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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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sunday. wow. it is that season still. i am harris faulkner. glad you're watching this hour. a lot of news to be made. we're watching it on fox news print let's go straightaway to "shepard smith reporting," hosted today city and for him, jon scott. >> jon: president trump tweeting up a storm after a report that his own vice president is already looking ahead to a possible white house run in 2020. also firing back, vp mike pence. the details and the tweets. the president hitting the 200 day mark with some of his biggest agenda items in limbo. after the health care failure, will tax cuts be any easier? we will talk with analysts from both sides of the aisle. north korea is threatening to make the u.s. pay a price thousand times bigger than what is called the crime of new u.n. sanctions. scientists who study earthquakes are on the front lines of the nuclear showdown. that is all ahead this hour.
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♪ i am jon scott and for shepard smith. president come kicking off his 200 day in office praising his record and supporters. this money, the president tweeted, at the trump base is far bigger and stronger than ever before despite phony fake news polling. look at rallies and pennsylvania, ohio, and west virginia. the rallies in russian conversion story record stock market, border security, military strength, jobs, supreme court pick, economic enthusiasm, deregulation, and so much more have driven the trump base even closer together. it will never change. the president's tweet come after "the new york times" reported vice president mike's gimmick mike pence may be running if president trump decides not to run. the vice president calls it laughable and absurd. in a statement released yesterday, he also said, today's article in "the new york times"
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is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and our entire team. the american people know i could not be more honored to be working side-by-side with the president, who is making america great again. vice president mike pence is expected to visit president trump and jersey. laura ingle is live in bridgewater new jersey not far from the golf club where he stayed right now. lori, there is even more push from the vice president's team. >> hello, john. there was a fact. the priest that ran in "the new york times" over the weekend set off a flurry of activity, and denial from vice president mike pence's camp. we want to get to that now over that we. calling the suggestion that he is preparing a shadow campaign to run for the oval office in 2020 is laughable and absurd while declaring his loyalty to the president. they noted that the president had set up political fund-raising organization called "great american committee."
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helping key figures at his mansion as of late. today's press secretary appeared on "fox & friends" to further push the idea that mike pence has plans to run. >> it is absurd and what you have here is speculation, conjecture, half-truths about masquerading as news on the front page of the never-trump, "new york times" ." nothing supportive. he is supportive of the president. >> "the new york times" pushing back as well same comment there confident in their reporting in the story will tell itself, jon? >> and going after the democratic senator from connecticut, richard blumenthal. >> it has been an interesting morning, and a good day. it is actually pouring in bridgewater, new jersey. earlier this morning, the connecticut senator cues the trump administration in a televised interview of a weapon the justice department for personal and appeared that sent him straight to twitter,
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blasting him in several tweets same, he told stories about his vietnam battles that he lied, ad beg for forgiveness like a child adding, now he judges collusion. and he also treated this. interesting to watch senator richard blumenthal of connecticut talk about post-russian collusion when he was a phony vietnam con artist. blumenthal held a press conference today after all this and after the twitter, said, his obligation to speak truth to power it will not back down on his end. >> they are slurs and i am not going to be distracted or bullied by them. these tweets are part of the kind of intimidation and threats that he has made against the federal council, against anyone who seeks to uncover the truth. >> in another tree,
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mr. president, your bullying have not worked before and want to now. nobody is above the law. jon? >> jon: and anyone as much as someone wants to stay inside on a deal like this. president trump had said he's headed to new york next week? >> it's a big deal. we have been monitoring his activity, and this will be a first for president trump, and that is one of the first tweets of the day. that's when the first ones we got this one. notes plans to travel to new york what he said would be more meetings. another reminder to the public that he considers this a working vacation. again, it is the first time that president trump returned, something stayed away from saying the high cost of security and disruption it will bring to the city. the white house press offense tells us that president trump has been busy and received an intelligence briefing today and a one hour phone call with secretary of state rex tillerson and chief of staff, general kelly. president trump by the way tweeted again in case you did
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now, purple heart day. he said, all the brave men and women who have sacrificed in battle for this great nation. the fact, jon, he tweeted it, because he retreated his own tweet on that one. >> jon: laura ingle, thank you. republicans in congress have missed their own deadline to deliver on some of presidents direct president trump's own agenda. trying to finish before he marks 200 days in office. as i mentioned, that is today. so far, republic and lawmakers have not repealed and replaced obamacare. deb not come up with a plan to work on the tax code and the wall on the southern border. that's all they face may go to the hill after labor day. peter doocy live in our d.c. newsroom. peter, what are some republic and leaders saying about not accomplishing their agenda before the break? >> when ryan got to wisconsin for reese's coming he told
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constituents he thinks the country is going on a bad path that they cannot capitalize on having a unified government. they control everything. back in january, he explained it 200 days was plenty for health care and tax reform. >> we have ambitious goals and timelines. our goal is to get these laws done in 2017. we aspire to get most of these big things done by the august recess, because that is when congress is most of its legislating. >> nancy pelosi says, despite having full control of the legislative process, the republican congress have not lifted a finger to wits back invest in our instructor or avoid our credit on unisys. instead, wasting much to tear away families health coverage. i just heard from someone who is passing things like health care and military. once i get to there, there backed up in the senate. >> jon: and what about
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president trump is inner circle. what about his be installed that? >> there is frustration, jon. inside congress and outside. >> look at the obstacles we face. we have a media, mainstream media, who is detrimental to the president, and he has a false hoax story. democrats are abstractions, and republicans who are not ready for the president to take over on day one. >> i know the democratic congressional campaign group says in a matter 200 days, paul ryan has already put vulnerable republic is at further risk of losing their seats and damage to the entire republican brand ahead of the 2018 midterm. that could mean lawmakers will be worried about campaigning while legislating, which could make things work allocated. he went back it's messy. peter doocy, thank you. as a pressure builds on republican's and congress to get
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spear went republican lawmakers using their summer breaks to sell the g.o.p. plan to review the tax code system in this country. some folks back in their home
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district are suppressing them to root repeal and replace obamacare after failing to get it done thus far. meantime, when they return next month, lawmakers have 12 days to come up with a budget to avoid a government shutdown. let us bring in our political panel. formal democratic minority leader in ohio senate. executive in residence at macon university school of public affairs. in republic and, ned ryan, former writer for george w. bush and writer for a political training institute. thank you both for being here. ned, i will start with you. what you think are the prospects are democrats and republicans sitting down together and, i don't know, breaking bread and getting something done for a budget deal? >> i will say this. democrats have been good at being obstructionist. at the same time, republicans have two come-to-jesus moment. there in the driver's seat.
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voters have put them in the driver's seat. if you look at the poll from last week, congress approval rating is 10%. the staggering part of that 14% of republicans approved a republican-led congress. when they come back in september, they have to do something. they have to sit down. i would advise him after the whole health care debacle, jon. they have trouble seemingly walking and chewing gum. keep it simple, stupid. come in with a short list that they can actually have discussions with democrats. there are ten democrats in red states and reelection in 2018. conversation how they take the corporate tax system and re-preach it direct to make and then you can fund the wall and fund some of the democrats pet projects. i do tax cuts for the middle class.
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99% of employee firms are small business. a a lease small businesses. >> jon: as a chance to get off the, kate. what about that. democratic obstructions, there has been a push among democrats repealing and replacing obamacare. >> the informal care act hold a lot of possible for the democratic party. and rightfully so, they are taking credit for the fact that because of the grassroots outreach to members of congress, particularly in the united state senate, they were able to derail by very slim margins the potential for repeal and replace obamacare. we also have to remember, there are number of polls that suggest their american public want to actually fix the affordable care act, not just get rid of it entirely.
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the way that the american public has approached the affordable care act has changed in some way or form over the last month for a potential of a going away has become a reality. i believe it is about 57% in the most recent poll that said, 50% of americans want democrats and republican to come together for health care to reform and not just fix. the failing aspects of the affordable care act. i do agree with ned. it will be tough to make a heavy lift right now. on the issue of health care if we are going to do tax reform, you have to have a small of things. there's a huge gap between democrats and republicans in many states on the issue of tax reform and what that looks like. i think they might be better if they want to buy person manner and infrastructure. >> jon: and keeping the government open at the end of the month. >> money! >> jon: i want to ask you about a saturday story from
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"the new york times." vice president mike pence is quietly building his own campaign organization to jump in the case president trump were not to run in 2,020. they are denying that. what do you think? 's booth as well they should. it is up to donald trump in many ways to decide, and if he is not on the ballot, then mike pence, step up. the answer is, no. i am not do anything. i fully support president trump. i support his agenda, and i am his biggest advocate and cheerleader. he saw a very strong statement from his office and twitter handle. strongly denied "the new york times" article. i would encourage him to continue to strongly denied, support the president's agenda. it is a winning agenda. and mike pence is vice president, that is why. a cheerleader for it.
12:17 pm
my hope is when they come back in september, the white house the leadership should sit down and say, we have to get something done by the end of the year. tax reform. i think health care reform is at some level able. i think mike pence and donald trump working with paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, here is that a short list of things we need to get done. be successful. i think they can get it done. if you may like the agenda, but the stock market sure does. >> i think a lot of the stock market is undeniable. 22,000 is a record just recentl recently. unless you have a defined pension, for example, or enough money to invest in a 401(k), mainstreet america with the people that i work for in ohio senate are not necessarily feeling the strength of wall street. i think at some point there is a
12:18 pm
distance. i think democrats and republicans need to work together. i think it will be a challenge for republicans to advance their agenda, whether or not i agree with it or not. there's already been proven that you have two factions of the republican party. moderates and freedom caucus, who are having a difficult time coming together and building a consensus. it may be necessary, and frankly oftentimes legislation and laws are much better for the american people when both parties come together and actually are participating in the process. >> jon: we will have to leave it there. thank you so much for being with us. investigators are looking into potential ties between russia and the trump campaign. unable to investigate any crime they come across a been to a point? from that from a man that appointed the special counsel heading up the investigation. president trump calls it a witch hunt. now, did deputy attorney general about the limits and the grand
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>> jon: the man who appointed the special counsel looking into the russian meddling in clues and says robert mueller can investigate anything that comes into scope. but they never said what mueller may look into. deputy attorney general spoke with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" ." >> regulation of the department of justice, do not engage in fishing expedition. >> any matters that arose or may arise directly with the investigation within the course of his investigation of the issues that he is looking at.
12:23 pm
if he finds evidence of a crime, can he look at that? >> chris, if he is evidence of a crime within the scope of what mueller and i have agreed, then he can. if it's something outside that scope, then he has to come to the acting attorney general, at this time, me, for permission to expand. >> jon: that interview after days "the new york times" said he took his investigation to a grand jury. they deputy attorney general do not confirm or deny it. president trump last week called of illusion between his campaign in russia a total fabrication. let's begin ellie allie. there's been no evidence between collusion in the trunk campaign. >> we are in the same place when we started. a lot of smoke, circumstantial evidence. we are finally seeing what everyone has been waiting for.
12:24 pm
digging out the ground and accelerating and moving quicker. there is been no indication from the congressional nor robert mueller with the news last week that any of these investigations are slowing down. this is true. there's no no concrete evidence yet, we do not know if will be anything concrete or anything like that. the investigation is certainly slowing down. >> jon: rod rosenstein said a grand jury is a so-so think. here's what he told chris wallace. >> many of our investigations, chris, is the use of the grand jury. an appropriate way to gather documents, witnesses, to make sure you get the full testimony. it is a tool that we use in the course of our investigation. >> jon: just a tool. i served on a special grand jury for three years, and every single person was brought to us for an indictment, we indicted. it is pretty easy for federal prosecutors to get a an
12:25 pm
indictment. it is adjusted to a? >> it is important that they are tools and not a silver bullet. as i mentioned, it is not slowing down. mueller would not be pursuing this if the investigation if you find a small, circumstantial stuff is important two to go and this with a measure perspective. it is certainly not -- an indicator moving forward. >> jon: he is looking at other issues besides russian meddling and collusion. one of them is a number of leaks coming out of this administration. here's what he told chris. >> while we look at in every leak we get, the facts and circumstances. what was the potential harm caused by the leak, circumstances. that is more important than who is the leaker. we identify somebody, no matter the position.
12:26 pm
if they violated the law, and that warrants prosecution, we'll prosecute. >> included white house officials and members of congress can make >> anyone who violates the law. bill and as important if he is seriously saying that members of congress leaked information? >> this is where the rubber will hit the road for the trump administration. his what the damages from the lease. are we talking about people lives in danger or embarrassment to the white house? a lot of the leaks of the trump administration has been unhappy have fallen in the category of more and embarrassment than a true national security issue. that will be moving forward whether the bar that the doj for prosecuting. they'll have to go from the actual legal and pump bar.
12:27 pm
>> jon: about the fact that hillary clinton was not being investigated by his attorney general, jeff sessions. and then deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, seemed to confirm that. the president has not asked for a hillary clinton investigation. >> yes, and he also said that it would be inappropriate for him to ask for any specific probes and people. it is not how the doj works. it doesn't appear that that is moving forward. >> jon: ali watkin at "political" " north korea promising deadly payback after they were heated with new punishments had. we will look at an energy future scientists were always watching for signs of a nuclear blast from that country. and show you how they keep their constant tabs on the kingdom. near disaster in texas. when rushing floodwaters wash out a road. the balancing act that saved a
12:28 pm
trapped driver's life. first, new action in the tropics. meteorologist in the extreme weather center. adam? >> franklin spending in the tropics. off the yucatan peninsula. it is not a hurricane, but a big tropical storm. nifty-60 miles per hour down towards belize. all areas where they're beginning to see that heavy rainfall. this is not main landfill yet. it will do so here pretty soon. this is the track we are expecting. making landfall through the overnight hours. it will run across the yucatan peninsula, tropical storm, run back into the gulf of mexico for early wednesday morning. before eventually running into land in central mexico. there and more heavily populated areas. this will drop a whole lot of rain as a moves to those areas. winds incredibly strong. we are talking up to 50-60 miles
12:29 pm
per hour. consistent. that will take down some things. there is a track for that particular store. there is another storm coming off the pie, and we always paid attention to these. this is a topical ways in the atlantic. low pressure system. this has a 20% chance of becoming a tropical storm in the next five days. that is when will look. if it makes its way and distraction, it may be be targeting the east coast at some point. that was still several days off. more "shepard smith reporting" after the break.
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>> i am lead gabriel. one today's headlines. emergency crews help rescue a driver and fast-moving water. happened this morning during heavy rain in san antonio, texas, . fire crews extended a letter across the flooded rows and help with the driver to safety. three tornadoes touched down in oklahoma damaging businesses and
12:32 pm
dozens of people. according to the national weather service what happened earlier sunday. with 11,000 people lost power. no report of any serious injury. and crews have identified the remains of a man who died at the world trade center for the 9/11 attack. that is according to the new york city medical examiner office. city officials did not release the victim's name at his family's request paid 16 years after the attack. medical examiners are still working to identify more than 1100 people who died. the news continued with jon scott, right after this. this is joanne.
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her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. >> jon: north korea french to ramp up its nuclear program and make the united states pay thousands of times. state media they're sending that message after new sanctions on the country. security council unanimously approved the new sanctions to go ago in response to the most recent test. two intercontinental ballistic
12:35 pm
missiles that expose could reach the united states. nikki haley called it the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation. greg palkot is liable. he has been to north korea many times. >> alok. tough talk and tough action. north korea this in response with the activity of the regime. we appear today from secretary of state, rex tillerson. security forum in manila, philippines. he said the u.n. sanctions are assigned at the world has lost patience with pyongyang and as for the best signal and timing for north korea to show that they are serious about sitting down to the table and negotiating, here's what rex tillerson had to say. >> we are not to give someone a specific number of days or weeks. this is really about the spirit of these talks. demonstrate that they are ready to sit with the spirit of finding a way forward with these
12:36 pm
talks. no longer conducting these missile test. >> though sanctions again coming from the u.n. security council over the weekend. 15-0 vote. $1 billion worth of pyongyang's experts. key experts that help fuel the nuclear exports it was praised by president trump both in tweets and in conversations overnight with south korea president moon. >> jon: and the pentagon is considering to help south korea put bigger warheads on its missiles? >> absolutely. this is very big stubbs, jon. it is all in a response in the last couple of days to the lodges last month of icbm by north korea. that threat of the united states, but it really. fox news confirms that they are
12:37 pm
considering request by south korea to limit the u.s. has put on the size of the warheads and the range of the missile being placed in south korea. basically, make them bigger and more threatening. this is also in the face of more talk from north korea. we have heard from its foreign minister today, and he said and i'm quoting, under no circumstances will the regime of kim jong-un put its nukes and missiles on the negotiating table. a lot of tough talk and breath out there. >> jon: greg palkot from london. thank you. new u.n. sanctions of big victory for u.s. investor, nikki haley. should be the guest tonight at 7:00 p.m. on "the story." while north korea flames tensions, grube site is watching that country around the clock. shepard smith reports on the
12:38 pm
newest. >> according to the seismological study of america, what they know about their past nuclear test, comes directly from work buying seismologists. these scientists study earthquakes and energy wakes moving to the ground. nuclear blast create their own energy waves, and studying them helps pinpoint the location and size of closures. on september the tenth, 1996, the u.s. general assembly adopted the comprehensive treaty. that ban for anywhere above and underground. north korea is the only one to perform nuclear test in this millennium, and all have been underground. that makes seismologists essential. >> in the case of the last test of north korea, over 100 size monitors of our network detected the explosion and it seismologists very rapidly can determine the location. >> the organization has more
12:39 pm
than 300 monitoring facilities around the world. randy bell is the director of its international data center. >> there are 183 countries that are signatories to the comprehensive test treaty. they'll get results. we don't tell him what to think, the answers, but we provide them the information so they can reach their own conclusions about what might've happened. >> according to his organization, we north korea tested nukes in 2006, 2009, and 2013, the data was processed and distributed to the member states within two hours of affect. in other words, faster than north korea could even go public with news of its own tests. >> all the governments of the world can trust the data they get from the international system that really helps double medic discussions. reaching consistence in the international world. >> jon: he tells us is not just thymic waves. scientists also monitor for
12:40 pm
other signs of nuclear testing. things like low-frequency noises. given small ships in the ground. after a test blast last year, the ground jumped about an inch near the test site. secretary of state, rex tillerson says, the u.s. will respond and soon after they will kick out 100 diplomats. the move is russia's retaliation in part of their meddling in our election. rich edson, any word on what the word from the u.s. might be? >> secretary of state rex tillerson says, he told sergey lavrov by september 1st, that is when more than 100 double men simply rush appeared q1 to find from sergey lavrov why they're kicking them out out. he also is wondering how to respond to all this.
12:41 pm
russia also seized two diplomatic properties of the united states and russia. booted them out of those places on august 1st. that was in response to congress and the u.s. passing sanctions against russia. this is been going on back and forth between the two governments for months now. in december, the obama ad administration sees two double medic properties from the russians. kicked out 35 diplomats and interference to this, sergey lavrov, the foreign ministry said it's russia had to retaliate the december seizure of properties and says that russia is all ready to go with normalizing relations with the united states as long as washington drops its confrontational lines. >> jon: they also talk about russia's meddling in our election? >> u.s. and russia working together on a number of issues according to secretary of state. one of the stumbling blocks is russia's interference in the election from november. that is something that the secretary brought up with sergey lavrov. >> trying to help them
12:42 pm
understand just how serious of this incident had been, no seriously damaged the relationship between the u.s. and the american people. in the russian people. this has created serious mistrust between our two countries. we simply have to find some way to deal with that. >> he says u.s. and the russia are working in safe zones in syria, middle east, afghanistan. they have differences with ukraine and their interference in that country. secretary of state says these are very to large nuclear armed countries. it benefits them to talk and work through things when they can come and where there are differences to try to resolve them. >> jon: rich edson at the state department. thank you, rich. military officials have determined three more marines are dead. it comes after a search and rescue mission off the coast of australia.
12:43 pm
we are told the aircraft crashed into the back of a navy ship on saturday and then tumbled into the water. crews rescued 23 other people on board. the osprey is a type of aircraft that lands like a helicopter, but flies like an airplane. military officials say, they are investigating that crash. a manhunt for cop killer in missouri and searching for somt armed and dangerous, and feds are looking for the bombing of a mosque in minnesota. the government calling it an act of terrorism remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea. but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea... ...may be irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. you've tried over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes, but ibs-d can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi,...
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restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at >> jon: a manhunt is underway for the suspect in the killing of a missouri police officer. happened yesterday during a traffic stop in clinton, southeast of kansas city. the suspect shot 37-year-old officer gary michael and drove away. investigators have released a
12:47 pm
photo of the suspect, ian mccarthy. he has had several run-ins with police and there is a warrant for his arrest in new hampshire. an act of terrorism. the governor of minnesota is describing the bombing of a mosque there. happened in bloomington, south of minneapolis. where she was whispers preparing. matt sims in our west bureau. >> they're calling it an ibd in the hunt designed to who did this and why. this afternoon, the fbi and police are analyzing evidence including cell phone data. the director of the mosque and sitter says they do not have security cameras. police say that attack happened early saturday morning at the dar al farooq community center, which also serves as a mosque. it was tossed from a vehicle and that set off your neighbors say they heard a loud bang.
12:48 pm
several muslim groups are offering award more than $20,000. leading to an arrest. >> no matter what happens, small or big, it will never scare us. it will never bring us to our knees. we are here to help each other, support each other. >> the fbi, lead agency, they have not given us any details on a suspect i.d., jon, jon. >> jon: the governor and senator condemning this attack? >> governor mark dayton called it an act of terrorism. and not minnesota. al franken tweeting that violence like this has no place in minnesota or america and that religious leaders came together, interfaith, to discuss. >> and attack on a mosque is in it attack on a synagogue, and attack on a church. i attack on faith communities. >> mosque says they have received
12:49 pm
hate calls and mail, but never the victim of a hate crime. >> jon: matt sims, life in chicago. the amusement park ride that through those writers in the air and killed the man. fell apart. excessive corrosion happened last month and the ohio state fair. in seven other people were hurt when the gondola broke from her beam. investigators say corrosion ate away at the middle causing it to snap. i had, taylor swift accused of radio dj of groping her. he says he is the real victim. the now the case is going to court. the pop star could take the stand. that is next. ♪
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liberty mutual insurance. >> jon: singer taylor swift expected to testify against a radio dj who is suing her. a civil trial in denver. he lost his job after she accused him of groping her in 2013. the dj says he did not grab her. she says it was completely intentional, and she is counter suing him for assault. trace gallagher live with more. it did not he-she said? both sides will argue that the photo shows her case. he the dj putting her hand and the year's backside during the four. but they are saying he put it up her skirt and upper backside.
12:54 pm
she confirmed the assault with the security team who confronted him. the dj says, taylor swift was taking a picture with his girlfriend and he jumped and at the last moment. his lawyer says, although his head is behind ms. swift and therefore not visible, it is clear that her skirt is in place and is not be lifted. after the picture, taylor swift hugged his girlfriend and shook his hand, thanking them for coming to this show. >> jon: how long to be expect this trial to go on? >> jury selection today. it could last anywhere from eight 211 days. this is a civil trial , there is no ruling on guilt. they decide which party wins. she is already given a deposition, but will also take the stand in court. here is a denver criminal defense attorney. listen. >> that will be dramatic,
12:55 pm
interesting testimony. in this case, it will turn on how incredible she is. >> taylor swift is required to be on hand for opening statements which will come tomorrow if the jury is impaneled today. the singer's mother also take the stand with other members of her team are david muller's girlfriend, who you saw was in the photo, will testify about his character. mueller is sinking damages, and any money she gets will be donated to charity. >> jon: trace gallagher, thank you. we'll be right back with a look at the sailors who traveled thousands of miles across an ocean in a wooden raft. finally, on this day in history. ♪
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speed to on this day in 1942. the captain, no agent invention, belted to represent early people. show how they could colonize other parts of the world by drifting on ocean currents. it started in peru, 101 days. a washed ashore near tahiti. years later, the captain made another trip across the pacific after wrapping up 4,000-mile journey across a specific, 70 years ago. today. the dow is looking up today. another record close on. i am jon scott inferred shepard smith. a day that wall street is going to be rejoicing. that is next. ♪
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♪ >> the city of chicago may be the first to bring a lawsuit, but i'm also confident will not be the last. >> is in a showdown over sanctuary cities very welcome everybody. i am to sherry. no suing the justice department as the white house threatens to withhold some of its findings predict illegal immigrant. mayor calling it black male. the justice department seine the mayor should be more concerned with the staggering number of murders in his city. mike is in chicago. >> hello. >> speech when one is taking the position that the city will not enforce


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