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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 3, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> steve cortes, you know that was a great hour. thanks for being here, happy to have you. and now, "happening now." >> molly: a fox news alert from fox news local headquarters here in new york, president trump getting ready to depart the white house for west virginia where he is set to hold a campaign style rally just a few hours from now. >> rick: a short time ago the president getting somewhat of a preview, saying he is going to have an "big announcement" that will be exciting for the media. a new legal headache for president trump's son-in-law as new york federal prosecutor subpoena his family's business. what alleged violations are they looking for? plus -- >> we must create culture --
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>> rick: the out-of-control opioid epidemic in the u.s. and -- vicious attack caught on camera, a commuter savagely beaten by the crowd surrounding him. what police believe may have led to this terrifying scene. it's all happening now. and we begin with a fox news alert on new leaks from the white house, just days after the new chief of staff takes over, welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm rick levanthal in fort jon scott. >> molly: i'm molly line. the president's new chief of staff said to be cracking down on how information gets to his boss. from now on, it goes through him first. of the president expressing confidence in kelly from day one. >> we just swore in general
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kelly, he will do a spectacular job, i have no doubt as chief of staff. i predict general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> molly: chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday and he joins us now to talk about all the things unfolding in washington. let's kick off what everyone has been talking about this week, john kelly's first week as chief of staff coming to a close. is this the pivot point, what is your analysis looking back at the first couple of days? >> the answer is we certainly don't know, a pivot point would be tremendously premature. john kelly so far has struck all the right notes, he is trying to establish order, a chain of command, people have to report through him. talking about trying to limit
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the information or preview the information that goes to the president to make sure he is not getting that information. there are a bunch of larger questions, one of them is whether the president will continue to listen to him and also does kelly have the political skills and the domestic policy skills to be an effective chief of staff? he certainly has the discipline and the command down, but there is a lot more to it to be an effective chief of staff. >> molly: one of the things we have all been talking about that's confounded this and administration are the leaks that we have continued to see. some intimate conversations between the president and the leaders of mexico and australia, will this rain that in, what are the political ramifications of yet another leak? >> first of all, it's astonishing that this has happened, i've been covering this for almost 40 years, i
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don't think i have ever seen a leaks transcript of a conversation between two heads of state, in this case at two different conversations, the president of mexico and the prime minister of australia. the complete transcript doesn't make president trump look particularly good, he is talking like a politician that is having a confidential conversation, not something you would want on the front page of a newspaper. whether this will be an opportunity for john kelly, i'm sure he has grinding his teeth and that chief of staff's office in the west wing, saying this is exactly what we don't need and we don't know if this had been leaked already, my guess is it had. these are conversations that took place in january. you can be sure he is going to have a staff meeting to say this exactly what they can't have. we don't know if it came out of the white house but if it did, this is the kind of thing they have to put an end to.
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>> molly: the attorney general is set to hold a press conference on that matter tomorrow. will this get the administration any closer to the flies and the putting on this issue? >> may be. president obama was very aggressive in terms of leak investigation, not terribly aggressive in finding who had put out a lot of the leaks, it is hard to do and people are smart and they cover their fingerprints. it's not like you send an email they can trace, people tend to wipe away their fingerprints and often times it is hard to find. clearly whoever was trying to do this, whether it was in the white house or outside was not trying to help the president. >> molly: one of the things we have also been looking at this week, how long the tenure of attorney general jeff sessions would be, his relationship with the president seems to be at a point of being at odds, we have
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heard the new chief of staff has reached out and assured mr. sessions that his job is it safe at least for now. >> that is interesting, another indication that one of the things general john kelly wants to do is take some of the drama, some of the soap opera and chaos out of this white house, obviously it has been an extraordinary spectacle for the last couple of weeks to see the president publicly either in interviews or tweets against his own attorney general. on saturday, reportedly general kelly called jeff sessions and said you are not going anywhere, you are not being fired and the president wants to keep you in your position. that was before kelly had formally taken his position but he clearly wanted to end one of the questions being asked, which is how long sessions will be in that job. if john kelly has anything to say about it and if he is accurately represent in the president, he is going to stay there for a while. >> molly: president trump is
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headed off to west virginia tonight, we are expecting to see a rally, he says there will be a big announcement, do you have any insight into what that could possibly be? >> none whatsoever but i can't wait to hear. it is very interesting, the president has a real tie to his base and i think a lot of his voters, he was in ohio last week, he is in west virginia this week, reaching out to the 35%, 40% of the voters who are still in his corner. the question is, is he using those rallies as effectively as he could because it would seem to me that rather than just trying to build up his support and popularity, he ought to be pushing for specific measures. he never devoted a single speech primarily to repeal and replace. now he is pushing tax reform or immigration reform as of yesterday.
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is it going to be a tour of the horizon by the president, the things he likes and doesn't like or is he going to really push a specific piece of legislation and is not likely to make much difference when the senate is about to do in the house and go on vacation for the rest of the month? >> molly: we are getting word that white house correspondent john roberts just talked to the office of management and budget director who said he likes the new discipline he is seeing, we are seeing some of the insiders, some of the folks in the administration saying they like what they see so far. would that be to be expected as the new leadership comes in, kind of saying it is going well? >> sure. it's not just a question of wanting to butter up the new boss or the old boss, but for the vast majority of these people, they have taken a huge responsibility, working endless hours trying to get things done and so often the noise of this administration has gotten in the way of serious accomplishments and you can be sure that a serious man like the budget
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chief or the attorney general or other people in this administration would love to see a more orderly process in which they can do their jobs and are not getting distracted by noise and by side effects and different things that are coming out as a result of leaks or tweets from the president or things like that. i think the vast majority of people in this administration would like to just get to business. >> molly: thank you so much for joining us with all of your insight, still 48 hours or more to go before fox news sunday comes on, who knows what can happen between now and then. thank you. >> rick: russia quick to react to the new u.s. sanction signed into law by president trump, the country's prime minister calling the move a "declaration of economic war." adding that it shows the top administration is utterly powerless, according to russia. >> molly: in a news conference yesterday, white house press secretary sarah hooker read sanders has the president support sanctions of
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against other countries as well. >> we sent a clear signal that we will not tolerate interference in our democratic process by russia. the bill has a preimproved congresses approach that was signed in the interest of national unity, that has certainly not changed and i think that was reflected. >> molly: amy kellogg joins us now, she is live, amy. >> russia's foreign ministry issued a pointed statement, saying it is time that these expands and distinctions that have plunged the united states into a russia-phobic hysteria. and then of course, there was a prime minister taking to
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facebook, accusing the u.s. of declaring full-fledged economic war with russia. he went on, saying the trump administration has shown its total weakness by handing over executive power to congress and the most humiliating way. the foreign ministry also said it reserves the right to countermeasures and here is what our former kremlin consultant has to say. >> i think the kremlin will go for an indirect strategy, meaning special operations and other global areas america has an operation in. >> these sanctions further restrict investment in further sectors, they also block the president from waving old sanctions without congressional approval. the president subsequently tweeted "our relationship with russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low, you can thank congress, the same people that can't even give us health care." finally the present has called
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the sanctions flawed, he said they will prevent him from being able to get really good deals for the american people. he said he believes he can do better deals with governments than congress can. >> molly: we knew he was not particularly thrilled. amy, thank you very much. colorado testing a new program aimed at the opioid crisis. >> rick: attorney general jeff sessions saying the government must take an aggressive approach to this problem. >> we cannot capitulate intellectually or morally into this kind of rampant drug abuse. we must create a culture that is harmful to drug abuse. we know this can work, it has worked in the past, it has worked for cigarettes and seat belts. a campaign was mounted, it took time, it became effective and we need to send that kind of
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message now. >> rick: live in denver with more on this. >> this is the nation's first large-scale research effort that focuses specifically on emergency rooms and prescribing of opioids and it was the hope of changing the way that happened. the colorado hospital association launched a six-month pilot program that included eight hospitals and three freestanding emergency rooms. the idea was to reduce number of prescriptions for highly addictive opioid painkillers. what changed was the moment he had a patient who had overdosed on heroin and how she started. >> what she said is she got her first prescription for an opioid from an emergency room physician for an ankle sprain, she got a prescription for percocet.
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and why that impacted me is that earlier that day, i had seen someone with what i thought to be a bad ankle sprain and i sent him home with a narcotic. >> according to the national institute of the emac drug abuse, more than 80% of heroine abuses started with prescription opioids. this program hopes to encourage doctors to write fewer opioid prescriptions, treating without narcotics and getting patients on therapy. some patients are skeptical and offered alternatives to opioid, many of which are just as powerful without the narcotic and are applied directly to the pain point. >> we have some hospitals where patients have written back in already and said they are happy, thank you so much. >> notably, this program uses no government money. >> rick: thank you very much. >> molly: crews responding to
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the scene of a carnival ride gone terribly wrong, where this wasn't how long it took rescuers to get those passengers down. plus, why some democrats aren't exactly embracing the parties new platform and what it could mean for 2018 and beyond. hey!
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>> democrats are offering a better deal, better jobs, better wages, a better future. >> what do democrats stand for? a better deal for working peopl people. higher wages, lower costs and tools for a 21st century economy. >> democrats touting the parties better deal for economics message. let's bring in isaac wright, former executive director of the super pac and chris wilson.
10:19 am
the first thing that struck me is that the economy is booming right now, why choose that is the party platform and how important is it to have a party line? >> i think our candidates are smart enough to know that they are going to run a race based on their own state and their own district, i don't think there's any policy platform or slogan that's going to come out of the beltway think tank of the democratic party that's going to be a one-size-fits-all approach. >> why come out and deliver it to everyone. >> i applaud the leadership that were involved in that, that recognize there is a need for a course correction. i think the course correction needs to be deeper than that. i think we need to go back to talking about our values as democrats and getting that message out. >> rick: there seems to be a lot of splintering the party on this proposed national message. >> there is always splintering within the party, that is normal. i think that's excessive on the
10:20 am
democratic side. first they tried to go steal their slogan from papa john's, they adjusted a little bit and recently uphold when dan tested the slogan with democrats and democrats said they were for it, the challenge they've got is they have two octogenarians announcing the party's agenda for the future. they don't represent the american people, it is why hillary clinton lost a donald trump and why they lost 1300 seats at the federal, state, and local level since barack obama took office. >> i am not sure they are both in their 80s. it looks like the democratic strategy is to frustrate the president. >> we need more than resistance, we need to resist the terrible agenda of the trump-mcconnell
10:21 am
administration but we also need restoration as democrats, we need to go back to america between the coast and talk about our values, not engage in the debate over what slogan, we need to go back to the values that define democrats, the values of job opportunities on the personal economic freedom that comes with that. the values of a tax system that rewards american as much for hard work as it does for being born rich. the values of a health care system that respects both the dignity of life and the same duty of life. >> i think you are going to find republican unity or republicans will lose their elections. the fact that there has been unity, we have won every special election so far. >> republicans are -- >> rick: we've got to wrap it
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up. >> a republican house and a republican president can't pass anything. >> rick: thank both of you very much. >> molly: one of the nation's busiest airports, a close call. more on that coming up. you don't let anything
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>> molly: a hazmat situation sending dozens of people to the hospital in north carolina, more than 40 people becoming ill from a chemical spill at a ymca in downtown durham it yesterday. a lifeguard noticed a strong odor near the indoor pool pump, and called for help. officials say some children started complaining of breathing issues after swimming in the pool. other symptoms includes vomiting and skin and eye irritation.
10:26 am
everyone is expected to be okay. >> rick: a new report revealing just how close of a call a jet had with four other planes at the san francisco international airport. apparently there was a blind spot that prevented air traffic controllers from immediately spotting the near disaster. >> the report notes a few rather unsettling facts especially those on the five planes that were involved. take a look at the diagram, it will help explain the whole situation on what went down here in san francisco. as you can tell, a very difficult and dangerous situation. two parallel runways, they were basically alternating at that time. adjust to the right of that is a taxiway where four planes were waiting to take off. that is where the air canada plane was aimed. the taxiway is where the near
10:27 am
misses took place, here is a photo from the tower that shows how close air canada came to the first plane. 6 feet roughly above the ground, air canada at its lowest was about 59 feet above the ground, a pretty razor-thin margin of mist there. the second photo also shows air canada passed over the next two planes, a bit higher in altitude. the pilot at that point sensed something was wrong and pulled up on their own. there was only one air traffic controller working and his order to go around came a few seconds after the pilot decided on their own to pull up. both pilots had significant flight time, the flight crew of the second airline switched on their landing lights to try to notify air canada that they were aimed at the wrong place to warn them. here is the biggest reveal, the ground system which basically monitors planes when they come in only monitors lanes that were
10:28 am
coming in to land on runways. the problem with that is air canada was a few hundred feet to the east aimed at a taxiway, so it wasn't picked up by that system. the faa is in the process of fixing that and they hope to have a test trial of the new system up and running in a few weeks. >> rick: a comforting story. thank you very much. >> molly: president trump's senior advisor and right-hand man jared kushner taking heat again, this time his family business not reportedly subpoenaed by federal prosecutors. plus, temperatures soaring in the northwest, one well-known city and many residents do not have air conditioning, so how are they going to keep cool? and how long could the extreme heat stick around? the national weather service says the temperatures are breaking records. >> it was armor our warmest mon
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>> rick: new information on the california right accident that left three customers trapped. officials say it took firefighters about 40 minutes to rescue the writer left hanging from a crane and another hour to free two people suspended above the fairgrounds in a steel cage.
10:33 am
how is a steel cage arrived? not sure. thankfully no one was hurt, it's not clear what caused the alleged ride to malfunction. >> molly: a record-breaking heat wave hammering the northwest, forecasters say it temperatures reach the high 90s in seattle today, where many people do not have air conditioning. >> especially with the heat wave we are having, we should make sure we are checking on our friends and family members to make sure they are staying cool as well. >> molly: portland could be even hotter, so hot the city's light rail system actually shut down. that is like boston with the snow. we are live in seattle with more. >> i've got to tell you what, i am from the midwest, i am loving this weather. 47 47 consecutive days with no rain, it is going to get warm today, not everyone loves that. 96 degrees for a hike today in
10:34 am
seattle. that actually literally stop some of the trains in portland from rolling, because they had to shut it down because they feared the tracks were expanding and when they did resume, they had to have the trains go 10 miles an hour slower because they were afraid of those trains jumping the tracks. they did actually give free rides because there was a computer glitch. portland police were making sure the homeless were hydrated, passing out bottled water at ten cities and under free ways summer school was closed early so the kids got a break yesterday going home early, the governor in organic declared a state of emergency because they do have several fires and the threat of thunderstorms that could set off more fires in the state. it is several degrees cooler in seattle, the beaches were packed yesterday and i'm sure it is going to be packed later today. the fountains brought a lot of relief, most stores are sold out of fans. there is a good news/bad news
10:35 am
scenario here, a lot of smoke has been flown in from massive wildfires in british columbia, about 1,000 buyers -- 100 fires with thousands of people activated. that smoke is acting as a filter and keeping the temperature is about 4 degrees cooler. bad air quality, though. a pollution advisory is in effect which means it is unhealthy air for everyone. we are getting no sympathy from a lot of people around the country who have it a lot rougher. in las vegas, they have had 55 days of 100-degree heat, they have had 78 days of 90 degrees each. they had a high of 117 back on june 20th, listen. >> i think they are overreacting just a bit, my son was complaining he doesn't have any air-conditioning but i think he is going to make it. >> he's in good company because only about a third of the people in the pacific northwest bother to have air conditioning.
10:36 am
we only get about five or six days in the 90s every summer. like that guy it said, i think we will get through it. >> molly: you seem to be enjoying yourself out there today. >> this is great, no humidity. >> molly: you look like you are having a great day, thank you for that update. jared kushner is back in the spotlight, according to "wall street journal," the white house advisors family business has been subpoenaed by federal prosecutors. a spokesperson from the development company reportedly said they did nothing wrong. let's bring in our legal panel. thank you both for being here. to kick things off, we know jared kushner plays a tremendous role in the administration right now, this is about the family business. they have been subpoenaed by new york federal prosecutors on
10:37 am
what has been dubbed an investment for immigration programs. this does not necessarily mean that there has been a crime committed. >> i don't know if you are boxing fan, if you follow floyd mayweather at all, his last four fights are like the situation that won't go away. a lot of promotion, a lot of hype with the flow made floyd r fight. once you get into the boxing ring, they are total duds and that is what is going on with the situation. he has done nothing wrong, there was a law that was enacted in 1990, the eb five immigration bill. it allows businesses like this to create jobs especially in the construction business. for example, here in l.a. the jw marriott hotel right next to staples center was created
10:38 am
through this same bill that jared kushner has utilized to create numerous of jobs and numerous investment vehicles. he has done nothing wrong and i think this is a fishing expedition that is going to end nowhere. >> molly: i have covered the program mentioned here, it essentially allows citizenship for foreign nationals to invest $500 million to invest in a big projects. is there any there there to thi this? >> it just because a business' subpoena doesn't mean the business did something wrong, this is new york attorney's office dealing with the project in new jersey. a client was located in the bronx which is the southern district and in the eastern district bought a case because the conspiracy started in the eastern district. it is interesting why new york
10:39 am
is coming into this new jersey project. it's a very simple program, eb-5. if you are foreign national, you get a green card, especially in the united states. it's hard to imagine that this company did something wrong. >> molly: shifting weight from new york to new jersey, there are two senators that are looking to protect special councils before going forward. lindsey graham saying he would introduce legislation to protect mueller from the president. what does this mean that these senators are stepping forward? >> it's very simple. the judicial department has to maintain its economy and independence and nobody should interview with that, no branch of a government to be able to interfere with that and certainly you have to set the stage so that there is the faith that they can operate how they need to operate without any potential interference. i don't think it will get down to the point where they actually have to pass legislation, i think what we are all waiting
10:40 am
for is something to come out of this investigation. we've been dealing with this russian investigation for almost a year and nothing has come up. >> molly: attorney general sessions just received some mature inches from the chief of staff john kelly that his job was safe. do you think that is where we are headed? the senators are beginning to push back more than they had in those first 100 days? >> being a politician and inherently dangerous job, what president trump and his family are finding out, unlike our miranda rights, everything they say and do may be held against them in the court of public opinion. that is what's happening here with special prosecutors before. let's set the record straight, president trump has a legal right through the de facto attorney general on this case, he can ask bernstein to remove
10:41 am
mueller if there are legal grounds to do so. if there is a violation of some kind of policy or there is a conflict of interest. the fact that there is a discussion by president trump, that he might do that should not spawn a u.s. senator to possibly introduce new legislation to stop him from doing that. i think that is more of a political maneuver and i think some of the republicans are wondering if they should jump ship from president trump so quickly or if they should stay the course. >> molly: your thoughts on that? >> legally, if there is a conflict of interest as we have heard, some of the members of the mueller team supported hillary clinton. with the president has been dealing with is getting a fair shot from the media, getting the fair shot from this investigation. if you have a calm look of interest, obviously it would be a good idea to remove the special prosecutors before or those interested in coming after the president for political reasons. >> molly: thank you for
10:42 am
joining me here today, we covered a lot of ground there. >> rick: a vermont man could receive over $7 million from his dead grandfather's estate according to court records, but there is a twist. his relatives suspect him of not only killing his grandfather but his mother, too. they went on a fishing trip back in september, the boat sank. his mother is still missing. he is set to get the inheritance money. police suspected carmen but he wasn't charged and now his answer asking the court to block the inheritance, claiming their nephew is a murderer. >> molly: a brutal mob attack targeting a train passenger, what allegedly sparked the violence. plus an update on a five alarm fire out west, the progress or crews are making despite some
10:43 am
very hazardous conditions. >> the firefighters found a bees nest and the bees started to sting them. ♪
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>> molly: new information on the grizzly fire that broke out yesterday in oakland, california. the inferno prompting investigations over concerns of the crews would have to cut the power. one firefighter was injured after a swarm of bees attacked him, causing him to fall 50 feet down an embankment. >> rick: from that awful story to this one, new information on a brutal mob attack targeting a single train passenger in dallas. authorities asking the public's help in bringing the suspect to justice. >> molly: a group of young people beating this 44-year-old victim basically to a pulp and
10:47 am
leaving him for dead on the platform. the disturbing video racking up tens of thousands of views on social media. it is a horrific video. >> really hard to watch. the victim in that video says this whole thing started when he asked those teens you see to stop smoking pot on the train, what happened next was all recorded by eyewitness cell phones. you can see four or five teenagers attacked the adult passenger, kicking, punching, and slapping him. it happened on the dart green line train this week. the video shows to random people joining in, the person rolling on the incident said he was afraid to help. ultimately the victim tried fighting back before a girl hit him in the head with the
10:48 am
skateboard, knocking him unconscious. adding insult to injury, the transit police could have done more. >> to me i was assaulted in another type of way by the police officers who were standing there looking at me like i did something wrong. >> we want to catch the ones that did this. the individual who was assaulted has refused to press charges but dart has the power to press charges. >> jones told the local dallas affiliate that is not true, that he does want to press charges. he had to spend a night in the hospital for injuries he sustained in the attack, a go fund me page has been set up to pay for it some of his medical and legal bills here. >> rick: we are awaiting sentencing in a precedent-setting case where a woman was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for
10:49 am
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tow, and more - any time of day. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> hi, everyone, i am sandra smith. president trump making a big announcement tonight at his rally. we are there to talk to his supporters and ask why are the sticking by him despite some of the recent news. plus, utah senator joining us to talk about the opioid crisis and how it is affecting the health care debate. the sentencing starts in just minutes, we will have that on america's news headquarters in moments. >> rick: right now hope is
10:53 am
fading and the search for a california couple who disappeared last week in joshua tree national park. officials say the pair was hiking and they were reported missing last friday after they failed to check out of their accommodations near the park. temperatures have topped 100 degrees in recent days and it is not clear if the couple have water or supplies with the them. >> the extreme heat we have had, the lack of water in the park, we are preparing the family as best we can for that reality. >> dozens of searchers along with dogs and helicopters have been trying to find the couple. >> molly: sentencing date and the massachusetts texting suicide case, nearly two months after the judge found michelle carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter for pressuring her boyfriend to kill himself. >> rick: carter's father will ask that she be spared prison
10:54 am
time. >> we are less than 10 minutes away from the sentencing hearing which will be underway, we expected to last about an hour, the judge will decide how much time, if any michelle carter will serve in prison. she faces up to 20 years behind bars, the same judge found carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter on june 16th for encouraging her boyfriend conrad roy to kill himself in july of 2014. she was just 17 at the time, roy was 18 years old when he was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in a truck behind a kmart in fairhaven massachusetts. in court today, we could hear from family members of both sides. we expect them to read letters submitted in a bid to influence the judge's sentence, even carter herself has the opportunity to speak today. we know roy is grieving onto wrote a letter asking the judge to give carter the maximum 20 year prison sentence. we know her father is pleading
10:55 am
for leniency, probation with counselee. there were dozens of texts that she sent to roy encouraging him to kill himself, even helping him devise a plan but among the most of text according to the judge was her text to a friend in the months after roy's death. she admits to being on the phone with him during his suicide attempt and carter texted "his death is my fault, honestly i could have stopped him, i was on the phone with him and he got out of the car because it wasn't working and he got scared and i told him to get back in." the question now is if she is being charged as a youthful offender, the question is whether this judge will see her as somebody who deserves leniency or somebody who needs to be treated as an example to send a harsher message out ther there. >> rick: such a tough story
10:56 am
from both families. >> molly: i covered every day of that trial, it is heartbreaking and so many aspects but it speaks to modern-day communication between teenagers and the power that ha has. text messaging, exactly. a key piece of evidence, the phone call that she texted a friend about, that revealed she had a last-minute conversation with the victim shortly before his death. here we are, waiting to find out her fate. >> rick: any minute now. >> molly: the white house is grappling with another high-profile leak after "the washington post" published a transcript of the presidents phone calls calls with foreign leaders. straight ahead at the top of the hour. people would stare.
10:57 am
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>> it's been great to be with you today. >> i think we should do this tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. >> "america's news hq" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump blaming congress for detier kwror kwraeuting relations with russia that he says are at an all time low. the president's firing off a tweet today a day after signing into law tough new sanctions against moscow. "the washington post" today printing leaked transcripts of president trump's phone calls with the australian and mexican leaders. during the call, president trump complaining about the flow of drugs from mexico saying in part, quote, i won new hampshire because new hampshire is a drug infested den. john roberts is live at the white house. john, we'll get to the new leaks in just a moment but how is the


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