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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 3, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> it's been great to be with you today. >> i think we should do this tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. >> "america's news hq" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump blaming congress for detier kwror kwraeuting relations with russia that he says are at an all time low. the president's firing off a tweet today a day after signing into law tough new sanctions against moscow. "the washington post" today printing leaked transcripts of president trump's phone calls with the australian and mexican leaders. during the call, president trump complaining about the flow of drugs from mexico saying in part, quote, i won new hampshire because new hampshire is a drug infested den. john roberts is live at the white house. john, we'll get to the new leaks in just a moment but how is the white house reacting to this
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sanctions on russia? >> reporter: good afternoon. they're doing some cable work around here. some of the machinery is noisy. the president not lashing out at russia over comments that were made by the russian prime minister yesterday. rather, lashing out on congress. first of all, on twitter and face book said the fact president trump signed the sanctions bill is an indication that the trump administration is utterly powerless. he called them tant aamount to a full scale trade war, ending all hope of a better relationship. also suggesting that congress ultimate goal is to remove president trump from power. rather than hitting back against russia for the sharp language, president trump tweeted his displeasure with congress saying, quote, our relationship with russia is an all time and very dangerous low. you can thank congress. the same people that can even give us healthcare. that prompted a response from
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senator john mccain this morning who wrote, quote, our relationship with russia is at a dangerous low. you can thank putin for attacking our democracy, invading neighbors and threatening our allies. speaking of healthcare, looks like members of congress are headed home for the august recess today. they're not sticking around until a week tomorrow which president trumped a suggested to work on health care. we have been talking with some senior administration officials. they are optimistic that when all the members of congress go back to their home districts they will get pressure from their constituents as well as pressure from the governors to come back to the health care table in september when they get back from their break and maybe get something done. >> sandra: thanks for hanging in there with us despite that noise. that could be difficult to talk over. one more question for you. white house reaction. is there any at this point to these new leak details on the president's private phone conversations with two foreign
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leaders. more leaks coming out of the white house. a lot being vealed in those, at times, very tension filled phone calls with foreign leaders. >> reporter: i have been told we can expect that the president will be absolutely livid over this latest leak. he was upset enough over the fact that excerpts were leaked at the beginning of february when these phone calls first came to light. now we've got the entire transcript. one with the president of mexico from january 27th where they were talking about the wall and the fact that the mexican president kept insisting mexico is not going to pay for the wall. here's a little bit of the phone call. we are both in a political bind, said president trump, because i have to have mexico pay for the wall. i have to. we should both say we will work it out, that we'll work out the formula somehow, as opposed to you saying we will not pay and me saying we will not pay. from a political standpoint, that's what we'll say. the president goes on to
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acknowledge, believe it or not, this is the least important thing that we are talking about. but politically this might be the most important to talk about. the president also talking to pena nieto about the cross border drug problem as well as the mexican drug cartel saying they're sending drugs to chicago, los angeles, new york. up in new hampshire. i won new hampshire because new hampshire is a drug infested den which prompted the senator from new hampshire on the democratic side to say such talk was disgusting. the governor said the president is wrong in his assessment. also there was released the transcript of the phone call when malcolm turnball, the prime minister of australia, and the text of that was really about the discussion over what to do with 1250 refugees that turnball was holding in off shore detention centers in australia that the obama administration
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said they would accept. the president saying this is going to kill me. i have the world's greatest person that does not want to let those people into the country. i agree i can vet them but that makes me look so bad and i have only been here a week. the president going on to say honoring that deal makes him look like a, quote, dope, and then saying i will be seen as a weak and ineffective leader in my first week by these people. this is a killer. to which turnbull said you can say tpz not a deal that you would have done but you are going to stick with it. turnbull being very adamant about the president honoring the deal to which the president finally said, i have had it. i have been making these calls all day to other world leaders and that is the most unpleasant call all day. putin was a pleasant call. this is ridiculous. the phone call lasted only another few seconds before the two leaders hung up. when you see all of this in the
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naked light of day, this is classified stuff. this is stuff that the white house does not want out there and it's out there for all to see. the president will clearly be upset by this. he didn't show it today. maybe tonight when he goes to west virginia, we'll hear more. the president also letting us in on a secret that he's got some big announcement coming tonight. we don't yet know what it is, but we'll wait and see. sandra. >> sandra: john roberts, thank you for that. more on all of this mike lee, a member of the senate judiciary committee. he joins us now. senator, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: you can hear that from john roberts. the latest from "the washington post" and these leaked transcripts of the president's private phone conversations with foreign leaders. obviously, we can sit here and talk about the content of those conversations, but the leaks themselves, a huge problem for this white house. >> the mere fact that these leaks occurred is very
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troubling. in order for these communications to be handled effectively the president and who ever he is talking to, whatever foreign head of state or other official might be on the other end of the line, need to have a degree of confidence that they're having a conversation and not a press conference. there is a big difference between these. who ever leaked these needs to be found out and reprimanded, fired. this is unacceptable. it should never happen. >> sandra: according to "the washington post" they were produced by white house staff is all they say. based on records kept by white house note takers. really interesting piece by david from from "the atlantic" he talks about why leaking these transcripts is so dangerous, senator lee. he goes on to say leaking the transcript of a presidential call photp to a foreign leader shocking and dangerous. it is vitally important that a president speak confidentially. he makes a clear case to why one discussion to talk about how
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this is a bad thing for the white house. it's another thing to talk about how dangerous this is for our country to have these leaks continue. >> yes. that's right. that's why in many cases doing something like this could not only and should not only result in termination, but also criminal prosecution to the extent there's classified information involved that someone is publicly disclosing that. that is a very serious felony offense. this should never happen. the president has every right to be discouraged, to be furious about this. we've got to get to the bottom of this. >> sandra: we've heard that before. that's the frustration now for the american people knowing that this puts our national security at risk to have the president's phone calls with foreign leaders leaked. it makes you wonder if anyone is ever going to be held accountable. of course, the timing of all of this, senator, is so important with jeff sessions tomorrow will be announcing this big crackdown on leaks. who is leaking this stuff?
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>> i don't know. if we knew that, we wouldn't be having this particular conversation. in this case though, i think it's going to be easier to find the source of the leak. there are only so many people who could have gotten that information and then released it to the public in that amount of time. >> sandra: do you think jeff sessions has something in his tool belt that he will get to the bottom of this? >> of course he does. he's the attorney general of the united states. he has access to all kinds of tools that i think could help get to the bottom of it. >> sandra: the reason i ask is because the president has been critical of him getting to the bottom of the leaks. i want to move on to a few other things. obviously, russia is on the table and is a big issue right now. the president tweeting today our relationship with russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low. you can thank congress, the same people that can even give us healthcare. what do you make of that? is he placing blame in the right place, senator?
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>> i have no idea. look, we're an easy target. we have an approval rating of only 11% making us only slightly more popular than the flu virus. i'm not sure how he's connecting congress' behavior to our relationship with russia. you'll have to ask him what he meant by that. >> sandra: i appreciate your time. i want to move on to the immigration plan being rolled out yesterday. democrats were quick to pounce on that, criticize it. nancy pelosi one of them, democratic leadership. there's also that contentious exchange in the white house briefing room. your thoughts on that immigration plan rollout? >> look, i applaud senator perdue and senator cotton for working on this issue. this is a tough issue. there is no question about that. they have come up with a number of policy proposals that i'm looking at closely. one concern that i have when approaching immigration is the more issues you tie into a
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single bill, sometimes the more potential areas there are for it to get slowed down. but i'm looking at the bill and i applaud both of them for their efforts. >> sandra: you are looking at the bigger crisis, the bigger problem that we are facing with the opioid crisis. the rise in the opioid overdose deaths we have witnessed in this country and the effect that it is having on the healthcare debate. we're looking at a map, senator, and it's really showing how this is no longer a problem concentrated to one area in this country. it is spreading. >> yes. the vice chairman of the joint economic committee in congress have been spearheading an effort called the social capital project. we have been looking at what are called deaths of despair. death brought about as a result of opioid overdose. what we've seen is a stunning public health epidemic, one that we haven't seen the likes of in decades. not since the aids/hiv epidemic
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as it first emerged have we seen something this chilling, this troubling. this started primarily on the coast, primarily in los angeles and new york and a few places along the border. but it has spread into nearly every corner of america and we're trying to figure out why. >> sandra: you're trying to do so with the social capital project. it looks really at families, neighborhoods, religious relationships and the core of our economic success. how do you tie all of that together to solve this problem? >> we're looking at data points that try to measure social connectiveness. our working hypothesis is that as people lose their connection with institutions of civil society, meaning families, churches, synagogues, charitable foundations and so forth and they become less connected, one with another, then you have a breakdown in families and in communities that sometimes results in things like dealt of despair, drug abuse. >> sandra: i'll let you go
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there, senator lee, but i'll ask you the two questions on everybody's mind. healthcare and tax reform. where they going? >> well, we've been pushing for both of those for a long time. everybody has the same idea on where we should go. i still insist that on healthcare what we need is to repeal obamacare. it's what republicans have promised for seven years. >> sandra: tax reform, does it get done by the end of the year? >> i believe it does. >> sandra: we'll leave it there. senator mike lee, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sandra: a live look at the courthouse as the woman convicted of forcing her boyfriend to kill himself via text message will learn her fate moments from now.
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>> -- he should have been navigated into a positive direction. he certainly was with his support of his family. he accomplished more in his short life than some do in a life time. i know deep inside my soul and i think often of my son's soul and what a beautiful selfless soul he was. that he would never want us to -- sr fox news alert. that is a statement being read from the mother of a young man who committed suicide after his one-time girlfriend encouraged him to do it. right now in massachusetts a woman faces up to 20 years in prison for encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself in dozens of text messages. her sentence hearing, as you are watching, is now under way. michelle carter was convicted in june of involuntary manslaughter. the judge finding her final instruction to conrad roy to get back into a truck filled with toxic gas and that caused his death. we'll bring you any developments
11:18 am
with a live report ahead. >> we have a lot of things to do before the end of the fiscal year. i don't want to put the cart ahead of the horse. >> sandra: senator cornin expect a big session when the senate returns in the fall. his colleague can't wait to start summer vacay. today, after only one week. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike what are top senate leaders saying about getting things done? >> reporter: well, sandra, to give you context about that sound byte, he was asked if there might be a potential government shutdown as of october 1st if funding for the border wall is included. cornin answered by saying they need a more comprehensive plan. >> since i have been here in the senate, we've talked about border security. one thing that's been lacking, particularly in the last eight years has been the political will to do what we know we need
11:19 am
to do, which is to come up with a plan to secure the border. >> reporter: senators are leaving town after a flurry of activity on nomination and noncontroversial legislation. mitch mcconnell talked today about taking care of the people's business. >> we're making progress this week for the future of life saving medicine, for our veterans, for the leadership of our country's most critical agencies. we know we still have more to do in all these areas, but we're passing chris call legislation, we're confirming nominees to important positions and we're taking steps in the right direction. >> reporter: but mcconnell was hoping to tackle the debt ceiling, the government's ability to borrow money before senators leave town. it appears that will be the first order of business when lawmakers come back after labor day. >> sandra: what is the senate top democrat saying as lawmakers look ahead to the next fight? >> reporter: well, chuck shumer's basically saying to republicans that democrats want
11:20 am
a seat at the table when it comes to tax reform and he is hoping republicans learned a lesson from the failure of healthcare. >> the republican leader said the next big issue this body will take up is taxes. democrats were excluded from even participating in healthcare discussions from the very first day of congress. a process that ultimately ended in failure. >> reporter: the message being from schumer that you risk failure if you try to do it with just republicans. senators are done with votes for the day, but speeches continue on the senate floor. >> sandra: mikeemanuel, thank you. dow jones industrial average 22036. these are levels never seen before in the u.s. stock market. so how long will the bulls run on wall street? we're live on what this all means for you and your money and your 401k. what could be on the horizon and will it last?
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>> sandra: the department of homeland security was ordered to be radio silent during the implementation of the travel ban. the daily beat obtaining this e-mail from the assistant commissioner of cbb. he wrote, quote, as stated on the call earlier today you and your staff are not to engage with the media or congressional representatives at this time. he goes on to say please make sure your subordinate directors are following there direction. please report any such request
11:25 am
to acting from congressional affairs. thank you. joining me now political reporter for the daily news who filed this report. thanks for joining us. so what are we to make of what we're learning on this? >> what's interesting about these e-mails is that they show there was a reason that members of congress who went to the airports when the travel ban was rolled out were completely incapable of getting information about which people were being detained, whether elderly people had access to medication and what was going to happen to folks who might have been deported back to their home country. members of congress who i spoke with said when they showed up at airports and tried to talk to figure out how the travel ban was being implemented that cbp officials refused to give them any information and directed them to the cbp congressional affairs office. dhs said congressional affairs is supposed to handle all of those conversations with congress. members also told me that when they reached out to
11:26 am
congressional affairs, they didn't hear anything from them either. that just fueled a lot of the chaos, fear and concerns that engulfed airports in the first 24 to 48 hours of the ban. so as you are looking at this, what stood out to you the most? i did want to show some reaction that we're getting, judy choo weighed in saying after muslim ban was signed i rushed to lax. when i tried to get answers dhs hung up on me in front of reporters. this explains why. rob raoe gal said i experienced this personally. absolutely true. he said combat veteran and intelligence professional. betsy? >> right. i think one of the things that's most important about the e-mails that we obtained and we got a lot of e-mails from the freedom of information act, shows dhs was monitoring the protest. dhs officials exchanged photos, they monitored which politicians showed up. politicians were all democrats. republicans were largely supportive or noncritical of the
11:27 am
travel ban. and they kept track of how many protesters went to each airport. some of these numbers dhs gathered were eye popping. they concluded more than 2,000 protesters went to new york's skwrfbg airport in the first day or so of the ban. it all just shows that the protests that were happening at the airport had a major impact on how these dhs officials viewed the ban's rocky implementation. >> sandra: betsy wood roof, thanks for coming on. >> sure thing. >> sandra: leaked transcripts that the president had with the leaders of usa straeul skwra and mexico could have an unintended and lasting impact on u.s. relations with the entire world. our political panel is here to weigh in. and peter ducey is live in west virginia ahead of the president's big rally tonight. peter, a big announcement is expected from the president. >> reporter: we don't know what the big announcement will be, but we know there are hundreds if not close to 1,000 people
11:28 am
already lined up on the streets here for an event at 7:00 p.m. tonight. we have a full report from the line waiting for the president coming up next. usaa to me means peace of mind. we had a power outage for five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life.
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>> sandra: president donald trump preparing to take his message to coal country. he said he'll make some news.
11:32 am
>> we're going to west virginia tonight. we're going to have a very big announcement which will be very exciting for the media and everyone else. but we have a very big announcement tonight. i believe i will be making it in west virginia. so that will be very exciting. thank you very much. >> sandra: all right. he's got our attention. peter ducey is live in huntington, west virginia. what kind of crowd are we expecting? you gave us a hint before the break. lot of people there. >> reporter: a lot of people, sandra. the first person in line got here last night. since then, look how it's grown. street here in front of the big super store arena is blocked off, been blocked off since noon. the line just snakes through. people are very very excited. there have been usa chants, pro trump chants. lot of folks are telling us they are from west virginia, even though ohio is across the river. lot of people are telling us this is their first time seeing if president. he comes to west virginia all the time but not a whole lot of repeat customers for the trump
11:33 am
rally, at least that we have found. here again is a sign of how excited people are now. the people here in the line chanting are living through what gallop told us a few days ago, that west virginia is where president trump is the most popular. his approval rating is 25% higher than the disapproval. that's higher than even north dakota which is plus 23 and wyoming which is plus 20. again, people are here, lot of them have umbrellas because it is very hot. but that is not keeping anybody quiet. it doesn't have anybody less excited for what's coming here in ab 4.5 hours. >> sandra: unbelievable. all right, peter. do we know what the focus tonight is going to be? >> reporter: we don't know. just that president trump said there's going to be a big announcement to members of the media that they are going to like. this big announcement will come within a few hours of senators leaving d.c. for the rest of the
11:34 am
summer. and the day after the stock market hit 22,000 for the first time ever. that's something president trump took credit for earlier today. he went online and said, continuing to get rid of costly and unless regulations. much work left to do. it will affect business and jobs will grow. again streets here for several blocks on the banks of the ohio river have been closed since noon. lot of trump flags, chants. it's like people are waiting for a concert. it's the president, and he's got a big announcement. we are just waiting to find out what it is. sandra? >> sandra: all right. thank you for that, peter ducey. quite a crowd there. they will be waiting a long time. we're still hours away from that big announcement. we will have live coverage of the president's event in huntington, west virginia, beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time here on the fox news
11:35 am
channel. all right. trump administration dealing with another embarrassing leak to the media. this time transcripts of conversation president trump had with the president of mexico. prime minister of australia. so will leaks like this do long term damage to the u.s. even after president trump has long left office? guy benson is a political editor for town and a fox news contributor and michael star hopkins is a democratic strategist. first of all, can we talk about that crowd, guy benson? you were sitting here when peter was doing his reporting. wow, they are showing up in droves still. >> someone showed up last night to claim the first spot in line? it's like the i phone's coming to west virginia except it's the president. >> sandra: what does that tell you? >> it tells us there's still a lot of enthusiasm for this president in areas of the country and the map peter flashed up on the screen probably gives democrats a little bit of heartburn. of the three states where
11:36 am
president trump is the most popular, you can see it right there, north dakota and west virginia being the top two, there are incumbent democratic senators up for reelection next year in both of those states. >> sandra: something tells me they're not talking ab russia. >> they're not. he can still turn a crowd. >> sandra: what does it tell you to see the crowd turning up? do they even know what the president will be there to discuss? there's still overwhelming support for the president despite what we're going to talk about in a second, these leaks coming out of the white house. >> tells me no matter whether you like the president, he still turns out a show and it's a production with him. >> sandra: let's talk ab these white house leaks. this latest "washington post" report, producing the transcripts of trump's phone calls with foreign leaders. arguably very dangerous not just for this white house but for the country. >> absolutely. this is one of the things
11:37 am
democrats shouldn't get behind. it's one of the things republicans are upset about. >> sandra: democrats shouldn't get behind. they shouldn't go after the leakers. >> no, no. democrats should not support leaking of this type. it's hurtful -- >> sandra: that's the question, right, guy? is anybody ever going to be found accountable for this. we know jeff session will be announcing a major crackdown on leaking tomorrow. there's pressure on him to get something done. >> people ought to be held accountable. what's interesting here is a lot of people in the press, i think, and on the democratic side sort of roll their eyes when the president sounds off about leaks. but here you have private candid conversations between world leaders with no real news value aside from maybe embarrassing the president getting leaked out. what effect will that have in the future on foreign leaders who aren't these guy, future conversations. saying all right, i'm having a one on one with the president. it's supposed to be private. is this going to become public at some point?
11:38 am
and do i change the way i go ab my conversations? it could really hurt not just our country, but theirs. >> sandra: and that speaks to the point david from made on people leaking from the white house saying, leaking the transcript of a presidential call to a foreign leader is unprecedented shocking and dangerous. no leader will speak candidly on the phone to washington, d.c. at least for the tkur raeugs of this presidency and perhaps for longer if no high national security secret has been betrayed in these transcripts the workings of the u.s. government have been gravely compromised and in ways that will be very difficult to repair even after trump leaves office. so michael, i'll ask you. why is this not a bigger priority for democrats? >> i think this is. president accused democrats of being the leaks. now what we're finding out, a lot of the leaks are coming from white house oval office staff. democrats and republicans can find something to be united about, and that's going after leakers coming from the white house. >> sandra: can we go back and share with you, anthony
11:39 am
scaramucci, in his very short term working within the white house. he had a plan for, if he was going to take over or remain, i should say. running the communications shop like a news channel, purging the leakers and bad eggs, meet with msn, included a scaramucci to do list with the first thing being with general kelly. >> it didn't go the way scaramucci expected it. some are common sense. even though the white house trashes the main stream media all the time and often the media deserves it, you have to meet with them. >> sandra: to call them out maybe a better way to say it. >> you look at those tweets. purging the leakers. yeah. what did we just talk about? really damaging.less leaks that are just supposed to embarrass someone that really throw into chaos our ability to conduct high level diplomacy. it's outrageous and
11:40 am
indefensible. >> sandra: donald trump urging mexico's president to change sort of the language in the discussion about the wall. you can get into the contents of this. still, it's the leaks tpha are a priority. what did you think of scaramucci's plan? >> i think scaramucci showed up and blew up in one fell swoop. i think the leaking goes to a different.. republicans are starting to distance themselves from this president. it may not be in west virginia but inside the belt way you are seeing mccain, republicans -- >> not because of this leak. >> no. republicans are rallying around the president after this leak because it's something that is so damaging not just to him as president, but to the presidency. it cannot be accepted. >> sandra: i'm going to go home and read your book "end of discussion" tonight. >> thank you very much. >> sandra: thank you both for being here. we are keeping an eye on the big board today. guess what? you are seeing fresh highs on wall street. highest the dow has ever been in the history of the country
11:41 am
breaking 22,000 for the first time ever. check out this progression. this is what we have witnessed in recent years. i mean, an unbelievable rise. the dow climbing nearly 15,000 points just since early 2009. so what's driving the market action today and long term? our fox business analyst joins us live. nicole, i started out with stuart varney on the fox business network. i made him give me a forecast. on thing he would give me is that the dow would finish above 22030 today. it's on pace to do that. >> it's 22037. we just saw that chart. i remember when the dow was at 6500 in 2008, 2009. it was a very tough time. there were a lot of obviously layoffs. there was a time of financial crisis. now it's a very different picture. we're breaking records. in fact, this will be the seventh straight record close. the dow has soared since the election. what drove us since the
11:42 am
election? here are some greatest performers. boeing up 68%. apple came out with some great performance this week as well, 40%. hit a new high this week. united health and mcdonald's up more than 30%. that's what's driven us to these key levels and some great earnings and the idea that the policies coming out of the administration, they're slow but they're still believers. then tessla killed it after the close yesterday. the $35,000 model 3 from tessla. this is ilan musk's baby for the mass market. he recently talked about manufacturing hell going forward. well, now he's saying he has zero doubt that he can pump out 10,000 vehicles a week by the end of next year. the stock moves to a high today. tesla's been jumping. in fact, take a look. this year, tesla is up 60% outperforming gm which is flat. fiat chrysler up 31%.
11:43 am
ford which is down 10%. so while tesla is certainly not pumping out the cars other u.s. automakers are doing, in fact, the market cap on tesla is up $57 billion. lot of high hopes going into the electric vehicle. >> sandra: i remember when the dow crossed 10,000. there were hats on the floor. 11,000, hats on the floor. we're blowing through these thousand point milestones so quickly. i can't believe they make hats that fast. >> some people are here 22,000. we'll send them out to everybody >> sandra: nicole, thank you. well sentencing for a girl who was convicted of pushing her boyfriend to kill himself. we are awaiting that in the courthouse. at panera, a salad is so much more than one thing.
11:44 am
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>> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle introducing bills today that could protect the special counsel robert mueller if president trump decides to
11:47 am
fire him. mueller is leading the investigation into ties between russia and the trump campaign. we'll talk to a congressional reporter about how the bills would work and their chances of passing. that's top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> sandra: fox news alert. court is now in recess as we await sentencing for a woman who urged her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself in dozens of text messages. they were both teenagers at the time. a massachusetts judge about to sentence michelle carter for involuntary manslaughter. brian yanus is following the hearing. we have so far heard from the father of the young man who committed suicide. a staple was read by his mother. >> that's right. during an emotional scene under way in the court room. the father and sister of conrad roy read impact statements. roy committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning in july 2014.
11:48 am
he was just 18 years old. on june 16th, this judge found michelle carter, who was 17 at the time, guilty of involuntary man slaughter for encouraging him via text message to kill himself and for choosing not to call police or parents despite being on the phone with conrad while he was in that truck poisoning himself. in fact, kaert admitted in a text to a friend that when conrad roy got out of the truck, she encouraged him to get back in so he could finish the job. the father today, conrad roy jr., said that although his son had issues with depression and had attempted suicide pwfrbg he was, quote, headed in the right direction. he said the last words to his son were i love you and turned his attention to the woman charged with encouraging his son's death. >> carter exploited by son's weaknesses and used him as a pawn in her own well being. she has not shown any remorse. the fact that my son was
11:49 am
convinced to kill himself makes his death unimaginable. >> reporter: michelle carter face up to 20 years in prison. the district attorney recommended that michelle carter be sentenced to at least seven years in prison but no more than 12. >> michelle carter, her actions, killed conrad roy. she ended his life to better her own. now she has been convicted of a very serious crime, deserving of serious punishment. >> reporter: her defense attorney argued she should get five years probation and mental health counseling. he said michelle kaert herself was on anti-depressants, has been dealing with bulimia and in her own right was not in a proper state of mind. in just a few minutes we will see what the judge decides on the sentencing, up to 20 years. >> sandra: we will see what comes down. thank you. a major step forward in the
11:50 am
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liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> sandra: doctors and administrators focusing on how painkillers are prescribed. this comes amid a nationwide spike in overdose deaths. alecio is live in denver. what makes this program different? >> hi, sandra. it's because it specifically targets emergency rooms and it also is done on such a large scale. retraining doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to see if they can change the heroin problem on the street. now, according to the national
11:54 am
institute of drug abuse, 80% of heroin users started with prescription opioid. the first point of con tack someone has is when they go to the er. this pilot program by the colorado hospital association involves eight hospitals and three free standing er's. one doctor part of this pilot told us about the moment the crisis hit home when heroin overdose patient explained how she became addicted. >> what she said, i got my first prescription for an opioid from an emergency physician for an ankle sprain. i got a prescription for percocet. why that impacted me so greatly is earlier that day i saw someone with what i thought to be a bad ankle sprain and i sent him home with a narcotic, vicodin. >> guidelines encouraging doctors to write fewer opioid prescriptions and getting addicted patients on therapy. sandra, they're not doing this on a government dime. six months is the pilot program. >> sandra: thank you.
11:55 am
a new rapid trapb seupt project could be on the fast track to becoming a reality in this country. hyper loop one hit a milestone as its recent test run was a big success. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. what do we know, jonathan? >> reporter: for technology based on speed, progress has so far been slow, but finally seems to be gathering speed, quite literally. hyper loop one's developers are clearly excited, hailing to arrival of the future. >> this is the beginning and the dawn of a new era of transportation, first new form of transportation in 100 years. hyper loop one is excited to show the world going in, the hyper loop one-two. >> reporter: last week the test pod was loaded to the nevada desert and hit a top speed of 192 miles per hour.
11:56 am
far short of its theoretical top speed of 760 but far quicker than its last test when it hit just 70 miles per hour. >> we're running the pod faster and faster and getting closer to deploying it throughout the world. >> reporter: the pod developers hope passengers will one day travel in is a little under 30 feet long made of aluminum and carbon fiber and can hit speeds it will be traveling as fast as a 747 airplane while staying on the ground. it's being built and tested in the u.s. but it's likely to first put to real house overseas. among first round loop from abu dhabi in the middle east. a trip of 100 miles that will be completed in about 12 minutes. i won't be volunteering to be on that. >> sandra: absolutely. jonathan hunt, thank you. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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>> sandra: we're chatting at the commercial break. all right. we have special coverage tonight of the president's event in west virginia. 7:00 eastern time it begins. he says a big announcement is coming on the fox news channel. i'm sandra smith. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington. now we know president trump pushed mexico's president to stop telling people that mexico won't pay for the border wall, which it won't. president trump admitted the wall was a political problem. that's according to a transcript from "the washington post" and it's not the only one the paper got. we're also learning new details about what went down with our president and the leader of our close ally, australia. something on which we accurately reported, but the president called fake news. plus, president trump ripping congress over the deteriorating relationship with russia. and how lawmakers


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