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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 1, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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time for. thanks for watching. make sure to follow us on social media. fncspecialists on twitter and facebook. remember, 5:00 will never be the same. bret baier and "special report" coming up right now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. welcome to the white house. the president in the east room touted economic successes. on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, the way forward on health care reform, tax reform, raising the debt ceiling and passing a budget, still unclear on capitol hill tonight. counselor to the president kellyanne conway will join me to react to the news in a few minutes. we begin with a fox news exclusive. the defense department inspector general has completed an investigation into a pentagon program that offers foreign-born individuals an expedited path to
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citizenship in return for military service. lawmakers tell us the program has been "compromised." with reports that some enrollees are unaccounted for tonight and fears of foreign infiltration spreading across capitol hill. the pentagon is saying little on the record but is acknowledging "potential security risks to the homeland." chief washington correspondent james rosen with the story. >> since 2009, the defense department has enrolled more than 10,000 foreign-born individuals into the u.s. armed forces. in exchange for service, the foreigners selected for language or other skills can receive an expedited path to u.s. citizenship. among the success stories is the army's soldier of the year in 2012, a sergeant from nepal.
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lawmakers on three committees tell fox news there's big problems, that the ranks have been compromised due to inadequate vetting and some enrollees are unaccounted for. the lack of discipline and implementation of the program has created problems elsewhere. steve russell of oklahoma, a retired army officer who sounded the alarm a month ago. >> the program has been replete with problems to include foreign infiltration. the department of defense is seeking to suspend the program. >> fox news has confirmed that the pentagon inspector general began investigating almost 15 months ago and issued a report evaluating the services compliance with security reviews. the department of defense conducting the review of the program due to potential
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security risks. a spokesman told us they are suspended from taking new applications. the lawsuit filed in february against james mattis in which seven mavni enrollees alleged their careers were crippled after dod began restricting access to security clearances last fall. >> i agree with suspending the program until we get to the bottom of it. if there is a penetration, it's a serious threat. isis has always had the desire to use migration as a way to penetrate into countries. they have done that successfully in europe because of open borders, mass immigration with no vetting. >> one lawmaker told fox news that a backlog of cases led to applicants being enrolled in the armed forces before full clearance checks have been completed. another problem was the use of mavni to hire workers like cooks, drivers, mechanics who did not possess the specialized
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skills mavni was created to exploit. >> bret: amazing story. do we know how many people are unaccounted for? >> we believe it's more than one because its people. it could be ten or more. the pentagon isn't telling us. some lawmakers have received classified briefings. one of those lawmakers is saying he isn't getting answers from the pentagon to the questions where are these people? what do they know? where are they serving? what are their numbers? >> bret: a security concern. thank you. while president trump is looking for new communications director, the actual lines of communication gaining headlines in washington in one of his son's statements about a meeting that reportedly use the president's words. john roberts has the latest. good evening. >> good evening. the legal team had previously denied president trump had anything to do with the statement issued by his son donald, jr., on july 8.
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today the white house said the president was involved but only to a point. the white house pushed back hard today against a report president trump personally dictated the initial statement responding to news of donald trump juniors meeting with russian attorney in june of 2016. >> the president waited as any father would based on the limited information he had. >> reporter: clarified the degree to which the president weighed in. >> he didn't dictate but he weyden, offered suggestion. >> the encounter was "a short introductory meeting primarily discussing the adoption of russian children." trump, jr., was -- an offer of information that would incriminate hillary in the dealings with russia and would be very useful to your father. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders insisted there was nothing false or
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misleading in the initial statement. >> the statement that was issued was true and there were no inaccuracies in the statement. the only thing i see misleading as the years worth of stories that have been feeling a false narrative. a phony scandal based on anonymous sources. >> democrats were not about to take the white house at its word. >> i will be following up on the press report. >> for his part, president trump was ramping up momentum for the coming% tax reform today, meeting with small business owners to whom he has promised a whopping double digit tax cut. >> you thrive because you found something you love to do, pursued it with all of your heart, and never, ever gave up. so important for you just don't give up. america is on the verge of a golden age for small business. >> tomorrow the president will take a swing at immigration reform, appearing at the white house with senators david perdue and tom cotton.
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they will propose a bite sized change to illegal immigration, moving toward the president's goal of a marriage-based system. they will say the current system is outdated and does not meet america's current needs. they will propose a skills-based immigration system to make america more competitive and raise wages and create more job jobs. after publicly flogging his attorney general last week for his lack of action in the leak of classified information, president trump is getting what he wanted. attorney general jeff sessions will hold a press conference on friday to outline the parameters of his investigation into the leaks of classified information across the administration. >> bret: john roberts, thank you. joining me, kellyanne conway. counselor to the president. let me start with what's getting headlines, and "the washington post" story that got a lot of headlines. "trump dictated his sons misleading statements."
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we heard what sarah huckabee sanders said. did the president dictate the words? >> the president said he waited in the way any father would on the statement. he wasn't part of the email chain for the meeting. nothing came of the meeting. there was no attempt to collude. jared kushner last week did a masterful job of making a statement and sharing what he knew behind closed doors. he had texted in the system and said this meeting is basically worthless. find a way to get me out. i know that russia, the coverage has been lessening because i think people understand there is no evidence of collusion. we were promised watergate. we got water nothing and we now see that the big russia story is the fusion gps getting money from the russian government to assemble a dossier to try to hurt canada trump. that will be investigated.
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when we think of russia, we think of hillary clinton giving up 20% uranium. bill clinton getting half a million dollars in speaking fees. i think bloomberg did a great job. 6% of americans said russia is important. there's a huge disconnect between what people feel is important and what they are being told is important. >> bret: sarah huckabee sanders said there was nothing wrong in the original statement by donald trump, jr. the emails he really said it was about finding information about hillary clinton and then you have the white house advisor who has this quote "this was unnecessary. now someone can claim he, the president, is the one who attempted to mislead. someone can argue the president is saying he doesn't want a savable truth." >> that sounds like a leak. we are trying to cut down on those. i hope that person is found out.
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the lawyers involved have said they will take most of the questions. they should. i was not part of it. don, jr., has made a number of statements through his lawyers and on his own where he has tried to clarify some things. i think again everybody should look at what did or did not come of the meeting. i was the campaign manager for the winning part of the campaign and if i needed negative information about hillary clinton, i looked no further than hillary clinton. he didn't need to go to moscow. you could see what she was saying every day. >> bret: the administration has said that the president will sign the sanction bill. it's been sitting on his desk. when do you think you will sign it? >> the sanctions bill, iran,
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north korea, russia. the president has indicated he will sign it soon perhaps this week. although it's something he will find he was not happy with the first iteration, thinks he got improved. he intends to sign it. it was passed with bipartisan support. >> bret: august 9 is the last day to sign the bill or veto it. if the president does not veto the bill and it becomes law without his signature, is that a possibility? >> it's a possibility but he intends to sign it. >> bret: what about the shakeups here? you've been asking a lot of questions. there is lot going on. the president touted he was good at hiring the best people. when critics say what does this show about the white house, how do you respond? >> many talented women and men who work here. the cabinet picked by him.
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amazing men and women sacrificing mightily to serve here away from their families, away from economic, commercial success. at the senior staff level, we focus on who's here and not who's not. it's been a busy two days. small business administration 65th anniversary, the president talking about that the dow jones is hitting its highest record ever. 26 or 27 record closes since he was sworn in. this is a president who promised the gdp would be 3% in the first few months. it's already 2.6%. that matters to america. what matters to america is not who has the job at the white house but who has jobs out in america. many talented people working hard here every single day we are focused on that. >> bret: a couple specifics
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but first when multi-white house issue guidance to the pentagon on the transgender ban. >> it's coming. the president has made known what the policy will be and he's expected to issue an order. he has pledged to work together to implement the policy. >> bret: so he meant what he said in the tweet, it's a transgender ban and not just stopping to pay for surgery transitions. >> he meant what he said in the tweet. >> bret: capitol hill, health care. bipartisan effort to restart health care. >> we are pretty hopeful about health care because it's a moral imperative. this president is not going to abandon the over 20 million americans who do not have health care. 6.5 million who decided to pay $3 billion in taxes and penalties to the irs rather than get basic obamacare. the governors asking for more flexibility.
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$45 billion in opioid funding in the senate bill. if there are so many great features of health care reform that should be easy, but some of the most popular ones require 60 votes in the senate. across state lines sale of health insurance, drug pricing, health plans where different individuals who don't get employer-based insurance and government-based insurance coverage can pull together and share the costs and risks. >> bret: the bipartisan path is the one you want to go. >> that's one possibility. we are reaching out to governors. the governors have been involved finding out what we can do, block grants. >> bret: rand paul, executive orders. >> it's a possibility. >> bret: how do you get democrats to vote for a continuing resolution in september? and raise the debt ceiling in
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september, and how do you avoid a government shutdown? there's not a lot of time. >> there are very few legislative days left. i'm wondering if the democrats will obstructing and resisting everything. we have a welcome mats. we would like their help on health care, the debt ceiling, any budgetary considerations, infrastructure, tax reform. we would like the democrats through their jobs as well, which is they've got people in their state's suffering with the represent, who don't have health insurance, were part of the millions of women in the country looking for a job, part of those unskilled labor force that's, if they can get something like the apprenticeship program that the president has put forth to dignify all types of career choices. getting the democrats to do what's right by their constituents is the simplest thing we welcome you and we don't think obstruction and resistance is much of a message. 25 democratic senators have to defend their seats.
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ten states donald trump won. they are going to have to face their voters. they are giving up the wisdom of their own voters. i trust people to see who is standing in the way. >> bret: we appreciate your time. we will be here next tuesday. up next, tucker carlson joins us to talk about a wall street surge, white house shakeups and his series on the ms-13 gang. here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 8 in durham, north carolina. taking a construction company to court. three lawsuits have been filed after 50,000 tourists were forced to leave seaside islands because of power outages. fox 7 in austin, a group of christian, muslim, jewish leaders gathered to rally against so-called bathroom
3:17 pm
legislation. the religious leaders called the bill discriminatory. supporters believe it will help preserve privacy and safety by requiring texans to use public facilities based on the gender on the birth certificate. live look at chicago from fox 32. big story there, the windy city on pace to exceed the number of killings in 2016 which was the highest figure in nearly 20 years. 74 people were killed in july, bringing the total death toll to 409 so far this year. nine more then august 1st last year. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back from the white house.
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white house. dow jumped 73 for another record high finish. s&p 500 up 6, nasdaq up to 15. president trump touted the success today with small business owners. >> our stock market has reached an all-time high today, all-time high. think of it. nobody ever talks about it. they don't talk about it. i keep telling general kelley, general, come on. let's go. you are chief of staff. they don't talk about the all-time high stock market and they don't talk about another factor, that unemployment just hit a 16 year low. they don't want to talk about it. >> bret: joining me now, tucker carlson. numbers from wall street. one day and, general kelly getting some grief from the president. is he right? is it not getting enough attention? >> there are cable channels devoted to talking about. the stock market was at 6400 at its low point in march of '09.
3:22 pm
now it's just short of 22,000. that's great. i am happy about it. almost all of that money has gone to the top 20% of the population, the middle class, every year over the last ten years is getting a smaller percentage of the net wealth generated in this country. that's the group the president was elected to help. i think this helps them on the margins but it's not the answer at all, not even close. someone needs to figure out why stock market gains don't translate to more gains for the middle class. >> bret: you traveled with the attorney general jeff sessions to el salvador last week. he's made a clear gang warfare, immigration, one of his top priorities. you are dedicating this week-long series to the examination of the ms-13 gang and it's really fascinating. tell us about it. >> it was the chance to talk about, talk to people who have been in ms-13. one of them was a hit man for the gangs from the age of 15
3:23 pm
until 30. he killed dozens of people. he told us about that, some with a knife. he said that gang and gangs like it completely dominate el salvador and of how the back -- held it back, civil society and economic growth. just how easy it is to get from el salvador to the united state united states. about a quarter of l salvadorans live in the united states but ms-13 members can get in easily through mexico illegally. it's a real threat. i don't think the administration is overstating the degree that we should be worried about it. >> bret: is a huge story in a great series this week. let me ask you about sessions. 100% confidence, according to sarah huckabee sanders from the podium yesterday. what kind of relief is that for the attorney general? >> my impression is, he didn't say this in exactly these words but my impression was he planned
3:24 pm
to soldier on regardless. he thinks he has a job to do, a mandate given to him by the president months ago. more to the point, they are not getting another attorney general. if sessions were to leave, it could set up a chain reaction that might imperil the administration's survival. he thinks for the good of the country he has to stay i think that's been his plan from day one. >> bret: thank you. ms-13 in focus, 8:00 p.m. eastern. the u.s. senate has confirmed christopher wray as the fbi director after a vote this afternoon. 92-5. wray will take over the bureau who has been -- under acting director andrew mccabe. assistant attorney general for the criminal division under president george w. bush. breaking news, the house intelligence committee expanding its probe into the so-called unmasking of the names of trump
3:25 pm
campaign associates contained included intelligence reports. devin nunes, republican from california, has asked the national security agency to provide in 20 days the number of such requests made in 2016 and early 2017 by ben rhodes, president obama's deputy national security advisor. that follows the subpoenas to the nsa and other agencies requesting unmasking documents involving former national security divisor susan rice, former cia director john brennan and former u.n. ambassador samantha power. fox news has been named in a defamation and discriminant lawsuit -- discrimination lawsuit. wheeler claims fox reporter fabricated quotes in the story of a dnc staffer. the lawsuit claims fox news alongside the white house and a
3:26 pm
republican donor to erroneously link rich's death to wikileaks. >> the president had no knowledge of the story and it's completely untrue that he or the white house involvement in the story. >> bret: jay wallace released a statement. "the accusation fox published a story to help detract from coverage of the rush occlusion issue is completely erroneous. the retraction of this story is still being investigated internally and we have no evidence wheeler was misquoted by zimmerman. this quote getting tough on russia, staff changes at the white house, an early question about 2024. vice president mike pence sits down with us after the break. i accept i don't bike as far as i used to.
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>> bret: less than a week after north korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that traveled further than any other north korean missile, the air force was going ahead with the best of its own. wednesday morning from a base in california, the missile should fly more than 4,000 miles to a test range in the pacific ocean. an air force spokesman says the goal is to assess the reliability of the icbm force to nuclear deterrent capability. rex tillerson made an appearance today. he said he wants to have a dialogue with north korea. rich edson joins us. >> secretary of state rex tillerson that the united states seeks new collapse of the kim regime in north kore
3:31 pm
north korea. nor regime change in north korea. six months after assuming office the secretary of state offered an assessment of the departments work and challenges under his leadership and team lead with north korea. >> we are trying to convey to the north koreans we are not your enemy. we are not your threats, but you are presenting acceptable threat to us. we have to respond. we hope at some point they will begin to understand that and that we would like to sit and have a dialogue with them about the future that will give them the security they seek and the future economic prosperity for north korea. >> tillerson said the u.s. does not blame china for the situation north korea though argues china can influence north korea in ways no other country can. and with russia announcing he would eject more than 750 u.s. diplomats, tillerson says he warned sergey lavrov the relationship between russia and the u.s. could get worse. secretary tillerson noted differences with president trump
3:32 pm
with the iran nuclear deal. those in the administration push for the u.s. to walk away. tillerson says because many of the concessions were frontloaded, there are few levers available. >> bret: rich edson live at the state department. thank you. vice president pence overseas visiting with foreign dignitaries and american troops. kristin fisher is traveling with the vice president and sat down with him. >> hundreds of georgian and u.s. troops standing shoulder to shoulder on the front line of freedom. vice president mike pence told them that the u.s. is with them. >> the united states strongly condemns russia's occupation of georgia's soil. >> right now 40 miles away, there are russian tanks
3:33 pm
occupying georgian territory. it's one of the many reasons georgia would like to join nato in this military exercise made above about about 3,000 and u.s. troops along with troops from other countries is designed to help georgia get closer to nato standards. we sent out exclusively with the vice president. asked whether efforts to improve relations with russia around ice. >> president trump has made it clear that we will stand with our nato allies but that doesn't exclude the possibility of achieving real progress on better relations with russia. >> what exactly would president putin need to do? >> what president trump has made clear to russia from the outset was that we want to see progress in ukraine. as the president will soon assign new russian sanctions. he will do so at the same time hoping that if russia is prepared to change its behavior,
3:34 pm
then the nature of our relationship with them can change. >> personnel problems inside the white house and the perception problems it might create. >> i will always support whatever decisions the president makes. both of us know general kelly is going to do an outstanding job as the new white house chief of staff. i think with the world season president donald trump is a strong american leader. bringing about real change. in america's place in the world and real economic growth and strength at home. >> as for the vice president, there is talk he's laying the groundwork for bigger things. he's been fundraising, meeting with donors, raising questions that he might be considering a run for president in 2024. >> all i'm preparing for every day is to do everything i can to the president donald trump reelected in 2020. >> traveling with the vice president in montenegro, i
3:35 pm
am kristin fisher. fox news. >> bret: chaos in venezuela as security forces have arrested opposition leaders. steve harrigan reports from miami on what appears to be the latest crackdown in a country on the brink. >> venezuela's president nicolas maduro said he had jail cells ready for his enemies. now he has filled two of them. a62-year-old was in his pajamas when security forces entered his home. he tried to resist. former mayors of caracas, both were under house arrest and both called for opposition to the plan to rewrite the constitution. now both are in military prison. the arrests come in the wake of sunday's protests which left ten dead. the u.s. and the european union and a host of latin american nations condemn the vote as an attempt to create a one-party
3:36 pm
state. the u.s. has gone a step further, initiating sanctions against maduro personally, putting him on par with the rulers of syria, north korea, and zimbabwe. >> maduro is not just a bad leader. he is now a dictator. the united states stands with the people of venezuela in the face of this oppression. >> maduro has shown no inclination to compromise with the protesters or the u.s. responding with mockery. >> translator: i don't take orders from the empire. bring on more sanctions, donald trump. >> this sanctions are largely symbolic. sanctions against oil exports are risky. sanctions could raise the price of gasoline in the u.s. and create thousands of venezuelan refugees. >> bret: steve harrigan in miami. thank you. next up, the all-star panel joins me to breakdown the
3:37 pm
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>> talking about the best military in the world. we should explore the possibility of this population being part of that potential recruitment in the future. >> the program where it's supposed to meet some of the vital national interests, the program has been replete with problems to include foreign infiltration, so much so that the department of defense is seeking to suspend the program due to those concerns. i can't really discuss some of that here in the setting but there are some major issues when it comes to vetting. >> bret: james rosen with the report at the top of the show.
3:41 pm
since 2009 the defense department of been moving in some 10,000 foreigners into a program called the military accessions vital to national interests, or mavni. in exchange for service, the foreigners selected for language or other needs skills, can receive an expedited path to u.s. citizenship. the problem is that we are hearing there is foreign infiltration in the program, and there are some number of these enrollees who are now unaccounted for in this country. that is creating a national security concern. let's bring in the panel. katie pavlich, jonah goldberg, here at the white house with me, shannon pettypiece, shannon. i had kellyanne conway out here. the reason i didn't ask her, we prepped her about the story and they said they didn't have anything.
3:42 pm
they were looking for any information. it is of concern security wise. >> right, and my sense talking to people at the white house that they hadn't heard about it. i'm sure they have now. this is not something on the house's radar. there is a personnel concern. this program was created to help the department of defense fill positions they had trouble filling with people who speak a language like mandarin or arabic that they have trouble finding u.s. citizens who speak that language or who have the special skills they need. thousands of people have been through this program. it sounds like it something they are taking closer look at to make sure they are handling it appropriately. >> like many government programs unfortunately it seems like this got caught up in bureaucracy. there were too many people put in the program too quickly. oversight and vetting went out the window. one of the most important things here, as you and james
3:43 pm
mentioned, some of these foreign nationals who are trying to get citizenship who may be did receive security clearances are now missing throughout the country. that's of national security concern. i think it's a good thing the defense department, unlike many government agencies in washington, wants to put a halt to the program. they have suspended it, and hope they can figure out the problem, go back to vetting fewer people more thoroughly. a lot of these positions are vital to the national security interests of the united states in terms of translators, people who can go into special operations overseas and blend in and get vital intelligence. dod is looking at it and it's a concern. >> bret: let's point out jonah that we know the inspector general at the pentagon has investigated. obviously it's a concern about who's trying to get citizenship from all these different countries, some of them dangerous countries. >> isis has always had the
3:44 pm
desire to use migration as a way to penetrate into countries. they have done that successfully in europe because of open borders, mass immigration with no vetting. in the united states, we haven't had any record of their penetration, and certainly at this program, compromised and there's a possibility of that penetration, it's got to be thoroughly investigated. >> bret: we don't know how many there are. we don't know there are ties to any terrorist groups but we know there are a lot of people, or some amount of people unaccounted for. >> seems like we have a lot more to learn about this. it's a good program, it seems to me but it seems if you can't run the program without vetting and screening terrorists, then you can't have the program. it's a no-brainer. this feels like a scene out of "24" or some tv show. we don't know if some of these guys, whether are they like people just skipping on their
3:45 pm
visa and have no terrorist ties. we need to find out a lot more. there's a good argument to use people from some of these countries because they have native language skills and native intelligence about how to work in those countries. other than that, we've got to find out more. >> bret: and we will. james rosen is on top of it, broke the story. we will stay on it. we wanted to talk about it. tax reform, staff shakeups, russia, the white house has a lot on its plate. the panel breaks it down next. (vo) dogs have evolved,
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>> in the case of don he listened. i guess i talked about adoption and some things. but i was not a part of the campaign. >> it is based on exhaustive reporting. i don't know what went through the presidents mind, but he personally interviewed. speak of the president weighed in as any father would on the information that he had prayed that the democrats want to use this as a p.r. stunt. they are doing anything they can to keep the story alive in the papers every single day. >> i will be following up on that press report as the senate intelligence committee. >> bret: the reaction from sarah huckabee sanders and kellyanne conway, the story that was front page of "the washington post" today, dictated sons misleading statements on meeting with the russian lawyer, you heard kelly and say the same thing. he weighed in as any father would. we are back with the panel, joe,
3:50 pm
let's start with you. where do we stand tonight? >> it is not a good story for the administration. and i do not think as any father would is a good excuse coming from the white house. it reinforces a lot of the problems that they have about the nepotism and the dynamic dynasty aspect of all of this. on the other hand, it is not against the law to lie to the press. many politicians, the real reporter, i'm sure that you have been lied to more than once, that is not a crime, but what it does do is undermines the credibility of the administration. and probably wets the whistle of the investigation in new and interesting ways because it shows or it may show a certain state of mind of the president at that time. one last thing, nobody talks about adoption, adoption is a euphemism or a coword for the
3:51 pm
ministry act. they bring it up under the flag of the adoption. and we have to clarify that the russians when they talk about adoption, they are talking about sanctions relieved by getting rid of the act. >> bret: speaking of the sanctions, katie, you have the bill still pending. not signed by the president as of yet. being told by the administration that he will sign it. the secretary of state was pressed about that today. take a listen. >> i told president putin when i saw him and told him repeatedly, the situation is bad. believe me it can get worse. it just stayed action by the congress to put the sanctions in place the way they did, neither the president nor i are very happy about that. we were clear that we did not think it was going to be helpful to our efforts, but that is the decision that they made. they made it in a very overwhelming way.
3:52 pm
the president accepts that. and all indications are that he will sign that bill. >> bret: all indications, but we do not know when. >> because of the overwhelming number of votes in favor of the sanctions legislation in the house and the senate. the president does not have a choice. they are making the argument that the white house not giving many details about why the president has not yet signed it that he needs to review it. they are probably coming up with ways to strategize around the sanctions in terms of dealing with russia diplomatically considering they did not want the sanctions as rex tillerson laid out, because it limited their ability to be flexible in resetting diplomatic relations with russia. they have not been able to define what exactly that means. they talk about russia getting out of ukraine, but russia is not going to want to do that. they talk about another number of things in terms of russia involvement in democracy. we have not seen specifics about what that means in terms of better relationships with
3:53 pm
russia. >> bret: the administration called them a dictator, whether they will call president putin a dictator, we will see. but here at the white house when you hear the criticism jumping on one story of the day, what do you say? is it about the original story that leads to more stories down the road? >> it is. i know that's here in the press briefing, she made a real point to say, why are we not talking about the clinton campaign, about this, about that, and one reporter said, well, hillary clinton is not the president. where the white house press corps. the donald trump is the president. you're the spokesperson. here's the news coming answer to it. and the investigations which should have been with the campaign, the investigation into the campaign in the elections. they are now increasingly spreading to the white house. that is what has a lot of people saying that the white house needs to get on their game and get concerned. just looking at the latest
3:54 pm
report, and according to "the washington post," two official picks according to "the washington post" involved in crafting the statements on air force one with the president. something an issue in the campaign is now an issue in the west wing. and we know that mueller is paying attention to this. he has asked the white house to produce documents. we will see more of the west wing getting drawn into the investigation. >> bret: that is really the question where robert mueller goes. i want to talk about the tax reform issue on capitol hill. look at the bipartisan tax reform talk. >> 45 members of the senate democratic caucus to send a letter to the president, leader mcconnell, chairman hatch leading out our preferred tax reform. >> i don't think that this is going to be 1986 when you had a bipartisan effort to scrub the code. maybe there will be a few. >> bret: there were three democrats i did not sign that
3:55 pm
letter. who by the way are all up for reelection in 2018. >> yes, i would love to see for the good of the country, be great for the trump administration something like the 1980s tax reform, the country could use it. if the tax could use it. who would be a boon to the economy. i suspect that, and i know that paul ryan's ambition is going to shrink rapidly over time. and the modest tax reform, a big tax cut if they do it that way. my guess is that there are not going to be a lot of democrats who join our board. it would be in the republican's interest in white house interest to do it. >> bret: you look at the calendar, there is a lot to do in a very short time to do it. >> let's not forget that the white house wanted infrastructure to be done by the end of the year. that is not happening. they are putting all of their eggs on tax reform while still at the same time as we saw the white house this week, the president directly pushing for
3:56 pm
some kind of obamacare repeal. that is everything to do with the 2018 elections. >> bret: thank you so much, when we come back one young man might be destined for political greatness. ♪ this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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from being on his feet. by reducing shock and stress on his body with every step. so look out world, dad's taking charge. dr. scholl's. born to move. ♪ >> bret: tonight we have seen plenty of politicians working in the crowd to get to the building behind me, the white house. at this little boy might be the youngest yet. 2-year-old guys mom took video of him boarding a flight in kansas city. he walked to the plane, waving, he faced bump everybody inside. his mother posted the video to instagram and said my son on the campaign trail attempting to win the hearts of airline passengers to become the next to southwest
4:00 pm
ambassador. giving fist bumps left and right. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. at that is it for this version of "special report," fair, balanced, who knows next tuesday, you could see president trump here. >> breaking tonight, president trump urging his team to go on the offense against damaging distractions and leaks that threaten to derail his agenda. the attorney general stepping to the plate with a major new effort that could land to leakers in jail. that is the story. good evening, i am dana perino no and for martha maccallum. jeff sessions is preparing a major announcement unveiling a high profile criminal leak investigation targeting those behind an unauthorized breach of sensitive intelligence information. in moments we will be joined by charles prom home or on what he thinks about the new effort, but first and re-live at the white house on what we may hear


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