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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 3, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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media at fncspecialists on twitter and facebook. guess what, 5:00 will never be the same. "special report" up next with bret baier. this is a fox news . i am chris wallace infrared fire. new science tonight of just how serious the investigation into russian interference in last fall's election is becoming. "the wall street journal" reports special counsel robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off. >> good evening. we have talked to people here at the white house that say they've not been informed that the special counsel robert miller has impaneled a grand jury. nor is it likely they would be in form but we are hearing from people about it. ty cobb, the newly appointed member of the white house consul team, dealing struggling with the russian investigation.
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he told us "grand jury matters are typically kept secret. the white house favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work," robert mueller. "the white house is fully committed to cooperating with mr. mueller." and "we have no reason to believe president trump is under investigation." i am being told by the presidents legal teams at all this is fairly routine, that they would expect robert mueller would impanel a grand jury. clearly he has a lot of evidence he needs to go through, a lot of testimony he needs to hear. his investigation is just getting underway. for him to impanel a grand jury in an investigation as complicated as this one, it's likely to be. they are not surprised. anytime there's news like this, politically it's not particularly good for the president or the people close to the president who were involved in the investigation. if you want to add to the sense that this is a serious investigation, there is another
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report tonight that the grand jury we are talking about, the mueller grand jury, has subpoenaed information, records about the june 2016 meeting with donald, jr., and the russian lawyer. >> donald trump, jr. and a number of other players. jared kushner, paul manafort was there for short time and then there were a number of players from outside including the russian attorney natalia veselnitskaya. we have checked with a few people who were involved in the meeting. so far, no indication any of them have received subpoenas to appear before a grand jury just yet. a couple people, paul manafort and jared kushner, have already been cooperating with investigating committees on capitol hill. jared kushner, we could go appear before the senate judiciary committee, senate intelligence committee staff, gave them an interview in a number of documents and paul manafort has been giving documents to the senate
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judiciary committee as well. it's expected both he and donald trump, jr. will up. in some form before the committee likely in september. what i am getting from the players not meeting meeting as there's not much more detail than has artie been told or more information to give that's already been given. they are feeling pretty confident this grand jury proceeding isn't going to add up to much of a hill of beans for them. >> chris: another aspect, a lot of people ever gotten robert mueller had already impaneled a grand jury in alexandria, virginia, to investigate former national security advisor general michael flynn. his potential legal problems. what do they make of the fact that the white house, that he already had a grand jury for flynn and now he has impaneled a new grand jury separately here in d.c. >> it's likely for a couple reasons. as you mention, the grand jury is in alexandria, virginia. special counsel's offices here in washington, d.c. anytime they want to present
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information or testimony before the grand jury, they had to travel through washington traffic. we all know how that can be. it's likely this new grand jury has been impaneled in the district of columbia. also probably an indication that this investigation is going to go on for a long time. if you put a whole new set of fresh people in there, it means you've got a lot of evidence to present. you've got a lot of testimony that you want people to hear. so you want a set of fresh eyes, fresh ears and fresh people who aren't worn out from already being impaneled to look into all of that. of this occurs on a day when president trump was dealing with another embarrassing leak of classified information. aides said president trump was angered over another leak of classified information. after "the washington post" published full transcripts of his january phone calls with the mexican president and the australian prime minister. in the mexico call, president trump acknowledged he had boxed himself and politically by insisting mexico
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would pay for the border wall. "we are both in a little bit of a political bind because i have to have mexico here for the wall. i have to. with should both say we will work it out. "the president suggested that if pena nieto keeps up the drumbeat of not paying for the wall. >> if you -- i don't want to meet with you guys anymore because i cannot live without. he appeared to indicate the politics running the wall are more important than the wall itself. the president "believe it or not this is the least important thing we are talking about. politically this might be the most important talk." at one point, president trump talks about the drug problem coming from mexico, saying "i won new hampshire because new hampshire is a drug infested den." that brought a swift response from new hampshire's governor. he slams the president sang "the
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president is wrong. it's disappointing his mischaracterization of this epidemic ignores the great things this state has to offer." in a series of tweets, democratic senator from new hampshire called the language "disgusting. in his call with australian prime minister malcolm turnbull, president trump concerned about the political fallout of an obama area deals to take 1250 refugees. "i will be seen as a weak and ineffective leader in my first week by these people. this is a killer." turnbull, "you concert lysate was out of deal he would've done but you are going to stick with it." present response: i've had it. i've been making these calls all day and thus the most unpleasant called a. putin was a pleasant call. this is ridiculous. then answer the call short time later. transcripts verify reports from february about the calls that the president had insisted were "fake news." it was another serious leak of
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classified information. >> i have encouraged the president and now encourage general kelly to fire everything go person that's had anything to do with backbiting, undermining of the people for their own benefit, or leaking. and not to be cautious about it. if there is even a thought somebody was involved, get rid of them. >> the leak reinforced the importance of an investigation. jeff sessions will announce it at a press conference tomorrow. the attorney general's job is safe. fox news has learned the new chief of staff told sessions that while the president is angry he recused himself with the russia investigation, he neither plans to fire sessions or ask him to resign. president trump holding a campaign rally in huntington, west virginia, tonight. he may have more to say about i it. he has teased us he has a big announcement. we know the governor jim justice will announce he's switching parties to become a a republica
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republican. >> chris: will have more on all of this with the panel and we will be going to west virginia later to discuss and preview the president's speech at the top of the hour. john roberts reporting from a very busy white house. president trump blaming congress for a sanctions bill he signed yesterday, saying it will send already testy relations with moscow to a new low. russian officials seem to agree. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at the situation tonight from the state department. >> an honor to be with you. >> after president trump and putin first shook hands, the kremlin send any hope for an improvement in the relations have come to an end. a blistering facebook post, dmitry medvedev assailed the sanctions bill, writing "it's a declaration of a full-fledged economic war on russia.
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unless some miracle occurs, the relationship will be extremely tense, including lengthy arguments in international bodies of court and refusal to settle major issues." >> certainly our relationship is at a low point. >> asked if the sanctions measure was an act of war against russia, declined to say it was not. >> russia is entitled to say that. i'm not going to take the bait. >> the post appeared calculated to prey on what the russians perceived as president trump's vanity and to insults. also predicted lawmakers will move to impeach the president. they will ultimately aim to remove him from power. a nonsystemic player has to be
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removed. >> they are trying to provoke our president. classic russian misdirection. one of the things we need to be doing here in the united states of america is talking about what is our counter disinformation strategy. >> this morning president trump responded with some misdirection of his own, tweeting: "our relationship with russia is at an all-time and very dangerous low. you can thank congress, the same people that can't even give us health care!" republican senator john mccain of arizona tweeted "you can think putin for attacking our democracy, invading neighbors and threatening allies." this came after moscow ordered 755 u.s. government personnel expelled from russian soil. while u.s. officials of suggested the number is inflated, the implications are serious. >> in theory, we would like to have better relations with russia but added right now it doesn't seem likely.
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>> a senior state department official acknowledged that the sanction measure was not an act of war or declaration of war. officials said they are still studying the u.s. response to the expulsion of our diplomats but there again these officials would not commit to the response being proportional. >> chris: james rosen, thank you. this week's focus on faith, some american catholics are outraged about an article by two associates of pope francis that compares hard-line conservatives in the u.s. to jihadists. more from new york. >> pope francis' silence speaking loud and clear. that's what some believe. two confidants rail against --
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in the liberal publication, a priest and a pastor say the alliance has become radicalized, calling it an acumen is him of hate. the catholic league blasted the article. it is because the idea of catholics and evangelicals working together in the culture war is a good thing for america. we finally have a president whose religion-friendly unlike his predecessor. we hope to capitalize on it. we are not going to be scared away by a screed from the vatican. >> polls show 80% of white evangelicals who voted one for trump. hot button social issues like abortion and traditional marriage. their biggest concern is religious liberty, the philadelphia archbishop called
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the article willfully ignorant and ignores the fact that america's culture wars weren't started by people faithful to christian beliefs. >> is not political liberalism or conservatives. in a sense, it's both. a liberal heart and a conservative head. >> need of the pope nor the has commented. >> chris: thank you. jeff sessions is threatening to deny federal crime-fighting resources to poor cities if they do not detain immigrants. it is the attorney general's latest effort to force local authorities to cooperate with federal immigration law. thousands of haitian refugees streaming into montreal, many there to avoid a possible
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deportation from the u.s. now that sanctuary city is opening a sports facility to try to handle the new arrivals. >> canadian prime minister justin trudeau has made it known his country is a safe haven for those seeking refuge or deportation from america. that policy has left immigration agencies scrambling for a way to house the soaring number of haitian refugees. the royal canadian mounted police intercepting nearly 900 people between ports of entry in june alone. most of them caught in quebec. temporary solution was to open up the doors of the historic montreal olympic stadium yesterday. local shelters were filled to capacity. illegal immigration has risen but it really took off the
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spring. president trump announcing his administration remove the temporary status granted to nearly 60,000 haitians in the u.s. >> we want to make sure were not sending somebody back when they are going to face disease are not able to feed their family. >> president trump showing no signs of backing down on immigration policy and announced his support of a proposal that would cut legal immigration hal half. limiting american citizens and residents to bring family numbers into the country. >> this legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling american families who deserve an immigration system that puts their needs first and puts america first. >> in march, canadian officials said none of the asylum-seekers this year have been charged for illegally entering the country.
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their statuses up to the immigration and refugee board of canada. >> chris: thank you. venezuela's president is dismissing allegations official turnout figures for last sunday's election were mainly plated. nicolas maduro standing by his claim that 8 million votes were cast but an international software firms as the official turnout is off by at least 1 million. maduro's new sibling tends to rewrite the country's constitution. giving his socialist government even more power. the dow gained 10 to close at another record high. s&p 500 was off 5. nasdaq loss 22. the house is gone. the senate is getting ready to leave town, but there is still a lot of unfinished business. we will go live to west virginia ahead of president trump's rally for an update on the breaking news about a grand jury being impaneled in the russia investigation.
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. >> chris: senators hoping to get out of d.c. their colleagues in the house were already gone. they leave behind a massive to-do list. >> congress is done for august. activity included confirming more than 75 nominations before lawmakers left for recess. think of the senate has confirmed more nominees this week that all of the executive branch nominees confirmed this year combined. this was at a bar instead. toward filling critical roles throughout the administration. >> lawmakers leaving town without tackling the debt ceiling which mcconnell hoped
3:21 pm
to finish before recess. if congress fails to deliver, some government services will shut down. interest rates could soar, and financial markets could drop due to a lack of confidence. senate needs to pass a budget wiltshire would be critical for another top priority, passing tax reform. senate leaders fired a warning shot. >> the republican leader has said the next big issue this body will take up his taxes. democrats were excluded from even participating in health care discussions from the very first day of congress. a process that ultimately ended in failure. we have made the first overture this time to show our republican friends we are serious about bipartisan process on tax reform. >> and senators return, the health committee is expected to hold bipartisan hearings to address at least stabilizing the health insurance markets. there will also be a need to pass a government funding package by october 1.
3:22 pm
today, the g.o.p. whip asked if funding for border wall could threaten a government shutdown. >> we have a lot of things to do before the end of the fiscal year. what we need to do is not be distracted by the stories of the day. >> there are only 12 legislative days that the house and senate are due to be in session before the end of the fiscal year. that explains some of the urgency in senator cornyn's voice. >> chris: mike emanuel, thank you. former vice president al gore being called a hypocrite over his personal use of electricity. gore's new movie "an inconvenient sequel" opens tomorrow. new report from the national center for public policy research says gore uses at least 21 times more energy at his nashville mansion then the average american home. the report says gore's home uses
3:23 pm
231,000-kilowatt hours a year. that's an increase of 40,000 kilowatts from 2006, according to an ap report. even though gore installed solar panels to help reduce his home's energy consumption. last night on msnbc, chris hayes did not ask the former vice president about this but gore did take a shot of president trump. >> the truth about the climate crisis is still a convenient for the large carbon polluters, and they have a huge amount of influence with this administration. >> you are someone. >> gore says president trump has surrounded himself with a rogue's gallery of climate change deniers. up next, we will go live to hunting in west virginia where president trump holds a rally at the top of the hour. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. foxy leavening los angeles, a broken bungee jump ride leaves a customer dangling upside down 3r 20 minutes.
3:24 pm
it happened on the opening day of the ventura county fair. witnesses say the man was waving, clapping, and doing crunches. fox 45 in boston. officials from ford meet with public safety authorities about carbon monoxide leaks. the meeting comes after a police officer passed out behind the wheel and rear-ended another ca car. this is a live look at seattle. big story there, heat wave continues in the pacific northwest. seattle could hit 95 degrees today. portland, 105. authorities have open cooling centers and are warning residents to stay hydrated, avoid strenuous activity, and keep their dogs out of parked vehicles. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" ." we'll be right back.
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>> chris: this is a fox news alert. president trump about to speak in west virginia. this comes as we learn special counsel robert mueller has impaneled a grand jury and is investigating -- in his investigation in russian influence in last year's election. peter doocy is alive. -- live. >> the white house saying they don't think president trump is under investigation now because they don't think anything has changed since james comey told the president a few months ago he wasn't under investigation then. that word comes as the president's lawyer is expressing some surprise in a statement. ty cobb says "grand jury matters are typically secret."
3:29 pm
"the white house favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work fairly. the warehouses committed to fully cooperate with mr. mueller." president trump should be on-site in huntington soon and he's bringing his new chief of staff john kelly, his son eric, son-in-law jared kushner and west virginia has senator more capital. -- moore capito. west virginia governor jim justice is becoming a republican and will tell constituents that here tonight. justice was a billionaire coal company ceo before he became the governor and today he runs the state where president trump's approval is the highest in the country. hundreds of excited trump supporters stood in the sun outside the arena. chanting trump and usa for
3:30 pm
hours. people at the front of the line got here last night. when the doors finally opened, people ran toward them. these are not the same people who come to see the president every time he's in west virginia. many told us it's their first time seeing president trump or candidate trump. one guy told me he's been waiting 15 years to see donald trump. sheriff says the capacity of the arena is 8600. they are at capacity and the sheriff says they've turned hundreds of people away. >> chris: you have to figure both the president and the crowd will be pretty fired up. peter doocy reporting from the site of president trump's rally in west virginia. we will go back for that. another leak that special counsel robert miller has impaneled a grand jury to look into russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible
3:31 pm
contact with the trump campaign. let's bring in the panel. charles lane from "the washington post," editor of lifezette, laura ingraham and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. chuck, give us some contacts. what's the significance of mueller and paneling a grand jury? >> it's never routine to have a special counsel on your case but within the context, this is relatively routine. you would have expected a special counsel who is dealing with a very complex matter which apparently is going to involve all of these business corporations that donald trump owns and his family owns. they would want the grand jury in place or they can issue subpoenas, take sworn testimony, and of course do all that behind closed doors under the veil of secrecy which of course doesn't cover the weaknesses which is probably -- witnesses. the president is going to have a monkey on his back for a number
3:32 pm
of months. the tone ty cobb talk, not this is a terrible witch hunt but rather we look forward to fully cooperating and we hope this will accelerate. maybe the change of tone might have something to do with bipartisan moves in the senate to perhaps constrain the president's power to fire mueller. looks like mueller is not going to be fired in these digging in for a long trench warfare, so to speak. >> chris: we got a statement by the head lawyer from president trump's private legal team, john dowd. he says: this can't be good news per president trump, another leak today, a day filled with leaks. the grand jury has issued subpoenas for records from people involved in the famous
3:33 pm
june 2016 meeting eric trump tower. i >> it's hard to believe that last week came from donald trump, jr. sounds like a leak from within the investigation. if that's the case, that's really pernicious. this is not good news for the trump legal team. is it routine? i guess, i practiced criminal defense, white-collar law. it's not surprising. other grand jury's operating in the eastern district of virginia, not that convenient. this is an investigation that's by all indications going to be sprawling and it's going to reach into aspects of the trump business empire, his family business interests, way beyond i think what people initially believed would be covered by this. anything this team of legal eagles they put together, cross they think merits some investigation and the process of
3:34 pm
investigating this russian deal, will be investigated. >> chris: i will pick up on that. jay secular is saying this has been investigation about russia and things directly related to russia. you are saying. >> it sounds good to say that but as we know from special counsel's past what you start with isn't always what you end up with. this is not good news, it's not surprising but i would caution the trump legal team. this is where you've got to be deadly serious in how you're handling this. john dowd has been around for decades practicing criminal law in washington, d.c., criminal defense law. they've got the best of the best on the other team. they have 12, 15 lawyers who left really lucrative legal practices because, not because they think there's nothing there. they're doing it because they want to get to the bottom of whatever this is. >> chris: charles, i want to
3:35 pm
pick up on something chuck said. in addition to all of this stuff, the news we got out of the special counsel, two bills introduced today in the u.s. senate. in both cases by a republican and democrat both that would seek to protect the special counsel if there was a feeling that he was being fired by president trump for political reasons to protect himself or people around him. >> that's why tonight news is not just a threat to trump and his entourage but it's i think to constitutional stability. the president has said he's got a red line. if they want to go on a fishing expedition that's unrelated essentially to the russia probe, that's where he draws a line. he didn't say what he would do but you know what he would have in mind. when you get members of his own party in the senate trying to pass laws probably unconstitutional to restrict his ability to fire mueller, you know we are possibly headed to a cliff.
3:36 pm
the problem with special prosecutors is you a sample of teen of the best of the best in search of a crime. normally you have a crime then the prosecutor's try to prove i it. with a special prosecutor, you start with whitewater and you end up with a blue dress. that's a long journey. here, the russia thing obviously is a pretext and it's going to be a subject of the investigation. but it appears to be going to the territory that trump has wanted to protect, namely his business. at some point, we could come to a crisis. i worry for the country because this is not good that the presidency, the judiciary, and congress would be at loggerheads when you really don't have anybody that ultimately would
3:37 pm
adjudicate. it would be the supreme court but we know that can cause real reverberations for decades. >> chris: one last thing before we move on, and that's the fact that i think it's fair to say that this is a subject that absolutely touches donald trump's thermostat. every time there's a new development from the recusal of jeff sessions to other developments, he's blown up over it. seems to me they have to be deadly careful in terms of what they say and do. this is going to really be a test of the new chief of staff general kelly to keep him under control and disciplined. >> i couldn't agree more. when you make the point about john kelly, what he's got on his hands. he is to have to coordinate at a high level of whole legal response in addition to the policy responses. the president is kind of this loose cannon rolling around. another word for grand jury is perjury trap. now you have the question of any
3:38 pm
word they say to the grand jury is, these people called in to testify, it's going to be scrubbed for truth or falsity. >> and a lot of these witnesses might feel like they are in jeopardy. that's when i put -- that's when they put the squeeze on. it's not fun to be a grand jury witness. these witnesses can come out and talk about it. we are going to be covering it for many months who's going in and who's coming out and a lot we'll talk. i imagine some will say it went well but that's what were going to be focusing on >> chris: the possibility of people lower down being pressured, flipped, d as witnesses against people above them. we are going to take a break. up next, transcripts of president trump's phone calls with two american allies are linked to the media. we will discuss it when we come
3:39 pm
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>> every single person that had anything whatsoever to do with backbiting, undermining of the people for their own benefit or leaking. not to be cautious about it. if there's even a thought that somebody was involved, get rid of them. >> chris: republican senator bob corker fed up with a new round of leaks. the full transcripts of private phone calls president trump had in the days after he took office with the leaders of mexico and australia. we are back with the panel. let's start. we can say is outrageous it's being leaked but we can't ignore it. a conversation president trump had with, week after he took office, with mexican president enrique pena nieto about building a wall on the southern border. here's what they said. "if you're going to say mexico is not going to pay for the
3:43 pm
wall, than i do not want to meet with you guys anymore because i cannot live without. believe it or not, this is the least important thing we are talking about but politically it might be the most important." laura, after campaigning for months, were going to build a wall in mexico is going to pay for, the president was urging enrique pena nieto to say we are going to work it out. >> i don't think that's surprising. he's in office for seven days, he's getting his feet wet. he has his first major conversation with the mexican president. they are talking to each other in real political terms. he made this pledge. mexico obviously doesn't want to pay for it. it's humiliating from the mexican perspective, the thought of paying it. they want to work out a deal. i don't think that's surprising. i don't think there's anything wrong with what he said. i do think what's stunning is that someone, looks like from the national secure to counsel,
3:44 pm
perhaps state department but probably from the nsc, had this january 27 and it comes out the day before jeff sessions is going to do with big press conference. why release it now? why did this come out today? are we going to take these leaks seriously? i'm glad senator corker and others are taking it seriously. i guess the president can't really have a conversation now because it will end up in "the washington post." >> chris: its astonishing and it's not over because then the day after, the president had a conversation with the australian prime minister, malcolm turnbull. about a deal president obama had made with australia in which he would consider taking in 1250 refugees in detention centers in australia. here's what the president told turnbull. "here i am calling for ban where i'm not letting anybody and then we take 2,000 refugees.
3:45 pm
this is going to kill me. i am the world's greatest person that does not want to let people in the country. this is a stupid deal. this deal will make may look terrible." the prime minister basically said a deal is a deal. you've got to live up to it. the president said this is the most unpleasant call i've had today. my call with putin was much better. he abruptly ended it. your thoughts. >> >> it's remarkable course. in some ways not all that new, much of this had already been reported about this very testy phone call with malcolm turned, as i read it, he comes off as alternatively begging and pleading and then trying to play on trump's sense as a businessman. a deal is a deal and sometimes you have to stick with one that you don't like. to illustrate the pitfalls of having these things leaked, what i noticed in this was one turnbull said he actually agreed with the muslim man that trump
3:46 pm
had just announced. that was the one that was controversial. turnbull expressed some sympathy. he might have to answer for that. both of them heaped scorn on angela merkel about her policy of allowing muslim refugees into the country. that too might come back to haunt them. >> chris: charles, i want you to focus on the question of leaks. it's astonishing. you think about today, the leaks of the phone calls of private conversations. he had a leak of the fact that there is an impaneled grand jury, the leak that the grand jury has subpoenaed stuff and as laura points out, the day before attorney general sessions is going to announce new investigations into leaks. >> we have a leaky administration. we have a leaky, if you would like to collect, deep state, and trump has made himself a lot of enemies early on in his administration. obviously the president, attorney general, are going to
3:47 pm
want to do if they can to stop it but i'm intrigued by the substance. australia come out with the exception of the u.k., one of our closest allies. they've been with us in every blood he wore -- bloody war. the president is angry with the them. what strikes me is how trump is concerned with appearances. not the substance. he basically says to the president of mexico look, i understand you're not going to pay for the wall. not exactly a very good idea. he didn't say this but it's understood. but i look really bad so let's just sweep it under the rug. for the australian president, he says this is going to make me look really bad because i'm the guy who keeps people out. i understand the president wants to preserve appearances but there's not a lot of substance here. this is appearances. the president wanting to retain
3:48 pm
his image, that's what this is about. >> chris: my guess is if you are the private transcript of conversations with president obama or bush or fdr, they would also be concerned with appearances. we have to step aside. when we come back, vatican insiders take on hard-line catholic conservatives in the u.s. onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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3:52 pm
>> bill donohue reacting to explosive article linked to the vatican blasts conservative catholic notice u.s. we are back now with the panel. two close associates of pope francis have written an article in a vatican vetted journal. they're taking some strong stance. we want to put some of this up on the screen. they write hard line conservative catholics and evangelical christians have formed an alliance of hate, not too far apart from jihaddists. they single out steve bannon as a, quote, supporter of apocalyptic geo politics climate change and exploits fears of migrants and muslims, laura, your reaction. >> speaking of one of the conservative catholics directing. this was written in part by the ghost writer of the pope. the idea that the pope didn't necessarily give it his, they wouldn't have written this pope francis
3:53 pm
approved of this. the coming together of catholics and evangelicals is a logical product of a radical secularism that's taken hold in pretty much all levels of society. and the vatican should welcome it. instead the van can, in these vatican related writers seem to be directing their ire towards those people who say you know the family is under assault. traditional values in the country and in the world are under assault. we want to protect our culture and our nation. for their decrying borders and walls, i suggest anyone watching goes on google and looks at the height of the vatican wall and maybe they should tear down their wall before they start criticizing others. >> chris: chuck, the pope has had his differences with donald trump and trumpism going back all the way to the 2016 campaign. this has taken it to a whole listen level. >> taken it through a whole different level because of plausible viability. he is not saying it in his own words.
3:54 pm
this is in effect people are authorized to speak his mind on his behalf. in that sense though, of course, there is nothing new here. the pope is taking the church in that direction. i might add, i read the piece and i thought there was a lot of confusing theological stuff in there that i didn't quite get. i don't think it's wholly wrong to say there is a lot of right wing populist demagoguery going on in this country and in europe. having said that, i think the pope is going to have to at some point reconcile himself to the fact that donald trump is here for the next four years and that he, and the vatican, are going to have to have some kind of relationship. >> chris: charles? >> this long predates trump. this has to do with the liberation theology that swept latin american, the catholic churches in the 60's, 70's, and 80's, which was essentially very left wing the pope is kind of a descendent of that. he wasn't a liberation theology gist pretty close. i think what he doesn't understand and i think he is speaking through these
3:55 pm
people is that this is a defense of alliance by conservative catholics and evangelical in a country in which religious faith and belief has been under assault from radical secularism. you can see it in all elements of society from the affordable care act to the way that they treat people. the little sisters of the poor all the way down. and this is a defense of alliance. it's not an offensive jihad. and that's where they're getting it wrong. that's why the venom is there that really has -- shouldn't be. >> chris: it's interesting, reading up on all of this today that while the pope doesn't quite have the international spotlight that he had a couple of years ago, that he really is quietly remaking the vatican and also the hierarchy of the catholic church in this country in a much more liberal fashion. thank you, panel. that's it. when we come back, the story of a little girl, a policeman, and the hunt for monsters ♪
3:56 pm
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>> chris: finally tonight, we do so many about conflicts involving police we sometimes forget the adage we learned as children. the policeman is your friend. 4-year-old sydney foreignbrock of longmot colorado knows that when she moved into the how house she was afraid of officers so she asked officer david brondai for help. >> super awesome. do you see anything under there? take a good look. nothing under there? >> it's just amazing the confidence he has given her. we are truly grateful to live in a town where the police officer will pay the kidney attention. >> chris: no monsters, when she gross up sydney says she wants to be a police officer and help other people find monsters. that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. the story with guest host
4:00 pm
dana perino is up next, including that speech from president trump. ♪ ♪ >> dana: breaking tonight, you're looking live at big sandy super store arena in huntington, west virginia where any moment president trump is expected to take the stage for a campaign rally. the president promising big announcements tonight, but that news now getting overshadowed by major developments and special counsel robert mueller's investigation as reports of new grand juries and subpoenas come to light. we have those breaking details in just a moment with chief national correspondent ed henry he is live at the white house. white house veteran bill bennett is here as well. we begin with fox news peter doocy. he is live in west virginia with more with what we can expect to hear from the president in just a few minutes. peter? >> and we know that the big


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