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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 2, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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waking up. a live shot over new york city, you are watching "fox and friends" first. >> thank you for starting your day with us, the white house behind donald trump and his decision to help his son's statements, meeting with the russian lawyer. heather: jeff sessions prepares to announce a major crackdown on leakers. live in washington, those details. >> donald trump did weigh in as a father regarding the meeting with the russian lawyer, a revelation that contradicts the previous statement by the president's attorney that mister trump played no role in this statement. >> it is true. president weighed in as anyone would based on limited information.
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this is a pr stunt. they treated america first. >> reporter: the white house's frustration, didn't stop at the podium. senior advisor kellyanne conway had this to say last night to bret baer. >> the winning part of the campaign. if i have negative information about hillary clinton i look no further than hillary clinton, didn't need to go to moscow. mahmoud abbas -- todd: jeff sessions will announce a major leak on friday. would undermine this administration. some was classified information, a frustration the president has tweeted about in recent weeks, the announcement has been in the works for some time and is an overview of the plan to address the barrage of leaks rather than an announcement of specific prosecutions. sessions says some people may
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need to go to jail. heather: i think so. it is hurting our national security. thank you. todd: have you been helped by a parent before? i always reach out to my dad. a father wants to help his son, they are trying to navigate and that is what you saw. nobody will say the trump white house is perfect when it comes to navigating their new political reality but at the end of the day let's go back to the underlying premise, have we found evidence of collusion? we have not. heather: that is what sarah huckabee sanders talked about yesterday and the media is not letting go of the russia story. listen to what she said. >> if you want to talk about a
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relationship with russia look no further than the clintons as we said time and time again. bill clinton was paid half $1 million to give a speech to a russian bank and was thanked by vladimir putin, hillary clinton allowed one fifth of america's uranium reserve to be sold to a russian firm, clinton foundation donors. if you want to talk about having relations look no further and there. if you want to talk about someone who has been tough on russia look at donald trump who wants more fracking, more energy, stronger military, stronger defense. those things are not good for russia. decisions are clear, you want to create a narrative that doesn't exist. heather: we are talking about it ourselves. todd: economically the trump administration is going after rush on the gas front, that is a huge point on fracking. there is all this talk during the election, the meeting
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wednesday shook hands, we are going to attack russia economically and you will see that in the next few months. todd: other news to get to. heather: we are talking about this, the us military preparing to launch a show of force after north korea's record-setting missile test sparked concern around the world. heather: good morning. >> reporter: the u.s. air force intercontinental ballistic missile test will launch in the next few hours, this will be the fourth icbm tests from vandenberg air force base, closely monitoring it, the missile will travel 4th miles landing in the western pacific ocean days after north korea fired its longest missile yet crashing into the sea of japan missing a passenger jet by just twee 10 minutes. the rogue nations in us cities.
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the rockets went likely hit anything. stocked by nuclear tests by dictator yet good to. rex ellison calling track sticks like b-1 bombers over the region peaceful pressure and open the door to negotiations. >> the condition of those talks is there is no future for north korea, nuclear weapons or the ability to deliver nuclear weapons to anyone in the region much less the homeland. >> reporter: secretary tillerson calling on china to raise pressure on its neighboring communist nation. south korea is increasing its military presence on the border but china is likely to object and stay away from the negotiating table. the us military has detected highly unusual and unprecedented levels of north korean submarine activity and more missile tests are expected in the near future. heather: this is a story we need
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to be talking about. todd: donald trump condemning the abductive two opposition leaders fighting against venezuelan president medora's power grab, kidnapped from their homes in the middle of the night. caught on camera being shoved into suvs. they led massive protest of the sham election giving maduro unlimited power. the white house calling the regime to release all political prisoners, slamming the country with economic sanctions. heather: the justice department could be planning to sue universities over affirmative action policies. the trump administration wants to use civil rights funding to investigate alleged intentional race-based discrimination. the department of justice has not commented. todd: donald trump will announce plans to restrict and reform legal immigration. tom cotton helping to roll out the plan, cutting legal immigration levels by half over
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the next we 10 years. the announcement in the wake of a major ice bus, agents arrested 650 illegal immigrants across the country in four days. heather: a government program designed to find new military recruits causing concern of enemies hiding among our wake. the pentagon program's language and special skills in exchange for faster path to citizenship but now lawmakers say the program has been compromised due to poor fitting and some enrollees are unaccounted for. that raises concerns of foreign infiltration. the defense department is spending new applications. james rosen breaking that story. it seems nothing in the meantime will get in the way of donald trump's border wall. this moment of insecurity will
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waive 3 dozen laws and regulations to begin construction in san diego. most of those rules put into place to protect the environment. critics claim waving environmental reviews is unconstitutional and it could be catastrophic. todd: christopher ray confirmed by the senate, former prosecutor won bipartisan supported his confirmation hearing where he vowed never to let politics get in the way of the bureau's mission. james coming back was abruptly fired by donald trump back in may. democrats agreed to work with republicans to pass tax reform but there are strings attached. democrats are demanding no tax cuts for the wealthy and no legislation passed using simple majority vote. marco rubio says tax reform is essential. >> we have to do it. a lot of the economic growth we are seeing is because that
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expectation of tax reform is built into the growth, they are anticipating it and if it doesn't happen we could see the reverse effect very quickly and we will be to blame so we got to get it done. >> the senate will begin working on tax reform after the august recess. heather: healthcare bill that will help the nation at heroes get the help they need heading to the president's desk, the senate passing a $2.1 billion deal to fund the nearly bankrupt veterans choice program, allowing vets to receive federal he paid medical care outside va facilities. the money will have run out this month. todd: desperate search and rescue underway for a missing american person, that the serviceman went missing from the uss definition destroyer conducted routine operations in south china sea, american and japanese ships and aircraft scouring the water. heather: sheriffs deputies in serious condition after being shot while responding to a marijuana dispute.
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>> two officers shot. shot in the leg, in the shoulder. heather: the gunfight breaking out after rastafarian church members reported dedicated worker with a gun was pulling marijuana plants out of the church's farm. the veteran officers exchanging gunfire after chasing that man to a nearby home where he died. todd: using peanut butter to break out of jail, back behind bars, grady phil patrick was found 11 i was away hiding out in florida. he allegedly hitched a ride after escaping prison and told the driver take me as far south as you can go. kilpatrick and the other inmate used peanut butter to change the number on the door to trigger new guard into letting them outside. heather: a nearly drowning bald eagle is rescued from the sea.
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todd: two retired police officers pulling the eagle up to their boat using a life preserver, the bird got its strength back, opening its wings and soars through the sky as if nothing happened. unclear how it got stuck in the water in the first place but beautiful to watch. heather: probably diving for a fish. todd: 11 minutes after the are, it is craziness taken to a new level, an american university now forcing students to take down a 9/11 memorial because it is offenses. >> you are not allowed to have a display here because it is triggering harm to students. todd: what students are saying a. heather: sparking outrage for using the term illegal. our next guest is a legal immigrant who says it is about
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crest pro-health mouthwash provides all... ...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups. go pro with crest mouthwash. checkup? nailed it heather: is donald trump vowed to eradicate the deadly game known as ms 13 we are learning how easy it is for members to sneak into the country. tucker carlson speaking to a former ms 13 hitman behind bars in el salvador. >> how hard is it for an ms 13 gang member to get into the united states? >> it is easy. >> how do you do it? >> i did it once. >> reporter: your friends did. >> they have their people. heather: donald trump calling for tougher policing in
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sanctuary cities to crack down on the criminal cartel. 1 million illegal immigrants could have a california drivers license next year according to a report. 905,000 illegals are driving legally on american roads. california assembly bill 60 was passed in 2013 allowing immigrants to receive a license with only proof of id and residency, not immigration status. todd: the promise of justice announcing a shift when referring to illegal immigrants. >> some jurisdictions refuse to cooperate with federal government when it comes to immigration authority to turn over illegal aliens who commit crimes. todd: immigration advocates are outraged. joining us with his thoughts, legal immigrant nick adams,
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thanks for being here on wednesday morning. set the scene, what is the issue? >> the issue is we need to call things what they are. people who come to the united states the wrong way are illegal immigrants. they have broken the law. no sense sugarcoating it. it is wrong, if we do sugarcoat it, we are promoting and condoning breaking of the law and that is something we shouldn't be encouraging in any possible way. if you don't follow the laws and legal processes involved in coming to the united states and you have broken the law, you have committed a crime. if we call somebody and illegal immigrants is exactly the right thing to do. what does undocumented person even mean? it means absolutely nothing, might as well contemplate your navel.
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todd: at the permit of justice announcement uses the phrase, quote, so-called sanctuary policies make all of us less safe because they intentionally undermine our laws and protect, here it is, illegal aliens who have committed crimes. a lot of people, a lot of blowback to this. immigration advocate response to its usage, quote, the i word is legally inaccurate, politically loaded, dehumanizing and likely unintentionally fuels racial profiling and violence directed toward immigrants. how do you respond? >> what a load of drivel. i have never heard so much nonsense in my entire life. these people that are complaining about this i just from another planet. it is not possible to come up
2:19 am
with such things. all of this is a product of the left. the left coming up with his term of undocumented when really it is all about putting over a particular curtain. to have these sanctuary cities, 4 people who break the law. to be dehumanizing and politically loaded, all of that is fantasy. we can either deal with reality and facts or believe in fairytales. heather: i'm hesitant to say this on national tv but prior to arriving here at fox i did work for the mainstream media and we did receive emails that you do not refer to them as illegal aliens, your for to them as undocumented immigrants was how the respond to that? >> we live in the here and now,
2:20 am
the feelings are more important than facts to the detriment of our country and the detriment of our culture and the detriment of civilization because if we are not going to call things what they are and tiptoe around on eggshells, if we are going to be pussycats rather than lyons. and what happens in europe. todd: we reached out to the doj, we will keep you updated on that. heather: the popular phone case being recalled for burning their hands. to curb the drug crisis facing the country. legalize marijuana. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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>> do you need to do job? today could be your day. amazon looking to fill 50,000 positions making on the spot hires at 12 centers around the us. heather: in january amazon announced it would hire 100,000 workers through next year, both part-time and full-time positions are available. america is back, that is one indication, that message donald trump head been spending, had it for small business leaders yesterday. >> america is on the verge of a golden age for small business. we are ending job killing regulations and we are ending at a record pace. todd: the tao hits record
2:25 am
territory, 22,000, our sister network foxbusiness with the numbers. >> the dow closed 37 points shy of 22,000 yesterday and we could hit that record high today, the president celebrating on twitter after apple released third-quarter earnings, giving the market a big boost in after-hours trading. for big businesses to small businesses at the white house event yesterday donald trump hosted 100 small business owners, said the us is in a, quote, golden age for small business and he praised his administration's efforts to lift regulations. todd: palace intrigue and all of that, this administration is doing amazing things when it comes to that. we will see what happens with tax reform. heather: something important, this glittery iphone case.
2:26 am
one of these. it looks pretty but if you have one of these shiny iphone cases with liquid on the back be careful because it could cause severe chemical burns and skin irritation if it breaks open, the case maker is recalling 263,000 of these cases after 24 people had a reaction when the case broke and leaked. the mobilephone cases for the iphone 6, 6-plaps and 7. todd: what is that liquid? >> i don't know. todd: from the iphone to the ipod. >> apple changing his tune getting rid of the ipod shuffle leaving just the ipod touch as the only remaining version of the iconic portable music player. apple said this will signify the ipod lineup by offering two
2:27 am
models, starting at $199. heather: more ways to get your money. thank you. we have breaking news at this moment. a nato convoy in afghanistan has been attacked, the violence happening in the kandahar province, the spiritual home of the telegram. there are casualties reported but not clear if any americans were involved. us and international forces operate out of kandahar in southern afghanistan. a nato convoy has been attacked and we bring you the latest. todd: your best friend barack has someone else in mind for 2020, pressuring to make a run. heather: of all legal struck and left for dead on the side of the road until two park rangers stepped in, the incredible story you have to here. ♪
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heather: a fox news alert, the us military preparing to launch another unarmed missile days after north korea's record-setting missile test. todd: jackie is monitoring the situation. >> reporter: the u.s. air force will launch its latest intercontinental ballistic missile test over the next few hours on the fourth icbm test from vandenberg air force base this year. the missile will travel 4th miles landing in the western pacific ocean, the test comes days after north korea fired its longest missile yet crashing into the sea of japan. new research shows the rogue nation's arsenal could reach major us cities in under an hour but the rocket would likely break apart before hitting
2:32 am
anything. also finding seismic activity thought because by nuclear tests. rex tillerson calling tactics like flying b-1 bombers over the region, quote, peaceful pressure and opens the door to negotiations with north korea if the country halts its nuclear weapons program. >> we do not seek regime change, we do not seek collapse of the regime, we are trying to convey to the north koreans we are not your enemy, we are not your threat, you are presenting an unacceptable threat to us. >> reporter: secretary tillerson calling on china to raise pressure on its fellow communist nation, south korea increasing its military presence, china is likely to stay away from the negotiating table, the with military reporting it detected highly unusual and unprecedented levels of north korean submarine activity and more missile tests expected.
2:33 am
heather: we need's assistance and sanctions. >> this missile came perilously close to a plane. scary stuff. thinks. attorney general jeff sessions preparing to announce a major crackdown on leakers. heather: the white house standing behind donald trump's decision to help his son's statement on his meeting with the russian lawyer. >> reporter: we now know the president did in fact help his son weighing in as a father on donjon europe statement with a russian lawyer despite previous statements that he played no role, and sarah huckabee sanders yesterday. >> the statement is true, no inaccuracy in the statement.
2:34 am
>> democrats want to have this is a pr stunt. >> they didn't stop venting their frustration to focus on russia. >> if you want to talk about a relationship with russia let's go further than the clintons. bill clinton was paid half $1 million to give a speech to a russian bank and thanked by putin for it. hillary clinton allowed one fifth of america's uranium to be sold to a russian firm whose investors were clinton foundation donors and clinton chairman lobbied against sanctions on russia's largest bank and failed to report it. look no further, you want to create a narrative that doesn't exist. todd: attorney general jeff sessions set to announce a major crackdown on leaks as early as friday, and addition the white
2:35 am
house believes undermines the administration. classified information, sessions says some people need to go to jail. >> if we can make cases they are going to jail. todd: the president has tweeted, has been in the works for some time. and plans to address the barrage of leaks rather than an announcement of prosecution, something to watch at the end of the week. heather: i want to know who was on the plane that relayed the conversation about the statement that donald trump helped don junior with and how that was leaked out. i would like to find that out as well. easy to find out. >> to help the health insurance market from collapsing.
2:36 am
announcing bipartisan meetings next month. mitch mcconnell could not rally enough support to repeal obamacare. according to a new report his colleagues don't blame him. they are pointing fingers at john mccain who was one of three republican's. legalizing marijuana nationwide. and announcing on facebook, bashing the trump administration could not get through a republican-controlled congress. >> it disturbs me right now the attorney general sessions, not moving -- actually saying we should be doubling down, enforcing federal marijuana laws. >> minorities are being arrested in disproportionate numbers
2:37 am
saying it is ruining lives and communities, eight states and the district of columbia legalized marijuana. >> 36 minutes after the hour, sorry, joe biden, you might have to wait your turn. former president obama has someone else in mind to run against donald trump, the obama camp pushing former massachusetts governor duval patrick who they feel could win that crucial state won by donald trump. nearly ran in 2016 but decided not to. over family matters. kid rock rocking the polls for a possible michigan senate run. ♪ i was born free ♪ todd: coming in first as a possible republican candidate. he stands at 33% compared to his closest republican opponent john james who is coming and at 16%.
2:38 am
heather: registering at that concert. extreme weather, heavy rain pounding southern florida, nearly half a foot soaking the sunshine state, not so sunshiny today, major flash flooding in miami beach. >> the northwest braces for triple digit temperatures, janice dean tracking what you need to know. >> that storm system emily passed through florida yesterday and is offshore. the big story today is the central you as where we could see showers and thunderstorms, enhanced severe threat and the heat across the west coast where they are dealing with extreme temperatures. look at the past 12 hours, that storm system into the atlantic, what was emily looking at potential showers and thunderstorms across central us,
2:39 am
the southern plains and enhanced moisture across the four corners, that monsoon season is in play, across the west coast they need to see the rain and not getting it is heat advisories are in place with warnings from central california to seattle. look at the temperatures, highs above 100 ° for so many folks. this will be an ongoing situation today and through the weekend, dangerous heat across the west coast, the rest of the forecast, scattered showers across the gulf coast, southwest and parts of the midwest and central us and elsewhere it feels like summer time, which it is. according to the calendar. heather: everyday heroes went above and beyond to rescue another bald eagle on the brink of death. police officers and a park ranger finding the bird in the woods after it was hit by a car in maryland. we 25 at eagle will stay there. the second bald eagle story of
2:40 am
the day. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour, under flyer for firing -- the one who received hate mail for flying the american flag. todd: how did he pull this off? carly shimkus next with what is being called the catch of a lifetime. ♪ next in line swing ♪ swing ♪ swing ♪ ♪ after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. todd: rosea dental suggest democrats quit the party and form their own. heather: the internet isn't buying it. carly shimkus has the reaction. >> we are used to seeing rosie o'donnell with donald trump but now she is going after members of the democratic party, rosie is angry because it was recently announced democrats would not
2:44 am
cut campaign funding from candidates that are pro-life. rosie does not like that, women should form our own party if democrats do this, don't you dare, so much for being the party of inclusion. social media laying in, rosie o'donnell helped women quit the democrats and form their own party, more democratic disarray and when is she moving to canada? patty tweets everyone should quit the dems. she wants to form her own exclusively pro-choice party, we should not be surprised by that. heather: republicans in favor of that, split up the party. that always works. >> i wonder if this is true, this is crazy. this is an unbelievable crazy coincidence time travel, we are not sure, the internet is going absolutely wild after a series of books from the 1800s were
2:45 am
recently discovered and the lead character of the book is a young man named baron trump. he is a rich young man who lives in a place called trump castle, he be friends a man named don in the book and don encourages him to travel to russia. like i said, these books were written in the 1800s. social media is going wild over this, we need this to be seen by the entire family. i hope they see it and they way and it. how crazy is that. these books sound really good. how about that for a nice little summer read. todd: my mind was blown. >> they are real. this is not fake news. we may have witnessed the greatest baseball catch of the year courtesy of indian
2:46 am
outfielder austin jackson. take a listen to this. >> unbelievable catch! into the bullpen. did he hang on? that is the only question at this point. what a play! >> how did he do that? i would have given him a 10 if he had -- i do think he did stick the landing and zach says probably the best catch i have ever seen. the indians lost the game but that is okay. there is still this moment. they walked away with that. heather: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". did you see that catch? heather: is it a homerun if he falls over the fence?
2:47 am
he caught it. it is in the outfield. very cool, thank you both. this morning, donald trump touting a new era of small business in america. one of those small business owners at the white house yesterday is here live, a new sense of optimism. mick mulvaney senator ron johnson and the man who killed usama bin laden live in the flesh. as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given
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todd: one of president obama's top aides a person of interest in the unmasking probe. ben rhodes, former national security advisor being investigated for the unmasking
2:51 am
requests made during the final weeks of the obama administration. asking if any trump campaign officials were improperly identified and leaked for political purposes before or after the election. college students outraged after the university forces them to remove a 9/11 memorial on campus. thousands of flags outside the building at southern methodist university for the last several years but the school changed the rules last month saying they may be, quote, triggering or harmful. they will be displayed on a different part of campus this year. the school has walked back there statement. heather: people in one connecticut neighborhood say they are being targeted for their patriotism after receiving anti-american hate mail for flying american flags on their own property.
2:52 am
a recipient of some of those shocking letters and probably vendor of old glory, thank you for joining us. tell us about your town first of all. >> my town is often, a small town in connecticut, everything is very patriotic and they do a lot for other people, help charities, big heart, small town. everything you would want in a town to raise a family. heather: surprising something like this would happen. talk to us about the flag this way in your yard specifically. >> last year we started a flag display, put a flag out, this year we put two flags out, two big ones and 12 smaller ones, one is a reminder of my grandfather, my grandparents fought in world war zero mac and my grandfather was shot in italy. he talked to me about liberating a concentration camp and made a big impact on my life.
2:53 am
my other flag is in honor of our friends who have served our country, family members, my husband had family members in vietnam. i have friends in iraq. and we love our country. heather: another neighbor down the road also received letters in the mail. tell us about the letters. >> it was a package, i went to my mailbox, it was a sticker envelope. it was addressed to resident. the other neighbor, addressed to his name. upside down american flag and inside, opened it up and the first page i saw was a man at a wolfpack game seemed to be screaming, twirling a shirt over
2:54 am
his head, underneath it, the typical ignorant american flag waver, turn the page, anti-semitic stuff. clearly not happy about our support of israel and another page that is apparently from this propaganda. a slang term for americans that is derogatory saying we are incredulous, self-righteous and ignorant. every page, ten pages. heather: who would do something like this? you spoke to the state trooper last night. >> they have no idea. everywhere is crazy people, not reflective of the town as a whole. this person is very angry -- >> are you fearful?
2:55 am
>> it was creepy. i'm not going to lie. my flag displays on the backside of the property, a person had to go around to the side street to get our address, we took the time and wanted to send a message. >> any plans to take it down? >> no. i plan to put more up. we are proud to be american and lucky to live here. but not in my town. my town has flags everywhere. heather: thank you for your patriotism. >> 55 minutes after the hour. meet the military's newest millionaire. wait until you hear this one. tt taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max.
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this week, filler paper just one cent with five dollar minimum purchase. ♪taking care of business.
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todd: , time for the good, the bad and the ugly. >> heather: up first the good, a north carolina veteran waking up $1 million richer this morning. allen hit the scratchoff on lotto ticket he served our country 13 years. todd: next the bad. trainee police were told they weren't allowed in because the bartender thought they were a bachelor party. when he realized they were wrong, he gave them a round on the priest.
3:00 am
heather: train ye priest. baseball brawl breaking out. fist fight started after the fan stole a backpack. the guard later fired. todd: ladies, it's just baseball. heather: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> the hits keep on coming. the dow closing at another new record. >> we're unleashing a new era of american prosperity. >> word just in that a nato convoy in afghanistan has been attacked. >> republicans on capitol hill are hopeful that a tax overhaul is coming soon. >> we have to do it. a lot of this economic growth we are seeing now because that expectation of tax reform is already built into the growth. >> we are trying to convey to the north koreans we are not your enemies. you are presenting an unacceptable threat to us. and we have to respond. >> massive breaking story, former obama national security ben rhodes is now a person of interest in the house intel committee's unmasking investigation.


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