the panel to see what they can do to address health care problems. south carolina senator lindsey graham is selling his own idea, which is sending the health care money for them to administer and finance chairman told them it's too much too much animosity and we are to divide on health care.
10:19 am
ohio publicans under is talking about next steps. but we had a tough go at it the last several weeks, but we can't give up. we have to continue to work at it and this committee, the finance committee and the health committee have committed to holding hearings, bipartisan hearings. >> president trump has threatened to end government parents to insurance companies to push senators to pass the health care bill. it's about $8 billion in cost sharing reduction subsidies. the feds pay to help lower income americans. the senate democratic leader fired back at the president today. >> he can make the payments as the law requires and needs. or he can sabotage our health care system and impose a trump premium tax of 20% higher premiums on the american people next year by not extending the cost sharing program. status on the other critical
10:20 am
items on the agenda, the budget, the debt ceiling, and ultimately tax reform. that's why after investing a whole lot of time on health care, some lawmakers are ready to put it on the back burner for now. wally? 's pickle we will see if anything comes out of those partisan meetings. >> as a trumpet ministrations pressured pressure lawmakers to pass health care, tensions are growing with russia and north korea. why one of our next guests says that has a lot to do with past empty threats from the united states. might that change?
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>> the reality is that russia for too long has been supporting rogue regimes and engaging in the kind of aggression that has
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destabilized parts of the world. our freedom has been flourishing in president trump has made it clear that we will stand with our allies. we will stand with the west and we will stand with freedom loving nations. but that doesn't exclude the possibility of achieving real progress on federal relations with russia. >> a fox news alert as we hear from vice president pence there on russia's support for north korea. this comes as russia prepares to send up to 100,000 troops close to its borders with some nato nations by the end of the summe summer. the big conducting military exercises. the drills believed to be a show of force and intimidation supposedly have been in the works for months. let's bring in david, former foreign policy advisor to the obama campaign former state department official. also, rebecca heinrichs, hudson institute fellow and former
10:25 am
policy advisor to congressman trent franks, who sits on the armed services committee. rebecca, and your view, are these maneuvers in any way a response to the election of president trump? >> they're not. they've been in the works for a long time now. russia has been ramping up its military, then modernizing its military and rico focusing on its nuclear arsenal that sort of a key component of its military strategy, and this has been coming for a while. as you said, this is meant to intimidate. rule number one for the trump administration, don't be intimidated. this is something that the obama administration did. it back down with russia on demand after demand, whether it was increasing things for the iranians and the iran deal, something the russians wanted, backing down on u.s. missile defenses, what was in our interest but the russians didn't want. again and again, the obama administration wasn't emitted by the russians. with the trump administration is to do is don't go tit for tat
10:26 am
with the russians let mind your own business in mind hard. don't be intimidated, reassure our allies and stay strong and do it's in our own interest without being intimidated. >> what would be your advice to this white house as these russian maneuvers get underway? spit of the interesting part about these maneuvers as the russian are an offensive force. they are used for offense of tactics and they are going to be in belarus coach as an ally russia, but is on the border with poland, poland, lithuania, and latvia. each of those countries is very worried about russian aggression. this is in essence a provocation. either russians trying to say at some point in the future, we may do offensive tactics in this country or trying to send a signal that it could do that in order to try and warn the u.s. and europe and make them worry. neither is really a good signal for the u.s. that's why the provocation, we need to do is respond in kind with pressure on russia. the sanctions are a great
10:27 am
example. congress just passed sanctions overwhelmingly supported in the house and the senate. in this era, there are very few things that were publicans and democrats agree on. they agree on the sanctions and they are great because they're going to hit russia were really hurts their defense sector, on their intelligent sector, and other energy sector. we need to stand behind the sanctions and we need to get europe to put in place sanctions that are similar squeeze russia economically. >> the maneuvers are also taking place near ukraine, and we all know what's happened there. the russians took crimea, they are meddling in eastern ukraine, should there be a response from the u.s. directly involving ukraine? >> again, i don't think we should go tit for tat for russia. i think it's interesting that there are so many former obama allies now arguing the united states need to get tough with russia when the whole reason we are in this mess is because the obama a administration capitulated again and again to russia.
10:28 am
they do think the united states needs to do, conduct mind their own business, mined it hard as i've been saying and that means nuclear war games with nato, reassuring her allies, expanding missile-defense protecting our space assets. doing things that we need to do even if the russians objected that. that's what we need to do and certainly we need to especially play close attention to the baltic states. they are worried and concerned and it is because of being neglected and being undermined by the obama administration again and again. is a lot of work cut out for the obama administration. >> the pentagon confirmed today that north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile test was the longest and highest flight in its history. david, what about the north korean threat? how would you respond? >> there are no really good options on north korea. this is a really vexing situation. north korea has accelerated its weapons programs, its missile programs, and its nuclear programs in a way that most
10:29 am
people did not expect and we are catching up now and what the response should be. certainly military options have to be on the table. vice president pence has made that clear. that is appropriate. we need to contain north korea and ultimately, we have to try to find a diplomatic solution and pressure north korea into a double medic solution. that means working with china, which has some leverage and influence in north korea but so far hasn't been willing to use it. >> it seems like for all the talk coming out of china, they have done precious little to actually try to influence kim donlon. spit of the united states had to make it in china's it. they constitute 90% of north korea's trade. they were enablers of the programs. they need to stop talking about threatening sanction in chinese banks need to threaten someone is actually sanction chinese banks. we also need to expand missile-defense and not talk about expanding missile-defense grade i mean do it and a hurry. expand in the region and expand here at home. at some of that the obama
10:30 am
administration was slow to do and rolled back and now we are playing catch up. we also need to start considering the military personals family located in south korea. they are in danger there and if the north start feeling increased pressure, and they could be in trouble. the best way we can deter war north korea let the north koreans know we are incredibly threatening with force. we don't want to use it. we want peace but we are willing to use it because we cannot allow american citizens to be held hostage with a nuclear missile. because some serious issues. thank you for addressing them both of you. >> president trump pressuring g.o.p. lawmakers to keep working on repealing obamacare. what republican senators are now saying about the future of health care reform and secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with some major airlines having a problem with their competitors in the persian gulf. they could charge lower prices for tickets and the u.s.-based airlines say they just can't compete. look at that mean for your future travel plans?
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10:35 am
i would've liked to have kept health care life that way. >> i just spoke with the president about this and i'm still very excited about trying to let people join associations across state lines to buy their insurance and i think he can act by executive order to do this. but we can't move on from health care because obamacare is a mess. his >> we should be politically horse whipped if we don't cry again. the best idea we haven't even brought up, take all the money under obamacare and put it back to the states. but there you have it, publicans senators settings and pretty mixed messages about the next steps on health care as president trump continues to pressure g.o.p. lawmakers to keep trying to repeal and replace obamacare. let's bring in kevin phillips, media director for campus and form a digital director for marco rubio's presidential campaign in the democratic strategist and former president of young democrats of america. thank you both for being here today. so to kick things off, we know that many of the lawmakers are starting to shift ahead looking
10:36 am
forward tax form but here the president is staying on this topic saying we like to see this get done for the american peopl people. this health care reform dead or at least for the time being? >> i think for now, i don't want to use the word dead. i think for now, it's time for republicans to move past health care and go to tax reform something that they have a much higher likelihood of taxing meaningful reform on. they promised the american people throughout the entire campaign we are going to give you bold legislation and victory. it's time for a victory. help care for the time being is not something they were able to win back on. i think bypassing tax reform, they can use the momentum that they gain with voters and also on the hill to begin to actually use momentum to pass obamacare repeal on the future. we need to remember the midterms are coming up in a 2018 if they don't have a meaningful legislative success to .2, it's going to be a problem for them if they want to stay in office. that is one strategy a lot of lawmakers are looking at. they want to have signed up crawled out of the go for it. what do you think? to reach across the aisle, perhaps reluctantly and to work
10:37 am
with democrats and to see what happens in the committee this bipartisan meeting, do you think that's a strategy that could ultimately work? >> absolutely. this is one of the things that democrats have maintained. there are fixes to be made to the health care bill, whether it's lowering prescription drug costs, dealing with cost-sharing subsidies and how to make those more permanent or stretch those out and not go month-to-month. so i think those conversations they are actually willing to pick up the phone and democrats, scheuer has indicated the interest but that's the way the health care could absolutely move forward if we go back to governing bike committee just one party. >> we played something from a variety of leaders there on capitol hill. among them, senator rand paul who is that something could be done by the president himself. do you think that's a strategy that might ultimately pay off? >> i think there are definitely other ways of moving forward with health care repeal. besides just legislation. we all know that secretary price is able to kind of began to
10:38 am
dismantle the obamacare individual mandate some of the power that he has and also mention rand paul giving some ideas and also president trump himself has the power to summon that secretary of orders to begin to make positive changes if the senate is unable to do it. i am encouraged to see president trump and a lot of republicans share that sentiment they would like to keep president trump holding the senate seat to the fire to make sure they don't forget about obamacare repeal. they are definitely other avenues of the senate will keep their promise to voters, there are other ways to get meaningful reform passed. >> health care is so vital to everyone. this is someone that really matters. it's not like you can just say you get it. health care reform, you're just not going to do it. it literally has to get done for the american people. somebody has to make it happen. >> absolutely. the thing is everybody talks about trump being the great negotiator but so far right now, all he's doing is issuing threats to cut off health care subsidies for congressmen and senators and just kind of throwing these fits on twitter.
10:39 am
what he really should be doing is showing what a great negotiator he supposedly is and bring everybody to the table. why don't we take on both sides to get this done and we can pass in that action works for the american people? >> one of our producers in washington set up with broken senator from utah. using basically let's not talk in terms of repeal. we are going to have to replace it. what's important when they want to get health care generally semiright and agree on it would be a wonderful time as far as repeal goes, who cares about words. the semantic done? being so specific about something as repealed or replaced or fixed or retooled, can we move past the semantics and get to the final product that the people need? >> this is just a reminder of why people don't trust elected officials and the government as a whole. this is just another example of incompetency. if the last seven years, publicans in the senate have said just get us what it we will repeal in place obamacare.
10:40 am
we'll get it done. trust us. voters made it happen and are not keeping their end of the bargain. whatever you want to say the semantics of it or the actions of it, voters are looking at that and they are going to hold senators in d.c. accountable as they should. and let's not let this take away from the fact that obamacare does need to be replaced. we can't see the senate failure and say we are stuck with obamacare now. it does need to be repealed. it's going to be worse and worse for americans moving forward >> you both made a lot of great points. thank you for joining me here today. the american people are certainly watching both sides of the aisle. we appreciate it. >> some u.s. airlines are fed up with competitors face in the persian gulf that can offer a cheaper ticket because companies like the arab emirates are getting big government subsidies. the u.s.-based carriers just cannot compete. from the state department with
10:41 am
more on that battle. >> good afternoon. secretary of state rex tillerson's meeting today here at the state department with executives of airlines from the tourism industry, from cargo carriers and at issue are the so-called open skies agreements. two of them in particular, one with connor, one of the evening of the arab emirates. they allow airlines from those countries and others to operate within the united states with somewhat limited government interference. the state apartment says the united states has these types of agreements with more than 100 countries. the large legacy and u.s. carriers, united, delta, american, many of their employees as well on the trump administration to restrict airlines from gutter and the added arab emirates. those goals airlines fly from airports in the u.s. they compete with american carriers and the large american carriers subsidizes airlines with more than $50 billion.
10:42 am
in a letter to secretary of state rex tillerson today, bipartisan group of six senators rights quote these subsidies create an unfair advantage over american carriers, threaten american jobs, violate our bilateral open skies agreements and are stifling competition and driving out american carriers from international markets. smaller u.s.-based carriers like hawaiian, jetblue, cargo carrier, fedex, they argue that the larger american carriers are only looking to restrict their competition at the expense of u.s. consumers. that's the group meeting with secretary of state rex tillerson today. state permit officials said that all sides of this argument have been in contact with the secretary and he looks forward to meeting with the larger legacy carriers like united american and delta as soon as schedules permit. this goes on as a trump administration reviews these agreements with those two countries. >> let us know what happens. state department, thank you. >> president trump threatening to let obamacare dale by holding billions of dollars in payments
10:43 am
to insurers. why some experts say that could lead to legal problems for the government. plus even though he couldn't see at all out of the window, a pilot landed the plane safely during hailstorm, not without damage to the cockpit. we will have more on how it all went down. you always pay your insurance on time.
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>> a quick thinking pilot makes an incredible landing after a freak hailstorm shot of the cockpit windows. the plane was carrying 127 passengers just minutes after the airbus a320 took off from istanbul last week, hail the size of golf balls came raining down. the ukrainian pilot then landed the plane safely by going back to the airport from which you departed despite the airport telling him it was impossible. everybody on board survived. ten people were injured. that pilot now being hailed as a hero. >> we're going to get it done. i said from the beginning let
10:47 am
obamacare implode. and then do it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. >> president trump there threatening to let the affordable care act go under after republican senators failed to pass repeal measure. the president has promised in the past to stop billions of dollars in government payouts to insurance companies, but the move could put the administration on shaky legal ground. let's bring in bob bianchi, criminal defense attorney, former head county prosecutor and trial attorney and heather hansen also a trial attorney. thank you guys both for being here. so kicking things off, we heard this from the president before. he talked about bailouts for insurance companies and stopping them. is this something that could ultimately get him in legal limbo? >> let's use the proper terms here. it's a subsidy and what was occurring here and with the argument from the trump administration and other republicans are is that congress did not appropriate the money
10:48 am
pursuant to the constitution in order for these subsidies to be given in order to lower premiums and deductibles. therefore they are saying there's all this money that's going out there was not congressionally approved. the argument to that that the money money has been designated for that, but that there is now up contract or implied for four years that they were allowing this to occur and you just can't rip it away because it will destroy the law and the law is the congresses lawsuit really comes down to what the court views as inappropriate appropriation are not an appropriate appropriation and they've won back in the district courts in terms of them saying so far that it was not appropriate. >> bringing you in as well one of the things that make it so controversial as a subsidies actually helped some of the lowest income and cost-sharing reductions. your thoughts on the legal aspect? >> these losses would be between the insurers in the government. people with plenty of money. they've already been some suits of up to $200 million at they've won. it doesn't help anyone. as a situation where a lien
10:49 am
compromises better than a fat lawsuit. it has to happen here is the same thing that has to happen they were talking about before the senate. there has to be compromise amongst our lawmakers and not going to judges and juries and having these huge awards that never get recovered and ultimately not helping the people who need health care. >> the losses take time, they take money but could be ultimately see this end up at the supreme court? spill you could see that the supreme court and you may see it very quickly. i agree with other completely. you are dealing with people in the process that will die as a result of this disagreement. from a political point of view, no democrat wants to and no republican wants it. there's got to be a fix. my ideas that they are going to fund it congressionally through the appropriations process until this thing can be resolved and his parties can get together and do the right thing. >> going to the supreme court quickly, they are two cases right now, one against the insurers and one for the insurers. that will be heard by an appellate court. i think the supreme court is going to hear similar issues
10:50 am
pretty quickly as bob said. >> i would say to that wouldn't you agree that that's what they're going to do is say we are staying everything. no monies being taken away, no health care is being taken away so we could ultimately decide what's right here. but now there's an effort in washington saying is republicans can get the repeal and replace done to reach across the aisle. that a better solution? >> whenever we try cases, and our office, was a good settlement is better than fighting this out in court. it cost money. it's emotionally hard for everybody involved. this is what our lawmakers are hired to do. >> my viewpoint on that is that for seven years, they went around talk about how bad the affordable care act was and they are politically committed to it. >> thank you so much for your thoughts on this. we appreciate it. >> los angeles ready to take the world stage as it negotiates a deal to host the 2028 2028 sumr olympics. we are back with details on how
10:51 am
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>> news developing as we set to get an on camera briefing from inside the white house. at any moment, press secretary for the president's or huckabee sanders will take reporters questions. always interesting. we will carry it live. and some cameras caught up with anthony scaramucci today. his location, maybe a little surprising. how will general kelly's military experience enable him to help foster president trump's agenda? we have a political panel and a veterans military panel to weigh in on that on america's news headquarters. keep watching the top the hour. >> right now, los angeles
10:55 am
preparing to welcome the best athletes in the world. restricting the deal to host the 2028 summer olympics. >> it will be l.a.'s third time in the first time they return to the u.s. since salt lake city back in 2002. adam housley live now in los angeles more. adam? >> the first time since 1996, it's hard to believe it's been so long ago since 1984. l.a. getting in the games again, the third time they'll come here to los angeles. the first time back in 1932. when the coliseum was for a host of it, then of course 84, 2028, the coliseum will be the center of all three. l.a. already has all the videos in place as well as all went down. it goes along with the problems they've had a more recent years was only other places only the venues that are left over in rio. when you talk to eric garcetti. one of those venues where the soccer team placed on the street, he will tell you this is
10:56 am
all positive for l.a. and it won't cost anything. take a listen. >> there is no city money that is going to fund this. the city will provide in different places, services which will reimbursed just as any like this will be reimbursed for the cost of operating. >> here's one of the new stadiums already being built, los angeles football club will play next year. also the football stadium being built here in southern california as well. basically the venues are already here. it's going to be about transportation and security. as for the money will go and they say sponsorships and all the other money is going to pay for that more with a lot of money going to youth sports. it really hope this all goes 11 years from now, we will find out right here in downtown l.a. >> just have to wait 11 years for the answer. >> only 11 years. >> while we're waiting to see president trump at the white house, today he will be hosting small business owners happening this afternoon. the first white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders about to hold her news briefing
10:57 am
on general kelly's second day as chief of staff. we will have all that for you live at the top of the hour.
10:58 am
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win a free treatment. >> thanks for joining us. >> we are back tomorrow. "america's newsroom hq" starts now. >> we are moments away from the start of the white house press briefing. sarah huckabee sanders will take to the lectern a day after a major shakeup inside the trump administration. general john kelly took over as chief of staff. it was breaking news about 20 minutes or so into this program yesterday. he then dismissed incoming white house communications director anthony scaramucci. we have livestock steam coverag coverage. mike emanuel standing by on capitol hill. let stand by the white house with chief white house correspond to john roberts. white house is now focusing on a major legislative push. >> good afternoon to you from inside the white house.


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